Been invoiced for a wedding guest to my wedding

Been invoiced for a wedding guest to my wedding


She is an asshole. Nobody made her attend or stay.


She technically wasn't invited...


Exactly. So if she brings it up again remind her of that.


And that she never will be now


Tell her to sue your ass and walk away; she'll lose so fast, it won't even be funny.


And then sue for damages/emotional stress.


So she showed up uninvited, probably cost you extra for food and drinks, then wants to invoice you for the consequences of taking a day off "work?" Not that you can call an MLM pyramid scheme "work," but you know. I'd invoice her for her food and drink right back then tell her to kick rocks and get bent.


Add a surcharge for phone support.


Listen to me: She has conned you into joining an MLM. She has likely planned this and is scraping the bottom of the barrel of morality to get people to join her 'team' return the starter pack, even if you don't get your money back. You won't be able to sell this garbage and she'll only get worse as your 'boss'. Don't pay her invoice and don't sign up for her team.


Came to say this. Definitely an MLM. They don’t make money selling perfume. They make money by recruiting more people to sell perfume. You’ll be hassled to start recruiting next and buy all of their products until you’re broke. RUN.


Was about to comment the same thing. This is a *scam*. She is trying to guilt trip the fuck out of you, girl! She probably didn’t even lose a “client” or whatever and is just twisting you to get you to buy the stupid starter pack.


r/antimlm would love this story!


Omg what? Tell her to get fucked at this point.


I think 'get fucked' would have literally been my email response and when she complains to OPs brother she'll have done him a favour.


Same. Like this girl is not even family, who cares what she thinks or says.


If my sister told me my girlfriend invoiced her for anything, I'd break the sound barrier leaving that relationship And then take my sister out to a nice dinner as an apology


Send her an invoice for crashing your wedding -- $150 meal, $50 dj fee, $25 gratuity for bartenders, $25 photographer, etc.. make it equal $500 and tell you'll pay when she pays


That’s exactly what I was thinking. If we’re going tit for tat, she likely owes *you* money.


Send her an invoice for that winning lottery ticket you were going to buy until you got distracted by her dumb request.


So tell her you're sorry for the confusion. You can't join her right now, but feel terrible about the loss of $500. Since you did not invite her, you aren't liable, but she should definitely invoice your brother for the $500 since he is the one who invited her and lost the client. Of course is BS, and she didn't lose a client, and if she did, it is in no way anyone's fault but her own. But this acknowledges her complaint, while quickly pointing out she was not invited, and you know she isn't going to try to invoice your brother. And if she's crazy enough to bill him, well he can deal with it. He's the one who brought her.


Or tell her, what the wedding was a prime opportunity to network and market, I can’t believe you lost out on all that extra revenue and potential down lines, a real #bossbabe would never make excuses. I guess you didn’t want it enough.


You should send her an invoice for her meal 🤣. (Don’t really do that, I’m just enjoying being a petty Betty—-she sounds awful!)


Why even bother? She's not invited and then asks you for a shitload of money because reasons? That's the stupidest bullshit I've ever heard.


Yeah exactly. She made the choice to come, knowing that she might lose business over that period. She could’ve just said “no thank you, I have to work then”.


Man, that is the most complex way I’ve seen someone trying to get one to join a pyramid scheme


Honestly, this mlm stuff is blowing my mind :') I'm getting an education this evening!


It’s a real rabbit hole. One woman wrote about her experience as a Younique seller on her blog. It’s long but it really gives you an insight into how this business affects those inside of it and encourages unethical and downright shady behaviour. https://ellebeaublog.com/poonique/


R/antimlm Mlmtruth.org Pinktruth.org (originally an anti Mary Kay site, with testimonials from families who lost all their money to it, but now expanded to many other mlms)


I wonder if there was no “missed call” and it was a setup for the bride to sign up for the mlm.


There wasn’t a missed anything. She’s a scammer. Like all MLMs. They prey on vulnerable people. She knows how OP's wedding went and thinks she can con her into her down line because OP wants to just be done with the whole thing. She’s pretty pathetic. Just like the rest of them. Edit: a word


This isn't FM World Fragrance, is it? If it is, it's an MLM, and she's trying to snag you for her downline. Even if it isn't that exact company... it's still an MLM, and she's still trying to snag you for her downline, because this is how they literally all do business. Probably she's gunning for some promotion from Ruby Tuesday to Diamond Triple Crown rank, and needs a specific number of "recruits" to qualify. Hence why she's blaming you for her "missing member" and harassing you to take her place. Oh, and if you do join, she'll also be getting a kickback from the company for every purchase you make. Shes a grifter with a painfully transparent scam. Tell her to go jump in the lake, and tell your brother what she's doing.


