Jackass Forever | Official Trailer

Jackass Forever | Official Trailer


Pfff when he rides straight against the image, fucking hilarious! Heard before that Johnny gets inspiration from roadrunner and this is a clear example!


Based on that final clip, I guess this is the one where they finally kill Ehren. Goddamn I'm so ready for this movie.


The movie is gonna be this trailer then an hour of a bear just killing and eating that guy.


Like that scene from The Revenant.


Remember, the true trick to getting Oscar is getting mauled and potentially molested by a bear. It doesn't have to always be on film, but Leo felt that it took so long to learn this one simple trick that they would share it with others!


He looks genuinely terrified.


Can't say I blame him. [Plus, it certainly isn't the first time they made him think he was going to die on set lmao](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q03hNtdzNl8)


The pubes at the end 🤮


Who brought crabs to the party!!??


Still might be the funniest I've ever laughed in a theater. It's either that or the naked hotel scene from the first Borat.


Boom! We are very close!


Burbank airport.


“Who brought crabs to the party” almost made me piss myself laughing the first time I saw it


"Is the dickhair necessary? Like, was that the big payoff?"


It sucks so bad because he has every right to be furious, but the more angry he gets the more everyone laughs, especially the audience.


What are you, an actor? C'mon.


The c'mon from Jay Chandrasekhar might be the hardest I've ever laughed at a movie.


I got your dick hair all over my face! :D


I got it in my mouth! Why’d you put it in your mouth??


Watching Knoxville pull out the T Mobile Sidekick made me rememver how old that prank is.


Sidekick was the shit. I loved mine! I want one now.


how'd he not recognize Jay Chandrasekhar?


Lol.. "come on.." gets me everytime




Super Troopers came out in 2001 dude


I was a bit nervous they were going to tone everything down a lot, but it really doesn’t look like it based on this trailer


Nah, and they got Francis Ngannou (current UFC heavyweight champ) to punch a couple dudes in the balls and apparently one of them went to the hospital.


I'm surprised only one of them went, that guy is a fuckin monster.


Hits like a Ford Escort.


So he doesn’t run?


Talmbout a Ford Escort B? dudes a b-b-b-b-beast. biggest schlong ive ever seen on the mat. one of my best friends. never met the guy


Oh fuck RIP


Hahahaha. You’re putting honey on me... (hmm) and SALMON?! (Bear realization kicks in)


Interesting to see how they’ll one up the horse semen Russian roulette from jackass 2 lol


That’s the only thing I’ve ever seen them blur. Full on dick flapping around in the camera? Sure. Literal shit and puke everywhere? No problem. Leeches on the eyes and bloody snake attacks? Absolutely. But drinking that horse semen… nah we can’t show that..


Probably because it comes dangerously close to beastiality laws.


I would argue it was an artistic choice to emphasise the grossness of what was occurring. Fear Factor had contestants drink donkey cum with no blurring or censorship on TV.


No, I don't think they ever ended up airing that episode in the US. I think it only aired on Danish TV.


I think they got away with eating bull testicles, maybe bull penis(I don't remember if they did it or just confusing Chappelle Show), but the semen didn't air.


You know Joe Rogan, this is not the first time I've tasted penis! I've had several in my line of work - you taste penis all the time! Cocaine is a hell of a drug!


Speaking of horse semen, I love the prank where Dunn and Bam put it in Knoxville's sunscreen during filming and he didn't know for months until they showed him the footage at a screening of the movie.


That was amazing.


“That’s semen, alright.”


this is just a trailer. i fully predict a nostalgia bomb towards the end of the movie, some montage going over all the good old times that will have the former teenagers, now fully grown men bawling their eyes out.


Soon as I hear that guitar twang, it all comes flooding back. Fuck me, I never thought we’d see one last Jackass movie. I can’t wait.


After Jackass 3D did the "Memories" montage at the end, I really thought that was it, and I was genuinely sad. This is amazing and will likely be my first theater visit since 2019. Extremely appropriate


That montage legitimately makes me cry as a 31 year old dude. Takes me back to the good old days of fucking off with friends and not having a care in the world man.


Same here man. 32 and miss shooting bottle rockets at each other and blowing stuff up. I remember we kicked footballs at cars after seeing jackass the first time. Not smart. I know. Deep down. Karma is gonna get me back as I’m older and I’m totally gonna be the guy who stops cause that adrenaline rush is insane. Hahahah


Crying happy tears atm over shit that shouldn't make me smile at this age but does. This feels like a farewell to our generation's youthfulness


Watching people have fun with their friends never gets old


Corona by Minutemen, great song


Great band. Great album. The minutemen fucking rip.


