People should stop adopting pugs and just let them go extinct.

People should stop adopting pugs and just let them go extinct.


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It's a real shame they have so many health problems. Pugs are great dogs in regards to basically everything else. They don't act like your typical small breed dog, that's for sure.


They're absolute sweethearts. I see so much appeal in retro pugs and puggles. Pugs, but with a normal snout instead of a skull shaped like a tuna can.


Currently a pug owner. Best dog I've ever had in terms of personality and lovability. Downside is I worry constantly about him passing due to breathing problems and possible seizures. It really is a double edged sword. Before anyone asks, he was a rescue.


My family had a pug. Lived for 13 years but one day he snuck up outside, fell in the pool and drown because he couldn’t swim.


Jfc, I wish I hadn't read that


I saw a pug that had been bred to have a normal snout and it was gorgeous.


I think those were called "Retro pugs"


I looked up some images. They're absolutely adorable! Why would you flatten such a cute snout?


It's not about the look. I just like my dog to constantly sound like a gorilla in heat.


I always thought they sounded like an angry asthmatic possum getting water boarded


I get more of an idling chainsaw vibe, myself. Put put put snort put put put put...


That’s pretty close too, but it needs to be underwater. There’s a lot of gurgling


they're like 30x cuter wtf?


They are!!!


Just did the same, don't see the appeal in making a cuter dog look like it had been a professional boxer without using any gloves its entire life.


You gotta remember that the people at the top of the social hierarchy also looked like that because their family tree is just a line, it's regal.


Well that was 20 minutes of adorableness that I wasn’t expecting today. They’re so cute! I had a mutt that had some retro pug characteristics and I can’t imagine how much he would’ve struggled if his face was smushed in any further. It was the perfect length for booping.


IIRC pugs and bulldogs were essentially bred by bored rich people in England some centuries ago. They probably chose traits that looked funny. No good reason really.


so they did it for the memes


Pug Lite


Diet Pug


I didn't choose the Pug Lite; the Pug Lite chose me.


I used to have a friend that had a pug. Thing could get excited when she came home. It would hyperventilate and collapse. Pass out due to lack of oxygen. Well done, humans. Oh, yeah, so she spent thousands on surgery in order to try to help, and widen its air holes in its snout. Apparently, this is not uncommon. I had never heard of it, before her.


My UPS driver told me his friend bought a pug. After 7 years it’s eyeballs popped out (!) and although the vet can fix this it’s expensive. So he sells the dog and uses the money to fix it - then turns it over to its new owner. Poor dog must be so confused.


I'm even confused reading this


He sold the dog but did not turn it over right away. He took the money to the vet first, had the dog fixed and then gave it to the new owners afterwards.


Who would buy a dog with it's eyeball hanging out of its head?


I presume they didn't see it before they brought it? Just old photos


You'd wash a car before selling it too, right? I get it.


Like I'd totally have my eyeballs placed back in my skull before my first day at a new job.


I’m sure they knew their money was going to the surgery and probably considered it somewhat of a rescue situation.


Here is the money to save the dog. Btw, I'm gonna need you to drop him off on Tuesday so he can begin his indentured service.


What the fucking


They’ve already started doing this, mix breeding, it’s called a Puggle. They are half Pug and half Beagle to help with the head shape and breathing.


>Puggle So basically the Steve Buscemi of dogs!


I hate how accurate this is!


The best dogs are mixed breeds.


Tried to breed the bulldog down the street with my shih tzu, but people stopped buying my bullshit years ago.


Hahahaha. The worst mix was a chihuahua cross blue heeler. Dad was the little one. Weird looking dog. Damn three awards for your dad joke.


I had a blue heeler/beagle mix. He was healer body with beagle head. Loved that little guy.


I watched Dumb&Dumber recently as well.


I haven't seen that movie in ages. I guess the joke isn't as original as I thought.


Fuck you take my upvote /r/angryupvote


Yes they are, natural selection of the best characteristics. Smarter, healthier, and cutier. In France, we call crossbreed "bâtards" but we love them all the same. Edit : looks like yall need to understand that when I speak about natural selection, I mean natural selection. Not human selection crossbreed...


In the US they are called mutts.


In the UK they are mongrals but for some reason it has really negative connotations, they'd rather say Jack Russell x pug x dashund x whatever 🙄 we always used to call them a Heinz 57


Came here to say Heinz 57


And they also have less to none of the health issues that plague purebreds.


