American football is boring.

American football is boring.


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the band is amazing


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This made me laugh really hard


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This is exactly where my brain went. I was like wow this *is* an unpopular opinion because that band is great! Then I realized


I had a mini heart attack, like how could anyone hate that band?


Aren’t you being a little overly (overlyyyyy) dramatic?


No that’s americ anfootball


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I actually find the Chinese counter part "Chinese football" better. The song awakening daydream is fantastic and recommended if you like American football because it's very a similar sound


*Tonight's band show will be preceded and followed by sportsball*


This guy is a jets fan


Please don’t make me suffer more. My existence is already pain as a Jets fan. Don’t associate this man with us. Seems more like a lions fan


Well maybe you guys will do better with Trevor La- oh right sorry Also heck Todd Gurley and the lions,why didn't we just take a few knees and kicked the field goal


Cries in “Wall Street Wilson” we need a better nickname for him though. I don’t mind Wilson because who knows what will happen but if I could choose one qb not on my team to succeed out of the rookies I’d take Justin fields. He got robbed in the draft and is in kinda a good place rn.




I don’t think the lions get robbed. The lions are like when you spend all your money on drugs then expect to have enough to buy a new car. Only delusional people would think they could succeed like that


You wanna see someone getting robbed? Check the Jaguars in 2019


As a Browns fan for over twenty years I can assure you that it'll get better.




Not an unpopular opinion outside the US.


It’s unpopular in Canada too. We love American football here.


Another Canadian here. I’d say that generalization is false, there’s definitely lots who enjoy American football, but it’s certainly not a nationwide phenomenon like in the USA


I think That’s obvious since it’s an American thing. Of course we love it more.


Its not a nation wide phenomenon in the US either. More people dont watch than watch.




During raptors run sure otherwise id say nfl is more popular. And if youre on the fence watch the ravens and lamar jackson :)


In Texas this opinion will get you ostracized at minimum. Source: am Texan and think football is boring.


>am Texan and think football is boring. Those two can't both be true ya fuckin commie \*loads big-ass Texan shotgun\*


You just outed yourself as an imposter! The shotgun would already be loaded!


It was unloaded because he just emptied it into a commie before that post.


Eh as much as Texas would have all of us thinking think it, not everyone there is a Football-loving, god fearing, brisket smoking, Ford driving, Lonestar drinking, minority fearing, white Christian.


Some of em drive Chevy I think


What’s wrong with brisket smoking?


I grew up in West Texas, having this opinion makes you a communist Democrat. Football is a made-for-TV commercial bullshit of a sport at the college and professional level. NCAA exploits athletes and the NFL cares more about The Shield than the product on the field.


Wait until you hear about FIFA


I am from Slovakia, i enjoy watching it. Started because I wanted to see Madonna's half time show in 2012. Kept watching ever since hah.


While I agree with your initial premise (can't stand football, myself), the evidence is against your conclusion. If people only cared about fantasy sports and gambling there wouldn't be packed stadiums for professional and college games, huge events around high school football. There are plenty of people who care about the game as a game -- I may not see it the way they do, but that doesn't change the fact that they exist.


Not to mention it was super popular long before fantasy football


One way of looking at your very valid point is it is so popular people play in fantasy leagues to be more into the game. Fantasy leagues didn't produce football. More over the Fantasy League aspect points to the part of the game that people love most. The long term strategy of deciphering opponents weaknesses, even including substitutions and trades. Chess for crossfit types.


I absolutely love the game itself. Other people do too.


i think it’s interesting and very tactical, but being a rugby fan i just can’t handle the stop and start all the time, needs to be more fluid..


The good ol Chip Kelly days at Oregon where they would run to the line of scrimmage to run the next play and would absolutely ruin their opponents that weren’t conditioned for such a fast pace game


The lack of fluidity is part of why I like American football much. Leaves a lot more time to strategize and plan out the next play - kind of think about it like chess in a way.


>kind of think about it like chess in a way. Literally I always says this when talking to people who don't like football. It's as much a battle of wits as it is athletics. The coaches and players need to read each other's formations and personnel packages across the line. Each strategy has strengths and weaknesses that can be exploited with particular play calls. Of course, the execution of said plays is where the athletic aspect of the sport comes in. However, the most gifted and talented team in the world could potentially be defeated by smart, intelligent calls from an inferior opponent. Thats what makes the game exciting to me, as it's the game within the game, and the better athletes aren't always guaranteed to win.


This. The tactical aspect is what makes it for the serious fan.


