Storage Wars without the fluff. I like taking shows and removing the fluff. I shortened this 21 minute show to about 6 minutes.

Storage Wars without the fluff. I like taking shows and removing the fluff. I shortened this 21 minute show to about 6 minutes.


there are so many shows ruined by fluff. 1. the intro is shots that will be in the show 2. actual content 3. the lead into commercial shows shots that will play after the commercial 4. return from commercial shows shots from before the commercial 5. actual content 6. go to 3 Oak Island comes to mind


[I'm looking for a gift for my aunt.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg4z7mzaVco)


*thebendavis is looking for a gift for his aunt.*


Most of the "adventure" shows are like that. Oak Island is the worst, but Skinwalker Ranch is close.


The Oak Island narrator pisses me off. Every time the treasure hunters make a statement the narrator repeats it back as a question. Hunters: It looks like there's some wood in the mud. Narrator: Wood? In the mud? Every. Fucking. Time.


Dont get me started on if you binge a few episodes in a row, you can start to notice the reused footage everywhere.


Oh man I highly recommend looking for the youtube channel "TheHiltnerds" he has a series called "oak island in a rush". I watched the first episode that was a two hours long special. His recap was about 3 min and covered absolutely everything and was funny. He also does "gold rush in a rush" which is also very good


> oak island in a rush There was 8 seasons of this?


don't forget "Could it be the same [blank] that [blank]?"


Every? Fucking *time*?




I gave up after the episode with 3D images of the cave that the so called 'expert' couldn't interpret to save their life. He thought the shadow cast by the another drill shaft was a door!!!




Try Vietnamese Ninja Warrior. Almost all the pre-commercial clips are what's about to happen so you know who qualifies before they even run.


> the intro is shots that will be in the show > I love Great British Bake-Off, but I have to remember to fast forward the first couple minutes each episode cause they spoil the crap out of the episode at the start.


Battlestar Galactica was the worst. They'd show literal best moments of the episode in the intro. I just closed my eyes until the drums were over.


That intro also lied to you every week. The Cylons had no plan at all. Neither did the writers, for that matter.


Its been years but i still feel so betrayed and letdown by the final season.


To be fair, that was due to external issues surrounding and culminating in the Writer's Strike (if I remember correctly).


I was watching Colony on USA channel. In the middle of ad breaks they’d show a spoiler clip of what was going to happen in the next episode segment. I switched to downloading the show to avoid that.


This is why I don't even watch anime intros until the season is almost over.


It's even more hilarious watching US shows which are broadcasted outside the US, because the US has SO MANY ADS and ad breaks. So 2 or 3 times during an episode you get these intermissions where the show just stops and restarts with a short summary of what just happened for no reason, but there was no ad break because (at least in my country) it would be literally illegal to have so many lol


To be fair all the shows about investigating either folk tales, ghost stories or even cryptids are just so annoying because they have no empirical evidence to go off on and certainly don't want to take even a really specific qualitative method to record any data because hey it's cheap television and maybe even getting a Professor from the local University would probably be way out of budget for them.


Basically everything on the History channel these days


The worst one I remember was US mythbusters, where they'd repeat sequences 2-3 times between ad breaks. When it was airing there were groups that would take the additional footage from the AU version, and edit out all the repeats from the US version, to just maximize the amount of unique content in an episode.


Their estimates on what they won is way off. Looks like they inflate by doubling the price of everything while counting.


Is the premise of the show that these people all own their own pawn shops? I could see a world in which they stock their stores with these items for the prices they are saying. They then have the challenge of selling 100% of their totally random inventory (good luck with that) but at least it's theoretically possible. But if they're selling all this stuff to resellers, there's no way they're going to get those prices.


Yes, the couple and the guy that didn't buy anything both run thrift stores. The guy represented by the carboard cutout is an antique collector, so he usually buys units with odd items in them.


I see a lot of these people at flea markets. Hit up the auction during the week and sell at the flea on the weekends.


