This weekend is going to be interesting

This weekend is going to be interesting


The spelling error is a fantastic touch. Much enjoyed


hello british colbumian


British Colbumians assemble


All this needed was the extended "Fawwwwk" that only an true Albertan can say properly. "And i said to him I'll fawwwwwwwwk you up, bud!"


that just sounds like surrey


Replace “bud” with “goof” and you’ve got Surrey.


Maple Ridge*


Aaill fawk her if you'll fawk 'er bawd.


No, it’s “You Bet” never heard that as much until I moved out here from Ontario. Lol!




I was searching for the Columbia/Colombia spelling mistake I expected... and it was not that...


I wasn't even expecting that error because no one ever spells Colombia correctly.


Lol I didn't even notice


There has been noise about changing the name of the province.....I just found what I want it to change to.


At least their numbers are going down. TF is going on in Manitoba?


Judging by my cousins' FB timeline, they crazy over there.


How so? Out of curiosity


Hardcore, regressively conservative population, large communities of groups like hutterites and other Amish-esque types, major swathes of low-income people distrustful of the government, and a large first nation's population. If you've ever been to Manitoba. You would understand within the first hour.


But they got such cheap housing so it might be worth it eh


The cheap housing is offset by your rhinoceros heating bills for eight months out of the year and then the air conditioning bills in the summer.


Who the fuck wants to heat a rhinoceros


Awfully hot in these rhinos


I do believe Ace Ventura just outed his username on reddit.


And I thought they smelled bad...




Or just get stabbed and not have worry about anything ever again. Good old Murderpeg.


You also just described sask


Annnd a ton of Alberta to lol.. why don't we just say the prairies haha.


I was stranded for about a week in Brandon, Manitoba a decade ago, 10/10 would not go back.


I had to go to Brandon for work a few years back. It's like stepping into a completely different world.


Born and raised in Sask, lived there for 32 years. 10/10 shocked I still have a positive life attitude.


I've been in Alberta for 13,, how do you do it,,,,usually Sask and Alberta are similar so that's why I'm asking


I moved to Victoria when I was 32. I’m 36 now and I still feel like a newborn in the world since leaving the Bible Belt. And I just didn’t know any better for the first 32 years of my life, basically. Love having a thick skin around all these island softies though.


Born and raised in Winnipeg here. This is crazy accurate. Pretty bad stuff happening there rn.


I’ve been to Saskatchewan but not Manitoba, and everything you’ve said can mostly be said about it there too.


> a large First Nations population Are you not even going to try and hide your racism? If it wasn’t for white people giving them basically zero chance to succeed while also making it prohibitively difficult for them to do it on their own, they wouldn’t be where they are now. Instead you should say *a large population white people who give zero fucks about how residential schools or exclusion from society have effected future First Nations populations* And that can be said for the entire country.


Idk if its racist to say natives typically are distrustful of the government. Everything you said is 100% on point. But lets be clear,for them those are reasons to not trust the government. The same government that activly servails them, over polices them and turns a blind eye (and often an aiding hand) to corporate exploration. Is supposed to care about them and save them with a vaccine? The same government who was caught sterilizing mothers with out concent recently? Seriously, I'm concerned about the quality of their medical care as an outsider. Why wouldnt they be.


I specifically mentioned the first nation's because they have every reason to be distrustful of canadas government, and to be vaccine skeptics. I dont understand how thats racist, but okay.


Some rural areas are only at 10-20% vaccination rates unfortunately...


Depends were you’re referring to. Up north we are really well vaccinated. Numbers from 60-80% for the first dose even on the reserves.