It's the only sport I can think of where a team is really 2 separate teams; the offense and defense are made up of entirely different playerss who's only effect on each other is playtime. So essentially, you're watching 2 games that share scorecards. Every player on a 22-member team has a specialized role that they've been practicing their whole lives. These roles have to be perfectly synchronized for the few seconds a single play lasts or the play will fail. This builds a lot of tension between every play that makes games go by really quickly even though there's only 10-15 minutes of actual gameplay over the course of 3-4 hours.


Totally agree. Not to mention special teams, before the NFL neutered kickoffs by moving them up, these were potential huge game changing plays. Punt returns still are, and field goals are crucial. Game winning drives just to get your kicker in a position to have a chance to win it are so fun to watch. The strategy using timeouts and using the game clock as part of the game strategy are so interesting.


The fact that you didn’t mention Special Teams as the third unit makes Bill Belichick disappointed in you. Not that he’ll show it.


Agreed on your points. But what's a freakin' catch? Did Dez get it or not? Was Megatron's knee down?


Jesse james caught that ball


Blame replay for that one. It’s the one big negative of instant replay; being able to nitpick so much on stuff like those plays. And for the record they were all catches.


But in soccer its the same just without breaks. Different formations, playstyle, lean more to one side of the pitch or bully in the midfield? Soccer is very tactical with fluid formations. And on top have that Individual skill which seines a lot more imo.


I think in the American audience one one of the major things that hurts soccer/futbol is the flopping. Shit is so bad and now the NBA is picking it up too. This is coming from a person that used to play soccer and watch la liga all the time but I just can't stay interested without a personal connection to the team.


As I mentioned in another comment, the difference is that in football, strategies are not only individualized per play, but are also planned series of plays in a sequence. The number of possibilities for each down are already high, but added together they increase exponentially. Coaches have to think about 5-10-20 downs in advance, while also paying attention to each snap and adjusting. Soccer strategies are obviously very intricate as well, but can only really be reactionary, responding to what the other team is doing or adjusting your own methods. Predicting or planning strategy ahead of time is not something that is really possible with a running clock. The break in action is what makes the two sports different. Football is methodical, as every pause offers a chance to reset and regroup, whereas soccer has to change on the fly and be ready at a moment's notice. It's literally like a turn-based game vs an RTS.


Love both sports and this is a really great assessment.


I don’t think of football as chess, I think it is the CCG of sports. “I see you’re lining up with a 5-Wide set on offense, so I will counter with Dime formation, and I match up my 5 Star DB with high speed against your slot receiver.” At the snap I play my Instant of Corner Blitz!, but anticipating this you had Hard Count as an interrupt from the QB.


Ha! You failed to realize I have a trap card. I activate "blitz on the weakside with a strong side counter!" Your hard count will never counter the heart of the cards!


I reveal Tom BRADY


IMPOSSIBLE! How did you get all five pieces of Tom Brady in your hand???


I would watch this anime.


There's a reason why american football is called a thinking man's form of violence.


No I think that's called war /s


I think the biggest thing you're missing though is that you're describing all sports. All sports strategize and have planned plays. The difference is sports like rugby, hockey, and basketball are blitz chess, and football is a slow game of chess.


I would actually characterize each football PLAY as blitz chess, and the game as something like a best of 100 match. The thing about football is that the stoppage of play allows teams to completely reset and choose a new strategy (or stick with one that works) 100-200 times a game. You don’t want a running back for this play? Pull him out! You want to pound the middle? Put in three runners! You want to set up an elaborately choreographed trick play that will fail utterly if the timing of 5-7 key players isn’t exactly perfect? No problem! That’s football! There’s a reason football teams have 5-8 coaches in the press box and another 5-10 on the field during a game all using head sets to communicate between them. It’s not that other games don’t have strategy, it’s that football allows for an ENORMOUS amount of strategizing, countering, and recountering of strategy from one play to the next.


American Football is the chess of sports


Union can get pretty tiring with all the scrums in a penalty-heavy game. I haven't watched much League.


League has made it a point to keep play going as much as possible Possibly too much in the last few years (some rule changes have been implemented to keep play going as much as possible in the Aussie Rugby League comp) But League is still fucking great, one of my fav sports


Redzone Baby


I'm weird in that I like watching all sports from golf to cricket to hockey to American Football they all scratch a different itch for me depending on my mood. I have different groups of friends for watching different sports and it's funny because every group bashes on the others I don't even argue lol I respect their opinions. I completely understand why you don't like football because I love it for the reasons you don't . You got my upvote!


