I really hope the kept some tracks from Gustavo Santaolalla


Gustavo has been attached to the HBO Series since day 1 so don’t worry lol


You might already know this (hard to tell from one comment, apologies if you do!) but he's the composer for the show, too! It's very likely there will be, perhaps just reworked a bit or updated in some way. But I'm sure they'll keep main themes and such. :-)


Really?? That is awesome! His theme still gives me chills every time i hear it. Top 5 videogame themes imo


I'm surprised they didn't use the theme for this teaser tbh. Hopefully they're saving it for the trailer? Either way, you can't call it The Last of Us without including the OST.


The song used here is in the game and also used in one of the game’s trailers too. Pretty safe to say they’re going to do the ost justice


The song in this teaser was used in the teaser for the first game too


I mean, this was the song they used in the first teaser for the game, and the used it in the first teaser for the series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETsBuTu8HIc They went DEEP when they didn't need to. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that they'll use the OST, and that the opening credits will feature the theme. I'm just covered in goosebumps imaging a GOT style opening credits with this song: https://youtu.be/pfA5UqEU_80


Nice to see Pedro Pascal once again finding work as protector of a child in a rough world.


Just like his role in Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent


And Narcos


He has protected the weak in Colombia, in space, he even protected Nic Cage, and now he'll protect a little girl from zombie creature things.


Pedro Pascal is the reverse Matt Damon, then. Instead of being the guy who's always getting rescued, Pedro will be the guy who will always rescue you, no matter the setting.


Well now I want to see a movie where Pedro rescues Matt. A remake of the bodyguard would be ideal. Pedro carrying Matt out in his arms as the bodyguard Whitney Houston song plays and Matt obviously says "Matt Damon" with love in his eyes


So, Matt gets setuck on a planet, he's a scientist or something. And the company who sent him send a space faring bounty hunteresque pedro to find him. It's a cut back to Matt trying to survive whilst Pedro goes from planet to planet searching for him.


Growing potatoes! I love it! Yes, hello Netflix?


I'm into this, but I need Matt Damon to sing the song.


Dude is being typecasted as a man perpetually stuck on escort missions.


I'm fairly certain Prospect is what got him on the radar for the casting directors.


I live in the city where it was filmed, ant it was kinda interesting, since they filmed it quite literally all over the city. I’m excited to see how it’s rendered into an abandoned post apocalyptic state.


They filmed parts of The Road in my home town of Erie, Pennsylvania. I always just assumed it was because it didn't take much production work to make that environment look post apocalyptic.


That's exactly what the joke was when they made the post-apocalyptic set in downtown Edmonton... people were joking that you couldn't tell the difference.


Heheh, I remember hearing the joke was that ‘they really cleaned up Edmonton a bit to get the appropriate destroyed city look’


Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans had a battle in Edmonton. Most comments were about the pots holes being normal and no one would noticed the difference. It was nice having an anime come to a city that most people in Japan have never herd of unless they follow hockey.


My friend lives by where they filmed Silent Hill and boy does that town genuinely look like an old, abandoned town, regardless of filming history


It was filmed in both Calgary and Edmonton btw.


And Canmore! I see the bridge in Canmore on the winter shot.


Ton in High River too when they needed “small town.” I’m so jazzed, they filmed in my neighbourhood! There’s a car-chase scene and they shut my whole neighbourhood down for three days to shoot it. Every time they shot it start to finish it was 15 minutes we just had to sit there in my cul-de-sac and just….. wait because it was all one take. Then 15 when we were allowed to come and go. Then 15 where everyone was completely stopped. That was a crazy hot week and happened to be the week the air conditioning failed in my SUV. Pretty memorable. I can’t WAIT to see how it turns out.


Grand Prairie too! I was lucky enough to be part of the flight crew that picked them up and brought them back to Calgary!


The scenes is one of the most southern Alberta things ever


Edmontonian here, it was cool watching the scene in my apartment. Sucked that half my road was blocked off for a month haha


I’m excited to see the Leg in the show. They really had that decorated up in ruins… which was pretty symbolic it at the time lol


Can't wait to see the legislature building.