Well, every time he posts even the tiniest mention of lockdowns or COVID or even photos of his family outdoors, he gets dozens of comments from Facebook friends that are all angry "pro-freedom" covid-deniers that post misinformation. It's absolutely wild, 9/10 comments are just bonkers and the 1/10 that fights it are torn apart. Maybe it's extra weird because I compare it with my other cousin, who is in one of the most republican areas of the US. Even during the worst of COVID down there, it was the total opposite on her feed. She gets a lot of comments but with her only 1/10 people would be deniers and they were usually shut down by her friends. I already didn't like the Winnipeg cousin. At this point, I only keep him on my feed so I can report the more egregious comments I see.


It’s generally the country folk who are like that. The people in Winnipeg and Brandon are pretty average at following the rules


People that choose to live in Winnipeg have a screw loose in their head? 😱


Probably never been to Winnipeg in your life lmao


Peg is great in the summer.


It really isn't a terrible place to visit. I love going for a few drinks at the Forks and then having a walkabout the surrounding neighbourhood. Lots of beautiful sights and there's also the mint to visit!


And the human rights museum. And propagandhi.


Up vote for the Propagandhi shout out.


No idea if that person has ever been to Winnipeg, but I lived in and around Winnipeg for my first 26 years of life and I'll back it up. Observe the negative space around a comment like "Peg is great in the summer". First of all...Winnipeg is *fine* in the summer. It's basically like here in the summer, but with a bit less to do and a ton of mosquitoes. The hot days are a little hotter, and you get a thunderstorm once a week that lasts for a couple hours and is usually very nice. I wish we had those here.. But really, the reason it's crazy to live in Winnipeg isn't the summer, it's the other ***eight months*** of the year where you will very plausibly have snow on the ground, a couple of which it is actively dangerous to your life to go outside for a period of minutes without protective equipment. If social inertia didn't exist, nobody would live there, and I'm much happier having left.


Same thing that happened in BC and Alberta. People got complacent and the government did too


A lot of religious anti-vaxxers there.


If you suspect you're in company of a secret Albertan, do the following to see what they say, thus exposing them: - rant angrily about filthy pipelines from Alberta coming here - make off-handed remarks about the Oilers and the Flames - "City of Champions?! The 80s were like 462 years ago!" - talk about how every city in Canada should have MORE bike-lines, not just ours. - Talk about the time your drunk buddy got thrown out for nickeling strippers. - "Personally, I think Stampedes are barbaric and outdated, who would find that sort of thing entertaining?!!" - Wonder out loud what the point of having a big pick-up truck is, when "everything will be electric soon."* *Be careful of this last one, because you might accidentally draw the ire of someone from the fraser valley or interior instead of a secret Albertan.


Moved here from Edmonton in early Feb and I can, indeed, confirm that all of these will be effective. For extra strength, talk about the benefits of the Federal Carbon Tax, how much you loved NDP Premier Rachel Notley, or the popularity of conspiracy theories in rural communities and you will *definitely* get a response. Careful with the Carbon Tax, if they're a UCP voter you'll start a lengthy argument or even a screaming match.


More than half of edmonton voted for Notley last time and all the MLAs are NDP... Why would that work?


Look, the vast majority of this sub doesn't want to face the fact that unless their onlyfans picks up, they're running out of time before they can no longer live here. Laughing at them dumb racist rednecks (while missing the irony) gives them the only warm and happy feeling they'll have today.


Edmonton homies were the ones who taught me about nickeling strippers. Y'all are ruthless. LOL.


Lol yeah. When Fort Macmurray was in the whole wildfire panic about 5 or 6 years back, a popular Edmonton strip joint called Eden put up these *huge* billboards on the main highway going north advertising free lap dances for Fort Macmurray refugees. Apparently it was really popular. Stay classy, Edmonton.


They didn't say which gender the strippers had to be...


Didn't mention the species either. 0_o


Nickeling? Fuck Edmontononians are brutal. It was always a loonie in Calgary.


"Whoa, look at Mr. Bigshot oil-field guy here, who can afford to heat up loonies with his lighter on perv-row!"


We never heated em up either...


you at least then. I've heard plenty of stories about hot-nickeling strippers from Alberta/Edmonton dudes I've worked with. Smh.