Try MotoGP if you want to scratch a racing itch. 45 minute total for each race, lots of passing and daring moves, plus as many as 8-10 bikes can win most weekends (now).


I grew up watching flat track racing. Watching 10-15 dudes on stripped down motorcycles, hitting a dirt curve going 90mph... elbow to elbow... it's incredible. I highly recommend watching it in person. I now live in an area that doesn't have it, so it's a tough itch to scratch for me.


British GP championship..oh my god I've been missing out on that. Car racing but same as you described. Plus all free on GT world YouTube channel.


British touring car racing is absolute carnage and fantastic to watch. It’s lower speed than F1 but with much more overtaking and the cars aren’t forced to retire after the slightest dink


Hell yes for MotoGP. Been watching for 20 plus years and been lucky to visit a race in person. Best experience ever.


This is me lol. I love watching all of my colleges sports teams


Are you including lacrosse and water polo among your list? Also, check out Sepak Takraw.


When it is streamed, yes I have watched a couple games of lacrosse. My university doesn't sponsor water polo.


>I'm weird in that I like watching all sports This is a real unpopular opinion/sentiment.


Try Australian football (AFL). It's way different, but much more fast paced.


If you want fast paced, but rugby is still a bit boring, Aussie football is the best.


They play that on TV in Canada sometimes. Craziest sport I've ever seen. The stamina of those guys is ridiculous


>but rugby is still a bit boring, Aussie football is the best. Oi Fuck off. Sincerely, an Australian Rugby player. PS: have a nice day.


One thing is kiwis and Aussies can agree it that rugby ain’t boring. We may have each other at our throats when we play, but we both enjoy it!


I like Aussie footy, I like American football, I like soccer football, Canadian football of course, I like rugby, I like Gaelic football. Honestly, I just like watching and playing sports of all kinds, especially with someone who is more knowledgeable than me. Every game has its own little bits of strategy. That being said, I feel like the problem with American football isn't the football, it is the American aspect of it. Commercials and advertising have slowed the professional and college game a considerable amount.


This is the way.


You forgot the part where they stop the game every 10-15 seconds.


How else do you get bombarded by ads for the shittiest beer ever made?


American beer.


Funny enough, I got my wife to finally be somewhat interested during some semi finals when the Seahawks came back to win against the Packers with under a minute left in the 4th quarter. The rules allowed for plenty of play time with all the starts and stops.


There is a shitload of commercials which sucks, but just cause the ball isn’t live doesn’t mean nothings happening. Everyone from the coaches, players, and refs have a job to do between snaps. Be it calling plays, swapping personnel, spotting the ball, etc. and all be entertaining in their own way. The ball being in play is not the only thing fans watch for when they watch football.


I dunno, they're a decent band.


They’ve never sat on a front porch at 2am and listened to Never Meant.


This hits hard


Came hoping to find this joke


I actually think fantasy and gambling make NFL worse. I love football. I enjoy that it’s built around individual plays as opposed to constant movement. It’s easy enough for me to follow with my ADHD, but isn’t as boring to watch as baseball. I understand it’s not for everyone, but it’s good for me.


It’s funny. 30 years ago, the league and the broadcasters absolutely hated fantasy football. The notion that people would root for players rather than teams really seemed to upset them.


Yeah I never really cared for MLS either


Not many people do.


That's why everyone watches Prem. Doesn't matter if you're not from the UK, because the quality and drama is guraranteed.


r/averageredditor Like I don’t think football is the best sport ever (that’s hockey by far) but damn people here just oversimplify things they don’t like


It’s r/unpopularopinion nothing in here is unpopular its a circlejerk.


Its more "negativeopinion" than unpopular.


Yeah I’m not a sports guy, but if I’m kicking it with a friend and they’re watching a game, I’ll indulge. I can appreciate any top level athleticism and strategy.


Better yet: Red Zone on Sunday. That shit is straight sports cocaine.


Basically DAE Sportsball!?


Hockey is extremely underrated in America. I don’t understand how it isn’t the most popular sport in North America. There’s no way you can convince me that the NFL, NBA, or MLB provide more entertainment than the NHL. There’s something for everyone. Skill, speed, hitting, fighting. It’s the perfect game.


The NHL is the worst league in the world at marketing itself, I adore hockey but the NHL is a terribly run organization.


