Guy who HATES Kevin Spacey gets tricked by his friends into watching Se7en, where Spacey's character doesn't appear until 90 min in...

Guy who HATES Kevin Spacey gets tricked by his friends into watching Se7en, where Spacey's character doesn't appear until 90 min in...


This is actually a great scene.


The whole movie is great.


What’s in the bakkkks


John Doe has the upper hand!


One can even say - he was a head of them at the end.


That’s no way to get ahead in life.


Stay back now, Mills.


Wait for my signal now. Wait for me.


AaaaaaAaAaaahhh whats in the baaaaaax??


The fact that he pulled that line off says something about Brad Pit. Imagine Keanu Reeves doing that line?


Brad Pitt gets shit about being a bad actor but I think his acting ability is way underrated.


The only reason anyone says he isn't a good actor is that sometimes people think that anyone that isn't a character actor is a bad actor. The vast majority of people think he's great.


I've heard it said before that he's a character actor trapped in a leading mans body.


*Babel, The Departed, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The Tree of Life, Moneyball, The Big Short, Twelve Years a Slave* Basically every movie he produces, he does a good job not relying on his body. And acts great. And *Se7ven* isn't exactly the "look at my abs" kind of movie neither.


His role in inglorious bastards was superb. Lieutenant Aldo Rain was iconic.


Meanwhile poor Paul Giamatti is a leading man trapped in a character actor's body lol. But yeah I agree on Pitt he's got a lot of range if you can look past what people generally expect of him.


he's a full body actor. he doesn't just act the mentality, he acts the physicality too. for a guy who got his start being shirtless in thelma and louise, I've always loved almost every moved he's a main character in that I've seen.


The last three posts were the first time I heard people saying he isn't a good actor. Legend of the falls, a river runs through it, snatch, oceans 11, inglorious basterds and burn after reading? Dude kills it! Edit: I see I'm clearly not the only person who took umbrage with this assertion. Fucking fight club‽ How could I forget?


12 monkeys bro


You forgot nothing. What's rule #1? What's rule #2?


Snatch. That accent was ridiculous yet convincing. Once he entered the film the quality just went up a notch.


Meet Joe Black!


12 Monkeys was the movie that convinced me of how great he was.


The thing is that he actually is a character acter. Because of his looks he's been cast as a romantic leading man and that's where he really falls down.


Does he? I think he adds to most movies. Idk if I’ve seen a bad movie with him in it. He’s even funny as the stoner couch guy in True Romance.


Don't condescend me, man. I'll fuckin' kill ya, man.


Best role.


*True Romance* is a fantastic example of how Pitt will just take a role and make it great. One minute of screentime and I still think of him when I think of *True Romance*.


People think he's a bad actor?


That's news to me as well. At least in my social circle we all think he's a great actor.


Same. I've never heard anyone say hes a bad actor. So weird.


Seriously. Legends of the Fall was an amazing performance by Pitt!


Brad Pitt is great when cast well. He has a few roles that are not stellar but that's true of many if not most. He, like many actors doesn't have an absolutely immense range. But that's not to say he doesn't have any at all. He does for sure. But even if these actors do a decent job in a role that isn't typical for them they get shit on because many viewers have a hard time seeing them outside of what they are used to seeing. ie. Pretty boy lead. Pitt has done very well in drama, romance, comedy. Anyone who says he is a bad actor with no range apparently has never seen 12 Monkeys or Snatch and just thinks of him from Troy. I really like him when he is part of an ensemble or not the lead, but those aren't common for him due to his star power. Burn after reading is a good example.


Have you seen [Kalifornia?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK_q8xnTbJk) A lot of people fail to recognize him.


There’s also his role in Snatch which was great. He’s had a lot of other ones. I don’t even know if there’s a role that started that perception that he wasn’t. This seemed to happen to DiCaprio for a while too. Meanwhile people can go on about Jared Leto who turns in shitty performances semi-regularly.


Don’t forget fight club. Amazing role in amazing film.


*A River Runs Through It* always gets me. He's fucking brilliant in it.