The loonie thing is fucking hilarious when you leave the province and try it elsewhere! Nobody you know threw a nickel more than once, and it certainly wasn't hot. That's one of those old rumors.


"it's an old rumor sir, but still checks out"


As an Albertain, I’m howling lmao thank you for this


Talk about Quebec and equalization payments. *Theft without representation* levels of intensity


I moved here from Alberta and for bonus points I can honestly say I voted NDP in that election.


Moving from Calgary in a few weeks and couldn’t be happier to call Vancouver my new home lol when I introduce myself I say I’m from Alberta but please don’t hold it against me…


I made the move 6 months ago from Calgary, couldn’t be happier. Moved from a 2 bedroom house into a 1 bedroom apartment for the same monthly rent but, for me at least, it was absolutely worth it. Welcome! (Soon)


Congrats and thanks :)


Haha did the same thing, moved my grandma with me out here in November and neither one of us ever want to go back. Love it here so so much.


I've lived in Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary and have traveled pretty extensively around the world. Calgary is, bar none, the worst place I have ever lived. I hated it from the moment my parents moved there for work and it was snowing in May, and I hate it today. I remember how happy I was the day that I left, like it was yesterday, and I will never, ever return. But you don't need to live there to experience Calgary. You can get 95% of the experience by looking at a picture of an overweight suburban cowboy, while listening to one of Stephen Harpers speeches.


Alberta isn’t all bad and there is lots of good things and people in both Calgary and Edmonton but it was time for a new change. Put in 30 years in this province and it’s just time to change. I’ve seen lots of shit happening recently that is just pushing this province farther and farther behind. With the loud minority who likes it that way at the switch, who knows when it will get better. What I like about Vancouver, the calm demeanour and niceness of everyone. The outdoor/active work life balance. Fresh sea food to name a few lol I know there is obviously flaws anywhere you go and Vancouver has its own host of issues I’m sure…But this move is a very welcome change for me and my partner. It will be nice walking down the street and not having homophobic slurs thrown our way from captain little dick in his lifted F150 lol


> captain little dick in his lifted F150 This paints such a brilliant picture.


Haha where’s the lie 😂


Well... you might still experience that in Vancouver. Not Vancouver proper (most likely), but easily in one of the satellite cities. And it will still be in an F150... go figure. Also, for the love of God, stay away from the interior. Parts of it are basically temperate forest Alberta.




Fair enough. It the same here in Alberta, pretty safe downtown and in the main metro areas but don’t venture out into the satellite cities, it gets dicey. I’ve spent lots of time in the Okanagan, and same as rural Alberta. Keep your wits about yourself and surroundings.


Sounds like you've got it, brother! Enjoy the sights an sounds of Vancouver. Its one of my favorite places in the world.


Yup, listen to this guy. DEFINITELY stay away from the interior. Absolutely nothing to see here...I mean there. Terrible place. [relevant memè](https://imgur.com/gallery/ldF6zRq)


>the calm demeanour and niceness of everyone Not my experience. Lots of nice people, but not too much off the baseline urban English Canada average. I've learned the more people go on about how "chilled out" and "work/life balance" people are out here, the more toxic they are and the more they're likely to flake out on basic social interaction. But that's not a Vancouver thing. I experienced the exact same thing in California and Washington state. I'm loathe to say it's a West Coast thing, but it sort of seems it is. Either you're a certain level of cool or social value in someone's life, or you're shit and can the flaked out on any time.


wow, you'd absolutely love edmonton then!


I used to go every summer in the 90s because my Grandparents lived there. I associate Calgary with easy access to hikes in the rockies, lots of parks and green spaces, and the whole network of +15s that let you go everywhere downtown without going outside. Sounds like I should just keep my kids rosy glasses of it. For me Toronto is probably the worst city in Canada now.


