I constantly brush my teeth. Not a moment goes by when I'm not brushing my teeth.its cost me my life, my job, my life, my livelyhood and my life. God help us all.




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ABC baby Always Brushing Cavities




I remember reading somewhere that brushing teeth after food can damage the enamel or something along those lines.


Did a quick google search and you are right (personally I did not know that), supposed to wait half an hour after eating to brush.


Same after throwing up


My teeth will just have to tough it out on that one.


Just use mouthwash after.


So if i eat then throw up i have to wait an hour?


Yes because usually after eating, the food turn ur mouth slightly acidic, and the toothpaste is alkaline, the reaction can wear down ur enamel, so brush before or wait after eating


Can't you neutralize this by rinsing with water? You just don't want to be scrubbing the acids from food into your teeth, right?


I presume the slight acidity is for enzymes in the saliva and therefore cannot be washed away with water. I'd have to check though because I don't remember the details. Edit: pH is between 6,0 - 7,5. The primary enzyme in saliva prefers a pH of around 6,6. I don't know how this acidity could constitute to significant effect. I have also assumed that the saliva without food is somehow different than the saliva with food, which seems like it could be a big misconception. Short answer: I don't really know, but if someone does, please let me know


Not sure why it wouldn't be able to be washed away?


so i did it 30 years wrong. nice and i wonder why i have so much problems


This is facts. Many foods we eat are acidic and acidity softens tooth enamel. Brushing with softened enamel is a bad idea if you care about your teeth.


I've always heard that, and usually try to follow it but sometimes I can't. What about the arm & hammer toothpaste with baking soda that says it neutralizes acids right on the tube? Lol


Perhaps, i dont really know. Something to ask your hygienist.


My mom is a dentist. I confirm. She explained that to me when I was 5. I brush my teeth first thing in the morning and my teeth rarely have any issues. I'm 34.


Yeah, this is an example of one of those opinions where OP makes up his mind without bothering to inform himself. Not unpopular, just wrong.


Yep, I teased my buddy a few years ago for brushing his teeth before and not after breakfast….ya I was wrong.


I think it depends what you eat. I was never allowed to brush after orange juice or soda, and always had to wait 30 min!


I always thought this but then checked with a vet I work with who used to be a dentist and she said it’s really not that significant and she brushes her teeth straight after she eats (I will add it’s after every time she eats, she brought her toothbrush to work).




1. This is like the 5th time this has been posted in the last 3 months. 2. I do brush before bed, and I have morning breath. Brushing first thing and waiting 30 mins is what my dentist and friends who are becoming dentists have told me to do. They also say to use mouthwash directly after eating or brush 30 mins after eating. 3. I don’t want to eat the bacteria that’s been growing in my mouth overnight. 4. It doesn’t really matter, there’s not much of a difference between before or after. It’s more about the time you give before or after brushing as well as what you do before or after eating. There’s proper procedures for both ways.


I just hate the idea of swallowing the gunk on my tongue


>Brushing first thing and waiting 30 mins is what my dentist and friends who are becoming dentists have told me to do Yep. Listen to the pros.




Lol you think you don’t eat the bacteria in your mouth? You are more bacteria cells than human cells, and the bacteria in your mouth go down the hatch whether you brush or not.


You know that it isn't true, I agree that "eating my bacteria, that up after night" is stupid.


I don't think I understand what you think I know isn't.


Shit, I deleted bullshit and wanted to replace it with true, but forgot sorry.


so, what's not true? human cells to bacteria cells in the human body? The ratio is about 1:1.3, so yes it's true. source: [https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7043356/](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7043356/) >More recently, a refined estimate based on experimental observation and extrapolation actually arrives at a ratio of 1.3 bacterial cells for every one human cell. However, these estimates don’t take into consideration the viruses and phage present in various body environments, which could equal bacterial estimates or more likely outnumber them by at least an order of magnitude


Oh, I thought it was that bullshit that people say. You know the "97% of your organism is bacteria". Sorry for not reading into it and commenting before understanding what you said.


well...from that research: for every human cell, there are 1.3 bacterial cells, and at least 13 virus or phage cells....so for every human cell, there are probably about 14 non human cells. 1/15 = 6.6% human cells, so 93% would be about right. ​ (even on the lower end of estimation where the viral and phage cells are equal to the bacteria, that's 1:2.6 so 1/3.6 = 27% human or 73% non-human)


I do something similar, brush before bed, quick mouthwash in the morning, eat some breakfast, mouth wash that out, then brush. If I’m feeling lazy I’ll brush before breakfast and mouthwash after. Idk if it’s a method but I’m 35 and don’t have one cavity and nothing done to my teeth but cleanings every 6 months. If you can’t tell I love mouthwash :)


Yeah, I mean that was kind of the point of my #4. I guess I should add a #5 because some people just naturally are more prone to tooth issues therefore they have to be more “prescription accurate”. Like the method I listed is the top suggested, but you could mouth wash them eat and brush 30 mins later. Hell some people are lucky and can just mouthwash. You know? Like I say it’s personal preference until it affects your dental health.


