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Keep in mind that this forum is a hedge fund target since gme and amc. There are shills in here peddling nonsense garbage stocks to take your money. Be careful what you are trusting these days.


There's sharks in the water for sure 🦈 Good reminder to always check the age of the account and the post history. Some shills are try to pump shit with accounts that are only days old 🙄


You can be a millionaire easily buy buying 10k in some obvious shit and forgetting about it for 15 years. My stupid ass “thought about” buying Apple in 2003 and Nvidia at $7.




Ornamental gourd futures Thank me in 10 years.


Literally can't go tits up.




*Additional reference from when this sub wasn’t fucking trash*


I've invented something I like to call the box spread..


because gourds are naturally bottom heavy


You made a 75% gain and blew it at Hustler Club. Win.


Next 10 year 100 bagger? It’s AMD.


🤣 dude I thought the same thing. I was like is this guy being sarcastic? The play is *still* AMD


Bought AMD at $4. Sold it at $85 and bought GME at $35. Let’s go baby. NFA


I did better than you. Amd at 3. Sold at 9. 300% profit baby.


$10,000 of AMZN at $35 checking in Sold at $45 . . .




>My stupid ass “thought about” buying Apple in 2003 and Nvidia at $7. I owned Nvidia at around that level. Also Facebook at $30 and Novavax at $4. *Sold all for a tiny profit. I try to think of them as a very expensive education. *edit


Sold 99/100 of my AMC's for a couple of bucks profit each, the morning it took off. This is the way, amirite?


This is why I’m buying shares in ME (23andMe) They’ve got the world’s largest and probably most diverse genetic database, and of the 11 million samples they got, they’re allowed to use 8 million of it for pharmaceutical research. And it’s a household name. With cancer drugs in trials phase and billions to back their research. I’m interested to see where that company will be in 10 years. This is about the earliest I can get in on it and I really hope this turns out to be a “well duh” purchase like NVDA and Apple should’ve been.


This is wrong. AncestryDNA has a much larger database. https://thednageek.com/ancestrydna-breaks-18-million-customers/


Is ancestry dna publicly traded? Cant find it but I could be stupid. (Let’s be serious. I am stupid but I could be also. )


No, it’s not.


Every single stock suggested in this sub since AMC/gme has underperformed spy or been a pump and dump. So in that case just do the opposite of what wsb says to do so I should buy more GME?




If the entire media tells you not to buy GME, well, you know what to do then...


The only proper short squeeze involves lotion


Need to add ketchup to that.


Mayo actually


NEVER buy squeeze mayo, you end up leaving half of it in the bottle. Then give up go out and buy another. How do you think Buffet made all his money?


You’re a god damn prophet


It's an awesome responsibility that came with the name.


Lotion? I use EZ cheez


Lotion? He uses EZ cheez


Solid advice OP, I've just purchased more GME thanks to you. BOY I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS TO SQUEEZE!


I love how certain “people” are so sure about stuff. Having said that, i decided to pick up some more GME.


I also heard him said buy more. Looking forward to next week to add Gee M Eee




ikr? *\*buys more GME\**


Short volume is a bull sign. Bought more GME.


GME is the only squeeze. Everything else is bullshit


Take this award. OP just convinced me to buy more GME Tuesday.


Your enthusiasm just convinced me that I don't own enough. More GME on Tuesday!


Own enough? Never can 🌎👨‍🚀🔫👨‍🚀 Edit: I suffer FOMO everyday so I’m with it!


Your enthusiasm just convinced me that I don't own enough. More GME on Tuesday!




💯 fuck shills, I hope Shitadels check bounce when they try to cash them.


Lol same thing I said what a shill .. who said GME sqoze


I love that we all had the same idea from this post, load up some more GME. Buckle up retards.


Buckle up buckaroo


3 2 1 Let's FUCK !


Still the greatest investment in history going on right now.


Read this and fukin panicked. I must buy morr AMC and GME on tuesday.


Love the stonks! AMC and GME to da fokin moooon!!! 🦍🦍🦍🚀🌙


Didn't that squeeze already? Msm said it did. I believe them whole heardedly.. I actually was gunna sell my shares. but I was told to forget them so much I can't even remember what stock were talking about rn ... Straight amnesia


You forgot the /s mah dude.


Sorry. It's the amnesia


I’m already spent all my tendies on GME




Remember, we can stay retarded longer than you can stay buoyant ;-)


🚀🚀🚀🚀 you forgot your rocket sir


Buying more on Tuesday myself. Solid advice.


