We hope it will be enough

We hope it will be enough


Narrator: “It wasn’t.”


This is exactly what I heard in my head lol. You need a stupid amount of iron compared to any other metal in the game


Flashbacks of going through 30 different swamp dungeons with my friends, fuck me it was reptitive.


The game really needs some way to tech into faster mining, or make mining as fun as cutting trees down. It's a pretty crushing phase after the first few mines at any given tier.


Our trio has just finished mining our tenth copper deposit, completely digging down to find every last smidge of ore. We've been able to kit one player out with upgraded bronze gear, one with a few items, a couple of forges and adzes... And the last guy is gonna try and rock the troll armor a bit longer because we're SO tired of black forests... He'll get first dibs on iron items.


I had a buddy rock troll armor until the end of the game.


Yeah troll armor is never really gone imo. If I want to tame some creatures you know I'm pulling out troll armor again. If I'm going on a long run across the continent for forage, troll armor.


Honestly just troll armor at all times. He beat every boss with it....


I used trolls to mine. Much faster. Trees are fun that way too


Thing with copper is there's actually an enormous amount more per node below ground if you dig it out which is hugely time consuming. Personally I've started to just ignore digging it out even if it's optimal because it is incredibly mind numbing.


Hear that, there's so much of it. I could just mine the top and move on, but you get maybe 10 - 20, where there's probably 60 down below :'(


In my experience a full copper node clearance yields around 90-100 ore.


I enjoy mining out a well selected copper node(not all can be mined below it), just to watch that thing explode when I mine it from below. Its so satisfying hearing that "kerchunk!" sound it makes when all the pieces break at once.


Does it work reliably now? It didn't seem to always work for me. Sometimes I was left with floating nodes, and then once I took out a certain section the rest came down.


I was actually pretty surprised that the 5th boss power didn't give a mining boost like the Elder does with wood cutting


I listen to audiobooks or watch Netflix on my second screen to kill the time, it ha got me killed once when opening a room with archers not paying attention.


The point is your method works it may have its flaws but overall it's solid


There is also the annoyance of having to fight a lot of the same enemy, so in my mind one way to help the slog of mining is to make 1 star + enemies drop bars of their tier, maybe even give them a limited chance to drop higher tier ore. As it stands, dealing with low tiers constantly once they provide no value is very irritating, yet kind of required as you progress since putting your base in harder zones often results in it being destroyed. This is all of course my preference - you obviously need some work to reward ratio to make the game work, but finding ways to improve player exploration, spend time building bases, or fighting enemies feels much better than laboring over a copper node or going into your 20th crypt for more iron. So just looking early game - give a very tiny chance of ore drops to greylings/greydwarfs. Give a much more significant change for 1 stars (like 20-50%). Make 2 stars guarantee the drop. Upscale the % and potential for extras for the rougher early enemies like Shamans/Brutes. Make it tin for unstarred and copper for starred or brutes. Give Trolls a chance to drop copper on kill, with 1star and 2 star guaranteeing at least 1 or more. Now finally it may feel decent to run around killing these things. Oh and of course these drops only unlock after you kill the first boss, so you can't tech early without defeating it(that shouldn't be too difficult to implement.) Maybe extend this to 1star+ meadows enemies as well that aren't greylings. If it feels too generous, just nerf the droprates for the non-starred types. This would give the player an alternative to the copper slog while also making enemies significantly more interesting and rewarding after the first 10 kills. In addition, perhaps improve yields from copper mining(and other mining) - scaling it off of skill more so you are truly rewarded for upping your mining skill and keeping it up there by not dying. As it is while it's useful, mining is a slog and I doubt many people are actively thinking about upping their mining skill(or their skills much in general.)


I'll take plundering 100 Crypts over Mining for Copper and Tin any day of the week.


I prefer the way you get black metal, just kill and loot stuff :)


And I feel like, of the metals in-game currently, it is about the most risk/reward balanced resource available. My only concern is the logistics. It's interesting that it comes from the Fulings, but that sort of makes it obfuscated from the world itself. Like, where does it come from? When it's boiled down like that, it just sort of turns it into an MMO "thing" to get, instead of something that feels like you're exploiting the world and its resources to advance yourself.


goblins eat coins, then shit out black metal. Time is money friend!


