I think it’s fine to just talk to her about how while you’re excited to photograph it you’re also really sad to miss out on certain parts because she means so much to you. Just let her know that even though you’re excited to photograph you’d also love to be included in the bridesmaid stuff if she feels comfortable doing that.


I think chances are good that she would love for her friend to be a part of the festivities. I would just ask if she was planning on having you along, because she may have assumed you knew you were invited since you have taken part in the planning already.


I think it's fine to ask! If I were her I would be glad you asked rather than be sad and feel left out later! She would probably rather have you there if you're one of her oldest friends. 🙂


Does she like your candid work or portrait work? Cause she could hire a photographer for the day-of, and have you do the official portrait shots on a separate day as a wedding gift. If that's not possible, then I don't think it's weird or rude to still be part of the festivities, you're still part of the wedding.