Worked on set near the end of the shooting. Some very cool sets! I saw one shot I was standing nearby for! Pretty excited to see it.


the clickers! nailed it


Come to mention it, the familiar sound effect really tied the whole trailer together.


Joel, you're out of your elliement!


I just finished playing both games back to back. The clickers sound effect must have been pulled directly from the game, right?


It's weird seeing the tilted sky scrapers and the fiery town where he's carrying his daughter. Pretty stoked on this.


Man, that first episode is going to be rough to new viewers


Yup. Just started replaying the part 1. I love this game, and can’t wait for the show.


I replayed it for the first time in a few years before starting part 2. I forgot how harrowing the first 15 minutes of that game are. New viewers don't know what they're in for.


[Is it the rabbit scene?](https://youtu.be/09cpCqkFwa8)


That’s pretty funny


i crack up every time i see it


New viewers? I've played that game several times and it never fails to make me cry


Never beat the game, but even still that opening scene was worth the price of admission.


I cynically expect them to flashback to it deeper into the show because TV guys gotta fuck with everything and thats how so many boring shows do it... even though its perfect early setting up what the world is becoming


My god, is that Nick Offerman as Bill? I had no idea


Nick Offerman played a rough cowboy type in Deadwood years before Parks and Rec. Actually a really good character actor whose been pigeonholed into a very specific role.


He was great in devs, too


Holy shit was he good in devs! His best performance in my opinion.


Yes! Devs is one of my favorite shows of the past 5 years and I am a little befuddled as to why it isn’t more popular. So so so good, and offerman is amazing in the role.


Has a small part on Sin City also. Can barely tell it is him.


He totally hangs dong in that too.


He showed his dick full frontal In that too


I actually first saw him on Gilmore Girls. He’s an incredible character actor who everyone just knows as Ron Swanson. He’s also from the same town as my dad (Offerman’s dad is/was actually the mayor). I’ve seen him do a handful live tours and book talks over the years and he’s just a wonderful human being too. He just oozes midwestern charm, And not like poetic 1950s veiled racist midwestern charm, Actual shirt off your back hospitality. He’s just good people through and through.


Tbf it's because Ron Swanson is very close to Nick Offerman himself. The woodshop in the show is actually his woodshop. His ex wife is his actually real wife. When they wrote-in him moonlighting as a jazz saxphone player he asked them how they knew he played saxophone. His mannerisms, love for meat, and many other similarities are why people see Ron and Nick as the same person.


The big difference being his politics - where Ron Swanson is a libertarian through and through, Nick Offerman is a consummate leftist.


Also he said small dogs are cats and cats are pointless. I saw a cribs like show and he and his wife have two small dogs lol


Ron Swanson is the hardened outer shell Nick Offerman would have to put up if he wasn’t as mentally healthy as he seems to be.


[And the voice actor for Bill was in Deadwood.](https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0114868/)


Man, they should've just cast him as Bill in the live action version. He'd be perfect. Fun fact: he also played Mary's brother (have you seen my baseball?) in There's Something About Mary.


Wow I didn’t even realize that. So both actors who have portrayed Bill have a Deadwood connection.


Comes out swinging in dead wood too, swinging his dick.


Holy shit Tom Mason was Offerman?!


> pigeonholed into a very specific role. Nick offerman as nick offerman?


Is that Melanie Lynskey @ 1:04? It isn't listed on her IMDB but I am 100% here for it if she's in it. Edit: It is! https://twitter.com/melanielynskey/status/1574443583129657345


I saw that too!!! Fucking loved her in Yellowjackets.


Reasonably certain it's her - also psyched to see her in this. Wonder who she's playing?


See my comment above. She's playing somebody named Kathleen.


Head of the Hunters.


Nice to see Lady Mormont getting some work


Lyanna Mormont and Oberyn Martell killing zombies? Sounds good to me.


Haha holy shit I didn't even realize they were both on the show! I guess credit goes to Pedro Pascal for doing so much great work that he isn't thought of as just a "GoT guy", no matter how great and memorable he was in that role.


Exactly — Narcos and the Mandalorian, just for starters…


Hilarious in Kingsman 2 Electric Boogalo


In fairness to her, she's not had nearly as much time on this Earth to amass other credits.


