Wait till this guy find out about Cinco de Mayo…


As a Mexican I just want to see non Mexicans drunk at my local Taco shop.


We are here for you amigo.


My friend calls me Pendejo, that means friend, Right?


Yes. It's considered an honor to hold such a title in the motherland. It's also customary to call their mothers 'Puta' as a sign of great respect to return the appreciation.


And don't forget to refer to their father as cabron.


Giving me flashbacks to boys in highschool talking shit about me not realize I can remember Spanish words long enough to Google them later lmao. Somehow shocked when I started saying shit back to them in English


Don't forget the higher "pinche" honorific that they sometimes add before


Username checks out.


Thats what annoys the fuck out of me. We love seeing people enjoy our culture, food, get drunk, half ass sing our songs while drunk, and just enjoy life. Then fucking Karen came along and is all "Mexican culture reeeeee!" Nah bitch, sit down, drink up and have fun. Don't like it don't participate and go fuckoff elsewhere. Watching different ethnicities mingle in our world is fun and funnier than hell. Ever seen a girl with two left feet get pulled on stage during any if our dances but can't keep up but everybody loves it, she laughs, we laugh, everybody has a good time and nobody is pissy or upset? Yeah fuck off Karen.


I'm a white-passing Mexican American. The only people who complain that I'm appropriating my own culture are non-Mexican white. (And the first step to welcoming another culture is getting it all wrong, anyway.)


>The only people who complain that I'm appropriating my own culture are non-Mexican white. And I'm sure when they do, they refer to it as "latinx culture"


No one, including a full professor with a specialization in south American studies, has been able to successfully explain latinx to me. He even laughed when I asked and said "I'm not going to be able to explain this to you." It made me wonder why he is teaching a course on it...


I asked my El Salvadoran DIL what latinx meant, and how to be respectful. She said don’t worry about it, it will go away soon.


I thought for the longest time LatinX referred to trans people in the community


LatinX is the rocket program designed by Latinos. We're gonna be the first on the sun. No one else has gone there yet, because they didn't think to go at night. Stupids.


as a mexican american this made me jajajaja out loud


I think it was supposed to be that your either Latina or Latino with Spanish cultures and there's no "they/them" option so someone came up with LatinX I'm not Spanish and I don't speak it either but from what I've seen every Spanish person thinks it's fucking stupid and a bunch of White American nonsense.


It is Latin America's Astronaut program isn't it?


White passing black here. I was told I was culturally appropriating black culture by a blonde white woman. I feel your pain. I was wearing a 2pac shirt lol.


Everybody should own a 2pac shirt. 💜


I bought a two pack of 2pac shirts.


Yes some white women tend to get offended on the behalf of others :(


I was told told i shouldn’t “speak like a Mexican” it’s rude and I must be making fun of them. Bitch, there’s a whole area of Mexico that shares my surname! I promise you, I’m not making fun of my own culture because I roll my r’s haha.


What people don’t understand is that everyone on the planet tends to change their accent naturally to those around them. It’s an automatic defense mechanism to fit in. I did it when I worked with Mexicans, Arabs, and while in the UK. IT JUST HAPPENS!


Half the people I worked with were from India, after 6 months I started tilting my head side to side instead of nodding up and down.


Well, that’s umm, *awkward*.


I see what you did there.


Omg same lol. They dont know enough about Mexicans to know how diverse we are. My husband is Latino too (not Mexican) and we have a white passing daughter (fair hair, colored eyes). Only non-latino white people ask why she is so white if she is Latina. It reminds me of that quote from the Mean Girls movie *You can't just ask people why they are white* lol


My roots are half Mexican (my dad is 1st generation) and half Irish, I try dancing bachata and it does NOT work 😂😂 but we have a good time!


Mexicans can throw the best parties too. It's your 1yr old's birthday? Bring out all of the bouncy houses, all of the beer, the whole damn neighborhood and music and dancing and adults. Every little thing is a good excuse for a giant party that's not just for kids. I'm always afraid of feeling out of place because I'm an American Euro-mutt who grew up with a puerto Rican grandmother(non-blood related because mom was adopted) but with absolutely no culture or ethnic identity and a brain that grew up on Spanish but won't retain it. But they always make me feel absolutely included and wanted! Best parties I've ever been to!


Forreal. Kid turned 1 can barely walk, BOUNCY CASTLE! Kid turned 1 and can barely hold a stick? Pinche Pinata! Want some culture? We have plenty to share! Take as much as you want! We will send you home with a recipe for tortillas and menudo! Lol


> We will send you home with a recipe for tortillas and menudo! Or at least a plate, because you need to eat, mijo.


