If it’s good enough to screenshot take the profit, I call it burn and learn. It’s like fish stories but with money and denial


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 100x, I belong here.


Did someone say 100x? Son of a bitch, I'm in.


Let’s pull up a list of Chapter 11 companies, put on a blindfold, stick a pin, and go all in on FDs! YOLO


No element of chance here. Pretty sure blindfolds come off and invest exclusively in the absolute worst balance sheet possible


Why don't we pick a 100 random stocks, enter 1k each. 2% target and 1$ loss for each one all together. We make money right ? Flip a coin to go long or short, doesn't matter


Pretty sure I'll lose that 2% right on the ask every time


naaaaaaaaahhh 1000% target as always. 2% pffffffffffffttt….. what a waste of money.


We could be strategic and put them on a WSB poll then choose that way.


Orrrrrr We *could*... Register WSB as a LLP, issue our own fucking shares then sell them for a profit onto hedge funds.. Just saying.


We are going to need 100 shells.


Easy, my wife’s boyfriend has a pukka shell necklace. I’ll ask him for the shells


Better than most of the dd that takes place in here


I did it. All my money is now in ENDPQ


Those are rookie numbers son.


For some reason I find some humbleness in those few words..and my losses are nothing more than pennies to some. REALITY and TRUTH Enjoy your weekend!!


Gotta get those numbers UP!!


Already bought calls


So you haven’t heard of BTC lol


Sir, may we have a word? Or two?


Insert Rick and Morty genius IQ copy/pasta here


I’m Pickle Rick!


Now I just “invest” by paying ahead on my mortgage. I’m getting old


For what? So your heirs can buy the brand-name smokes for a few months after you assume room temperature? Fuck that noise. I'd rather drain every extra nickel at Casino Wall Street.


If you only realized your cultist behavior deeply enriched the people you claimed to despise for 3 years. Once they buy the tears of your credits carcass they will dance a jig and take a shit on all your graves. At least that’s how Ozark ended.


But Ruth was hot af.


Yeah she was. Im a sucker for fiesty curly headed blondes that I genuinely wonder if she could beat me up. Keeps it interesting.


Even if she couldn’t, I would let her.


I would totally let her beat both of you up.


I know that look too well and carry too much PTSD from that type to see the hotness anymore. She played that role so well, it was creepy.


Agreed she was fantastic. That show probably skyrocketed her career. This was her Rocky.


Her voice acting alone was superb in that show.


Apparently the profit was not good enough for a screenshot. The porn loss was. Get your facts straight man.


TIL a screenshot at -15.85% is good enough to sell at! I keep selling at -50%


He’s down to 1.5k from 83k


I mean he said it subtle and we will just keep it a fish. Not many people catch them at that level and you let it go which is fine. Shit happens man. But always remember that ducks fly together. We got you brosef


Mmm platitudes


It was only good enough to screenshot after he lost the money though, lol


I’ve learned that a 10 X call can become a 1 X call in the time it takes to make a screenshot


Just earn it all back on the next trade


I let 216k go now 9k 🤣




Put 3g in, made 33g on the AMC squeeze, held, im now back to where I started and going lower by the day, I currently have 200$. Really should’ve sold.


Correction - you didn't make anything. You were up $33k on the squeeze


Fair enough haha, I didn’t sell so therefore, unrealized gains / unrealized loss until I did eventually sell for close to break even. A bit under and gambled on spy options like a true regard 😆🤝🏻


My brother!


Wild how such stupidity gets upvoted.


My brother!


Regarded brother from another mother.


I had about the same . But taxes took a huge chunk then I lost an even bigger chunk .




WSB shenanigans aside.. on a human level you’re human and this is apart of the learning curve. Mistake and failure isn’t a reflection of you it’s just another stepping stone apart of your journey. Your feelings are valid and they will pass. Having hate towards yourself will only prolong the process to healing and get in the way of your next big win. We’ve all been there and this is no different. Just keep your head up, envision your next adventure and make it happen Let this one go


“Let that shit go” -Buddha


It’s already gone budda


Thanks my guy!


