I'd rather park a few spaces further away from the store, then spend my time going round and round the parking lot trying to get as close as possible.

I'd rather park a few spaces further away from the store, then spend my time going round and round the parking lot trying to get as close as possible.


I always enjoyed watching people who were going to the gym drive around waiting for a closer spot to open up.


LMAO, I've seen this before and it blows my mind 😂


The calorie meter is always running. This is why we’ve gotten heavier as a society.


It makes sense in Florida when you never really know when the next rainy downpour is about to start… for everywhere else they need to suck it up


Other place have the same problem *cough* Missouri *cough*


The gym is understandable if it’s leg day. Which is every day. Edit: to the people who downvoted I’m just gonna assume y’all are weak ass dudes that skip leg day or don’t push your legs hard enough


If you can't handle to walk a little more, maybe you're the weak one.


You just don’t push your legs hard enough


You can't handle some pain and tiredness in your legs. I pushed legs more than hard enough multiple times, and I just beared the pain. You want to sound like a tough man? Be a tough man. Bear the pain and don't complain.


You clearly don’t understand a leg day joke. What in the actual hell is wrong with you? When did I complain? You lack common sense just like a great deal of people on Reddit. You’re getting so angry because I said it was understand if it was leg day. No one wants to walk further after leg day. That’s the entire basis of the joke. You getting angry is absolutely hilarious but you being petty is just pathetic. You’re trying to make personal attacks against me because of harmless joke.


I'm not getting angry. And I'm attacking you not because of the joke (by the way, I don't understand why people downvoted it...), but because of the edit. You just seemed to be trying to be tougher and smarter, and I was having fun putting you down. Nothing personal.


Nope walk it out


You're bothered enough by downvotes to edit your comment and address them and other people are the "weak ass dudes?" Yeah, OK buddy.


I’m bothered by people not being able to take a joke about leg day.


Difference is if you ahve a backpack or are carrying stuff you'll want to be closer, atleast for most. When you're stronger you can walk with a heavy backpack with ease


This!!! I don’t even look at spaces close to the front at certain places (think target, Walmart, etc). I drive directly to the back and park. It gives me joy not having to fight for a spot. I would rather have a long walk then both dealing with the headache of fighting for a spot


It’s actually safer to park further away.


Probably, especially if you're one of those who races to the sparking spot before somebody gets it. To collide with a parked car just so you could save yourself a few steps wouldn't be ones proudest moment 😐


Almost everyone at the company I work for is considered a company driver and we go through all kinds of driving training. It’s definitely about removing potential obstacles that could damage your car (other cars, shopping carts, etc). We also have to pull through parking spaces or back in to them (because that’s also safer).


Maybe. I also don't like dealing with walking behind the hoards of people who back out of spots without looking.


I love my car so I park away hoping no one parks near me. Plus the extra steps are free exercise


Initially I was going to write that whole thing about free exercise but it kept deleting my post because it was linked with obesity and was possibly fat shaming 😩😑


The filters are ridiculous.




I always park on an incline so my car won’t get dinged by a rogue shopping cart


I like to pick a spot that allows for an easier exit.


Yeah for real, you never know when the cops might show up


That too, but I was thinking more along the lines of the parking lot Thunderdome


What I try to park close to is the cart return. If the closest space to the entrance and a space close to the cart corral are both open, I choose the latter with zero hesitation.


Well at least this guarantees your one of the people who actually return the carts and don't just leave it in the middle of nowhere, possibly taking up a parking spot that you thought you were lucky enough to find, only to find out there's a damn cart (or carts) in the middle of it 😐


I love that feeling satisfaction when I can pull through one spot all the way into another so that way I can pull out instead of having to back out. This usually only happens far away from the door


Love this. I always park in the first spot I see and walk.


Me too. It just seems faster to get out of the car and get going


Being afraid to walk a little farther to get inside of the 180k square foot store you're about to walk laps around baffles the hell out of me. I prefer parking farther away because its easier to get out of the parking lot without having to wait on congested pedestrian and auto traffic.


I always do this when I go to Walmart. I don't mind the walk, there's carts anyway, plus I'm already inside the store by the time as if I were going around looking for a "close spot"


Well I had a friend who once asked me to give him a ride to the park so he could walk on the park. Why not just walk to the park :-/




i usually park along the perimeter of the parking lot. that way i don't need to memorize which column/row i parked


As a child I always found it silly how much time (and energy) my parents would expend in order to get a parking spot close to the store. I mean, we have legs for a reason!


I find it super annoying when someone is camping behind me as I hop into my car when there are open spaces just a little further down. I can feel the insinuation telling me to get going. I have a different perspective if it is super busy and around a holiday. I have sat it out other times. I can remember times people watching me put groceries in my car. It takes like a whole 30 to 45 seconds to walk across most parking lots from one end to the store and they are waiting mins for me to leave?


I always park way in the back anyway because I actually take care of my cars. If you park near other people you don't care about your car.


my wife does this. will drive three fucking loops before she parks. like - lets just walk 30 feet??????????


I’ve spent to much time driving a school bus; dealing with peoples crazy shit, I am not about to fight the buttheads in the parking lot so I can get my snacks


I’m from the UK and visited Phoenix last year pre-COVID. Parked at the back of the car park at a strip mall and walked round the different shops, then back to the car with shopping. As I sat in the car eating and drinking, I watched people squeeze into spaces outside the store, go in, then come out and drive to the store next door, squeezing into another spot outside the door. And then again for a store 3 down.