I love tortillas and menudo! But this is 100% true. My mom and I do not talk and my grandmother who raised me passed recently. So when I am sick I call my coworker and talk to her mom who tells me what to do to get better and my coworker translates for me. Then sends pozole the next day cuz she knows its one of my favorites. She even made me a really nice center piece for the table for Christmas. Mexican culture is the best.


Yes. This is how cultures keep going right? People enjoying other cultures and mixing it into theirs. But, yeah, can't do that now I guess. It's the end of all things beautiful. I hope I'm wrong.


Exactly! You share and spread it and people keep the parts they like the best and some even incorporate it into their own lives! I love it!


I was invited to a quinceanera that was around the time of cinco de may once, and that was absolutely the most popping party that I've ever been to, and probably ever will. God bless large Latino families 🤣🤣🤣🤣


When I was 17 I was sent the wrong address for a house party as a joke. So, I walk into this yard expecting to see a bunch of my friends and immediately realize I am definitely NOT in the right place. I looked around for 5-10 seconds and turned around to leave, but this drunk uncle came up to me and asked me why I was leaving. When I told him I “didn’t know anyone there, I thought I was going to a house party” he said “motherfucker this is a house party! Come on in! You hungry? Let’s get you a beer and some tacos!” It was his niece’s quinceanera. It was awesome.


That's awesome haha


That's the best!


Holy fuck I wish more shit like that happened to me! Jokes on the jokesters


Quinces are one of the best things anybody could be invited to! Glad you got to enjoy some of our wild shit! Lol


Same here. Now I crave tacos


Tacos with guac and green beer? While wearing a sombrero and kiss me im irish shirt. Right?


Fuck yeah.


Any day my friend. You make tacos, I pay for tacos.


I try to support this everyday of the year.


Thank god I celebrate Cinco de Cuatro!


The Festival of Lights boat parade rocks too!


Does this apply to people saying they are African if it was only their 6x great grandparents that were from there... Because if so my friends are in for a rude awakening.


I’ve never heard black Americans call themselves “Africans” unless they’re recent immigrants. Saying “African American” makes sense though just like I think OP is missing that “Irish American” is its own distinct cultural identity at this point


That’s the best way to know if someone is or isn’t Mexican really. If you give a shit about Cinco de Mayo, you’re probably American. No one in Mexico cares about it, it’s just a day we don’t go to school. 15th of September is where it’s at.


That’s how we feel about Presidents’ Day in the US. We dgaf.


You mean you don't dress up as Abraham Lincoln and get drunk at your local Wingstop like we do here in Mexico?


Now I kind of want to dress up as Abraham Lincoln and get drunk at a Wingstop in Mexico.


Be the change you want to see in the world.


I know you're joking, but you guys should do that. It would be epic.


Now you got me picturing other cultures/countries going wild on presidents day


I think it would be amazing to see some other country appropriate President’s Day and celebrate the hell out of it with American flags and getting trashed on American drinks like bourbon in red solo cups and blast Garth Brooks in American-themed restaurants and bars.


That much freedom and patriotism would likely kill a non-american. I gotta go shotgun a bud light just thinkin about it.


People actually do do this in other countries called "American Parties". Solo cups, BBQ, beer pong, shitty beer, the works


I think the comments prove it. This IS an unpopular opinion.




I’m right there with you buddy. Happy st paddy’s day!


My husband is Czech and was often annoyed by Americans claiming to be anything but American. Until we had kids, born in the USA, and being raised in the USA. Although, we do often go back to Czech to visit my husbands family. Our kids are Czech to him. So I asked him if our grandchildren will be Czech, he said yes. And a bit of a light bulb went off for him. He is now much more understanding of how many of us claim to be Irish or any other country that we have never been to, but our grandparents/great grandparents are from.


A wholesome and charming story!


Oh, Is this what I'm supposed to be mad about today?


apparently we've been mad at this for a few days now. saw a post just like this on twitter a few days ago


People just need to relax and have some fun.


Straight up, I'm actually irish and I can say with certainty none of us care. If you wanna be irish for a day, BE IRISH FOR A DAY. OP CAN SUCK A BIG ONE


Right, I always viewed it as a day of general celebration with the added flavor of pondering my Irish ancestors. Not a day to claim my birthright of 10% Irish heritage lmao.


