What are some companies from Vancouver that are notorious for their shady business practices?

What are some companies from Vancouver that are notorious for their shady business practices?


Sollys' owner is a tyrant to her staff.


Can confirm, she was a client at any previous job, she’s terrible to everyone she comes into contact with.


I was a seasonal temp there once and HOLY SHIT IT'S WORSE THAN YOU THINK. She didn't do my interview herself, but I was warned she was 'very New York' by the guy I met with. What he means is she thinks she's tough love, but she's actually just verbally abusive in a general explosive way. My first week I saw her SCREAMING at some poor girl in the bakery part of the kitchen. The girl was looking downward and the owner just rages 'You look at me when I'm talking to you!'. I'm talking right up in her grill, pointing at her face. That girl walked out with the owner continuing her tirade. I'd like to add this was winter during one of our cold snaps, and there's something fucky with the prep kitchen vents where if they're running it's several degrees colder inside than outside including when it's -5 out. RIP your fingers trying to slice things from the cold, can't wear mittens when you're handling meat. The owner is furious if you can't do baking exactly the way she wants, but is also not a great instructor. Oh and the best part. MICE Some rodent activity is normal, this was bad y'all. They'd make sugar cookie dough the night before to chill it, and in the morning the plastic wrap would be crewed through and the dough nibbled and shit on. Still gets used. This goes for anything stored in the fridge or pantry really, especially the potatoes. They were nesting in machines. Names have been changed, but Jim found out his father passed, was naturally devastated and had to fly to Ontario. This was also when I had to give short notice to quit, and Leah gripes that we already just lost Jim for the foreseeable future. I say yeah man poor Jim I heard about his dad, and poor [head cook] too now stuck by himself. She seriously just huffs and says POOR BUSINESS! When I left there was also a mad scramble on to deep clean EVERYTHING because a health inspector was coming. The place was grosser than I realized. Seriously, Challah bread isn't hard to make, and honestly theirs isn't anything special. Nothing they make there is worth the Rube Goldberg machine of human suffering that that place is behind the scenes. I promise you, you can make a better version of anything you bought there at home.


The google reviews of this place should be adjusted to reflect all this.....


Funnily enough, people leave poor reviews on Google and she argues with them. She was on the news a few years ago crying about how she needs temporary foreign workers because nobody wants to work there. Gee I wonder why...


She didn't pay my bf for maintenance work.




Why are they still operating ? People should not support that kind of business no matter how good the food is. Workers and customers should not be abused , they are their source of income.


Most people who walk in off the street don't know about it. I've been going there for years and didn't learn about their woman's behaviour until last year.


It's been my experience that a sizable proportion of small business owners are to varying degrees, tyrants. It's a selection bias, you have to be really driven to succeed but you have to be smart enough to hide this from the public to keep the business respectable.


How is the food good? It’s eaten and shit on by mice!


God, when I learned this it broke my heart. I love their bakery, but I can't in good conscience support her.


Can confirm, worked there for a while, constantly SCREAMED at and demeaned at every opportunity. Also near constant struggles with health inspector. 😬 Edit . Also the water used for boiling the bagels was rarely changed. I’m talking weeks of beige water in a giant pot that rarely got a scrub. I mentioned it but was told to mind my business and stop being nosey 🙄


Upside: a recent thread here on how terrible she is gave me some great suggestions for better bagel places around town.


Absolutely and it trickles down to the customer in the form of shit service. It's too bad because their latkes are great


Used to go there a lot since my old office was nearby. Here's some highlights i've experienced: * She yelled at an entire line of customers who were ordering sandwiches because "you all decided to come at once". * One of the poor girls was making sandwiches too slowly for her liking, so she gruffly told her off in front of customers going "no, like THIS" and proceeded to assemble the sandwich for her, with her bare hands, without washing them. * i ordered a sandwich there one day, gave my name, the usual. i think the worker might've misheard my name and written a different one down, so when the order was called, i didn't go up to the counter to get it. honest mistake, right? after sitting for a couple minutes, the owner picked the order up and started pointing out random people in the restaurant angrily asking if it was theirs, and it was at this point i that i realized what happened. i meekly went forward to pick it up and she gave me a pretty sound scolding in front of literally everyone in the restaurant. * a friend of mine had her as a client for dog-walking a while back, apparently she was a nightmare outside of the cafe setting too. * my aunt, who is one of the sweetest people in the world and who i know would wholeheartedly disapprove of this behaviour, is friends with this lady for some reason. i have no idea why.