I heard that in my head.


This now my cannon explanation for black metal. Thank you!


Then why can't we just find all the black metal we'll ever need from the goblin village shithole? If they don't shit than why don't we find it literally everywhere in the plains?


I've yet to see a village with an outhouse, so I can only offer to explanations 1: goblins shit in the sea and the black metal sinks 2: goblins only shit when they die, berserkers are older and literally full of shit, that's why they're so angry


would u throw your shit away when its as usefull as black metal? they keep it in their chests.




Yeah when you remove that vein it is gone but when drops from a monster that is infinite it feels different.


That logistic is just as present with iron, really. It’s not like muddy piles of mud and bone naturally spawn iron scraps.


It's still a bit different though because killing mobs is infinite where as mining a muddy pile is still essentially removing it from the map in the same way as mining a vein. So while you're essentially right in that it doesn't make much sense, it feels different because you are removing a node from the map.


I assume it's leftover scrap or salvage that was originally manufactured during Yagluth's reign, and the fulings make their own weapons from it.


black metal feels very last minute bolted on.




Mayne this would help: By mining out entire copper nodes and using the node collapse trick I was able to get all the copper I needed in just three nodes, and tin mining is much faster. 10-15 hours total.


Tin is never the problem. When you are playing on a server with about 4-8 people, you need a LOT of copper. Mining out nodes and collapsing them is easier than clearing the whole node, but we've found that it still takes an absurd amount of very boring clicking to do so.


Still much shorter than crypt diving, and there you have what is IMO a much more absurdly repetitive task mining out the same muck pile over and over again, the pings off the walls and floor just marking time.


It's my daughter's favourite thing to do in Valheim. We find swamp dungeons and explore them together and load ships out of iron. She makes it fun.


LOL. Mining Copper is when my daughter's interest always evaporates.


My first world, I explored 20 different swamps for a total of 3 crypts……


I still find it funny we can't substitute copper nails for iron nails with the wall mount thing. Like nails are nails. I dont really feel like farming tin and copper when I'm past black metal ya know?


They'd need to either upgrade the entire building engine so each piece remembered what it was made from, or clutter the hammer with multiple recipes for each item.


another option would be to clutter your inventory with new hammers


Well I can do *that* without any more help from the devs :D


Having the same wood hammer does feel a bit odd. You'd think higher tier stuff might require an upgrade. Bronze hammer to really start building. Black metal to build some crazy things. While the basic wood one can pretty much always be crafted easily to build a quick camp/outpost to get a night's rest while exploring. Game is a little forgiving about tools.


Just glad I don't need two separate metals though like for bronze


That is awful imo. Smelt 3 ores and get one bar, what the fuck


I wouldn’t hate it so much if it wasn’t for having to smelt the three bars. Like, if you could just put all three in as one object and a bar came out. Especially early on when I don’t have an obscene amount of cores.


I'm totally fine with that, personally, as I tend to enjoy resource chains; what I *would* like is the ability to upgrade the furnaces to have a higher storage capacity just so I don't need to babysit them quite as much. If anything it's a mercy that bronze bars can just be crafted directly at the forge rather than needing to be smelted together.


I'm telling you what we need is the ability to create golems and have them complete simple task like moving wood from a chest to the kiln or ingots from a chest to the furnace


I have done this. It's called "force your 8-year-old to put coal and ore in the furnace for you while you do important things like build taverns."


My 7yo is a damn thief though. She has on more than one occasion made an entire bronze armor set and then died and lost her body.


Yeah, my kid has a well-earned reputation for sticky fingers among the rest of us on the server, so everyone's always keeping an eye on her stuff. She once built a chest she hid behind a wall and a banner or something that she was stuffing iron into like a hoarder or some kind of strange arboreal rodent.


After my first play through and doing all the smelting myself, I was tired of dealing with it. I added the mod "Auto Fuel" which basically takes any metal ore and coal from a specific radius and automatically loads it into the furnace, same with the kiln, it will take wood from a specific radius and auto load it. This has been a blessing, I can come back with a boat load of ore and just dump it in a box next to my furnace and walk away. As long as I have the coal to keep it going it will continue to smelt until there is no ore or coal left. It's really nice to dump a bunch of ore and fuck off doing other stuff and come back to a shit load of smelted bars.


