As a hardcore gay, ENOUGH with the advertising and huge push campaigns.

As a hardcore gay, ENOUGH with the advertising and huge push campaigns.


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So what your telling me is people who are gay just want to be treated like everyone else?! ...huh craaazy.


Hey identity is a whole new thing to be commodified! Can’t miss out on that sweet pandering cash. It’s nice to see things be normalized, but you know corporations are sitting up on their board rooms figuring out how to use things like this for their own benefit.


Out of curiosity, what qualifies you as hardcore gay? Is it like an unlockable achievement or do you just really like dick? (assuming ops a dude, will change if wrong)


No respawns.


This guy understands.


only plays gay in master mode.


Gay is liking men. Hardcore gay is liking theatre.


And entire basketball teams.




No HUD, no UAV, less health, and tons of camping.


It's the ass less chaps I believe Edit: without pants and not horse riding or something idk


Chaps by definition are arseless


No, ass-less chaps would be categorized under 'super gay', not 'hardcore gay'.


If I had an award I’d give it to you


Gay on rollerblades


he is taking but also giving


I just thought OP liked heavy metal


He hates women.


This caught me off guard. Seems like the type of comment that would often get nuked but I think the sarcasm somehow really works here. :D


I I believe he means his lifestyle which makes him really gay instead his attraction towards dicks. Like the clothing, the language, body posture and the lack of no homo after having sex with his homie or something like that.


9 times out of 10, OP isn't who they say they are. There's even a chance they are a dog.


[On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog](https://464697-1455876-raikfcquaxqncofqfm.stackpathdns.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/na-internetu-niko-ne-zna-da-ste-pas.png)


just imagine Halo 2 LASO but irl




Your experience is not everyone experiance.i'm bi and don't agree, your life was different ,lots of people faced and face real problem just because they are queer,lots are scared to come out, or beaten in the streets or treated as deviants


What’s a hardcore gay vs a regular gay?




Damn that sucks. You must hate line graphs.


Do regular gay people see straight?




I know a good optometrist, he can help you see straight. You don't wanna shoot your eye out kid.


He's cockeyed


Yup. I'm gay and I think pride month is stupid. We should be trying to help the LGBT people stuck in countries that want to murder them for existing.




Dont get it twisted. The United States, Canada, and the Nordic states are the most egalitarian, gay friendly places on earth. You are far from oppressed if you are LGBT in these nations.


try existing as transgender in public for five seconds. good for you that youre not currently part of the group almost every state is trying to legislate out of existence but thats not the case for everyone


There was a state representative from here that said he would drown his kids if they ever came out. This dude was elected by the people. I would say we still have a little bit of work to do.


Who was that?




That won't stop me from spinning my narrative because I can't read


They pay me to lead, not to read


I was elected to lead, not to read.


username checks out


What exactly are you hoping to achieve? Bigotry and ignorance will never go away. You’ve got the right to not be arrested for being gay. You’ve got the right to be married if you wish. All without consequence. If your plan is to change every persons mind about how being gay is ok, you’re fighting a dumb, losing battle. There are people out there who will always be assholes. Just forget about them. They aren’t worth your time. And if he did carry out that threat, the law will, or at least should, deal with him for his pathetic actions. Pick your battles.


This is honestly one of the best responses I’ve read on here. You sir, understand how the world works. Arguing with smart people is difficult, but trying to win an argument against an idiot is impossible.


Changing the logo of corporate company websites is not gonna be the thing that changes his mind.


*If you don't live in a homophobic state or have homophobic parents.*


I'm Bi, in the south. I have never seen this, most people in the south just want to be left alone and don't really care.


As a Southerner I can agree. It’s more neutral. For me and my wife, for example, our oldest daughter came out as bi. She was afraid to tell us. Our reaction? “Ok, but like we always tell you just be careful regardless who you date”. Then we asked her did she clean her room because preteens amiright?


I always found it weird to tell your parents, they are the last people that I want to tell what I do sexualy.