People completely ignoring that GME is sitting on 1.6 billion cash and is being spearheaded by the only guy to ever beat Amazon at an online sector. Much less the cream of the crop from Amazon and Chewy as his leadership. But yeah, if you thought 350 was a squeeze, buckle up because you haven’t seen anything yet.


Shill alert.🦍💪


All day everyday baby


I have done the same. Thanks OP


OP is a Tool doing Tool things


Seems like I've been here before Seems so familiar Seems like I'm slipping... Into moar GME


A hooker with a penis.


BUY BUY BUY ​ SPEND MORE MONEY (fuck you buddy)


This comment should be the TLDR


OP instructions unclear, buying more gme when market opens 🤞🏻💘


GME hasn’t even started 🚀 Buying more on Tuesday


But... market is closed...


Oh man, I panicked and bought more GME. Then I went and bought some more merch from GameStop.


This is the fucking way my friend




The humor was so much better before all these retarded 18 year old apes joined.


















Is this Jim Cramer?




Who is GaRy GeNSleR?


*Paper handed bitch boy* Dave Portnoy


I've actually done well on these DD posts. " 'TICKER' Short squeeze imminent! " ye okay, let me ride this up a little \+10%, nice...+20% niceeee. +50% im outchyea rinse and repeat what a world we live in


Yeah, keep your expectations low and you can shave a nice profit off the retards expecting 1000% returns.


Facts. Just look for singles and not home runs and you'll be fine.


people who ichiro their way to success end up being most of the ones with respectable gains, but everyone else sees the 2% of sluggers who make it big and forgets the rest.


Even more than I regret not throwing more into GME and AMC before the rallies, I regret at that point not being into options. For months I'd be selling CCs at like 500.


Tip: GME did not squeeze yet.


It had some gamma squeezes but not a full short squeeze


This comment may change ye future of the sub # Then again, I am a lurker and my assessment is probably wrong


A 20% gain playing options is a multibagger 😎


I like how OP talks about GME/AMC squeezing but neglect to mention when CLOV did pumped almost 90% in a few days. Having said that, yeah, it was a heavily shorted stock for a reason. It's a medicare advantage company with checkered past/issues. Even at current level, you are paying more for it than Chamath did when they took the company public at $10 per commons. Past pricing before the DA was announced are moot as that was when the stock was living life as a SPAC with highly speculative period (people were buying this before they even know what company it would end up being). This is why SPACs are banned on WSB as it was essentially loot boxes for Wall Street. This is why many deSPACs companies are target for pump and dump on WSB as well. So will CLOV magically pump to $20+ again saving your ridiculous position? Maybe. But if you bought at even more than $14~$15+, imo you fucked up.


Yeah look youre right but OP is righ too, the latest DD has been the same fucking six stocks for the past two months. And then you cant fucking backlog for actual good dd because the ones that slap are usually some dudes comment on some arbitrary post.


If GME did already squeeze from $40, why is it still at $200, 6 months later? I don’t understand this shouldn’t it have gone back to normal?






>You can be a millionaire without ever touching a short squeeze. This implies OP is a millionaire by way of excellent non-short squeeze trading. Petition for OP to verify their wealth or BAN for talking a lot of shit while probably being a poor ass bitch like the rest of us on this sub.


Nobody tell him. *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/wallstreetbets) if you have any questions or concerns.*


“Your being a lil bitch” Charles Payne voice.


so youre saying 9-5 cocksucking is what will happen regardless? ill take my chances with the other apes 🦍🦍🦍🦧🦍🐒🙊


Some people make ‘extra money’ in the Wendy’s parking lot for fun.


$20 is $20


The fact that you cite CLOV which popped and anyone that knew what they were doing 4x’d less than a month ago without leverage is hilarious. You sound mad because you’re bad.


I 8xd on clove. 19c day before spike, held til next day, sold at open


Bingo. I mean there were a million ways to win and the only way to lose was FOMO buying and then DiAmOnD hAnDs til you’re underwater lmao


Here's the thing. What if I don't see CLOV as a short squeeze? What if I see a real, legit future in it because I've researched the living shit out of the company and what it does? Of course the thing is going to stumble a bit in it's experimental phase. Once the bugs are worked out, and there is good reason for the bugs to be worked out(Clinton), it'll start being pushed into a much larger market than the few states it's currently being ACTIVELY USED in. CLOV has a future. Problem is, it will hurt other established industries unless they either adopt it or come up with something equivalent. Don't listen to some rart on this board though. Take a few minutes on DuckDuckGo and see for yourself.