D. Boon and his telecaster twang.


I like that they're bringing back one of the best skits, and changing it up too.. [The High Five](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmXYJOyAGc0)


the way bam falls like a chopped down tree always cracks me up


I just love the sheer joy in Dunn's face before he even hits the ground like "oh my god this is the best prank ever in so stoked to be a part of it"


And him calling them all "nerds" just before somehow puts the cherry on top haha


God damn I’m gonna miss him in this movie. But it’s for the fucking best.


They tried so damn hard to get him to clean up but he just couldn't do it. Not to be a downer, but I think he wont be around much longer after this movie drops. He's just in a never ending bad place. Dude just never got over Dunn.


With all respect to his friendship with Dunn and what that loss must’ve done to him.. He’s been a massive alcoholic drug fueled dickbag for a *long* time.


Dunn is an excuse man, he's just a narcissistic asshole with issues


"HE FELL FOR THE SOUP!" makes me laugh like an idiot every time.


Can you bring up this tray of soup erin


Wee-Man saying "High Five!" right before Bam gets sent to the Shadow Realm was always top notch, too.


Bam's burrito also lands in the trashcan to his right after he gets smacked.


The biking into the wall cracked me right the fuck up. It's my favorite type of Jackass stunt where they just literally do something out of Looney Tunes. So simple, so stupid, all hilarious.


Guaranteed that’s a Knoxville stunt. All the stuff he comes up with comes straight from old cartoons and silent movies


good comedy never dies


biking into the wall was #1 for me but grandpa getting launched into the ceiling is a very close second


That’s what made my ass bust up from this trailer. I fell for how real that wall looked lmao


Like "hey the guys wondered if you could pick up lunch" was such an absurd request lmao


Lol the soup is probably my favorite moment in jackass ever. It’s so basic yet so god damn ducking funny. The way Knoxville reacts is just amazing.


*he's like HEY WHAT'S UP DUNN*


And the way Dunn immediately loves it.


Wee Man's "High five" on Bam always gets me good.


The line, is perfect. Like it's the sort of thing he would say, but the context is off just slightly enough to cause that few seconds of confusion, and by that time it's already too late. I laugh so hard when I see that every time.


It's so perfectly timed, and you see the small twist to Bam's face of "my hands are full, da fuck are you asking me that for?"


One of my all time favorites


Bam getting totally annihilated makes me cry from laughter every time


Bam fell like a damn mannequin. Completely stiff legged.


There was no falling. He was up, then he was down....and I'm laughing so hard again I'm crying


He went down HARD.


Like a cartoon. I'm 35 and this is still the funniest thing I've ever seen.


Ohhh holy shit that was funny like it was brand new, goddamn.


Bam's hangtime in this one always cracks me up...just knocked straight off his feet...absolutely amazing.


It’s so simple yet absolutely genius.


I just love how Dunn immediately starts busting up laughing after being annihilated.


I always forget how much I love that one. Thanks for linking it; hardest laugh of the day so far.


I like the little fist pump the softball pitcher does after nailing the guy in the balls.


When the pressure’s on and you throw a fastball strike right down the middle, you do a little fist pump


450 dead center


waiting for the jomboy breakdown


It’s pretty amazing that Jomboy has single handedly made baseball more interesting to millions of people - something espn, mlb network, fox sports etc have been trying to do for decades. He’s probably done more for the game than anyone in history who isn’t a part of the game


It's true. I've never been interested in baseball, but his breakdowns make me slighty care.


The lip reading parts are so funny. Let's gooooo Let's goooooooo That's fuckin horse shit!


there's a lot of imposters out there now but nothing tops Jomboy. I pray one of the big networks don't buy him out.




Excellent focus work by the camera operator there


honestly the cinematography is fantastic. a huge amount of the humor in this works because of the camera use to suppress and then reveal the shock.


What did you guys do to Eric! I'm so excited for this.


I am excited to see how his brand of crazy interacts with the jackass crew.


Well Steve-O is clean now and every Eric Andre stunt or prank feels like it was decided over a Scarface level of cocaine so..


The only thing I know of him is Bad Trip on Netflix and it was hilarious. I think it will be a perfect match.


Check out the Eric Andre Show. Bad Trip is good but I FAR prefer his show.


I hope Eric does more than a cameo in this


I'm generally a pessimist when it comes to new content from old franchises, but this looks like it's gonna be great


I'm insanely hyped just from the Looney Toon esque stunt of the guy riding the bike into the painted scenery. That's the kind of dumb shit I've always wanted to see a person do, and that's what I love about Jackass.