Yeah for me, I’m a straight guy, but to me, coming out as gay just sounds too much like “mom, dad, I want cock”.


Okay, well put it on your Xmas list and we’ll see what we can do.


Stealing that


Idk, when my son came out that isn't what I heard. It was "Mom, I know you're vastly outnumbered by males in this family and looking forward to having some daughter-in-laws some day to estrogen down the testosterone village you live in but Imma just bring in yet another dude to this party". Lol


I'm American and I don't want to talk to my parents about my sex life.


I guess that’s where her fear came in. I never want her or any of them to be afraid to tell us how they’re feeling you know. I hope they always know they do have us to come to for anything


Southerner here as well. Alot of us don't agree with some shit like most people, but I straight up don't give a f what you do aslong as it doesn't involve me or encroach on my space or throwing this and that in my face, that makes alot of people angry and get involved who otherwise wouldn't. What you do in private is your business. I get annoyed on some of the push, because I have kids and I see so much shit being thrown at kids on tv stations like Nickelodeon etc, my kids are around 5... They can barely wipe their ass and wash their hair good. I don't need to be explaining why a 6' 6" dude is in high heels and make up reading books, or explaining who George flloyd is, or what is rights for black ppl etc. Kids are innocent, mine have never even paid attention to that stuff or thought about color or any other stuff until it's presented to them as a problem... A problem that didn't exist in their heads and wouldn't be a problem until it's told to them that it's a problem.


I'm also from the South, and I have friends who were kicked out of their homes and abused by their parents for being gay.


From south, can confirm


Then consider yourself lucky.


I'm going to go ahead and guess you live in a metropolitan area? If not, then a blue state?


You can still be fired for being gay almost everywhere. You can lose your housing for being gay as well. So don't tell me gays in America don't need more protections.


Maybe for LGB folk…


I’m mostly gay with some straight edges, and I feel like I fit in less now than ever. It’s a little jarring. The ‘might as well be gay’ had me dying


I couldn't agree more. When it comes to countries where people's lives are at risk, these companies and the most vocal ppl are silent and don't say a word. I guess pride only matters in Western culture.


I think pride and celebration within the community are great things, but the overbearing “support” of allies and corporations definitely has the potential to do more harm than good




Good for you that you don’t feel opressed, let’s see if all the lgbt people that were killed for being lgbt feel the same


If companies actually supported the lgbtq+ community they wouldn’t change their logo, but actually donate to charities that support the lgbtq+ communities like the lgbtq foundation


That's money moving in the wrong direction. They care....about the extra business the pandering gets them.


>Honestly from the 2000-2015 era being gay was great. You've got to be kidding me, it was great when same sex marriage was still illegal in many states?


Some people just get a kick out of bashing something that people get excited about.


Lots to unpack here: ​ * The younger LGBT people have it so much easier than we had it that they can’t comprehend the hell we pushed through to get here. People suffered and died so we can have rainbow socks in Target. ​ * I feel gross saying this, but your privilege is showing. I lost people to AIDS In the 90’s. I’ve lost count of fellow transwomen I’ve known who’ve committed suicide. Our rights are at constant risk, murder and violence is on the rise. Being gay has broader acceptance now, most everyone else is still in the shit. ​ * You’re right, there are a lot of people in the LGBT subs that aren’t LGBT. They’re young, have some anime character as their profile image, and want to feel special b/c they live largely unremarkable lives behind the guise of online anonymity. ​ * The ilk that throw their LGBT identity in people’s faces are ruining the community. The new thing is making up definitions that dilute the experience to such a granular level that they might as well use their first names as their sexual/gender ID. Demi-, Saph-, Grey-, all that nonsense. Only feeling sexual attraction to people that you have a romantic connection to isn’t a sexual identity, it’s how most people are. I hate it, most of us elder queers have no idea what they’re talking about, and it makes us all look like assholes.