I've considered simply doubling, through cheats, whatever iron I mine. It just seems a little unbalanced as it is; it runs out *so* fast. I think that's my plan for my current playthrough (I started over with the H&H update)--when I progress to the swamps, I'll mine iron normally, bring it home and smelt it normally, but then I'll cheat-spawn the exact same amount and see how that feels. I just hope that little bit of cheating doesn't open the Pandora's box of cheating for me like it did last time...


I'll be honest, I cheat the game. I set my Valheim+ config to drop double ores and allow them to go through portals. I ahve a limited amount of time to play, and I only play single player; I don't have time to do the full farming for everything I'll need. I just wanna build cool stuff.


i think thats ok, for me it was like " I once beated the game on hardmode, now i can chill and creat stuff". Like yeah survivele is cool but once you beat it all... it takes out the breath, and i have over 300h in that game. Im constantly building a new town for my own at this point :D


Heh, I've got over 300 hours and have yet to fight the swamp dude.


Bonemass was a good fight but not as hard as I expected! I also looked him up first so I knew what strategy to use though so if I had gone in blind I'm sure it would have been harder.


My first fight with mass was just after the nerf, so I'm imagining that it was much more difficult for the initial pioneers. I went in blind and my first thought was "Oh, he's a slime," and proceeded to equip a mace and beat it first try.


Yep. Pre nerf I had to get frostnir, two similarly equipped friends, and stocked up on poison antidotes for each of us. So we basically conquered every biome. Plains for lox capes, then mountains for silver, & ofc loads of iron because… iron…


When did they nerf him? Wonder if we made it there before that... Group of 3 with pretty good gear and we had trouble. I think each of us died like 3 times. The others kept the fight alive while we ported back and picked up our gear. We haven't done the 5th boss yet, but Bonemass was definitely the most difficult of the first 4, at least before nerf.


A game having multiple ways to enjoy it is a good thing. Hopefully they make a creative mode where you can just build things. Not everyone wants to fight for survival and it seems like they are putting in enough effort on building options to justify it.


There's kind of a creative mode, but it requires messing with cncaole commands. Through steam, you have to turn on the console settings by putting "-console" in the launch options. Once in game, press F5 to bring up the console, enter "dev ommands" to enable cheats, then "debugmode" to enable creative.


the mod community for this game is great, though I'm sure the devs will have a creative mode by the time the full release comes around


That's absolutely fair, and honesty I wish a lot games would just give you an advanced options menu to let you set everything up like that That said, I usually always try to beat any game I play 100% vanilla before I play with mods/cheats. If the game is too much of a slog vanilla, I may drop it.


Just play however you like, that’s the beauty of mods.


I think the intended solution is to spend some time scouting out a good spot to settle. Try to find either a very rich swamp or a lot of swamp, and build a forging base near that (in it if you're one of the cool kids). I typically keep three major camps up. My starter camp is a farm and food producer, a black forest camp for logging, and a camp between a major swamp and a black forest for crafting. I guess also a mountain forge for silver, but typically all of the silver stuff is made and then it's abandoned.


After experience, that's definitely the intention. You need to find the best swamp possible, through lots of exploration, before settling down with a major camp. However, I don't blame people for finding that incredibly tedious. If you're unlucky, your seed may have stuck all of the good swamps really far away, nestled nicely between some plains and mountains. Or maybe you just don't want to spend 10 real life hours fighting the wind to sail all over the map, running through swamps without any iron-tier upgrades, to finally find a biome that has more than 3 crypts. Personally I think it would be cool to extract iron from swamp monster loot, like entrails and blood bags. You'll never get rich, but it'll at least get you started in a way that isn't frustrating. As it stands RNG is maybe a bit too punishing for solo players.


I wouldn't even mind settling down in the swamp except I don't think you can grow plains crops there. I mean also I find the plains more esthetically pleasing but a big swamp base would be kind of fun if I could build a greenhouse with crystal wall blocks or something to grow plains crops. Wow that actually sounds kinda cool :)


I think the game needs Haldor to sell metal bars for every tier below the last boss you killed.