Yes! Plus I feel like things don't taste as good with mronibg breath


>I'm 20 and have always followed this lifestyle and have never had a cavity. Doesn't really mean anything, I''ve only ever brushed my teeth before bed (I know, I know) and never had a cavity. You can't take 1 person (you or me) as examples. (I agree with your point that you should brush after breakfast not before tho)


ugh i hate when people do that! they’ll be like my uncle smoked 20 packs of cigarettes a day and he’s fine!


Facts. It's mostly genetics or even what you eat. I have neglected my oral hygiene due to depression and never had a cavity. Anecdotal evidences are not evidences.


You realize you will eat later too? At some point you eat after brushing your teeth so I dont think it really matters. As long as you brush in the morning and before bed, it’s all the same


People brush before breakfast?


So long as you wait 30 minutes after eating, they are pretty much the same for your teeth, but if you don’t wait that time, it is actually worse for you to brush after rather than before


You eat a whole mouthful of 8 hours worth of bacteria with breakfast?


So do yall re brush your teeth after breakfast or what? Cuz I feel like if not, yall have bad breath, plus it's nice and all waiting 30 minutes to brush your teeth, but who has time to incorporate that in their morning routine lol.


Brushing right after eating certain foods can damage your enamel I usually use mouthwash when I’m using the bathroom last time before I leave, idk man


The reason you should brush before breakfast is because during the night bacteria come out and then you feed them food. When you brush first the bacteria gets removed


Is this seriously the reason? Because this totally sounds like something a 5 years old would say about why you should do it


This is not entirely the reason. The reason is because after you eat, you are rubbing those particles into your teeth and it can damage enamel, stain teeth, and other various issues


>The reason you should brush before breakfast is because during the night bacteria come out and then you feed them food. When you brush first the bacteria gets removed This is absolutely not true. First you have bacteria in your mouth 24/7. You never brush it all out. You're definitely not "feeding" the bacteria in the morning by eating. You swallow bacteria all day long so eating probably cleans out more bacteria by swallowing them than it does "feed" them (which it doesn't do).


Mouthwash then.


you brush and floss because they physically stop the plaque process. mouthwash only kills some and not all bacteria


What? No. Do you brush your teeth before every single meal? Or do you just think that your mouth magically creates more bacteria during the night for some reason?


Sorry but if you think you dont have morning breath after brushing at night you are extremely mistaken


You‘re wrong. Brushing before eating already creates a protective layer, preparing your teeth for your first meal in the morning.


Do you brush your teeth after lunch too, by your logic?


Eh yes? Isn’t the normal thing to do? Brushing teets after each meal and then before bed?


Nah, most people just brush twice


How? If you are at work, or if you are out, how are you meant to brush your teeth?


Majority of people at my workplace have their tooth brush in their desk. If I am out out, like in a restaurant I just skip it for that day.


People brush before they eat?! What in the world. Not only is that pointless, it will completely ruin the taste of food.


Some dentist once told me brush before you eat so you don’t eat mouth bacteria. But “I’ve never had a cavity” does not differentiate one from another. There are people who never brush their teeth and don’t get cavities. Best solution is just to not eat breakfast, then you don’t have to worry about this nonsense


Im someone who brushes before eating because I never know when Im going to eat anyway. I am not a breakfast person. Also you will eat after brushing your teeth anyway


Not for hours


Honestly, doesnt really matter as long as you wait 30 minutes or so to brush after eating. And as long as you brush 3 times a day, always once before bed.


Something about plaque build up causing heart disease. Don’t wanna swallow that stuff.


Sure... do that if you hate your teeth.... brushing before doesnt seem to make sense but the fluoride helps protect your teeth when you eat.... or if you have to brush after... wait awile before you do then you'll be ok.... not right after.


I used to do this for the reasons you listed. However, it was pointed out to me that the acidity in the food, mixed with teethbrushig will actually damage your teeth. So what you’re advocating for is actually harmful to people, and you should not be doing it. If you want to get rid of bad breath, you can just chew gum after eating.


Or mouthwash


You’re telling me you’re cool with just eating with the swath of bacteria that spawned in your mouth for 8hrs? Nasty


You do realise that you swallow even without eating food, so this "swath of bacteria" you are so afraid of would go down anyway?