This is internalized homophobia and you should probably process through this…just because you don’t feel oppressed doesn’t mean the oppression isn’t there. If you live in a country that bans you from marrying based off of who you choose to marry (considering that the individual is a consenting adult), then you are oppressed. If you live in a country that allows business owners to not serve you based off of your sexual orientation, you are oppressed.


Let's ask Matthew Shepard and Paul Broussard what they thin- OH THAT'S RIGHT, THEY WERE BOTH BRUTALLY MURDERED FOR BEING GAY.


Yeah and everybody that's not braindead can tell that corporations are exploiting the LGBT community to make money


2000-2015 was good you say? Yes, I too feel being unable to get married was perfect for the community. To be unable to be with a dying loved one at the hospital because they're not married was SO great for people. Constantly being denied jobs and housing opportunities was tremendous for everyone. You're fucking naive if you think that time period was great for the community. Is it a coincidence that the era you consider to be great ended the same year gay marriage was legalized?


Cool, but a lot of other LGBT identities are still marginalized and don't get the blessing of being tolerated or ignored like you describe you have. Being trans, bi or lesbian still sucks and a lot of people will go out of their ways to hate on you.


It’s the I got mine mentality.


I'm Bi, and I always thought is was really stupid to be prideful for what is essentially an immutable characteristic.


For a long time, it wasn't considered to be an immutable characteristic. That's a big reason why pride is important. Many people don't believe that anymore, because LGBT voices have been amplified. It's sounds unimportant, but an annual reminder to the 90% non-LGBT population could prevent regressing. It's seemingly unimportant because of the progress made.


What the OP is pointing out is that this theater is actually contributing to people regressing. Another case of unintended consequences. We got to the point that 90% of the non-LGB population just doesn’t care. But every time this gets shoved in their face they are forced to wonder why they should care. And the truth is that they shouldn’t. None of us should. Not even gay people should care. Just live your life. And stop treating gay people as marketable commodities.


I agree with your ideas but I think pride is having the opposite effect. Many people seem to view it as a sort of propaganda, or a lifestyle choice. I think that is the wrong message. In fact, I think it’s counterproductive. There are a lot of crazies associated with “the movement” and it negatively reflects on the average gay man / woman. Think of it like this: If a fiscal conservative who just wants a balanced budget with reasonable spending is suddenly put into the same camp as Richard Spencer, how does it make the fiscal conservative look?


Yeh remember the not too recent past when being gay meant social ostracization? Thats why I celebrate pride


Yeah, buddy, it must suck to have wide ranging popular support after countless centuries of marginalization and bigotry. Maybe talk to some gay people who were around in the 90s or earlier and you'll understand why it's so fucking critical that this happens.


Straight guy here, do you think kids that are still in the closet feel the same way too?


Pride was originally about celebrating the people who did feel limited and endangered. Just because it's not something you felt, doesn't mean the people who suffered and died working on making it so that you *can* feel that way didn't. It is being marketed as a money machine, and I think a lot of people are starting to feel that way. Time will change things.


I get what you mean. But I believe the problem is that different levels of oppression towards LGBTQ+ people exist in different countries. So maybe the situation is good for you in America, but it is not everywhere. So the pride movement has not yet finished it's "job". E.g. if you are a gay couple in Greece (where I come from) and you kiss in bus full of people in a "normal" city, you will definitely receive homophobic comments, at least from middle-aged men and women. And this is just a soft case.. Imagine what happens with trans people at night, being followed and threatened etc. I don't know if this world needs less LGBTQ+ parades, but definitely needs more active support in everyday situations and more open discussions. I mean I know people around my age that think people like you are an anomaly of nature and abnormal. Not to mention their opinion about raising kids and starting families.. So I guess I get it why parades are still happening..


