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I read it for the first time when I was 22 or so. It isn't a literary masterpiece, the first one especially is a very teen, but I really enjoyed the series. They're a fun, easy read.


Absolutely! Especially the later ones are great. My favourite though is the spin-off bloodlines. They get a bit darker at times.


Absolutely! If I read it for the first time now, the biggest hang up is the R/D relationship being so student teachery mixed with Rose’s maturity level in the first 1-2 books. It’s uncomfortable, but the story outside of that looming knowledge is incredible. I just see that part of the relationship of a relic of it’s time since those types of relationships were insanely popular in books at the time and it makes it easier to digest. Eta: I still reread them on occasion and it’s been 13 years since the first time I read the first VA book.


I read them for the first time when I was around 15 years old and absolutely loved them, and now 11 years later I'm currently rereading them and they're still great! And I don't even read YA anymore lol. Like someone else said, the first book is very Young Adult, but shit gets real after Shadow Kiss (3rd book). The books are super entertaining and if you like the characters in the show, you'll LOVE them in the books... most of them anyway 😅 No wlw characters unfortunately :(


I read the series when I was 14/15. I’m 28 now and re-reading them, I think the order of events in the books is much superior to what they’re doing in the show so far. In the books Rose is juvenile at first, but matures in a realistic way throughout the series. The growth of characters is much greater in the books than what we’ve seen in the show so far. The emotional investment is much higher in the books for sure. I would recommend if you don’t mind the characters needing to grow up a bit through their experiences.


The books are a million times better


I'm 36 and VA and it's spin off are among my favorite series. I reread them every so often and I still like them. As others have said, the first one is a bit more teen oriented but doesn't detract from the story imo. I'm loving the show, despite that they changed quite a few things. But I would say if the show is even remotely interesting to you then, yes, definitely read the books.


Idk what wIw stands for but I think they’re worth reading. I mean if you can’t stand them after the first book then just drop them.


Women loving women. And no OP there unfortunately isn’t any wlw. It’s pretty heteronormative.


I loved the books when I read them years ago. In I was probably 24 when I started reading the series. I haven’t been back in years, but I’m loving the show. I can’t honestly say the books are better than the show because they are different and fit well with each type of media. I know what you mean about the original shadow Hunter series. After watching the show I definitely plan on going back and hitting the books again. I’ve been eager to read the Bloodlines series again - and have to start with VA naturally.


Yeah I read the vampire academy books and the Bloodlines series (which I enjoyed more) in my late 20’s. If you enjoy them who cares what age you are I know plenty of people who are obsessed with Harry Potter.


They’re a bit dated and defs no wlw or any LBQTQIA+ characters. There also some iffy ages gaps. Once you get passed that the story is very fun to read. R and D’s romance is one that I cherish.


So I was newly 13 when I first read the books- the third had just come out, right alongside the first *Twilight* film. Fourteen years later... I definitely have a somewhat skewed view because I read these books throughout high school, and then the spin-off series took me halfway through college. There are definitely some moments in the books where xyz feels juvenile or silly and I cringe (I don't really like the way Richelle Mead concludes her series, and I've got to say that I strongly disagree with people who say the *Bloodlines* spin-off series was written better). However, every single *VA* book made my jaw drop with revelations, and there were multiple times I cried because a storyline would hit an emotional center (the show, for all it has fantastic casting, hasn't managed to hit me like that yet). And they did still hold up when I reread last summer (though granted, I was possibly looking through nostalgic lenses). My major advice for a new reader would be: Rose is a flawed narrator, and her biases as a 17 yr old still learning about her place in her world can make her seem petty or juvenile to a new reader. She is not- she is one of the *best* YA protags I ever read and knowing all her fire and determination and her self-journey to finding agency and the role she wants to play in her society, through the first person, makes the series worth reading, imho. *Shadow Kiss* and *Blood Promise* (books 3 and 4) are some of my gold standard for YA novels (which isn't a dig against the others, those two are just on a superb other level for me). As for wlw characters: no, there aren't any canon wlw in the original book series. You can still look at book Mia and imagine a repressed/closeted storyline, but it's not canon there. Plenty of people ship Rose/Lissa based on their book dynamics- I don't think it's the healthiest dynamic or the one most in line with the series' themes, but that is there. But the only outright Sapphic characters (or gay characters at all) are two supporting characters in the spin-off *Bloodlines* series who show up for maybe 15 pages total in the two books they're in? They're adorable, but very stereotypical and very, *very* secondary roles. That being said, there is a plotline in *Silver Shadows* in particular (not including either of those characters, but central to the narrative) which rings very much of conversion therapy and is possibly triggering. The book titles are: *Vampire Academy*; *Frostbite*; *Shadow Kiss*; *Blood Promise*; *Spirit Bound*; *Last Sacrifice* *Bloodlines*; *Golden Lily*; *Indigo Spell*; *Fiery Heart*; *Silver Shadows*; *Ruby Circle*