Yes, this! I use a crypt as one wall for my fortress.. this makes it pretty solid!


This is what I did and I never had any issues. Definitely had to haul more iron than any other metal, but it was a cakewalk. Portals make farming *super* easy in this game... even if you can't take the metal back through the portal you can throw it in a smelter and throw up a temporary longship to run them back home when they're done.


Yeah I did some quick fast travels back to swamp after dying. Now Im using fly and no build cost about too much lol


LOL, i suggested a mod to get around an annoying part of the game yesterday and the reddit hive mind downvoted me. Reddit, you weird. I second mods. Love the game.. but there are some annoyances like this.


I'll be honest with you, they updated the way mining works and going through crypts is incredibly fast compared to before.


Dude just download the Trader mod. Makes the Trader relevant beyond buying out everything he has. It adds a price to every item in the game making things like mob heads actually worth collecting in mass to sell and exchange your money for things that are useful, like iron. You can tweak all of the price settings yourself if you want and even set him to change his inventory and prices from day to day.


Narrator: “It did.”


If you do this with loot multiplier installed on a server and don't modify the client, that minimizes your ability to fall down the rabbit hole. There's only like three other mods that can work this way.


I have to say, once you use devcommands it's hard to go back. You either start playing the game in a different way, or you have to go back to a harder way of life. I almost always regret using them in different games, because why would you sail around scouting for 6 hours when you could fly the same distance in 20. I think it's wise to avoid cheating except in the case of overcoming bugs or getting out of game breaking inescapable situations.


I came close. I used my world seed for our server and while I didn't devcommand in any Iron I knew where all the crypts were so I could just mine them twice.


Morgan Freeman


Ron Howard




Fuck me, that made laugh so hard… And I’m at work, dude! x’D


Makes 1 weapon* upgrades it fully* "Annnnnd it's gone!"


Don’t upgrade iron weapons. Far better options are available with silver, and you need a lot of iron for armor, shield, crafting upgrades, and building.


It's worth fully upgrading the iron pickaxe and iron sledge. Iron sledge doesn't do as much damage as other weapons but it's AoE damage makes it super useful at taking out and keeping back groups of enemies.


Fully upgrading an iron mace is also nice as you will need one for Bonemass.


Frost arrows, you only have to kill some drakes


Sneak into mountains to find exposed silver veins to get enough silver for frostner for ole boney mass


Not even once I have found exposed silver. I just go and find place that looks like it could have silver and cross dig through it. If its biome with silver i will find it.


There's a strat where you use either Stagbreaker or an iron sledge. Saves me time. Beat the ground while traveling around a mountain. If there's silver under your strike, it will show the 'too hard' text. (You'll get the same text if you do it too near obsidian, too, so watch for that.)


How do you get up a mountain without freezing? Are you using the mead to do that?


Yes. I hit the swamps first for the ingredients.


Hah, i didnt think of that.


This may be the vid I got that tip from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4Dzdw2EfaM


Alternatively, you can Scout with the Iron Sledge/Stagbreaker


Thats brilliont!


>Sneak into mountains and- No.


You can also use the hammers. The AoE attack will hit hidden silver veins and display the "Too hard" message.


I used the iron sledge for Bonemass. Both do blunt damage so both are very effective, I just think iron sledge is useful for longer.


If you have viking bros or sisters the iron sledge is great to stagger groups of fulings when they come pouring out of the village. Then everyone else can pick them off


I just got into the planes and I still use just the sledge when I get skeleton surprise. The AoE takes out the mobs in one hit. I get skeleton explosions instead!


I would suggest skipping iron armor entirely as well. Get an iron weapon and shield, then hoof up your nearest mountain with a stagbreaker and prospect for silver with it (if you hit the ground and it says “too hard” you’re either on top of a silver vein or obsidian) while killing wolves for wolf armor mats. Save as much iron as possible for padded armor, chests, and the iron sledge. Not to mention that having frostner makes the bonemass fight a lot less painful.




Pre H&H my an server burned through at least 2 of those, it's never enough


Our server of 8 probably doubled or tripled that. No swamp was safe from us.