Considering I'm still alive, yeah


It doesn’t kill you, but it sure could speed up toothless, weakened enamel, chronic bad breathe, or even gingivitis.


Yeah I always brush after eating.. and before bed. What kinda of psychopath wants their breakfast to taste like toothpaste??


It’s best to brush when you first wake up then wait 30 minutes before eating.


But what If I have to be at work at 0800 and wake up at a nonnegotiable 0745?


My dentist said it really doesn't make too much of a difference, so just brush your teeth in the morning. But if you truly want to optimize for the best possible oral health, it's slightly better to brush before you eat breakfast vs. after.


I never once heard about someone who brush his teets before breakfast. What’s that? Is it an american thing or am I just ignorant?


Although it's not common it seems, it is what is recommended. Eating changes the PH balance in your mouth and you often damage you teeth if you brush right after eating. You should at least wait 30 minutes after you eat before you brush. Also brushing your teeth before you eat in the morning starts you off with a protective layer. I have become a brush first thing in the morning kind of person but I'm still conflicted.


I scrape my tongue (was newly introduced to the method) first thing every morning and it's changed my life. Instant clean feeling


With what? I haven't been introduced to this, but maybe i should be


You can buy tongue scrapers at most grocery/Dept stores. I will say that the one I got was extra one my GF brought home from the dentist. It's just a cheap flimsy price of plastic but actually works better than the options I've tried from the store.


Okay, I'll look for one then


Yes because your tounge and back of the troath are the one that feel the nastiest when you wake up. That's what I do when I am on planes and need a quick refresher


Hmm good to know. Thanks!


Uhmmm where I'm from that's the norm wtf?


I always brushed my theet after the breakfast, I never knew some people did it before. Maybe because I'm not american?


So long as you wait 30 minutes after eating, they are pretty much the same for your teeth, but if you don’t wait that time, it is actually worse for you to brush after rather than before


wait Other people don't do this? I've literally done this my entire life, I always brush my teeth after every food


So long as you wait 30 minutes after eating, they are pretty much the same for your teeth, but if you don’t wait that time, it is actually worse for you to brush after rather than before


Well, just to put it out there, you can still get morning breath whether you brush before bed or not. But yeah, even dentists will tell you to brush after you eat and not before.


> But yeah, even dentists will tell you to brush after you eat and not before. Uhm...might want to look into this one a bit more.


"Even dentists" huh? Not according to any dentist I have had and what other people are saying in this thread. I just googled "are you supposed to brush your teeth before or after breakfast" and at the top without even opening a link it says: So, before or after - What's the answer? In short, you should definitely brush before breakfast. We recommend waking up, taking a big gulp of water, then brushing right before doing anything else. “If you're adamant about brushing after eating, wait at least 30 minutes after eating before brushing,” according to Dr.


You only brush your teeth once in the morning? HA! I literally LIVE to brush my teeth. I wake up, brush. Morning pee, brush. Eat breakfast, brush. Get dressed, brush. Brush my teeth, then brush again. I do this all day until I fall asleep with a toothbrush in my mouth. I have the cleanest teeth that have ever existed, and I laugh in the face of any yellow teeth havin’ ass motherfuckers.


Wth brushes BEFORE eating? I've never met a person who does that.


You've met at least hundreds. It's just that you are unaware that's what they are doing because you don't going around asking people about their morning routine.


Brush before eating, then mouthwash after on the way out the door. Eating with morning taste is pretty nasty imo


Really? Almost everyone I've met brush their teeth in the mornings before eating and then just go about their day with food breath.


I wonder how they deal with taste of food, which is mixed with the taste of toothpaste.


Sike, I don't eat in the morning


Especially if they're taking something like orange juice. It totally messes with the taste


You do know you need to rinse your mouth out at the end of brushing right? And the Toothpaste flavor is gone in like 15-20 mins, which is about the time it takes me to change and get ready for the day plus make breakfast. The Toothpaste flavor is always gone by the time I eat breakfast.


No no no no!!!!! Never rinse your mouth after brush. You need to spit as much as you can and wait 30 mins for the fluoride to fully process. Then you can eat. Rinsing pretty much erases the entire point of you brushing


Floss doesn't wonders for after eating


Everyone who wakes up in the morning and follows dental best practices unless they've got a ton of time before they have to leave the house...


I obviously mean if you eat breakfast at home... If you don't have time to eat at home, then obviously you brush your teeth before leaving...


