We don’t care that you are using a throwaway account, it literally doesn’t matter

We don’t care that you are using a throwaway account, it literally doesn’t matter


My favorite fillers. "Throw away account..." "First time posting..." "I know I'll just get down voted..." "Edit for..." And my personal favorite, "Hey guys the reason I'm posting..." Can't get enough of these yanno.


"Can we talk about..." "How come no one is talking about..."


'We need to normalise..'


God I fucking hate that one. Its all over twitter and I can't get away from it


I feel your pain, I too see it all over twitter and it just makes me want to quit and get out of there.


Just do it!!


Fuck it I'll do it


Yeah.. fuck normalising stuff... They're the ones who are not normal


I just think when's it gonna stop bc it's getting to the point people are pushing to normalise shit that ain't fucking normal


Yup exactly, if you need to preach that shit that much about some random crap you do then you must be insecure as hell or else your a fucking attention whore. Neither of those things are good.


It angers me more than it should. I think I just hate people tbh


We need to normalize being enraged by Twitter.


Yeah same.


just blacklist the words on twitr


“LOUDER👏🏻FOR👏🏻THE👏🏻PEOPLE👏🏻AT👏🏻THE👏🏻BACK” every Instagram story ever.


I trigger every time I see "Obligatory this happened X years ago" I don't know why. I just hate it.




That word makes me gag, the only normalisation I acknowledge is vector normalisation


The one that annoys me is “I was told to post this here”. I don’t care, just post it.


I hate ‘this is relevant later, I promise’ I hope everything you’re about to type is relevant to the story you are about to tell us.


“Basically what the title says”


Usually the same people who don't use paragraphs.


Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?


"First time and also English is not my 1st language so please forgive format and anything else" Yes sure but you can use punctuation just fine.


Hey this is my first post on this throwaway account. I'm sure I'll get downvoted, but the reason I'm making this post is to wish you all a good day! Edit: punctuation


Not as bad as: "doctors of reddit---" "not a doctor, but.." About a couple of days ago, I got downvoted for replying to a comment of this nature in a way like "why are you commenting here then?" this should have gotten me an award, not downvotes lmao


I'll respond to medical questions with "not a doctor" if I've had that medical condition. At that point, you can be more knowledgeable than a lot of doctors on that one specific condition.


This is a little known fact, or at least little recognized, that a lot of doctors don’t really know much about things they haven’t encountered. Med school throws so much shit at you, only some of it sticks, and the more obscure things usually won’t.


But I'd like to think that they have at the very least some very important fundamentals that most of us miss, no? Most of the times it's about connecting the right dots together, instead of having an inmediate answer


I think if it comes to analyzing symptoms doctors will always be better. For example, I had a pain in a part of my body, and I thought it was one organ, but it was actually another organ that was in distress. So it's important to tell a doctor "I have pain in this location" instead of "X organ hurts" or "I Googled and think I have X problem, I want a test for that". Because the layperson isn't trained to hear symptoms and think of solutions. But if someone's had someone's exact symptoms, it can't hurt for them to say "Try suggesting this to your doctor"


Yes and no. Think of how long, if you go to the doctor semi-annually, the doctor actually spends talking to you. Primary care physicians spend an average of 16-18 minutes with their patients each visit. And they see about 20 different patients a day. That’s a lot of brain power pulled in a lot of different directions, so maybe they could put the dots together given enough time to think just about your situation, but there will never be a 1-1 patient:doctor ratio


We'd all like to think that. What a begining doctor doctor has is academic knowledge, discipline, societal acceptance and expectations, and the **potential** to become a ln astute detective that discovers causes. Unfortunately, that last part often does little to reward him for the cost getting the other qualities, and astute detectives are in demand elsewhere.


“Doctors of Reddit, how do you remove someone’s tonsils?” “Not a doctor, but through the anus is incorrect.” Seems legit to me


These are a special population and correctly lumped together.


“Long time lurker”


I will be downvoted to oblivion but here is my popular opinion.


Honorable mention for “English isn’t my native language and I’m on mobile so please forgive any grammar and formatting issues.”


I never understood the formatting on mobile issue. Can't you fucking hit the enter button on your phone to make a new paragraph? It's not that difficult.


Right?! Don’t announce it’s formatted incorrectly just format it correctly.


As someone who uses mobile exclusively the biggest issue is the stupid auto correct either changing something it shouldn't or no change something it should.


Agree, but I wouldn't call that formatting. Spelling, even grammar, maybe, yes, but not formatting.


eh... grammar is a bitch tho


My personal dislikes are: my wife/kid/dog wanted me to post this.