Golden Eagle Group. Aquilini-owned. Exploits farm workers, including wage theft. There’s a plethora of articles if you simply google “golden eagle employment standards”


Along with most other aquilini owned companies


Yes, definitely. I was once offered a role as an Exec Assistant to one of the Aquilini brothers (the CEO of the company I was at was friends with the brothers). I had heard from a reliable recruiter that his assistants tended to stay a max of 2 months on the job despite a $75k salary. Turned it down. He countered with $80k. Still said no. EA salaries can be really decent in this city if you work with someone prominent and are at their beck & call 7 days/week. Not worth it to me personally. Also, I had previously seen the same brother working out at a gym I worked at part time. This was before his fairly public divorce. He was embarrassing himself every time he came in by openly hitting on the female staff. It got so bad the general manager had to tell him to stop. The guy is … beyond entitled. Complete asshole.


I went to school with one of the Aquilini kids. One day he and his buddy got super drunk and crashed another school’s (all girls school) grad event. They were so drunk and belligerent that they got kicked out of the event and the cops were called. Aquilini ended up in handcuffs and ended up running away from the cops when they turned their back for a moment. He went and hid in a bush or something until they left and somehow he got the handcuffs off that night. The next day a cop car was waiting and school and he got pulled out of class but of course he faced literally no punishment within the school or legally. Must be nice to be that rich


yet, we keep the go canucks go attitude.


You can still like the team but hate the ownership, plenty of that around with many other sports franchises. NY knicks for one hate their ownership


90% of the fan base is very much in favor of team ownership changing hands.


I don’t think your average fan is doing research into team ownership and making their judgement of the team based on it.


I’ve been supporting the team through a few different ownership groups, since I was a kid. I have no say over what billionaire owns the team. Edit: fuck Aqua


If you have a long memory, Taigas owner was discovered to be a Holocaust denier


That’s why I switched to Summit Ice


in case anyone missed the wordplay, Summit Ice sounds like "semitize"


Nathan is just brilliant, I've seen the show dozens of times and I never picked up on that.


This didn’t even register in my mind until now. Thank you stranger


Holy shit, what? Edit: Well that does make the German eagle on their storefront a little more sinister.


Lol. They moved the store to underneath the second narrows where no one walks by.


buy summit ice instead. deny nothing.


Somebody just needs to buy Taiga in its current discounted state and re-boot it. There's a lot of fond memories of how it used to be, and with Arc'teryx and MEC going upscale there's room for a traditional no-nonsense outdoor apparel company if they can somehow make the economics work.


Is he still alive? Wasn't he born in the late '30s?


I'd have to do a bigger search than I can on mobile, but I remember seeing a photocopy of a newspaper/magazine article he wrote years ago.


Ehhh I'm good. I honestly feel bad for those Hitler Youth kids, indoctrinated from a young age, bombed back to the stone ages, all before they were 18.


Ha, fair point. I like to think I usually try to judge things in context and I never considered it for this one.


Summit ice #1


Wait, is this true? I remember some controversy because they paid tribute to that North Shore News op-ed columnist after he died (that's what the Nathan For You segment was based on), but unless there's more to the story, that alone doesn't seem sufficient to call the owner of Taiga a Holocaust denier.


White Water Construction. They withhold subcontractors bids/payments to strangle smaller companies dry. FWS Formwork. They bounce cheques while the owner Matt Brown is on IG in Vegas, or buying new quads, dirt bikes, ect.


Onni is the exact same way


I worked at an Onni owned corporate condo place downtown like 8 years ago now, and wow was that an experience and not a good one.


Onni is brutal also; good call!


I worked for onni right out of highschool back in 2007. It was the biggest site in bc at the time for number of guys on the job site. My boss was the most hated guy there. We were just laborers cleaning up stuff before inspections. His motto was "when in doubt, throw it out." So if a trade that was working in the area before we went in to clean left anything at all. It was going straight to the garbage. At the end of the day you could always see at least 1 person going throw the trash bin grabbing their stuff out of it. I lasted 4 months before I had enough of the guy and quit to go back to school. I never want to set foot on a construction site again.


The now defunct Vancouver Stock exchange. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. > The Vancouver Stock Exchange was recognized as the home for venture capital solutions but many saw through the facade and quickly labeled it the "scam capital of the world."[^1](https://www.investopedia.com/terms/v/vancouver-stock-exchange-van-.v.asp) Looking at you, Murray Pezim.


