It's perfectly valid that women named Karen are pissed about their name being used as an insult

It's perfectly valid that women named Karen are pissed about their name being used as an insult


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A lot of people have lost the actual meaning of it too, and just apply it to people they disagree with.


What about people named dick?


Dick Trickle did just fine.


that's not their actual name. Isn't it a nickname for Richard?


It isnt always a nickname


I agree. Take your downvote


Fair play


They will just have to own it like a boy named Sue.


I have actually always agreed. Many women have this name. Many amazing, educated, and informed women. And the whole thing came from a woman named Kate who’s husband cheated on her with the teen nanny or whatever it was. Just because she was uptight and had a specific haircut. She never even acted in this stereotypical way. I’ve never understood how this person made that meme, and how it became popular culture. I think it’s just gone a bit far. But then, those women earning the title for themselves have gone more than a bit far.


Lol my MIL is named Karen (she doesnt act like the typical Karen) .. and I still tell my kids "dont be a Karen " when they act entitled.


It just takes some cognitive work to be able to not get offended and to be able to separate those two even if it’s technically the same word. I do the same thing with gay. I sometimes use it to describe stuff that I find corny or cheesy but I also use it to describe someone who is homosexual, but that doesn’t mean that I find every homosexual corny or cheesy. But there’s often an overlap, which I find oftentimes comedic and actually like.


Damn, Daniel. Why are you being such a Karen?


Nailed it.


There is a touch of misogyny and ageism to the Karen thing. It seems like a way to hate women of a certain age, and right in step with many "nasty" women comments targeting the same demographic.


People will call any woman Karen for saying any opinion at all. And if you call a woman a Karen just for having a bob haircut, fuck you. You’re basically just punishing women for existing in public.




Yes, this. I worked in retail for years and the fact that "Karen" exists, but not the male equivalent is very telling. I'd take a Karen over a Bob any day, because Bob tries to physically intimidate women while berating them. Not to mention the pervy/gross/inappropriate sexual comments these dudes make.


What about calling someone a dick? You don’t see all the Dicks’ whining on the internet about it.


Lol what're you talking about there are male equivalents all over the Internet. Stop being silly


>I worked in retail for years and the fact that "Karen" exists, but not the male equivalent is very telling There are the Karen & Ken memes. Other names I've seen include "Kevin", "Keith", and sometimes "Kieran". There are certainly male equivalents to the "Karen" format, even if the internet community hasn't settled on which name to use.


Also worked in retail. The men were by far the worst to deal with. Especially as it was in an electrical store so some technical knowledge was required. If I told a woman something every one of them believed me - Some of the men on other hand. Christ. At least once a week I’d repeat something to them literally three times while they looked sceptical, then a male colleague would walk by, they would drop me and ask them the same question, get the same answer and thank them for it! I also recall the one who said to me ‘I want to talk to the organ grinder, not his monkey’. What a wanker. And yeah that’s not even touching on the gross sexual comments and actions I’ve had from some men while I am working. Karen’s are a delight in comparison.


Yep men can be worse, but it’s not quite the Karen thing that you see with women. It’s just something different and that’s why „Karen“ doesn’t fit them.


Males can be Karens too, they're just a rare species


So true. We expect white middle age men to act entitled and to throw their weight around. And when they do lose it, things go past comic or outrageous to deadly and tragic pretty fast. Reminds me of Donald Glovers [bit](https://youtu.be/H98Q-vGhhas) about why all men have crazy girlfriend stories but women don’t seem to have crazy boyfriend stories… (because women with crazy boyfriends are dead).


Don't forget racism too since it's usually a white woman.


But that’s not racism. If more white women behave like a Karen, than more white women will be called Karen. It’s not like other ethnicities are never called Karen.




They have been doing that already. The only thing with black women is they didn’t have one name, but several.




Shanaenae, Keisha, and any other name that is perceived as “ghetto” or hood. They use it to describe any black woman with an attitude or displays any of the characteristics of what people classify as the angry black woman. Black women don’t have a single name or label such as Karen, but it’s basically the same idea/point. Typically it took very little to be classified a “keisha” because all you had to do is be black, female, and mildly discontent and then, you are considered to have an attitude problem. White women and the Karen thing are about two decades behind.