I have never seen Brad Pitt get shit about being a bad actor. Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves absolutely, Brad Pitt no. He's like Leonardo diCaprio, no matter how pretty he is it's impossible to ignore that' he's enormously talented as well. What a pair of bastards.


He had a perfect run in the mid90s and he still (if cast right) has this unique ability to alter his facial muscles for each role. He doesn’t do it as much anymore, but from 12 Monkeys/Se7en to Meet Joe Black and Fight Club he just had this run where he would do something different with his face for each movie. It was like, you know it’s Brad Pitt, but there was always something really unique he’d do with his characters facial tics that made it really interesting to watch. Honestly, if he wasn’t a good looking dude he would’ve totally become a premier character actor


Brad Pitt is awesome loved him in once upon a time in Hollywood


Such a great movie. The flashback on the roof scene is amazing


Frosted flakes man, damn!




[Hey Mr. Tambourine Man! Hey Mr. Tambourine Maaannn!](https://youtu.be/5-gXPH6U1oU)




I had looked for it several years ago and couldn't find it. The stuff Stiller made for that awards show was pretty brilliant, including a [version of Braveheart starting Bob Newhart.](https://youtu.be/Jl6yP5cPqSE)


I always knew that reference but I had no idea where it came from. Finally watched Se7en this year and I audibly said "Ohhhhh".


seriously, I can think of just off the top of my head, 3 movies with spacy in them that are all fucking great. this, American beauty and usual suspects. hate the man all you want, or any other actor for that matter...but why deprive yourself of good content just because you don't like someone.




Easily in my top 10.


Along with The Usual Suspects and American Beauty! Spacey is in my favorites.




The way he yells "detecTIIIIIIIIIIIVE" always makes the hair on my neck stand up. Spacey was too good in this movie.


The best part is that at this point in the movie the guy is already committed, so even though he hates Spacey, He's got to finish the movie where else it's going to eat away at him. Top prank


And from this point if the movie it’s very Spacey heavy dialogue which is probably one of the things he hates. Classic prank


Yeah, I like it when the guy says, ‘dectecTIVE!’


And he shows why they can’t find fingerprints….


to think he must’ve looked all bloody like that when he went to a shipment store to drop off the box


I don’t think anyone doubts Kevin Spacey’s acting ability - just the quality of his character.


[He should teach acing or something..](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U0SUsXrgCM)


So many fucking good Kevin spacey movies


[What’s in the box!](https://youtu.be/8NJ3AtjClY4)


This aged really well




When this clip was first posted the top comment was something like "I don't get it, why would somebody hate kevin Spacey?" Another user brought up his creapiness but was downvoted. I need to find the thread.




> If you're a man he will try to fuck you so just be aware. Dudes a creeper. Either r/agedlikewine or someone knew something they couldn't talk about publicly.


People knew that stuff. There's some photos of a dude on his lap from years ago and some stories of him being pushy around drunk dudes. Obviously, not enough go condemn him to anything but, yeah, I wasn't exactly shocked when those rumours were backed up with those public accusations


Howard stern joked about it for years.


Seth McFarlane liked to slip in celebrity jokes in Family Guy when they were actually true accusations. He doesn't write for his animated shows anymore but if you go back and watch them you'll watch a joke about X Celebrity that turned out to be true. Industry people know things we don't, or at least they talk and spread rumors.


Stewie ran through a mall naked yelling "help! Help! I've escaped from Kevin Spacey's basement!" in an episode back in like 2007. Edit: Just saw someone mentioned this scene further down the thread.


30 Rock had Cosby and Weinstein jokes that were dead-on.


It’s because Hannibal was a writer for the show and also the comedian that [broke](https://youtu.be/2OXzbVAYd-U) the story.


Oh shit I had no idea


Hannibal was not writing on the show when that episode with the cosby joke was written. It was just kind of a known thing in the industry.


So Rob Schneider picks up Mexicans from Home Depot to bang him in the shower?


It's pretty well known in the home Depot industry


It was pretty well known within the industry.