Agree. They've needed to jettison Bettman for about 15 years. He's just not creative enough in his leadership.


nbc’s unbelievably stiff and bland commentary/analysis has been a massive hindrance as well. only so long you can listen to three 50 year old dudes talking about getting pucks in deep and agreeing with 95% of the calls even when they’re blatantly wrong. really hoping the upcoming tnt and espn (long shot i know lmao) deals allow some personality and fun into the broadcasts that and now all of a sudden the nhl has decided we’re going 90s again and letting dudes fucking murder each other for pocket change and 2 game sussies, which isn’t something a lot of people like, and even if you somehow do the inconsistency is fucking *painful* best game, worst league


it's very expensive for somebody to play while young, a lot of the country doesn't have weather that would lead people to become hockey fans, and while a lot of people ethnically are from different countries there's a large part of the country who feels isolated from the sport because it's seen as a white man's sport.


These are all fair points. In Canada I’m starting to see a lot more Asian, black, and east Indian kids playing. I think it’s because they’re second or third generation and they grew up here. I think in 20 years you’re going to see way more diversity in the sport. It’s already starting to happen now. Hopefully some more diversity helps engage those who think it’s a white man’s sport.


Ya, I believe this is the reasoning to it. It's not a cheap sport to play because you have to buy gear, new skates every few years as you grow, ice time isn't cheap, heck, sticks can be expensive and they break "often" (you need a few per season more or less) Baseball? you buy cleats, gloves, and a bat. Soccer? a ball and cleats basketball? idk...shoes? and a basketball football? relatively similar to hockey, but no skates or stick, and no ice time


Also a lot of the country just doesn't have ice. That's why the NHL invests so much into rinks in places like Arizona, the Carolinas, etc.


good point, the south doesn't have free hockey rinks in the winter where people can just learn to skate/skate for fun


Colorado is even lacking in rinks. Also hockey is expensive to play as a youth due to travel costs. Just not enough competitive teams in the same metro areas at least in the us.


Not a problem here in Minnesota, fortunately. We have hella rinks and teams in the twin cities. But ya, I can see how that would be a problem in many other places.


you can also play football, basketball, and soccer with your friends at the park/street with nothing but a ball. baseball, you need a ball and a bat and some random stuff you can use for bases. can’t do that with ice hockey.


Can't see the puck, man


That’s the beginning and ending of the argument for me. Hockey is very exciting but I straight up cannot see the puck, and I have a decent modern TV. I can’t enjoy something that I literally cannot follow.


Because most of the country doesn't have freezing weather to where they can ice skate or access to an ice skating facility. They therefore can never play the sport and that limits interest. Anyone can find a bball hoop to play with. Anyone can throw a football around or kick a soccer ball or throw a baseball.


Field hockey > Ice Hockey


As far as non stop action you can't get much better then hockey. From the outside looking in football seems simple but it's actually a very stategic sport. However over the years the sport has become less entertaining for me for many reasons mostly rule changes.


Exactly if you don’t know how something works don’t say it’s boring. “Rockets are boring fire comes out the bottom and they go up what’s so exciting abt them?”


Their first LP was amazing but you are right the second and third LPs are kinda boring


I personally disagree, although I see where you’re coming from. I tend to enjoy the tactics of it, seeing how each team reacts to the actions of the other-I definitely don’t quite understand how it’s as popular as it is, though.


Football is like war - lots of planning and positioning, then a short burst of action. If you don’t understand the former, the latter will surly be boring.


Awesome way of explaining it


It's a very complicated sport that appears simple and boring if you don't know all the rules and strategy. FWIW I think soccer is boring, but I understand it's because I don't know enough about it. I'm sure if I dove in and knew enough about it that it would be interesting. Baseball sucks.


That’s just cuz you think it matters who wins. Baseball is about poetry. It’s about the scent of your glove. It’s about the seam of the ball. It’s about green grass, brown dirt on your uniform, a breeze ruffling the hair beneath your cap. It’s about fathers and sons. It’s about time. It’s about the seasons, spring to summer, summer to fall, fall to a barren winter and the hope of spring. Every other game has a clock, baseball is the only game where the pace is determined by the men who play it. It’s a metaphor for America. Every bad thing about America is a bad thing about baseball. Every good thing about America is a good thing about baseball. It’s about motion and stillness and noise and silence. It’s alpha and omega. It’s everything. Also, fuck the Giants.


Sorry, I heard Fuck the astros


This is the only way




Why can't Dodgers fans and Giants fans just put our differences aside and in one voice loudly proclaim, fuck the Astros.


