The last time I went to the eye doctor I asked about transition lenses. I hate wearing my contacts at this point due to allergies, and I really didn’t give a shit if I looked “silly” or “old” with the transition lenses (I am a male and was 26 at the time). My doctor told me it might be a better route to just get prescription sunglasses. I thought he was just trying to up-sell me, but he said I would get the second frames half off and lenses for free; I would just have to pay the fee to have them installed. It would end up being slightly more expensive than transition lenses, but he said they would work much better for driving purposes (I drive 30,000-40,000 miles a year for work). I guess a car’s windshield has some layer of UV protection that may cause the lenses to not fully transition or something. But now I refuse to believe any of this, and that my doctor was actually just telling me I’m too sexy for transition lenses. I’ll ask about them at my next appointment and see if I have gotten uglier.


Lol on a serious note transition lenses definitely do not work inside cars Source: Have transition lenses


Source: uggo


You can’t make me laugh that hard, I have diarrhea.


It's all shits and giggles until someone giggles then shits 🤣🤣🤣


🤣 🤣 🤣 💩 😶




Lol on a serious note yes the windshield blocks most UV light. UV light is what causes the molecule to change shape in the transition lenses and trigger the “transition” to sunglasses. Source: am an optometrist


Lol on a serious note, windshields are susceptible to cracks from even the smallest pebble. Always remember to inspect the area for micro fractures and get it repaired to avoid propagation of the crack. Source: owner of a vehicle with a dime-sized crack in the windshield


According to the commercial, you have to immediately pull over and call Safelite.


Safelite repair, Safelite replace. I always thought that was odd English grammar.


First they repair, it keeps cracking, then they replace.


There is a more sensitive coating available now. I have them and they work in the car.


"Please, I want transition lenses!" "Sorry, you're too pretty."


Wow, my optometrist just checks off transitions automatically. Sad day. Edit: guys, I was /s. Sorry


Seriously? I’d be pissed. Not even because they think I’m ugly. Transition glasses are just annoying.


I love mine, I don't see what the big deal is.


It’s pretty frustrating when the only thing that lets you see is preventing you from seeing because they take so long to transition back when you get inside. When you bring that up at the eye doctor they always tell you how much transitions have improved since the last time and it always seems to be a lie. Edit: to all the people saying they transition in seconds, I know people in real life that way that too. I you can literally see that it’s not true they’re just used to the transition.


I've worn transitions since 2003. They've only gotten faster at transitioning.


Can confirm. Never had a problem with them.


I have transitions for home and work (i do construction so safety glasses are a must) and have never had an issue with seeing things. I've walked inside from the brightest summer day possible into a powerless, windowless, lightless room and within 5 seconds i could see just as well as if i didn't have them on (light shining in from doorway in case you were wondering.) I've had them for 4 years now and *never* had an issue.


I have the newer transitions and they are fast and I don't lose any color when they are tinted. The new transitions are awesome.


They'll sell to pretty people, the transition glasses just have technology built into them that auto-uglifies people.


I think its the glasses not the lenses. You get lenses in a cool pair of shades etc and they are fine. So got to be the frames.


I got mine at Zenni so all I had to do was check a box saying I'm ugly.


I got mine from LensCrafters. When I asked for Transitions, the lady helping me looked me over, frowned, and checked a box on the computer. Now I know what she was doing.


Especially if you like transitions, Zenni is way cheaper than LensCrafter BTW. It’s like $50/pair total (without insurance!) the main downside being you need to wait 1-2 weeks for them to arrive. The markup brick and mortar stores charge for glasses is obscene.


Do they do contact lenses, too?


Transitions contacts sound awesome.


They make transition contact lenses, but not for astigmatism yet unfortunately.