I really enjoyed the ending to the third one where it showed them all as kids being friends and stuff. I hope this has some of that vibe.


Our beer league softball team could use that pitcher for the upcoming season.


She is probably a pro or college star judging from the last movies. Can't wait for all of the cameos.


true terror in your eyes seeing a bear coming toward you and being strapped to a chair


So true. More of a twink guy myself


As a grown adult now with children approaching the age I used to be watching Jackass on cable TV, my days are filled with more responsible tasks and the shenanigans are left to today's generation. I can easily sit through an entire Tik-Tok montage without so much as cracking a smile... but 15 seconds into this video I had those deep bass giggles like Pontius.


43 years old here, and immediately reverted to my 20 year-old self. Can't wait to watch a bunch of middle-aged dopes do dopey things.


Same here. 43 and can’t wait. The nostalgia is strong with this one. I wish Bam could have got his act together for this...addiction sucks


43 here as well. This thread has brought us geriatrics out of the woodwork.


Yeah. That was a bummer. He was a funny character and a decent skater


Ditto ...Cheers


Double ditto


Triple ditto. I'm 43 and will always smile when I hear that banjo...


Quadruple ditto. 41 here and I watched the first Jackass last week for the first time in 10+ years and it was still as funny as it was when I saw it on opening day in the theaters with about 20 other dudes.


>banjo... Guitar. It was only a couple months ago that I finally learned where that theme song comes from; the song is called [Corona](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlxmKsTvcLg) by Minutemen. They were a punk group who were only active for a few years (1980-1985), but were (IMO) massively influential. Listening to their excellent album Double Nickles on the Dime from 1985, I heard bits that reminded me of the Pixies, Primus, RHCP, Modest Mouse, and many others.


41yo here. I remember when the first Jackass movie came out when I was in college. I was sitting in the front row of the packed theater with my girlfriend. I was literally curled up in a ball with my legs draped over my gf’s lap crying with laughter after the opening credits with the shopping cart getting shot with cannons. Later that weekend my fraternity brothers and I invented “downstairs ladder rafting.” Dear god we were total dumbasses. Brings back really good memories.


Jackass 3D was one of the hardest I laughed in any movie theater ever, save for maybe the first hangover, nothing recently has come close I will watch this, and I think I will enjoy it just as much as jackass 3D


yeah i remember watching it in theater on opening weekend. by far the best movie experience i have been to. packed house and everyone laughing so hard. i am not much of a theater guy, but i might actually have to go see this in theaters.


Hell, the *trailer* for Jackass 3D was among the hardest I've ever laughed in a theater. The "high five" stinger had me in pain laughing so hard!


Seeing the first Hangover movie in theatres when I was like 13 was the only time I’ve fallen out of my chair laughing at a movie. It was quoted around my school friends for months after that. I know if I showed it to today’s kids or even if I watched it now, it somehow wouldn’t be as funny.


I’ll stand by this statement as well. My then girlfriend (now wife) we’re dating maybe only a couple of months and went to see this together. She about fell outta her seat when the phantom camera shot of the dildo flew through the Paris set. I knew we were gonna ride forever.


It instantly took me back about two decades. So much has changed but we can plainly see how much these dudes still love each other and love doing this dumb, dangerous shit.


Bro I laughed my ass of at the first minute, when you think he is going down this path but he bumps into the image. Haha they really got the inspiration from roadrunner.


That's how I knew this movie was perfect for me.


Man I thought that jackass 4 was going to be toned down a lot more. These guys put their lives on the line every time. This is going to be awesome, I hope they keep making new jackasses as old men. Imagine how funny it'd be to see a bunch of 70 year Olds fucking with each other lmao


I honestly wouldn't mind them passing the torch to a new generation, as long as they are still around to hangout and watch it all go down. Half of the comedy is seeing the reactions from Johnny, Steve-O, Wee Man, etc.. Just their presence makes it more fun. They've put in the work. Let them sit back and watch someone else put their bodies on the line.


It looks like they’ve got a few new cast members for this movie. Definitely needed it with Dunn being gone and Bam’s absence. Each of the guys also have a “style” with their stunts that balance things out. Knoxville will get in front of a raging Bull all day long, but swallowing shit? Nope that’s more Steve-O’s thing. Hoping the new guys bring some great presence with their own new style. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were testing the waters for a “Jackass: The Next Generation” a little bit with this one.


Pontius takes his clothes off, Ehren gets wrecked, and Preston shits in a tube. Sounds like they all know what is good in life!


And we already saw Preston in his trademark droopy tighty whiteys in the trailer


Preston. What is best in life?