Of course, speaking from experience. It’s taking me two years to figure out this lesson and now that I’m in a better place I’ve learned that if you harbor the hurt and bully yourself. You’ll ultimately perpetuate the past into a new day. Quite honestly man, you could change it all around now… It just starts with letting go and forgiving yourself and then allowing yourself to understand this is just apart of your growth The thing is, you did it and now you’re on to better things Hope this helps. Go get everything that you’ve ever wanted! To more wins (cheers) P.S A fellow human that’s rooting for you 🦁💸🖖


This was a long way of saying - don't quit yet, you still have $1.5k to lose ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|smile). Jokes aside, props for being a good human though.


Just sold the best house we’ve ever had, to balance my books, pay off cars etc, but renting or losing rest of the money is a BIG fear. Rich Dad Poor Dad was a good book, but doing this shit has me up at night . Off to wait for a housing correction in MT lol. $340K pretax in 3 yrs is better than I could ever do waiting for Dogecoin to pop (Jk) fk renting tho… Your pep talk was good to hear. Cheers


I used to own some crypto I purchased with money I made off lithium shares in 2017. Soon after, the price spiked and I sold it all for under $20K. If I had held onto it, I would be a millionaire today. It used to bother me a lot, but it felt good to finally let go and start again with a better plan. We can't get hung up on the past or what could've been. Stay focused and learn from your mistakes, don't dwell on them


”生气是把别人的错误来惩罚自己” Anger is taking the mistakes and errors of others and punishing yourself with them. You are now punishing your current self for the mistakes of your past self. Do not punish your current self, it is a different self from your ~~current~~ past self. Let your current self grow and learn from your mistakes instead of subjecting yourself to scorn and being talked down to as a failure. Become better and stronger than your past self. You have no idea who you could become! The sky isn’t the limit anymore, or the moon, it’s fucking space, man, deep fucking space, deep space with black holes, and aliens and shit, aliens in inter dimensional lambos and all the watermelons you can get your hands on. THIS IS IT! THIS YOUR TIME! THE ELECTRONIC LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA AT YOUR FINGER TIPS AND A TRADING FLOOR IN YOUR POCKET. THAT PORTFOLIO BALANCE GONNA BE HITTING ATH’S BEFORE YOU KNOW IT. LFGOOOOOOOOOOOOO


You started off great, but you should lay off the bath salts




I like the stuff about space, inspiring


I will never learn Chinese if that whole paragraph is the translation from the first line. Holy shit.


”天不怕,地不怕,只怕老外说中国话” “Heaven fears not, Earth fears not, they only fear foreigners that can speak Mandarin”


You’re like the guy who brings a keg to an AA meeting.


Not gonna lie man, I lost 10k this past week but reading what you typed out. Fuck I’m ready to get back in! OPEN THE CASINO!


Bro I lost about 100k not selling nfts at the top about 14 months ago. All part of the journey.


Work hard, real work and conservative investment will yield you good returns. I done the same last year, I did the classic crypto move “oh it will go higher” well my 80k profit peak dwindled down to 15k and I finally realized I was being extremely regarded. The massive profit gain aside, I realized the gambling wasn’t making me happy, and I started focusing more on work again.


But sir, this is . . .


You got this brother!! Keep your chin up. Seriously, it’s only money and this is a video game. DO NOT LET THIS GET YOU!!! It’s a nothing burger.


Welcome to the club. You acquired the information to make your decisions from the wrong place and the best thing to learn is how to find the (generally short) right answer, not the common one. Investing for the future requires financial literacy and fundamentals. Gambling on stocks requires money you can burn to start with and YOLO HODL RAMP etc




Bro. One of the most positive comments I’ve read in any sub in a very , very long time. Much love back your way.


OMG. Did I just get motivated and inspired to better myself by a wsb post?! I think I did... Wow, thank you.


Dr. Phil has entered the chat.


Completely agree. Keep forgiving yourself until it hits 0. Then forgive that too. When strangers pass you on the street, many will ignore you... but some of them will toss you money in your cup. You'll find it hard to gamble on stocks without access to the internet, so you might have to pop into your nearest BetFred or Ladbrokes. Forgo the sausage roll your body is begging you for, and forgive the losses on the bandits too.


I’m just going to go out on a limb and say, losing $80,000 is not a normal part of the “learning curve” lmao




On the more human level, he will likely recover, then lose another $100k again, the same way.