The issue is that unless you have time in the morning to wait a half hour after eating, you shouldn't brush your teeth after, because your tooth enamel is weakened after you eat. https://nypost.com/2021/09/13/dentist-reveals-why-its-dangerous-to-brush-teeth-after-breakfast/


Oh? I had no idea. I've never had any major problems with my teeth though. But I guess I learned something new :)


Brushing my teeth is the last thing I do before I leave the house in the morning. I eat, drink tea, shower etc and then go and do them. Done this since I was a child.


So long as you wait 30 minutes after eating, they are pretty much the same for your teeth, but if you don’t wait that time, it is actually worse for you to brush after rather than before


nah brush before eating, more hygienic


Wait people brush before eating!


So long as you wait 30 minutes after eating, they are pretty much the same for your teeth, but if you don’t wait that time, it is actually worse for you to brush after rather than before


Doesn’t everyone brush after eating in the morning?


I thought this was common sense


Nah, you brush before to have a protective layer on for when you eat, and to get the shit out of your mouth that accumulated in your sleep. Then mouthwash after eating.


Dude… it IS the norm to brush after eating … 😆


Why do people brush before ? I have never heard of that


Read the replies as I tbh don’t feel like replying again, but I want you to get your question answered as it can possibly save your teeth. Either way, so long!


My teeth are fine so ate my kids ... but ok


That’s cool, you asked a question. I wanted you to get the question answered. Have a nice fucking day


So long as you wait 30 minutes after eating, they are pretty much the same for your teeth, but if you don’t wait that time, it is actually worse for you to brush after rather than before


Its not? I've allways done that to clean the food off my teeth. Same with before going to bed.


I thought everyone did this lol. This is what my dentist recommends too


You are eating plaque that way so no.. not healthy. And gross imo


You wake up, go to the bathroom, take a piss, wash your hands and rinse your mouth with cold water, then eat, then wash your teeth


Fully agree, I've brushed my teeth before bed, so if I brush after waking what am I achieving. If I eat breakfast and then eat my teeth are clean until lunch. If I brush then eat my teeth are dirty till lunch


This is incorrect, and just a bunch of assuming. You brush to get rid of bacteria from your sleep, and to protect your teeth from what you're about to eat


Really, who brushes BEFORE eating?! It's like wiping your ass before taking a dump...


So long as you wait 30 minutes after eating, they are pretty much the same for your teeth, but if you don’t wait that time, it is actually worse for you to brush after rather than before


Don't eat breakfast


I just don’t eat in the morning, ez


Indeed. And in the meantime one's mental state clears. Otherwise this could happen. https://youtu.be/JAaD-nZSMIE


Use Erythrytol before going to bed (just a half spoonful and swirl it around your mouth) it's a type of sugar substitute and has amazing teeth cleaning action. I can guarantee you won't even have morning breath when you get up. It can help prevent cavities, plaque build up, bad breath and increase over all oral health.


I brush before i go to bed


Only once a day? Better than none a day I suppose


yeah, its very very inconvenient to do twice a day, i dont even know when i would do it


Fair, there have been times in my life I would only do it once a day too, so long as you are putting in the effort to actually brush your teeth


...Is that not normal? I've always brushed my teeth last thing before going out the door in the morning, anything else seemed stupid.


So long as you wait 30 minutes after eating, they are pretty much the same for your teeth, but if you don’t wait that time, it is actually worse for you to brush after rather than before


I am just now learning that that is not the norm. :o


I was thinking about posting this yesterday but I was too lazy too.


The point of brushing is to get shit (like food) off your teeth


The point of brushing is to get crap off, yes, but you are focusing on the wrong crap. It is actually aimed at the bacteria, not the food particles (that’s what flossing is for). So long as you wait 30 minutes after eating, they are pretty much the same for your teeth, but if you don’t wait that time, it is actually worse for you to brush after rather than before.


I never understood people who dont shower or brush teeth at night and do both after waking up.


I always figured brushing your teeth was like putting on a protective coat before your mouth weathered the wilderness for the next 12 or so hours


It is


Bad breath is caused by bacteria buildup on your tongue which you have to scrape away


This is actually pretty common in a lot of parts of the world.


My mom has been a dental hygienist for 40 years and has always said to brush after meals, not before... been doing this my whole life.


Do people who brush their teeth before eating also wipe their ass before shitting?


So long as you wait 30 minutes after eating, they are pretty much the same for your teeth, but if you don’t wait that time, it is actually worse for you to brush after rather than before


Everyone I know brushes after morning coffee and breakfast. The worst thing you can do to your teeth is use toothpaste. The abrasives remove enamel, and dentists know this. (At least, mine told me so.) I use mouthwash and a medium bristle brush. I've never had a cavity.


