Little boy with cancer is sitting in a parking lot waiting for admittance because hospitals are overloaded with the unvaccinated.

Little boy with cancer is sitting in a parking lot waiting for admittance because hospitals are overloaded with the unvaccinated.


My husband is a two time cancer survivor, this breaks my heart


two times? what a fucking trooper


Thanks! He really is! And a friendly reminder that if you are a beholder of testicles, make sure you feel them up regularly, testicle cancer is easily treatable if you catch it early!


Thank you, I'll make sure to fondle my balls regularly from now on. Tell your husband I have mad respect for him!


My mum beat breast cancer twice, so everyone be sure to feel their boobs up regularly too!


My mom too!


Was it testicular cancer both times? My husband is a survivor of testicular cancer. They are pretty good about keeping an eye on him with yearly checkups.


It was, but it had moved up into his abdomen the second time, and his recurrence was extremely rare as it happened 10 years out when his checkups had been down to once or twice a year. The doctor we worked with was the guy who treated Lance Armstrong and basically created the cure for testicular cancer said he’s only know like four other people ever to have a recurrence this far out so… we just won the lottery I guess?


Another option is to have a loved one (intimate loved one that is) do it for you! Make a chore into fun. 😁 Yes I’m a perv. 😉 But seriously, a good thing to do whether the testicle owner or the testicle partner. 👍


Me and my husband does this, i check his testicles, he checks my breasts :D It can turn really fun XD


Thank you for being gender neutral in your language!


IKR? ☹️


Sometime in 2020 someone posted a picture of a very elderly person struggling to buy food at the grocery store because everyone else had selfishly stockpiled everything in a quarantine panic. That picture and this picture… they’ve broken my heart into so many little pieces. I never had much faith in other people but whatever little I cultivated by lying to myself… it’s gone now. It’s painful knowing there are so many people suffering and dying, people whose lives are being destroyed unnecessarily. They’re suffering because some people feel entitled to exert their stupidity. Their right to be a moron supersedes vulnerable people’s right to live. It just makes no sense.


I remember that picture. We went out and bought 80 rolls of TP and dropped it off at the local women's/children's center. I'll wipe my ass with leaves before I take from the less fortunate.


Bless you. The thought of an elderly person going hungry makes me so, so sad. Things like that were the whole reason I took some time during quarantine to start engaging in community efforts to provide for those who are struggling — with food, toilet paper, or even just companionship & compassion. And whenever this pandemic ends, I’ll still be volunteering, giving my extra produce to the community fridge, and donating whatever I can spare to mutual aid funds and the like. The world might be a shitty place but that’s why I aim to be kind.


Thank you- and bless you. When the pandemic first hit, we were in the process of moving. I didn't know how to connect with people in our new community while still staying safe, so I started food drives from my home. I create Amazon wish lists and people shop and have the items sent to my house. I then drop them off at various food pantries. I did the same in the spring with Easter Baskets for the local children advocacy center that supports abused kids. Keep doing the amazing job that you're doing. You're servicing those in need, and they appreciate everything you're doing. I'm the same- I'll continue to help out even after the pandemic. Lately I've had less time to do food drives because I'm a writer and editor and took on more projects, so I started to donate any extra cash each month. I want to make sure I'm doing my part regardless. I've got a roof over my head and food in my kid's belly. I want to do whatever I can to help those around me. You sound like a great person. Thank you for doing what you do. We're all in this together.


Thank you, I didn’t know I needed to hear that so much today. Your community is lucky to have you. I feel the same way about things — my household is taken care of, so whatever we don’t need we share with those in need. In the midsts of so much horror and sadness in the world, I’m just going to keep holding on to little things, like your kind words, and let those things build me up and to encourage me to keep that little flame of hope burning bright. Maybe it’s stupid but I really believe that the kindness we show each other can change the world. And I hope it does. Until then though, I’m right here with you in solidarity. We are all in this together — those of us that choose to live in reality that is lol.


