I think we all know what happened here.

I think we all know what happened here.


Someone rotated the pizza at the factory at the right moment, worked in one for years. This definitely could be real Edit: sarcasm is not the best choice on reddit


I was going to go with "dropped it".


I have opened frozen pizzas where everything has shifted to one side as well. Most likely from me or my wife trying to make everything for in my tiny freezer.


Same, but the pepperoni alignment is too good for that.




Yeah I mean that’s what I figured when I first looked at the pic. Anybody who’s ever had a frozen pizza has dealt with this. Kirkland frozen pizza has come with hella pepperoni tho


That doesn’t make it trustworthy, though. “Could be real” has nothing to do with how easy something is to fake. In fact, another reply to you even links to where OP admits they moved the pepperonis over “to show how little they give you”.


Could also be that someone turned the pizza sideways at some point while it was still packaged and the toppings shifted. They aren’t really attached in any way.


[OP confesses to lying](https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/comments/nddy7e/the_bait_and_switch/h1mfhss/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)


FUCK YEAAAAAH!!! Called it.


What did they say it’s gone


[something along the lines of this](https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/comments/nddy7e/the_bait_and_switch/h1olr2t/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)


OP: recommends good pizza Hivemind: 😬😬🤧


Posting a pizza brand to reddit talking about (supposedly) all the pepperonis were on one side is a really odd way of saying “This pizza is great, would recommend”


Have you ever tried taking pepperonis off a frozen pizza? It’s hard af and they rip and tear I don’t think this is untrustworthy


I love frozen pizza. I have never bought a brand where the pepperonis weren't effortless to remove coming out of the box. Like the shit in this image takes no effort to fake.


You've got a weak ass freezer man


Other way around. The weak freezers that can't keep the temp consistently low let the pepperonis freeze to the cheese. I keep pizzas in the deep freeze and usually snack on a few before the pizza in the oven. Costco's frozen pizza has too many pepperonis on it to begin with, I'm just balancing it out. Or, that's what I tell myself.


>too many pepperonis Get out.


I too love frozen pizza and I have never gotten one where pepperonis haven’t tore trying to come off


You must have a deep freezer or something, because I rearranged frozen pepperonis all the time on pizzas. Occasionally one will rip, but it's rare.


It's actually the opposite. Their pizzas are partially thawing.


who down votes this, how else would the ice crystal merge quickly. freezer burn takes a while to make visible growth


Yeah I don't think they understand that the pizzas are frozen in a blast freezer, and the only reason it seems like all are frozen together is because it takes 20 minutes to stock them at walmart


ying and yang


You either buy cheap pizzas or have a crappy freezer. I keep ours in a chest freezer and move things around all the time before they go in the oven. It's at least a 35 minute drive home from the store so things move while they're in the bag. When I remove the pizza to put in the oven, I always move toppings around for better coverage. I \*have\* had it happen once with a cheaper brand pizza that had super thin pepperoni, but the ones we usually buy have thicker slices and pull right up.


My freezer isn’t the problem. But idk if Digorno is cheap pizza or not that is really the only kind of frozen pizza I buy. Granted after this I did buy screaming Sicilian pizza and didn’t have a problem with moving the pepperonis. Must just be a digorno/cheap pizza thing.


The pepperonis in the pic are just sitting on top of the cheese. Anyway this sub is for pics that could easily be faked, not pics that can't be faked. Edit: [OP admits to moving pepperoni](https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/comments/nddy7e/the_bait_and_switch/h1mfhss?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)


Damn I got roasted.


Nah just part of a tradition as old as this sub, you're good


Yeah I have, sometimes they're all loose on top and I have to rearrange them. It's really normal these days, seems more often than not I have to fix the toppings.


Bullshit lol. You can easily take those pepperonis off, they are small and dense. The OP even admitted that he DID move the pepperonis


Looks chilled rather than frozen. This happens all the time - some of them even come with an instruction on the box saying "rearrange the toppings before cooking"


Not when it's defrosted


I love how everyone in this sub always says, 'this could really be real! I work in a factory that makes this pizza!' and then someone always argues with that person about the point of the sub, and then finally someone shows a comment from op showing that they did fake it. Literally the cycle of ever post on this sub.


This post could be real!


I can't believe someone cured the pepperoni and sold it as UNcured


Op is so full of shit he probably swapped out the pepperoni


Is none pizza with left side beef still a thing?


Its not like they are glued down


This is totally fake (and thus fits this sub perfectly), but I’ve definitely opened pizzas that had the majority of the toppings under the window and it was a lot more sparse underneath. But those look a certain way that are harder to fake, while this is clearly BS.


Either someone moved the pepperoni post opening or someone wanted to make it look like someone got fired or some bull shit like that??


Op admitted he did it in another post. There’s a link somewhere in this thread.


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I think it would be funny if he moved the pepperoni to only be within the transparent part of the box.


This is the normal amount of pepperoni on a frozen pizza in Norway


This happens all the time, this is probably real


This happens a lot actually


Nah man I’ve had this happen to me before. My pizza was still in the wrapping though


This has happened to me quite a few times.