It just seems they are throwing all of their eggs into one basket, they push it in places that are already the most accepting of LGB people and they seem to be doing almost nothing in others. It just seems lazy and that they don't actually care about the horrible shit that happens in other countries. Will it is an abnormality, I understand when people kind of get taken aback here when they do find that out about someone, mostly because it's usually a person you've known for awhile and most of the time they wouldn't have guessed. I also understand about the raising kids part, because obviously a gay couple can't conceive kids, but you can get around that by adoption or sperm donor, etc. For a community it's better to have family units that can have children, weather or not you think having kids is a good thing individually is your opinion, but on a community or city scale it is. They although are probably more concerned about they social impact on the kid that doesn't have a mother and father, and they are probably right based off of what I have seen, but obviously they shouldn't force them to not have kids, since they will definitly turn out better than a single parent household. Although the motherly/fatherly part of this can be filled by a relative like a grandmother/grandfather or even a sister/brother or even when godfathers were more of a thing.


Even in America LGBTIQ people are treated extremely differently depending on where they are. OP is basically saying "I never received experienced homophobia so it doesn't exist" which is absurd.


But the LGBT movement and Pride month acts like it's solving problems in America. We rarely discuss LGBT in other parts of the world in the movement


I think you’re wrong mate, you might not feel oppressed but that’s because you live in America, for people in literally any other country it’s a nightmare to be gay or lgbt does not matter. Having pride parades shows people that they are not alone, that they are not worthless. It also makes being a part of lgbt acceptable to other people. So ye stop thinking about this movement just as in the USA, people get beaten up for being feminine in some countries and here you’re complaining about people supporting you too much.


I agree with a lot of what you have to say about pride month. I think it's become something largely about virtue signaling, corporate money grabs, etc. I'm bothered by the kids who don't understand the roots and history of pride or know who were the first folks to fight for rights, etc. I actually agree too that (especially because of every company trying to profit off of it) it begins to work against the community and annoy people. BUT It's not the case at all that no one in the LGBT+ community is "oppressed" just because you don't feel "limited," "endangered," etc... which is the implication I'm getting from what you've written. I think it's really awesome that you haven't felt that. But even in the US where I am, people are still discriminated against, kicked out of their homes, assaulted, have high suicide rates. The experience of a black gay man is often different than that of white gay men. The experience of trans people is often very different from cis gay people. The experience of queer people from some regions/states/households is different than others. And maybe you are trans/poc/etc and still haven't felt any discrimination and that's REALLY awesome. But it's naive to say discrimination isn't still prevalent.


I think if everyone just lived by the “to each their own” and stopped trying to force different opinions on other people, the world would be much happier. That goes for many many things not just sexuality. definitely agree with your points.


Let's not be hasty. I love a big gay parade.


If you can ever make it to LA for Halloween, the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval is even better than a parade. It’s a giant fabulous, debaucherous party in the streets.


How do you become a hardcore gay?


Yeah bro drop the info


I'll get the ceremonial blade.


Don’t get me wrong i hate rainbow capitalism and performative allyship too, and this isn’t necessarily directed at you, but i also am not impressed watching all the cis white gay men who have decided homophobia is over because they don’t personally face discrimination pulling up the ladder behind them when so much more work is needed to protect the rest of our community which is marginalised in lots of intersecting ways. Trans women of colour especially are being murdered at an alarming rate, trans kids are more likely to become homeless, huge barriers exist in the English speaking world (not to mention everywhere else) for people who want to access gender affirming healthcare, and y’all think we don’t need pride. Unreal.


I’m cool with LGBT. I just want everybody to pay their taxes. Idc who you fuck.


Getting pick me vibes


Yeah sure, being gay was more fun when LGBTQ+ had less rights and were more stigmatized. I call bullshit on you, so much.


How old are you that you think 2000-2015 was a great time to be gay? A constant hot topic in the media was gay marriage and don't ask don't tell. In the year 2000 only 35% of Americans supported same sex marriage compared to 70% today. I was a teen during these years and I just remember constantly feeling like shit while having to have class debates where the majority of students and occasionally the teacher would go on and on against gays. Not to mention having to listen to family members rail against these issues blissfully unware their son was gay. I find rainbow capitalism to be a blatant money grab and mildly annoying but its preferable to what it was just 10 years ago. I'm glad kids are growing up in this environment vs what I experienced, which really isn't comparable to what LGBT people experienced in the 60-90s. You sound naïve.