Ahahahahahaba this should be higher. The VSX had soooooooo many hilariously shady stores


How about the now defunct “”Einstein Exchange” and that greasy thief Michael Goturk and missing millions …..


This reminded me of QuadrigaCX...


The CSE carries on its legacy today.


It's not a "notorious" situation but the Cap Suspension Bridge. That place is a hornet's nest for employee mistreatment but out of respect for my former colleagues I will only share my own experience. They hired me to work as a busker a few years ago with the understanding that I would receive a small base pay and then the rest of my income would be off tips. After the owner of the park saw how much I was making, they introduced new policies designed to discourage guests from tipping me. I was pissed, but I did what I could to adapt. When the new policies didn't work and guests still tipped, they banned tips altogether and I'm not welcome back. There are more stories from other employees that are WAY worse, but I don't feel that it's my place to share them. I will say that they are not looked upon well by Indigenous groups though.


I worked there until Rona hit, but you nailed it. They absolutely loathe the idea of anyone other than upper-management or marketing making a decent amount of money, and they jump through so many hoops to keep things that way. They had your classic "full time" employment where you worked 35-39 hours a week so they didn't have to offer you benefits or any quality of life type things. Most of the managers live in houses owned by the owner on Cap road so she can justify paying them less, and it makes it harder for management to leave or speak up to her because they live in her houses rent-free.


You should send this info to a local news reporter - this is really interesting to me and I think might do some good to get this out in the open.


you, deceptres, and i probably know each other irl... i too worked at cap for 4 years until covid hit and the stories i could tell. hoo boy. hr in that place is a travesty. i reported sexual harassment of both a contractor (french, canyon lights - i probably don't need to say more) as well as a manager and nothing was ever done. my supervisor constantly gaslit and verbally and emotionally abused me and hr deemed it a "clash of personalities" even though i had receipts for everything. on the subject of managers living in houses owned by the ceo, youre absolutely correct. im pretty sure it's a contributing factor for why they wont get rid of a manager who's been reported for misconduct and worse. he got to keep the house during his divorce a few years ago because his wife wasnt a cap employee. because he got he house, this pos was able to keep main custody of his children. ownership and hr knows that if he's fired, he'll lose that, so they won't just consider how much of an incompetent asshole he is. on top of that, they deny opportunities to employees who dare ask for increased wages or benefits beyond their measly minimum wage. employees of colour and trans employees have also been targeted. oh, and the ceo hates gay people lol. and they alienated all of their indigenous employees whose stolen land theyre operating on. i could go on. it's such a beautiful place but it's controlled by such garbage humans. a shame.


I have a feeling we do. Anybody who worked there that year probably already knows who I am after reading that post. Wonder who you are now lol I of course know exactly which manager you're talking about and he and I had many problems. There are a lot of issues with that place that need to be exposed. I almost went to the media about my own experiences after my contract ended but didn't in hopes of not burning any bridges (pun 100% intended.) It's a big regret of mine since I'm not welcome back anyway. My own experience is just the tip of the iceberg and I really think that people need to know about the things that go on at that place. There were many employees treated far worse than I was: particularly the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ employees, as you mentioned. Not okay.


HR is designed to protect the business, not the employees.


Lol subsidize my employee's wages. NO NOT LIKE THAT!


People literally throw $20 bills off the edge of some locations (at least in 2019 I noticed this was a thing) and they have issues with employees being handed money?


The busker tipping thing is just bizarre and mean spirited. Why would they care? It's not like a tourist is going to be like "me and my kids are hungry, but I gave the busker a toonie so we won't be able to afford buying lunch and going to the gift shop now."


Yeah I never understood it either. Their rationale was "guests pay enough to get in the door." I suspect it was because people were spending money in the park without the owner getting a cut. There was a good chunk of money coming to me; it's likely that I was the highest paid employee in the park without their interference. The only time in my life being good at my job was actually a problem.


Lol the worst story I heard from friends was that the manager wanted to reopen the bridge 2-3hrs after a man jumped and killed himself. The employees were distraught but a different owner coerced her into closing the bridge for the rest of the day.