I’m not a football fan, but I’m the biggest fan whenever the super bowl arrives. I’m not religious, but I fuck with Santa. I’m Canadian and we celebrate thanksgiving, I’m sure there’s a history as to why. But none of it matters to me, just good ol fun.


Also when Americans say they’re Irish they’re saying they have Irish heritage. They aren’t claiming they grew up on the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh Edit: yeah I said it


Edinburgh is in Scotland mate


This made me burst out laughing.


That's what the Scots *want* you to think


Ahhh yes Edinburgh, home of both the Guinness Brewery and Sir William Wallace


Yeah, that's something non Americans don't get. None of us are American by ethnicity. It's a melting pot. When we say we're Irish, it's shorthand for Irish American


Also Americans will have pride about being Irish or Italian etc. in large part because of the struggles their great-grandparents likely had when they came to this country. It meant something to say you were of that heritage at a time when you were discriminated against. But yeah, saying you *are* Irish is something different.


This, I'm proud of my great-great (great, on the other side of the family) ancestors fleeing hardship and surviving in America to make the family that exists today. I'm not asking for an Irish passport or reparations for the great famine, just respecting what my family went through.


"come onnn, it's st Patrick's day! Everybody's Irish tonight. Why don't you just pull up a chair and have a drink with us?"


Grade A gatekeeping in this post


I'm irish, I find the offended Irish person offended about Irish americans to be among the most pathetic members of our society. I'm very happy, indeed I'm delighted, that so many Americans are proud of their Irish heritage


My family is not Irish in any way, but we hilariously covered our German asses with some fake Irish heritage during ww2 because our city has a lot of Irish. Did we all speak German and make spaetzle and lebkuchen? Yes. Were we pale and ginger and catholic enough to pass as Irish? Also, yes.


I mean if you're last name is like O'Malley or O'whatever you can't just say "you're not Irish" lol. You can say by law they're not an Irish citizen but in terms of ethnicity if you have an Irish last name you're kinda stuck with Irish ethnicity whether you want it or not. It doesn't matter if you live in Vietnam or Antarctica.


I have a friend who lives in Japan right now (from US) who’s last name is O’Brian. Can confirm.


I think what this guy doesn't understand, (and other countries as well, because they all seem to get upset at Americans for this), is that we're unique in the US. I mean for the most part, you're born in England, you're English, right? You know that. You know where your traditions came from. But in America (and I am American), we are truly the "melting pot". Why did my mother cook "schnitzel". Because her mother was German. In a few hundred years, this will all change, but now, we're rather like adopted children wanting to belong to something.


I’m not Irish and don’t care to “celebrate” st Patrick’s day, but I don’t care about those who do. But I just can’t imagine acting like someone else celebrating something of my culture would “defile” that celebration. Pioneer Day is about the only thing I can think of that is unique to my heritage and background, so if any non-Mormons wanted to celebrate Pioneer Day by having a bbq then do it, I’ll even bring the caffeine free Diet Coke.


Yeah some people have a permanent non removable stick up their butts. Mad about everything.




Or the multitude of Spanish Americans who still speak Spanish primarily, and refer to themselves as being whatever


Or French Canadians.


I think calling black American African American is a bit strange


Yeah I think everyone knows they're not *actually* Irish. It's common to have interest in the history of your heritage in America because the country is so young. People naturally want to feel a connection to their ancestors or at least have an idea of where they came from. For many people in the US that means where their grandparents or great grandparents came from.


Especially when being American gets shit on so often for “having no culture”. The mixed bag that’s been brought by our ancestors *is* our culture.


I went back and looked at mine. Half of my dad's family were here before the revolutionary War from England, the other half were fresh from Finland in the 20's. My mom's side is all French Canadian from the 1890's. It's an interesting search to do. It had been a mystery where my paternal great grandfather had died and how? He was hammered and got his car stuck on railroad tracks. His buddies made it out but when he got out he ran up the tracks vs. across them and got railed by the train. EDIT: I am basically heinz 57. About as American as ever. The heritage listed above are the main groups found.


Americans get shit on for being Americans by the rest if the world. Then we try to connect with our past and get shit on for not really being connected to it. Guess we'll just fuck off then? Lol.


A wise man once said 'They hate us cuz they anus'


Yes exactly!!! White Americans especially get told every five seconds we have no history and no culture. Let’s not shit on people for trying to find some connection here.


Not to mention, most of the "ethinic" groups of white people in America that claim pride in their heritage was because their ancestors were discriminated against when they first came here. It's no wonder why two of the biggest groups in my area that claim heritage pride are Italians and Irish, because they were told they didn't belong when they first came. It became a screw you.


