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You know you can buy longer dated puts right?


The man gets 100k, the opportunity of a lifetime to start building his life up with money that works for him, and he fucking YOLOs on FDs. He had the money to do *anything*, and he goes all in on black. Truly beautiful. He's definitely a gambler.


Cause all his education is from reddit and not actually learning first.


Oh I think he just learned a few things...


A very expensive lesson for sure


We know the only thing he learned is he needs another $100k to try again. Can't lose twice!


I have a friend who's dad passed away and he got 36000 cash his dad had in his house . Gave 8000 to a woman he's never gonna get and bought one nice gun and blew the rest in one day at the casino . 2 weeks in and still living paycheck to paycheck .


That's sad honestly


What a great film that is. Mark Wahlberg smashing it again


OP doesn’t have the ability to see that far into the future 🤣


OP doesn’t have a future


OP doesn't




I mean he could have just put it into any number of stocks that are at 10 year lows and waited a year or two




That shit takes too long. We want to know our faith by tomorrow.


If he doesn't know that, he shouldn't be trading options.


and thus, here we are


Another local man throws away a fortune in exchange for some funny internet points


Imagine working your ass of all your life and this is your son.


This comment actually made me feel something


I am hard too


I have a son???


Fucking disappointment to the family bloodline lol


Luckily his dad was too dead to notice


So weird


Sorry to kick you while you’re down, but don’t forget you may owe taxes on the inheritance depending on where you live.


bruh i read so many comments before this one and this might be the most brutal. goddamn op you done fucked up






You’ll need to explain taxes to OP. He is very regarded


I'm sure lots of folks here are well-regarded.






WTF is wrong with people


Clout; also short term thinking


Maybe gout.


Will be gout when OP has to live off hot dogs and ramen


Damn The Ramen. Hotdogs and beans is a quality meal


Gout is the worst pain I’ve ever felt


Gout was second only to my wife leaving me for the dog walker. That’s a lie. He’s actually a dog trainer.


Does she rollover yet?


For real. 100 racks would change my life




Happens more often than many people think


That's why people say its almost impossible to have generational wealth. Unless you're a multi-billionaire, its very likely your wealth will be exhausted by the time your grandkids die. If you don't work for money you tend to blow it on stupid shit. I used to work at a company that did wealth management and there were dozens of clients who came to use to try and salvage the last dregs of their parents or grandparents fortune after they'd blown most of it. The most egregious example was a 25 year old who was given over 50 million dollars from his grandparents and came to us at 29 wanting us to grow the last 2 million back to 50 million.


How... Just how the fuck do you blow 50 million


When I was very young my parents had to explain to me that you had to put money in the ATM to pull it back out. They never got this lesson.


VIP Bottle Clubs Drugs Hookers First Class travel Woman Designer, luxury, sport Gambling Handing money away to your "friends". Edit: for the mathematical ones. First Class travel 20k, Hotel 10k hookers 5k restaurant with friends 2k, VIP Club with friends 25k. Living in NYC rooftop luxury apartment 30k/m parking in nyc 1,2,k /m restaurant in the city 25k/m How can you guys not see someone traveling with friends with everything payed, living in NYC high end not be 100-400k a month. Edit:2 some of you don't know high end women and it shows. Like there's no 15k purses all the way to 100k+, maybe you want that pussy so bad and having 30m justify in your brain spending 80k on a purse for the crush of your life to f*** her. There's a dude here who blew 100k inherited from his passed away dad on options so why wouldn't my scenario happen. Gambling would be on the 20k, 50k, 100k, maybe 1m.... or worst.... a yolo.....


You need to actually spend $ 33k every single day to blow 48 million.


I spent half my money on gambling, alcohol, and wild women. The other half I wasted.


What I’ve noticed about my friend’s family who has and is in constant process of generational wealth is that money and investment are dinner table conversations. It’s almost a family hobby. The parents teach the kids about money, and the kids teach their kids. The same as how a parent teaches how to play catch and then coaches on their little league baseball team, or helps with after school home work, my friend’s fam coaches and helps with financial knowledge. I think that’s the missing key for 98% of people and families. We’re all passing down knowledge on how to stay poor rather than how to build wealth.


Just like his dad, his inheritance is dead as well.