* the only way you experience a loss is if you sell Just wanted to add that


Said it before I’ll tell you now. The only way you get to that kind of gain is by making ridiculous gambles. If you were the kind of person to take profit at reasonable times, you would have never even been in the situation to gain that much in the first place. Keeping it was never an option. You would always be chasing the dragon until you whittled away your profits This was always the outcome. Don’t feel bad, just learn from it. You didn’t lose 80k, because you never had it. You lost $25k but really just paid for an education.


While your logic is correct, it assumes that all gamblers pay a price. Believe it or not there are drug dealers that successfully make a large lump sum and never sell drugs again. It’s very cliche to go through life thinking good things only happen to good people and bad things only happen to bad people. Many gamblers make a large bet, win, and walk away it’s not that hard really.


Just like getting into the NBA or becoming a top streamer or famous influencer. These are all viable jobs but the people who really make the big bucks are the tiny tiny .1% at the top. It’s all a risk at the end of the day but it’s more important that option betters know the most likely outcome is that they burn it all down to the ground. It’s mostly luck at the end of the day.


> Believe it or not there are drug dealers that successfully make a large lump sum and never sell drugs again. 🤚


Those people aren’t addicts though. Gambling addicts will never stop unless they either run out of money or get help because they can’t turn it off


This is the truth. Yes theoretically you could have stopped after taking such a crazy risk and getting lucky, but almost no one does. Once you've doubled or more your money in a short amount of time your perception of risk and your own skill get incredibly skewed. This result is almost certain when you keep going taking such large risk.


This. OP has to forget about trading and schemes. Might work again but he will fuck it up again. The only tested works for everyone stock market mindset is patience and cool. Buy and hold over long term and let interest compound. Don’t trade again until he learns how to play by a strategy and be sober about it without chasing thrills.


You think that they learned something? Doubtful.


Most insightful comment here. Gambling junkies are still junkies, no matter if it’s dope or crazy speculative st0nks. The difference between medicine and poison is the dose!


You have to understand you never had the money, the market did. It’s not anything until you cash it and transfer to bank account


He had the initial 30k he deposited in at the start of the chart though. That’s gone too.


Nice. I never miss a chance to kick someone in the balls once they are down either.


A hard truth is better than false consolation. OP lost money way beyond his initial gains - how do you gloss that over, and why would anyone want to do so?


OP was never going to hold on, now the money is with someone who will take care of it, whoever sold OP the options or meme shares, unclear what this investment strategy was which makes it difficult to inverse.








LMFAO This guy




Well - If he sold, I don’t believe the good ol’ IRS would agree with this statement.


Now, go hustle a 1099 job, to get the most bang for buck on Loss? Actually a good idea, I might say!


True for the most part, but after you sell, it is already in a bank account.


I take it a bit further and don't consider the money mine until I pay taxes on it


I mean, if he bought index funds or less violtile plays like Google he wouldn't have this problem.


No you’re supposed to 0dte index funds


After my first cheap 0dte that lost my 100 bucks instantly expired.. I realized how truly regarded almost everyone on this sub actually is.


Index funds? Ok Boomer.


Index funds like TQQQ


QYLD, PFE I'm loading it.


I tuned out from boredom after I heard “index funds”


Just remember you will always be a autist regard and have a special place online to feel safe.


Ow tistic re tart




I could go for a tart rn


The only comforting thing about this cruel world


I hate you too if that helps






It looks like you made a shitload of money off one or two trades followed by a gigantic pike of losers. I'd rethink your strategy.




You can always become a Wendy’s crew member and have a real purpose.


Crew member ![img](emote|t5_2th52|29093)


I had 2.5M down to 250k.


You got saved from crippling luxury and wealth


Never looked at it like that, thanks! /s


Something I’ve learned from the miserable/crying rich peeps who always say “money doesn’t buy happiness” as they continue to live a luxurious life of excess


Money definitely buys all the things (items, independence, etc) that CAN make someone happy. Whether they choose to be happy is another thing all together. The problem is if they have always had money, then their happiness is often based on that money.


gah damn I can’t imagine losing that much money. I was up almost 50k and lost most of it from crypto crash :(


I don't understand why you would risk 2.5m. That is good enough to retire with for most people.