Ah yes, the good ‘ol days when being gay was deemed an “alternative lifestyle.” OP is foolish.


OP made his account 46 days ago. Doubt he’s even gay, just saying he’s “hardcore gay” so that people act like this. Who knows, maybe none of these responses are from actual gay people and are trying to down play Pride. Wouldn’t surprise me.


Ahh of course the good old days when being gay was a joke for every tv show and we were deemed as nothing more than an accessory to white mean girls


Thank you so much. OP has lived a very fortunate life, full of privilege. Same with most of the commenters. Yeah, I'd also like it if "woke" corporations didn't minimize our struggle by cashing in on it, but we still have thousands of miles to go for reality to catch up with whatever's going on in OP's head.




If they left you alone, how are they going to boost their ego and make money off of you.


Wait does that mean there is diet gay? Also I was always under the impression that parades and stuff was managed by pride organizations that were comprised of members of the community?




Pride isn’t just about gay cis men. Gay white middle class+ cis men (me) typically have the least to worry about in terms of being misunderstood or oppressed. There are plenty of other LGBTQ+ people who deserve visibility and literally want to be seen and heard. I think Pride month is great. However, I too hate the pandering. Especially from companies that don’t actually give a fuck.




THANK YOU. Cis, white, gay men are literally right below cis, white straight men in order of privilege.


Yeah being gay was great in 2000 when only 3 countries in the world let you get married and protected you legally if you were discriminated against. Yup. That checks out.


No offense, but I knew you were ignorant when you stated that you aren't oppressed as a gay and never have been... Homophobia is still very much a real issue even in places such as America. There are still people being harassed, beaten, and even killed in some cases because of their sexuality. While I believe many are handling pride month all wrong and some are being a bit too aggressive in their movement. It is very much needed.


I’d agree but given the right circumstances and the right government all those rights etc could just disappear. I’m old enough to remember when it was a crime. When you had to hide who you were! It wasn’t all that fucking long ago. It does good to remind society , our society how far we have progressed!


I have never heard a gay person refer to themselves as “a hardcore gay”


I’m not gay but it sure seems a little better than the anti-gay sentiment which used to be so pervasive. I think that timeline might have been good in some areas but very much not all


Pride month is used by companies to try to make more money. Agreed that it’s dumb. Pride month SHOULD be account acceptance, history, and education. Also pride month isn’t all about you. There are plenty of queer people who are struggling and being discriminated against. You’re privileged if you’re not one of them.


You've never been endangered for being gay... Key word: YOU


It's an easy path to money and influence. Don't expect it to go away.


I'm bi and it pisses me off I can't wear a pink Floyd shirt without people thinking the rainbow on it is me broadcasting that fact or celebrating pride. In fact, I dislike the entire concept of pride. Imagine being so deluded with identity politics that your sexuality is the biggest thing about yourself to highlight and be proud of.


I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.


Imagine having to worry that people think you're broadcasting because you know some people would judge you for it. That’s the sad part.


There isn’t a shortage of things you’ll be judged for. You will be judged by someone for being gay just like that person will be judged for judging you.


Right? I'm thinking a single teenager whose parents didn't listen to classic rock made an ignorant "gay" remark about a shirt with a prism rainbow and the word "pink" and the person you're responding to dialed it up to 11.


Pride month is good. Brilliant even. Companies using it for branding and to market to us without giving a singular flying shit is not. Also, OP, if you've never felt oppressed mannn... I'd just like to say that's not the same for a ton of us lol. Pride is for LGBTQ+, and there's still a lot of work to do, even in 'First World' countries.