This is what it's called!! I think I need to look into this, I feel like im learning something new here!


Try r/antimlm for a start. If you wanted to share your story there, too, they will absolutely be a sympathetic audience. If that whets your appetite, The Dream podcast has a first season all about these 'companies'. You're absolutely staring down a rabbit hole here. Don't let her get to you, and definitely don't join her downline! She's drunk the MLM kool-aid, and you can absolutely trust your gut when it tells you to steer well clear.


I really want OP to post this on r/antimlm. They will eat the girlfriend alive!!


Had to double check which sub I was on once I started reading that, tbh. Definitely should post it so the lovely folks there can give op some insight (and rip the gf to shreds as deserved).


DO IT 👏🏼 DO IT 👏🏼 DO IT 👏🏼




OMG r/antimlm would love this story. As soon as I got half way through it and realized that this girl is a Hun in my mind I was like "This is too good, it must be fattening!".


I immediately knew when she said "owns her own company" and "works from phone." it's so fucking gross that she's essentially bullying and blackmailing OP into joining her downline. Huns have absolutely no morals. Fucking disgusting


Also check out iilluminaughtii’s YouTube channel. She does Multi Level Mondays featuring investigations into different MLMs.


Please do not join this. You don’t owe this person anything. It was her choice to attend and she knew what the rules were. That is on HER. Don’t put any money into this pyramid scheme.


I reckon this “missing out” on a recruit *never fucking happened* she saw the “no phones”directive as an opportunity to scam you. These mlm Huns are shameless! DO NOT PLAY


The bill is bogus. OP never made any agreement with her. She's trying to literally blackmail OP into paying her money. OP needs to tell her the cops might be interested in this "bill" and what they are being forced to do to "pay" it. She would lose if she ever tried to sue OP for the money in court.


Ding ding ding. Correct answer here. There are no shortage of desperate people to trick into joining anyway, so it isn’t like she couldn’t recover in the off chance she wasn’t lying.


And she does not own a business either. The reason she is angry about missing out on this girl calling her to join (which I doubt ever happened, it's just her excuse to make you feel guilty and pressured to sign up) is that recruiting is what makes money, not selling. The product is there to make the company money as the consultants (or whatever this MLM calls their reps) are forced to buy (not sell, but buy) a certain amount of inventory each month to keep the status they earned by recruiting.


Also, as a small business owner, if you can’t put your phone down for 4 or 5 hours on a Saturday, you don’t have a viable business. Just block her.


Just wanted to say that it doesn't matter if she sent you an invoice. She knew the rule was no phones and she *chose* to attend. That's 100% on her. Not you.


I fear that she tried to convince other family members and friends at your wedding to join!!! I would send a mass warning to everyone there!!!


Yes this is probably the only reason she attended tbh.




I'm sorry your wedding was so rough! DO NOT JOIN HER TEAM. It's $60 now. But there are probably constant requirements to buy more, sometimes monthly obligations. Don't fall for it. I just finished watching LuLaRich on Prime Video - give it a watch if you can access it in the UK. It goes in-depth on how these types of programs work. Also, do not pay the invoice. She has no leg to stand on. And if your brother condones this foolery (he probably doesn't even know), then you take a little break.


>Tell her to go jump in the lake Much too polite. This person deserves a response with much, much more profanity in it.


I’m not even convinced there was an actual other person involved TBH


Oh, I wouldn't be surprised at all if that was the case. Find a way or make a way, as the hunbots say.


I keep getting messages from strangers about this. They obviously know nothing about me, becausE WHAT MAKEUP I wear is very high quality and made by small companies.


Why isn’t your brother handling his lunatic girlfriend?


This is my first question too! He either doesn’t know, doesn’t care, or is super toxic himself


Hes incredibly supportive, the only person in my family who is really. Hence why I'm upset about telling him because I know he'll feel awful.


Sounds like you need someone from the family in your corner. Definitely tell him. Her behavior is ridiculous.


I'm which case, you'll be doing him a favour by letting him know. I would want to know if my partner had done something that shitty.


If he's a good person, he will never forgive his girlfriend and will end the relationship.


He also won’t want to be dating someone like that. You’re doing him a favor


Head over to r/antiMLM


Send him screencaps of the conversations.


