The only way to prevent pallet jack theft is to never let go of it.


Go get a bike lock and chain the lever in the up position so they can move it down so it want jack up then


calm down dsd


I've actually had electronics use spider wire to chain a L cart to the steel in the back on busy days. They'd hand a key off to the person doing the carryout. It worked, somewhat. It got jacked a few times that year.


Unfortunately there is no such placement. I did pretty much the same thing and came back to no jack. Damned pallet jack thieves.


I've seen associates bring them into the bathroom with them while they take a piss with one hand holding the jack with the other


My TL brings his into the break room a majority of the time.


Ain't no fucking way 🤣


I hide mine in a pile of boxes, covering the pallet jack with empty boxes to look like freight to the side


Turn handle 90°, jack it up, push forward, release, steal.




Delete this comment you fool!


We got ourselves a experienced pallet jack thief here boys. Get the ropes.


Yes and if the handle shouldn't turn just grab one from somebody who's using it nearby for just a second or two to get that other pallet out of the way and then steal it


Anyone know a good hitman?


came I. here to post the same thing. the several years I spent on cap 2 taught me that u less you have a hold of it, there is no such thing as a safe jack.


Walmart Avengers- Suit Up! We are at war with The ME in TEAM


To be honest, I’m just in awe over how well that pallet is stacked. Good job D/C… for a change.


They'll see this comment and show off next pallet


Yeah, I think it's been months since we had a juice pallet that wasn't leaning dangerously.


They always stack those fragile Arrowhead freight boxes on the bottom and they always end up leaking too. That or Arizona tea gallon freight boxes which don’t stack very evenly on the top.


Tampico on the bottom is my favorite 🫠


Just be sure to claim all of them out even if they’re slightly dented… that way they keep having to send your store more and more and eventually their lead will tell them hey dumb fuck you know why this store needs 10 cases of Tampico a day, because you put it on the bottom and they claim it out. Just a thought.


I mean you’ve probably been told 1 million times but at the DC they don’t control the order in which the freight gets selected so you could very well get a half pallet order of Sunny D followed by boxes of water or whatever to offset the pallet


Is it true there’s like a system that tells you guys where to place each case on the pallet to make the best stack, or are you guys expected to just do your best with the freight you get?


There's AWI's provided by corporate that show you how to build pallets as far as training when you first start, but the way the pick system works AND the rate they expect you to hit, makes it almost impossible to get that well of a pallet unless you ruin your production(i've seen good workers get coached hitting 99.8% rate) and restack 40 cases of sunny d. I do agree there's a lot of people at DC's that don't care, but there's a lot of stuff out of their control that you would just have to be at a DC to see happen


Thanks for the response. It kinda reminds me of when people who don’t unload the GM truck complain about how their pallet is stacked. There’s factors that we can’t control, like being rushed, exhausted, and box order.


Oh you have a half pallet of box fans and furnace filters? Here's 5 cases of paint. Oh and 8 cases of paper to throw on that pallet of pinatas. Have fun.


Lol. “I see you have a nice strong base of croutons, how about 10 cases of Mayo?”


Yeah overnights will never understand the struggle of being the only person sorting 4 lanes and having 2 of them full while the scanner is jammed and not even having space to move and still having to somehow stack pallets. I try to be a little more understanding of the dcs because of my time on truck


Exactly. Or for me I usually sort grocery and I’m generally by myself but they don’t understand how it feels to do that and stack the pallets while you have to watch the line fill with grocery and then you have a bunch of people come down and help and they can’t stack worth a shit


Exactly lol. People always talk about how throwing the truck is hard but people at our store fight over that job. We’d all throw the truck every day if it meant not having to sort




Profiler decides what product is where in the aisle, its still ultimately up to the orderfiller to decide where to place it on the pallet and how to build the stack. If youve got a 2 pallet trip and have fucked up profiling is small shit before big shit, it wastes a little time, but you do have the option to leave the small shit on your back pallet until you build a good base of big shit on your first pallet and then toss your small shit on top.


Or they stack stuff like propel water and ocean spray juice sideways (like in the picture how the gatorades are, but they do it on the bottom) ..or the soda which just hardly ever works as a base because if all the weight isn’t balanced perfectly on the caps then the pallet is done for


Those sideways Gatorades say otherwise


Makes them even with the water. I don't do it, but I've seen other orderfillers do it. The profile actually looks like it came from my DC


I'm ashamed to say this but I'm such palette jack thief. I mean no harm, just gotta get some work done before it gets stolen from me


In our store we put our nametags on jacks that are being used and everything else is fair game


Because nobody knows how to use a pallet jack but you lol


You need to put the pallet jack so the handle is facing the product shelves.


Fuck juice and water why does it need 4-5 pallets on single trucks alone not including bulk water


Best it sells, like, a lot.


More of a rhetorical lol, we’ve got a bigger Walmart and it’s one person in that aisle. Actually stocking it tonight. It’s a rough aisle to do unless you bust complete ass all night


YES! They put me in juice 3/5 days of the week, I hate it


Oh I agree it's hard, but it isn't the hardest aisle - tho my store is only about 90m/yr. We get 2-3 pallets of juice/water/tea a night.


That’s lucky lol, 8 hours a freight minimum on average at my store. Fun times!


6 pallets tonight! 🤣


I live in a county with absolutely shit tap water. Like, they literally tell us not to drink it or even water plants with it. Liquids are by far the fastest selling products at my store.


The best is when they do this and I usually leave a note that says nice try


I would be SEETHING 😭😭


My team learned quickly they can’t hide jacks from me 😈


Just be the only PLE certified person on your team and block a jack in with it. I do it all the time.


