Every time I see an update now.

Every time I see an update now.


i just want us to be able to row on longboats mannnn


Me too and I hope I can row the wrong way and then ask why we're turning.


This is fucking hilarious. Take my upvote and do evil with it.


I just want to play with friends.


You can already do that bro




Ouch but true..




We restarted a new world this week anyway.haha I dont think I ever was as hyped as that for a dlc in a survival and it is not even a dlc. it's a part of a game in early development. This is how crazy amazing.this game is. The final product will.be astonishing, even more considering the price tag


Although at speed the updates are coming along, it'll be years before the game is finished.


Considering it already gives so much value for it's price, I would think them working on free updates for years is a positive thing.


I mean, I'm not trying to be too hard on the devs. I paid $20 for the game and I've gotten over 130 hours out of it so far (and I still have two more bosses to fight). But we're nearly halfway through 2021 and they still haven't released Hearth and Home, which is just the first of 4 major updates planned for this year.


To be fair they were probably not expecting to have this much people waiting on baited breath for them to make the game. I imagine it's a lot of pressure, and now a lot of expectations for it to be good. Seeing as it's the first big update they probably really don't want it to be lackluster, otherwise many of their players may not stick around to see if the second update makes up for it.


Well put. I agree. Must be hard balancing pressure vs making a good followup product (in this case, an update to the Early Access version we have, which per their words is [50% finished content and 75% finished features)](https://www.slashgear.com/viking-survival-game-valheim-just-hit-a-huge-milestone-19660250/). Best of luck to them, tho, love the game.


Yeah, don’t want a repeat of cyberpunk lol


I'm glad that the version out right now is solid. Because honestly I've seen dozens of games go this exact same route and the fans always say these same things. About 1 in 5 actually goes on to make early access work and the rest fail to grow properly. I hope Valheim is one of the good ones.


No, and thats unfortunate. So they need to take it seriously and hire more staff pronto. I've seen this shit before and it took the devs 5 years to release the game, by which time people got burned out on the game and the hype died down when it came to release, and because they remained a small studio instead of hiring more people, a lot of stuff that should've been further developed wasn't. I hope that doesn't happen with this game because the devs are smart enough to expand.


From what I hear they have hired a bunch of new staff, but it does take time to train new staff, make sure they share your vision for the game and know where to take it, manage them, etc.


I can’t speak for artists and designers and such, but there’s also ramp up time for each new programmer where they’re actually a burden to the team. Learning new codebases is *hard*, and the fastest way to get a new dev productive and contributing is to have an experienced member of the team available to answer their questions and walk them through things, which is obviously going to hamper that person’s ability to ship new features. I’m not in games, but when I started my current dev gig they didn’t expect me to write a single line of code for a month, let alone contribute a significant feature. If you’re hiring someone every couple of weeks or every month, the team will be slowed down for a good while.


Plus not to add to that but we're still in a pandemic so any new hires may be remote which makes getting caught up even harder


This is the state 7 Days to Die in. It sucks cause it just keeps changing every new release. Now it's just got that cult following.


\> I’ve seen this shit before In what other game that’s as polished as this game?


> To be fair they were probably not expecting to have this much people waiting on baited breath for them to make the game I'm hearing variations of this a lot, but I'm not sure what exactly it excuses or explains. It is a digital product and they don't run servers. It is the same work to do this for 10 people or for a million. Also nobody wants them to rush it. People aren't saying "just release it sooner!", they are saying "it should be finished properly by now". Going by a timetable they themselves have set, by the way. At which point it becomes what they *sold* as part of Early Access. If they hadn't said anything, things would be different. But this way they sold an EA product that will get 4 big updates in the first year. I for one understand a fair bit of disappointment and I don't understand a lot of the usual excuses the community makes. Is it a reason to be mad? No. Is the dev's performance in EA fine? No.