Thank you so much for the kind words, and I truly hope I was able to help make you feel better as well. Your community is lucky to have you as well! And it's not stupid at all! We can change the world with kindness, even if it's just one person we affect. Lately I've been struggling with the selfishness I see on social media, and the posts like these that absolutely gut me. Anything with children keeps me up at night. When I talk to people like you- kind, honest people- it reminds me there's still good in the world. So thank you, too. I see my neighbors refusing to wear masks and literally cutting one another down, and I think, how will you act around each other in a year (or however long) when things settle down and you see each other at a community event? Will you pretend the horrible things you said to one another didn't occur? I was terrified of getting the vaccine, but I knew my reasons were unwarranted. I'd come onto threads like these and see these sick children and I thought, what the hell am I doing? I need to get vaccinated to do my part. Plus I'm breastfeeding and was told my son can get antibodies through me. That was all the reason I needed to get vaccinated, yet people won't even wear a mask to protect the defenseless. It can be a sad world, but I know there's plenty of good out there. It's refreshing to meet people like you. You're definitely not alone, and you're doing a fantastic job. I grew up in low income housing with my single mother, so thank you for giving back and helping out in the community. We plan to homeschool so when my son is older, he can learn the value of volunteering (a lot of homeschool communities are heavily involved with volunteering since there's more flexibility during the day). God bless you and stay safe ❤️ and prayers for those who can't protect themselves.


It is sad, and I really hate hearing about people, especially kids struggling because of others decisions. I try to remember that there are good people out there, and not everyone is like this; it's just presenting itself more and more these days.


Why are the willingly unvaccinated getting help before literally anyone else? They should be last on the list.


I said this a long time ago and was mostly compared to a Nazi, but I think just like no fly lists, if you willfully choose not to get vaccinated, than your hospital bed is not guaranteed. Some 30 year old “patriot” is avoidably sick wasting resources while this kid suffers.


The real tyranny, the actual violation of human rights, is that healthcare workers have to take care of these people.


And those healthcare workers get sick and die. My EMT friend got hospitalized for over a month. Didn’t so much as get workman’s comp because of some bullshit where she couldn’t prove she didn’t catch Covid while in the hospital. During the time she was on a ventilator because of Covid.


I’ve been saying this a lot. I’m biased, because I am a healthcare worker, but COVID deniers really are a multilayer asshole cake. There’s the surface level where they reject reality and waste time and energy fighting proven things like disease theory and basic biology. There’s the community layer where they drag us all down because we can’t escape inflated infection rates and continue to all suffer preventative measures and restrict our travel and social gatherings (while they don’t) as we attempt to get this under control. There’s the layer where they get sick and drain resources that could have been spent on those who came by their infection through no fault of their own or other healthcare conditions taking a back burner because ICU and all the beds are even more stuffed full than usual. Then, there’s the shit icing here where the healthcare teams are forced to take the brunt of your shit morals and turn them into empathetic healthcare as they continuously pull people out of the river while they are forced to watch many drown in agony and come right back to work the next day. The trauma these people have endured in the name of serving and helping is a burden that can and does cost people their mental health and their career. Meanwhile, an uncomfortable amount of idiots effectively tell them they know nothing about their profession and have wasted their lives learning medicine, then turn around and scream SAVE ME when the shit hits the fan. What an awful, awful position they put their healthcare workers in.


RT here and I fully back this statement. It’s fucking infuriating.


Thanks for doing what you do, I see a lot of colleagues who are fatigued and traumatized and somebody needs to speak up for them


God bless you for doing the work you do, and a huge thank you. I could never do what you do. I'd have been fired at the start of all this, and if I wasn't, I'd be fired now for telling a bunch of fuck wits to stop being selfish twats. So, again, thank you.


Appreciate it, we’re all doing the best we can, I don’t work ICU or ED where I bet it is much more taxing, so I want to advocate for them as they debrief with me and I’m sickened by how glib some people are with his issue when good healthcare teams are just destroyed with fatigue and trauma


I can't even imagine. I forget who I was arguing with- I think a former teacher I used to work with- about not being vaccinated and then seeking medical attention. I (shittily) explained that just because someone went into healthcare for a profession doesn't mean they have to needlessly risk their lives (and their families lives) because they're selflessly working around unvaccinated pricks day in and day out. Seriously, thank you and thank you to your colleagues for the work you do. Thank you for tolerating the insufferable asshats of the world and keeping the rest of us safe.