Your brother should know what his girlfriend is doing. If she’s pulling a stunt like this to get you to join her down line, then chances are pretty good that she’s gonna start harassing other members of your family and his female friends in a similar fashion. Also, I saw in your post that you’re upset and your wedding is ruined. Unless she threw a fit during your wedding or the reception, then nothing is ruined. She’s being a baby about all this and is completely in the wrong. Don’t let her childish tantrum or her manipulation tactics ruin what should be wonderful memories of your happy day. She’s in a cult. Chances are she’s losing money, not making it (most people in MLMs end up losing money or making very little of what they spend back). And she’s so desperate to make a buck that she’s willing to go to such great lengths to try and suck her boyfriend’s sister into this mess. How sad.


Sounds like other things happened that she doesn't want to talk about and this was just piled on. That's the impression I got reading this anyway.


He needs to know, because you know that you won't be the only person she browbeats about her business.


He doesnt know, I haven't told him and I know he's going to be upset when he finds out, hence my overwhelming sadness about the drama.


Oh my god. Tell him, right now. And tell her to go jump in a lake.


You just made me chuckle :')


Tell him and hopefully that will be the last you hear from this greedy woman. Forwarding her texts or emails would also help your brother make an informed decision.


Also, OP? What ***PROOF*** do you have that this other girl teamed up with someone else and not GF? Because if I have to take money-grubbin' GF's word for it? FUCK TO THE NO. A) If bish is such a banger mini-mogul, one missed person ain't no thing. That she's doubling down on such greedy bullshit makes me think she's scamming anyone and everyone she possibly can, so *sketchy*. 2) If her stinky 'perfume' bidness was SO DAMN IMPORTANT, why wasn't she checking messages on the regular OUTSIDE and not shaking her drunk ass on the dance floor all night? She could have changed her voicemail message, had someone cover her phones? GF had options she could have utilized and chose not to, so, yeah, that shit is all on ***HER***. So, no, do not waste penny the first on her so-called company. Yes, this will be a difficult conversation with Brother but better now than later. It is entirely possible that Brother already has GF's number going back a while and knows exactly how to handle this shit (what makes you think this is her first time tryna hustle that cash?). Congrats on your wedding! Long life and much happiness to you both, OP! You did nothing wrong, the *venue* had rules, none of this is your fault. :: **Very** **Big** **Internets** **Hugs!!** :: GF is lucky she didn't try that with me because I would have told her to take her grifting, scammer 'invoice', fold that paper until it is ALL sharp corners and proceed to shove it where the sun don't beam and the moon don't shine...


If it helps at all, she is the one who created and propagated the drama. You're merely reporting on it.


Youre right, I need to keep reminding myself of this.


Girl, forget this heifer. 1) She knew the rules going in and still made the choice to go. She could have easily posted on her site the times when she wouldn't be available and for people to leave a voicemail. 2) She's trying to guilt you into joining her grift. Don't you dare give her any money. If anything, give her an invoice for the food and liquor she scarfed down. 3) Your brother needs to know what she did. If she's this way when when they're dating, she'll be absolute HELL if they ever get married.


Absolutely. You've done nothing wrong. Your brother deserves to know who he is with.


Just forward your brother the invoice from his gf and ask him to handle it.


Tell him now.


Tell him. Show him. You aren’t doing anything wrong by telling him. She is harassing and scamming you. None of this is your fault.


Oh my. You are not to blame for her missing this sale/recruitment. If it was that important to her she could have just not attended the wedding in the first place. Honestly I think she is just full of it and potentially making things up so that she can bully you into joining. If I were your brother I would want to know if my SO pulled something like this.


If you like your brother and want to have a relationship in the future, I would suggest you just start with the concern that his girlfriend is involved with a MLM at all. It'll likely impact his future, and rarely for the better. If she's trying to screw you over (that's what people in MLMs do), she'll probably do it to other people your brother cares about. Most people involved with a MLM do not make much, so your brother could be on the hook for her debt down the road.


It sounds like she’s working for an MLM so she’s loosing more money than she’s making anyway. She didn’t loose out on £500 she’s overcharging because she’s throwing her rattles out of the pram. I’m sorry your wedding didn’t go the way you wanted, everything crossed for your elopement


What's MLM? Her business is called fmworld.


Multi-level marketing. It's any home sales organization that pushes you to "recruit" people for your team, so you can make money from their sales as well as your own. The companies promise all sorts of outrageous profits, but unless you get in near the beginning, you'll likely end up losing money.I looked up FM World and they even ADMIT to being an MLM. It's basically a legal pyramid scheme.


Honestly, right now I'm so glad I made this post. Now all I can think about is this MLM stuff :')


Please crosspost this to r/antimlm . I agree with others that they will have a lot more info and can prolly even help identify how terrible is the specific MLM she's on


Yes please do and share a shot of the absurd email(censored of course). Pretty sure this is a new one even for us. Wouldn’t be surprised if Huns start trying it more after this.