Plenty of shitty things about Vancouver too. Any place has them. Hell, if you were an Albertan 6 months ago or a former one who still had plates on their car, you were at risk of having your car damaged by judgmental people in the lower mainland. It was the only area in Canada with headlines like that.


Well.. as someone that did move here in November with 2 vehicles. One still has an AB plate (waiting for insurance to run out) and the other had it till April my vehicles were never damaged but yes I did see some headlines and people driving around with signs by their plates saying they lived here and stuff. Lucky that neither of mine got hit though, I actually have gotten more abuse driving around with an AB plate when I was just visiting before then I have since I've been here in November.


> *Be careful of this last one, because you might accidentally draw the ire of someone from the fraser valley or interior instead of a secret Albertan. Or North Van.


The "North Shore Off-Roading" sticker should help you with that. Or my favourite: "Griffins Boxing."


lol I have always been curious why so many trucks in North Van?


Because obviously you need a pickup to drive to Whistler 3 times a winter


There's also lots of working class folks. My husband always parks his truck outside our house, and there's usually another construction or landscaping truck or two parked near by.


Hardly though. I grew up in Norgate and homes are selling there for 1million now. Fucking Norgate. Like WTF


Only a million? To a transplant like me, North Van was always a place I never bothered looking into because the cliché is that it’s overpriced.. But that seems pretty good(as shitty as it sounds) given prices on the opposite end of the shoreline are like.


Have you been to norgate? We were always the poors. Now there’s nowhere to go in the lower mainland.


And to put the mountain bikes in. Though I’ve never had a problem with my bike rack.


Mountain bikers maybe?


You can't mtb without a pickup, and that's just facts


A lotta green waste


Or Delta.


If I'm not offended by any of the above, should I move to Vancouver? I may need some donated merch to fit in. Or maybe just hang out at wreck, no merch required!


Imma Vancouverite and don't even know if Wreck beach is still "fashionable" to hang out at. Last time I was there several years ago, I was tripping balls on teslas and some homeless looking meth-head came up to our campfire, pulled a full-on burning log out with his bare hands, lit his smoke with it, tossed it back into the fire, chatted a little then wandered off. If you wanna fit in, just repost Seabus Memes to your IG story.


It's definitely still the party beach. Not so much at night since VPD got their stupid fucking hoverboat, but during daytime because it's the beach with the fewest children and cops since neither want to walk down five thousand steps. Plus you don't have to remember a swimsuit.


>donated merch Nah, just get yourself some new digs at the flea market and you'll fit in on commercial. North face if you want to go elsewhere.


You also have to say something about how Calgary should be the capital city.




You mean to tell me if me and my buddy are spit-roasting a chick in between some dumpsters on the way to the Stampede, we no longer need masks?!! NICE.


>Talk about the time your drunk buddy got thrown out for nickeling strippers. Story time, back in the day it was a right of passage for guys turning 18 to be taken to the strip club on their birthday in calgary. On my first day I went and experienced the "loonie toss." Since then I've been avoiding strip clubs as much as possible. It's one of the dumbest, trashiest things I've ever seen... and I should repeat that I was living in Calgary! Stupidity and trash are on their coat of arms!


It's incredibly disrespectful to the workers. It's a place of business. Despite human anatomy being exposed.


they get to keep the loonie at least!!


its the governments fault for getting rid of $1 bills


While I'm fully in the "fuck asshole rightwinger rednecks" camp, I really hope you're say that in jest. The hypersensitivity I see in Vancouverites for transplants from anywhere in Canada, let alone 'Burta, for _not_ snorfelling a very specific type of West Coast elititism (which is different from being a political liberal/progressive/leftists) is a bit telling. Plus, if you've spent time in the Interior, add the point about Nickeling to rightfully telling people from not the west-most part of the Lower Mainland to fuck off. That attitude and behaviour is seen all over Canada and is known about by people who haven't even visited a strip club... it crosses the line between sex-work and abuse.