My Doberdore (Doberman + Lab) has had zero health issues other than a random case of hives/swelling (probably while doing dog things outside) she’s 10 years old and still acts like a puppy. Also very smart, not top tier border collie level but close. Loves people and kids. And chased a guy off trying to steal my bike when it was leaning on the fence.


My German shepherd cross Chow is exactly the same. I found him on a local marketplace for $100aud. Best $100 investment ever. He has the brightest blue eyes, GH backside and Chow (maybe) mane. Zero major health issues. Same with cats. I adopted a feral trap baby. Taught her how to fetch and bring it back.


I've heard Chows are mean, I bet a cross would mellow them right out.


Not mean just aloof. They're wary of strangers and people who enter their home. My dog does this weird deep woof if he hears or sights someone he doesn't know. But has never got aggressive with strangers. Awesome guard dog though. Also the breed needs alot of attention and training. They need to be near us to feel comfortable.


Scarlet when she was a pup. http://imgur.com/a/r1MfENO


I'm giggling at "frengle," like they should give you the pup in a can, lol.. new! Bacon Frengles!


Oh wow. I am not usually a dog person, but she is **beautiful.** And she looks so sweet, too.


Shes super sweet. Loves butt scratches. As long as your petting her , she's your best friend haha


Sounds like my wife


Beautiful and majestic!


My puggle js 14 and very healthy. No breathing issues. Just takes one generation and that problem is pretty much gone.


Dude this is unfair you gotta post the pic along with your comment


[Not OP, but here’s a couple pictures of my buddy’s puggle.](https://imgur.com/a/lQwW0l0)


Cross breeding solved the breathing issues , but a 2nd head growing out of your ass seems like a genetic flaw to me.


It’s not a flaw, it’s a feature


Did Bethesda make it?


It just works.


Read this while drinking some Yorkshire Gold. Well done, mate.


This is the quality Reddit content that keeps me coming back.


Fucking lol


That's so much cuter than a regular pug and doesn't have the breathing issues! Incredible!


I'm honestly pleasantly surprised. Rather cute considering its got pug in it..


If I saw that little baby at someone else's house I wouldn't even question the breed. ffs that looks so much like a purebred dog, sort of like an odd coloured one. But what do I know I've only ever seen a Bichon and a German Shepard up close


How have you only seen two dog breeds up close? Do you mean like in passing or meeting somebody's pet?


I second the other persons statement, honestly. I couldn't tell you what any purebred dog actually looks like, and I'd be hard pressed to differentiate more than a couple of breeds in general. Like... I'm pretty sure I could point out a German Shepherd, a Golden Retriever, and a Doberman. Even a labrador I'd have to stop and wonder if the colors are different breeds or fancy names for different colors. I treat dogs like I treat cats. "This is Ryker, he's orange and I love him."


Meeting someone's pet, getting a close look I've seen a lot of other dogs but I forget what they look like after a little bit. Also I live in the country (rural)and the only people with dogs in my little area are my friend's family and I


Looks far better than a pug too.




I second this


Give us the dog tax, now


dog tax dog tax dog tax


share the load


He doesnt even have a photo of his dog on his profile...


Yeaahhh even I checked it already


Are all pet owners supposed to have their pets in their profile? Wait does reddit have a literal profile and not just a "look at this persons comment history/post history"?




Proof or it didn’t happen! Dog tax!


Proud owner of a Puggle+English Bulldog.....Pugglebull? Big cute eyes, long nose, stocky frame, and signature Beagle howl. Cute and lazy, and the best boi. [Doug](https://imgur.com/a/AAOuEEB)


I’ve got Bull Puggle as well! He’s the biggest goofball of a dog I’ve ever had. Mine definitely does not have the beagle howl though. When he tries to howl it sounds like his inner pug is being exorcised. How old is yours? [Charlie](https://imgur.com/gallery/HSbFT3g)


Doug just turned 5 a few weeks ago. I can't say he is the smartest dog ever, he will eat just about anything, but he is such a good boy and great with the kids.


I've got an old english bulldog x german shepherd, sounds horrendous but the two breeds really balance eachother out


Omg I need to see a pic


Dog tax paid in full https://m.imgur.com/gallery/l2feQcZ


I don't know why but this is so funny. They're adorable, but so funny


I second this


You have to pay the dog tax now.