I don’t think so


>The markup brick and mortar stores charge for glasses is obscene. There's a disgusting monopoly in the eyewear industry. Let me introduce you to the company [Luxottica](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luxottica) and the brands they own. It's easy to charge whatever you want, when you own all the competition. Edit: I am exaggerating slightly, they don't have a literal monopoly in the eyewear industry but they're not too far off lol


I’m a goddamn walking ad for Zenni. I’ve gotten all my friends, family and coworkers to order from them!!


the amount of "they're crap" comments I've gotten from retail shops just makes me veer towards Zenni even harder. the savings are astronomically better. eff retail. as for transitions, I immediately think "Eastern European" sorry


I have transition glasses because I always forget my sunglasses but now I wonder if I'm unconsciously ugly?


Don't worry, I think you're really hot. (I'm in your walls)


"Anyways, here's [Wonderwall](https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ)..."


Thanks Alexa


"Did you say 'Play Despacito'? "No? Okay, playing 'Flagpole Sitta'"


Ask Alexa to play U2. "I'm sorry, I can't play YouTube from this device." Every time.


Same here, I feel personally assaulted lol (jk) But that would explain why the dude at the glasses place exclaimed "Oh hot damn what is this mess!" Before they took me back to do the tests, and why they recommended the transition glasses so adamantly


I won't lie friend, transition glasses look absolutely terrible on most people. Glasses that look good, look terrible as sun glasses. Doesn't mean they are bad, just know it, and own it.


I got them because prescription sunglasses are a pain in the ass to purchase and then carry around if I want to switch back to regular glasses. I also have clip on shades because I am absolutely hideous and need to distract people from the urge to throw up when looking at me.


Let's have a look


Full on ball pic coming


Why buy a pair of prescribed sunglasses if transition glasses are an option? If you wear glasses only for reading purposes or don't truly rely on them to see, then maybe a pair of sunglasses actually makes sense.


My transition glasses would never turn to sunglasses in the car. Kind of beats the purpose of having them -_- Switching to prescription sunglasses was the best choice I ever made


Jokes on you, I'm ugly and don't have transition lenses


Sounds like the jokes on YOU if you're ugly AND blind from the sunlight


I'm so ugly, it's in my best interest to be blind. Don't want to accidentally catch my reflection and have to see my face like you losers have to.


Same here, 20/20 vision and I haven’t showered in weeks


Holup... ew!




All apples are fruits but all fruits aren’t apples


Did u get some?


sex no glasses yes


us 4 eyes take our glasses off during intercourse because they make noises and get stemmed up. it can be a distraction.


My bf and I both wear glasses and just before we start, we remove our glasses and go... "There's my glasses. I am putting it over there." Place them on a spot we remember and proceed. Do u do that as well?


Yeah, back in the day, I would do that too. In fact, I always preferred to date girls who wore glasses--partly because when it was time to take my glasses off, she could too (or vice versa). Kinda made for a natural break point. That being said, sometimes it's nice to leave 'em on. You never know what you might miss.


My boyfriend and I have similar black frames, so sometimes it can be a gamble for which set you're putting on your face!


Different styles do the trick


Hate looking at each other during sex that much huh? 😂😂😂😂


If I don't have my glasses on, it defeats the purpose of the mirrored ceiling.


Oofff the last thing I wanna look at while I'm having sex is my bare ass humping away... 😭🤣


Yeah I went to a hotel that had a mirror on the ceiling. So much cringe 🤣


Wait, people look each other during sex? 🤣


I dunno anymore, it's been so long I've kinda forgotten


That’s strange because I have a pair of glasses I only put on for sex.


Someone has glasses-kink! 😄


God bless you.


Boom! Roasted


I wear transistion lenses, am ugly, but I shower every day, I won't stand for this slanderous accusation


I have transition contact lenses, which are awesome. But I'm also ugly so OP's got a point.


Do transition contact lenses turn your irises dark 👀


>but I shower every day I’m going to tell your doctor since you no longer qualify for transition glasses.




I do regret my transition lenses I had from my teen years. In every picture of me with them I don't care for that slightly dark look indoors.


Bit confused. Are you saying you regret using transitions glasses or the glasses frame was ugly?


