Just look up smoothie recipes on the web, then add your vanilla protein powder to any of them.


I'd just mix it in with a better tasting protein powder.


No bake Pumpkin pie with coconut cream, agave to taste and the protein powder. Add your spices in a blender or mixer with the coconut cream agave and the protein powder. Combine in mixer. Fold in the pumpkin. You can do minis in cupcake liners, just put a layer of your favorite vegan cookie crushed up or I have a crumble I make all the time for my vegan pies/cheesecakes (dates, raw quinoa, oats, coarse turbinado sugar and grated ginger, blitz in food processor until combined.) top with coconut whipped cream and a pinch of nutmeg or allspice as garnish. I’d do a small batch to make sure the protein powder isn’t super overpowering.


My go-to smoothie is 1 banana, cup of red berries, cup of spinach, vanilla protein, 1 teaspoon turmeric, small piece of ginger and some water/plant based milk


Well probably anything with a strong chocolate flavour. Personally if it tastes bad I wouldn't use it.


I think it would kind of help to know what you consider a bad taste. Is it bitter? Does it just have a really strong vegetal taste? What does it taste like? Then we could try to move in the opposite direction to counteract specific flavors


Protein cookies


I’m sorry but I think it’s hard to mask a bad flavor. Personally I wouldn’t use something good to try to fix it either. You might end up throwing the good out with the bad.


banana bread is my go-to for protein powder I don’t like the taste of


I usually add a ton of peanut butter to my protein shake when I don’t like the flavor, sometimes a couple drops of vanilla or mint extract. Peanut butter “perfect bars” are also easy to make and mask the flavor pretty well.