Best way to beat Elder now that a bow won't do the trick?

Best way to beat Elder now that a bow won't do the trick?


I beat him just last night, with a finewood bow and fire arrows. Nothing special all I did was shoot between his vine shooting, hiding behind the pillars. Just take your time and don't spam arrows until you run out of stamina. I didn't time it but I didn't have to eat during the fight so less than 20 minutes solo.


I did the exact same thing last night. 2 HP food 1 stamina. Didn't even need HP pots.


Same, deer and boar meat with honey is my go to combo so far.


I beat him with fire arrows. Easy peasy


Same, 2 X Stamina food 1 X Health, pillars for cover


Easy by bow still, I do not know what games you guys are playing.


Knives are the way. Chitin knife killed him in half the time it took with a maxed finewood bow


Add Tasty mead to the mix apply Fire Arrows as needed. Should still burn him down. Dig a trench around his spawn to keep him from roaming or chasing. Drop a few campfires in the bottom. He will destroy them but he'll get burned too.


Bow and arrow works just fine People complain way to much


He used to be pretty weak to the axe. I would always whack away at him when he was in melee range without a bunch of roots whipping me. Could easily block that stomp of his as it’s really slow. Haven’t tried since the update, though, so YMMV.