THIS! I’m so done pulling punches when it comes to these people.


Physician here that just finished a week on the COVID surge team created just to care for the extra patients. Depressing, draining, and worst of all utterly preventable


Hope you have a safe place to debrief and supports available when you need them. Thanks for your work and your efforts, it is appreciated by a lot of people you’ll never see in acute care in addition to those you are caring for


I hope Covid races through these people like a house fire with all the windows open. I'm tired of these openly hostile and selfish people. They do nothing in the name of liberty. It's all to save face because they refuse to let others "tell them what to do." If they didn't care about Covid, why take Ivermectin? The difference is that the Ivermectin was their idea, and thus tolerable. I hope these people burn out fast and hard. I no longer care how they are stopped, they have no compassion for anyone else and I will not waste mine on them. People say they are being tricked and we should feel bad for them being led astray. These people dismiss the effects of Covid and say that they shouldn't care because "well, I'm healthy, so I don't have to worry. If you're worried about the virus, maybe YOU should not go out." So sorry not sorry, I only feel bad for the health care workers and the unsuspecting public who risk their lives having to interact with you. On another note, what's something that regular citizens can do to make life a little better for Healthcare workers right now? I want them to know that we appreciate them and their efforts. I have a sister who works on a Covid floor and it is exhausting and extremely stressful and awful every single day.


Good idea re - your sister. My two cents is that a good portion of this support needs to come from their department - they need debriefing, counseling, and to know that it’s ok to NOT be ok. They are tired and may be burnt out. From the public side, I think that gestures that remind them that they are valued and that the work they are doing is important. In my area, things like coffee cards for the department (loaded and ready to go) or nice lotions for the department (because they’re washing their hands a million times a day) can be nice, especially accompanied by a card. There was a lot of goodwill at the beginning of the pandemic for healthcare staff but it dissipated and the pandemic raged on. While I think the whole “you’re superheroes” thing can be a bit problematic (they’re people, they have limits, and we need to support that) it’s still good to remind them that we are thankful for them and we take them and the work they are doing seriously. Sorry, that’s probably not specific, but hopefully gives you a place to work from?


Send snacks. Seriously, healthcare workers love food from family members.


I really wish this comment was higher up. You have managed to express, very eloquently, the feelings I have held towards the purposefully unvaccinated (aka the FreeDUMB crowd) for so long. I'm not a health care worker, I am just a guy sick of all of the bullshit over the past year and half that has been perpetuated by the unvaccinated. Its the tragedy of the commons, but with diseases. These people either don't know or are too indifferent to care about how their selfishness and destructive misinformation harms the rest of us.


Thanks, appreciate your words and I’m glad that even though it was a rant it came through as coherent. I’m trying really hard to maintain my empathy - I work a lot in the opioid crisis and seeing how cold and uncaring our systems and communities are around people who use drugs and then the COVID epidemic have made that difficult. I was glad to find this community and I’m glad to be reminded of folks like you - that many of us are tired and frustrated but that we’re here to keep fighting against misinformation and generally just give a shit. Edit - I can’t figure out how to PM you, so thanks for the award as well




Totally agree with you. Not vaccinated? Get the fuck out. A sick child needs the bed.


We should turn some of those megachurches into unvaccinated hospital wards where your treatment is freedom, thoughts, prayers, and guns. If you got vaxxed and had a breakthrough, you can go to a real hospital.


You’re right and you should say it!


The problem with that, imho, is that if we don't treat these fucks then they will continue to spread it.


Not if they're dead..


Right so they'll spread it to the people that are around them while they try to cure them with bleach and then those people will go on to spread it to several more people and so on.


Death rates are dipping, might be running out of unvaxxed to kill as it won't kill them all.


We can hope! Thoughts and prayers.


Some people are more equal then others, ehh? Yes, that is a socialist idea. I won't compare you to a Nazi. But it's destructive thinking that separates people into lesser and better. I could explain how it could be expanded upon to mean literal death to x group of people, but I think you can do that. The question is if you are ok with the death of a group of people you see as the enemy of society.