Yeah he took a sabbatical and became the ~~artist in residence~~ artistic director for the Old Vic theater in London after some shit went down until it blew over. It was like 10-ish years and he made lesser movies and then came back for *House of Cards* iirc and relaunched his career until metoo happened. > While serving as artistic director, Spacey was photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell sitting in the throne room of Queen Elizabeth II during a private tour of Buckingham Palace. And now, I'm not making this up, he'll be in a movie where he plays a detective and the director of the movie plays a character accused of sexually abusing a child. So... should be right in his wheelhouse.


>And now, I'm not making this up, he'll be in a movie where he plays a character accused of sexually abusing a child. So... should be right in his wheelhouse. Maybe it's an attempt at controlling the narrative. If that movie is only slightly successful, when you google "Kevin Spacey young boy rape" you'll get the movie all over your search results. It's like when that pic of Elon Musk with Ghislaine Maxwell made the rounds, Tesla *immediately* announced they were going to buy a battery maker named Maxwell.


See also: Boris Johnson's [bizarre claim](https://gizmodo.com/did-boris-johnson-ramble-about-model-buses-to-manipulat-1835903361) that he makes model buses to relax.


Ever since I saw American Beauty all his roles seemed creepily real


it's weird when you see something from 5 years ago that you upvoted and have no memory of reading before I gotta get off reddit


This is why you churn accounts every six months.


But mah points


Right there with ya man.


On more than one occasion I have gone through the following thought process while viewing an old thread: 1. Wow this is really good, let's upvote it 2. Silly me, it's a years old thread, I can't upvote 3. Oh wait I already upvoted it years ago


Wait a minute, I made the thread in the first place


And the comment in reply that Papa Johns old CEO gave the same vibe 😂


[He is kinda terrifying in HoC. Also, he is a closet bisexual/gay (which I am not saying is a bad thing!) so that may be giving you a vibe that he is sneaky/hiding something maybe? Lots of people have stories of Kevin Spacey kinda sexually harassing them (well, men).](https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/4d1pnr/our_friend_is_not_a_fan_of_kevin_spacey_we_have_a/d1n518f/)


Wow and the comment below was about someone foreseeing Papa John having a scandel.


I would say that his choice of vulgarity is fitting, but Spacey doesn't strike me as that giving.


Video was posted in 2016, I wonder if he know something about Kevin Spacey that we had yet to learn :/


I can really appreciate the sound of that slap when he discovers it's Spacey.


Okay your comment has convinced me to watch the video instead of just reading the comments lmao


Aaaaand you got me


wait... why are you on /r/videos then? XD


Because there isnt a r/comments


Oh the irony of reddit banning r/comments


Do folks just scroll one sub at a time or something? I'm subscribed to the sub but it just shows up in my feed. Plus I'm currently on public transit after work and had been too lazy to put my earbuds in.


Good movie though. Very intense.


I get hating Spacey for being a sex offender, but dudes a fucking amazing actor.


I was pretty bummed when he got metoo’d in the middle of House of Cards. Not for his sake but for mine, that show was great and it wasn’t quite the same when they finished without him.


This guy's reaction actually reminds me of Brad Pitts character at the end!


I bet if there was an island of sex criminals, they would have a decent film industry.


Dude, that's Hollywood.


There's a scene in the movie "Boiler Room" where the asshole stockbrokers are being disruptively noisy in a Manhattan bar and a couple of gay guys ask them to tone it down. One of the stockbrokers says "they should round all you people up and put you on a fucking island." The gay guy replies "I've got news for you. You're on it."


That movie is one of my guilty pleasures. Life’s like a roller coaster, ups and downs.


The soundtrack is so good too


That's the joke!


Quick, someone start a reddit thread for 'that's the joke'!


Who could have predicted that an industry predicated on obscenely wealthy people paying beautiful people to come to LA would become a hotbed of sexual abuse!


I was thinking of other industries you could make this joke about and then I realized....we live on a sex-criminal planet.


That's the thing. It's every industry. The whole "Hollywood is a cesspool" idiocy is only because the industry is hyper visible, being tv and movies and all.


I watched this and was like, I only know one guy who says cock sucker like that. Mind blown it's my buddy lol.


So you weren't invited to the movie night :/


Oooooh, burn David.


Ew David


> I watched this and was like, I only know one guy who says cock sucker like that. Mind blown it's my buddy lol. Al Swearengen?