Gets made fun of for no culture and then when they try to connect to their old culture they get made fun of like this post.


Also, an excuse to drink with your friends.


Everybody’s Irish on St Patrick’s Day! Just like everyone is Cajun on Mardi Gras, everyone is Polish on Dyngus Day. These are opportunities to enjoy and appreciate the food, culture, and traditions that make these days and people special.


What the ever loving fuck is dingus day


Everyone says happy birthday to me on dingus day


Coincidence? I think not!


Don’t be such a dingus and put on the oversized hat


Anderson Cooper famously had the same question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrgs_qdy1uw


If you have to ask, you dont want to know


I just asked my Polish wife if she'd ever heard of it, nope.


I’m in Poland and have no idea what dingus day is.


According to a quick google image search its a day where you party in red and white and throw water on women. ETA also accordions seem to be involved


bitch thats a baptism


Ah yes, I distinctly remember the priest playing a polka medley on an accordion, at my god-daughter's baptism.


Evangelical trend of the 2030s: stealth baptism ambushes. They hide in the bushes and bless you with a Super Soaker.


So basically someone let Polish Nascar fans make up a holiday


Is she really Polish though? Are both of her parents 100% polish? Is she in Poland right this second? Will all of your descendants for the rest of time promise to never set foot outside of Poland? Otherwise, she really isn’t Polish.


Found ops alt account


I’ll show you my dingus if you show me yours.


it's the monday after Easter, it's like Polish st Patty's day but only Buffalo and Cleveland really celebrated it for years. there's a parade, women smacking men with pussywillow branches, and buckets of water thrown at the women.


This. Sounds. Awwwwesome.


South Bend too.


How you just gonna skip us in Erie Pa like that? We got a lot of Dingus flavor too!


What about Cinco de Mayo?


Everyone’s New Mexican!


There's layers to that joke, and I regret I don't know enough history to appreciate them all.


I’m not American but the obsession with gatekeeping these types of celebrations is fucking annoying lol


People who do this gatekeeping must be some of the most excruciatingly annoying people to be around in real life


I dont find it morally wrong when ppl celebrate each other cultures but i guess some get butthurt




Got it O’Karen.


Underrated comment. God bless our McGatekeeper


Cairn McGaightkeeper


I am from Ireland, born and bred. I don't like this bs of hating on Americans because they want to reconnect with their past. Many Irish people value the Irish-America connection immensely. St Patrick's Day is a day to remember the Irish diaspora and the many people who left Ireland in search of a better life in hard times. People should be proud of their Irish ancestry, if they want to say they're Irish I couldn't give a fuck. I won't be gatekeeping or being an obnoxious little whingebag. Don't be so self-righteous. Your opinions are only yours alone and most Irish people welcome Americans here, they enjoy it and they spend a lot of money which is absolutely crucial for the tourism industry too.


Especially since a lot of americans who have irish blood have it specifically because of the potato famine/its aftermath. Like… is it not acceptable to want to know how your ancestors escaped extremely hard times and came to where you now live in the hopes of something better? Hell my grandmother and her parents fled Ukraine from the Russians back during the soviet union days. Should I not be proud of the country part of my family came from for standing tall against the same tyrants that once terrorized my own family?


It's not a uniquely US thing either. Every modern country has ethnic enclaves of people who whose ancestors came from somewhere else, and try to retain aspects of their culture, while being assimilated (and aspects of their culture will also be assimilated into and become part of the dominant culture, Pizza, from Italy is common enough where it's now just an American staple). I'm pretty sure the UK has large enclaves of people from Pakistan who have retained distinct aspects of their culture, while being distant enough from the country of Pakistan where they have branched off into their own thing.


I live near the City of Leicester in England, home to what we call the golden mile - it's glorious, a mini India condensed along one road. Best food ever.


Right like I’m sure their ancestors would be so oFfEnDeD knowing their progeny wanted to have some connection and rememberance of the reason they are here today. Instead let’s just burn all the old photos and Ellis Island records and Irish/Italian Need Not Apply signs and all merge into one bland, meaningless, white blob of fast food and F-150s and wear a Pilgrim’s cap that says COLONIZER even if we know our grandparents came here out of fucking desperation and scraped and suffered to try to make it. Because only brown ppl are allowed to care about the events that led to them being born.