It’s different when you give all people the ability access to the exact same services as long as they do their part. If they literally can’t because it endangers them - then a *real* doctor can provide an exemption on whatever *real medical-based* grounds apply. It would be an entirely different thing if we said “nope, only people who are under the age of 60 and were born in the US can get covid treatment in a hospital”. *This* is placing more value on a specific group of people.


My mom, bless her heart, blamed this on the vaccinated.... Here's her logic: vaccinated people can still get and transmit the virus. Vaccinated people started going out more after getting the vaccine, and they started mingling around unvaccinated people. Then they gave the virus to unvaccinated people somehow? Idk that part's murky. I was a little incredulous when she told me this thought. I love my mom, but yikes. Also, she's probably going to get vaccinated because now she's more afraid of.the virus than she is of the vaccine, but she's kind of huffing and puffing about it.


Update us next week how the same she feels to right now after she finally gets vaccinated. I have no tolerance/understanding/time for the unvaccinated.


Same. I lost patience for them a long time ago and actually stopped talking to unvaccinated friends of mine because I'm tired.of their "right" and "feelings", especially when I see posts like this. There's one friend I can't shake but she's a teacher and unvaccinated and children with cancer DO go to school when they feel well enough, and I told her she's selfish if she continues to work around these kids without the vaccine. She's like, but I stay home. No you don't. You go to work. Outside your house. Anyways, she's actively looking for new employment because our governor said get vaccinated or get the fuck out. Finally someone with some sense.


i have a friend like that. I knew she had an appointment for the vaccine and when i asked the other day how it went, she said she didnt go because she doesnt want to. Its her right and decision. But she has asthma and gets a vaccine every year for the cold. Like what the fuck. I was so angry and about to cut contact with her but i cant and I feel bad. For now I just know that I wont meet up with her because my aunt is a cancer patient and I dont want to put her at risk. I tried to explain everything in detail, how it works etc. but she wouldnt listen. She just said I get you but I dont want to. Like? Whatever.


"Vaccine shedding" is a myth anti vaxxed like to use to pretend the vaxxed are more dangerous


I think it’s timing. They got there first. But at this point I’d rather see those unvaccinated by choice being refused medical care. Unfortunately that’s not what healthcare providers do.


Anti-vaxxers have ALREADY refused treatment. They don't get to change their mind because they have spread a deadly disease and don't feel well. It's not refusing them treatment, it's respecting their choice to opt out of medical treatment (which starts with vaccines) for Covid. Until they have a negative test done by the hospital, we should respect their wishes and let them fight Covid with their natural 'defenses'


They should obviously be forced in isolation if they are sick.


And prayers.


Hospitals can start choosing to triage and put all the antivaxx into "red" Or just start putting a sign outside "ER for vaccinated only"


I could see the first happening, but a sign outside wouldn’t stop anyone who chose to be unvaccinated from seeking help. They would likely lie. I don’t always go to the ER where I work, but the last time I did, I heard the ER doc counsel the patient on getting vaccinated. There was no force, no cajoling, just stating facts. I wonder if that person did decide to get vaccinated.


My thought was for states to choose one large hospital and designate that one the "Unvaxxed COVID hospital". You could even allow the unvaccinated nurses to work there so that they're not interacting with other types of patients, but they get to keep their "freedom" act up. Granted, if they get it and the hospital has no beds, they'll be out in the tented parking lot, but it would keep our cancer wards and people with heart attacks and the people from car wrecks from having no where to go. (Disclaimer: This does not apply to children since they have no choice nor to anyone who can't get vaccinated. They can have beds at other hospitals.)


Unfortunately this really isn’t practical. Where I live there is only one real hospital on the island. (Other facilities are long term care.) So it wouldn’t work here.


Which is fair. I more meant in places it would work. In places that are islands or the like, it would be a lot more difficult.


Well, O’ahu has several hospitals. Kaua'i and Maui have just has one real hospital each and the Big Island has 3 but, it’s the Big Island, everything is far apart. The smaller outer Hawaiian islands don’t really have hospitals. Small ones at best, but anything critical gets airlifted out. And there is only one trauma hospital for the entire state.


Right. I don't want to end up hurting all of Hawaii. That is so not the goal. The goal is to open hospitals up to other people who need it. So, if this would end up hurting Hawaii as a whole, then a new plan would be needed.


