Motorcyclist dies after Burnaby hit-and-run collision | CBC News

Motorcyclist dies after Burnaby hit-and-run collision | CBC News


Vancouver is the only place I know where so many people get away with hit and runs. It’s getting ridiculous


Cheaper than paying the insurance I guess. I've had 2 hit and runs so far.. First was in a parking lot with my car parked they took out the front end of my car. Second they tried to run.. But I caught their licence plate and they got a visit from the RCMP.


Yeah but in this case they killed a man! I mean it’s a crime and they should get at least 10 years in prison for this. Not only they killed someone but they flew the scene. The crown must assume they were drunk or drugged and increase the charge for that as well. Why is the legal system such a joke these days?!


10 years ha! I doubt a repeat offender has ever gotten that much. Don’t do any googling about this topic because it’ll make your blood boil.


10 years is a lot of time. Seriously. Imagine being in quarantine not allowed to leave your house for ten years. One year was bad enough and we got to go out for groceries and eventually see family and friends.


Id take that over prison any day, the two aren’t even close.


My point wasn't that they are. My point is that 10yrs is actually a lot of time.


I’m relation to ending a life and running away… does not seem heavy at all


Or looking at it another way, it's like 12% of your life in prison for killing someone. Not much when you look at it like that.


I don't agree with and eye for an eye justice, and thankfully, contrary to public opinion, most professionals in law agree.


What does that have to do with what we were talking about? 12% of your life for killing someone isn't actually a lot of time, imo.


So you’re helping their case no? 10 years of prison is quite a bit given that you would take 10 years of quarantine any day over prison.






The issue in canada is that if you kill someone while driving, the car is legally not viewed as a “weapon”. Even if you kill someone while driving dangerously. You will just get a dangerous driving ticket. This won’t happen is the US. There, killing someone while driving leads to jail time because a car will be viewed as a weapon. Just google search the Audi driving north bound on oak street through the intersection of 41st Ave 3/4yrs ago. You g guy hit a car going something like 120/hr in a 50 zone and killed the doctor in the other car. The Audi driver just got a dangerous driving ticket and a short term licence suspension


Yah driver will flee then go chug some booze and pull a Monty.


More likely that they have insurance, just either panicked, or think they can get away with it. Driving around without insurance is so, SO dumb. Police cars have scanners constantly looking up every plate that passes them by, and they are notified if plates come back uninsured. You WILL get caught driving without insurance and your vehicle will be impounded.


There are so many people who drive without valid insurance, it’s really dumb.


Not quite every police car


It's stupid to drive without insurance, but it happens... I forgot to re-insure. I drove for 3 weeks with expired insurance including to Bellingham and back. Maybe I got lucky.


Problem is there are too many people doing this and far too few being caught by police, which just emboldens them to keep doing it.


I mean even if they get caught there's no actual consequences. Like 1500 fine and on your way


1500 for killing someone in a traffic accident?! I wonder why gangs bother using guns


I guess their car insurance go up. It is a car accident.


There was a tip from an old rider in Reddit saying, try not to ride at night. Even if they do have lights, it's still difficult to make out that is a motorcycle and it's dimensions.


A different report said the RCMP found a bumper around the corner which is what led them to first believe it was a hit and run. Odds are there's a plate attached to that bumper.


Hope they turn themselves in.


I keep thinking about buying a motorcycle as my midlife crisis thing… then see stories like this.


Do what I did and buy an airbag and full armored leathers. The airbag will give you a fighting chance in most crashes. Only thing you can do for your head is buy the best helmet available, and there's been good improvements in that field recently. Still, you're not invincible, but the airbag does really help.


Where is the airbag deployed?


The module is built into the CE-2 back protector and the inflated airbag bladders wrap around your neck (prevents whiplash), ribs, kidneys, and chest. This is the one I have. Requires a compatible jacket though. https://www.alpinestars.com/pages/tech-air They just released a new version which you can wear under any jacket and is geared towards street riding. https://www.alpinestars.com/products/tech-air-5-system There's also competing products from Helite which are external vests attached to the handlebars by a tether cable, they only deploy if you're ejected from the bike. Dainese makes a racing airbag too but it's slower than Alpinestar's and doesn't deploy if rear-ended. I think Alpinestar has the best product but it's more expensive and if it deploys the refurbishment is a few hundred dollars, if it isn't severely damaged. My view has been if the crash is severe enough to deploy the airbag than I don't care how much it costs cause it will probably have already saved me from severe injury and/or possible death.


Wow this is some Lucius Fox Batman shit.


Most are vest based will puff up to stabilize your neck and protect your collarbone,spine, and sides. Here is a good vid on them by a local creator/gear seller https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=N2jZryt607U Hard to say if it would have helped in this case. Getting rear ended in traffic is one of my bigger fears as a motorcyclist. I hope we can get lane filtering someday


Wouldn’t armour for the back be better and airbags for the neck for whiplash?


well if you have something like this one [https://fortnine.ca/en/helite-turtle-2-airbag-vest](https://fortnine.ca/en/helite-turtle-2-airbag-vest) then having an airbag on the spin plus neck area should be better because a pressurized airbag can absorb more impact with out the attacking object even reaching you vs armor where you will feel the impact no matter what but its just spread out over a larger distance. that said neither will save you from an extreme impact and you could always wear the airbag over back armor XD


Yes and parachute to lift you up


Is this why they cordoned off Canada Way?


Yes this is why they had it blocked off this morning


Running from an accident should be a Severe crime. Sadly , that cop in delta who killed someone showed us all that fleeing the scene is your best/safest option


Rear ended the motorcycle? That’s malice...


Or blind / careless. If people can rear-end me while I'm stopped at a traffic light... anything is possible lmao


2nd major (fatal?) accident on that stretch of a Canada Way in a couple of months iirc. This morning, and most mornings for that matter, I got passed by some dingleberry doing 90 weaving in and out of traffic. That hill is a death trap


Fuck, this is my worst nightmare as a motorcyclist. Always keep the bike in gear and watch your mirrors until you're sure the vehicle behind you is stopping, otherwise lane split away to safety.