I guess both


Yes I am ugly and I have transition glasses because not wanting to have to bring my glasses with my when I am outside, then switch when I go on stores or something. As an ugly person I don't have time for that nonsense. I had a pair of prescription sunglasses but after a week with the hassle of bringing a bag with my regular glasses in them and then switching when going into the mall and switching back, or choosing to being blinded by the sun. I gave up. Its a time saver, time I use to do to more ugly people stuff.


What are your favorite ugly person activities?


Hiding myself away from the society and watch TV or play video games. Or is that my agoraphobia? Making an ass out of myself on reddit, clearly. Or is that a stupid people activity?


Porque no los dos?




> time I use to do to more ugly people stuff. Lol! Seriously I’m dying over here! Thanks for the laugh. Not laughing at you, but at your absolute embrace of the presumption of ugly.


Beautiful people simply don't understand that being ugly is an all-day affair; and if we don't do it, who will?


Jeff Golblum exists so your opinion is objectively wrong.


I believe he is the last person holding the transition lens infrastructure in place. When he goes, it all goes.


Lenses, uh, find a way.


Also true (probably)


I don't think they're transitions, pretty sure they're just slightly tinted which is pretty bitchin' also its Jeff Goldblum so he could wear almost anything


This comment and zoxin's comment are correct. Jeff Goldblum's situation is a mix of tinted lenses and oodles of charisma. I actually think it would be a close call on whether or not he has enough charisma to make transition lenses not ugly


Personally, I would enjoy lenses/sunglasses with a slight blue or yellow tint but I'm not jeff goldblum enough to do transitions


The difference is that Jeff Goldblum has enough Charisma to pull off any outfit. He could come out in clown shoes and an astronaut helmet and still somehow sell it.


Bro I'm just trying to fucking see goddamn 😭😭😭


Have you considered becoming more attractive? I've heard that can magically fix vision.


Instructions unclear, I've turned into a blobfish and I'm now blind


Well assuming you were originally less attractive than a blobfish I'd say it worked pretty well!


That's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me


Also, cleaner, because according to OP ugly people don't shower.


Sounds like something an ugly person would say... /jk.


Literally just trying to see outside and not have to pay for prescription sunglasses does my guy just want to cause me more eye damage


My partner has transition glasses and it’s uh…something. He’s a very attractive man to me but the lenses slowly darkening when we go outside, he really goes from a 10 to an 8.


Yeah I don't consider myself unattractive... but I definitely feel that my transition glasses do not look good and RX sunglasses would look better. But it's just so much easier and idgaf. I had the rx sunglasses for a few years and carrying them around was annoying. I have no regrets to getting transitions.


People just out there tryin to see without blinding light.


Can confirm, got some and I'm ugly.


RIP. This is the most oddly specific opinion I’ve seen on this sub in quite a while


Apparently only ugly prople want that, by what OP says. Attractive people don't care about being blinded by light. They already have good look, they don't need good sight too. 😆


OP probably means people who wear transitions generally lack a sense of style, and therefore are unattractive to him/her. Instead they went with ugly, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense.


OP also associated transition lenses with lack of hygiene. I take he meant people that are repellant in spite of how their body look, yet his opinion doesn't make much sense. I honestly don't have a statistic because I hardly notice transition lenses; in order to notice them you have to see them "transitioning", which I guess is a rare happenstance, too rare to have such a general opinion about it.


Ive gotta say when I saw them do that on a friend for the first time in high school I was like "holy shit, glasses can do that?!"


I had a pair in high school. A softball ump tried to make me take them off because sunglasses weren't allowed.


and people wearing crocs just want comfy shoes, that doesn’t change the fact they are fucking ugly shoes


My grandma has them and she's pretty cute.


Can confirm


I, too, choose this guy's grandma


I had them when I was a kid and was one of the ugly kids. Now I’m an ugly adult without transition lenses


The transition glasses stay on during sex


i didn't know this was an opinion someone could even have












As I once read on an overhead LA IG account, "OMG Those are like Sketchers for the face."