I could burn through that basically by myself. Leveling iron sledge, a mace, the bow, and just getting armor, and it all poofs away.


Getting iron is so tedious. And you need such a ridiculous amount of it. I wish there was another option in late game for obtaining more iron.


After the patch is alot easier to get it. Scrap pile get destroyed 3-4 times faster


Oh thank Odin




U can use the ore/ treasure finding item but it’s still sucks since I get into swimming animation quickly in the swamp




Iron can spawn just on the ground in the swamp but it's exceedingly rare. I've found two in the several worlds I've played on


I saw one when I first started playing. Never did again. Haven't played in a while though


This is good to hear, as I’m onto the swamps after work today.


Would be cool if there was more of a high risk/high reward way later in the game too, like being able to somehow change/refine black metal into iron or something. Or plant an iron tree that grows fresh iron /s


I usually skip iron weapons and use silver. Some silver veins stick out of the ground so you can find a little on mountains.


Of course the place where I set up in the mountains has none sticking out anywhere.


Next time I will just make the Pickaxe and go to the Mountain for Silver, It's easy to find after all. (Basic Wolf armor is also as good as maxed out iron)


And you won't use as much iron, wich you need late game.


Yeah and you need it from the iron age afterwards constantly


Yeah i really think they should either rebalance ores (how much you get/need) or remove the teleport restriction. It takes a stupid amount of time to get ores and transport them.


The logistics of getting the ore around is something that is part of the game to the devs. I doubt it will be removed. Mods are always available if you want that experience.


Ahhh the good old days. I remember filling boats with my 5 man squad. We emptied out crypts like it was our job, then ride back sniping serpents on the way. Also hitting every rock because our driver was drunk


I think the Valheim rule is never enough, up until the moment where it is enough, and then you will have piles of the shit laying around.


ROFL so effing true. "Christ where are the damn boars. I need ONE more scrap to build a tanning rack!" 5 minutes later "ok I guess I need another chest for my leather scraps".


“We’ll just take your Iron, put it in here..Move that to there..mhm..Aaaaaaannnddd it’s gone.” “What do you mean its gone?” “It’s gone - all of it.”


"I'm sorry but this ship is for vikings who *have* some iron. Step aside, please." "But-" "Next viking, please! Oh hello, Mr. Ragnar, I see you brought in a full chest of iron, that's wonderful, really great haul out in the crypts today. So we'll just invest that into some wood iron beams for you andit'sgone!"


Wood Iron beams aren't as bad as the "oops I hit craft new instead of upgrade" rage inducer.


I remember doing a trip with a similar cargo, there was also a sudden storm, a serpent and a keyboard flipping trough the air involved.


On my new seed I figured it would be easier to transport a forge and all its upgrades to a nice swamp to build a small base there instead of shipping thousands of pounds of iron back. I found a good one with plenty of crypts and lots of surtling spawns all around. I will have plenty of iron and can collect coal from all the surtlings so I really dont need to gather wood. Best decision I've ever made.


I did that too. In my current seed the swamp Bonemass is in has a crazy amount of crypts close together, so I just set up a little smelting and forging base and made all my iron gear there.


It never is :)


I think I did two full tours and had 3 stacks left after building and upgrading everything the first time I did it.


How do you have 450 slots


To increase the amount of items you can hold in Valheim, you need to buy the Megingjord from Haldor the merchant, it will increase the amount of weight you can carry by 150 points


Pretty sure you have to defeat that dwarf in a wrestling contest for the belt XD


The Interbiome Championship Belt


The belt he is wearing allows him to carry more.


You are going to end up with an iron deficiency


I think I won't bother making iron armor. Crazy mountain rush for silver wearing bronze gear and that's it.


We just (post H&H) rushed some obsidian and upgraded our troll armor to the final level with the workbench upgrade and its been working for us.


Short answer: Nope Long answer: Iron nails are expensive.


It is never enough. You think you have enough, then you get this great idea for a castle build... but it is getting kinda high.. oh well, better reinforce it with them iron logs-... damn.


My trick for tall buildings is to raise the ground with the hoe until I can't any more, put stone pillars on top of that, and then put wood logs on top of that. Makes for some entertaining "wizard" towers.