San Fransisco cocksucker!


Woo Edit: Fucking Woo




Hang dai.


Mean it's a good movie. I can't hate the film because the dude ended up being a creepy pee pee toucher.


This is an old video. He hated him before that stuff came out.


I'll still watch all of his good films pre-2017. No regrets. Well, American Beauty will be a little harder to watch. That and I haven't watched anything he's been in since Baby Driver was in theaters.


It’s enhanced American Beauty for me personally. It made me uncomfortable before. Now it makes me WILDLY uncomfortable.


I'll add a layer of creep for you! Bassnectar (former world famous DJ) was recently exposed to be a predator who targeted teenagers. He would connect with them over American Beauty. Occasionally he'd drop a clip of the movie during a set he knew one of his girls was at and then would follow up with a song she showed him. Dude was openly using the movie to seduce young vulnerable fans.


Dude wtf. I had no idea.


Before you thought he was doing a great job acting in the movie. Now you know he was just being himself.


I mean the character in the movie snaps out of his infatuation with the underage girl and instead acts fatherly towards her and tries to give her life advice. He was acting as a better person than he was even in that film.


The usual suspects can never not be amazing


I'll second that. One of the best twists ever.


Fun fact: If you watch Baby Driver with headphones on, you'll hear the music as if it was coming from your headphones. So if a character rips the headphones out of Baby's right ear, the music disappears from that ear.


Don't tell me how to live my life, you don't know me ^^^^^but ^^^^^thank ^^^^^you ^^^^^for ^^^^^that ^^^^^cool ^^^^^tidbit ^^^^^of ^^^^^info


We’d lose a lot of great films if we had to follow those rules unfortunately


Lots of great artists in general. Lots of musicians, directors and painters were absolute cunts, still doesnt change their talents to the art.


Lots of... everything. I would imagine there's some nasty secrets among the people involved in the biggest technology innovations, cars, brewers, distillers, fast food chains, banks... countries' founding fathers, even. Entertainers are simply the easiest of targets because of how we are all so accustomed to reading and gossiping about them.


My plumber could beat his wife but I’m taking a shit right now


Maybe it's because I'm looking for a way to justify continuing to enjoy these films myself, but the way I look at it is these films are not just Kevin Spacey. There are other actors, directors, producers, camera operators, editors, sound designers, composers, people who work in craft services, marketing, legal, set design, casting, etc. Sure, Kevin Spacey is a big name and picture on the poster, but he's only a tiny fraction of what made that movie enjoyable in the first place. Guaranteed for every film Spacey was in, there's dozens if not hundreds of people who gave their all to make a good movie, and throwing away their work because of something they had no control over seems cruel. Would I subscribe to a Kevin Spacey Youtube channel? No. Follow him on twitter/facebook/whatever? No. Get tickets to a one-man play written, directed and starring Kevin Spacey? No. But I'm not going to give up my enjoyment of Se7en, The Usual Suspects, Baby Driver, Moon, etc just because one guy who was in it is a creep.


>Sure, Kevin Spacey is a big name and picture on the poster, but he's only a tiny fraction of what made that movie enjoyable in the first place. I know this isn't your point and you were speaking more generally, but I think for this specific film they didn't credit him in the opening, put his name on any posters, or feature him in any of the trailers to not ruin the surprise.


And it's a completely different beast when they're movies that are already made. Plus, pirating is an option. Or just renting, borrowing from a friend, so on. Plenty of ways to enjoy movies/media without supporting the deranged people involved in their creation.


We need to ask this man what other actors/public figures he irrationally hates. He might have a 6th sense.


I wonder how he feels about French actor Jussie Smoulliet


Heard he's a cool guy to hang with, grab a sandwich.


Yea but he only goes out late at night, in inclement weather


Subway. **Sandwiches?**


All right..... shakes his head... lol


That’s the only correct way to say “sandwiches” in my household.


Better watch out for Kanye West though, they don't seem to get along.


Lmao thank you for remind me of that clown, and the Chappell stand up.