Yup. I'll always remember about a decade ago my coworker friend delt with some unpleasant people who didn't like his management style. They found out or guessed he was gay and spread it all over our religious retirement community. He had to move to a different town. My father was a closeted gay, absolutely terrified, growing up in Wyoming where a kid was found out to be gay and got murdered after being dragged behind a truck. While it makes me happy people are more accepting of being themselves and being happy, it's important to not forget the people who have sacrificed their lives and livelihood for it. That's what pride month is about, at least for me.


What is a *'hardcore'* gay?


Google it and find out ;)


I thought LGBT issues weren't allowed temporarily on here. My post contained the word "queer" and was deleted?


Welcome to r/Unpopularopinion. They removed my post for having the word reddit in it, and gave me a snarky bot message that thought I was complaining about moderators. This post will Probably get taken down before the end of the day tbh


You say you’re not oppressed, but homophobia in any form *is* oppression, not just discrimination. Gay people are a discriminated in all countries, they’re illegal in dozens of them, they’re in danger, many they can’t be themselves around their family and even in first world countries including yours, some get beaten to death simply for existing. If that’s not oppression, what is?


Don't you remember when people used "gay" as in insult back in the 2000s? Like "oh that movie was so gay" instead of just saying it was bad.


coming from a gay man who isn't a big fan of all of the rainbow branding and gay male culture in general: if i'm not feeling it i simply don't participate. and i don't let it bother me like this. if pride is so unimportant to you, why not move on with your day and shut up about it? why does what other people do bother you so much when it's not actually affecting you? if people think gays are shoving our existence in their face, that's: A: homophobic, and B: their problem. not ours. if you don't like that that's a growing perception, take it up with the people who feel that way, not the people finally getting the opportunity to express their happiness about the things they've been made to feel less-than-human for. it's a good thing that your opinion is simply your opinion, and that other LGBT/queer people's right to celebrate our existence is inarguable. like... congrats. your sexuality hasn't made your life any harder. if only we all got to say that. do you want a cookie or something?




As a black man, we need to bring slavery back


I’m bi. I just move on about my days and live life. If I see my friends and loved ones being mistreated I’m gonna throw rocks and fight. But I generally move on about my day.


Lmao I loved reading "I'm gonna throw rocks and fight"


I am. Lol no bricks are ever near by so rocks will have to do! Done it plenty of times. Just 3 years ago when someone was harassing who I consider is my sister at this point. Some prick was harassing her because she’s trans. Grabbed a rock and threw it at them and fought.


Lol 😆 you're a good friend.




This is going to get fun.






Please tell me your not like his hardcore fans that thinks hes going to be president "any day now". Look I hate Joe Biden but Trump is just a sore loser


I think a majority of people aren’t a fan of either but just hate one less than the other


US politics in a nutshell.


Thats depressing. Accurate... But depressing


For sure, a lot of my friends or people I know who voted for trump did it reluctantly


If only we were brave enough to vote for Jo Jorgensen


I voted for her actually


Highly unlikely that he’ll be president before January 2025 unless incredibly serious evidence of fraud comes out (unlikely). It would have to be something like this Pelosi resigns and the house elects Trump as speaker (technically legal). Biden and Harris resigns and Trump becomes president. Like I said nearly impossible short off earth shattering proof that will cow enough dema to cross the aisle and zipper Trump for speaker while convincing Biden and Harris to resign. It’s possible though highly unlikely


What agenda? The Republican Party platform explicitly denounces gay marriage. Cis gay men aren’t the oracles of lgbt issues and you don’t speak for everyone.


The dude is a cis gay republican that thinks the dont ask don't tell Era of the army was great, don't expect intelligence lmao


As a trans woman I feel differently, I face alot of hate and I think that pride month feels like a time for me j can be proud of who I am, and not feel ashamed or hidden, and when it comes to oppression, everyone faces it differently, and a white gay man will never face as much as a trans woman of color, I'm lucky to be white so I don't face as much hate, but pride month is important to alot of people within the community, and as a gay male you don't have to face all the same obstacles that we do.