Yes! That sub will LOVE it!!


This was my first thought when I read this.


Maybe try posting over there too. They’ll mercilessly mock the hun and then give advice


There are HEAPS of them: Mary Kay Cosmetics, Herbalife, Avon, Lula roe etc. You either make money selling the product (hard) OR recruit people under you to sell the product. You buy direct from the supplier and sell to your recruits at a mark up and / or get a cut of every one of their sales. Here's a great Last Week Tonight segment on them: https://youtu.be/s6MwGeOm8iI


When I was a kid, Mary Kay and Avon were the two "be-your-own-boss" companies where people could actually make (some) money. Every neighborhood and church had an Avon lady or two. It was never anyone's full-time career. They were generally homemakers doing it for "pocket money". The more I think on it, the more I realize how ridiculously obsolete that type of sales model is in the age of the internet. Why would anyone think that they can make a fortune from being the middle-man to another middle-man in an age where we can buy absolutely anything online? Some people don't have the common sense to know better, and poverty can make people desperate. "Be your own boss" sounds incredibly appealing when you're used to being an expendable resource working ungodly hours for horrible people and getting paid shit. Knowing that it ultimately doesn't matter how long or hard you work, because someone else is always going to be the one profiting from it and you'll never get away from living paycheck to paycheck. It's unfortunate that these predatory pyramid schemes are allowed to exist.


There’s a pink Cadillac in my neighborhood (been around for years), and I have to wonder how many years of their life it took to reach whatever level you’re awarded one. Can one even obtain that level of *prestige* anymore?


Funny story: you don't even get "awarded" the Cadillac. Distributors lease the cars in their name, and the companies cover the payment for them ONLY if they stay at some ridiculously high sales tier. If they don't hit their monthly goals, they're on the hook for the payment.


so exploitive especially of women who have not had any career experience


My mom was an Avon lady back in the 1960s. All it did was mean that if you were a guy you got Avon cologne for Christmas every year. There were chess piece shaped bottles, car shaped bottles, etc,).


My dad swore by Skin So Soft as a mosquito repellent and always made sure to have an Avon dealer. Usually at least one woman in his office sold it.


Don’t forget the Tupperware parties!


At least Tupperware is good and useful.


Avon lady calling! Always reminds me of Edward Scissorhands. I love that movie...


That movie is excellent anti-MLM material. Just watch the mother trying to sell to the same people over and over, the time wasting teenager with no money, etc. Then imagine if she talked anyone into joining her. They would be competing in the same tiny, uninterested market.


>They would be competing in the same tiny, uninterested market. That's the part that seems so obvious. Even if the product is good, there is only so much you can sell to family, friends, and acquaintances.


Yes, we call them "huns" because they hit your dm's with a "Hey hun" and a crap ton of emojies. They teach them all kinds of scammy little tricks to try and look like they actually make money at. Very few do though.


Ugh that makes them worse. I hate when someone who barely knows you tries to act like they are your bestie. Only people who get to call me hun are like 2 people who have earned it lol


And often you haven't even talked to or thought about them since high school, let alone talked to them during. but here they are 10-20 years later messaging you like youre bffs or something


MLMs are also notorious for taking advantage of people's urge to smooth over disagreements. Like your brother's girlfriend persuading to you register under her because you "hurt" her and you don't want to cause a fuss. They also lean on people to place orders through them by implying you'd be being a bad friend if you didn't. I'd tell her that the no-phone policy is the venue's, not yours, and she's more than welcome to take her "lost income" up with them. She won't, because she knows it's bullshit. Even if her potential recruit actually existed, she would have made at most 10% commission her $60 starter kit, plus 3% of any sales she happened to make.


Check out Lula Rich on Amazon- an expose doc of a particularly horrible MLM! It’s fascinating and just came out. At least you get a new hobby (mlm snarking) out of this!


I am literally watching this as I read this post and allll my alarm bells went off. She’s basically trying to blackmail you into a pyramid scheme.


Yeah whatever you do don’t give in to her. It will only reinforce her behavior. MLMs are scams and she will “lose” much, much more than 500 before she feels that reality check, apparently


Block her and ignore her. You don’t owe her anything and any sane person would agree.


Also *please* know that she will take your cc number and keep using it. And if you sign up on the site, they’ll keep charging it. They may even have a deal with the bank to keep charging if you have a new card. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS. Tell her to kick rocks. Seriously.


They do this?! Worry not, I'm not joining anything!


It’s SUPER culty, and 10000% toxic and will likely bankrupt your brother’s gf, unfortunately.