Image found on Google of a puggle. They're cute! https://www.google.com/search?q=puggle&client=ms-android-att-us-revc&prmd=isvn&sxsrf=ALeKk02x9X10caqZ-7TenpYKA2eK_o8Ahw:1623322470828&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiyuuq584zxAhVDXM0KHeb4BEwQ_AUoAXoECAIQAQ&biw=360&bih=723&dpr=3#imgrc=QOkKFXXCh_m5xM


So it just boots the snoot out a bit and that fixes it? Wild.


oh wow they look pretty decent, as in not completely deformed monstrosities


We did the same, wanted a pug but thought they were cruel, we got a pugalier (pug and King Charles cavalier spaniel cross) and he’s the sweetest dog, ours Is also 14 and his only health complications are the usual old boy ones, bless him. They look very similar to puggles and it always sparks up conversation with other puggle/pugalier owners on walks.


How did you breed the two most fucked breeds and end up with a healthy dog?


This is so true, a nice mix between a dog that can’t naturally breath correctly and a dog who’s brain grows too big for its skull.


Wait what? Too big brains??


Syringomyelia, I had to do a study on it, bloody horrible. Beautiful dogs but it’s put me off for life. Edit: thats why I agree with the above comment, very lucky to have a healthy dog from that mix.


Because they’re only fucked up because of so little genetic variation and the matching pairs of recessive genes


Dog tax! Show us the dog!!


Your wish is my command! Here is a fabulous pic of him from a couple of years ago, he’s a bit more grey around the chops now, but he’s still my baby! https://imgur.com/gallery/3ati2gq


Same with all these brachycephalic breeds. I know a guy who has French bulldogs and they snort. It’s not cute. It’s sad.


When we have selectively bred animals to the point that they can't survive a natural birth, we have gone too far... What happens if a french bulldog escapes and gets pregnant? A horrifyingly painful death?


Yup. A guy came into my work place (vet) and attempted to have his Frenchie give birth at home. It did not work, baby got stuck and died, needed an emergency c section. At the end of the day, he was only concerned about whether the surviving babies were a rare coloring…. People are sick


Multiple horrible and painful deaths, because the litter won't stand a chance beyond an act of god.


If any domesticated dog escapes I think they would most likely die? Get your dog desexed, there is no reason not to. Unless you’re a registered breeder who breads for reasons other then to make money.


Honest question, what are the reasons besides selling them for money?


Creating healthy, good-tempered animals so that future generations can enjoy pets too. Or, for specific breeds, creating working dogs.


A lot of Boston Terriers share the same issue. My little guy is really strong and healthy though. I think he might have some boxer in him. I dunno. Here's Ozzy. Taken this morning. http://imgur.com/a/Kpq53vk


He is gorgeous! I can see the boxer resemblance too.


I have a Boston Terrier / CKCS mix and she looks just like a mini Boxer. https://imgur.com/a/NwKUd62


It’s not that should stop being adopted, they still need a home. More just that we should stop breeding them.


sorry, im not that educated with economics (whatever the term is) and all that stuff, but wouldnt more demand cause more production? so if people want these breeds, wouldnt people keep breeding? then again, im not sure.


one solution would be to only adopt from shelters, and not private breeders and the such. shelters dont make much of a profit, often non at all, so that would reduce the reasons to breed em.




even so, OP does have a point about supply and demand. If theres a ton of people that desperately want a pure pug, more than shelters can supply, then they'll buy from wherever, like a breeder or mill that claims to be a rescue or more ethical. If you want a dog, rescue/adoption is the way to go, but you should also be flexible with the breed rather than demanding and hunting for a specific breed. cutting breeders out is half the solution, the other half is reducing demand for pure breeds with associated health issues, through awareness like this discussion. but ya genuine shelter dogs need a home, even if they are a breed with problems, just get them spayed/neutered


Usually the adoption fee at a genuine rescue is far below any breeder is going to ask of you and that low fee is to cover spay/neuter and microchip, etc. So it's easy enough to spot which are breeders and which are rescues and shelters. Although, everyone should do their due diligence when it comes to adopting from an organization.


Most shelters also fix them before adopting them out, so that helps the breeding issue


It's not an "adoption" if you buy them from a breeder


That's what people who buy full breed dogs says to keep from saying that they bought their dog from a breeder. It's super weird mental gymnastics but I've seen it on the internet and real life when someone says the "adopted" a pure breed dog that cost $3,000. You BOUGHT a dog, you didn't adopt a dog.