In 2018 I went from 250k to 25k and people said the same thing.


Yeah but those people were wrong. 2.5 is def enough to retire with though.


I need 5-7




Well, now you know what not to do, so don't do that again...


Hey me too…. Fucking worst feeling ever. Could be debt free and much more stable. Instead I’m still where I was before… at least I’m alive and have a dumpster to work night shift behind.


My man, looking at the original stats of how you got the 83k, you can make the same gamble again with the 1.5k and win again. Stay positive. You can only lose 1.5k from here, so who cares


No I think I'm going to try to learn from this and take profits lol


All good bro. You got enough for a little bit of coke and a hooker. Might be missing some teeth but she'll get the job done.


Hey some people pay extra for all gums!


Hahahahahahahaha get them dog scraps


Do you mean you didn't sell at 83k? What is wrong with you?


He was gonna hold until 84 and sell


Hey back off man


Hey a profit is a profit...$1000 goes a long way. That's a lotta coke


True that’s like 1000 cans


"You didn't sell at what I can now see with hindsight was the top? What's wrong with you?" Thanks captain hindsight. Why can't everyone be as useful as you?


All it takes is one more bet ![img](emote|t5_2th52|29093)


Don't be a punk, do it again! You think you are the first professional to have to do the thing twice? You aren't, put down the bottle you're crying into and get after it again. Do your homework before you jump in


Risk management is your friend. If you’re young. You have your whole life in front of you. It may sound odd. But feeling the hurt of losing money earlier can save you boat loads of cash in the long run. Count this as “tuition” in the college of the free market. Make that education worthwhile. Manage risk. Manage risk. Manage risk.


I'm 32 but with smart investing I could maybe retire at the age of 145 if age reversal becomes a thing


At this rate you might not be able to afford it!


Get rid of that 1500 quick, It's just gonna remind you of the 81.




Just keep HODLing


Did you alrdy give your gfs boyfriend allowance?


did the same thing move on you can always make more


I did the exact same thing, at the exact same time and am in the exact same position now. It’s tough.


You paid your dues to Wall Street. Welcome to the club degenerate.


Just yolo and do it again - duh 🙄


Keep using Reddit as your source of info/research and you’ll get to your goal of $0 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡


You're more than the money you make. If this helps you realize it quicker, it's money well spent


that’s a reach


You’ll get em next time champ




I hope this one is sarcasm. Maybe they all were. Fuckin noobs.


I took 30k to over a million in 21-22 and back down to 3k. I feel your pain but trust me, you have the skill set to do it again. Since trading again in December I’m up to 50k. Keep your head up mate


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Don't be a Pussy. In 2017, 130k USD, 20k profit taking. 2021, 145k. 40k profit taking. You learn from this.


Please read Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre. The guy he’s writing about not only lost everything in trading/speculation but he also went deep into debt. Came back stronger than ever but he did need a bit of luck as we all do sometimes. Ended up un-aliving himself when he was worth millions so maybe this trading thing isn’t for everybody.


I too didn’t sell while I had more then a years pay in gains ‘but it could go to 90$ tomorrow’ lmao. I bought 5 at 69.69 for the shits and giggles. 🤦🏼‍♀️


$83k isn't the most I've ever heard of someone paying to identify the gambling addiction.


I thought, “$300 is nothing.” Then I saw it. My condolences.


Where’s the loss??? Regards only see opportunity


Money comes and goes. If you made that much once, you can do it again! Just let this be a lesson. Cash out, take profit, blah blah. Still trying to learn that one myself. 😄


You'll be alright. Its a casino. I turned a $57 bet into 10K and just let it expire worthless. There will be other chances, be happy you can trade. Some people aren't as fortunate as you.


You lost it the same way you won it. By poorly managed risk bets. That’s how all the tards here lose everything. If you keep betting it all every time you bet, the market will always win in the end…always


That ain’t shit get over it.


i’ve done it too, i just laugh it off and go negative the next year


This life is tough but you can only get tougher. To be wise you have to be a fool first. Be easy on yourself and really reflect what's happened. Don't feel alone and know there's people help out there. If you wanna talk there's me and others here for ya.