Jasper was apart of Odd Future so he should fit right in. Eric Andre is obviously a fit. Rumor has it AEW's Darby Allin is in this which is on brand for him (google Darby Allin Coffin Drop) and even MGK works for this shit.


What happened to Bam? Out of the loop on this one.


Drugs and alcohol baaaaaad. He looks like a Phil/Don mix + tattoos. He was supposed to be in 4 but he couldn't stay clean so they ended up firing him and he had a huge falling out with everyone. Tremaine had to get a restraining order against him he got so out of control.


Oh man he doesn't look great. It really says a lot that most of his Instagram is old pictures of himself.


40 year old man who still crashes college parties


> Back in February 2021, Margera posted a series of videos to his personal Instagram page claiming, among other things, that he had been booted from the production of "Jackass Forever" (via TMZ). > > "'Jackass' does not care about me. Understand that, ladies and gentlemen ..." Margera said in the video. He went on to claim, "It was like my family, it won't let me in because they say I'm out there being a jackass on TMZ. So I can't be in 'Jackass' because I'm out there being a jackass?" > > In April, TMZ followed up with Margera about this relationship with the film. During a taped interview, Margera claimed that he was pressured by somebody in production to do a 90-day stint in rehab, which resulted in him being placed on a number of different medications. Margera says this led to him experiencing "suicidal tendencies." > > Margera told TMZ, "What's the point of a five million dollar contract that I have to walk on eggshells and jump through your hoops — which is already impossible — to obey if I'm dead?" > > Margera called the experience "torture" and implied that he planned on taking legal action against production. The fallout was disappointing to Margera, who told TMZ, "It's supposed to be a f—ing reunion ... to pay our respects to Ryan Dunn." Dunn, one of the original stars of the franchise, died in 2011. > > During his criticism of the film's production, Margera called out several members of the crew specifically, including Johnny Knoxville. Director Jeff Tremaine ended up filing a restraining order against Margera (via TMZ). > During a May 2021 profile in GQ, Knoxville took the time to touch on Margera's accusations and ultimate absence from "Jackass Forever." Although he didn't delve deep into the details of the situation, it's clear that the episode was painful for Knoxville. > > "We want Bam to be happy and healthy and get the help he needs," Knoxville is quoted as saying. "We tried to push that along. I think that's all I really want to say about it." When writer Sam Schube followed up with Knoxville in the aftermath of the specific allegations made by Margera, Knoxville responded, "I don't want to get into public back-and-forth with Bam ... I just want him to get better." Source - https://www.looper.com/465956/why-is-bam-margera-not-in-the-new-jackass-forever-trailer/ Bam skateboarding in 2021 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccsuUyIro_4


Wouldn’t sober up. Was there for the beginning of filming I believe. He’s in bad shape. I see him walking around West Chester sometimes just all bloated and depressing. This could of been a real redemption.


They got that fat kid who blew himself up with the firework bandolier. He had his own season on MTV a year or so ago (don’t remember their name) but I’m glad he’s in it.


How did Steve-O end up aging the best? Also, when did Knoxville turn into a silver fox?


Decade(ish) of sobriety and veneers go a long way lol.


Yeah the million dollar teeth are "[fake as hell.](https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/3qhzg6/i_am_steveo_jackass_entertainer_im_taping_a_very/cwfew4n/)"


Knoxville has something genetic that makes him gray real young. He's been dying his hair black since shortly before the first movie.


Not to be one of those 'back in my day' dudes but Holy shit kids will never know what it was like to secretly stay awake at your buddies houses to watch jackass. Always knew the night was just getting started when that stupid fucking girls gone wild drum beat started. What a time to be alive lol


Man I never had to sneak watching Jackass. My dad and I used to watch it together and laugh like crazy. However, I wasnt allowed to watch Spongebob because my dad felt that was too stupid.


My question is when are they gonna call it ‘Son of Jackass’?


My then-gf didn't like watching this then, and my wife ain't going to like watching this now. I can't wait though, this looks great


Something's can never change. I'll always love Jackass.


I can't lie... I teared up a little for this one.


Honestly expected to watch the trailer and be underwhelmed but holy hell. They really haven't lost their touch. That's some actual dangerous shit. I mean a dude just got his face bit by a snake, and that wasn't even the worst part of the video! I'm very excited for Knoxville and the team to be back.


And there's the simple ones too. The marching band on the tread mill had me fucking rolling.


That's the stunt that they did in the first few days of filming that put Knoxville and Steve O in the ER. Whole production had to shut down lol


Looks like they’re setting it up to introduce the next generation of Jackass. I really hope we get new Jackass episodes back on TV.