John Oliver did a wonderful piece on MLM's, the episode is on the Last Week Tonight youtube channel that fully covers the dangerous practices of them.


warn other guests!!! she prob saw it as a huge recruiting opportunity!!


The Fmworld website mentions it uses a Multilevel marketing system (MLM). DO NOT JOIN! And please tell your brother! If he is at all serious with this gf, they could lose a lot of mutual savings/income on this. Check out videos on YouTube explaining the MLM con and how only the top tier actually makes money.


John Oliver (last week tonight) did a hilarious piece on MLMs. Check it out on YouTube. It’s a pretty good summary on why it’s supposed to be illegal.


Having a look now!!


Yea his bit on Herbalife was eye opening and very sad. It’s so exploitative.


You should check out the background on the founder of Young Living. Spoiler: it involves killing his own newborn daughter with “alternative” bullshit


Yeah, fmworld is [100% a MLM](https://mlmtruth.org/2018/08/19/fm-group-friends-in-poland/). Run away!


Multi Level Marketing, a pyramid scheme where they pretend to sell worthy products, but their only goal is to get others on their “team”. You can read more on the subreddit r/antimlm Just ignore her. It’s best to ignore inappropriate behavior. Every time she brings it up, say “No, thank you”. Don’t explain or engage in conversation. And, best of luck to you and your new husband. May each day bring you joy.


Oh geeez. I was once a poor early 20s something looking for a second job. The ad in the paper said I'd be working with a company that partners with some of the biggest names in the beauty industry. I dressed in my most professional attire and went to the interview. Dozens of people were at the interview. We split up with a mentor to go "market" the product. Turns out, we were selling knock-off perfumes in the streets. My "mentor" would ask for spare change if her marks didn't buy anything. Most money was made from peddling for spare change. Those of us who went to the "interview" and declined the "opportunity" were then offered the further "opportunity" of buying a few of the recruiter's knock-offs (at a rock bottom price that day only!) So we can turn around and sell them to other people at whatever price we wanted. The name of that company? FMWorld


No way!!!! That sounds so awful! I can't believe I actually sat there on my wedding day and told this girl about how amazing it is to see such a young female CEO. I literally felt like she was so much more successful than me. Ugh, the cringe!


Yes, it's all about lies and image. Desperate, naive people fell for it and lined up to buy those bottles.


I dated a girl in one. She was in it before I met her, and I didn't know until it was too late. I thought she'd see the light eventually, but I went to meetings with her occasionally to try and show some support (myself and her family were trying to get her out, but you have to be very careful, it's a difficult process). Anyways, being in the meetings where the TEACH THEM to lie and "If toy tell someone you're a millionaire but you believe it will be true someday it's not a lie" and I'm just looking around at these people. It's so sad. It's a fucking cult 110%.


r/antimlm will give you more insight


I’m not sure what fmworld is supposed to be but I read it as Fuck My World and it made me chuckle


MLM, or Multi Level Marketing, are pretty much Pyramid Schemes. They have a company who recruits someone and makes them think that they are their own boss and have their own company. That one person then either tries to sell the shitty item, or has to recruit other people, (in this case you or the person she missed a call from) inorder to make money. These things are not worth it, they make little to no money, and in my opinion are just scams.


Multi level marketing or a pyramid scheme. They sell a product but the product doesn’t really matter, they make money by signing people up and out of the money that the people below them spend, you make money through recruitment not through sales. There’s tonnes on the Internet and Reddit about them but yeah. It’s more likely that it costs £60 to sign up and she’s overcharging you £500 because it’s a notoriously hard business strategy to make money. Most people loose money in those business ventures


It's is a multi-level marketing based business. She is a 'boss babe'. She is not running a business, she is buying these overpriced perfumes and trying to sell them. But the real way that people make money is by recruiting others and then taking money from them. Don't fall for her sales pitch. They come up with all kinds of scummy ways to make you feel guilty for not buying into their system. She is trying to take a purely social event and profit off of it, because she doesn't make money any other way. Have you heard of Monat? Or Amway? Have you ever been asked to a party, only to find out that you are being given a sales pitch for jewelry or cookware or marital aids? Those are MLMs. Hopefully your brother can talk her out of this and not get sucked in himself. There is an antiMLM subreddit that will give you lots of information on these "companies". Please don't let her ruin your day any more. They are very prolific in teaching all their downlines, what she is called in the pyramid, how to turn the screws to friends and family. Playing the guilt card is the way they play the game.


I've not heard of Monat or Amway before this evening, I dont think we have them here. I'm English, so I don't think this is as common here as it appears in America. Tbh, she's ended up making my day better. This thread has opened my eyes to a whole new topic that is very interesting!!! I have a lot of anti-mlm reading to do!


