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>I really don’t get Anti-Natalism, first of all… Most of the ones I met honestly came off as if they have some mental health problems If you look at the subreddit overlap, the antinatalism subs all have huge overlap with r/depression and r/suicidewatch and the like. It's almost like the biggest issue they have is not wanting to have been born, rather than them not wanting anyone to be born. That's why it isn't very logical.


Agreed Being a person who has suffered from suicidal thoughts & depression, I dislike how their community has often become an Echo Chamber for people validating terrible pro-suicide rhetoric that they shouldn’t be alive because life sucks. It’s also stupid how much they dramatize the bad points in life, everybody suffers from something in their life, but guess what? That’s apart of life, not everyday is sunshine & rainbows, & expecting that is quite frankly unrealistic, yesterday I had the fucking worst time being stuck in two hour traffic with two pissed off family members, but you know what? It was worth it being able to see my 4 year old Niece at her birthday, & to see my 2 year old Nephew enjoy his time throwing water balloons at other kids, life will have sucky moments but for me personally, I bear through it cause the thought of ending it all & missing out on many decades of teaching my nieces/nephews right from wrong.


I totally agree. I feel like they are specifically targeting depressed and vulnerable people, and telling them "Life is horrible. Nothing anyone can do about it once you're born. Might as well end humanity" How is someone supposed to come back from depression if they're being taught only extinction is the solution?


Ya you’re right on pretty much all those points. I don’t hate Anti Natalists but they are usually insufferable to talk to because they are so pathetic and miserable. Most of them just need help.


Being somebody who has been suicidal & depressed, I really think this nihilistic bullshit about “We should kill ourselves cause life sucks.” is harmful & should stop, you shouldn’t only be thinking about yourself as well, the pain doesn’t end with you, it passes onto others & fucking sticks with them for the rest of their life. SOURCE: my father’s suicide


I think the only people that care if you have kids is your spouse and parents and that’s it


Close friends as well in my experience, moreso those that have kids themselves because it's nice to do stuff with the kids together.


The decision of having children should be a very private thing: If you like to become a mother or a father, try to be the best parent ever. If your fate or intention is a life without kids, feel fine. The discussion about population or overpopulation is also important, but a complelely different one. It should not be mixed. I have the impression, some people use this idea to justify why they do not want children. You can also make this choice if humanity would be in danger of dying out (well, we are not) and you have the right to have a family even if there are many many families around. It is your life, in one way or the other.