>same work to do this for 10 people or for a million Well, yes and no. You're right that it's not like WoW or something where having a sudden influx of millions of people is gonna crash servers or something. But look at the patch history since release. Bug fix after bug fix after tweak after bug fix. It's the sheer volume of beta testers combined with addressing bugs and issues before content. There wouldn't be nearly the number of bugs reported if there were only ten people playing. Or even a few thousand. But out of millions there's a vastly greater chance someone is gonna do some weird shit that exposes a bug the devs had no idea existed, or the volume of complaints about something like the terrain system will make it a much bigger deal. I think the main issue with the roadmap is expectations, people see four updates planned from the beginning of the year, assume quarterly, and get disappointed when the game they clearly love isn't giving them the new shit they feel like they were promised. But they're clearly, going by the patch notes, addressing other issues as well, and we have no idea whatsoever what their day to day looks like. Don't get me wrong, I check for updates every damn day and get a smidge disappointed, but way I see it I've got over 300 hours into a $20 game. I've probably got 20 hours in over $300 of other games. I would be unhappy about not having a finished product I paid for, but the devs could run off right now and I still got an incredible amount of fun out of their game. Personally I think they're doing just fine with EA. Yes, I'm impatient for updates, but they've already demonstrated what they can do with their process, I'd rather have updates that live up to the game they initially put out versus a buggy mess and some extra chairs or something. Cheap, fast, good, pick two. $20 is pretty damn cheap nowadays, and I'd say Valheim is pretty damn good.


I'm of the opinion that this many users/players doesn't excuse the wait time given it was announced and made a spectacle. This much fame and revenue should mean that you can easily afford to hire extra devs to make sure deadlines are met. The modding community is already doing huge things much larger than the scope of some official updates. They created this current fanbase with much much less content. It doesn't make sense to me to reason that more content means less interest somehow.


The classic development example is that you can't get a baby in one month just because you have nine pregnant women. They need to scale up product/project mangers, designers, as well as programmers. Then implement, test, and deal with all the unknown unknowns that come along. While somebody manages the team to prevent them from getting burned out in the process because I guarantee you that some of these people are working 60+ hours a week. *Nobody* wants to deliver a good product on time more than the dev team, and nobody gets more frustrated by delays than they do. Trust me, we have the good end of the stick here.


You're dead right.


Pretty sure they are expanding the studio, and as vaccines roll out possibly transitioning back to in office work. It's a weird time right now, and I'd just give them some time to stabilize. Once that happens I'm sure we will see more frequent updates.


Agreed. We had a 4 player server going until we took down the end boss. Between the 4 of us we put in several hundred hours. Very very good value for money. Take your time you glorious Vikings, we will be back when ya ready.


To be fair, considering the massive surge in players and funding they have recieved, it is entirely within the realm of possibility that the first update will be the only one with such a big gap ahead of it because they decided to reorganize their plans, and maybe even redo the behind the scenes elements of their game to make way for more ambitious plans in the future. There is no evidence that this is the case, and its only my personal guess, but it is a possibility. So the first update will not only bring with it whatever they had planned, but also establish a good framework in the game that future updates would be built on.


Yeah, i think it’ll be interesting to see if they start hiring a lot of new talent and growing their team. I’d be inclined to give them a few updates to see if the new employees take a little bit to properly integrate into the team. I expect they may be hesitant to grow the team too quickly, as they don’t want to lose what makes them good. Especially cause they have the money to hire some pretty experienced devs, but it’d probably be easy to let those new devs take the wheel a little too much.


Considering they only have one developer and the entire terrain generation system was rewritten (along with a tool to migrate legacy data), I'd say it's a safe bet that's what they're doing. It's very smart.


The first update will tell us how the rest will go I think. Lots of devs fail to adapt to success. They get lost expanding the company, expand feature scope too much or lose focus. Hopefully they're able to stay the course.


Would honestly be dope if they stuck to how they want the game to be. Two years from now we have a fleshed out game. If I replay it twice and include my first playthrough, that's a solid 300-400 hours.


Or they figure out they can actually just sit on the beach with a beer in each hand until they die and never worry about money again. Hmmm, the pressure of 60+ hour workweeks and trying to live up to insane hype, or walking away with Fuck You money and never giving another shit about pretty much anything...


I mean.. We all jumped on it within 2 months of it releasing on EA. It was kind of a given that 1-3 years is ahead of us. I've had 300+ hours of joy already.. It's on the shelf now and picking up in a year or so


It worked (very well) for Terraria.


They are a team of 5 indie developers, not EA. Cut them some slack. What do you want for 15 dollars.


Yup, and I hope it does take a while with good updates as we go. Beats the heck out of most big projects. In the meanwhile, I'll play VH, The Long Dark, Rimworld and maybe go back to Kingdom Come Deliverance occasionally. Jumping on one if new content comes out but just playing them when I feel like it.