Only way to that is to literally ban the selling of these specific breeds (which definitely should happen) otherwise there'll always be people willing to buy.


Illinois just passed a law banning pet stores from selling dogs specifically bred to be sold. If they sell dogs they have to be dogs they obtained from shelters.


Usually adopting is the term used when you take a dog that is already existing and in need of a home, like from a shelter. Buying dogs from breeders is just that, buying. The buying creates the demand, not the adopting.


You can adopt without stimulating demand by adopting from charities that rehome unwanted or rescued dogs. These charities simply give away the dogs they receive. Theres no selection criteria so they're not trying to get more pugs based on demand. They're just giving away whatever dogs they rescued or were given. In contrast paying a breeder for pug puppies does do what you say, it provides demand for more to be bred. So the problem is really people buying from breeders to get their preferred aesthetics, not adoption from homes or charities.


"Adopting" generally refers to taking in an existing dog (not a puppy) to give it a home, as opposed to buying them from a breeder


I would rather see them selectively bred into a new healthier breed. Doesn't take very long with dogs.


Aren’t they doing that?


Some people are. But it's unfortunately a very small minority I believe.


This should be better regulated.


Aren't there a breeding consultants,clubs and registries in your country? I cannot even go to exhibition or breed if i am not part of that club and dog family tree is properly checked. Truth is that there is a difference between puppies. 200$ vs 1000$ from professional breeder. They often love their puppies so much that they check with owners occassionally;-)


It’s the breed clubs that set the absurd standards that have led to the extreme phenotypes of so many breeds. There’s no oversight by anyone who actually knows what they’re doing. You don’t have to be that smart to put dogs together and let nature take it’s course. Breed clubs are full of well meaning idiots


Story time. I was looking up a Havenese breeder in my state yesterday. There was a $500 non-refundable "application fee", which puts you on a waiting list (currently at 3 years in length), and once your allocated puppy is here, the remaining balance is $3,875. I couldn't believe it.


You can pick up a great dog for about 200 from your local shelter.


At my shelter it’s $70 but I got my dog for half off babyyyyy


We have one that was surrendered when the owner became ill and I have to say, it might be worth every penny. He is hilarious, loves everybody and other dogs, is smart, and easily trainable. The only drawback so far is he is clingy, taking every step with me during the day and staring intently at me when I’m still. [A smart little clown dog](https://imgur.com/gallery/4gdy5KL)


damn i got one for 15 dollars


Its also a lot more realistic to change the breeding standard as its accepted for shows and competitions that to expect people to just not buy these animals.


I think it only takes loke 2 generations for them to get more healthy.


Or we can just stop breeding them? We're not entitled to pugs, we can live without them.


The thing is, the older breed will still exist. I'd force neutering on unhealthy breeds. And put a hard prohibition on selling them. it may sound like too much but if not we are just going to create more an more breeds. People will still want their flat faced dogs because they adopted/bought theirs because of their flat face. No matter if you create a new breed, you may attract some group of people but as long as the unhealthy state is desired, we can't do anything. We need to start a process of breeding them with healthier breeds and then neuter. Ideally we should stop breeding altogether and just accept dogs the way they are and nothing more. But as long as there is people with aesthetic preferences we will need to force things, they won't happen by themselves. We shouldn't need to create a "prettier and healthier pug". We just must love all dogs and prevent unhealthier breeds from propagating, and let them slowly and passively disappear. As long as we play with genetics only for aesthetics, we are doomed to repeat this error again and again.


They were a healthy bread to begin with, before they were dumbed down to what they are now.


Very true. As recently as the 18th/19th century, pigs looked very different to how they do now. Look up some of the William Hogarth paintings from that period for an idea of what pugs should look like. We adopted a 3/4 pug/jack russell cross a couple of years ago. He has a great snout on him and doesn’t suffer with his breathing. In fact, he is also very lean, has long legs and is happy to come on a 5km run with me. He can go all day..! https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/hogarth-the-painter-and-his-pug-n00112


Damn, that's a cute dog


Same thing happened with the English Bulldog. Now there’s a movement bring back what is now called the Olde English Bulldog.


You mean like [retro pugs](https://www.pugsquest.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Retro-Pugs.jpg)?