No, I didn't mean it as a slight against Bella Ramsey, she is just a kid and for kids good roles are few and far between. Just noting how well he has done for himself since GoT.


Let’s just hope they stay away from fires and mountains.


more like giants for lyanna, unless you're thinking of shireen?


Oh I was getting the little girls confused.


You had stay away from Mountain Giants right there in your hand, and fumbled the ball. It's a shame.


Lyanna did >!go out killing her fair of zombies!< so its fitting




My thoughts exactly! I felt like a little kid — yay Oberyn and the little Bear! Seriously, though, Pedro looks great doing almost…anything. He was excellent in Narcos.


Ellie in the games is a lot more expressive - but honestly Ramsey's relative lack of affect seems more realistic for someone so traumatised. Plus, there's a few shots in there that show she lets it out when she needs to. This is a much more complex and interesting role than she had in GoT and it looks like she's got the chops for it; I'm properly excited.


Playing through part I again, and I'd argue that Ellie isn't really that traumatized early on. She's raised in a military school in a QZ, so life for her was relatively stable until things are set in motion for her. There's still a lot of child-like innocence in her for someone who has not known a time before the outbreak when you compare her to Joel, who has lived a substantial amount of his life before and after the outbreak. It's part of what makes their dynamic so great.


As I am watching this, I could pick out where/when it takes place in the game. Should be really fun to watch.


It really surprised me just how faithful many of these set pieces appear to be relative to how they appear in the games. The leaning towers in Boston, the spray-painted RUN on the Humvee in Pittsburgh, even the appearance of the Firefly graffiti and the design of Joel's broken watch look identical to how they appear in the games. I'm quite excited!


> even the appearance of the Firefly graffiti The "when you're lost in the darkness" graffiti is *the same fucking font* as it was in the game. I mean if they're going to go that much detail then faithfulness is not going to be an issue.


Let's not get too excited, that Master Chief intro on the Halo show was exactly what I hoped for Then the rest of the show happened


the issue with the halo adaptation was that 343 were barely involved and the showrunners didn't bother to read more than a synopsis of the game. here Neil Druckman, the game director, even got to direct an episode


It's sad, I really wanted to like the Halo show, some parts were done very well. It just got worse and worse as it went on. When Chief had sex with a POW is when I basically gave up on it.


Lmao this sounds like satire.


>the spray-painted RUN on the Humvee in Pittsburgh I think they might have changed it to Kansas City for the show


Oh that's interesting to hear. I wonder why.


Ultimately shouldn’t change much for the story though. None of the events of Pittsburgh are tied to the city of pittsburgh, and could happen in any major American city. Should hopefully be a clean swap


I think Pittsburgh’s just used any time a game or movie writer wants there to be a scene with a big yellow bridge


I just replayed the game and this is the only weird thing story wise that I noticed: much of the first act of the game is set on the east coast and then suddenly you’re on the west coast. There’s nothing covering how they crossed the entire country with no drama? A little odd. Having something happen in middle America would bridge the gap better.


I suppose so. The way the game structures it, I always assumed that the events in Pittsburgh take place barely a day after Joel and Ellie get the truck in Lincoln, MA. Google Maps says that's roughly a 10 hour drive, which is quite a distance but is reasonable enough that I'm willing to accept that they could get that far on a single tank of gas without stopping. Once they leave Pittsburgh, though, the next scenes don't start until they hit Wyoming and that is quite a distance to travel on foot. I agree that it would be unlikely for all of that stretch to be completely without incident, but I'm also unsure how (or if) they'll try to justify making it from Boston to KC by car.


Crossing my fingers this will be the adaption that made the rest of the recent ones worth it.. HBO, solid cast, director...... Please don't fuck this one up too


It's still crazy to me that we can even hope these adaptations are good now. These days some hit, most miss but in the before times if there was a video game adaptation the poster was legally required to display a "known to cause cancer" warning.


Besides the zombies, the game is pretty grounded though set around the story. It's not one of those game where they made the game play first and story second. It's a game that with some tweaks the full play through of the game could be a series.