This is a perfect unpopular opinion.. half the people agree and half the people are personally offended that you would state an unpopular opinion in unpopular opinion. Sounds about right.


It's definitely not perfect. But the comments are great. The post is a bit confusing. Are the people unattractive? Or have bad hygiene? Is that the same thing to OP? Or is it both things? Either way fun discourse.


Did someone with glasses hurt you?


Someone with transition glasses


They transitioned their lenses all over OP, apparently.


man i see a lot of weird gate keeping shit on this site but this might be the pinnacle.


This isn't even gatekeeping it's just nonsensical. Like saying "only fat people use bar soap. Everyone else uses liquid." And I mean shit, I think I've seen like 10 people with transition lenses in 30 years of life.


I mean, it's not even an opinion. It's an observation and we don't even know if op is blind as shit and needs transition glasses themselves.


OP saw themselves in the mirror, and is projecting their hideous goblinesque physique onto everyone else with the same glasses.


Playing devil's advocate here - how can you tell someone's using those lenses without witnessing them go from sunlit area to one that's not? Couldn't that mean you've been around individuals using those lenses without realizing it?


could these individuals perhaps be living among us?



I am going to start carrying a powerful UV torch everywhere and giving all glasses wearers a quick blast to see if they are hiding those lenses from us that do not require, nor desire *those lenses*.


Because a lot of them are normal looking glasses that have lens tint. They don’t look like normal sunglasses. They look like glasses with tint on them.


You can kind of tell they are transition lenses when you are indoors. Or at least you use to be able to. I think the problem is that I’ve never seen these kind of lenses in good frames.


I'm planning on getting them because it makes sense. I don't want to carry two pairs of glasses. I would also like to be able to see wearing sunglasses and I'm blind as fuck without glasses.


My current glasses are transitions. They do not get nearly as dark as sun glasses and unless you get a specific type, they don’t work in the car. It is nice that they take the edge off the light but I still want to get some prescription sun glasses.


That’s because the tech has gotten much better. You can’t tell they’re transition glasses like you could when they first came out. You and OP have likely seen thousands of people (some of them attractive) in transition glasses and not realized it. My husband wears them and they look like 100% regular glasses inside and and regular sunglasses outside and the transition is super fast. And just to disprove OP’s stupid theory: My husband is intensely, objectively, annoyingly good looking. Like every human he encounters swoons and/or gets flustered because he’s so dreamy. Edited to add with his permission: Collection of [handsome husband photos](https://imgur.com/a/Rzz8BKJ), some in transitions.


Can confirm, your husband is super dreamy. *swoon*


I got a new pair of transition lenses a week ago. 3 days ago, my super attractive coworker asked me out. Jokes on OP!


Lol it reminds me of, "I have ever seen a thin person drink diet coke"


In OP’s defense this is, in fact, an unpopular opinion.


“Ah shit, I forgot my sunglasses!“ “Hey, why don’t you just get transition lenses?” “Why don’t I just become a pedophile?” ^ An actual conversation I had with my husband


I wear transitions and call them my pedo-glasses


That’s exactly what I always think of when I see those glasses, sex criminals!


Well fuck you to


You probably don't realize that they're transitions. This isn't the 80s... they go from light to dark, and back, in about 5-10 seconds. That said, your top % of attractive people are going to dump glasses for contacts anyway, not because glasses can't be attractive, but because you can get significantly more fashionable sunglasses than anything your local optometrist will have.


OP is just posted outside buildings shining spotlights at people to see if the change...


You can take any frame you want and put prescription lenses in them. In fact I often go to designer frame makers with my yearly prescription for my glasses each year. I did it with my Bose sunglasses one year. Which I got because they seems like a good way to do work outside while listening to music but still hear things going on. Indeed, good for using while outdoors.


