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GME at least stay at 115. Cha math bought 115 calls.


How good were the amzn and google earnings guys?


What happened with AMC!?






Silver squeeze will not work


Si este Gobierno de Biden quiere ir al fondo y no a la forma deberá entonces presionar a los bancos y el sistema financiero, principalmente a Wallstreet para que los analistas financieros y de inversiones den mayor importancia a la inversión en nuevas empresas innovadoras y restrinjan severamente el credito que absorven los recursos, obstaculizan la entrada de nuevos actores al mercado, corrompen al sistema financiero, amenazan y en muchos casos corrompen a los jefes y sistemas de compra de las empresas para que le nieguen la entrada a empresas innovadoras, ponen barreras de precios y obstaculizan el acceso a los proveedores, en fin son entes paquidermicos que se resisten a soltar el mercado haciendo mucho daño. SI NOS PONEMOS LA MANO EN EL CORAZON para reflexionar en que ESAS EMPRESAS ZOMBIES NO DEBERIAN ESTAR COTIZANDO EN BOLSA Y PARA ELLAS DEBERIA EXISTIR OTRO SISTEMA FINANCIERO UNICO PROPIO DE ELLAS EN LA CUAL COMPITAN SANAMENTE como en el futbol, en donde se asciende y desciende con regularidad, reciban subsidios y apalancamientos cuando todavia sean viables o les ayuden a morir dignamente, Aplicarles una Eutanasia empresarial.


Durante varios días he seguido los acontecimientos de GME y Robinhood pero no he tenido la oportunidad de encontrar análisis profundos del fondo del asunto sobre el cual tengo mi propia interpretacion, es decir, todo esto es reflejo de una perversion del modelo de produccion que actualmente nos rige, nos domina, nos involucra y da sentido a nuestras vidas, el modo de produccion salvaje al que los entendidos le llaman neoliberalismo y del cual no hay como escapar. Estamos metidos en una jaula con nombre propio: dinero, ganar dinero, apostar dinero, tomar dinero, beber dinero, etc. Por eso veo este acontecimiento como una oportunidad para humanizar el sistema financiero


I Need Help. I want to have enough money to not need to work for someone else. I want to have the money, resources to enjoy the time I have left on this Earth with my family. I am not greedy and I do not live a outlandish lifestyle. I did not get in with GME and I did not hear about this wonderful group of people and what you all have done until recently. Some of the stories I have read are really wonderful. I do believe, as a group, people coming together for a greater good is very possible. It has been proven. Great Job!


Go guys 👆


I'm new to this sub and trying to save up for my future, getting enough money to pay off my car and potentially get a house someday. I'm too late to do gme, but I've got some spare cash that I can invest. Any tips for learning what to buy and when to sell? Also any tips on how to watch this sub for the best info?


🏴‍☠️🚨**THE NEXT GME IS REVLON INC (REV)**🚨🏴‍☠️ It's time to **REV**, those engines!!! 🚀🚀🚀 **PLEASE** hear me out as I explain how **REV** will be an easier squeeze and we can make even more money \--- **FIRST,** let's bust the myth that "**WE LOVE THIS STOCK**" when talking about **GME** **GME DOESN'T EVEN LIKE GME:** ONLY 27% OF THE TOTAL STOCK IS HELD BY INSIDERS (PEOPLE THAT WORK FOR THE COMPANY) **REV 💕 LOVES 💕 REV:** 87% OF THE COMPANY IS HELD BY INSIDERS WHEN A COMPANY GOES BANKRUPT PEOPLE TEND TO ABANDON SHIP 🚢💀🚢 **ALSO LOOK AT THE FINANCILAS** EARNINGS BEFORE TAX AND INTERST (EBIT) **REV: $36,000 VS GME: -$388,300** **GME IS A LITERAL DUMPSTER FIRE!!!** 🔥 Onto the fun stuff... When the squeeze of **GME** began it had a float of around 46M shares, and it was shorted around 61M shares. The current average 3 month volume (according to Yahoo Finance) is 27.2M. However the 10 day volume is 105M so the real 3 month average volume would've been much less prior to the squeeze. When comparing this to **REV** it only has a float of 6.85M, and is short around \~2M shares! It's 3 month average volume is 1.16M, and its' 10 day average volume is 1.04M. **THIS IS HOW I KNOW THIS IS UNTOUCHED TERRIORY**. The reason this is **IMPORTNAT** is because this is how the "days to cover ratio" (this is determined by dividing the amount of shorted shares by the average volume) is determined. When the **GME** squeeze began it would've taken the hedge funds a little over two days to cover their positions and not lose everything. Here's the best part, the Days To Cover ratio for **REV IS ALSO 2!!** **REV ONLY HAS A FLOAT OF 6.85M** compared to **GME** which has a float of 46M. This means only a **SMALL GROUP** is needed to make this happen. If we were able to band together and buy **46 MILLION** shares starting at **$50 EACH** why can't we band together and buy **6 MILLION** shares with a starting price of **ONLY** **$11!!** Ya'll wanna know what will be even funnier than this weeks Wall Street freak out over their losses this past week? Get this: the **GME** shorts as of Monday January 25th only carried a 32% fee. The shorts that are out against **REV** carried a 50% fee, and they still carry a 44% fee as of current data! What's even crazier is **WE SCARED THEM**! The only way to protect themselves is to buy the shares now before they get too expensive. **LOOK AT THE 1 DAY CHART FOR BOTH REV AND GME** ... both stocks performed almost **IDENTICAL**. Don't be left holding the 💰💰 when everyone takes profits on **GME**... **REMEMBER THE DAYS TO COVER RATIO FOR GME WAS ONLY AROUND 2 DAYS ...** the damage has been done ... Citdel and Point 72 provided **$2.75 BILLION** Melvin Capital to do this **GOOGLE IT** **REV ONLY HAS AROUND 6M SHARES AVAILBLE VS THE 46M THAT GME HAD** **DONT MISS THE 🚢 AS WE'RE ABOUT TO 🚀🚀 TO THE 🌑🌙🪐**