Your punctuation is something else man


Haha, Sorry man, not my first language :)


Yea no clue how they're gonna get through all of the updates they have planned this year


I can't see it happening at all. I think we're likely to get Hearth and Home and that's it


I think we have to manage our expectations here. At most 2 updates this year. Whether its bad or not bad is a different topic.


We don't need to do anything, it's them who need to manage their time. That said I wouldn't be surprised if they are working on multiple updates at once


What? It's not like they owe us something in a certain time frame. Sure of course they need it manage their time, that's how life works, but we also need to manage our expectations. They don't owe us anything at all, technically, ever. But at this rate it does seem like 1 or 2 updates in 2021 is reasonable. Possibly less.


Don't get me wrong, I love the game but they themselves showed a plan for 4 updates this year so it's a reasonable response ti expect 4 updates


> They don't owe us anything at all, technically, ever. They do, it's called early access. You don't buy the game as is, you buy the finished product before it is ready. And if they make specific promises, like with their roadmap, that too becomes part of what they sold. At least to people who bought the game after those promises were made.


They made their own roadmap, like it or not it's going to be unprofessional if they can't meet it. I don't mind waiting for the updates, but won't appreciate dishonesty if it comes to it.


Epic gamer moment


They are a team of 5 indie developers, not EA. Cut them some slack. What do you want for 15 dollars.


The content they outlined on their roadmap lol. I'm not going to hate then if they can't reach it, but it will be better for the game overall if the devs can properly manage their expectations. Regardless though it's not even close to too late for them to still meet their roadmap, I imagine they are simmering with Hearth and Home while hiring new talent to work on the other updates. I'm just pointing out that if they happen to fail to meet the deadlines they set, then that's worth pointing out.


They have one developer... Simple answer, no.


It's tough uploading updates via yacht satellite ^^^/s


Better get Starlink!


I mean H&H is really big. If the sneak peak really shows a river it could be REALLY BIG. CotW is a small update. Probably not to much programing and more designing. S&S is the same. Not to much work. And the Mistlands are probably developed all the time beside all the other stuff. They are the biggest update, but they are probably half done when S&S releases.


Either they aren’t or their all gonna have no content, which judging by the base game wouldn’t surprise me.


begone thot


I do worry about the speed of development. Hearth and home is number one of at least 4 mayor updates presented on the roadmap for this year, and the year is almost half way through. Unless they somehow manage to squeeze 3 big updates in 6 months, I think we're gonna be seeing some official apology posts in the coming months. And don't get me wrong, I think I've already gotten several times my money's worth with Valheim, I just don't like being lied to (potentially). ​ EDIT: I WAS FUCKING RIGHT BITCHES!


> I do worry about the speed of development. Hearth and home is number one of at least 4 mayor updates presented on the roadmap for this year, and the year is almost half way through. Don't forget to factor in that Swedes also often take huge vacations in Summer (Iron Gate is Swedish). I know that another Swedish game studio (FatShark) is basically shutdown all summer long.


The WHOLE summer? Fuck... can I move to Sweden?


Yeah. IIRC, FatShark released an update for their game, essentially breaking it, then fucked off for a few months on vacation. It turned the fan community pretty hostile, as you can imagine.


Paradox has also done the same with their various games over the years. I can think of at least two summers where I wasn't too keen on playing Stellaris given the state it was left in.


We have 5 weeks PTO per year plus any compensation you get if you do overtime or work trips away from home. Most people use a big chunk of this in the summer so it's not unusual to have basically empty offices and if people's workflow depends on other people too... things move very slowly in the summer for us lol


It sounds like heaven to me, my dude. North and South Americans would kill for this.


Yes July is known as full stop month More or less everything is closed Good luck trying to get your car fixed, or going to some specialists if it's not an emergency August they are ramping up again and September is like regular workload again So you can expect a rapid decline in June, stop in July and restart in August


Unlike some countries, they also understand that parents need to spend actual time with new babies. Like, more than 2 whole weeks. If 2 of the devs recently had kids, they might not want to rush right back into developing, and ignoring their new, or expanded families, just because a bunch of people on the internet have gotten bored.