The comment is obviously made in jest, you wouldn't seriously use those quips to identify Albertans


My post about this has over 500 upvotes mostly from people who recognize I'm just fucking around. Settle down.


Brag that people in BC are the hardest workers in Canada.


I just pronounce Albertan as Alber-tan instead of Albert-an. Then watch the face twitches start. I do it for those from the Okanagan....O'Kanagan (like it's Scottish). 🤪


>\*Be careful of this last one, because you might accidentally draw the ire of someone from the fraser valley or interior instead of a secret Albertan. Or Langtucky


Man I’ve seen more lifted trucks in the metro van area than I’ve seen in Alberta haha I work here and go back to Alberta


And Chilliwack. If you see a normal sized truck, it actually gets your attention. It must be going on its way to get lifted.


Gotta be careful with the second one cuz Flames and Oilers are mortal enemies so it's a 50/50 what response you'll get :P


Just say the Seattle Kraken would smoke any team out of Alberta. That is guaranteed to get a reaction


the board of directors of Exxon got replaced with renewables experts, and yet Alberta still thinks pipelines are the way to go. lol.


What's going on this weekend?


What’s this weekend?


Ironically they posted the exact same meme but it's BC people going to Banff lol


It's the circle of memes; as natural as watching a lion eat an antelope or someone in kits wear yoga pants.


Memes will eat themselves, they’re like a hilarious ouroboros that keep people fighting about trivial shit and feeling good about themselves💐




This does seem like it was posted a tad late.


Albertan who is planning on staying in Alberta, what's going on this weekend? Is there an event or something?


Albertan here: just the yearly folk traveling out west. Also want to travel west but think I'm gonna wait for cases to go down. Nobody wants to be *that* guy.


Don't worry, the Albertans have their own memes about British Columbians at Banff and Jasper.




What does Australia have to do with any of this?


Lmao what the hell happend here


Im confused, whats going on this weekend?


It's Memorial Day long weekend in the US, therefore Albertans will come here. *shrug*


I don't get it lol


It's lame, but got over 1500 upvotes, so apparently the best thing ever.


This sub just needs something to complain about, that’s all there is to get lol


This applies to Albertans every year from March to October.


So uh what’s this weekend and what does Alberta have to do with it? Asking for a friend.




At this point, I wish I was selfish enough to lie at the ferry and say my trip to go surfing was mandatory.


And all the Vancouver islanders are coming to the gulf islands. Such is the circle of life in BC


The Gulf Islands are very much dependent on Vancouver Island. Restricting travel to and from them would be a massive burden on the people that live there.


Yeah I know I live here and go in to Victoria at least a couple times a month. Still, non essential travellers have been asked not to come (much like Tofino)


Im personally staying in my own city but arent the gulf islands part of island health region?


Sure, but much like Tofino, we’ve asked people not to come unless it’s for essential travel




Oh burn!!!!


Dude, this _is_ r/Vancouver. What do you expect? The self-righteous circlejerk has been at full power since noon.


I'm all for removing the province wide subsidized ferry system.




I still have my BC plates though! Mwahahha


british columbians just love being bothered by albertans


For real. I moved from Calgary to Van last fall and I swear it’s a provincial pass-time.


It’s 90% because of the way they drive. Frequently drive slow in the left lane on the highway impeding traffic. Then on the single lane highways, they blow by you on the straights only for you to catch up and then they drive slow around the bends. It’s a daily occurrence during the summer around here. Pre pandemic that’s pretty much all anyone would complain about, which is fair. It’s annoying as hell. With the pandemic seeing them pulling the same shit while obviously breaking health restrictions takes it to another level. It’s infuriating.


This may have a bit to do with our winters. Not sure if Vancouver folk could understand this, but when it is icy, you slow down going around corners. We spend a lot of time driving in adverse weather it seems fairly natural to slow down a bit around the corners. Maybe we just carry on our habbits in the summer?