K Fitness aka SKF Kickboxing Federation aka Kikara Kickboxing. It's never a good sign if a business has multiple names. I signed up quickly when I first moved to Vancouver because I was keen not to let my kickboxing slip and it was close to home (didn't have a car at the time), and should have done more homework. These guys are the definition of shady contract practice. At least half a dozen students got screwed over by them while I was there - "free" trials that incurred costs, "cancellation" fees that shouldn't have applied, refunds refused you name it. I realised what a horrible business they were and opted out at the end of my contract only to have them tell me I had automatically started another two year contract when I changed my class schedule. There was nothing in writing to support this so I told them I wouldn't be coming back and cancelled the monthly payment with my bank. They subsequently attempted to take the payment multiple times using different business names, the bank thankfully dealt with this. Absolute scumbags. There have been a few media stories about their awful practices, here's one example: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/k-fitness-kickboxing-gym-owner-arleo-dordar-still-refusing-refunds-say-ex-members-1.2704335 Possibly also worth noting that most of the instruction was really shitty and very much style over substance. The location I attended had one decent instructor, two earnest kids who didn't really know what they were doing, and the owner who seemed to see classes as an opportunity to show off rather than teach things.


Baguette And Co. I worked there a while ago and the two owners were the biggest assholes I have ever met and the shadiest bastards. I don't know if they still do this, but when you start, they would tell you that you could eat a sandwich if it was past its due date. Queue you grabbing a past due sammy every once in a while, then 3 months later they would pull you aside and tell you that they have video footage of you stealing food (The sandwiches you were told you could eat) and tell you that you have to pay them X amount of $ or else they will call the cops. Since they only really targeted the young girls that were hired, they were succesful in this tactic a couple times. The one time I know that they weren't successful was with my co-worker. I told her not to take the bait cause she was freaking out. They tried to withhold her paycheck and sent her e-mails, voicemails during the night threatening her with legal action until we both went to WorkSafe BC. and they were forced to pay her her money owed. So yeah, fuck them.


Halo Sawmill terrible management.... I tore my bicep tendon off the bone happened at work. I had surgery holes drilled into the bone and re attached and after physio and all that I went back to work was supposed to have a 2nd helper WCB mandated while I eased back into my job. I had help for 1 day then they took him away every day after saying I wasn't busy enough. When I asked for a different job as my arm couldn't keep up anymore boss said "what are you 22 you can always find a job somewhere else" I'll NEVER forget this I was 35+ had worked there for 13 years its criminal how they treated me after a workplace injury.




*Owner is an anti-mask anti-vax nutjob


Used to go there for pizza and beer as it's in walking distance of where I live. Never going back.


Heirloom vegetarian treats their kitchen staff like absolute slaves. Almost no breaks, stolen overtime, verbal abuse, just horrible. Avoid if you can.


Can confirm. I was one of the first hired waitresses. The owners are awful humans. I got yelled at in public by one of the co owners (not Yogi) because I cleared a table and was throwing away the brown sugar cubes the customers didn’t use for their coffee. He screamed at me infront of all the front of house staff because I was ‘wasting’ food. Clearly that is not sanitary… among many other things that happened in my first month employed there, I don’t think I’ve felt so anxious before starting work anywhere before.


Dang that's a shame :(


Vancouver Candle Company


VanKouver Kandle Kompany


Was “klandle” too on the nose? I feel like it would have really fit!


Crab Park Chowdery.


That was hilarious and I can’t believe I forgot about it already


>After a dead rat was found in a bread-bowl of soup at Crab Park Chowdery, health inspectors swooped in. The popular eatery closed its doors for good soon after. https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/a-thick-accumulation-of-rodent-excrement-found-where-crab-park-chowdery-prepared-its-soups


You mean Saltys Lobster Shack?


Wait. Really??




iirc they still operate a prep kitchen that many Gastown restaurants outsource work from


Wait what do you mean?? Same guys??


Yep same guy.


Owner’s name appears to be the same: https://www.richmond-news.com/local-news/two-funky-food-trucks-will-pop-up-in-richmond-this-weekend-3520554


Oh shit seriously?


Their food sucks


I remember the "Rat Soup"


I've never seen a place called a chowdery before. I should get a friend to open up a place and call it Choudhury's Chowdery


Palki Restaurant in North Van--the owner steals tips. A huge percentage of tips. And the head waiter (who I assume is still there but can't confirm) is a real creep towards the young women they hire as servers.


The Pint. They oversell tickets for events way past their capacity, and then refuse to offer refunds.