This sub is for everything related to vampire academy: the show, books, and spin off series. I like the books but with the nostalgia glasses off, the writing isn't the best but I think the story is still enjoyable, though the main ship is problematic to a lot of people. Though personally, I perfer the spin off series Bloodlines because richelle's writing gets much better and Sydney is a more likeable protagonist. And both series are very white and very straight. The diversity is close to non existent


The books YES YES YES YES, the show…. No




I just turned 24 and loved it more than when I read the series as a preteen. I’m currently making my way through Bloodlines because I loved the Vampire Academy series enough to devote myself to another 6 books. I highly recommend you read them. There’s nuances that adults can pick up on much better than teens.


I was 22 or 23 the first time I read them. I have read them again since. I very much still enjoy them


I reread the books every few years. I read them first when I was 19. I’m 28 now and I reread them last year most recently.


I’m on my 3rd reread. I first read them when I was 14/15. Rereading them in my twenties makes the student/mentor relationship feel gross, but I still enjoy the series


Yeah read the books the world building is much tighter and better. And IMO Vampire Academy has one of the greatest vampire metaphors I've ever read. It has to do with social situations that young girls find themselves in >!a type of shame/embarassment thing!< and >!social ostrization!<. It's done excellently. Outside of that it's a lot of romance. It's a bit light on the fantasy elements but it doesn't pretend to be more than it is.


The books are great. The first book is the weakest by far.


I was a teen when I read it and I actually got to meet the author!! That’s how much I loved the series lol


I can not think of words to best describe just how incredible the books are. The show can not compare to the books, they’re just amazing.


Yes the books are really good. Read all of them in the series.


Yes!! I first got into the books in late middle school when there were still new releases of series. I reread or listen to them once a year along with the spin-off series Bloodlines. I highly recommend as it can also clear up any confusion due to time restrictions the show has within the current world building.


I first read shadowhunters in my mid twenties and become obsessed I loved them. I read vampire academy and the spin off Bloodlines last year and I'm in my thirties but I really enjoyed them. It can seem juvenile at times but also its in the POV of a 16 year old teenage girl. I would give them an 8 out of 10 Ps. The 2nd book is the worst one.


yes yes yes! the only series I've read more times than I can count. it's absolutely amazing


Tbh, I'd recommend not. The books were favorite. I loved VA and then I read the sequel spin off series Bloodline and I was obsessed with it as well as the couple Sydrian. But I was 21 at that time. Now I am 30 and I look back and frankly cringe at so many parts of the VA series , some parts of the BL series that I enjoyed so much. I couldn't even remember why I loved the books so much. So yeah, the books are enjoyable no doubt ,but ONLY for a specific YA age group and that's okay, because they're obviously the target readers. At 24, I don't think you'll enjoy them. There are many many better books out there.


Imo the very first VA book is aimed more towards a teen audience but the later volumes become more mature. Now it's spinoff Bloodlines is where it's at. That series is a bit darker in nature and to me outshines it's predecessor.


The book is 10000000% worth reading. So much more in depth than the show and the story line is so much better.


Yes, All of richelle meads books are worth reading