Seems legit

Seems legit


Ah, you beat me to it. r/PCMR is ripe with these kinds of posts now that summer is here.


What does summer have to do with it?


Heat melts people’s brains maybe


I disagree, is summer here and I can confirm this is false, just like vaccines.


1) r/woooosh 2) why the f\*ck do you think vaccines are fake. You think the news just got holograms for the vaccines or photoshoped it in?


Either the link to r/woooosh is ironic, or you're playing into that and no one got it.


I misread news as *jews*. lol


I have no idea what happened here.




You fucking r/whooshed yourself there bud. Nice one now you look like the dummy lmao


:( Yah I did haha


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a double decker tr/woooosh, how rare!


Not that rare I've witnessed one before, but not first hand.


Kids are out of school




Is joke


The difference is that they're staying up much more later and have a lot more free time than in school. Need I say more?


r/SummerReddit is upon us once again




It's been summer reddit since the eternal september.


That’s not even an Amazon box


Or manufacturers box ಠ_ಠ


If it was from a 3rd party seller it's possible that it doesn't ship in an Amazon box. I bought a board game that was shipped in a Wal-Mart bag and dropped off by some dude in his car. Weirdest shit in the world.


Was about to say, I buy monster energy drinks in bulk off amazon and they always come in just a plain-ass blank box. I literally just got one and am staring right at it. Used to weird me out cause I don't know why this one item always comes like this but it definitely happens


do you also get those weird boxes that are like a bigger box that's been cut down so it's got extra long flaps? I order monster off Amazon too and it's always in a weird box like that


I order beer off Amazon and it comes with those. The delivery guy struggles to get it out of the van, and then you open it so you can take it out in smaller quantities, and it turns out the box has handles.


hm I think I know what you're talking about and it's not one of those, it's a somewhat reasonably sized box (it holds 24 cans in a flat box inside the mailing box with plastic wrap on it, like the ones they sell the individual cans out of in stores), I don't have any issue carrying it) but it's like someone put them in a really deep box that's the right width and length, then cut it along the corners and folded the sides down to make a box that's the right height and wrapped the whole thing in tape (but it also has the long flaps on the bottom so it's also centered)


I know the ones you mean, but no, it's a bigger box - takes 2 packs of 12 bottles (tall bottles, too). Just a big ol' box with no handles, but when you open it, it has 2 cardboard flaps, which have handles on. Feels like they should just put the handles on the side of the box so the courier can lift it easier. Amazingly, I had 3 boxes on subscription, so there was a loose one with an address label on anyway. Waste of cardboard. I'd take a pic, but recycling day was yesterday.


Haha yes! I only get those with certain flavors (so probably a different shipper) but those are always so annoying!


It could be what we call SIOC (Ship In Own Container)


From what I've gathered from other people who worked at Amazon, this is literally impossible


One time I ordered a box of 12ct k cups and they sent me 12 boxes of 12ct k cups. Felt like I won the fricking lottery that day


In the UK, cigarettes used to come in packets of 10 or 20. They were relatively recently made to be minimum packets of 20, because it was noted that it was mainly children buying packs of 10. Still, it's fairly common for people to walk into a shop and ask for 20 Marlboro, or whatever your favourite brand is. I went to Slovenia and made the mistake of asking for 40 Marlboro. The lady had to get the manager, who dutifully brought me 40 packets of cigarettes. I felt really bad when I had to explain that I only wanted two packets, and he had to go and put them back in the stock room.


This happened to a friend of mine, but with condoms. She ordered a 24 pack and got twenty-four 24 packs.




How are the wheels though


You ordered wheels and got 100 plush bananas? Epic




Nice you now have bananas to measure anything! r/bananasforscale


This has happened to me before! I once ordered a foundation, and got a little box with two foundations in it. Another time I ordered deodorant and got a box of four. Blessed days


I've seen the exact opposite. My friend ordered a Hard drive from Amazon and they sent him an empty bubble package. He tried to get them to send another and he had to fight since they tried telling him to return the first one. Took some time before they realized that there was no first one. Got it on video and everything.