I went there exactly once. 9:30pm, paid $10 cover but there was nothing happening inside. Waited 40 minutes for a server to take our order and got told they don't do pitchers after 10pm. Paid $8 a beer for the table, advertised as 20oz but was clearly in a 16oz glass (my SO sold restaurant glassware at the time and recognized them immediately), and to top it off the beer all tasted very strongly of soap. Terrible place.


I like these threads tbh, we should do them more often


The traditional airing of grievances.


A Festivus for the rest of us


Dawson and Sawyer . Cheap shitty quality homes . Everything about buying a home through was shitty once you put your deposit down .


Same with Onni!




Yet to meet someone who works at Onni who isn't a bizarre douchebag. Like... nobody cares, bro. Nobody cares.




Yall just can't throw out these names without explaining! I'm so curious to know why


Matchstick coffee https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/matchstick-coffee-co-owner-steps-back-due-to-toxic-workplace-allegations Parallel 49 https://bc.ctvnews.ca/allegations-of-mistreatment-inappropriate-conduct-from-former-employees-of-b-c-brewery-1.5031675


You can tell Matchstick is an awful place to work based on how much employee turnover there is. You can't go there more than a few weeks without the entire place being staffed by completely new people. Compare that to any JJ Bean nearby where people work there for years and years at the same position and you can tell they're treated differently.


Belgard Kitchen https://www.citynews1130.com/2020/06/08/belgard-kitchen-blackout-tuesday/


The place known for the "headdress incident" starts a brand called "settlement brewing"..


Electronic Arts (EA) has [the most downvoted comment in Reddit history](https://www.businessinsider.com/reddit-world-record-downvotes-ea-star-wars-battlefront-2-2019-9#:~:text=Reddit%20users%20have%20discovered%20that,Star%20Wars%3A%20Battlefront%202.%22). They are headquartered in Burnaby. The Sahota family, the worst slumlords in town. Steve Nash Fitness World, even Steve Nash lost a court battle to get his name removed from the company, it was that bad.


Don't forget the aquilini's , a close second for worst slum lords.


*prepares to open thread* "If the Sahotas aren't top comment I'll eat my Fluevogs."


>They are headquartered in Burnaby. They just have an office here. However, it is one of the important ones as it's the one where all of their sports games are made and more


You mean where all their sports game are **reskinned**.


Madden is made in Florida




Sahotas own more than SROs.


New Coast Realty. At the epicenter of the shadow flipping controversy. Now no more, but one wonders if the same people are doing the same things under a different name.


Do they go by Nu Stream or something now? Posting ads on bus shelters clearly edited with a phone app. 😂 you can see them pixel eyelashes.


I suspect LeHolmes is them as well, but I don't actually know.


Yup, LeHomes is the other half. They split.


Nu Stream and LeHomes. They split in two due to some internal drama. Still shady as fuck.


Yeah they changed their company name


Hahaa ya they were the worst.


Holborn. Made a deal with BC Housing to buy a social housing community. They evicted over 200 low income families, demolished the housing, and over a decade later the site still sits mostly empty. Oh, and they still haven’t fully paid for the land and each year that they sit on it, they get a discount on how much they owe! They’re fighting in court to keep the terms of the contract secret because they say releasing the information would cause people to be less willing to purchase properties from them 😂 They also built the Trump tower downtown, so there’s that. [Vancouver Sun article](https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/little-mountain-developer-is-fighting-taxes-and-transparency-but-still-not-building-social-housing) [The contract](https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/little-mountain-contract-bc-supreme-court-1.5987810)


BC libs legacy


Thank you Clark and Campbell for the many gifts that keep on giving.


And good ol Rich Coleman who was responsible for this deal




Yellow Cab Taxi


*Shown to lie to customers, draw out routes, and offer generally shitty service because of no alternatives. Fought Uber tooth and nail so they could continue their monopoly.




Carolyn Bauer is head of the taxi association, not the manager of Yellow Cab. I've dealt with her in person a few times previous to Uber moving in. To be fair to her, she's very dedicated to her job which is to look after the interest of taxi drivers who often have their life savings tied to their medallions and are pretty much all immigrants. She is however a HORRIBLE public relation rep. What she is saying isn't technically wrong but she can't read public sentiment for shit. I can understand how badly she comes off but she's actually not that bad of a person.


Oof. I had a yellow cab take me to the Skytrain station with my luggage. They charged me an “airport fee” because they “had to send up a bigger car.” It was one rolling bag that fits in the trunk of an old Corolla. Have taken Uber/Lyft ever since.