Watch the LuluRich documentary and you’ll learn why to stay far away from those kind of “jobs”.


You need to watch "becoming a god in central florida" on Netflix. Comedy/drama centered around an MLM in the eighties


>Just, what do you do when the day you marry the love of your life is still a bad one? Well... >My husband has been so supportive >I just want to run away with my husband Sounds like the relationship that matters most is strong, so that's the important thing. Most people see a wedding as a new beginning, but maybe in your case it's good to look at it as more of a conclusion. Let it be the last time you deal with some of those toxic people. Cut them from your life and go forward building your relationship with your husband. It sucks that your wedding day was ruined, but the further you get away from it, the more you'll realize that marriage itself is *way* better than one ceremony and the party that follows it.


Thank you x


This. I'm very sorry your wedding didn't turn out to be the day you dreamed of, but it sounds like the man you married is. I wish you all the best


Please go to r/antiMLM. The posts there will explain a little about crazy pants girlfriend (she is what they call a "hun").


Her “business” is a scam. Next time she mentions it just laugh in her face and say “thanks for trying to cheer me up with your ridiculous insane joke” then walk off/hang up. Then stop taking her calls and talking to her. It’s about the marriage, not the wedding. The next 50 years are the real deal, not one day.


Her “business” is a scam. She did not have a missed business opportunity. She is part of a pyramid scheme and likely this is a tactic her upline (what they call the person who recruited them and is essentially their boss) gave her. I’d avoid the girl completely if I were you. [FM World](https://dearboss-iquit.com/fm-world-fm-cosmetics-review/) <————- look at their payout structure. It’s 50 pages of indecipherable nonsense! You’ll be recruiting others full time to make any money and be prepared to shell out a significant amount of dough just to stay a member. DON’T DO IT!


Nope. Run. That's a MLM (aka pyramid scheme). They are not legitimate businesses and that's why she's so upset losing a potential customer, because that's the only way she herself makes money (no actual salary or hourly pay) and she's likely exhausted all her own contacts so each new one is that much more precious. Do [some reading and some research](https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/multi-level-marketing-businesses-and-pyramid-schemes) before next talking to her or your brother, so you can know all the ins and outs and tell her why MLMs are not a good fit for you.


Oh girl, whatever you do, do not go along with this. This is an MLM, aka a Pyramid Scheme. You owe her nothing because she is one of many stupid people who stupidly threw away their money to someone else who duped them, so now she is terrorizing you in hopes of duping you. Tell this girl to kick rocks, don’t give her another second of your time and block her all around. And tell your brother! NTA


You should this cross-post to r/antimlm for that sweet karma. They will love this story!


Someone has already done this for me! I'm a bit of a reddit newbie.


That sounds a lot like an mlm


OP, here is a big hug. Please set some firm boundaries for yourself. Nothing will get better until you do.


Honestly, this was the problem. If I had done this beforehand none of this would have happened, and that's partly why I feel so bad for my husband. He's being an angel about it though.


I just read your post history about what you MoH did with your dress budget. Unfortunately it seems you’re still friends with her because I read your comment about her arguing with your boyfriend. I really hope you start seeing a therapist because you have a lot of shitty people around you, and you deserve the clarity that removing them will bring to you.


We've fallen out since the wedding. I am aware that a lot of what went wrong on the day was partly my fault due to being a pushover, but I feel like this has been a lesson to me!


But the wedding was just this weekend, no? You really would benefit from some therapy to learn to stand up for yourself. The thing with the insane gf was already bad enough, but letting your MOH walk all over you for months before the wedding is sad. You deserve better! And you can do better!


By last weekend I meant the weekend previous (10th Sept). I'm on leave from work so time has stopped existing a bit. I'll be back in my employee salary paid not mlm job on Monday! :')


I have family like this too. It’s always drama. Luckily, my hubby supports me in all of my decisions. If I were you I would block everyone on all social media accounts and your cell. That’s what I did. I did this recently and it’s been nice. The only time I hear from my family is in a group chat because my nephew responds to it. I didn’t block him because he’s just a kid so I only see his responses to what they are saying. I just end up deleting it because I have no idea what they are talking about. The point is I don’t have to hear about anything. If it gets serious, they can call my husband and that hasn’t happened yet. I’m not on Facebook, no one in my family uses Twitter, and I unfollowed and blocked everyone on Instagram. Cut the cord and go on with your bad self! Also, go on a trip somewhere nice with your hubby. You deserve it 💃🏽 P.S. I hate your brother’s gf. There’s a special place for her in hell 🔥❤️


I needed a comment like this, I've been thinking about doing this. Thank you!