These are so cute but have the defining features of a pug! I approve.


I always loved pugs, was sure that when I grownup i'll have one maybe even 2 but the older i got the more i understood why they look how they look and it makes me so sad. I will no longer own a pug because i want no part in all that.


You may enjoy a mixed breed pug, like a puggle, a cross breed between a pug and beagle. The dog looks like a brown pug with a longer snout, and that reduces some of the pug's problems.


Looked it up and that's really cute!


I don’t get the hype over pugs, they’re horrendous to look at…


Yeah... They don't look healthy at all: bulging eyes, lolling tongue, flat constantly snuffly nose... I like the look of some short nosed breeds, but they are so extreme


their eyes can also pop out


Nightmare fuel


I think they look like sentient portobello mushrooms.


I have no idea if this is a compliment for pugs or not—


Definitely a compliment. Portobellos taste delicious. Not so sure about pugs


Personality and temperament. All dogs are nice and like people, but pugs are literally bred to be companion dogs. Their drive to receive/give affection is about on the same level as their need to eat. Similar to herding dogs *needing* to work to be mentally healthy, companion dogs like this are the same with giving/taking love. They're also one of the best breeds to have around kids. The brightside is, that you can mostly keep this personality by cross-breeding with other breeds to alleviate the health/breathing issues. I have a pug/beagle/etc mix, which got a heavy dose of the pug personality (compared to her siblings, whom I keep in contact with their owners). She will literally turn down food to cuddle and bond with people.


Yeah, and people still think they're cute. They're incredibly ugly. I respect them as they're animals and deserve to be loved and cared for as well but dear god, why are people supporting THAT cause?


I agree, but I think the appeal is that they’re supposedly cute because they’re ugly.


People like when the dog resembles the owner.


Holy shit, finally someone says it! They look like *shit*. And here I am reading all the posts of people posting their mixed pugs photos and am like god damn people have bad tastes.


Don't even try to listen to one of those sausages attempt to breathe 🤢


We’re pet sitting one right now. The first few days we were here, my wife looks at it and goes, “THAT is an acquired taste.” 😂


Problem is is exactly where you said "sure they look cute" People like them, and they will keep being breed to satisfy owners, most of which don't really care about the health problems. Same with bulldogs and frenchies they inherited bad problems, I said this to a friend when he bought a frenchie for £2000. Why would you purposely buy a bred know for problems like this? Cause they soo sweet....


I love their personalities but I would never adopt one knowing all their health issues. Idk how some people can see an animal struggling to breathe and think its cute.. And its such a shame tbh because they're great dogs


My friends frenchie is lovely and friendly, but you should hear it after 10 mins of play and even while resting, seriously the snooring would drive me mad, the owners just get used to it they say... Its bad like really bad, poor pooch is like 3 years old and it's cost more than the 2k to buy the dog, they have spent easily 3k on vet bills and specialised food. Each to their own I guess, my last dog was alsatian with some doberman in him, he had back leg problems later in life and arthritis, which is pretty common in shepherd breeds I am told. So yes a lot of modern breeds and cross breeds have and do get some sort of inherited problem, nothing is perfect. But I do stand by my opinion these particular breeds are pointless and tend to have painfully horrible life for a dog to go through even if it is loved and adored by their owners. I have come very close to getting an English purebred grey bulldog but won't now. Was even warned off my vet at that time to avoid, and if I was really going to go ahead, there was genetic testing recommended if buying form so called purebred sellers, scanning, regular checkups etc. Nah thanks


But isn’t Alsatians getting arthritis is less of a genetic defect and more just the fact they’re a big dog that lives a fairly long time for a large dog breed so no different to a big human who lives for a long time, their bones get weaker and their size becomes a burden to their weakened skeletal system


No, unfortunately it's 100% selectively bred into them. The breed specification states that they should have a sloping back, which is what puts pressure onto their legs & joints, creating arthritis. It's cruel and unnessessary for the breed in general (many you see on the street will not have that feature, and are still pure bred), so it's a matter of the breeder trying to create a showdog, not their size or bones.


Pug owner sees their dog struggling to breathe: awww, cute Pug owners dog gets sick: *spends 1000 dollars to make dog better* They don't see the breathing as a problem. It's a feature of the breed. That's why they don't care about it.