I don't agree with the idea that calling people Karen's has anything to do with race, but you're absolutely right about using ethnic names as insults. It's just not quite the same - you wouldn't call a black woman giving lip to the cashier "a laquisha" What you're describing sees more play in racial jokes. "So Laquisha and Taniqua walk into a bar..."


Technically you can call a black woman karen, and the stereotype can technically be applied to any woman, as all races have the “can I speak to your manager?” Types of chicks, but it does seem to be channel towards white woman/European women.


You're right, I was just saying it's a false comparison to say a black Karen = Laquisha Karen was a popular name in the entitled generation that is most likely to ask to speak to the manager


What do you mean “just imagine”? People do this all the time.




I think what you’re looking for is the n word which was used quite publicly for centuries and every once in awhile now. Probably more likely to be heard in private/at home because people are cowards. People very often insult culturally Black names it’s just in the form of throwing applications in the trash instead of memes.


Calm down Karen.


That sub is edgy as hell.


My friend’s name is Candice. She has a rough last month of senior year, so fuck you, society. The joking got so bad she even attempted suicide at one point. That may sound extreme, but it’s impossible to stress how much bullying she was getting. One dude got her locker combination somehow and put a bunch of dick pics inside her locker saying “CANDICE FIT DOWN YOUR THROAT” and similar stuff. So again, I say: fuck you, society. It’s not ok to make fun of people because of a name.


I'm sort of out of the loop here .. Is Candice tied to a stereotype?


It’s just another name joke. This time Candice is used for things like “Candice dick fit in your mouth” etc.


I think buddy just wants to rant and couldn’t find a place where it fit...


By Felecia


Have they asked to speak to the manager about it?


When I see video or post about karen complaining being the most Karen thing that wasn't cause they were pissed their name was being used as an insult, it was because the people complaining at the the time were saying it was the same as using the n word and was a racist and sexist name. However if this just reasonable case of them asking people to not use name as an insult cause of how it makes them feel then yeah they not being a Karen and are perfectly reasonable.


I can only imagine my frustration if my name were turned into a kind of insult or slur.


I’ll consider a compromise: free legal name change for anyone named Karen who wants it. Besides that I tend to agree.


No. Because then we would have to provide the same treatment for everyone with an unfortunate name and then people would need to go to court to decide something like that and it can get really expensive. I would say it’s more important to provide people with a cheap education, before doing something like that.


As much as I hate the slippery slope argument for anything, you do have a point.


it’s so obnoxious and most of the time, women are called karens when speaking up about issues which is irritating.


Yes, this women had her baby taken from her by a waiter at a restaurant near me. The waiter just picked her child up and started walking away. The mother had no idea who this waiter was and only met her that day. The waiter only stopped walking when another person eating there said something to her. The waiter didn't even give the child back the mother had to physically take the baby back. So the resturant posted an apology saying that it wasn't okay and it was a cultural difference thing, (Chinese restaurant), and one person in the comments was like "I bet it was exaggerated, probably just another entitled Karen over reacting.


Yeah. Also many times the videos “exposing” Karen’s have no context and the “Karen” sometimes isn’t doing anything to bad or extreme.


I agree and it's kinda sexist, too - women aren't the only people that are problems to retail staff - and it sets a terrible precedent for children. How are we supposed to teach kids not to bully people for shallow things they can't help when to them, on the surface, it looks as if we're bullying people for their name? But I do think it's good we're finally calling these people out.


nah men can be karens also


You don’t see people named Steve complaining about the ‘it’s always fuckin Steve’ quote from the scumbag Steve shit.


The difference is that nobody calls anyone a "Scumbag Steve." Well, nobody except the type of kid who would go around wearing meme shirts.


Richard, or more commonly known as Dick, also hasn’t been making a stink about their name, so I’m pretty sure this is an exclusive ‘Karen’ thing to do.


"Dick" is a nickname. If Richards don't like it, they can just go with "Rick" or use their actual names.


That doesn’t prevent others from calling them Dick. You’re responses are sounding more and more Karen like, but feel free to continue.


Likely because they're busy bragging about being named after Steve Jobs


Ok Richard


Na Richard is too cool to be used for this shit, how about Kevin?


Ok Dick.


Hmm. Despite there being a strong negative connotation to the name, I find it to be detached from actual women with that name (unless they actually *are* Karens). Kind of like how “being a dick” is an insult, yet you don’t assume every man named Dick is an asshole.


There are very few men named Dick these days, for this very reason


I think that’s because of the association with penis.