"thanks for the gold kind stranger"




They also, for some reason, like to add “now” in front of every sentence like a grandma telling a story in a movie. It drives me up a wall. “Now, I’m not usually one to…” “Now, she doesn’t know…” Jfc


Saying why you edited a post makes sense, though. It tells everyone why there's a little asterisk, saying it was edited. It's a little extra reassurance that you're not being dishonest and changed what you said entirely if people responded to the comment.


'I'm on mobile so sorry for formatting'


Also English is not my language, blah blah blah


This! At the start of the comment aswell when replying. Or they leave it at that because they dont want to add anything meaningful


There is a specific type of throwaway account I do not understand. I usually see it on r/AITA. The OP says something to the effect of "Throw away because my family or SO is on this sub and knows my other account." Then, they go on to do an AITA about their family that makes them SUPER identifiable. Why does that happen?!


LOL you’re right about r/AITA. Long winded back stories with minute details that have to be dead giveaways to the people being discussed. “My left handed cousin who had twins with his high school chemistry teacher recently joined the military. After basic he decided he needed gender reassignment surgery. AITA for not helping him select car insurance?”


Hahaha. That’s exactly it. “Obligatory throwaway because my cousin is on this sub.”


And when I posted on that subreddit, it immediately got taken down because of bullshit reasons. I’ve almost never been able to post there. When I actually want to know if I was in the wrong but because “you’re not indicating how you can be the asshole” it doesn’t get posted


The only AITA stories I see there seem to be obviously fake fantasies written there. Because realistic AITA stories must not be as long winded or fantastical I assume.


Mine was AITA for reporting someone to the IRS. Not fantastical.


tbh I wanna hear it I could never pass up an IRS story


Landlord is an illegal immigrant and he told me that he was still getting stimulus checks. I asked how. He said that he was using his 8 year old grandson’s social security number. He opened up credit cards and loans using this. I want to report him but if that happens, they could take the house making me, my grandma and husband homeless. So I wanted to know if I’d be the asshole if I still reported it.


I'd say you're not the asshole but not a smart move on your end to report him.


Ah, but your SO won't know it's you if the story is completely fabricated to get upvotes.


Because AITA is a roleplaying sub.


I have sex with so many girls, and my abusive ex gets super jealous about it. AITA?


NTA your ex your rules


ESH, including me


NAH you two better not be meanies about it :(


This\^\^\^ Claiming to be an advice sub when it looks like roleplay is a HUGE red flag. Immediately break up, sell your assets, move to the Phillippines, and live as a banana vendor for the rest of your life. NTA ​ ​ EDIT: It has come to my attention that when OP was 7, they said girls were yucky. I have to change my judgement to YTA as this is just plain unacceptable.


Well...there’s always money in the banana stand.


I wish I had an award for you 🏅


I have a long-standing hatred for that sub and earlier today I was treating myself to some outrage by reading their latest meta thread, and the thought and effort those insane people put into those responses just absolutely boggles my mind. Like, if you're an author then I suppose it could be practice, but otherwise it just reads like a bunch of aliens trying to approximate appropriate human interaction based on seeing thousands of single-sentence exchanges.


And it’s always therapy for everything, not realizing that not every single person on the planet needs therapy because their mom is mad their 14 yr old didn’t do homework one night


Go no contact! Dump them!


Stop gaslighting me!!


This is the thing i hate the most. They throw around gaslight and red flag etc so much that it gets watered down and kinda loses it's original oumph. Kinda same with politics tho, almost no one is a real nazi/commie but people call eachother that way too much.


That's where you're mistaken though. Even if you don't have issues you should see a therapist. It's like going to the gym for your brain, you can't expect to be swol without putting in the time, same with your brain.


Creative writing sub


If they say because their family is on reddit I assume it’s so if the family see the post they don’t see the post history of their main account I guess rather than hiding the fact they posted it on reddit? But if they know their account name then I really don’t know the logic yeah, I guess it’s an extra hoop


Geez, I don’t even know my account name… …oh! It’s right there! 👆🏻👆🏻


Pretty sure it’s cause if your family identifies the story you don’t want them to also find your Reddit account. Even if they know you wrote about them they won’t be able to go through your whole Reddit account with a throwaway. I do agree that announcing it’s a throwaway is stupid though.


I think people announce it because commenters will investigate people's accounts. And new accounts are red flags for trolls.


I always hope, that these people change some random, unimportant information


I always thought people uses throw always for AITA and such because they just don’t want the people they know to be able to find all the other things they’ve posted on Reddit!


And who's family is actually following their reddit? Why the fuck would someone even open your page?


Can we even talk about the moderators on that sub? That’s a whole other unpopular opinion I’d like to discuss. Most neurotic people I’ve been exposed to ever..


Just wanted to let you know I'm going to be using fake names in this post. It's really important you know my boss isn't actually named Fred.


Because that subreddit sometimes requires throw away a


Because it’s fake? Everything on that sub is fantasies of narcissists.