Sounds like someone bought at the top with his wife’s boyfriend’s money and now has to suck dick behind a Wendy’s dumpster to pay him back.


Ah shit! I knew this was a fucking Wendy's!


Y'all are gettin paid?!?!


This dude is out behind 7-11 giving half price to drive the puddle sluts out of business


GME and AMC are the best performing stocks of 2021. It's not over yet, and nobody bought for value. Don't take it out on the internet because you paperhanded like a little bitch.


Trick is, they need to be heavily shorted companies that actually have some positive catalysts... Basically companies that have had bad press and short reports, but fundamentally are actually solid companies. It's hard to find the next Tesla, AMC, or GME, but they are out there... we're just conditioned to dismiss them because the mass media (including social media) tells us we are fools for being bullish on them.. see Deepfuckingvalue's early posts...


AMC isn't a fundamentally solid company, though, they were bleeding out in 2019 even before covid. Difference is that they got shorted to oblivion thanks to covid nearly pushing them to bankruptcy, and once that bankruptcy risk turned around and places started reopening theaters the shorts got their asses torn open. Doesn't mean their business is actually solid. Their stock hasn't been this high for years.


Next GME and AMC? I mean, AMC had a damn good jump last month but it could easily go higher. And GME sure as hell hasn’t spiked and is due. No next about it. Your living it. Not buying is your decision.


GME only sneezed it didn’t squeeze yet


Happy to see all these comments, fuck this im going full retard Tuesday morning


I’m buying another share on Tuesday. Fuck it. Maybe I’ll buy two.


Two shares?! Slow down moneybags


Theres two ways to go full retart with gme... Shorting it or not investing in it . That's it


I'm calling the January jump a short sneeze from now on.


Clov -$9-$22 Jun 4th-7-8th Expr -$2.85-$6.51 May 12th-Jun 2nd Bbby- $23.75-44.19 May 25th-Jun 2nd BB- May 25th-June 3rd $8.59-$15.88 WKHS- May 25th-June 9th $8.14-$16.90 NKE- June 18th-June 29th $128-$155 AAPL- May 12th-July 2nd. $122-$139 I agree with your take on short squeeze and DD. I disagree with everything else you talked about. I would like to see your DD on NKE being a better return then a meme stock. This post looks like another blowhard that wrote an article only looking at whats in front of them, providing no substance and only angry speculation....much like CNBC. Edit format


Yea, sqeezed so hard that they needed to turn off the buy button. Fuck you, bought more GME


It’s Sunday ._.


You're telling me the guy behind the Wendy's didn't sell me legitimate shares of GME? I'm saying that sarcastically, but we're most likely not buying real shares on the market either anyway!


GME hasn’t squeezed yet homie


GME I bought more


Your tears sustain me.


This sub isn't a sub meant for measly 15% gains on a large cap boomer stock. No one's trying to turn $1000 into $1150. Take that to r/investing


Who the fuck is gonna buy a yacht with that


>GME actually did squeeze. yeah, right. try again.


^ not a squeeze till the shorts cover.


Can y'all tell the difference between the original shorts and new shorts? Because the OG shorts may have covered and you're now fighting new shorts who shorted at $300+ and will be a lot harder to get rid of.


Peach ape 💎🙌🏼


This guy bought at the top and probably sold at the bottom. That’s why he’s whining


We found one of Dave Portnoy's alt accounts.


You mean that little bitch paperhands Portnoy?


That moron came to my home town and ate at a pizza place known for their exclusive specialty pizzas. Like omg delicious brick oven- top notch pies . And this idiot got a slice of plain regular pizza. No one goes their for their plain slices. They prolly make 1 pie a day. I lost all respect for him back then tbh. Like u look at their exclusive pies and get a slice of plain and give them a bad score .. I'm still angry about that... Shorts on Dave!!


The dude is such a little bitch saying he had diamond hands forever and selling the very next day. And then he gets so offended by being called a paper hander like it's not an accurate description of him. Yeah he had 6 figures at stake but seeing as he has a 9 figure net worth his lifestyle wouldn't change one bit if he lost it all. Tons of apes lost more proportionally when gme fell, and you also have legends like dfv who took 8 figure losses like a badass ape and held. Honestly i really hope the title of being a little paper handed bitch follows him forever.


Without the paperhands of the world there would be no GME left for me to buy!


Woah there buddy GME did NOT squeeze


Found a true ape


>AMC and GME actually did squeeze. Nope, not yet.