Facebook marketplace/eBay means average people don't have to go to resellers unless it's a big ticket item. You could absolutely make a living but this whole show is scripted.


I think it's funny how they at least used to give the illusion that these were open auctions by having a bunch of extras 'bid' as well. But somehow one of the stars of the show always ended up winning. Looks like in this episode they ditched that facade entirely.


Presumably they don't include the auctions they don't bid on / win because why would they? Nobody wants to watch the show where all the characters go to a storage unit auction and then lose, all of them going home with nothing. That's a recipe for a Seinfeld episode, not Storage Wars.


$20 bill. "Well that's $50 right there"


Look at this old dirty jeans, easiest 20 bucks ever


I’ve sold diesel jeans in worse condition for more so he’s not off.


Who wouldn't want old clothes you found in some randos abandoned storage unit?


People buy used clothes all the time. They generally have no idea where they came from before they got a hold of it. If the price is right people will buy them.


Diesel jeans have a decent resale market tho


But man, they're Diesel jeans. With Canadian markup it's $50.


If you find original jeans that have been left in a mine shaft for a hundred years people will pay $$$ for them. Saying a pair of old diesel jeans could be worth 20$ is totally believable.




Eh, tag em, snap a couple photos, put em in a spreadsheet, post to ebay, then put em on a rack/shelf. Sell in store till you get a buyer on ebay, whichever.


" A literal piece of human shit. That's a 40 dollar bill all day."


Ya I've seen them say a used couch is like $500 No one is paying $500 for a used couch with stain on it.


Guys guys! This is why we do it. [This NES 0 0 1 can be worth up to $13,000!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95eUhuR8_ps)


I disagree. Based on what they were pricing from my own experience (games and furniture) I think they all were pretty good at ballparking. Except the bikes. No one is paying $200 for that department store touring bike.


The people throwing down a bunch of games going "That's a dollar a piece" have no real idea of their value.


Depends on the the game, right? If you're looking at FIFA and Madden 2010-2018 then yeah it's a buck a piece. Some old fighting games, not much more than that. "A buck a piece" is a good floor when evaluating your haul for a bunch of games and DVDs. Maybe $2 a piece is just as safe.


Yeah sure if you take zero time to evaluate what you have. Glancing at a crate of games and just assuming a dollar each is just bad practice.


Well, it's bad practice when you are putting them on the shelf. They are trying to get through it quickly in front of the camera.


You're assuming he's in a rush, he might have all the time in the world, he could have said "give me a few mins to go through this" but he doesn't. *chuck* "Dollar a piece" Ugh..


People asked for it, so here we go. Notes: I changed the format a little. Now it's cut an organized so you see it from locker to end, through bidding, rummaging, and establishing prices. It's different, a little, weird, but I hope you like it.


All the stats at the end seemed, well, sort of meta...just saying. I'd never watch actual Storage Wars but I found it pretty engrossing at under 6 minutes. Thanks.


These are great dude


[I'm looking for a gift for my aunt.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg4z7mzaVco)


There it is!


*Brian is looking for a gift for his aunt.*


True crime shows. After every commercial break they re-cap what came before the commercial. The last 2 minutes of the show tells you everything you need to know.


Oh wow, something just clicked. My dad watches a ton of true crime and very formulaic crime dramas, especially since he had a stroke about 10 years back. His memory and attention span are not great, so a show that constantly reminds you of what just happened must be easier for him to watch than something more fast-paced or novel.


Dont forget the people that are like that without having a stroke ... Its a typical thing for Shows that are produces for the US Market.


Wasn't it something about the behavior of US people while the show's on? I can't recall the details, aside that European watched TV with full attention, while American would turn the TV on and then do stuff around the house, so they didn't pay as much attention to what was going on and benefited from the fluff so they could keep themselves in the loop.


I've found that there are people on YouTube who make better true crime content than cable ever will. My favorite is the channel called That Chapter. He is a great story teller in my mind


He's great on YouTube too!


Remember, dead inventory doesn't exist and everything sells for what your gut says.