Shill, ignore lol






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Impeach Bidden for Colluding with Short Selling Hedge Funds, What's good for the Goose, is good for the gander......


**Political Bullshit** This isn't [/r/politics](https://www.reddit.com/r/politics), [/r/the\_donald](https://www.reddit.com/r/the_donald), [/r/political\_humor](https://www.reddit.com/r/political_humor), etc. If you choose to start arguments about libtards or Nazis instead of making fun of their bad SPY long then you're in the wrong place and we'll show you the door. Nobody cares about your political opinions. If it's not about taking advantage of the political to make money then leave that baggage at home. WSB is not the stage for your lazy political regurgitation nor will it be used as a propaganda mouthpiece by anybody.


The Whitehouse called Robinhood and asked the to stop trading on GME? Shows corruption goes to the top. Janet Yellin?


**Very important information to act together against the unfair behavior of the fucking hedge fund sharks!** This can help to start the short squeeze at GME after all. **Target price GME: >5.000-10.000 USD** If you have your GME shares in your supposedly securely depository account, your bank or broker are secretly lending them to hedge funds. Then those fucking bastards are selling your shares short. In order to keep those greedy sharks away from our shares, we can set a "sell limit" on the stock portfolio at the bank. In the case of GME, for example, set a **"sell order" with 10.000** USD. That’s the solution how we block our stock portfolio against the hidden loans from the bank to the sharks. We all need to act on this together! If we do that there will be far fewer shares available for short sale and we will win the fight against them! **GO IN AND WIN!**


I secure messaged my broker (TD) and flat out told them, that if they restrict me in any way, I will come after them with a lawsuit.


you really want to drive wall street crazy, buy into IHSI, MLHC, UBQU and this will set them wondering what the hell are they doing. its been going up. hold onto it.




>ely undervalued. MJ how about hex


We only buy gme!!!!!


Everyone is saying buy and hold AMC on Monday and all week, but aren't the hedge funds wicked smart and seeing this coming, and they'll change their gameplan? Everyone sounds so certain AMC will skyrocket. I'm not shitting on this, I'm trying to get mine too. Just curious.


I get that, honestly I just bought one of it for good measure




So how does one get in on this?




If I’m not allowed to post this I’m sry, I didn’t meant for it to be direct...I am retarded ffs lmao


Here is an infographic I put together on how Ameritrade fucked it's customers on 1.28: [GME stock price 10am. ](https://imgur.com/fUKgkmF) [Ameritrade peak outtage 10am](https://imgur.com/Mjdzr5q) [GME stock price 11:30am](https://imgur.com/FecJAqz) [Ameritrade fully back online 11:30am](https://imgur.com/hpI2c9L)


A summary of what happened in the main post might get more people interested


the mods took it down for some reason


I mean in the post above. I'd also recommend combining it into one image. Remember, we're all retarded. Try posting again in a future thread, but make it more retard friendly


You guys have broken the Pros, they don't know what to do LOL.


Do call spreads help the cause? Asking fir a friend


Yes it does, but be mindful of the bid ask spread on GME, it is very wide. You'll lose some in slippage. Place your limit bid right in the middle and try walking it up until you get filled. The strike prices with the most open interest have to tightest spread and are easier to fill. Those are usually at the round numbers. Also, use the monthly, not the weekly option chains.