EXACTLY. See this is the thing I feel like white knights might get confused by. We love the game. It is awesome. But we want transparency. We don't want another Star Citizen. That's all. Nobody here is shitting on the game. Personally, I don't care if they tell us it'll take 5 full years to finish the game. I Just don't want them to tug our dicks for just as long making promises they don't keep. Not saying they are, but the mob's getting restless, and part of it is for a reason. If Hearth & Home is taking this long, how long will it take to actually finish the game? We just have questions we'd like answered rather than the first thing we get after ages is "Hey we updated the grappling mechanic on Trolls".


It's already better than star citizen, it's a fully playable game. Edit: I've seen the best and worst of early access games. Valheim is early access done right, I'm not worried about the future of the game.


That’s true. I’ve been there since the last days of the Kickstarter. It’s still the same gameplay loops as several years ago. I don’t follow the development as close as prior years, but it seems they focus on delivering ship sale after ship sale. With regards to Valheim, I don’t mind if they take their time. Our group already sinked hundreds of hours into the game and we still love it. We would appreciate a better communication though.


For real. Comparing this to Star citizen is hilarious and insulting


Maybe they just didn't think it'd take them this long to pump out the next big update. Or perhaps things are speeding up in the background and they will increase their productivity in the coming months? Not trying to white-knight, I agree w you, but perhaps there are things we dont know that could fix this apparent lack of progress speed. Would be nice to know for sure.


Thank you. It's honestly nice to see this point of view. We have zero clue how or why it's taking this long. And for the most part, I don't think anybody minds if they take their time.


Watch the recent interview with one of the devs. You'll understand the delay. But to sum it up: * In hindsight, he said they should've used more testers before releasing the early access. A lot of bugs only appeared then which they spent a lot of time fixing. He said it's better to fix the worst ones now to have a better base to work on than trying to fix leaky pipes everytime. The optterrain update was one of those. * Not in the interview but I heard in discord 2 of the 5 devs had a baby so that's another thing that reduced development time. * They've been interviewing and training new staff. That takes time away from development as well. Adding more developers isn't as simple as people think it is. If that's not enough for you to understand then I don't know what to say.


>He said it's better to fix the worst ones now to have a better base to work on than trying to fix leaky pipes everytime. As a software engineer, I wholeheartedly endorse this.


Yep, it takes time to speed up if you get an unexpected injection of money (along with a more demanding user base than expected). I am really annoyed with the ‘white knight’ term. I understand how development work and it’s just like with babies. 9 women (developers) won’t deliver one baby (nine months of work for a single developer) in 1 month. New developers take up to half a year to be somewhat productive if your codebase is complex and that means an experienced developer will cut his own productive time to train them. Ramping up in this case first means slowing down.


I can explain some of that: * In recent years there's been a weird trend of consumers "siding with the company", people who identify with a product and the company that makes it, effectively acting as unpaid PR, shielding it from any, however valid, criticism. These were called **White Knights** or more commonly, **Stans.** * After observing this for a while people in communities started reacting to this and began calling out people for being "Stans", a counterculture of sorts. * Currently people are wary of Stan-like behavior, perhaps with good reason, since these people are the icing on the cake that is the gaming industry's current state: A hellscape of anticonsumer practices, predatory monetization, complete void of artistic integrity. * But alas, of course sometimes people are called Stans wrongfully, because either users are too jaded, or just default to it every time we see goodwill towards companies/studios. Does that explain it?


Oh, I definitely understand. I’m just annoyed by the usage of it. It’s always used to call someone a shill when they have some kind of empathy.


Exactly im honestly a bit pissed that people are so inconsiderate... making a game takes time, especially if your team is only 5 people and you have like a few million people watching over your shoulder. And exactly what you said. Im super glad they are going beyond and hiring new staff, this is great news for the future of Iron Gate but this will also take some time for the newcomers to integrate fully. This massive success of Valheim probably also led to some huge changes in the private lifes of the devs starting from having to do tons of administrative stuff up to probably reconsidering how they go about continuing to develop the game, since their small labor of love changed to international beststeller in matter or weeks. Much love to the devs and I hope they take as long as they need (and buy all the ponies they want lol)


That makes it more clear, thanks for the insight. Although I don't know why you felt the need to add that condescending phrase at the end.


Yeah I hear ya. Love the game. And would love updates. But who knows why there are delays. In the end, time will tell and the actual game content they release will give us our answer. If it's big w lots of content, then time well spent. If it feels lackluster, then time to get worried. Still worried about them making it to all 4 big updates in 6 months, since they've been working on H&H for about (speculating) 3 months?