Which part? I received a hardwood table from Amazon (that I ordered) only to have the order get cancelled from Amazon's end the day before receiving it. When I tried to resolve (either pay or whatever), they flagged it as a return and an algorithm decided to tell me to "keep or donate" the item. On the same month, I got 2 other free items due to Amazon screw-ups (wrong item, Amazon told me to keep) or duplicate ships. Combined, they're more money than this one box of Corsair RAM. Let's see. In that two month period it was... 1. A bedframe whose dimensions were advertised wrong.. refunded and told to keep. So now we use it and found bedding to make it look less dumb 2. Aforementioned table that came in perfect 3. An endtable that came with minor flaws that we only decided to return because it was expensive... redunded and told to keep 4. Some HBA stuff that was ordered and shipped twice Don't get me wrong, I think this particular poptart is still untrustworthy... but how "literally impossible"?


You say that's worth more than the RAM, but that box of Ram is probably worth $1,000. Amazon makes a ton of mistakes, but they have all that budgeted in and know the cost of it all.


I did the math. You're correct, it's about $1000 for that box of RAM (~90-110 per 2x8 pair and I'm assuming those boxes are each a pair of sticks). My stuff totaled about $1200 give-or-take And I agree. Amazon makes a lot of mistakes, probably because it's more expensive to fix the mistakes than write them off.


One time I ordered H&R Block tax software for my personal income taxes and they sent me an entire case of the discs instead of a single disc. I was so conflicted because I’d technically gotten “free” stuff and I sure wasn’t going to take the time to mail it back to Amazon but also didn’t have much of anything to do with twenty H&R Block 2017 tax discs.


I bought a Ryzen 5 and was shipped a Ryzen 7 instead. The Ryzen 7 stock label was literally stuck on top of the Ryzen 5 label. Shit gets mislabeled. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. [Proof](https://imgur.com/gallery/pepWCho)


I have had it happen to me personally with painting supplies. 50 times what I ordered.


It isn’t impossible, but improbable. If the inbound department and ICQA did their jobs right, then it will be caught before it ships out, but several people have to screw up for the automated systems to miss this. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but it’s improbable, even for a master pack like this


Totally didn't order a box of ram for karma just to return it




>so definitely possible, but also easily faked Heyyy!!! Someone who understands this sub!


I had a friend who actually had this happen when their grandma ordered a steam gift card for them. They had like over $200 in their steam wallet afterwards because of the extra cards


Don’t they activate them as you order them? Wouldn’t the spare ones just be un-activated?


No, steam doesnt sell them on amazon. Third parties do


They were physical steam cards, the type with the code behind a scratch off on the back


Those cards are still not armed until checkout and this is the same with all gift cards. Otherwise cards would be locked in cases and not on every checkout lane to prevent theft.


From my local stores, the gift cards are kept under lock and key at the cashier's table and all they do is hit the button on their POS system to add to the transaction, nothing about activation.


The card has to be swiped / scanned at the POS for then to be active. Otherwise, they aren't worth the damn plastic they are made out of.


Nope. They don't scan it or swipe it.


If I had to, I’d wager that grandma didn’t know how to work the interwebs and wound up purchasing multiple cards on accident. Or she’s a cool ass grandma and did it on purpose. Sounds like something mine would do.


Pretty sure everyone on PCMR knows this is fake. Every now and then someone posts something minor about not getting what they received and then there's a ton of escalating posts after that are purely for the memes.


I'm certain that this is what is going on. I've seen it pretty often there with the graphics cards posts recently. Like the "I ordered one card, but instead this whole truckload showed up!"


Yep someone got 4tb instead of 2tb


7 year old account that made its first post today - sketch


This is actually plausible due to how Amazon sorts stuff in it's warehouses and I wouldn't be surprised if this was real. Source: used to work at Amazon


It's happened to me with a Camelbak water bottle. I ordered one, but was sent the wholesale box of them. How does it happen? I know warehouse workers are under time restraints, but having worked retail jobs where I've had to put out stock, it seems like a hard mistake to make.


Sometimes the packers who stock the warehouse get a box of the same item and put it on the shelf. Pickers are supposed to find the box, open it, and scan a single item, and take that to the outgoing conveyor belt. But sometimes the big box has the same barcode as the item and the scanner will let it pass when you scan the whole box instead of one item. The picker doesn't know that the box has a bunch in them and ends up putting it on the conveyor because having to cut open boxes is pretty rare. Nobody checks it after that, so if it gets in the conveyor, it goes to the customer. It's just a mistake from the packers putting the label on the big box instead of on the individual items, it's hard to avoid it unless the picker has seen the item before (unlikely cause there's Literally millions of items in the warehouses).