This was made with misogynistic intentions, and even if it wasn't, every now and then it has that tone. And people just for being smartass or for greater purpose, agreed to use this name as a goatscape. And it probably would have more sympathy had it been a male name, atleast on reddit.


I'm fully on board with the Karen meme. White women are literally the last demographic group to get memed on and it's only sticking around this long because it's pissing them off so much. If they just laughed it off like the rest of us did, it would be long gone by now


I'm not American so maybe that's why I'm not familiar with the other memes, but what are the memes about white men, black women, black men, Asian women, Asian men, etc?


You've never seen one joke at all that makes fun of any of those people? Are you living in a cave or what?


A single joke, yes. A sort of 'memorable' meme, no. That's why I asked for examples, which you apparently can't provide?


What do you mean memorable meme? Theres loads of jokes about males white and otherwise being over emotional and entitled like what rock have you been living on?


Like the subreddit about Karen(s) with over a million subscribers. The rock I'm living on is called Earth, by the way.


So you've never seen videos or sub reddits posting jokes about men or black people? Lol you're trolling now. Your comments would suggest you've never visited earth so you can stop lying about that too


This. This exactly. Plus its usually frowned upon to call women c**ts, we have to call them something. Words are only as derogatory as we take them. 🤷🏼‍♀️


It's racist as fuck! Can you imagine if the same was done with Juanita or Jerome?


‘Karen’ transcends race, you’re not a victim. (Note: if you said it had a degree of misogyny and ageism I’d probably agree. )


I'm not a middle-aged white woman so I wasn't claiming victimhood. Juanita and Jerome "transcends" race and you're an evil bigot if any particular demographic came to mind. I was talking about multisyllabic J names.


Gaslighting doesn’t fix the fact that you’re wrong.


Not an unpopular opinion but yes it's okay to be offended. To me I don't see Karen as an insult. Same with Damn Daniel or Bye Felicia. They are just names it's the people that made it into an insult.


I agree. I have a bunch of friends that if you say "that's gay" you get reamed out because the process of using a term to mean something negative absolutely degrades that group of people. But then they use Karen.


lotta racism and bigotry here lol


They are quite literally 'being a Karen' in everything they do, if their name is indeed Karen - just in a different sense of the phrase.


Stfu, Karen. Nobody cares.


You are part of the problem.


For reals. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ✌️ ✌️ ✌️


So the popular opinion is that Karens aren't supposed to be pissed? Downvote time.


There was a Red Dwarf episode a while back where they did the same thing with the second name Dibbley .. I'm sure there are people out there with similar or that name. It doesn't matter. Because anyone with a a brain knows that it's not being targeted at someone JUST because they are called Karen. Most normal person would just laugh it off. Getting a stick up your ass about it is .. in fact .. A "Karen" thing to do. Because people called Karen can be Karen's too.


My mother’s name is Caren and she still uses Karen as a pejorative. It doesn’t bother her. I believe she finds it amusing, though it’s funny hearing her say “don’t be a Karen.”


Well if they're pissed off about it, it might be a good idea to promote the ideas of treating retail workers like human beings. Then the Karen memes might fizzle out (and it will anyway, eventually.)


Damn Daniel, settle down.


The entire Karen meme was never funny to begin with imo. It always felt s but sexist to me since 80% of asshole customers I dealt with were angry dudes with something to prove.


All the Karens I know irl are actual absolute horrible heinous bitches so I'm not really mad about it.


Karen is used specifically to describe a middle aged+ white woman displaying racist and/or entitled behavior. Also see “Becky” for a 20-something or younger white woman/girl. The actual Karens should consider themselves lucky that after people have had to put up with them that’s all they’re called and nothing is actually being done to them. This is an unpopular opinion and I hope it stays that way. SN: If this is that bothersome (1) This goes to show how little adversity you lot experience (2) White people would never be able to survive the treatment they often dish out


The Daniel thing has nothing on any Luke born after 1977....that crap has been going on for 4 decades......


Agreed. It's a nice name. Reminds me of the late Carpenter and Henry Hill's wife. Positive association.


My name is Aaron, they can handle it.


Agreed. Callen a woman named "Karen" a Karen for being unhappy with the term "Karen" used as an insult is the same as constantly talking shit about short men and then immediately accusing them of having a "napoleon complex" when finally saying shit back.