Would you take the hint and sod off?


I contacted the mod of the sub. OP has finally been banned


This calls for celebration


Agreed. Someone should make a post about it lol Idk but my guts are telling me that this guy will just make a new account


I echo everyone else’s annoyance but i’d just like to point out that grolton and hovris is the name of the wallace and gromit parody from don’t hug me i’m scared. So the op can’t even come up with an original concept to annoy everyone with


What does this even mean


This guy has some kind of fetish with a hanna barbera version of wallace and gromit. He can’t even come up with a unique fake name though, grolton and hovris is the w&g parody from don’t hug me i’m scared


Benjamin and Krupnick, a Hanna-Barbera version of Wallace and Gromit. It centres on Benjamin, a cantankerous and stuck-up but serious, cheese-loving and well-meaning inventor (with blue skin where he has a circle of white dots on each side of his head and a black tuff of hair at the top of his head) and Krupnick, a black-haired red dog. Their logo's font text was based on the original Broadway production of Shrek the Musical on Broadway Theatre.


Actually breno, you're wrong. willy and grimace of aardman copied purple and brown of aardman released in 2003 first airing on citv in the united kingdom to an audience of two thousand people it is a beautifully animated cartoon created by spark plug entertainment with scottish television In 2006 Joe Barbara ate a full english at a little chef At that point he developed wallace and gromit for a polish audience on a little chef napkin jotting ideas down that are to be featured like Colin the catapillar from the beautiful Colin the catapillar animated series by cosgrove hall paramount was not involved instead the people behind shrek 2 worked on wallace and gromit the polish adaptation work began in 2006 to 2007 where they spent painstakingly long effort into crafting the most innovative animated show based on an animated property that was based on the beautifully crafted purple and orange tv series Hayao Miyazaki would state to be the best animated work ever made in years


Take your grolton and hovis and get off my property


Please God not again


Is anyone else reporting this person? I do it every time and have even messaged the mods but nothing seems to happen.


You're like Poochie (the Simpsons version of Gromit) except people liked Poochie and Poochie didn't keep coming back, unwanted.