That woman is involved in a multi-level marketing (pyramid) scheme. Avoid at all costs. She manipulating you I to joining her downline. She chose to go to your event so if she lost a potential sucker that's on her. Check out r/antimlm.


Why even engage with her? Just ignore her little invoice and live your life.


Yeah, this invoice has no legal standing. Just throw it in the trash and move on


She’s trying to suck you into a MLM (multi-level marketing / pyramid scheme) scam business. This is absolutely ridiculous! I would have just told her it was her choice to attend and you will be telling your brother about the bullshit she’s trying to lay on you. You are in no way responsible for her “business”.


She tried to blackmail you into joining Scentsy or whatever? Seriously? And you're worried? I would suggest you call the police. Blackmail is illegal. I would also contact her "upline" and ask if this is how they do business. And blast her all over social media. She didn't have to come if being on her phone was so important. She's seriously the lowest of the low, slimy, disgusting, opportunistic "Hun" I've heard yet. Please cross post this to r/antimlm. You'll get lots of support there.


It was a company called fmworld. I didn't know about mlms until I posted this, I thought she was an actual CEO. I know, I feel a bit dumb now :')


It's okay, the secrecy is honestly a big part of how some of these companies manage to recruit people. What she's doing is despicable. You should absolutely not feel embarrassed or ashamed, you should feel angry! But really, I wouldn't let this go. If she actually tried to manipulate you by threatening you with a £500 charge she'd "waive" if you signed up? That's extortion. Your brother should know what kind of creep he's hooked up with before all his friends and family suffer the same fate. I would ask her if you can meet her up line, and lay out to them her "invoice" and proposed offer, and ask if that's the usual recruiting strategy? And I would suggest you also make a report to the police. As I said, extortion is illegal. Maybe you'll get lucky and she'll be fired and arrested!


Sorry about the shitty-ness. You may want to have a convo with your bro and tell him to dump this bitch before her MLM drags him down. Also, tell her to kindly fuck off :)




Multi-Level Marketing. They are basically giant scams, and your brother's keeper GF is clearly in one. Anytime someone asks you to pay to work for them, it's an MLM. r/antiMLM


I have a feeling that I've got some reading to do tonight :')


WOW that's the most extreme way I've ever seen anyone push an MLM. YIKES I think you really really need to put in boundaries and not speak to this person. Don't respond to any of her messages, there's something seriously wrong there.


It was the first time I'd ever met her!!!


Ohh honey, I’m so sorry. I hope you manage to have your beautiful elopement with your husband and put everybody else out of your mind.


UPDATE: I called my brother. He had no idea and was quite upset. He was especially surprised when I told him to google who the CEO of FM World was and saw that it wasn't her (one of the reasons he liked her was because he thought she was career driven like him)! Apparently he's been having other issues with her anyway, so will be breaking it off this weekend (they don't live together and he works during the week). Thanks for all your support everyone! To clarify for some comments: I didn't know what an mlm was, I only said I'd join if it was free, it was not, so I refused to join. I wasn't asking what to do, the second a price tag was involved I was straight onto a hard no. This post was just purely a rant from how ridiculous my whole wedding saga has been.


Thanks for updating! I'm glad your brother is washing his hands of such an underhanded piece of work.


Wow this seems like it really bit her in a** didn’t it? Good. She’s being ridiculous and the best case scenario is this will cost her a good relationship and she will realize being her own boss comes with a cost (especially when your lying about it). The worst case scenario is her cult it going to tell her it was for the best and draw her further in. I’m going to assume she’s on the younger side and will hopefully get out one day and look back at this time and cringe. Hopefully this fades into the background and you can enjoy being married.


What happened at your wedding?


I'll make a proper post about it at some point, but basically in summary, my wedding dress went missing (stolen), my mother yelled at me for not wearing a white dress not realising I had intended to, my MoH kept arguing with her bf, they didn't make a gluten free meal for me (I'm a celiac) so I couldn't eat all day, and although my ceremony was at 4pm, we'd headed back to the hotel room by 7pm because everyone just kept complaining about how awful it was. To be fair, when we got back to the room my husband ordered gluten free pizza and we played MTG until late on the balcony so it was still a bit lovely.


Sounds like you married the right person. :)


Hey fellow celiac, that sucks. I am sorry, go elope just the two of you in Italy! They have amazing celiac standards and you will be able to eat your weight in gluten-free pasta!


That's an amazing idea!!!