Fuck this is actually just sad . The dad probably worked away so much of his life to give his son that money. I mean I’m sure he knew his son was an idiot, but surely not at this level…


I'm guessing the mindset of his dad, what he must be thinking while squeezing each penny out of his budget and saving it for his son's future. He wanted to give his son a good start in life. He wanted to be a good dad. "Son, whether i live or die, I don't want you to feel my absence, atleast not financially....i don't want you to struggle like i did in my early days". He kept hearing how difficult life is for young people in 21st century: inflation, high rent, bad jobs, rising food prices etc....all this encouraged him to save more for his son, who know what the world will turn into? A descent savings always helps. In his last moments, he wasn't anxious or stressed. He was calm. He was leaving his son in a good position. Some weeks later, his son YOLOs it all away. (curb your enthusiasm music plays)


At least Dad is dead and doesn't have to reconcile with the consequences of his kid being stupid as shit.


Showing juicy loss porn is better than having 100k


Agreed, what do you want to do, live forever?!


The index is at yearly lows and you lost 100,000 on puts.


Youdegenerate , he has 20% safe


For now.


He had 0 DTE SPX puts. It’s akin to walking into a whorehouse for the first time and pushing your dick into the mouth of the madame. You just don’t do this.


Your dad will be on other side waiting for you to beat that ass.


His son is going to hell though for being so regarded


Highly regarded at that


Oh, he’s already working the underworld to become Vecna so he can terrorize his ass while he’s alive.


That's why you should spend all your money instead of giving to your kids


My kids are getting an IOU and a picture of my balls after seeing this


OP would find a way to gamble that ball pic away too


Turn it into an NFT and there you go


Spending $20 a day from that $100000 would last about 14 years.


This is brutal to realize


It's beyond brutal, it's humiliating and embarrassing.


Also most people are lucky if they receive any inheritance at all when their parents pass on, never mind a $100k inheritance in liquid savings.


Big up this, I've had many close family pass but we're all working class and have no inheritance, people like OP make me feel sick


Agreed OP is disgusting as fuck & IMO doesn't deserve an inheritance to begin with if he was stupid enough to gamble it away lol. I wonder if OP just has no respect for his dead father, or for anyone who has ever had to actually work to earn their money? sincerely, -a guy with a dead father who *didn't* leave him a dime.


Imagine if you’d bought calls


Could always kill his dad again, get another 100k, buy calls


Oh fuck


That’s a lap dance a day. Or you know, at least before inflation. So a lap dance a day for 7 years instead of 14. Edit: Jesus I don’t know where you guys are paying so much for lap dances but you gotta get your asses to Florida. There’s whole NFL teams that have come here for that sole reason.


$20 lap dance? Frothy.


Where you getting $20 lap dances, at a Wendy’s?


I was in KC for work a handful of weeks and went to a club in bumfuck Kansas one night. There were like 8 girls working and only like 2 other customers. Dances were 5 bucks and half the time the girls would just sit and talk with you out of boredom. If they had baconators I wouldn't have left.


I’m sure they had a dumpster out back 😂


Here in AZ $10 - $20 lap dances


A $20 dolla Holla and a 4 for 4 🤷🏿‍♂️ He could have had himself a good Ol life 🤣


That's combo 14 to you mister, with a frosty on the side






A lap dance a day makes the blue balls go gray.


coulda put that money down and bought a potato chip route and made 3,000.00 a week


Details? This is the kind of yolo trade I like


tf is a potato chip route.. and where do I buy


usually there are route business brokers u can find in the new york times classifieds or go straight to the depots where these guys pick up….im in nyc and most of the distributor depots are in new jersey…u have to do yur research and do a couple of weeks of ride along with the route owner who is looking to sell


$3k a week on chips? F\*ck the IT and the trading where do I sign?


You literally won the jackpot without going to casino and then took that shit to the casino, this is justice


Just won 100k on a 0$ bet. We are gonna let er ride! Double or nothing baby!


Ironically he could even have kept $35,000 and invested the remaining $65,000 in AAPL, TSLA, MSFT and AMZN. He would have had access to $20 a day for the next 5 years, and the $65K would have appreciated over $100,000 in 5 years... and he could have kept doing this for the rest of his life.


I think my brokerage sells me completely different AAPL, TSLA, MSFT, and AMZN shares than yours.


And he would have gotten quarterly dividends from aapl and msft. Dam op I pray everything works out for you.


Your dad would be fucking pissed!




He would beat. The. Living. Shit. Out. Of. Me.


Dude, he'd die twice.


Hahahahahahaahahah fuck offf


Look on the bright side, you got capital losses you can carry for years to offset against future gains.


"Future gains" nice joke bro haha




Hahahahahah “future gains” this man just gambled away his portion of his deceased fathers estate. Trust me this doesn’t end well… 🤣


To be fair, at least he can go back to living like that money was never there. Never lost it. His father, however....