I did this once then I started using a second world to dump goods in so I could just use portals. Some may consider it cheating but I play alone and have kids so I have previous little play time so I need to cut a few corners.


I play alone and have kid but I just love the sound of a french horn.


It's adorable that you think there's such a thing as "Enough Iron".


Enough Iron is an oxymoron.


Riddle me this batman, how are we so bad at making weapons and armor, than I can use up at least 60+ of a metal.. Which is more than enough to encumber you... On say, a axe... Which you can now swing with one arm. And you can't even say it's due to processed metal because the BARS weigh too much. There should be bits of scrap metal everywhere with how much you spend upgrading things! Edit: we found the secret to this game is to build outposts. We built a base in the swamp and teleported there with cores and stone and wood.. Set up forges in the swamp, raided a nearby darkwood for copper and tin, and now that remote base is where we upgrade and craft iron armor. We just made a new remote base between moder and bonemass to start working on silver, and soon padded armor too!


Yup, I have multiple bases. Basically one for each boss/biome. Each has a forging facility and has other biomes nearby. My Yagluth base is the same as my Moder base, as they ended up on the same island. It sits in a small meadow with plains on one side, a slice of Forest on the other with a swamp behind it, and a mountain in front (water behind). I made a portal to take me to Yagluths altar which was a significant hike away.


Should I tell him or guys tell?


What's your process for this? Do you build a mini-base and bring the mats to make a forge and repair your picks as needed?


we buld teleporter in swamp and every time when we get full eq with metal scraps we store them on boat tp to base to repair picks then back to swamp until we get full boat, it took 4-5h. Sorry for bad eng btw. Before we make a 1 short run for metal just to make better boat


What I’ve personally found to be best is using the deer antler pickaxe for iron farming. I carry 2-3 on me as weight is more of an issue than item slots when farming iron, it clears scrap piles just as well and you can repair it with a normal workbench outside the crypt instead of needing a forge.


This is a popular and flawed strategy because by the time you reach swamps you can just build a portal by your boat and go back and repair. Fully upgraded iron pick works faster and lasts much longer.


I disagree with flawed. Matter of preference probably. You’re still having to add time going to and from base through the swamps and the portal. Also deer antler brakes scrap pile chunks in one hit just as iron does. Durability is made up for by having an additional pickaxe. I don’t find myself needing to run out more often than I need to unload outside anyway (I usually leave a chest or two for unloading outside crypt). I’ll try out iron again to see if the mining changes give it more of an advantage but after using both previously i certainly prefer deer antler pickaxe for crypts atm. Edit* mind successfully changed! Thanks for mining update explanation and sharing your experiences!


So, while the new pickaxe changes allow for hitting all the chunks, it does reduced damage against multiple targets. Same as when you hit multiple trees with an axe, it does somewhere in the range of 50%-80% damage. So iron picks come out ahead with scrap mining now, because the antler doesn't do quite enough to destroy 5 chunks in one swing like the iron does.


That’s awesome to hear. Makes more sense to graduate to iron when you can now. Would that make the bronze one worth now? I’ve always skipped it until I needed iron for silver.


I haven't tried it. The only time I make a bronze pick is if I do the Eikthyr skip. My guess is yes, based on the Fandom wiki numbers.


With my lvl 3 bronze pickaxe, I am destroying multiple parts of iron scrap piles with each swing, I'd say around 90-95% of the time. If I hit 5 or more targets (like when two scrap piles overlap), it seems like there are a handful of times when I only do 3-4 dmg, not enough to break some of them. But the vast majority of the time, I am cleaving through scrap piles like crazy. So in my experience, bronze pickaxe has been worth it.


Your English is fine. Still better than some native speakers lol. Thanks for replying. I always get paranoid that something will destroy my portals and I'll be stranded. Will give this a shot when we get to swamps! I wonder if a portal can be built on top of a crypt...


You can. Put the workbench there too.


This is the way. Build a portal on top of a crypt with a little fire and a roof over it. You can snag a quick rested bonus if needed and keep your portal safe from mobs.


That's what I do, I build a small shelter up there with portal and workbench.


Portals aren't too bad at attracting aggro. I have seen them be attacked before but it's pretty rare. Just a simple stake wall around it with a workbench inside has always been fine for me.