There are more early access games that end up failing than not. It's completely understandable why a jaded community would be critical of new early access products at this point.


To be fair, the expected cost basis between this game and Star Citizen is... orders of magnitude in difference lol I'm not worried about it, I've gotten more for my $20 than a lot of $60 games I've played.


Maybe they should start selling Viking JPEGs for 200 lawl


I agree, stans are toxic for gaming as a whole.


I guess I don't get why you think they owe us the updates in some specific time frame? To me, from what they've said regarding content, I'm guessing middle to end of 2022 before the stated updates are all finished. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised but technically, it's an early access game, they don't really "owe us" anything. Although I certainly hope for an update every 3 to 6 months ideally. If not faster. But this type of work is hard. And I'm pretty sure it's one dude.


The roadmap they have is with 4 major updates were to be implemented in 2021. Its halfway through the year and we haven’t even gotten the first update.


So there's a difference between what you believe is owed to you, and what is reasonable to expect. I personally believe, for my investment, I am owed a finished product within a reasonable amount of time. COVID is one of many reasons this can be pushed back and that's totally okay. I get that things can and will delay updates/releases. It's just nice to be in the know.


Dude honestly. I made a post here a few days back about how long it's been taking for a big content update and everyone shit on it and downvoted it to oblivion. People just wanna plug their ears and REEE whenever anyone tries to bring a negative to light. EDIT: lmao case and point


It's an EA game. You gamble with your money on if the game will be shit or dead in six months. That's it.


They literally posted - today - that they are gonna host a fucking QA. They are in the midst of recruiting more people and getting an office. Things will speed up as they go. ”The mob is getting restless” jesus fucking christ dude. Wake up and read what’s being said. They are transparant with wtf is going on and what they are doing. They regularly post updates. What else can you ask for?


See that's the thing. Nobodys mad at them. They're doing great. Some people are just antsy. And imo, those who are being seriously pissy about this on either side should chill out.


It also strikes me as weird they are saying they are still working from home and they are ready to be back in the office when vaccines have been available for months


This is the thing lol I really can't say anything about updates and whatnot. I have almost 200 hours into this game. I play *alone* and I can't say I regret any of the time I spent. It's been amazing. I guess my concern would be people falling off all together and the devs losing steam and stopping all together.. But if they're keeping at it I'll keep playing.


The 4 updates aren't for this year.




This year? lol cool head cannon


Canon, the word is canon. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/valheim/images/c/cf/Roadmap_2.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20210414055114


They might not necessarily be working on *one update at a time*. H&H might be 1 of 4 teams currently working on a single update, with the least amount of content and integration to worry about. Hence the reason it comes out first. I'm not saying this is how it actually is, but there's no reason to think it's not.


We also have no reason to think that's the case.


Early access giveth and taketh away. To be real though a news update that just says “we bought a horse” and “check out these two close up images guys” like can’t we just at least see what’s in the update to know if it’s worth getting excited for? I understand it’s a small team and the game is pretty polished as it is, but the big 2021 content roadmap is looking kinda silly right now.


Ghost Ship Studios, the sister dev under Coffee Stain Studios always has the best community engagement. All through early access if things changed they would update their roadmap and give reasons for it. They would update their roadmap about 3 or 4 times just to show what things are closer to release and what moved back into the backlog.


Nah small team isn't an good excuse for their attempt at getting hype with weird close ups. Nobody should do that shit, if you want to show off that you've been working on then do it. Nobody actually wants these types of peaks.


Fuck, totally agree. It's the equivalent of those shitty story driven game trailers that show zero gameplay. Heads up devs who do this... barely anyone likes it. It tells us nothing wew any to know.


Yup, kinda insulting to think we'd just see a post about some horse they rescued and get hyped for....not horses in the game?


I didn’t manage to find this scene in Witcher.


It's not easy finding it. Pretty sure it's a side quest in one of the major cities.


Thanks op


Put close to 500 hours in then burnt out. Hearth and home please O.O


They're pushing out updates to fix up this and that while they're taking their time on hearth and home, to make sure that it's everything they want it to be before they release it, though, and I honestly think everyone wins with them doing things this way. They get to take all the time they need to let themselves really enjoy the process of creating. If they were to force it or rush it or any of that, we wouldn't end up with anything even close to the amazing quality of what we have so far. Their passion for the project shows in the results.