The clickers looked and sounded perfect and locations looked 1:1 with the game My body is ready


Pedro Pascal is a choice for Joel I would not have thought of, but makes me rather optimistic, since he's fantastic in everything I've seen him in. Looks like a live-action retelling... and honestly, if it's good, I'm all for it.


This looks pretty promising. Especially since it's from the creator of Chernobyl Craig Mazin. I just really hope it doesn't jump the shark like The Walking Dead. That show was good until it very very wasn't.


>I just really hope it doesn't jump the shark like The Walking Dead. Well the story for this was already told in another medium and it did very well, idk if all of the walking dead follows the graphic novels?


The entire second season of TWD was made up for TV. So despite not watching past season 3, I'm going to assume they did not follow it that closely.


and they were given less budget than season 1, and told to make more episodes than season 1. once you know that, you begin to understand why they spent most of season 2 standing around a barn complaining about each other.


Wasn’t the director of season 1 a very well established and loved director who got canned and placed with some cheap stand in? I remember folks saying that’s the reason why season 1 was so much better than the others.


it was Frank Darabont, he did some crappy little indie film called The Shawshank Redemption or whatever, totally makes sense to ditch an amateur like him


Don't forget his follow up farce of a project, The Green Mile.


And that other lame horror movie, The Mist, which horror fans all loathe.


Jokes aside even Stephen King said je liked the ending of the move better than the book's. Iirc he said, "I wish I had thought of that."


The endings have been the worst part of most Stephen King stories I’ve read, sometimes I wonder if I should just skip the last chapter and call it a cliffhanger


Hollywood is just another corporation. They wanna squeeze it for as much money as possible.


And AMC still ended up having to pay Darabont anyways. Talk about a poor choice.


Sounds about right. A lot of money saving schemes end up costing a lot more money in the end. Doesn't stop them though.


Also of note was that Frank got several actors onto the show because they liked working with him on past projects. Which is why Andrea goes to complete shit and gets killed off, she no longer wanted to be on the show after AMC fucked over Frank. It's also interesting for people who recognized the zombie soldier in the tank in the 1st and 2nd episode (IIRC) as Sam Witwer (Being Human, The Mist, SW Force Unleashed). He got involved in the show because of his work with Frank and they wanted to do a sort of mini arc in the 2nd season showing the downfall of civilization through his experiences, ultimately ending up with him being bitten and dying after taking refuge in the tank where Rick eventually finds him. But again because AMC fucked Frank that all got thrown out so we got left with a weird moment in the show where a relatively notable actor plays a passing corpse with a weird story being teased that ultimately goes absolutely nowhere.


Frank darabont


And AMC was asking them things like "can't we just hear the zombies?" to try and save money. They really fucked that show in the ass. Firing Frank Darabont was really the big thing though.


It really was a shame. I lost interest pretty soon after the first season which was gold.


Imagine if AMC hadn't penny pinched and kept the show at a quality level where viewers like you and I kept watching, it would be such a monster hit. It did very well even with that quality dive, but they really had a once-in-a-decade type TV sensation on their hands and they managed to cheapen it down to just another hit cable show.


Meh they combined the power creep of the comic (suddenly everyone can take down 30 zombies, until suddenly they can't handle a single one and die) with changing storylines for the worse. The small CGI budget did very much fuck them, but the massive hordes of zombies was only part of what made the series exciting, and it really fell by the wayside in the later arcs. What drove it was the fluidity of the cast and sense of doom. There's few apocalyptic series that have the balls to kill off the main characters in ignominious fashion, but WD was doing mildly well at it.


That was basically a filler season. they actually followed the comics pretty decently with small changes here and there until they started making huge changes towards the later seasons. I stopped watching at s7 but from what I’ve seen and kept up with, they still followed most of the main story beats .. Just a lot of character swaps


What made it a filler season? I felt like there was significantly more useful character progression and world-building progress made in S2 than in 7 and on. Maybe 6, too. We got Shane becoming unstable, but showing that he cares about Carl, and that he's willing to sacrifice other human lives to get what he needs. We get Rick doing crazy Rick shit for the first time, which shows the type of person he's becoming, certainly influenced by Shane. We learn more about Darryl's relationship with Merle. It sets up Carol's story. It establishes Maggie, Beth, and Herschel as characters. It shows Carl becoming ruthless. It develops Glen as a kind person who gets taken advantage of by the group, and furthers his development as a leader instead of a follower. It showed that some people still had hope that the walkers were still humans, and that maybe they could be fixed. And I've heard a lot of complaints about it being slow, but I loved it. I think more zombie media should take time to develop characters like early TWD did. I don't think I would've cared about the characters as much if the second season hadn't been written the way it was.