I mean I sometimes unironically think this has something to do with it. Trying to strip specifically white Americans of their historical roots turns us into nebulous "white people" with no history and origin and I think that is something white supremacists really thrive on. It pushes away the crimes the Anglo-Saxons committed onto every other 'not-white-enough' European. I don't think a lot of people even recognize that the slur 'cracker' has been documented specifically in the pre-18th century as a slur against the "oafish Irish" that may have been borrowed from the word 'craic'. It even shows up specifically as a slur against the Irish in early colonial days in America.


Now you’re getting it!


My great, great grandfather came to the United States by himself at eighteen during the famine, and made a life for himself. I couldn’t imagine doing anything so crazy while so young. One of my cousins has his journals, they’re amazing to read.


St Patrick’s Day is the day I remember that the Irish are very good, strong, and just badass people. I’ll have a drink to Ireland and all the cool people like you. Good times, distant friend!


I've traveled a decent amount, and in general Irish people always had the warmest reaction when they learned I was American. Especially when I told them I was from Chicago. Was at a pub in Dublin and saw a menu from a Chicago bar on display. Asked about it and got a hell of a story from the bartender.


Also from Chicago and have an Irish last name. A coworker from an office in Toronto who is originally from Ireland was asking me about my name and I told her my great grandparents were from Ireland. She followed it up by saying she’s never been to Chicago but heard of our south side Irish parade and wants to make it down for it one year because she loves how all our we go. We apparently made a reputation for ourselves.


Also, I only ever see this complaint from Irish people and Italians. I have not once ever seen any other group complain about it. When I say I'm Ukrainian, I don't mean I was born and raised in Ukraine. I mean I'm a Ukrainian American. OP is just mad that part of being American is being proud of the country your family called home before America.


> Part of being American is being proud of the country your family called home before America. I love this. Beautiful line.


As a genuine Irish person I do not support this message.


Careful, op will denounce your irishness


Gonna lose your green card


Brilliant lmao


Excommunicated for being Irish


Yeah in American but I have an Irish passport. OP is the worst kind of gatekeeper. Be nice to others, eat and drink merrily, and all of you are Irish today.


I have zero fucks to give about this argument. Just popping in to say [Happy St Patrick’s Day!](https://youtu.be/V74E31Tb2Oo) Just remember, when you smile, the whole world smiles with you.


ah, but you see, with this comment you have already chosen a side!


I’m Mescalero Apache. Am I just American now?


Sorry, you don’t exist apparently


Op would probably demand you assimilate because you live in "the US" now. Honestly, OP's entire post is *such* a bad take...


Does this go for every race?


I had a boss from Ghana once who told me that he doesn’t like it when other black people in America refer to themselves as African American, because according to him they are not. They are simply American. He, on the other hand, is literally African American. Which I understand but I also understand that maybe black Americans want some sort of connection to their past, since many don’t have extensive or even moderate family or linage records to go off of to know where they’re ancestrally rooted. It also doesn’t help that many don’t have surnames common to regions, countries, and tribes in Africa but rather European surnames like Jackson (Scottish origin) and Washington (English origin) - which again disconnects from their African background.


Okay here's what i dont understand, if a 5th generation ethnically chinese person born in america answered or said that they were chinese dispite being born in America and not holding a chinese passport no one would bat an eye. Why is it different with an ethnically irish person?


Isn’t that an odd predicament? When it comes to people of color, their ethnicity and heritage is important but for white people, they all just get lumped together and are identified by wherever they presently live.






Because OP said so and because he’s a grumpy Gus.


I'd say OP is more of a poopy pants


Woah language man, there’s kids on this site


Same reason why people insist that I am African American. Even though Bo have no association with the continent, countries, religion, or culture and neither of my ancestors that I met. I AM however a black American but if you’re not white here you are [blank] American never just American.


My friends from Trinidad and Jamaica used to get a tad annoyed at people who told that they were African. But not that mad because they were all chill and just wanted to smoke pot and watch Star Trek the next generation.


> they were all chill and just wanted to smoke pot and watch Star Trek the next generation. Can I come over?


In this case ethnicity would be in the eye of the beholder






Yeah this only comes up for white people. If your grandparents came from india but you’re born and raised in America, no one denies you your Indian heritage. Hell they more than likely won’t accept that you’re American and ask you where you’re really from. I think it’s just as easy for me to be proud of my Indian heritage while being American as it is for someone with Irish heritage.


Here what’s gonna happen OP, I’m gonna do what I want and your just gonna accept it.


Wish i could upvote twice! If non-Christians, atheists, and agnostics can celebrate Christmas, why can’t Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? What about white Americans celebrating Juneteenth? OP is gatekeeping to the utmost degree


No more Oktoberfest!