I used to wear these, absolutely hated them for so many reasons, number one being that they made me look terrible. It's not that only unattractive people wear them, it literally makes people look unattractive.


$15 for transitions or $400 for another set of prescription glasses (because your vision insurance only pays for one pair and the internet glasses place never gets your glasses right.) I find someone good with money to be very attractive.


Costco, man. You will never believe how little they charge, even for progressives. You'll realize that paying $400 for a pair of glasses is for chumps.


I haven't tried costco, but people said the same thing about getting glasses online and it didn't check out. Some of us have stupid intense prescriptions that are expensive no matter what because we essentially HAVE to pay for the more expensive lenses or they'd be two inches thick.


my prescription sunglasses were 12.99. regular glasses 6.99. thank you zenni. you’re both chumps lol


Granted, it must be hard getting a good, unbiased cross-section of the population from your mom's basement


Hah wow


I don’t think I look attractive in them either, but I’m just trying to see out here :(


This one actually cracked me up. I’m sorry, but they are sooooo dorky—and not in the Velma way. Like, big glasses can be very cute and even hot. Transitions are …. not


I agree with this more than the original comment. I don’t know about unattractive per se, but anyone I’ve seen with transitions has certainly been a huge dork.


damn i just don’t wanna have to choose between the sun assfucking my eyes raw (astigmatism gang) vs. being literally blind with sunglasses. (protip, for those who want transition lenses, get rounded glasses. thank me later)


If you can't afford them just say that then.


It’s seriously like $15 to upgrade to transitions.


The good ones, the Xtractive ones that don't need UV light to change, are a couple hundred extra. Totally worth it if you're in and out of a car all day.


It’s 75$ for me 😫 And I need the anti scratch coating more, because I have toddler, so no transitions for me. I wear the goofy ass over the glasses sunglasses


HAHA! I just bought some 2 weeks ago 😅 I just wanted to look like I play Jazz smh


Hating on people who are trying to keep the sun out of their eyes, huh op?


Well done, OP. This as an unpopular opinion in the true spirit of this sub.


The title made me crack up! I wouldn't go so far as to say only unattractive people wear them, but I will say you lose sex appeal to me if you wear them. I think they're hideous. Handy, but ugly.


My wife refers to my transition lenses as "optical birth control."


They’re worth the extra money tho


I have crippling migraines and need em to go outside. I bet you wear em


Plot twist, OP has transition lenses and is roasting themselves for upvotes.




Stupid opinions is the reason I'm here. Most of them are just angrily stated common opinions.


I can't tell whether OP thinks transitions are pretentious or sunglasses in general are.






I got transition glasses and they are the greatest things. Im never going to get non-transition ever again.


My dad has those glasses he cute


How can you tell unless you see them transition?


No fucking way, I got my glasses a week ago and my friend was shitting on me for getting transitions glasses. I should've never went on Reddit today, fuck this, fuck you, fuck me this is personal. Why so much violence on a Monday?


Probably the worst thing I've read here


This has to be a troll


I refuse to believe someone is out there keeping tabs on strangers walking outdoors and taking note if their glasses transition or not, and relating that to their attractiveness.


What does that even mean? You good, OP?


Unattractive to be able to see in sunlight… Op has never had to find sunglasses that fit over your glasses


OP won't have to worry about people being unattractive since the light will blind them promptly.


Johnny depp uses them


Transition glasses are like the pants that have zippers to change them into shorts.


I thought it was insurance that qualified you for transition lenses, not looks. They're pretty cool though, I'd love to have them again.


LOL what made you think that? Us, people who aren't able to see without glasses, deserve the right to be comfortable in the sun too!


the fact that this post has a lot of pissed off people commenting means it’s a perfect post for this sub


My friend told me once that he considered getting transition lenses, but then he thought about how much I would make fun of him and decided not to. I realize that makes me sound like an asshole, but I just responded “You’re welcome”


Clearly OPs astute observation has ruffled some feathers among the transition gang