Replace "gay" with "minority" and that's pretty much how I feel




This was always confusing to me why these were in the same group, they are completely different.


That is something that as a straight person, I have always wondered.


Whats wrong with bringing awareness?


Dedicated months are stupid overall


Third post in one day of people shitting on the LGBTQA community. Y’all are on a roll here. 🙄


OH maybe those who had to riot and were imprisoned, murdered and had their lives destroyed bc of being LGBTQ find an explosion of positivity during a month of recognizing and legitimizing people whom society did and does marginalize, would disagree.


Just because you're privelaged and have never felt oppression doesn't mean nobody else has. I felt horrible in my early teen years because everyone around me would talk about how people like me should be murdered or imprisoned, or just if they ever had a gay son they would disown them instantly with no hesitation. I loved those very rare occasions where I would see representation in TV shows or movies or hell even seeing a single sticker on a car would make my day. This isn't an unpopular opinion, and I really disagree with you spreading shit like this just because you don't experience the stuff others do. Yes, maybe some companies are pandering, but you know what, if it lets some young teenager confused about his/her sexuality feel a *little* better about people wanting to decapitate them, then I'm all for it.


If you don’t have excessive gay pride are you really gay?


Rainbow capitalism 😍


Pride is great. Corporations trying to act like they care about LGBTQ people is not.


"Hardcore gay" hahahahahahahaha stfu


Great attitude


Congratulations, commercial exploitation of a group is the second to last step before partial acceptance into white American society. If America can't make money off hating you, it's gonna make money off of "accepting" you.


Hard core gay, would that be super gay like super straight?


Bi here. It’s not people supporting or campaigning that annoys me. I think that’s good actually. It’s the corporate performative pandering that annoys me.


You may not feel oppressed but you are. There are still laws preventing you from doing stuff straight people can do. Like for instance here in Canada you are still not allowed to donate blood if you are gay. And that’s just one thing that you legally aren’t allowed to do because of a sexual orientation


I agree that this is totally unpopular opinion. You've never feel oppressed? Are you really sure about that OP? Pride month is still important for transgender and non-binary people. There are T and Q on LGBTQ+ for a reason and not only your sexuality. People still don't understand what it means being transgender or non-binary.


The worst part is The Straights saying "Happy Pride Month friends" and dressing up in rainbows & changing their entire personality into -fake straight ally- just for aesthetic purposes. It's embarrassing


We call this Virtue Signaling


I think that we should swap some stuff, and give the climate crisis a month and LGBTq+ a day Like women's and men's day.


'Turn the fuckin' lights off when you leave a room and switch to LEDs' Month would be nice.


I'm trans and feel endangered every day. I'm glad you don't. I do think pride month makes it worse.


too late it makes money.


Nothing makes homophobes more homophobic than pride month.




I don't know what you mean by saying pride has made you view homosexuals in a negative light. It really shouldn't, I don't view gay pride any different than before. Don't like it, just ignore it, its that easy.


So you’re just homophobic. You’re generalizing lgbt people by saying this. It’s like saying that since a black person hurt me, I now hate all block people. This is just diet homophobia; that “oh well I fEEl As iF THeY’Re FoRcINg it oN mE” nonsense.


I’m really glad you have never felt threatened or endangered but that is simply not the case for a large percentage of the LGBTQ community. As a long time ally I have seen and experienced some truly heartbreaking things. When I celebrate pride loud and proud as an ally the message is :“You are safe here. You will be treated with the respect every human deserves.” I’m super super glad you don’t need to hear that. I’m incredibly glad that you are safe. But unfortunately that is simply not the case for everyone. I will continue to loudly support and celebrate pride. I want my friends and family and even strangers in need to know that they are safe with me.


>Stop fucking using us as an agenda. That's all it is. If people are gay fine, they can be gay. Sexual preferences aren't an achievement.