FRENCH BULLDOGS they were artificial in the first place and they’re so fucked up. They have breathing issues because of their flat face, their rib cage is too big or their organs are too small or something and so that also affects their breathing, their digestion is all messed up, they have shit tons of allergies, etc. super fucking annoying just let them die out sproposito breeding them please


There was a frenchie at my last job who's body was so contorted that its butt face upwards slightly. This caused its back end to be streaked with feces. It also always had a line stained down his backside from liquid feces constantly leaking out. I don't understand how people see this and think its cute. Its fucking disgusting.


Worst part is that they need to be artificially inseminated to breed and almost all of the time require a C-section because their hips aren’t wide enough to naturally birth a pup. I lose all respect for people that buy these dogs




[https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/ceoxm7/pugs\_should\_not\_exsist/](https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/ceoxm7/pugs_should_not_exsist/) [https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/ddakh5/pugs\_should\_be\_left\_to\_die\_off/](https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/ddakh5/pugs_should_be_left_to_die_off/) [https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/h7hrgp/we\_should\_let\_some\_dog\_breeds\_die\_out/](https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/h7hrgp/we_should_let_some_dog_breeds_die_out/) [https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/c4jnr2/we\_need\_to\_let\_some\_pet\_breeds\_die\_out/](https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/c4jnr2/we_need_to_let_some_pet_breeds_die_out/) [https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/9bz6yx/pugs\_shouldnt\_be\_a\_breed\_anymore/](https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/9bz6yx/pugs_shouldnt_be_a_breed_anymore/) [https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/5qcpm2/pugs\_should\_be\_exterminated/](https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/5qcpm2/pugs_should_be_exterminated/) [https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/c4pjmh/pugs\_or\_any\_breed\_like\_it\_with\_health/](https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/c4pjmh/pugs_or_any_breed_like_it_with_health/) [https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/c9msoz/pugs\_are\_an\_aberation\_created\_by\_humans/](https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/c9msoz/pugs_are_an_aberation_created_by_humans/) This sub is just the same stuff recycled every five minutes but with different wording and every time it gets so much upvotes for being "unpopular"


I think it's pretty obvious this sub is /r/popularopinion . That's like, the nature of Reddit.


It would be better if this subreddit automatically sorted by ‘controversial’.


I have a very soft spot in my heart for pugs, my first pet was a pug. They are loyal and some of the best family dogs I could ever ask for. They are beautifully smart and cute. I love them with all my heart. That being said, they are abominations that humanity has created to suffer. My pug was a perfect beauty of a breed, truly the pug of pugs and it is what killed him. He was deeply inbred to get the purist pug and his hips were misshapen because of it. He was my best friend growing up, I loved him more than life itself. At the end of his life, his hips became a serious problem. His nerves became pinched and he was in constant pain. He lost mobility in his hind legs and could no longer control his rectum. We put him down out of mercy. There isn’t a day that I don’t think about his soft gaze. He didn’t deserve to be born into pain.


Posting this on reddit was so brave and controversial


This applies to most breed dogs


Yep, I’ll say it: if it’s not a dog from a working line, it shouldn’t be selectively bred. Period. There’s just too many homeless dogs as-is and sacrificing an animal’s health for aesthetics is inherently unethical.


My parents adopted a black lab that had to have both hips replaced before age two. Then he started biting kids and other dogs. We had to put him down. It was terrible.


It sadly won't happen as long as puppy mills still make even a tiny amount of money off breeding pugs. I can only see change happening if there's a real crackdown on puppy mills and an effort to promote legit, healthy breeding.




It is also because they are ugly af


No they're not cute. They're tragic and I feel sorry for them. Breeding them into a state like this should be illegal.


Unfortunately most places call them property, no different than playing god with a bug.


Why just pugs? Most purebreeds have health issues.


Pure bred is not the same as well bred


Perhaps but most purebreeds still live long, functional and healthy lives. Retrievers, spaniels, setters, labradors being perhaps the most sturdy purebreeds.


Pugs are one of the worst, its a great place to start.


I don't think OP is saying that the idea is only pugs, but pugs are notorious for having these issues and are very popular. If you could hypothetically only deal with one breed, pugs may well be the target. But yes, any dog breed that is is bred for physical features that negatively impact the animals quality of life


I think the unpopular opinion here is pugs being cute


No, they're not cute either. They're ugly as fuck and the "cuteness" was made up by idiots.