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My OBGYN is a woman, and presumably straight. There’s a difference between finger fucking and an exam lol. Also they put medical tools in there not their bare fingers stimulating the clit or sliding in and out. There are exceptions of course because abuse happens but I think This take is weird ( edit to add and as far as I know internal exams aren’t necessary for birth control unless they expect an issue)


You can always go with a woman if you aren’t comfortable with a man but it’s important to go through these exams to make sure everything’s working in order. It’s not pleasant, but it’s nothing like being fingered and I’ve never thought about it as something “bad”. It’s just uncomfortable for a minute.


I Literally have had my balls examination multiple times in school for sports and shit. These are professionals doing a job. You are the one making it seem like its sexual. Rather immature for a married man


stop thinking about underage vaginas


Wtf are you talking about


Assuming this isn't UK: as a woman here, you have smear tests carried out clinically by professionals, and a discussion with your doctor before birth control. Maybe some blood pressure checks and a chat about your health and wellbeing before the type of contraceptive is offered. Nothing invasive with birth control.