Especially true in grocery store parking lots. Those mom's and dads get vicious for those close spots


Agreed, as a young, able bodied person it seems easier & faster just to park a little further& walk a little more.


I park further away to reduce the risk of car doors hitting mine. It doesn't really fail though that after coming out of the store, a small group of cars is parked in every space connected to mine, out of the 30 or 40 empty spots in a row.


Why do both when you could simply learn the difference between THEN AND THAN?


Not only this, but in cases where you actually do get a decent spot, when you leave you end up with someone impatiently waitin for you to back out.


The people I see waiting a long time for a spot close to the store entrance, are usually the ones who should be walking from the farthest spots.


Mom does it. Its really annoying. Just park the damn car


If possible, I park close to a cart corral. Walking to the store twice seems a bit much.


I park in the boonies for the only reason being I hate other people parking by me.


Me too but invariably when I come out there is some twat parked right next to me when there are dozen spaces in every direction.


Gotta snatch those corner spots too when I can get those I’m parking as close to the curb as I can


Ugh this brought up a frustrating childhood memory


Nothing like eternal suspense 😐


Right? Like come on mom, we could’ve walked from the back and been in the store by now


Me too, still do it though 🤷‍♀️


That free cardio tho


I always park toward the back of a parking lot. Usually makes it easier to get in and out without worrying about someone walking behind the car while I’m pulling out.


Blows my mind that people will bypass a spot to do laps for something closer. Lazy fucking people.


The secret when going to the grocery store or places with cart returns is to park next to the cart return to avoid having to trek across the asphalt desert to find one, or worse be reported by Cart Narcs for leaving a shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot.


The fact that there are hundred of cars parked further away instead of them all circling the same few close spots kind of says that this is actually a very popular opinion, and the people who drive around repeatedly looking for a close spot are in the very small minority.


Well the thing is they eventually either find a parking spot or do give up. Maybe they'll do like 1-3 laps So you won't necessarily catch all of them doing it all at once. Unpopular opinion Reddit and the topics that often come up are a bit oxymoronic in nature. Things posted here are mostly stuff that isn't really said or isn't made known/apparently but perhaps has a chance that a large group that feels the same way. It's not strictly the literal meaning of it from what I've noticed. You could always post the opposite If you wanted to represent them as a true minority.


Unless it’s winter and 40 below


Even the who gives a shit. It's a 50ft hike I think you will survive.


Since having my first car I've always done this. I would never circle to look for a closer spot. I enjoy the walk, I'm less likely to have my car dinged and it usually saves time.


For me it depends on the situation... if I’m by myself I don’t care we’re I park. If I have my kids I want to park in a safe space


i park right outside the door. doesnt matter how far away....lol


I kind of suck at parking so I need to park away from other cars.


Thought I was the only one


I’ve done this for a long time. I hate searching for a close spot. Just park further away and get a nice little walk in too.


This is exactly what I do. Easy to find a spot, easy to find your car when you leave, nobody smashed their door into your car. Many times I drive into a parking lot behind somebody and I am in the store just as they find an acceptable spot. Also spots close to the entrance have people. People do stupid shit like stand in the middle of the road or right behind your car, digging through their purse or bags of shit they just bought or gabbing with people. GTFO of the way! More rare to find that on the other side of the lot. Also easier to find my favorite sort of spot - a pull through. One where you pull through the first spot to the attached one so you can drive straight out of the spot when you leave.


I’ve always driven a big truck with a horrible turn radius. So I’ve gotten in the habit of parking far away and never, if I can help it, in between other cars. A little extra walking never hurt anyone either. 😄


I will consistently park blocks away from a place I'm going to if it means less hassle parking. Trying to parallel park or fanagle into a tiny spot near the front with people watching? No thanks.


I look for pull-through spaces, even if I have to park farther away. And I'll park even farther if I can get a pull-through spot next to the cart carrol! Jackpot!


I park so I can get out of the lot as quickly as possible. Walking a bit doesn’t bother me.


I park in the back.


It’s so incredibly infuriating. Especially when the driver is just stopped in the middle of the isles waiting for someone to leave. Just sitting there watching innocent people putting away their groceries. It’s so rude and invasive.


I will never understand what goes through someone's head that circles the parking lot looking for a better spot. For fuck sake you just wasted 5 minutes when it would take 90 seconds to walk from the furthest parking spot in the lot. Or to sit there behind someone waiting for them to load all thier shit so you can take the spot when they back out. What the fuck is wrong with people?


Preach. Fucking preach.


I always get a spot up front because you guys park in the back lol


Never understood the need to park super close, unless you have Parkinson's or something and there are no handicapped spots available. Otherwise, the quicker we park, the quicker we can leave. I can understand why elderly people do it, they're not in the greatest shape of their lives anymore; bad backs, circulation, spine injuries or other issues, but everyone else? park and go, Jesus Christ.


Fatties: "what blasphemy is this?!"


I always park far away from the entrance so i can get my Fitbit steps up as i go shopping and there is WAY less risk of someone dinging my car.


I always park far away. I need exercise.


Yesssss, besides I like parking farther because when trying to leave from a closer to the store spot, all the people walking to the store get in your way even when they see you clearly backing up to leave 😡


I try to park next an abandoned cart. I take the cart in and when I come back out, I leave the cart where I found it. Net cart usage is zero. I call it “buggy Zen”.