But then there wouldn’t be room for 24/7 reruns of ridiculousness


God damn I hate that show so much. That girls constant annoying-as-fuck laugh makes me want to punch baby.


Yeah yeah yeah yeahyeahyeahyeah YEAHHH!!!!!


*rubs hands together furiously while taking a step back*


[chipmunk on cocaine laughter in background]


Lol Poopy got his hand bit off tho.


I would settle for them to release every episode somehow. Back when it was on tv, putting tv seasons for sale was a new thing and not everyone did it at the time. They did what most tv shows did at the time which was release a "best of" style collection that had most but not all content. Due to complaints from the show I believe, they never released the complete series. They really should look into it. Also I'm excited to see Darby Allin in it. I'm pretty sure he is supposed to be in it and he is a talented young dude.


Dude, I'm 40. How in the hell are these guys that are older than me doing this crazy shit!?


I would say drugs, but most of the lads are clean now!


Don't forget lots of money


Yeah, at 37 i grunt or groan when i sit down in a foreign chair I don't sit in every night. Can't imagine taking some of these hits.


Apart from maybe Dune, this looks better than alot of upcoming movies! Glad to see they are back on the ketamine again! Jk jk!


I just told my buddy that after I just finished reading Dune (really good btw) Jackass is one of the only things I watch where I am smiling and laughing like a maniac even after all these years.


19 years ago we snuck beer into the theater to watch the original movie. Can't wait to do it again!


We can buy beer in most theaters now, but we’re still gonna sneak our own in. It’s the principle, dammit.


And like a $9 difference


[It's the arm pump that really makes it for me](https://i.imgur.com/8mVsuXX.gifv)


Nobody talking about Jasper being there??? EDIT - Tyler too!!


I get hit with the biggest nostalgia wave every time I hear that little guitar twang. The guy riding the bike into the Wile E. Coyote style picture totally caught me off guard. This looks amazing


Probably an unpopular opinion but I never really cared for Bam in the movies. The only skit he did I really laughed at was when he was in the pit of snakes. Also I'm curious to see how Johnny goes from black to silver hair.


I liked the deep sigh before taking the quarter pipe into plexiglass in3D EDIT: [this one](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RudMkvvytgg) ... I had no idea what to expect when I saw it in theaters, didn't even notice the glare.


Johnny talked about his hair in an interview. Says he went grey at like 20 years old but kept dying it to not look old. But then during the Pandemic he decided to stop doing it. So I'm guessing the scenes where he has black hair were filmed before the pandemic and scenes with grey hair were filmed after.


I always felt like Bam generally avoided more of the worst ones. Not all of em, he took the rubber bullets to the body and a few others but I felt like he was less willing than Steve-O or Knoxville to really go for it.


To be fair he had a pro skating career to fall back on at the time. The other guys didn't have sponsors they could risk losing with an injury.




I never liked him much either, but that was a little bit of his “brand.” When he was finally the target, he was so much of a little bitch about it that the audience was laughing at him more.


He took the branding on the ass which was probably one of the gnarliest things they ever did


Johnny's hair has been silver since his mid-20s. He's just dyed it in the past.


He’s rocking it hard. Never should have dyed it in the first place.


This moment when him and Ryan are on these chairs had me in tears. More so Ryan Dunn though because of his contagious laughter. https://youtu.be/IRqdcD6bqwI


I still laugh until my eyes get watery watching that.


Same here. Also "Why don't you guys take your shoes off?"


He did do one of my favorites "the switcheroo" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP97AvA1LJQ As I understand it he got kicked off set due to drug problems.


"you felt that part?" hahahaha that was a great quip


All this talk of friendship- Bam is probably losing his fucking mind. I mean… more so. He’ll probably take it as a personal insult. Edit: oh wow! 100 upvotes thanks everyone! Just kidding fuck you guys.


He did an interview on a Philadelphia radio show (gadzooks!) a few weeks before all of the restraining orders and threats directed at Tremaine and he sounded really bad. As a former addict i could hear the manic-ness in his voice and then all that craziness went down. It’s really a shame to see how everything went downhill i hope he gets better


As I understand, they really tried to help him. After threatening Jeff Tremaine (the long time director/producer) that was the final straw and now there's a restraining order against him. You're right, Bam will probably be pissed, but he did it entirely to himself


Yeah the dude just went full on crazy. Posting nuts videos to social media, threatening everyone, etc. It's a bummer but they tried.


*posts nut video* Bam: ehh? EHH?! Is this anything? No? OK fuck you all then.


"Remember those Jackass movies, so dumb. I can't believed I liked them as a kid" Trailer Releases "Guys... Jackass is back, everyone LETS GOOOOO"