Stolen?! Who the heck steals someone's *wedding dress*


Jokes on them, it only cost about £100 on sale. It was lovely though. Luckily they didn't appear to take anything else but we had put most of our valuables in the room safe.


Someone went into your room and took nothing except your wedding dress? After reading your previous post, I think you can safely narrow it down to one suspect.


Hey you know what that last bit is what makes it a better day! A wedding is a day a marriage is forever! (Sorry the formal bits were awful though)


No. No no no. This bitch has the *audacity????* Take a deep breath and look at your husband. Despite family drama and wedding shenanigans and an MLM scheme, you’re now joined with your best friend. You two should close the blinds, grab some ice cream, curl up and just enjoy each other. Forget the world! You deserve to brush that shit off and have some peace!!! Remember it’s all in how you allow it to affect you. Allow it to kick rocks.


Sooo... Did you tell your brother yet? I must know I must know that which is not my business


Yup! He was upset, he's dumping her Saturday. (They don't live together).


Yayyy!! :)


Tell your brother and then block this crazy person. You don’t owe her anything and she needs to stop. Tell her you don’t want any part of her scam and that if she wants to push the “invoice” she can take you to small claims court. She’ll be laughed out of the courtroom for sure. Maybe that’ll shut her up.


So, going into your profile, you had posted previously about your MOH. What happened with that mess?


She did come, but her and her boyfriend kept arguing the whole time. Tbf she wasn't the worst thing that happened, I'll make a proper post at some point but I've commented a summary of the day on here somewhere.




She’s a hun. Huns suck and just block her. If your brother has any taste or a lick of sense, the relationship will be short lived anyway. She does NOT have her own business and she’s probably never made a single profit. ETA in case anyone doesn’t know-hun is the term for those in an MLM because of their cold messages involving “hey hun”


Thank you! I was wondering why they were called huns!


r/antimlm They’ll help you gather some wicked gold snark to get her off your back and help you get out of the “business.” Her “business” is a fucking pyramid scheme disguised as a business (think Avon and Mary Kay, Tupperware and Amway). You owe her nothing. You’re not obligated to be on her “team.” Tell her to fuck off. ETA- And more than likely, the person who was going to “join her team” is nonexistent. She set you up and manipulated the hell out of you. I doubt she’s even making a cent from her “business.” More than likely, *SHE* is buying more product than any actual customers.


Apparently she does it "full time", it's her only job. However, I'm not going to lie, my brother is a softy too and he earns good money :/


I can guarantee you she's not making any money (more likely she's actually losing it, but MLM huns are usually in too deep to bother with minor details like expense sheets and the like). And if she by some weird chance is, that's only by scamming dozens of others like you to join her downline, and then pushing them like crazy to try to sell crap online. Btw on the very off chance she's not actually just straight up lying to you and she did lose a customer, what does it say about her "super flexible work from your phone" job that she can't enjoy a family wedding in peace?


Your brother is basically funding this hun. Unless she got in super early, there’s no way she is making any actual money here. 98% of huns don’t. What your brother does with his money is of course his business, but you don’t need to lose any of yours! Good luck in this minefield. It sounds like you have a wonderful and supportive (brand new!) husband, so go enjoy him and eff this crazy bitch :)


Her "business" is a scam and you need to distance yourself from her and your bro. The type of company she works for has a tendency to become cult-like and brainwash people into thinking that they are worthless unless they sell a certain amount of product and recruit a certain number of new schillers. (Look up the new docuseries "LuLaRich" on Prime Video or head over to r/antiMLM) Try not to take her seriously, don't buy anything from her, block her number/socials if you need to. She is NOT worth your emotional energy. In fact, I recommend trying to laugh about how ridiculous she is being. Her behavior is not normal and downright ludicrous.


Cutting off her brother here is an insane overreaction.


You did nothing wrong. Brother’s gf is a shit and really overstepped. Think of the joy you did have that day, and laugh off the incredibly tacky attempt to get money out of you. You owe her nothing, she owes you an apology. Go have a fun weekend with your husband, and forget about this tawdry little bitch.


She made the choice to attend. Once she knew about the phone rules, she could have left.


I read your other post about your MOH. Did she steal your dress?


No, we don't know who did it, but I dont think it was her. It got stolen from the hotel room when my husband and I went out for a walk in the morning of the wedding. (My ceremony was at 4pm)


You can probably make the hotel responsible for it tbh if it wasn't your MOH who stole it. If their security in the rooms is so shitty that someone was able to steal it. Seriously warn your brother though, you'll be doing him a favor in the long run. Enjoy your married life, elope with your lovely husband and have the time of your life. Forget everyone else. They're not worth it