To save time you can just use the Eikthyr pickaxe. You can repair it with just a workbench. It breaks a little faster, but the savings in time is worth it. I just build a tiny roofed area next to the crypt for the workbench. Your only runs are to the boat to drop off the iron.


Better get a few more


Trust me, it won't be.


Not anymore with all the Iron grates I can build! :)




Hahahahahaah not even close.


On our pre-H&H playthrough with just two of us we burned through at least 3 of these. Iron grinding is like 75% of valheim. Honestly this playthrough we’ll probably do one shipload of it then just spawn in an extra 1000 or so, the iron farm gets really old after awhile.


I think someone did the math for the iron needed for all equipment (so disregarding any building and boats) and it was "A total of 1208 Iron is needed to build and fully upgrade all weapons and armor, including post iron age tiers.", so you're nearly halfway there.... until you account for all the other things iron is needed for. "Along with 21 requirements for armor tools and weapons, 19 buildings (21 total parts) require iron: Blast furnace , Forge toolrack, Iron gate, Personal chest, Reinforced chest, Smith's anvil, Standing green-burning iron torch, Standing iron torch, Stonecutter , Tool shelf, Wood iron beam, Wood iron pole, Iron cooking station , Pots and Pans, Stone Oven, Darkwood Gate, Cage Floor/Wall 1x1 & 2x2, Bath tub And 8 things require iron nails: Dragon bed, Longship, Raven throne, Spinning wheel, Windmill , Long Darkwood Table , Darkwood Chair, Round Table" Thank you u/FellaVentura for writing that list so I didn't need to manually type it myself.


Meanwhile, I've just searched through 3 medium sized swamps and 1 HUGE swamp and found 0 crypts. :(


I'm new to the game so: "Alas! Finnaly a ship with chests! Odin have heard my prayers!"


So.... Where is the durability of your items? Like all of your items!!!


its a glitch thats sometime dont show the durability idk why its happenig


I tired of the iron transportation, so I would pile up iron in my inventory, load my own private save and leave it in a chest. Log back in to main server. Use portal to base. Load private save and grab the iron. Load main server and presto. You saved hours of travel.


if you're going to workaround like that, may as well farm the ore, throw it into the ocean and use devcommands to spawn the same amount at your base


I've said this in other posts on the subject, but this is a perfect example of why people think iron is so tedious: they insist on dragging it all back home, rather than just bringing the resources to the swamp to smelt and forge items there. As good as it feels to sail home with a longship hold full of iron, this viking cleared a lot of sunken crypts using a level 1 bronze mace, a bone tower shield, a hodgepodge of armor that gives a grand total of 31 armor, and an upgraded Huntsman's bow. That itself is painful. If, when they set out to find swamps to clear for iron, they had brought just 16 copper and 2 bronze, they would have had all of the metal assets, other than those you get in the swamp, to build a forge and related upgrades right in the middle of the swamp, and put this iron to use in a way that would have made clearing the swamp way faster. If you smelt and forge in the swamp, every trip back from a crypt has you throwing 30 iron into your 3 smelters, topping off the coal, picking up the 30 iron left from the last run, upgrading an item at the forge, repairing, and running right back out to get another 30 iron.


Ahh the good times. looking forward to doing this in the current playthrough.


The iron grind is unreal. It's all just grinding to artificial extend the gameplay length. It's very tedious


Figure you need about 1000 more to be safe


It's never enough. Need a bigger boat tbh lol


nah, youll need more. thats a good strt though. We've made as many as 4 boat laods to get iron because we wanted fancy light holders and stuff xD


Probably not, nonetheless, a fantastic haul, good job.


It's never enough.


it never is


i can tell you right now, it doesn't. i must have used the equivalent of 4 full boats already.


It’s never enough


Might need a couple boat more


579 iron. Not nearly enough for everything. Iron is a huge drain on time even when you're already using endgame gear. It's used in almost everything.


and then if you want to start building with the stuff...


HA I thought so too my first time bringing a shipload back.


It's never enough...


Considering you first have to make and upgrade all the gear, then get more for padded and to upgrade that. I was so salty to learn padded required iron and not black metal