Italian kitchen has good food but pockets their employees tips. There's also an established Vancouver tech startup up that asks you to work for free for 1 day as part of their interview process


Good thing you really narrowed down that company. Everyone obviously knows "established Vancouver tech startup".


Craftsman collision. Brutal company to work for. Their employee reviews were hovering at about 1.5 stars, so head office took it upon themselves to write 5 star reviews about their own positions to boost the company ratings.


Their work is pretty shoddy too. I worked at a dealership and we had a few trusted body shops… the amount of jobs we got that Craftsman, Boyd and Kirmac fucked up….


This whole thread is gold


LUCYS DINER. Stay CLEAR from that place, run by racist and unprofessional people. I’ve witnessed multiple accounts of shady practices.


i worked there for 10 minutes one summer and walked out lol


There’s a company in the child care space called CEFA that is run by a nut job narcissist lady who at one point had 14 ongoing lawsuits against her. She is supposedly famous for not paying her bills and a Cruella de Ville personality with big implants, so just the person you want running daycares.


I worked at CEFA briefly but quit very shortly afterwards. Terrible place.


My friend helped me get an unpaid intern admin position there for school at one of their locations. (My friend at the time was casually dating/sleeping with her) When he broke things off with her (because she was crazy) she emailed me right away to let me know I couldn't do my internship there anymore unless I could get my friend to date her again and when I told her no that wasn't professional of her she threatened to call my school and get me removed from my program. Good times!


Revolution Homes was a bad one, they've changed their name a few times, run by some guy named Randy. They built crappy homes, didnt pay any subcontractors all while the owner lived well. I remember my friend who was an employee at the time got his company truck repo'd and and went through hell getting his personal tools which were in the truck from the repo company. Randy even robbed one his own sites and stole tools from subcontractors. Alot of local construction companies are known to be pretty bad with safety and paying subcontractors.


Let's not forget impark here


I'm about 20 years into my "I'll not park at Impark again for 10 years." pledge. Contradictory signage led to a $35 fine when I paid $2 at $1/hr instead of $3 evening flat rate. They were separate bullet points on the sign, and not mutually exclusive. They didn't take kindly to my request to have my $2 back.


*Private parking corporation. Sky-high prices and as shady as Diamond.


They hire young people on a part-time basis, then before probation ends let all the part-timers go stating they're only keeping full-time employees - which is no one. They train employees to lie about Impark/Easypark/the other one I forget being the same company, train employees to NEVER reverse parking tickets unless the person has died basically, teach employees to lie about evidence for parking tickets, etc. They also have parking lots at places such as hospitals where they purposely put the pay meter and pay instructions in hard to see areas, or that they know are missing signage, and have someone walking around giving people instant tickets when they get out to look for where to pay.


Which company runs the Paybyphone app? I carpooled to a university event and accidentally put my default vehicle. I immediately realized my mistake and paid for my friends car as well, then emailed them explaining the situation. It took 6 weeks but I got my $4 back.


Busters Towing


Eh, some rich Douchebag parked his BMW 7 series, blocking the entrance to my underground parking in Yaletown. Called 311, and Busters had it up on the lift within 10 minutes. Watching said douche run out of Bluewater, chasing his car down the street? Priceless.


there's a newly opened thai restaurant in Richmond where the owner replies passive aggressive, low key condescending giant essays to customers leaving bad reviews to their food. it's actually pretty funny the lengths they go to [https://g.page/baan-lao-fine-thai-cuisine?share](https://g.page/baan-lao-fine-thai-cuisine?share) LOL


Similar to Selfology Spa on Granville. Reading their responses on Yelp is like a weird acid trip of unprofessionalism but very entertaining.


Paladin security, seriously they expect you to show up 5 days for training without pay, disorganized staff and calls you constantly on your days off to work


This goes for most of the private security companies in Vancouver, honestly. Treat your employees like shit, cause there's at least 10 other young kids who have aspirations to get in to law enforcement that, "want the experience".


Fet’s whiskey kitchen. Constantly screamed at by owners, they skimmed tips and their sons worked there and those boys were horrid entitled assholes who could do no wrong in their parents eyes. One of the sons yelled at a server and called her a cunt, and all the owner said was that she shouldn’t have given him anything to be angry about. They struggled to keep kitchen staff. Weird weird mean family.