When people say "I'd give all the money back to have them again" I don't think this is what they mean


If you lose that much are you still capped on the amount you can write off if you get decent capital gains another year?


body and soul both dead


I like how you keep disappointing your dad


Bro….you went full send with 100k and no hedge


And you would deserve it.


Sorry, you lost 80% in one *day*? What lessons have you learned?


I somehow doubt that OP has great capabilities of introspection and learning....


Don’t be so hard on your self, it isn’t your fault. It’s your dad’s fault for raising a moron.


This made me lol


A hedge fund manager is very thankful you paid for his yatch fuel for this season


For the weekend, do you know how much it costs to fuel up a yacht at $11 a gallon? Fuel is way more expensive at the marina usually double or triple land pump prices


Your father slaved away his whole life. He woke up early in the morning, and worked all day, was spoken down to, mistreated. He drove to work in bad weather and got up when he was tired and sore. He lived a life full of hopes and dreams, so many of which he would never achieve. But he worked his whole life and dreamed of a better future, for his children, his beautiful children. If he could not live the life he wanted to, surely his children will do better, through his struggle they will achieve more. This made all of the shit and piss he waddled through worth all the struggle. All the pain and headache, all of the birthdays and holidays, the special moments he missed to build a future. It was all sacrificed for his family, so they could have what he did not. > Enter OP


Even putting the sum of money aside, it's literally a father's final gift to his son. How could OP be so callous with it?


I think he might be too stupid to realize the significance of blowing away decades worth of savings with a single button click


Man, beautifully said. I’ll be having an existential crisis now.


I bet he’s up there now talking to god like send me back bro!!!


to beat his ass


Why did you sell? Would've made everything back and more today.


0DTE boi, he was so certain that he was going to the moon that he blew it all with the riskiest, dumbest possible move when he *actually had the money to hedge or take a more sensible position and ensure profits*.


YOLOing with no stop loss lol sick. Could have lost like $15k, got stopped out, then tried again the next day and made like $50k …. But then again he still would have lost it all eventually. It’s never enough.


Smooth brain move


Fuck you dude. Your dad spent his whole life busting his ass for his piece of shit offspring and this is how you repay him? You should’ve done something great with that. Fuck you and I’m sorry about your dad.


Yea honestly shows some people have no respect for their parents. His dad probably bust his ass always thinking “it’s for my son” and this dude just yolos it. God I really hope my kids love me more then that or at least honor the sacrifices you have to make to leave that kind of money for your kid.


I'm in a similar situation (dad dying) and I'm getting 125k. You bet you fucking ass I'm putting it towards indexes and a Roth IRA. I may not be a millionaire now but I will be in 30 years.


Get some long-lasting power tools too, and maybe a nice meal out with your wife/husband. Dads like that stuff.


The power tools advise is out of left field but good advice. I have some expensive shit that hurt to buy but now that I’ve had it for 10+ years and working excellent I felt it was a great decision.


I've always gone by the harbor freight rule for like 99% of my tool purchases: The first time you need a tool of some sort, get it at Harbor Freight. If you use it enough to break it/wear it out/whatever, that tells you it's worth investing in a nice, name brand version of the thing. Turns out there is a lot of stuff you will end up with on your tool bench that you are only ever going to use a couple of times, so you don't need to shell out the big bucks for professional grade tools


It's a sensible policy, but for safety critical tools (Jack stands, ladders, etc) I will spend upmarket a bit.


Uncle needed a measuring tape cuz his old piece of shit one broke. So, naturally, he went to Home Depot and bought another piece of shit. While measuring with it, he lets go of the tape to let the body shlurp it back in... Well, I did say it was a piece of shit. It jammed on the way back, but because momentum, the tape continues back, and up, missing his eye and leaving a cut on the side of his eyelid. So I guess under the right conditions, every tool is a critical tool. Or he's just unlucky.


Good rule.




That’s how you do it. Just set aside $5,000 or something to play around with aggressive trades


And after you lose it do not re-up and try to win it back. You won’t. Pretend the rest doesn’t exist


Eh, I think it’s less about love and more about OP being an addict. Gambling addict, drug addict, it’s all the same. You hear stories all the time of them taking or even stealing from close loved ones to fuel their addiction. OP needs psychological help or this will happen again.


I hope this isn’t true cause really bragging that his father passed & blew his final gift smh people on this planet


Being a gambling degenerate who destroys everything given to them is pretty standard here.


Nah, we just like to pretend we are. Then some people like this yahoo thinks that's true and tries to be one.


is that why nobody's taking my dumpster roommate ads seriously?


Way to respect your dad. You fucked up alright.