We’re already amongst the highest infection rates in the country. ☹️ My initial thought was tourists because tourism is at an all-time high, but most (though not all) are actually from local people going to the mainland and returning. I think vaccination rates are around 55%, but don’t quote me on that.


Shit. I am so sorry. Try to stay safe!


Yeah, I have to. I work with high risk patients. Thank you for the sentiment! It’s very much appreciated. 🤙 (<— Shaka)


Hope they get a massive dept though.


What sucks in this situation is that if the kid is at a children’s hospital, it isn’t the kids fault that they’re sick and/or unvaccinated. We can’t punish kids because their parents wouldn’t get them vaccinated (age allowing, of course) or because their parents wouldn’t do their part to minimize the risk to their household. That’s what pissed me off so much about the kids in this situation - it’s not their fault that the grown ups can’t get their fucking act together. And they’re still paying the price.


Absolutely agree. If they want to exercise their right to not get vaccinated then the healthcare system should be able to choose to treat those who have no choice in their sickness.


Mostly agree. There should be a priority system. A cancer patient should be higher than a covid patient imo. I know there are a lot of bad cases but frankly theres no reason to fill hospitals with anti vaxxers. Im not vaccinated and personally don't plan to. But I also recognize that if I get covid it is on me regardless of why I didn't get the vaccine. And would not be willing to stay at a hospital and take a spot that belongs to someone who didn't have a choice of being there.


Doesn't trust science and medicine unless they are dying


Dont help them


Expect triage happens and those without vaccine usually have worse symptoms and bumps them to front of the line for a tube down their throat... Which eats up ICU space.




False equivalence. Lifestyle choices aren't horribly contagious and solvable with a free vaccine.


Lifestyle choice is not the same as vaccine choice. Nice try though




You can limit your risk of many diseases by lifestyle choices, but even the healthiest people still get diabetes and heart disease.


I suppose that it’s a question of if one believes more in fairness or in practicality. With the eye of fairness, I suppose that hospitals *would* refuse treatment for self-inflicted health issues, *if* hospital beds are full. IMO antivaxxers should still be treated if there’s space, but they shouldn’t be allowed to deprive innocent people of hospital beds. But that’s beside the point. With the eye of practicality, lives would be weighed by who has the most potential to contribute to society. In that case, one could make a good point that an anti-vaxxer is not interested in the wellbeing of society to a greater degree than, say, an obese person (which is also linked to genetics), and thus would not be prioritized over someone dying from something they took precautions against, or someone who contributes a lot to society. I suppose that by the same argument, someone who does not work to prevent being hospitalized would also be weighted lower. But the main flaw with this whole argument is that both options are highly subjective. The hand of the law must be steady, even if it means sacrificing the discerning eye of reason. As is, mere laws cannot make these sorts of difficult moral decisions, and leaving it up to a subjective ruler is flawed for obvious reasons. But, there *is* an obvious solution. Society lives on a certain amount of mutual trust- for example, if someone wants to utilize a bank, take out a loan, etc., they must provide the bank with a certain level of personal information. One is not forced to share their personal information, but then they cannot utilize the bank. Fair enough, right? It’s the same with the healthcare system. Ignoring the possibility that vaccines reduce infection rates, and assuming that they only effect hospitalization rates, one could choose to deny the vaccine. By doing so, they are ignoring the healthcare system. Shouldn’t they then be then refused priority when they get sick? What’s important is that expectations are pre-established.


https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicholasreimann/2021/08/19/vaccination-status-may-be-considered-to-get-icu-beds-at-dallas-area-hospitals-if-covid-spread-worsens/ How it should be


Yup, especially since the vaccine is readily available and one can get it almost anywhere. If you are of age and decide not to get it, then you should not get a bed over this kid.


Yet for some reason we are supposed to respect the decisions of antivaxxers and maskless freaks. For some reason they are allowed to kill innocent children and we have to respect them for doing it.


Really? I make fun of those idiots every chance I get


Yep. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.


I don’t respect them. Especially the ones I’m related to. I refer to them as “moron”, “childish”, “delusional”, “selfish”, and “idiot” as often as I can.