It's amazing how overvalued they price these items at


“I got a good feeling about that locker.”


This is like watching a Linus Tech Tips video with SponsorBlock


I think that mongoose is worth more than 50


Mongoose is just a sticker now. The name was bought and put on big-box store bicycles that are sold as dozens of different brands. I wouldn't pay the $99 new price, nevermind second hand. Now a true mongoose bmx from the 80's? Worth hundreds...


I’m a little out of touch it seems, back in the late 90s mongoose and diamondbacks were what people wanted


They were and in some cases still are. They have a few with good parts, but the ones from wallyworld are made super cheap from Asian factories that make the same junk over and over. They just put the sticker for the brand that placed the order. Its just to turn a profit when more expensive models don't sell. And keep the brand name on the street. I mean, schwinn made top of line stuff for ages. Now they're sold on the rack right after you pass the slippers and non-slip work shoes (well, thats how our Walmart is set up).


You'd buy that at Walmart for $150-$200. Or someone would. I wouldn't.


Great stuff. If tv shows were actually this concise, I might be willing to watch some.


I really like this, and this concept as someone who's very adhd and finds himself hitting the right arrow key a lot when watching stuff. Also not to be that guy but maybe make a new channel/change your channel name to reflect that you are the "without the fluff guy" and I feel like you'll bring in more people in the beginning.


I'll keep that in mind. Right now it's just a name because when This Hour Has 22 Minutes finds it, I might be able to get a job with them as a correspondent. But I have to get my rookie numbers up.


Jarrod gained a lot of weight since the last time I saw that show.


that was the first thing I thought as well, so I Googled him and I guess he beat up Brandi and seems like he might have gotten kicked off the show. He always seemed really trashy to me


Still looking for a "Nothin' but the Fluff" cut.


Honestly, I'd actually watch the show if they would do it this way. All the fluff is always annoying as hell and completely pointless. Well done, sir.


Still couldn’t do it. Got 41 seconds in and felt the knowledge and common sense draining form my brain.


Can I get a full season cut down to just Brandi. I kind of think she's great.


Now do Curse of Oak Island! Probably 5 minutes there!


I'll save you the entire series: they don't find anything.


Thats unfair to all the dirt and random pieces of wood.


I wonder if you could train AI to do this? The final shifts in the music are usually a big giveaway to when things are being overdramatized (read: faked) on reality shows. And then they usually use specific stings or music beds to do the intros and wrap ups.


Thanks Gord


Is it bad I STILL skipped forward constantly in the cut down video? Man cable TV is horrible these days...


I'd feel like such a loser watching this mostly scripted crap...like how bored or little do you have going on to sit around for hours watching random trash bid on storage lockers.


I have never been so passionately enthusiastic about something. THANK YOU.


Can you do a competition show like master chef or something next?


Doing the lord's work. Ninja warrior was rushing Ned for me when it made it over to the US with all the fluff bs. Excel in the course and then I might care you are a teacher.


Is Storage Wars where people from Hoarders go to get all their useless shit?


Thanks man, Great work!


Incase it's needed later mirror: https://streamable.com/zleico


This is the only way I now want my Storage Wars.


Good show, but could have been better.


Still too long


A Toro lawn mower (assuming it's working) is worth more than $100.


I think this show was canceled because they were caught planting items or something of that nature.


This was a great watch. Now do them *all!* I don't think I could watch it with all the garbage in there.


Now do 'air plane disasters' or whatever its called, where they repeat the same shit over n over.


There is a subreddit dedicated to doing this for Mythbusters and they just recently finished all of the episodes, like around 10 seasons worth I think. I can't recall the name of it but they have a link to DL the whole project, I got the first 6 seasons and it's great.


The fluff? More like you removed the garbage from the truck.


I was literally talking about this with my girlfriend the other day saying I wish someone would do this!! (It was a different show though)


9 minutes of adverts, 6 minutes of content. America fuck yeah!