Happen to me many times


Do not hate yourself. I lost the same amount, except it was my wife's and my parent's money. I couldn't sleep well for months. It might take some time, but you have to learn to accept your loss, and move on without it. Everyone loses money, and so many people have lost way more than you, and they did just fine. You're going to be okay OP. If it's any consolation, it's about 2 years since my big fuck up and I've slowly been able to inch my way back to about 60/80k that I originally lost. All I had to do was learn from my mistakes and start making less risky trades. You learn a lot from losing all of your (or your relative's) savings. Use that knowledge to your benefit.


welcome to my world


Should absolutely be ashamed of yourself


If you didn't sell, then it was never yours.


Listen, everyone. Let me tell you a secret. If you get 3% a day on a 10k investment.. you would have something in the hundreds of millions of dollars by the time the year is done. You DONT NEED big wins everyday. This chart shows you everything you need to see. Look at how small your upticks are. And look how big your downswings. If you aren't trading a system that you can follow and repeat you are gambling. And over time, your balance will look like this. When you enter a trade, you need to have a reasonable target, and a stop loss set and a very identifiable reason to enter the trade. So use a few simple things to build a system: 1.) no more 0 DTE's. Buy your options AT LEAST 1 week out if you are trading them intraday. 2.) don't chase highs, or lows. Wait for breaks of consolidations before entering. Don't guess, just wait for a period of time for the trend to stop, and take the trade once the new trend starts IN the direction of the trend. Supply/Demand. 3.) don't trade penny stocks on crappy platform like Robinhood, where you can't react fast enough to drops. 4.) understand that a 3-4% move of your portfolio in a day is a REALLY good day. This 15% drawdown in 1 day is psycho and you should never let that happen. 5.) If you like to gamble.. don't trade stocks, learn to take your big wins to the bank and protect yourself from yourself. Remember how happy you were when that big spike in your account happened? Take like 50% of that and put it in your non trading / long term investment account or something. 5.) Wallstreetbets is the absolute worst place to get advice for trading.. so don't listen to me. I know nothing.


So for me anytime I’m in doubt I sell 50% and profit 50%. Greed is a vicious drug. Take it in moderation.


You have more balls than me for trying.


Bud, I had $1.8M last year, now essentially $0 due to ftx etc. Trust me this isn’t much as you age.




Chin up my friend. Paper trade while you practice/learn technical chart reading. Research the companies the night before. Stop trading FOMO and memes unless they are technically setting up for a move. We’ve all lost money at times. We learn or we have to quit trading altogether. Good luck to you.


I can picture it now, once you hit 82k you were thinking about what lambo to buy, what house to buy, which girl you gonna buy, starting a multi million dollar company with your trading, telling everyone you know about how much you’ve made. Ahhh we’ve all experienced that high brotha


This isn't my first time losing everything to and in someways I'm kinda excited becuse I get to test my mettle and claw my way back up and this time I'll take profit


Lost all my life savings 100 k in crypto totally down depressed and feeling bad about that it will take me ages to save money from my work 5-10 years invested in time wonderland, klima dao, Olympus dao, strong block drip Network, then sold all had about 8k assets put everything into Animal Farm pigs, crypto for me it was complete disaster mentally and physically no jokes thought about suicide didn't want to awake from bed that's how bad I was, I could have nice car, clothes, holidays and still would have a lot money left in the Bank I thought I am gonna be millionaire within one year lol it's all lies and scams just very intelligent way to take your money like whale dumping or slow rug pull, or you just exit liquidity I think almost everyone is losing money in crypto big players make money small players are losing money. I don't know why the hell I put so much money into those projects thinking there are billion dollar market cups so it's safe I should put only 1000 usd per project never more I was so stupid now the whole situation makes me extremely anxious and stressed wherever I am with people outside the house completely isolated my mind is completely isolated don't know what to do ,changing currently the job so can save 20 k a year so after 3-5 years I will feel more comfortable in my head ,for now I am broke before investing I thought nothing will happen when I am gonna loose money because I used diversification but everything went down in November 2021-22 just horrible story I should never touch investing or invest only in Bitcoin and eth nothing else I have to live with that now and it's not doing good in my head, I made wrong decisions,scams and rug pulls all the time in crypto.


Oooh I’m sure that stings!! Ouch!!


You gotta kno when to fold