Same. I don't care if they say "you bullying me won't make me change my mind." I'm not trying to change their minds anymore. It's been too long. Doctors, scientists, and public figures are trying to change their mind and are way more qualified than I am. I'm just trying to hammer home how utterly detestable these volunteer plague rats are.


Same. My parents won't get vaccinated and I never miss an opportunity to remind them what prigs they are (they don't stay home) and how selfish they're being. We also refuse to let them see our child.


Hey. This was posted August 21. Anyone know how this little guy made out? Read a terrible story yesterday about a veteran who died of a treatable issue b/c he couldn’t get a bed. I live near a major military base. A handful of my neighbors are fully on the “freedom from the evil vaccine” train. I could send them this but they won’t see it. Kid didn’t ask for cancer. The unvaccinated are practically begging to get COVID.


Absolutely disgusting. But sadly it probably won't change the minds of these selfish assholes. Every unvaccinated (the antivaxxers, not the people who can not get the vaccine for official medical/allergy-related reasons) person should have to sign a paper that says they refuse any kind of intensive care or emergency care in case of contracting severe Covid-19. If you're too stupid to live, you die. That's it. It's better in the country I live in, but at least some antivaxxers are everywhere, sadly.


“Making their own choices” this is horrific. Poor baby


This is where I ask, is it their right? You don't have a right to drive drunk, you don't have a right to abuse or kill or neglect, then why do you have the right to do something that we KNOW causes death and neglect and suffering? No one has that right. It isn't freedom they are expressing because it is taking away the freedom of others. No one has that right.


This is beyond heartbreaking. 🥺 Every asshole screeching about their rights need to open their eyes and realize this isn’t about individual rights, this is about life for everyone.


But they can't. They are sociopaths.


I don’t know if I would call all of them sociopaths, although I’m certain some are, but they are self-centered lowlifes who won’t think beyond their own interests. Even if you show them proof of the detrimental side of their actions, most would continue to exist in denial. It’s frustrating and sad. ☹️


If you choose not to get vaccinated, you should sign a form saying you're okay with not receiving covid-treatment at hospitals. Then science can help those who trust in them and those who aren't a danger to the people around them.


That might also help them see the light. Where I used to live they were evacuating for a hurricane, there were people who refused to leave. When the last buses were leaving for shelters, volunteers went out with body tags asking those insisting on staying to fill in one and attach it to themselves before the hurricane started. They said it would make identifying their bodies much easier. When presented with such a harsh picture of their own mortality most got on the buses.


Oh man, to be a fly on the front door at one of those interactions


Wow. That’s horrifying and brilliant at the same time.


This is fixing to play out again right now with Ida. Write your name and social on your arms and legs if you stay.


Then there are those who create their own “science” and “facts.” Like in 6 years, everyone who is vaccinated will be dead. Or they're are going to get covid and die. One person said that vaccinated should all start killing each other to progress the effects of the shot. Some people just won't listen and rather stay ignorant.




Addiction is a mental health issue. Obesity is a complex condition that can be caused by many things other than diet. Getting Covid by refusing a vaccine when you can is a stupidity issue. A lot of these antivax people are the people who advocate actively for not helping drug addicts. Besides, in the US we already do this. It's called triage. Our healthcare system is overburdened and you can only stretch resources so thin before they're no longer of use to anybody.


Ok, New rule, if you refuse the vaccine you're not allowed to go to the hospital for covid treatment. Stay your ass at home and out of the way. You don't believe in covid, it's a hoax right? The vaccine has microchips in it right? Well the ventilation system and iv fluids have microchips too as far as your concerned. This is absolutely the most hypocritical thing you can do, deny a vaccine and then clog up the health system wit yo STUPID ass. Im talking to you karen!


Unfortunately these assholes would just say and believe they got pneumonia or whatever and it’s completely unrelated to their COVID diagnosis 🙄


Absolutely disgusting - that family has far too much to worry about as it is. I’m irate every time I hear about seriously ill people being denied care because of COVID patients. That little boy should have priority over someone who willfully put themselves in that position.


Fuck me, this makes me maaad. What is life.