I agree. I dont want Iron Gate to be another game studio that punps out half-finished content just for the sake of getting more content out.


Just as long as they can get it out before a AAA steals their thunder with a better more complete product.


i out in about 100 hours a month or so ago, decided i dont want to burn myself out and will wait until we get some major updates to add another zero to my playtime


I'm wondering if they have hired any more people, with the amazing success of the game surely the have the budget to expand a little.


They've announced they've been looking into hiring more devs but these guys don't even have an office space yet really. Itll be a while before they can build the momentum they need.


They have, but new developers take time to be productive. Handling existing code bases is hard. I know, because I am a developer. Not a game developer, but that is common in all serious developer jobs.


I am waiting for mistland, but I just realized this will take so long


Okay people, calm down. Its not the end of the world just because someone's impatient. We obviously love this game enough if we're on the subreddit. This was a lighthearted shitpost. Most of us have gotten more enjoyment out of this than other games we've paid more for. No need to downvote a negative comment to oblivion. It is in alpha, but we did pay for a finished product. No shame in wanting them to fulfill their promise. Coffee stain and Iron gate are great companies. Nothing wrong with getting antsy for more of their quality content.


I've never gotten the whole "shitpost" thing. I mean, aren't the forums meant to be a place to express your opinion/share ideas/content w the community? It's not like you were trying to shit on the devs or that you didn't put any thought in your post. And it's super discouraging when one makes a good post and someone immediately tells you its shit and downvotes it. Sometimes it sucks to post.


Shitpost means it's fluff. It's just a stupid joke and isn't trying to push an idea or anything. It's not necessarily a negative thing to call something a shitpost.


Shit post - bad post Shitpost - funny post


Good things come to those who wait


Oo how i miss playing the Witcher 3


The game is only going to get better from here with more updates and expansions. There is already so much content for a 1 GB game size early access indie game.


Jesus this sub is filled with some serious white knighting. If you don’t see anything wrong with that lame update they put out today, you really are naive. Edit: personally, if they never update it, I do at least feel I already got my money’s worth several times over. But it seems pretty obvious they’re taking it pretty easy since they game has sold so well.


I'm as big a stan as any on this sub but yeah. I'd just as soon as they kept "news" like this to themselves.


I agree, the post today was pretty bare bones, as are all the other 'teaser' posts they put out there. Not saying it's necessarily a *bad* thing, I'd just like to see more. On the flip side however, they did say they're in the process of hiring/interviewing more potential employees so *hopefully* productivity goes up from that.


Have you seen any example of an indie company speeding up from new hires? I feel like I see this all the time and the only devs that get more productive, were already pretty productive (see: factorio devs). Otherwise, I find that slow devs are always slow and scope creep kills any additional momentum they might have gained. My guess is that we'll get a single major release this year with another one coming early 2022. Valheim is a good game, but the work remaining for the devs is obviously bigger than they expected and the demands and expectations for future releases is growing unchecked. Much of 2021 will be lost to them expanding, hiring devs, creating 'company culture', reworking plans made before launch, etc. Management/company stuff is a huge time sink that regular people can't properly estimate.


Hahah yup. New news has pictures of a horse, talks about the horse, then continues to say (that does not mean we'll be adding horses) like come on.


“Lol we have a pony now. No progress to report on and we don’t believe in schedules thanks for believing in us k bai”


Lol stfu


yeah. Fuck mods, I don't give a shit about them somehow struggling to find office space with their 8 digit bankroll. Iron Gate has my full permission to disappear for a while and only reappear with an actual new content update and not some deer joke.


Reminds me of Mordhau. Game absolutely blew up, didn't get any updates for months, people lost interest. You get too busy blowing all the money on black jack and hookers


I mean its pretty much a single player/coop game. It doesnt need to hold the players interest for long times lol. Iron Gate already made their money. And you can enjoy it whenever you want. You dont need an active community to do so


Im worried because hearth and home doesn't seem to be a big expansion. I don't get why it's taking so long.


I've beaten the game twice and +1 with a friend last month. This pacing of development is really slow, i seriously doubt they will complete everything on that roadmap for 2021. Yeah the team is small but the success should be able to pay for more devs...


yep, Im in the middle of my first major beer hall build, so i havent played in months.... Ive been waiting for the big update so I could use the new stuff in the build.


they still have 7 months to deliver all 4 updates and i think they will deliver. the first 3 updates are like game improvement and qol like new food and items in HnH. the major update is new biome which i think they are planning for xmas. as one of dev mentioned in interview that if you have explored the new biome now then you have to start new seed.