Taking highway corners at ludicrous speed is definitely a BC thing. From Ontario, I lived in BC for 8 years then moved back to Ontario. It's really noticeable on the Sea to Sky highway and a few of the interior highways(can't remember the names of them). It always struck me as weird and unnecessarily risky. Especially when an error of judgement could mean smashing into a rock face or careening down a mountains edge with giant trees to pulverize you on the way down, not to mention just plain sliding into oncoming traffic. Many (not all)BC drivers would imho just not 'drive to conditions' and drive as if the pavement was perfectly dry and not wet/snow covered/icy with limited visibility. Don't get me wrong. I'm in the GTHVA now and we have our own special breed of asshole/reckless drivers.


I agree Albertans do drive like dummies in BC, the mountains fuck with us mentally, but the amount of BC plates I see in Alberta driving like dickheads and swerving in and out of traffic on a busy highway going above the speed limit because the roads are nice and flat is way too high. It's still dangerous to do that lol.


Counting the number of BC plates in the ditch when it actually snows is a pass time in the Rest of Canada.


Lmao truth. My uncle visited us from Van like 4-5 years ago and they got buried so hard in a ditch just sliding off hahaha


True. Part of the British Columbian self-identity is being mildly pissed off at Albertans, and Ontarians secondly, Quebec, when they make the news, thirdly. There isn't a specific reason. It's just a need to always have something to complain about, get angry at, or feel superior to. I wonder what British Columbians would do if they didn't always have someone to be pissed off at?


wouldnt bs surprised if more Albertans own property in BC than BCers do


It's always so easy to pick out the American visitors, they stand out like a sore thumb. But when very few are allowed in and you still see "Americans". you start to wonder if they came from somewhere else...


What makes Americans stand out?


They don’t say sorry when they bump into you


Other way around. They don't say sorry when you bump into them.


Agh you’re right, sorry!


Nah, I shouldn't have corrected you in public. Sorry, guy!


Socks with sandals, College sweatshirts/hats, loud "look at me" way of speaking


Egregious obesity.


The confederate flags


What’s happening this weekend, I thought travel was still restricted and I even heard something about roadblocks?


I went to the McDonald's drive thru the other day, I waited behind this guy to order for like 20 minutes, he asked every question you could imagine about every food item on the menu, then he ordered a milk shake, just one milkshake, his license plate.... Alberta


^(Laughs in Okanagan)


Ever noticed you see a lot more Albertans in BC than vice versa?


Why would we leave the best place on earth to visit AB? :P


This the Vancouver sub not the Disneyland sub


This message brought to you by 'Just enough Narcan to keep you breathing'


Lol no one wants Alberta


Thought we were still healthzone restricted past June 15th? Won't it be easy to identify and fine these people based on license plates?


Doesn't apply to people not from BC


Well that's some shit. I've been wanting to go to the Island to visit some friends but been staying home because of the restrictions, and they can just trapeze right on across if they want.


While trapezing across the Strait of Georgia would be impressive, I think the word you were after is traipse


Yes thanks.


That’s not true, it does apply to everyone, there’s just no restrictions at the provincial borders.


Why Big White instead of the bigger ones like Whistler or Sun Peaks?


This is brilliant!! Also, I'll try to credit you properly when I reuse "British-Colbumians".


They never left...


Big White was your tell Albrotian!


How about that craft beer and hiking, eh?


This is an insult to Steve Buscemi.


Saw a truck w Alberta plates in Stanley Park and a sign in the window... “please don’t key my car. I actually live here, I’m attending “the local Uni” .... really? 🤨🤨 Lololol


What, do you think they're lying?


Have you ever heard someone that actually goes to UBC or SFU just call it “the local uni”? I dunno I know a lot of ppl @ both n it sounds suspect to me.


Attending "default popular institution of higher learning"


I guess it's possible they just value their privacy. You're right, that's pretty weird. I have a sign on my car, but it says the school I'm going to.