I want to cry, this is too heartbreaking. I'm sick of selfish people


Freedom is freedom until it infringes on someone else’s freedom. I thought that was the rule.


Exactly. That's why driving drunk is illegal. We know that refusing to vaccinate causes needless death. That should be the end of the argument.


Yeah. Fuck these conservatives sense freedom. Misinformation and bullshit floating around is what got my grandma killed. She believed this was a hoax from the second Trump said it. Granted, I don’t see her the same as all these other younger assholes. She was a nearly 80-year-old woman who wasn’t as sharp as she used to be. But she was taken advantage of by conservatives that wanted to maintain control no matter what, and now I’ve lost one of the most important women in my life. So fuck these people down to their core. fuck how *American* they think it is to wear a mask or get the jab. I hope they burn in hell.


It is if you aren't a sociopath. But we have enabled a culture of sociopaths.


Unvaccinated patients should be denied healthcare, it’s common sense. Their arguments don’t support science so why should those in the scientific field aid them with the knowledge of science if they are taking up resources for patients who need help and are more likely to be vaccinated and respect protocols.


The crazy thing is there are a lot of stories from nurses where once they're in the beds they're demanding horse drugs, etc. Take up a bed and then try to refuse actual treatment. SMH.


Horse Drugs… they would take that but not the vaccine? Even though vaccines have been required by educational institutions for decades to even attend school ?? it frustrates me that they are taking up resources!!!


Yep. Had a 28 year old admitted with Covid. Refused all treatment. Well, why did you come here?




We need covid-19 hospitals


Yes. Honestly what we need are special Covid hospital tents just for those who refuse to get vaccinated because they don't trust the science or whatever dumbass reason. The only people who should be allowed in the hospital with the virus are those who got it because for legit medical reasons they were unable to get vaccinated, kids, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Also those tents should provide the very bare minimum of care to those idiots. Save the beds in the hospitals for people who need it. I have no real patience for anti-vaxxers.


And they should be staffed by the fake doctors on YouTube and Facebook spreading the misinformation


Also the people taking ivermectin should have their own tent that is staffed by people who barely made it through med school or people who learned medicine from Facebook.


And their own buckets to keep the bathrooms from.being overwhelmed 😂 I've heard of people shitting themselves from the drug lmaooo


I have too. They need to start making more adult diapers. They also are going to need to get the old decommissioned life support systems for those who fall into comas. Not the good ones. I'm talking the really ancient barely working ones.


It's funny. One of the highly-active strong proponents on /r/ivermectin describes themselves as a "failed med student" while soliciting dates with 16 year olds. Prime staffing candidate!


Perhaps, the doctors should be horses.


non vaxxed nurses.


Before Covid, my grandpa passed from Cancer. I can't even begin to fathom how upset and stressed this mother / father is. All because people are like, "wearing a mask infringes my rights!" And "The vaccine will kill you!" Shut your mouth Karen, wear a mask, and get the jab. Don't want to get the jab? Cool. Just stop coughing in people's faces, because you could give a little boy with cancer Covid and he won't make it out. Wear your fucking masks when you go out.




This is truely heartbreaking


I wanna give him a hug


I can’t imagine the anger this parent is feeling. I would loose my mind.


Better sit in the car than intermingling with the covid patients. That’s how my mom passed this winter, we all got sick from her getting her first round of treatments during Christmas time. We even held off Christmas til the 28th because she was hospitalized getting her treatments then we all got covid when she came home for Christmas (still so happy we got to have Christmas) however she only made it til February 1st on the ventilator with no chance of recovery. Overall, hospitals suck for cancer patients during these times.


I can understand why some people refuse to get the vaccine. I don’t agree with them, but I get it. What I don’t understand is why a hospital would prioritize an unvaccinated COVID patient over this boy. Would anybody know the answer to that?


Children should take precedence. Period. Not vaccinated? Go find a shaman to fucking cure what ails you. This breaks my heart to see/read. Prayers for this child and that people start doing the right thing and getting vaccinated to protect our most vulnerable. I'm a shut in. I won't lie. Know why I'm vaccinated? On the slim chance I could go to the grocery store unvaccinated, get covid, and possibly give it to someone immunocompromised. I leave my house once a month and even I'm vaccinated. These pieces of shit need to do the right fucking thing already.