Hold up. So if you explored the mistlands/ashlands you have to restart the seed when it updates? That makes sense I guess but fuuuuuck


Is it 1358 yet


For me their is not much left to do in the game. Found all five bosses.... And their heads are on my wall. Just waiting for the additional 4 rumored bosses and the actual end game for this game.


Same. Finished the game in 60 hours over 2 weeks and haven't touched it since. I want to play it but there is nothing left to do but expand my base.


Ikr? I dont give a fuck about your weird company horse


I think that's a little rough. Yes, most people in here want updates with actual new game features/content or at least impacting bug fixes. But that doesn't mean the devs don't get to share things they like or are passionate about. Then again, you are entitled to not giving a shit about it, which is fine. Just saying, IMO even tho the leaked pictures feel like very little in too long, that doesn't mean the other non-game related part is that bad. They are still humans, after all, and the horse post doesn't mean they are not actually working on the H&G update.


The issue is they made a post titled "Development News" and then talked about their pet horse for 80% of it. Post a picture of your horse on Twitter if you want, but it has nothing to do with the game. It's not "news," it's filler text since they have nothing else to talk about.


That's a very good point. I can see how the title can be misleading. I guess the lesson here would be to learn to be more careful with what they post and how they do it.


its amazing seeing how little the game devs will get done and their fans will back them up regardless. Coming from an industry where accountability is everything. its fascinating to see how little the game developers are held accountable for missing promised deadlines. Sounds like poor management at Iron Gate IMO. Gamers are the most patient clients in the world. the game mechanics for Valheim aren't revolutionary by any means, to be 6 months into a year that was promised 4 major updates and still nothing? From a studio that garnered massive success, makes no sense to me.


I don’t even build so I’m waiting for the update after hearth and home -_-


The game launched in February. It's almost June. It's only been about 4 months. So they're... a few weeks "past schedule"? I fail to see the issue. So long as we get a good chunk of features and improvements, I'm content waiting for content.


The best news was that they are hiring more people. So not only are they working on the updates, they're getting more people to help. So updates will come out faster in the future.


Will they tho? I've been burned by indie projects getting more people on board and then just abandoning their games. Hope that doesn't happen to this one.


At least we have a pony to look at for our update. 😂


When is it scheduled for?


[https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/valheim/images/c/cf/Roadmap\_2.jpg/](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/valheim/images/c/cf/Roadmap_2.jpg/) It seems they haven't released any info on when they'll come out, only what will in each update.


Yep, unfortunately, no ETA on any of those. And since we don't know how much time it takes to produce content (given the expertise of the team members and how much time they dedicate to their tasks), we can only make an educated guess, which narrows down to (speculating) maybe 50% already done for H&H in 2\~3 months, so it doesn't look like they'll have enough time to get all 4 major updates out at this rate. Time will tell.


If this takes them this long then i'm pretty sure the Mist Lands will be next year, there is no way it's this year cause we are almost mid year and they haven't released either of the things on the road map. They did say they focus on fixing bugs and performance but honestly the performance has been the same since release despite them trying to fix some with one of the recent patches.


All I'm waiting for is Workshop compatibility.


What do you mean? Compatibility with what?


With Workshop. It's right there.


Seriously, you guys in the comments need to understand that there are five developers working. Five. Five human beings. Not five working machines. Five people putting their soul on this game they love and that we all have bought. They showed a roadmap but that was what they expected to do, updates will come, slowly, but they will come. If you want things rushed out and people being overworked go buy some triple a game and leave this sub and game. At least for now. This game is awesome and the fact that they are taking their time to make all updates work fine and to not end up with bad mental health it's even better.


Pretty much. Tired of the constant dick tease that is modern gaming.


Ngl the Witcher was awesome too


exactly thats not a meme thats straight facts


Its called a roadmap, not a promise. They didnt guarantee anyone anything. Just like any adventure, there is setbacks and detours.


They are a team of 5 indie developers, not EA. Cut them some slack. What do you want for 15 dollars.


I think you white knights are confused. Nobodys mad. Nobodys demanding anything. We're just antsy for juicier content.