I usually have to hide my jacks I'm using in the coolers, like ogp coolers, or hide it deli backroom at night. Because vendors would take it, especially doing our lunch at night,.


Except that doing that ruins the hydraulics of the jacks, which is why so many of the jacks in stores don't work properly. I understand the frustration of turning for a second, then coming back to find your pallet jack gone, but don't leave them in coolers/freezers, ever.


This sounds extremely reasonable but highly unlikely because Jack's are at a premium


Things I will not be stealing: a white jack


We have literally ONE good one of those in my store. The rest are ass, but I always get stuck with them anyway because it’s all that’s left when I come in.


We used to have one that just had “BROKEN MOFO” written on it and it was one of the best jacks in the store


So you're saying some people at your store are liars!? LOL


If I’m working chemicals, juice, or anything extremely heavy then yeah I ain’t stealing a white jack. Those things can’t hardly pull shit


White jack>>>>>blue jack


I would jack up the skid and turn it around. If nobody is in the aisle it’s free game.


Even if someone is in the aisle working off the pallet it's still free game, if I need a jack and you arnt actively pulling a pallet on it, I'm taking it.


I like to be sneaky rather than have an associate complain. The only time we have issues getting one is in the morning while o/n is still in. They get moody when you ask to even borrow a Jack for a minute.


Sad that this company can't provide enough jacks.


Literally so much time wasted on the clock looking for a jack and then having to borrow someone else's and now that person is just waiting. You'd think they'd realize that this tiny investment would probably pay for itself in like 1 week but noooo.


I keep finding them in the freezer. People like that are why we can't have nice things.


We used to have that problem and then they went so overboard with getting new jacks that you can barely even walk through the backroom without tripping on them. Half the time they’re clogging up the fire exits lol. Half of them already don’t work though


Oh god it’s the white one they can take it


I’ve had my cardboard bin stolen when I was in one aisle over for not even 5 min stocking in pop and water, I was furious those things are like gold in my store


Nope, if someone put it like that and someone else can see it, they should easily figure out how to take it.


The key to a better thief proof jack is put the jack in sideways, take another jack and put another pallet behind it to the point it can't be pulled out enough to jack up the sideways pallet. They would have to get another jack just to remove the pallet that is blocking the jack out, which would be redundant at that point, or if desperate, just keep jacking it up until the pallet breaks, remove broken piece, and move the pallet to where you can pull out. No, this is not practical, however it seems like it'd be the best bet other than literally locking the pallet down to something.


Easily stealable. Real pros use a blue jack and disconnect the chain at the base


Just take the jack with you to the break room when you go on break. Easy. Or just put something solid under the jack while it's jacked up so they can't roll it. They're not going to get on their hands and knees.


Hear me out. place 2 pallets nearly against the shelves with enough room for you to squeeze through (in case this goes to shit) with 1 pallet of space between them, very carefully back the jack with freight back between the space, but leave enough space for you to back the jack up from the pallet so nobody can actually see you have a jack.


Sometimes I pin my jack against the bins with the walkie stacker. Works every time unless management wants it lol


Almost every Jack at our store has POS written on it


It's funny because after the overnighters leave and the vendors are gone I'm tripping over about 30 pallet jacks just to get to the break room


Go to office and waiting 😂😂😂


I could steal it


Challenge accepted


Had a vendor go around the store and find a pallet Jack just to move the pallet blocking so he could use my pallet jack


If anyone tells people how to get out of this, I will murder😤


Yep 100% guarantee to piss a motherfucker right off.


I could steal that so easy, cmon OP try harder.


Not exactly just gotta push forward enough and turn the pallet 😅


Is this one broken? It has to be broken. It's the only reason you left it behind, right? Our management refuses to do anything about the broken ones. not even replace them.


I've seen someone place the jack up against the backroom steel. Then take the walkie stacker and pin it against the jack.


Nice! I hate it when people snatch your stuff! It’s so rude! One store I worked at, people were bad about jacking your jack if you turned your back on it.


I could get it. Nice try though


Take a wood chip and duct tape It to a wheel hopefully they don’t check and just think it’s just a terrible jack and leave it.


Who's actually tryna steal pallet Jack's tho?😂 Thought about it for a second, gotta watch out for our own co workers lmao


I could find a way


Jacks, TCs, printers. Here's a thought for manglement. Let's get enough equipment so that associates don't have to compete with each other in order to do the job. Imagine the labor hours saved from not having to walk the entire perimeter only to repeatedly hear "I'm using that". The other night I set a tc down to put a tag on a box, tc was not more than three feet from my hand when someone came up, picked it up and said, "I need to do claims thanks" and walked off. They weren't even my department.


Unless you pull out or cut the jacking throttle pin there is no place to keep it away from thieves.


Why can’t they try to fix or replace these pallet jacks asap?


People thief proof our forklift by putting pallets of fertilizer and wood chips around it so you can’t get it out.


If it can get in, it can get out. Unless you break it or block with ple.


Do your guys’ coworkers really not have the respect to ask permission to take your jack? Mine do and I do the same.


Our pallet jacks have names written on them in sharpie. I will hunt my jack down and take it back. I also have taped notes to that and my topstock cart saying "don't take in use." That tends to deture most from taking it


This just makes me want to take it more


We had idiots hiding scanners throughout the store when I worked at Walmart...


I have searched far and wide for a jack. And I absolutely would take that very one


Doesn't work at my store. We will mark on the sides saying what department it belonged to and Do Not Take Out of said department in bold letters. Would still get jacked by the overnight crew