If i was a nurse there id feel tempted to ask each patients who won the 2020 elections. Those that still really believe trump won will be kicked out of the hospital.


Don't these Qanon chucklefucks always say things like "freedom isn't free"? Turns out it could be, with a no cost covid vaccine.


Not everyone else...anti-vaxxing, anti-masking, neo-Nazi, biological terrorists intentionally spreading disease and death. It's long past time that we took action against them and their murderous beliefs.


This is heartbreaking, I can't believe how broken the healthcare system is and how selfish Anti-Vaxxers are. A situation like this didn't have to happen.


TURN AWAY ALL THE UNVACCINATED INSTEAD (except those unvaxed toe to medical reasons). you chose to skip the vaccine---you get what you get, no sympathy here..


To anyone who thinks it's "unpatriotic" to wear a mask or get vaccinated because the government is telling you to: patriotism doesn't mean defying the government at every turn. Patriotism means being ten steps ahead of the government, doing those things because they help your fellow man *without needing to be told in the first place.*


the only drug for animals that can help me now is ketamine


this is disgusting, i hope he was able to get his help. i don’t know why people don’t get vaccinated, it costs nothing.


My three month old spent 8 days in a coma on a ventilator then another 6 on high flow oxygen this month due to RSV. They had to get us out ASAP because of how full they were, so she didn’t get to stay long enough to slowly wean off the fentanyl/morphine/ativan they had used to keep her sedated. So my literal INFANT, who already almost died, went into full on opioid withdrawals with us at home and nowhere for us to go for help. It was agonizing and there was nothing we could do for her but hold her while she wailed in pain for days. FUCK everyone responsible for this. We did our part. We got vaccinated, we wear masks, we stay home. Yet when our newborn baby needed more care, they had no choice but to abandon us because they knew it wouldn’t kill her, she’d just suffer. A lot. There are people in my life that I will never forgive for their contribution to this shit show.


My friend has gotten covid twice and refuses to wear a mask. I’ve tried to reason with him but you just can’t, it’s heartbreaking


Get your fking vaccines you covidiots


Is Erica's cold an actual type of illness or is that just the name of his sister


I went to the hospital three weeks ago after a bike accident with a concussion. It took over 8 hours to see me because they were overloaded. I have been told I missed a crucial diagnostic window to determine the severity of my concussion due to this.


When can we round up the unvaccinated and put them in camps?


We live in the country and have nurses and doctors come to our home. Is that not a option?


Poor lil guy. I hope he feels better soon. ❤️


Kids with cancer are never overweight. This is alopecia.


Yeah because the oncology department is overloaded with covid patients... saying that this is what freedom looks like, is completely pro authoritarian propaganda, but that’s not surprising because a cursory view of your profile shows that you have little genuine empathy for others.


Any further reading on this? Kinda hard to believe it as it is just some picture with text under. I call it fake.


I'm on a 7 day ban from FB posting this...


FB has the worst moderation. I got a comment marked as spam when I linked actual UN development goals to refute a NWO conspiracy.


Is the kid wearing a moon man shirt?


Before "Moon Man" became a rather unfortunate thing, that character was just a McDonald's mascot. It's covered by the seat belt but the text of the shirt says "Mac Tonight", which was the characters name. It was a play on ~~Jack~~ Mack the Knife and he'd sing about burgers to the tune of that song. Fun Fact: This was Doug Jones' first acting gig.


I’m fortunate to live in a country where we don’t have this kind of thing regularly happen, but I wholly empathise with this boy. It happened similarly to me with a very aggressive case of bronchitis that could have turned to pneumonia; had to wait for antibiotics to be delivered and it was supposedly a really short time limit to catch it in.


This is heartbreaking.




I wonder what on Earth could possibly make healthcare workers start quitting 541 days into a hoax?




I pray he gets the help he needs




Sadly the easiest way to get into an overcrowded hospital is to call an ambulance just to wait in a hallway.


Discusting 😥


I'm not going to make it through this time sober.


he looks like he eats well!








You're a miserable human being. This kid is bloated from the steroids given him to treat his cancer.