Sometimes the family or friends follow the OP but don’t follow the AITA sub so they get away by posting through a throwaway account.


So that their family won't be able to find they're main account


I feel like it’s because people legitimately do use people having a new account as a reason to discredit them or whatever so they’re justifying it in advance


They do it all the time and I’m like “for what?” I don’t understand that, it’s a fucking throwaway why does it matter?


Also, they’re saying don’t message me because I won’t see it


Yeah I deleted many accounts that would now already be years old.


my main/only reddit account is a throwaway account


I don’t care


i do.


I use a throwaway (really, this account) because my son knows my other handle and when I'm complaining about certain issues like my daughter's mental health or other personal issues, he doesn't need to read it.


You seem like a shit person, and even shittier parent


Bruh what prompted you to act in such a rude manner. That dude is a human too.


I think this person deserves to have an outlet, tbh. It's extremely tough caring for someone with mental illness, and it doesn't mean you don't love the person at all.


https://www.reddit.com/r/askphilosophy/comments/iexvkl/am_i_just_stupid_or_slow_is_this_a_normal_thing/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf You are just stupid.


I mean like someone else said, an outlet is probably good. But I think there’s a difference between something like a journal, and complaining about his daughter’s issues on reddit


They said they make sure their daughter can't see the comments, so maybe they're also looking for input/validation on the struggles of caring for a mentally ill child. A journal can't offer that. And from what's in their post history, it seems that they're mainly looking for help and advice, with no malice intended. I feel like a keeping a journal would be worse; that could be accidentally discovered in the home at any time.


No, shitty parents raise people who trash strangers online. Shitty parents ignore their kids bad behaviors instead of getting them help. Shitty parents don't leave their job to take care of their child, and then do everything in their power to get all the proper specialists/ assistance with therapy/ medication/ etc to help their child become a functioning member of society. I don't complain to family or friends out of fear that they'll react around her. I don't get on reddit to whine that my kid is an asshole. My posts are anonymous so she doesn't get hurt. I use anonymous handles asking for advice from people with the same issues. I'm sorry that your parents may not have gotten the same help for you.


No one ever cares that you're on mobile either.


It's pretty much a disclaimer for when posting since a word might autocorrecr without you realizing it. If I read a post and a sentence sounds weird or there's an out of place word, knowing that they're on mobile explains why


Yeah but doesn't majority of the population (the reddit population that is) have a smartphone? Odds are nowdays your gonna be scrolling reddit on that rather than your computer, I don't see why its relevant anymore in todays world... Autocorrect should be expected.


Redditors can be unnecessarily cruel and point out stupid things for no reason. You can write an extremely interesting post but if you use the wrong your that's all the comments will notice


You should put the "your" in quotes to indicate you are talking about the word itself and not using it in the proper sense. Downvoted for unclear grammer. /s


Yeah, thats a fair point. Happened to me several times lol. Didn't even think of that.


You might just turn off the autocorrector, you know


You check your posts 100 times a minute for the number of upvotes it’s getting. If you find an autocorrect error you can edit it. This isn’t Twitter.


Did they fix the fucking... Paragraphing shit on mobile? Very curious edit:nope. So that's a reason to disclaim your mobile


But some subs ask for you to specify that you have a throwaway account. At least from what I've seen. So I used to think it was a compulsory thing to say, up until this post


They say it because it is common for someone to call them out as a troll by citing their lack of posting and commenting history. It's a preemptive strike.


Reading this post wasted more time of my life than someone putting “this is a throwaway account” lol.


Lol yeah I agree with the sentiment but yeah you’re right and also most likely not an unpopular opinion


It's because subs like AITA will troll through your account and bring up that you're not a real person, or they'll use your post history against you. Those people are vicious over there. Another is because media outlets like Fox and even CCN will use Reddit stories on their pages. It helps keep the anonymity down incase it goes viral.


I’ve seen people get accused of trolling because the account was new, stating it’s a throwaway just helps prevent that




While it’s true that trolls can say it, people get less accusations about being a troll if they do say it.


It does seem weird. I just see every account on Reddit as anonymous anyway.


I only used a throwaway once, and the only reason I added it to my post was so that people wouldn’t waste awards on it lol


they think it’ll make their posts more convincing because “it’s too embarrassing for main” meanwhile it just makes me think they’re more fake


Same with edits in my opinion. I honestly don't give a damn if you have to edit your post because you misspelled a word or two.


literally like does anyone you know, know your reddit username?