Image Optometry. Read their one star google reviews for their Guildford mall location (or any location) and you'll quickly get a sense of what the owner is like.


The Broadway location was carrying knock-off Tag Heurer frames at one time (like maybe 10 years ago). Not "homages" but obviously not the real ones. Source: I emailed TAG if my pic of their frames was legit and they immediately wanted to know what store it was. Edit: possibly they were grey market, not knock-offs. But definitely not what the high-end shops were selling.


The head doctor is sexist and racist. Edit: told me to "stick to taking my clothes off and finish my ESL course" cuz he didn't like my opinion. It's funny the canucks are willing to be sponsored by such a company.


> Image Optometry I can only speak to my experience but I've been recommending them for at least 4 years. The doctors I've seen at the Hastings location and Kingsway did a much more thorough job looking at my eyes. Spent at least 30+ minutes compared to a doctor I used to goto at Oakridge Mall. They also include a free pair of glasses with an exam. I did a brief look at the google ratings for hastings and guildford and they are high. Maybe service is location dependent?


The real estate business is a minefield of shady (and likely not legal) business practices


Matchstick -- incredibly abusive towards employees, long history of gaslighting and sexism, owners claimed to have "divested" from the company but I don't believe it for a second.


Their coffee and sandwiches are also generally mediocre.




30 minute hit. Terrible contracts and shit hours


Fitness World / Steve Nash Fitness World or Globo Gym ...used Steve Nash's name a never paid him for it. They had a class action lawsuit from customers and employees. These guys are some greasy mfks.


Matchstick Coffee. The owner and his wife got absolutely blasted for manipulating staff and just being all-around awful people. They were allegedly brainwashing younger staff with all kinds of weird cultish garbage and verbally assaulting them on a regular basis. Got run out of the business altogether and now it's owned by an investor.


Any company owned by the Aquilini family!


Diamond Parking


*Extortion. Threaten and harass people with collections notices despite having no legal right to do so.


Augustine's and their brewery. Dozens of staff reported atrocious behaviour by owners on Twitter or indta. **Fitness world was terrible


Bardel entertainment. (The studio who does Rick and Morty). They pay weekly rates and don't pay overtime because you are a "high tech employee". Other studios pay overtime.


Scotiabank - A lot of the staff are family, extended family and close friends of upper management. The people with family connections are the only ones who get promoted. I have worked with young adults hired straight from higschool with zero work experience into bank teller roles and most of them have never handled cash, wrote a professional email or cannot multitask. The junior/entry level sales roles do not require any sort of financial diploma/degree; you only have to pass your mutual fund test to become a sales officer (which was not a requirement before). When i worked in commercial/corporate banking, they did not do things by the book (ex. Debiting a corporate account without account manager permission). The highest level of education of most staff is high-school with the exception of small business managers and higher level financial planners. Nothing wrong with a high-school education but know that the person trying to "refer" you for a mutual fund for your benefit has no clue what they are talking about.


Are you talking about a specific branch of Scotiabank?


This is true lol. My friend from highschool got a job at scotia from her mom. Who also hired her older sister years before.


BreX gold


sollys bagels


Vancouver Park Board


Tent city coming to a park near you


I've heard Reliance home comfort is HVAC from hell


Viva pharmaceuticals...lets just say that allegedly theyve found ways to pay certain vulnerable employees below minimum wage and have you sign a paper to say you wont take overtime pay. Not to mention they occasionally use expired ingredients


No mention of Buster’s Towing? They take cars from anywhere they feel like, legal or not, knowing damn well you have to pay to get your car back either way and the value just isn’t worth the dispute. Our work van was legally parked in a commercial zone in gas town, but was towed. When asked, it was because “it had been there too long and we were on break not using it for commercial purposes.” We were there for less than 10 minutes, and working in a restaurant. We were not eating or taking a break.


ITT: people posting names of the companies they dont like with no explanation and details


Planet Lazer.


Hahahahaha yup! My bro worked there way back. I remember him telling me that the owner said many of the guns and vests don't actually work properly (hit detection etc.). Too expensive to fix so he didn't care. Edit: Also, Dark Zone was always better anyway lol


What happened?