TL;DR ~~Americans~~ people born/raised ~~in America~~ anywhere outside of Ireland are not Irish. Fixed it for you.


I don't really care that much but calling it patties day instead of paddy's that one really gets under my skin.


Do Americans do that? I'm trying to think of what accent that would relate to, because in most American accents you pronounce double Ts as a D even when it *should* be a T sound. Like saying "budder" instead of butter.


TIL some people still can't differentiate nationality, culture, and genetics


Can I be ethnically Irish? Cuz I sure as heck ain’t Native American


Yeah what OP doesn’t realize is that irish Americans are quite literally Irish ethnically.


I actually have to make a second comment because this post bothers me. The whole reason St. Patrick's Day is such a big deal in America is because of the large number of immigrants who came to America to escape the famine in Ireland. That famine - a famine created by the greed of the British Empire at the time - devastated Ireland and forced people to leave their homeland just so they could survive and support their families. The immigrants still wanted to celebrate where they came from and St. Patrick's Day became as much a day for Irish Immigrants as Ireland itself. So, OP, you can go fuck yourself.


I am Irish and still don’t understand what Patrick’s Day is


Maybe you need to read up on St. Patrick who ironically was not Irish. But he did do some shit in Ireland that's we celebrate....


I’m pretty sure st piran the patron saint of Cornwall wasn’t Cornish either


And St.George wasn't English


Bro, he got rid of your snakes. I mean, have you ever seen a snake in Ireland?


My biological dad can hold an Irish passport—does this mean although my dad’s Irish—I am not?


Sorry son! We were gonna wait until you turned 18 to say something.


My mom was a Mexican citizen. My uncle is still a Mexican citizen. I was born and raised in the USA, but am a Mexican American. Even though I look more white than Hispanic, I am Hispanic. It's in my blood, it's in the way I was raised. It's in my cooking and family traditions, and certainly in my language. No amount of naysayers can take that out of me. Idk you, but you do. If you identify as Irish through your dad, through the way you were raised, live, and believe, then you're also Irish.


Not going to argue with you on this. But I do want to share some insight. Americans, which is a relatively young country, have always identified by where their families came from. While there is a cultural identity for Americans, that is different than anywhere else I've been, the heritage of Americans is different for everyone, and it is based on where their ancestors came from. So while I get that it makes you mad, irritated, or whatever that 1 day a year, thousands of Americans come out to say they are Irish, please look at it as them being proud of where their ancestors came from. That they want that connection, and would love to sit down with you for a meal, or a pint, any day of the year, and talk about Ireland, and each other's heritage. And none of these Americans that you are bashing, and looking down upon, would hesitate to buy you a beer if you came into the US


I'm first generation born American while both parents are Mexican and born in Mexico. Does that not make me Mexican? You hit the nail on the head. I am an American citizen but if someone asked me who I am I'd say I was Mexican.


Tons of my friends, most of them I grew up with, are 2nd or 3rd generation Mexican-American. They also say they are Mexican. I don't get confused by it, and it has never bothered me. Maybe it's the benefit of living in the US for so long, and this self-identifying culture, that we automatically assume you mean your ancestors if you don't have that accent.


Also, keep in mind many US cities have/had sections or boroughs that were heavily populated by one immigrant group. While still in America, culturally they’re still very much Irish/Polish/Italian/Greek/etc. I get it. It’s got to be frustrating to see some idiot with an Alabama accent at an Applebees screaming “kiss me, I’m Irish” once a year…but to gatekeep peoples heritage is a slippery slope.


It's also a stupid slope.


Seriously, the amount of people who think we are claiming citizenship is absurd lol. No American who calls themselves Irish actually believes they are culturally Irish.


That’s not how DNA works. A lot of Americans were born in America but can trace their their family bloodline back to different countries. We’re not claiming citizenship we’re claiming our ancestry🤦🏾‍♀️


This is such a weird hill to die on. I swear every time someone says this, it’s like they refuse to believe there’s more to an identity than a nation state. “Well according to my government, you’re not x. You don’t have enough blood to be my specific race!” Chill my guy, nobody who’s ever said they were Irish in the capacity that you’re angry about was interested in Irish citizenship. They are simply talking about their cultural heritage. It’s always been like this in the US. If you weren’t English or fully integrated American you got asked what the hell you were. The first thing people ask you in the US is “where are you from?” And they usually mean “what nation shipped you over here.”