Geee whiz, I wonder why people think "gamers" are such raging assholes. You people and these immature reactions are why I distance myself from gaming culture. You don't actually value what you play, it's a crutch for undeveloped social skills and unbelievable entitlement. You people are the reason game companies get away with treating employees like shit, because they know that "real gamers" are only interested in entertaining themselves and don't care about others. Only what those others can do for gamers. There's no empathy for the ones who have to actually sacrifice and crunch to make your precious content. You act like screeching baby birds who only demand and take, and then mope and whine when girls and society give you the side-eye and take a step back from you. The loudest and proudest "fans" of gaming are the worst things about it. Grow up.


Have you played The Witcher? Do you understand the context of the meme? Do you get that the post is meant to be funny? You dont. So don't speak on a community you know dickall about. Nobodys shitting on the devs. We PAID to help INVEST in an UNFINISHED project and its so good that we're antsy waiting for them to keep working on it. And to be honest, we have every right to want to know what's going on with the development and speculate as to why it takes as long as it does for certain updates.


y'all kinda suck tbh


Breh relax


lol, they're great companies, just making fun. Wouldn't have made this meme if they hadn't made such a good game in the first place.


Because they've broken the echo chamber of this subforum?


Imagine simping this hard for some game devs.


Seriously. No offense but if the devs are reading this forum regularly then our complaints about their slowness are well-deserved


Yep, and also they are adults. RICH adults. They can handle a little criticism.


nah, y'all are just assholes


Look at this guy. Literally making personal attacks on behalf of a game dev. Pretty hilarious, tbh.


facts facts facts


Just gonna say it. Fuck that negativity. You found a 20 dollar game that filled you with joy until you hit it's boundaries. Now you complain a massive update isn't out 5 months later since you burned through it. What did you expect from a team of 8? Seriously, stop complaining and be fucking patient people.


In an industry where you, the consumer, are repeatedly fucked by tons of companies making promises they don't fulfill, where the moments companies start profiting, quality takes a giant dive, you really wanna die on the hill of someone making a shitpost about vague and mysterious roadmaps?


I just wanna row my longboat mannnnnnn


Joking or not, how about we try not to become a bitter community constantly pressuring the devs like they owe us? The game is incredibly polished already and has been getting frequent patches, and the content it already has is already a lot for how much it costs. They're a small company and even with how successful they are it's not instantaneous (nor a good idea) to scale up very quickly. Let them take their time, and let them make these posts and keep the vibes of the small studio they are. Take a break, play something else in the meanwhile, and you'll all the more enjoy the game again when you eventually come back after new content has been released.


“Joking or not” Well it is a joke, and their comment in the thread clearly shows they mean no animosity. Like fuck me take a joke, this is a game where it’s so well done and everyone enjoys it so much. This isn’t bitter at all.


They devs do owe us though lol. We paid them.


You paid for an early access product, that is, the product at the time of purchase. The BIG disclaimer on the store page that said “you’re buying this as-is, but the game may change in the future” didn’t clue you in to that? I really don’t understand this Early Access entitlement. Read the fine print, understand what you’re buying.


This kind of mentality is exactly why so many early access games never leave early access.


You paid for the game... And you got the game.


With the expectation of updates in the future with the fact that they called it "early access"


But that just says updates will come, not when they'll come or at what rate. Pretty much everyone in the industry has been affected by covid and remote working. Even before this, games and updates already got delayed all the time. On top of that they're only a small team of 5 developers trying to scale up after completely unexpected success of the game. Just use a bit if common sense.


Your second point is true. But, your first point I'd very flawed. By opening a roadmap, they said that they would have those four things done by the end of the year. Now obviously covid impacts time to update, but if they promised something, they should at least update the promise to something more realistic instead of baiting people on


No, we got part of the game.


Don't buy early access if you can't wait.


I can wait. That isn’t the point.


I hate memes like this. This is stupid...what fucking CHILD made this? Obviously this KID doesn't realize what they have for only $20.


I invested in an unfinished game and made a shitpost about how they're failing to reach the points in the road map they themselves made. Whether I enjoy the game or not is irrelevant. You white knights are asking anyone with criticism to shutup because the game is fun so far. I can say whatever the fuck I want when they have shown their 2021 roadmap and by the end of Q2 do not have a release date for the first big update.




Have you ever known of a situation the "gaming community" could make terrible?