Do you want to get haunted? because this is how you get haunted


You better be lying for karma or you're an absolute fucking cunt for doing that.


look at his post history, he’s a college student or just graduated. He isn’t joking. This is sad.


It’s so fucking stupid lol. Like having 100k out of college is such a fucking huge life boon. It would easily set him ahead of 90% of his peers. His friends would be struggling to save for a house for years, while he could slap a 40k down payment ez. Emergency fund? Done. New car? Done. Student loans? Gone. The fucking stupidity is monumental.


But think of the karma points


I'm fucking furious. This post really ruined my night.


Look at it like this. His dad doesn't know about this. He worked his ass off his whole life to give this to his kid, and that kid threw it away, but the dad *never knew* and probably died happy because of that.


I'm gonna the guess the dad probably knew his child was kind of a dumbass


plot twist - dad was a millionaire and left the rest of the estate to wife and smarter kids


How long do you think it took him to make that 100k and be able to set it earnestly aside for you?


I normally find YOLOs entertaining but you should be ashamed dude. You are blowing your dads life of work he left for you to make use of and make your life more comfortable. You got some maturing to do before you do any sort of trading


OP needs to not trade. He’s an idiot.


This isn’t trading, it’s just gambling. No one who does this can call themselves a stock trader, it’s nothing more than a convoluted roulette wheel analogue, played for the same reasons, the same *feeling.*


Good point. I don't do an ounce of trading, and I don't know why this sub is in my feed, but I don't need to know much to know that stock trading is something for *rational thinkers*


What the fuck did you have for positions?


Looks like the bottom half of doggy style for the most part to me.


But how do you lose that much?? So fast?


There’s always next dad.


You have to be under the age of 25. That's the only way someone would be dumb enough to do this. RIP your dad and your portfolio


I wouldn't have done this at 15 never mind 25. OP os just a fuck head


You're now a top-runner for Regard of the Year. Congrats!


Sorry for your losses


Oooof. My old man left us bills. He was an auto mechanic, and as you get older you kinda go obsolete in that trade. The $100,000 he left me is in the knowledge I gained helping him fix things while growing up. I have a great trade career pulling near 6 figures - and I’ll be damned if I ever hire someone to fix anything I own. It’s weird that I just realized that at 42 years old.


No it's not man. It's never weird to realize something like that no matter how late in the game you are. That's insight, and that shit ain't got no shelf life. Good on you.


You would have been better or putting that money toward a deposit for a house to live in and own and to buy cars to rent out on turo.


People who gamble way 80k in a day don’t think that long term. Dude can’t even remember last week and doesn’t know it will be snowing in a couple months.


Turo is horrible lmao but I get the message


Make your dad proud. Lose the remaining 20%


Why the fuck would you gamble all of it in the same week?! Wtf


thousands of years, your ancestors survived fighting off sabre tooth tigers and pterodactyls and shit all to provide a better future for you. and this is what they get 🤪 how many hours of work did your dad endure to leave you that $100,000 just to piss it all away 😂


Millions of years of cells dividing and surviving through the toughest conditions. And it all leads to this. The scope of that thought baffles me. Millions of years and Billions of sunrises all to be thrown away at a meme in a couple of hours.


You definitely belong here


It’s like you killed your dad after he already died man. Nice


When my mother died she left me a small amount. I was careful and turned it into a house and a car and a good life a couple years later. What an insult to your fathers memory to shit it away like this. Shame on you.


Call gamblers anonymous


He gave you $100,000 “to have”. Key point at end of previous sentence.


To have. Not to hold though.


You could have paid off 2/3 of a nice condo in Vegas with that $100,000 and have a mortgage of about $75,000 left over. Too many action junkies. $100,000 is a lot of money. You could have also taken some very nice vacations and met a beautiful international lady if you are single and done that too.


You think this guy was going to move to Vegas.. and live through it?


That’s a sketch condo… and this guy isn’t fit to live in Vegas


Vegas is that cheap ? 200k for a nice condo?


Depends how stabby of a neighborhood you want to be in.


Extra stabby, please!


Sure, but not in a good area


Somehow I doubt this story is true. If it is, shame on you. Everyone boo this man! Booooooo!


Jesus rose from the dead, Lazarus rose from the dead, and this guy's dad rose from the dead to beat OP's ass.


I’m new here but is losing a ton of money and snowing people here give you a ton of clout or something? This is like the jackass stunts of finance.


On the bright side, it’s money you never saved so technically your Dad is the one losing. Unfortunately his genes created an autist. RIP.


Buy SPY Puts 2 weeks Outs, you're set.