Thats why you should stick to playing 1 vn at a time imo. Maximum 2 and make sure to finish them.


This and if you're really not feeling it then just drop it imho.


In that way i would have dropped 75% of games/vns/animes/mangas that i have finishet till now


Ummm... how about 28~ish at same time


Rookie numbers. 50 is where it's at, super short ones included.




VNs are definitely those type of games that I have to play one at a time. If I want to properly get invested in this world, I have to focus solely on this visual novel.


Saya no Uta is like few hours long... Maybe it's time to review what went wrong with your motivation?


Yep, song of saya seems long but ends super fast. Honestly it should have spend more time on the lore on my opinion


As someone who stopped reading midway too as op... He He He


Spending time on the lore isn't something that happens in lovecraftian horror. >!The reader knows there is a "monster" and sometimes you know why. There is a lot left up to the person reading as you get the general gist of the story by the end of it.!< >!Lovecraft never spends much time explaining things that are unimportant, Saya is well paced because it follows this idea.!< edit: spoiler tag


I honestly disagree that Saya is “lovecraftian”. There is an aspect of unknown horror, but it’s not “unknowable”, like the kind of existential horror of lovecraft. To be fair, toward the start, you’re not quite sure what the nature of the “horror” is, but as you play on, most people gain a grasp of what is happening.


In my case i just got freaked out too much for me to commit. I played like 5-6 hours i think? And it got too much for me. I wonder how I completed Subahibi but can't complete saya no uta lol.


Yeah me too, I couldn't sleep the night i first read it 😅


I actually forget why i stalled it, maybe because i was too immersed in playing another VN


Don't hesitate to drop stuff. Life is too short


When we were kids if we were bored with a toy we just put it down and picked up another one.


Let's just put as many popular VNs into this meme as possible to make as relatable as possible.


IMO there's no point in sticking with a story if you aren't engaged anymore. If you feel like you may miss something, you can check reviews to know if the story picks up at certain point (happened to me with You & me & her, I almost drop it before finishing the 1st route, just when the story gets so much better)


Yeah, I very often lose interest/motivation after completing one-two routes and then they just sit on my pc for months until I force myself to complete or delete them. And it's not like they are bad, but this strange feeling of mental tiredness keeps piling up till you fully lose desire to read a story...


You shouldn't "force yourself" to do something that's supposed to be fun. You're wasting your precious time.


Yep, totally agree. Vns are a really niche thing so you know when you like it or not. Never felt this way because I love them, but you shouldn't force yourself to do things when you don't feel like it (except if you NEED it, but obviously not the case)


I used to be part of the 100% completion gang but as you start having commitments in life like work, free time really becomes a luxury and long VNs with multiple routes just don’t cut it for me, 1-2 routes and I think I’m done. Just go on to the next VN, life is short anyway and there are a lot more out there, every hour you used reading something you dislike/found boring could have been spent on something you like instead.


If you dont read vn's one at a time you won't enjoy anything and won't finish anything. Your backlog is never going to get smaller, you want to read everything but there's only so much you can read. What do I do? I throw a dice and read whatever gets chosen from my backlog. 1 VN or JRPG at a time.


I just bought 70 during the steam summer sale lol


This is me but with fan-translated visual novels. I'll get to White Album 2 at some point..


I can relate way to much with that pic. Especially with Kinkoi and Yozora xD


I want to read Saya No Uta so freakin bad! 😫


What’s stopping you? It’s very short


I’m not sure where to find it to read it, isn’t the one on steam edited? I’m not looking for nsfw content but I do want the whole story ya know?


Pretty sure you can buy the steam version and then download the patch from JASTUSA to restore the 18+ content


otherwise the full game is available on the jastusa store iirc


Thank you so much! I’ll definitely look into that when I get off work 😄


Happy to help! Have fun if you end up getting it


Steam has it listed under “Song of Saya”, you may have to turn off search filters filters if it doesn’t show up in results.


Do it then, it's well worth the time.


I just finished clannad VN and I want to read Tomoyo after Than I remembered I really want to read little busters and then I forgot I still haven’t finished umineko


Me with Raging Loop.


Name everything in the meme. 3 2 1 go


The top 4 of the unfinished VNs are: Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~, Chronoclock, Senren*Banka & Saya no Uta


Bottom left is A Sky full of Stars. Right side is Kinkoi, Little Busters, Aokana and Ever17


Aw man tomoyo after, ready to get the heart broken all over again


I'm trying to finish the higurashi series but I stopped in the middle of the second to play all of the Science Adventure games and now that I'm at the seventh I'm getting distracted by Danganronpa


Despaironpa is fun


fr fr


Me currently struggling to finish Cyanotype Daydream


what is the one from bottom left under "my unfinished vb"


Miagete Goran / A Sky Full of Stars


it's a first world problem that I enjoy to have tbh.


OP please finish the ones you're reading now! They're so good!


I've been planning to continue chronoclock after finished rereading summer pockets :)


Yes that one's pretty good. I still need to read summer pockets.


I usually play one or two times, then it kinda gets boring


Don't bother with Tomoyo After tbh... not worth the read


Still I'd recommend you to start Ever17 right away. It is a masterpiece


I also do the 4 VNs alternating between them. 1. long playtime. 2. Serious/Dark/Nakige theme. 3. And 4. moeges/Comedy with medium/small playtime. If you have more games waiting just switch as you finish.


I’m in that right now. Halp.