Just like baseball where a 3 hour and 15 minute game has only 12 minute and 22 second of action. > Famed "Sports Illustrated" journalist and columnist Rick Reilly timed a baseball game in 2000 and determined that the amount of action during the game, which lasted for 3 hours, 15 minutes, totaled 12 minutes, 22 seconds, and Reilly wrote he was generous with his stopwatch. [Source](https://www.sportsrec.com/6879403/how-much-time-is-played-during-a-football-game)


Wait...so this show bases the "wins" off of random "I think it's worth x"? No follow-up on what they ACTUALLY got? What a piece of shit, probably all fake anyway.


No production company has the time to wait for these people to sell all that shit. And we're generously assuming it even sells.


I can take it at face value that someone who makes a hobby or living out of selling random shit out of storage lockers can probably ballpark a haul.


I love Mythbusters and it has tons of fluff.


There is (or was) a subreddit completely dedicated to cutting the fluff from mythbuster episodes. They did several seasons. Edit: /r/smyths


All seasons, 191.5 GB total.




Thank you for your insight. I've read it like five times now. I am not sure that I could ever really monetize these videos. Heck, heh I don't even qualify for the Youtube Partnership program because of my sub level. If I could monetize it I'd probably think that should go to charity. As it is, a way to avoid the strikes is let them feed off of the ad revenue, though I'd rather it have no fluff, or it all at the end. I do like the idea of having a better connection with the audience though because they help you grow. I like the idea of doing this analysis and saying why this and that was cut. I just figure what I'd be adding would be taking away more than adding. So thank you for your advice. You have given me something to think about. And thank you for being a fan.


I didn't like it as much IMHO. I like the slow pacing.


Yeah the regular series are way too slow, but this is pretty fast. Would love to see their reactions a bit more


good , now try to remove the scripted bs, ngood luck w/that 1


Video length without scripted bs: 0:00




something about these shows always kinda feels gross. People acting like vultures over someone elses belongings, maybe not even dead. I mean some of these things may not have been worth much, but they're sneered at for not being 'valuable'.


Yes but they didn’t pay their fees for keeping them in storage. Storage company has to make the money back somehow.


No I understand that. Its not like it's *wrong* for the company to sell off the locker, I think its more the presentation of it and how the 'contestants' act, you know?


Personally I think the people on the show are trash, https://www.nydailynews.com/snyde/ny-storage-wars-star-domestic-violence-20210518-67jnbb2arfgajbu4yrf5ywidya-story.html


This is saved for later as I’m genuinely interested now. What a novel idea.


Reminds me of [quick mysteries] (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F3UHM5g5bEg)


cool so Reddit we doing Storage Wars speed runs now?


I also watched this at 1.75x


Ouch this hurt my head.


Never seen the show, but some of the prices these folks are claiming are total bullshit.


It was unnecessary to speed up the auctioneers voice to save time.


Great but how could this possibly be legal lol


This is cool and a good idea but imo every time I see a video like this they take out too much. The endless recapping and repeating before and after ad breaks are the fluff, I don't think meeting the contestants and getting a little context is. This is still much better than the original obviously


Me and my flatmate watched all 9 episodes of the the rock's "The Titan Games" in about an hour by skipping all the fluff in between the actual obstacle course runs...


Storage wars episodes speed runs. LETS GOOOOOOO


-Opens box- "Hmm...wonder what's inside? OH. MY. GAWD..." -5 minutes of commercials, followed by the exact same scene as before commercial.- "Oh. It's empty."


If took the time he may have serval hunderd maybe even a thousand dollars in ps2 games. PS2 are rare enough now that finding old copies of games is hard.


$450 for those little skulls, the pendulum and the falling apart sickle? GTFO


I ain’t never seen a black skeleton head


Pretty entertaining ngl.. most definitely not with all the fluff though


My PVR'd Masterchef episodes take ten minutes to watch 60 min show.


I appreciate this edit.


I would of suggest to check British shows. Less stupid fluff and less fake dramatic moments, drama. Usually feels much more informative and more honest.