But F9 and it will ask you if you want to cancel your count request. Hit F2 to say yes. If it has been finalized you may have to explain to a member of management since they don't like bringing counts down.


Also from the count exception screen you can enter negative numbers to reduce the sales floor count.


I did not know that! But won't an ASM still see the count is going down?


Only if the counts have been finalized and approved by management. You can change it however many times before that without anyone knowing.


I never knew you could enter negative numbers, I always just cleared the count and entered a new one.


Alt f9? So I go back to keep it stocked and scan the item them press f9?


Keep It Stocked> Scan the item> Press F9 (Not Alt+F9) ... It will bring up a prompt that will let you know that you've already entered a count request for the item. Then you will press F2 to cancel the count request. After that, it removes the incorrect count, and you can go back and reenter the count correctly.


Sorry it corrected push to but


I think it's F4 to "delete the item from the audit", but it just resets that item to 0/0 so you can re-do the count. Re-F9-ing won't work if someone else created the count request.


Another thing you can do is go summary screen -> counts -> go to your department, scan the time and put in -7 enter. If it's already complete, you can un-complete from this screen too, fix the count, and complete again.