Oh man I completely forgot about that turd here’s hoping he’s not working Edit: looked it up he isn’t and is still facing charges and lawsuits over, my god talk about a fuck up


I used to have an irrational hatred for Matt Damon. I don't know why, I just never liked him. When he appeared in Interstellar, I immediately hated his character. I've come around on him after The Martian.


Sometimes it only takes a role. I wasn’t sure on Ben Stiller as my only real exposure to him was through OTT comedy flicks. Then I watched Walter Mitty and immediately realised that motherfucker can act and act *well.*


He is a pretty accomplished Director too, with films like Walter Mitty, Tropic Thunder, Zoolander, The Cable Guy and Reality Bites etc under his belt.


Next up, Moon (2009).


They could edit him out of that so easily.


Just dub in Christopher Plummer.


Guys, should we tell him?


Whats in the boxxxxxxxxxx


Kevin Spacey's dick


Does his name not appear at the beginning of the movie?


No, everything about him being in this movie was completely hidden until he showed up. Not in press tours, not in marketing, not in the pre credits


distancing themselves from Spacey before it was cool


Gives us some spacey.


No. It was a complete surprise when it came out. No press leaks, no credit, no name in the poster etc. that truest was a WTH moment.


Nope, he's credited twice at the end instead.


Nope, I watched this quite recently, I always try to avoid any details about a film before I watch it. I knew the basic premise and I'd once heard that he was in it but I didn't know for sure. After I watched the open credits and saw his name wasn't in them I assumed I'd been mistaken.


I saw Se7en front row opening night without knowing the slightest thing about it.


I hate the front row it makes my neck hurt.


The trick is to slump into the chair so far that your head can rest on the backrest. That way it's your lower back that will hurt after the movie instead.


I saw a screening of it before it hit theatres at USC. It was one of those moment where you started to realize that this wasn’t just another serial killer movie, this was going to be iconic. Then that ending just mindfucked the whole theatre which continued well after the threaten spilled into the courtyard.


You would think he would enjoy this movie then.


I mean, Spacey wins


Well played though. He gives Brad Pitt a choice to keep him in custody or become Wrath. He made his choice and it was a perfect movie.


I'd become wrath too. Who gives a fuck if he "wins" but I do wish that he killed him in a slower, more wrathful way


spacey = awful person. fantastic actor.


This. It's a shame he's an awful person, he could have made a few more classics.




I disagree. House of Cards had been sucking since season three. I was crazy about the first two seasons, but I strongly dislike it when shows are clearly meant to have a shorter arc, but then the show gets wildly popular so they keep dragging the main character through increasingly convoluted and/or improbable scenarios just to keep the show going. Another example of this would be The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.


"Beware your heroes, for they go to extremes."


What other movies are there where there’s a prominent actor (who ideally isn’t credited in the opening credits and key art and) who doesn’t appear until pretty late in the movie? The only one that comes to mind right now is Patrick Stewart in *Robin Hood: Men in Tights*, but it would be tough to find someone who dislikes Stewart enough to feel pranked watching him show up.


Matt Damon in Interstellar


Matt Damon in Thor: Ragnarok


Matt Damon in Eurotrip.


Matt Damon in Saving Private Ryan.


Charlton Heston in Wayne's World 2, lol


Well, I mean... an obvious one is Sean Connery in *Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves*, which Patrick Stewart's appearance in *Robin Hood: Men in Tights* spoofs...


It's good to be the king


Probably listed, but since I don’t pay attention to credits David Bowie in the Prestige was a surprise to me.


TIL David Bowie played Nikola Tesla in the Prestige, a movie I've seen 5 times


You weren't watching closely.


Brad Pitt in Deadpool 2


I know some people didn't like the cameo, but Benedict Cumberbatch in 1917 seems like a good example. Someone the protagonists were seeking out the whole movie and then when he finally appears on screen, you realize it's a well-known actor.


Sigourney Weaver in Cabin in the Woods was an amazing surprise!


Everything in that movie lol


I wish I had friends like this to watch a movie with...


Such a Kevin Spacey thing to do to force him down someone's throat who wasn't expecting him and very much doesn't want him there.


Classic Spacey move. Classic.


He's a great actor. Can't take that away from him.