Kid’s already got great perspective and humility. He’ll be back up to his usual standard in no time 👍👍👍


Pepi will be back, I can only imagine the culture shock going to Germany for this kid. He’s not the give up type so he knows the stakes and will look to establish himself next season.


love this man


Agreed. He will be back to scoring soon.


Going to Augsburg was a mistake. He should have gone to Ajax or Dortmund since they wanted him too.


100% should have gone to Ajax. He'll do better next year but Augsburg is always going to struggle to give him service because the teams they're playing are just better.


Great little quote from him regarding the change of pace in the Bundesliga compared to the MLS: "“There’s **way more intensity** (playing in the Bundesliga). **You have no time on the ball** and some guys are more physical. But it’s a step I need to break through, and everything will be fine. I just want to get back to doing my thing, scoring goals and grinding.”" I think people here don't really realize just how much faster the game is over in Europe compared to the MLS which at times can seem like the pace of play is moving at a molasses pace. I think with a full off season he'll + his half season with Augsburg this past winter/spring he'll finally be up to speed with it and hopefully take that next leap, but man, what a tough going for a kid as young as him.


I wonder how much climate does that. I think some European players are surprised (when they come over here) at the sheer heat and humidity at some of the places here, which leads to a different style of play.


Meh, it depends. Europe and the US are massive areas with a variety of environments. The Mediterrean can get humid and sweltering hot in the late spring/summer just like it does here in Miami and the South. I don't think weather is really that much of a factor compared to the level of play IMO. Playing in Southern Italy is going to be a sweat box just like playing in Miami is. Not only that, but our bodies adjust pretty quickly to the climate we're in.


Eh. Perhaps, but they arrange their schedule around that. We don't Spain, for example, has the Siesta. We don't. Italy also shuts down during the late afternoon, and everyone comes back out mid evening (freaking weird to see young children out after midnight). We schedule our shit during the worst parts of the day in the heat, mid-afternoon.


You also have to do all of that the entire MLS season constantly. If you make it to CCL.... Then you get 6000 mile round trips to the actual tropics too. MLS is unmatched in travel intensity and climates covered. Russia and Brazil don't have spans like Vancouver to Miami and LA to Boston all the time. It is one of the things European players almost always comment about in mls. They were not ready for the travel.


Travel is by far more of a impact than the weather IMO, I can't argue against that and that's a great point.


You obviously didn't watch Rooney play for DC. Dude just could not take the heat. Huffing and puffing every minute. It is hard to play in summer in MLS. Many many Europeans struggle with it. Do you not realize how much more humid some places in USA are?


Well, Rooney played in England where a hot day was 70 degrees, but again, Europe isn't just England. I get your point but it obviously varies. A player coming to the MLS from Spain or Italy probably won't have nearly as much trouble adjusting to playing in the heat of Miami compared to someone who spent their whole career in England. Just depends I guess?


Yeah about that. The US is so large that the states have multiple climates within them. My home state has a desert to the south and forest to the north. My current state weather is notorious for changing rapidly. Could go from having snow, rain, heat, cold, tornado, and more in a matter of day if conditions are right.


There are younger euro guys in mls I watch and once their face goes red around 65' in a summer game, you know they are done. They are overheating and their bodies are not giving professional soccer cardio any more. Some of these guys have been playing in MLS for years.


Its not faster in "europe", its faster in specific leagues in Europe.


Yeah I could have been more clear, but it's certainly faster in the big 5.


Players are not faster. Passing is not faster. Nothing is faster. Tactically, they are just farther ahead so it makes the game feel more difficult. please show me the evidence that passing mph and running mph are just so much faster than MLS? This is just a thing people like to say.


Passing is absolutely faster, what? Go watch the premier league and tell me the pace of play is the same. Players are faster, everything is far more quick, and the passing is relentless compared to the MLS. Literally any player will admit this just as Pepi did in the article but go off random redditor, lmao.


He’s not referring to speed of players or velocity on the passes. He means speed of play. You don’t have time on the ball in big European leagues because there’s less open space and defenders close down on you faster (and are better positioned to defend you aggressively as soon as you have the ball). Like you said, tactics are sharper so defending players are often in better starting positions, the technique of players defending you is generally better so they can put you in disadvantageous positions faster when you have the ball, and generally the reading of the game is a step above on both offense and defense so you get pressured more quickly when you have the ball, and the ball might come to you sooner than it would in MLS because your teammates are seeing the pass earlier and have the technique to ping it into you earlier than you’d expect to get the ball. Plus, when everyone is reading the game faster, there’s quicker movement all around you, all of which can be overwhelming if you’re not mentally computing the game as fast as they are. This is definitely true at the highest levels in Europe like the Bundesliga. Less of an adjustment in other euro leagues.


It’s definitely faster. I watch a lot of both, and the MLS baffles me sometimes with the amount of slowdown and setting up tactics. The teams who mimic a faster style tend to do well in MLS and it makes perfect sense why..


It's different. That's all. People take time to adjust to different and then the fear and adrenaline subside. (gets slower). Pro athletes talk about it all the time after a long rehab. The game "slow's down" meaning their brain gets used to filtering and doesn't overload them with stimulus. (this is me agreeing BTW)


Got his autograph yesterday. Thanked him for representing Dallas so well. He is a good dude. Even stayed after the session and chatted up people in line waiting to see Ferreira.


I hope Pepi succeeds. He needs a coach that knows how to grow young talent, unlike the outgoing coach for Arminia Bielefeld. Specifically, needs to work on his positioning. He seems to be in awkward positions a lot of the time. If he gets that figured out, he will be dynamite


Kinda surprised we didn't bring him in at least to get a crack at Grenada. Seems like that would be a good way to get him his mojo back.


Why would we take him away from a mental break, first physical break in a year and a half, + time to get accustomed to his new club so that he could *maybe* score a goal against a team that most USL clubs could beat?