My hope is this is like Chernobyl - a limited series that spans 8 or so episodes and tells the story of the original Last of Us. If this becomes a seasoned show I don't think it will do well.


Why wouldn't they continue with TLoU part 2?


You fool, you've opened Pandora's box!


I was fully aware of the consequences of my actions. I like baiting them out.




Oh no, Clickers!


2 seasons for the 2 games sounds good to me. I liked part 2 quite a bit.


Part 2 will have to be 2 seasons. It's much longer than Part 1.


i'm not sure how they'd deal with the structure of part 2 though. i doubt they'd really do an entire season without the ellie actor in it much, but going back and forth would kill a lot of the intent of the games structure. cause in the games it was about doing something and then having to look at the other side of it knowing exactly whats gonna happen to everyone honestly, the last of us 2 benefits so hard from being an interactive experience, that making a show of it would just be inherently worse. the first game on the other hand is i think largely fine with being translated


Troy Baker, the actual voice & body of Joel is also on set, as NC ? Don't who that will be but it's pretty cool also to have him on board !




I think it means “non-credited” meaning extras or a cameo that isn’t on the credits.


I think Ashley Johnson also has a part.


That girl looks like an impossibly deaged Ashley Johnson.


I remember them joking about wanting to play the two FEDRA officers who Joel and co encounter after escaping from Boston. I don't know if that's what they're doing or if it's something else.


That would be great !


rumour has it he plays a guy on the beach who quips at our characters about how he also jumped out a plane


Baker should be getting more roles as an actor in general. If I could, after seeing him mocap'd in Death Stranding, I would've put him a movie as a psycho and totally steal the credit for "discovering" him when he breaks through with his performance. He is relatively young for a male, hot, thin, great voice, pretty eyes,. connected and...let's face it.. white. I don't know if he doesn't want to.. but if he does he needs to find a new agent cause even I could land him a role on at least a tv show tomorrow.


He's great, but being a gamer, I'm bit tired of seeing (hearing) him almost everywhere. Probably just personal issue, tho.


Man Pedro Pascal is one busy dude.


I think this is as close of an adaptation as I could have hoped for! HBO usually knows what they're doing.


It's like they put Pedro Pascal in all the things and he absolutely kills it every time. At least I'm assuming he'll nail this role.


Fuck me that looks great. That's what happens when you actually get the creator involved. Heavily involved.


What's the plot to the last of us I never played it I kind of assumed it was a zombie thing but I have no basis


smuggler has to escort girl across the zombie\* infected country


I will watch it, because that's one of the best games i've ever played.


That game is so delicious


Oh man looked like the opening of the game is definitely in this, I'm not sure if I'm ready for the live action retelling of that. First game I can remember that made me want to put down the controller before the story even really started. If >!Sam and Henry!< are in this too I'm gonna be emotionally destroyed.


Henry's >!death by his brother!< was the hardest hitting part of the game for me. That's definitely going to be in this


Tess’ scene seems to be in there too from the looks of it.


Hearing the shots just after you leave the place is too sad. Every character in the game made an instant impact


Bill too. When he finds his partner hanging. Oof. "He's got bite marks here, here and here."


The way Bill reacts was so well done. That painful “fuck him” is all to real… emotions being shovelled deep down under a veneer of anger as a way to cope. Fuck I love The Last of Us, really hope the show does it justice.


I could hear the crack in his voice just rereading that


There’s a Ellie on a merry go round too, so it seems like they even touch on the Left Behind DLC


Literally just played that part last night. It’s such a hard hitting moment and the way the game pauses before going to the next season too. It’s a masterclass of storytelling


I hope every hard hitting plot point is in it, no punches pulled


Damn! That actually looked good. I've been a bit meh on the idea of a show for a bit, this trailer definitely got me interested.