Not sure but I have a feeling some PC parts sellers online are old people that don't know enough about it A buddy of mine ordered a used PC case on Amazon and it had some parts inside that were more pricey that the case iirc the motherboard and CPU were newer than what he already had


I got sent a 6 pack of skullcandy earbuds instead of the just 1 I ordered


This hapenned to me as well i ordered one and got 10


idk the validity of this post specifically, but this sort of thing 100% happens, my friend's brother got an entire box of M.2 SSDs instead of the 1 he ordered before. To the best of my knowledge, this is caused by a warehouse worker accidentally shipping out the box they keep the hardware components in instead of the individual unit inside the box.


Isn't. Got sent an entire box of razors too. 7x worth 15€


This is entirely plausible. Unlikely, but I’ve had Amazon send me multiple of something I only ordered one of.


I ordered one Camelbak water bottle and they sent me a box of six in wholesale packaging.


I could believe putting in the wrong number and not realizing but ‘accidentally’ is blatant bullshit


I’m so sick of liars. Everyone is a liar and rent is about to triple in Hell.


For those curious, it's a trend on PCMR because someone made a post which was probably bs and people are going off with more and more absurd posts.


We got an extra chair in a box that should have only had one chair from a furniture store and thought, sweet, a free chair. They figured that shit out eventually and called us to get the extra chairs back or have us pay for it. So, if I got a big ol’ box of ram, I’d be nervous. Sweaty, even.


Aight but this legit happened to my college dorm mate


Having been a picker at warehouses (though not at amazon), this is actually more plausible than you would think.


We got a case of 4 roombas for the price of one. They corrected it, by sending me a free one for the troubles, which in fact was another case. I didn’t bother reporting it again. Just was afraid of getting charged for the original error, but they apparently never realized it.


This definitely does happen. My friend ordered a 1tb Samsung SSD from Amazon a year ago. They sent him 10 on accident. He kept 2-3 and sold the rest.


As real as the product im named after


That box says otherwise, mr op man


Bruh, I'd add on extra ram slots some how iist to use it all... and then just use it to play RLcraft...


Y'all this is entirely possible my sources/experience are my dad ordered something and got a completely empty box (showing any mistake is possible) and working at a grocery store where a department manager often orders something from a vendor or the warehouse and constantly gets the wrong item or the wrong quantity (showing quantity mistakes happen easily)


Ehh this is believable warehouses can fuck up like this


i think its possible, just very rare. the box isnt even an amazon box as it seems lol


Based on how amazon works, this is near impossible.


Only reason I could maybe see this happening- Once I ordered a battery powered electric toothbrush and they ended up sending me 6. The manufactuerer may have gotten the FNSKU labels mixed up


yeah even r/PCMR knows this shit is ridiculous. someone just posted a shitpost about them ordering a GTX 710 and getting an entire truck of RTX 3090s lol.


amazon don't deliver single objects like that


I wORKeD in wArEhOuSe ANd tHiS Is TOtAlly pOsSIBlE No. It’s not. I don’t think there was a single time where we shipped an entire package full of units to an individual person. We would only do this if another company wanted a large amount of products, which we would always confirm with them


My brother in law works in shipping. This is very possible if anyone like him works there. Also, this sub is for when you cannot tell one way or the other. Your attitude is r/thathappened and not r/untrustworthypoptarts


I get omeprazole in subscribe and save and on more than one occasion instead of 1 box (42 day supply) I’ve gotten 5 boxes that are shrieked wrapped together.


I don't work in a warehouse and have received cases of items instead of single items from Amazon twice. Once for toothpaste that I'm still working through, and once for shirts. I contacted Amazon both times and they said not to worry about it and just keep the additional items. I'm not saying the OP is true necessarily, but it's certainly within the realm of possibility.


This one is definitely legit go cry about it


Why would I cry about someone else getting free shit. If it was true that is.


Daddy chill!


I've been banned from there for calling out bullshit people and saying their rig is shit when it is.


Hmmm… Specs?




It wasn’t clear to me, so the people who work at Amazon think this is possible?


No, they think it's impossible.




I feel bad for you because you accidentally wrote this comment 4 times and the dipshits of reddit will call it karmawhoring when it’s just a glitch