I've always did that, though you should wait half and hour before brushing. After the night you might have stinky breath but your teeth are free from food particles stuck to them, it's bonkers to clean them before, not after, they touch food.


You guys brush?


I have almost always brushed my teeth after breakfast, sometimes before. I have never had a filling.


Tbh I'm pretty sure I've googled this before and the truth is that it's not good go brush and then eat right after or to do the other way around either (to eat then brush right after). You rly should put like 30 min in between each activity is what I read. But that blows me away, because who has that kinda time in the mornings?


This is almost as bad as when Mila Kunis was like “yeah we don’t shower often”


I live by “brush last thing at night and first thing in the morning”


I thought that's how you were supposed to do it.


Nope. Acidity in the mouth increases after eating which makes teeth far more vulnerable and brushing should be avoided.


You brush before to get rid of the bacteria accumulating in the night


Okay so here is my guess the people who say that you should brush your teeth before breakfast, and everyone else after breakfast. For example in Germany, they teach you in first or second grade how to brush your teeth in school. And The electrical toothbrush manufacturer Phillips says that you should brush after eating because by brushing you are brushing a layer (not really but I hope you know what I mean by that) off your teeth. And idk how people defend the point that after you eat you have pieces of food still in your mouth (which have 5-6 or so hours to create bacteria and before your brush your teeth the next time).


I drink loads of coffee and eat breakfast, do all my chores for the day. And right before I head to work I brush my teeth.


This is the way!


Wait what? Everyone I know brushes after... Is this a cultural thing? In my part of Denmark anyway I thing everyone brushes after.


I thought this was the norm.


Better yet, brush and don’t eat. Breakfast isn’t essential.


Wait people brush before eating?


This isn’t an opinion. It is wrong 😂


That taste when you wake up- I just want it gone. I’d rather brush twice than look at my food with that taste in my mouth.


I prefer brushing half an hour before eating and then half an hour after eating and then right before going to bed Oh and right before leaving the house


Why not brush twice?


Wait people actually do it before?


It probably should be... but it's gross.


If you want to brush after, go ahead, just wait at least 30 minutes after you have swallowed your last bite so you don’t destroy your enamel.


Please don't brush right after eating!!!!


It is?


Isn't it the norm?


I was once told that you brush at night for yourself and you brush in the morning for everyone else.


" I know you don't like eating food with morning breath, but you wouldn't have that if you brush at night before you sleep." you can still brush your teeth before bed and in the morning before food. Bad breath can come from a variety of things. Bacteria in the mouth actually releases certain smells when there is no food for them to process. Therefore after sleeping for hours with clean teeth you can have bad breath from not eating for a while or brushing too much. Brushing before you eat also protects your teeth from getting attacked in the first place and my dentist actually recommended me to do that in the morning instead of brushing after food.


What the hell? There are people that brush their teeth before eating instead of after? Who doesn’t brush their teeth after they eat breakfast and head to work?


> have never had a cavity Much of your teeth health is dictated by your oral hygiene, but a lot can also just be genetics. My roommate has excellent oral hygiene but he gets cavities easily. I have great hygiene now, but until 4-5 years ago, I didn't really floss ever. Until 15-18 years ago (basically when I was a kid), I only brushed the outside and top/bottom of my teeth but never the inside part (that touched your tongue while resting). I also have a HUGE sweet tooth, but I've only had one cavity in my life. So you might've just gotten lucky. > I know you don't like eating food with morning breath, but you wouldn't have that if you brush at night before you sleep. This is just straight up incorrect. You get morning breath because bacteria build up overnight more easily than in the day because you're not constantly generating saliva and swallowing. This will happen whether you brush your teeth or not. > Brushing before eating just seems a bit counteractive, considering you're trying to get your mouth clean, and eating just soils it again. True. Dentists say ultimately the difference is minute enough that it doesn't matter whether you brush your teeth before or after breakfast, but if you want to truly optimize for the best oral health, it's slightly better to brush your teeth before you eat. > Brushing after eating leaves you feeling fresh all day and doesn't leave you with nasty breath. Unless you're eating specifically smelly food like kimchi, more typical American breakfast foods like waffles and fruits and cereal don't really make your breath smell at all.


Is it not??


You ingest so much unnecessary gunk by not brushing before...


This is something I’ve seen in movies and couldn’t believe it was true until I asked American friends. How is this not the norm?????


Are you a dentist? No? Ok then.


Some people brush their teeth before eating ? What ?


Who brushes before they eat?!


I was a before breakfast brusher prior to getting Invisalign, but I've had to re-adjust my schedule due to the trays. I can't for the life of me figure out why it wasn't the norm to brush after eating breakfast instead of before, and I don't plan on going back once completed.