It is happening, thank you all ;) Change the world ;)


What if I take my paycheck , and I fucking buy the most expensive premium of a call option I can afford for an exp. date of 4/29? Yeah? How fucking stupid would that be? Asking for a friend...


sounds like a discount for when GME moons


what's our big move come Monday, comrade?


We buy... (crowd mermers) AND WE HOOLLD (crowd goes retarded) *CHEERS*


I need to setup my trading account specifically for stocks only so I can join you riding to the moon.


If anyone would be kind enough to gift me a share £dunkndoghnuts cash app


Gonna fling in another £500 on monday boys. Freetrade fucked me today but on monday we double down.


Should I buy this BB dip? 🤔 I believe I will 🙌 💎


>hello, Whait is BB dip??? I'm from northern Italy, can you tell me the full name of the company to bet on? Thank you.




You can find out what companies the ticker symbols like BB stand for at sites such as SeekingAlpha. Just search for the ticker symbol in the search field at the top and if it finds a match it will show it in the dropdown below the search field. The ticker symbols are typically unique to a particular share type for the company (or other form of equity).


black berry i thik


Also, when a stock dips that means it’s going down, typically people “buy the dip” when they’re expecting it to go right back up. That’s exactly what’s happening right now with BB, but it while it’s cheaper so u can watch it rise up.


Yes! BB is short for blackberry, it may seem weird buying into it because blackberry has virtually done nothing since like the mid 2000s lol if everyone keeps buying and holding, setting the selling price to be high as shit the brings the value up. The only way the value will get up is if people stick together and hold onto it. I saw your comment below mine and tried to respond but it wouldn’t let me for some reason! Basically, just buy as much BB(blackberry), AMC and GME (GameStop) as you can afford, then sit on it. Raise the sell value of the stock extremely high to up the overall value. Also I recommend doing this on webull, they allow you to trade stocks anytime regardless of if the market is closed, I’m gonna download webull myself soon I’m stuck on Robinhood at the moment.


Thanks for the reply you are very kind. Is there an upside limit in your opinion? A price eg. of gamestop beyond which it does not rise.


There is definitely am upper limit but nobody knows what it is. Once we hit it, expect the price to bottom out fairly quickly


Hi guys, I write from northern Italy, here we are the lockdown and cover fire for 1 year, we have lost everything. The area of the world most affected by the restrictions. Shops, bars, restaurants have all gone bankrupt, while those wall street pigs make money. . If I can take revenge on that satanic financial clique, I am yours !!! I read about your exploits in the newspapers. I have never bet on the markets. Please is there someone who can explain to me where to bet and on which company? Thank you.


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Any platform for instant trade with CC?


Can yall buy the blackberry dip


i bought some but at 15 dollars...is bb the next gme?


yes it is


yesss sirrrr


would the bb happen after gme a week after next week? some reports say theres going to be a massive squzze next week of gme


Yeah it's definitely lagging behind GME and AMC rn but I think its gotta blow at some point.


The dip is crucial. Its where you need to go full retard


predictions for Monday?


Up or down


How can I get in on this guys. Help me out. What's next to get in on is it too late? Recommendations anyone.


Buy any amount of GME you can and HOLD IT


Is that the only thing in play right now?


Buy the BB dip, it’s the lowest it’s been in a little bit perfect time to buy and hold before it heads to the moon 🚀


What do you feel it can go up to, realistically?


No way to know till we get there 😉




No there’s no way of knowing, I’m not at all an expert at this stuff but I will say, everyone is doing a great job with GME. I just saw something from a couple days ago saying the average posted price for GME sales is 5k each and that surely will drive the price of the stock up, ultimately running these hedge funds to the hills. They think they can rig the system but they can’t do shit if we keep holding the line.


im in


**Can the institutional owners collude with the shorts to mess this up?** ​ No idea if this is even possible. I know nothing. 16 @ \~250 I like the stock. If he’s still in, I’m still in.


Do Ge


Am I too late for this? Its dropped a lot since I bought .




They are saying gamestock because that's what AOC called it. Everyone knows.its gamestop. Where have you been?


Just bought another 3 shares. Gonna buy a nice big telescope to look down on all the paper hands from the moon.




If you want to crush the banks/shorts/Wallstreet, Silver, Ag, SLV is their Achilles heel... We need to drive Silver to $1,000 to bring down this crooked system!


agree, but silver is a whole nother level, thats taking on the biggest rat of them all jp morgan




Just got 5 GME at the Dip for $270 and 80 AMC for $11.90!!! Maybe this will help recoup my 120 of $7.07 NOK...


What trading app are you using. I’m Done with RH, sick of getting screwed.


In with 2 shares at 7 NOK ape stronk


AMC to the moon 🚀🚀🚀


I'm holding the line on AMC and NOK DO NOT SELL WE WILL FUCK THEM




Anyone who is having a sell limit less than 10,000 is a short seller and they don't even know it