My cock hasn't squooze yet. Still holding 🍆


Then you understand that these stock were never meant to squeeze, they were use to be pump and dump to drive new apes away from GME and AMC making them think that squeezes happens on a regular basis. You also understand that WSB went from 300K follower to 10millions and that your sub has been infiltrated by many kinds of person, some of them to spread FUD, some misinformation, etc


Ahhh nice to see the good old truth in the comments. Squeeze is still on boys, load up


WSB is lost to the masses. It will never be what it once was. Just let it go.


Op has little weenie


Don't forget we're playing at the casino ladies. You thinking you've anticipated a short squeeze is no better than thinking the slot machine's entered the mystical "payout hour".


I’m still not selling my amc yet, but your tears make me hard


Lol the OP mentions why should we listen to people on the Internet. Why does he think anyone should listen to him ? He just admitted to shilling 😂 GTFO


I don’t entirely agree with this post but I do feel that many of the tickers that are posted are merely to just draw capital and attention away from certain tickers. Just my 2 cents doesn’t mean shit


GME/AMC hasn't even squooze yet.


I have close to 350 shares of CLOV at a pretty low price and don’t plan on selling one share. Sounds like you got screwed hard and are bagholding.


Everyone’s a bag holder here. You ain’t cool unless you’ve got a few bags to carry


so so does it mean im Cool? Hell yeah


If peeing your pants is cool consider me Miles Davis


GME hasn’t squeezed yet :)


Gme and Amc are still going to squeeze.


AMC/GME the squeeze has NOT been squoozed. I just want to point that out.


GME hasn't squeezed yet tho




AMC & GME have not sqooze. Did shorts cover? No.


How did this get to the front page? Where's the loss/gain porn? OP says he paper handed gme for a 200% gain. Call bullshit. OP provides zero logic or evidence for his position that shorts were covered. What a crap post.




Sounds like some bitter paper hands in here


Im for one tired of the shit DD where the only thing you look for is an underdog growth/startup/pivot story with high SI.


>[Profiting off a ShitCo short squeeze] requires an expanding pool of buyers, who, in turn, are enticed because they believe the buying pool will expand still further. Owners are not inspired by what the asset itself can produce – it will remain lifeless forever – but rather by the belief that others will desire it even more avidly in the future. >What motivates most [ShitCo] purchasers is their belief that the ranks of the fearful will grow. The rising price has on its own generated additional buying enthusiasm, attracting purchasers who see the rise as validating an investment thesis. As “bandwagon” investors join any party, they create their own truth – for a while. Over the past 15 years, both Internet stocks and houses have demonstrated the extraordinary excesses that can be created by combining an initially sensible thesis with well-publicized rising prices. In these bubbles, an army of originally skeptical investors succumbed to the “proof” delivered by the market, and the pool of buyers – for a time – expanded sufficiently to keep the bandwagon rolling. But bubbles blown large enough inevitably pop. And then the old proverb is confirmed once again: “What the wise man does in the beginning, the fool does in the end. -WB 2011 letter to shareholders


Coming from a dude with a 20 day old account. ^^ so dumb


To quote a great man-- "You never go full retard." I think this goes both ways -- never go full retard on bull position and never go full retard on bear side either. This guy sounds like he went full retard on short squeezes. Maybe one day his smooth brain will gain one wrinkle. God speed retard. God speed.


You mad bro?


This was stupid


I still like CLOV! 10x in 10yrs without the squeeze.


Not reading all this shit but I hope it says that not every damn stock will have a short squeeze. Remember when this started and people who’ve never even heard the word gamma squeeze we’re putting gamma squeeze in every fucking post


You could suck my dick behind Wendy's. It won't get you a flair but it might be fun.


Imagine thinking GME squeezed already 😂


I'll be honest. This sub has been compromised. It has never been the same after GME & AMC regardless of if they were good plays or not. The hug of death killed this sub with actual retards instead of the ironic retards we had before.


Excuse me, GME squeezed already? LOL please. Talk about a delusional fella right here.


It's cute that you think GME has squeezed already. Short it then.


Um. If you zoom out on the charts CLOV is doing pretty good. So, seems like precisely the sort of stock one might want to consider investing in regardless of whether a short squeeze is likely. Better advice would be: if the DD on a stock *exclusively* involves a short squeeze, ignore it.


Get a load of this Shill


Lots of words in here but no rocket emojis. Instructions unclear, I’m buying more CLOV 🚀


yeah lots of trash here. hope it gets better. hard to find anything useful


You’ll see a few posts show up at the same day, mostly at the same time talk about the same ticker, from nowhere. Not sus at all