Wegmans addresses mask enforcement after Cayuga County fine gains attention

Wegmans addresses mask enforcement after Cayuga County fine gains attention


“We have to balance the 1% with the risk to our employees.” That’s why you station Asset Protection or even hire off duty cops during peak hours to enforce it at the door. Don’t make the high school kid confront someone- take adequate steps to ensure that the appropriate people are in place to ensure that people are safe. Otherwise they’re just saying that someone infecting the store by not wearing a mask is acceptable but then getting mad because they aren’t allowed to isn’t.


They do not care. They had HEB come visit Rochester stores. They did not quarantine for 2 weeks because other measures were taken.




A Texas chain whose HEBplus and Central Market sub-chains can be seen as the Wegmans of Houston/Austin/San Antonio.


The wegmans near me does just that. They have security at the entrance. I suspect the problem occurs after people get into the store?


ROFL There is not a single employee at my store enforcing masks. We see a customer without one, we don't say anything, cause we don't want the trouble. Managers don't say anything either cause they don't want the trouble. I'd say 99% of customers do wear masks, but no employee is causing a fight with the remaining 1%. My jobs hard enough without having to argue with some lunatic anti-masker.


My neighbor is an anti-masker and her mantra is that she has a health exception. So how can you argue with that. Its not true but how are they going to question


We don’t. We just move on.


As an employee on the front end, I want to say some things. I will tell a customer to pull their mask up or to put on a mask, regardless of rules. My mother in law has cancer and I’m not risking anything. Also I’m offended that the article says “high school employees”. I’m fresh out of college and I have a degree but I still work at wegmans. It’s hard to find a job out of college in these times. Wegmans is not run by high schoolers. There’s people of all ages and types working their asses off here. And we stand up for ourselves when we can.




Thank you for this! They preach that they care about their employees but it's stuff like this that needs to be seen.


Yes, unfortunate but at least they appear to be six feet apart.


The longer I work here the more lackluster I find their Covid-19 policies. It's ridiculous that they allow their customers to choose if they want to wear a mask or not. I also find it crazy that if a customer wants a mask they have to wander into the store and ask for it at the front desk. They should have mask stations at the entrance of the store like target does. I have little faith in their covid policies because they don't really enforce social distancing or masks on a store level. Also, employee health screenings are really subpar imo. I kinda wish that I didn't have to rely on wegmans for a paycheck.


I'm glad people are finally waking up to the fact Wegmans is not this good company. Their quality to care about the employees has been going down hill for awhile. I will never forget one of my last reviews (I believe it was 2017) when the format of the review changed from.how you can improve as an employee to what are we not selling. It told me all about the direction that this company is going. They dont care about you unless your willing to kiss ass. You can be the best worker in the building and they still wouldnt give you the promotion to full.time or a new department if they could save a dime. I honestly think the whole "Best Places to work for list" is a sham and they pay their way to get on that list. Sign 6 Year Employee Ithaca/Elmira store


The sheen of that “Best Places To Work” schmutz wore off for me after year one. It’s been many years since and I’ve learned that they only make that list based on the absurd number of families that work at Wegmans together, something that the list favors highly for some reason. It’s no longer that they’re the best place in the area, and more that they’re the least terrible overall, for me personally. I’ve seen rampant gross incompetence, blatant favoritism and cronyism, fireable assault and threats brushed under the rug with no documentation, the works. I’m well aware that you will find shenanigans at any job, but let’s put to bed the lie that Wegmans is a happy go lucky la la land. It’s been going downhill ever since the father passed away. Any motivation I once had about going above and beyond and trying to impress? Dead and buried. Because of shit like this.


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I actually work at this Wegmans and we counted 157 people in my entire shift wearing masks wrong or not wearing one at all lmao


I believe it. I wish you were allowed to refer them to asset protection to be confronted about it/ asked to leave.


I work in sushi and so many people are right in front of me at the case without masks on touching everything and breathing all over everything unprotected and I wish I could say something or like you said say something to management but nothing will change lmao


It is much higher at my store. Management does nothing to counter-act.


Absolutely bullshit. I see 30-50 customers per shift without masks. None are offered masks.


What store? I am a full-time TL in produce and I've gone days without seeing an anti masker. The occasional scumbag with the mask pulled down under the nose absolutely, but mask wearing rules at my location. The store management team will offer to get a mask for the few that don't wear them but we were told not to approach any non mask wearer way back when this all started.


I shop at the Auburn Wegmans weekly and only go during off hours. I’m always dodging dicknoses and blatant anti-maskers. It’s like playing whack a mole. Turn a corner, there’s another one! The person in front of me with their head stuck in the ice cream case turns around, maskless! There absolutely are people who are so obvious about not wearing a mask that it’s clear they are attempting to provoke people to say something to them. I’m too tired for that game anymore. I just want to get my groceries as safely and quickly as possible. The worst offender I’ve seen is this tall teenage kid with acne who comes in wearing a wifebeater & combat boots, looking like a future school shooter, blasting extremely loud rap music on his speakerphone with very explicit lyrics, while he literally struts around the store maskless attempting to intimidate… someone (shoppers? Employees? I’m not sure.) I’ve seen him half a dozen times, he walks in, does his rounds, doesn’t buy anything, and nobody says a word to him. Not ever. If he’s not even buying anything, isn’t that trespassing? Wearing a mask while shopping is so easy, I don’t understand why people protest so much. Nobody is stitching your face holes shut. Wearing a mask temporarily isn’t hurting anyone, but NOT wearing a mask temporarily *could* hurt multiple people. It’s literally the simplest thing we can each do to help the entire country get through this. It’s so sad to see so many maskholes out there.




Mr. Rogers is an American icon.


That’s hilarious and I really want to do that now.


I shop at the Ithaca Wegmans and I’ve never seen a NONmask wearer..... but I, like most of you, go during off hours. Ithaca as a whole is very mask compliant tho. I do agree with the statement made that they’re moving too far into the homeopathic product stuff. I love our Wegmans because they carry the largest variety of workout supplements (protein powders, BCCAS, pre and post workout recovery) than any other Wegmans in the area but now that’s changing too!!! Sooooooo annoying!!