I have this amazing feeling that this is gonna be done right. So hyped.


Huh, Pedro Pascal really likes playing adoptive-father figure roles: first Prospect, then Mando, now this


Grogu is immune.


Oh man, i already feel bad for the actress playing Ellie. There’s just no winning with fans


Fans don’t want good actors. They want cosplayers. :/ just look at every fan made “dream cast”.


"hire fans lol"


>Fans don’t want good actors. They want cosplayers. Wow. This is a very truthful statement. I've seen so many instances of fans saying something like "your cosplay is so good, you should play [character being cosplayed] in a live-action adaptation!" or something like that.


>just look at every fan made “dream cast”. You mean you don't like the idea of roles being cast based on someone being hot or kind of looking like the in-game model with no thought given to their range or previous roles? /s


Still have PTSD from the one I saw on twitter which had Gerard Butler as Joel lol


Cautiously optimistic that the talent behind it will at least create a good TV show. Whether it's a good adaptation of the game is a different matter.


Oh shit that clicker


I dig the cast for Joel, really cool actor. He was made for this role. Bruh i wonder how they're gonna reenact the intro to TLoU, since we already see some parts from it in the trailer. If they're gonna do that scene justice then id say the film adaptation was worth it.


I don't think you can really do this story without doing that scene. It's pretty crucial for explaining why Joel is the way that he is.


Agree. It’s the entire basis for his approach to his relationship with Ellie which to me is the whole story. Hopefully they do it justice. That intro was one of the most powerful I’ve ever experienced in a game.


I think I've cried over that goddamn scene three times since the game released and now these assholes are going to make me cry again in a different medium.


It's been a while since a trailer gave me chills. Well done, Craig Maizin and HBO. Well done. My excitement is through the roof even more now that I realized what that shot at 0:50 is. That's one hundred percent Riley. Which means we're getting the Left Behind story in live action on top of everything else. I'm so pumped.


I finally played Left Behind yesterday for the first time. I can't wait for this show!


Cool to see Pedro lead another show. From the looks of the trailer it looks absolutley fantastic and seems to have nailed the vibes of the game, even going so far as to recreate scenes straight from the game.


I'm so stoked for this. I'm disappointed that W Earl Brown isn't in there as Bill though.


Holy fuck! Super pumped. What song is that? So fitting for the trailer


I got a match with this song: **Alone and Forsaken** by Hank Williams (00:30; matched: `100%`) Album: `Saga All Stars: Honky Tonk Man / 1947-1952`. Released on `2008-08-18` by `MERLIN - Saga`.


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They used the same song in one of the [early trailers for the game](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETsBuTu8HIc) back in 2012.


The song is from a sequence in the game.


["He ain't even hurt."](https://youtu.be/xCycerwf2Ug) One of the best cutscenes ever. In a matter of seconds you learn so much about the world and about how experienced Joel is at surviving in it.


Man, that Hank Williams song set the tone so well. I’m excited for this


This looks really good! My only concern is how much of the first game seems to be covered. It almost seems like they might try to get through the entire story of the first game in a single season, but hopefully with Druckmann at the helm the show won't feel rushed.


It's 10 episodes, assuming around an hour each. The game is only 15 hours long, and it has lengthy combat and stealth sequences that would be truncated in any adaptation.


You mean every conversation in the show won't be separated by 45 minutes of quietly taking out a group of enemies? 0/10


Don't forget the 38 ladders you have to move into place (And, no, I didn't make that number up)


I know, get on the fucking raft.


I’m only watching for the bandage and stealth knife crafting


5 minutes of Joel just rummaging through his backpack.


10 minutes of standing at a workbench. "Do I want to upgrade the capacity of my 9mm or should I reduce the recoil of my shotgun?"


they're covering the DLC and the entire first game. I think it'll work in the medium. Don't have to worry about looting the houses and bodies and picking locks/opening safes/making shivs. And the story isn't all going to be stealth sneaking to murder people.