They abuse employees and don't comply with the Employment Standards Act. If they don't like you, they will ghost you with no explanation, block your number, and not send you your final payroll cheque. Their business practices are shady and intended to extract the maximum amount of cash from customers with no exceptions. They have a strict **no refunds, period** policy, and won't give you your money back in even the most extenuating circumstances, as pointed out in a [thread from the other day](https://www.reddit.com/r/vancouver/comments/nzeyb1/planet_lazer_an_absolute_mess/). They collect the photograph and contact info of each player which is entered into a sketchy Windows 98 software application, and there's no telling what happens to it after that. They almost certainly don't comply with PIPA. Their customer service is atrocious and if you complain about a problem or call them out on any of the above, they will lie, play dumb, and even [mock you](https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/extreme-air-park-disparages-mother-of-autistic-boy-1.2546336) just to get rid of you.


Seair Seaplanes. Do not fly with these people. Some aviation accidents from flying the coast is expected…. We have some of the most trickiest flying in the world. But these guys have frequent accidents. The owner is a guy name Peter Clarke, and he lost his ability to fly planes himself when he majorly fucked up his own flight. Made three really bad and illegal choices and ended up crashing his plane with his family on board. He has half a lung and a glass eye. His awful wife has a steel rod in her back, and their two infant children were in the back. He could have killed everyone. [source](https://www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/aviation/1999/a99p0181/a99p0181.html) So now the closest he can get to flying, is running a floatplane company and dictating his pilots to go even when weather is shitty. I’ve heard pilots say they don’t feel comfortable flying, and he straight up tells them they are going. The pilot should have the final say, but Peter knows best because “he’s a pilot” and the owner. Other floatplane companies have strict requirements on if it is safe to fly. Some of the more reputable companies have even stricter requirements then Transport Canada requires. This company will go out in the bare minimums, and therefore within the last 15 years, has had two crashes that led to fatalities. I worked here for a spell, and it was awful. The owners wife created a hostile working environment. She didn’t need to be there but she sat in the dispatchers office and made the office staff cry. The owner micromanaged everything from the pilots route to how the dockhands loaded planes.


Damn, is there any *good* local businesses left to support?


ROBELUS. I guess it isn’t unique to Vancouver per se, but we pay the highest wireless rates in the world for lousy service. I was in Australia earlier this year, and paid $35/mo pay as you go for 35GB, unlimited calling, including calls to Canada, and 8 other major world regions. And every time you complain about it, their astroturfers have the balls to claim that “Canada is a unique wireless environment that can’t be compared and we provide great value” bull fucking shit. The only thing that’s unique is the market is controlled by a cartel, and our federal government hasn’t had the balls to fix things.


AT&T removed roaming restrictions, you can be with them use the Rogers network and be happy. I am in a group organized on redflagdeals paying 40 CAD for 16GB a month unlimited call and text all over North America. Doing this for two years now.


VSOCC Made all their after school care staff quit 1 location because of management. Good toddler and infant program though. However, the organization doesn't care about their after school care programs.


Accent building management is the worse company & don't even do what a Strata requests of them. Plus go through managers overseeing properties far too quickly in mere few years. I live in a condo complex that has had a leaking eaves dripping directly on our patio for over 3yrs & always informed (by each Mgr, that a contractor coming to address, but never shows up if even actually hired. We're gonna have our own ground floor patio wading pool if it keeps up at this rate & if I could go into the roof to take care of this SIMPLE matter, I'd do it. Even serious when sunny


Atlas Vet




I was unaware they had a reputation but in my personal experience they ripped me off when I went to buy flea meds. I’ve had issues with them years ago as well.




I don’t know how they treat their employees but they almost killed my dog in 2018. I brought her in because I thought there was something stuck in her throat and they tried to convince me it was a tumor and I should wait 4-5 days until their specialist could come with a scope. I took her to my regular vet the next morning and he was appalled that they didn’t send her immediately to Canada West to have the object removed. She had the surgery hours later and they said if I waited like Atlas had recommended my dog absolutely would have died. The last thing the vet at Atlas said when I picked up my dog the next morning for the second opinion was “you can get a second opinion but you are just wasting your money”.


That place is terrible. I took my dog in there once for an emergency. Had my brother (a vet who lives in Calgary) listening on the phone for the whole thing and talked to him after the “vet” left the room. Basically everything they offered was a scam/not related to the emergency. They were trying to take advantage of a bad situation and I’ll never go back.


I have to say that for years I had wonderful service there. This is just my experience, although I will say they did well by my cats.


Mining firms based out of Vancouver


I know somebody who is in over their heads in jr. mining stocks. His dad was the same during the VSE era. The cycle of idiocy is kind of tragic.