They say it to avoid the “They are just a troll” “Fresh account with no history” “Obviously fake” gang


People like to keep a clean image of them selves, which shows how hypocrite it is. They are thinking it but won't say it out loud because they're afraid and that in my opinion is not a great way to handle your thoughts. If you can't stand behind them you should ask yourself why are you thinking that and why can't stand behind it and this will remove the need for alts by removing the shame you feel for your thoughts. It's not horrible to admit that you thoughts where wrong and that you maybe didn't consider everything as long as you don't behave like a douche. So be nice and thoughtful to remove throwaways/alts.


Is there something in the profile that gives you a throwaway or do you just have to create a new account? How does this work ?


No they just create a new accunt and delete it later


I'm using a throwaway because I want to piss people off.




Most of the time I see it, it's because they're on LGBT subs and not out to family or friends that know their main Reddit and fear physical retaliation for questioning their sexuality or gender identity. On those subs, throwaways are typically disclosed because they get trolled by throwaways and want to seem genuine


Or people can just grow a pair and post their actual thoughts on their real account. Karma doesn't mean a damn thing. Ask yourself why you are afraid to state what you believe.


Lmao we get it, you don't have the balls to say it yourself 🤷🏻‍♀️😂


People creep in your past. They use old shit against you in new arguments. When you're in a heated political debate you don't need some fuckstain making fun of the fact that your wife fucked the whole neighborhood.


I’ve had that happen to me numerous times, it’s weird af


Maybe your wife shouldn't have fucked the whole neighborhood 😂




Online, where you’re anonymous anyway, well on Reddit anyway


On the other hand I do care about the misuse of the word literally .


Yeah, it’s literally so annoying


And "bruh". I swear I get dumber every time I see it typed out.


This isn't even an unpopular opinion.


Maybe they’re trying to hide their identity from the mods??












Next you'll be telling me people don't care if you edit a post!


i would guess to stop messages and such to a dead account


AGREED. The account name being “throwaway891872927229” is enough for people to understand that it’s not your normal account, lol


besides it's not like if it is real it's not like people involved wont reconize it or anything


Its less of a hassle to just post everything on your main acount


This is not an unpopular opinion. It’s a massive waste of time to explain if and why you’re using a different user name than usual. No one could ever possibly care.




For the upteenth time this isn't an unpopular opinion lmao.


It probably gets you more upvotes tho


"Using my throwaway account because my wife Amanda is on here"


It shows they lack the spine to stand for what they say.


“Sorry for my bad English, English is not my first language” *writes in perfect engljsh*


> an actually account I thought this was reddit?


My username checks out. I never wanted to bother writing it so I put it in my name, but this is pretty much my main account by now.


And as well as “Edit: typo/grammar/fixed a word” absolutely nobody gives a shit, when I first came to Reddit I had absolutely no idea why people did this, I thought Reddit like made you do it or something


Reddit is already anonymous anyway so I never really understood that.


Did you use a throwaway to write this


Lolz agreed. People on the internet think they are so witty and important. And I hate when they say something about formatting bc in mobile. Nobody cares.


"My friend, let's call her Chantelle". Call her what you want mate, I don't give a fuck.


I disagree. People will start looking through the post history if you hit r/all and can start calling bullshit if your account is fresh


Its cause someone will always point out the fact it is a throwaway account as some ground breaking discovery


“English isn’t my first language”


If this upsets you so much that you need to post about it, you're probably on Reddit too much.


I think they say using a throwaway account just to say that they won't respond to dms or anything


I guess someone has never been viciously stalked on Reddit...


My account is throwaway.


Some people post on subreddits that relate to their personal life, so if you post information in seemingly unrelated fields somebody might take advantage of the information to doxx you. Throwaways are meant to deal with that. You say it's an unrealistic concern, but I've experienced it myself. That said, I don't use Throwaways to post anything controversial. I take my downvotes on my primary account.


Since you posted this, every time I see someone say it's a throwaway account, I'm like 'no one cares!!'. I genuinely didn't realise this until you mentioned it and now I am an angrier person! 😁


I’m going to say the n word


Actually, if you made a throwaway account for that occasion you need to say it. Because then whoever will ban you needs to know you're gonna be back in 5mins or so, it shows your determination to your post, it means you don't care about having to go through the hassle of creating a new account every time if it means spreading your message. It's a stand against local/private forms of censorship or discrimination and that is a way to make clear to all users of the forum or chan that your message is an unpopular opinion and that the forum they are a part of is a fish.


This is not correct.


Impeccable reasoning


I've been banned and I'm still here, I don't say it too often because then the mods may ban me again and it's a pain in the ass to remember a new mail and password.


aren’t you just incriminating yourself rn


Because I kinda agree with the comment, the mods need to know.


It's against the Reddit ToS to go back on a sub you've been banned from


I don't believe it. Reddit would never do such a thing. But if he one day ever did it we would have to follow it, after all, it's the law, it's written by the divine mods, and defying it is like going against god himself, and I would never violate its desire.