I used to hate baseball. Then, I heard about the Seattle Mariners, and I realized that perhaps I had judged the sport too harshly, wanted it to be something it wasn't: a battle, instead of a roadtrip. I don't watch it religiously, but I catch a game when I can, now. I grew up with football and the Packers, but now, I'd rather use my three hours to watch the Mariners lose at baseball than to watch the Packers win at football.


Pitching strategy is interesting. I also think you gotta treat it more like golf and not care that you only saw 3 innings.


OPs "boringess" with American football is the amount of shorts burst of action that happens in a game. As most group sports are derived from war games they do not lack of tactics you mentioned. AF just pauses more often. It feels more like asymmetrical chess, but with more time to think/communicate in between moves.


As someone whose personality is like.... 45% football. Fuck you. Have an upvote.


Right there with you


The only time the point of football made sense to me was when I was coming down off LSD one Sunday morning, and, after climbing in through the window I turned the TV on in my room so my parents wouldn't 'hear me' breathe. It was a real epiphany.


So what was the point of it? That it provided cover for your high, or something else?


It's that I was able to see it broken down to a palatable good v. evil scenario that most everyone can get behind, relate with, etc. I remember staring at the TV saying to myself, "Oh-hhh? So this it what it's all about?!"


Unless you’ve watched this team your whole life and are invested. It’s generational.


Most of the nostalgia comes from past playing experience, family bonding over the game as part of culture, and habits. The last few years has deeply hurt the brand.


I never watched football or played it as a kid - I was a soccer kid. As an adult, I really started to enjoy football. It's easy to grasp and enjoy at a superficial level to see highlights of extreme athleticism in what's basically a gladiatorial match. If you start to follow it you start to see differences between players and teams and pick up favorites. Then you also start to understand the deeper levels of strategic play where coaches and players are trying to outwit their opponent. The setup between plays builds tension, which makes it more fun. T he lame three and out possessions are still enjoyable if you're watching it from the defensive perspective. That's like like saying it's bad when a soccer player shoots at the goal and the goalkeeper blocks it.


Exactly the realization I had as I got older. If you actually take time to learn about the sport, you develop a deeper appreciation for what's happening on the field. Even baseball is entertaining if you understand what's going on at a deeper level, especially when there are two good teams playing in a game that matters.


Honestly what got me started with that level of appreciation of sports is playing games like madden. I never watched or played football as a kid and thought it was kinda boring. But in college we’d play madden tournaments then go watch games and it was way more engaging to be able to identify plays as they’re developing, watching mismatches happen, and understanding when a play is going to be pivotal to the game. One of the best parts of football is that there’s not a ton of throw away plays and every possession is crucial. In tight games the pressure is on from the kick off.


Except the NFL is as popular as ever.


>The last few years has deeply hurt the brand Based on what? The nfl is more popular than ever.


$100 bet this guy is talking about the kneeling ruining the game. Get out of here with your "good ol days crap" Yeah I remember the old NFL too where players in the 80s were coked out and beating their spouses with no repercussions. Really good times for the brand.


Here’s a hot take: all sports are basically the same depending on where you live and what you grew up with. Seriously get over it. If you were born in Texas, you probably love football. If you were born in Liverpool, you probably love soccer. Big deal.


I was born in Texas and love the four lads from Liverpool.


Well at least when you’re out in west Texas in the middle of the mesquite, you’ll never walk alone lol


Its more enjoyable if you play fantasy football


Me assuming you were talking about the midwestern mathrock band American Football


Personally it is my favorite sport! I heard it best described as violent chess, and I think that is absolutely perfect! And why I love it so much.


I think this is the standard opinion outside America


Could say that for all sports




I remember a time when my cousin and I went into a bookstore to buy a book about LeBron James. The cashier checking us out was making small talk about the NBA and then her coworker comes along and says: “ah yes, I too love and know lots about sportsball.” It got hella awkward and went silent for a little bit before the cashier gave us our change. Like dude I get it we have nothing in common but you don’t need to be all weird about it lmao


Naw man I’ll do you one better. Ball is boring. All of them. They’re all just an excuse for the men to drink around a tv before 5PM, and keep the boys from loitering in front of stores. Go ahead, post a SC of my comment on on r/sportsball. It won’t change the truth ball nerdz. Play a real sport like league of legends. /s if not obvious (unless?)


Thoughts on Wrestling/MMA?


Such a oversimplified way to look at any sport. You can consider any sport boring if u look at it from the perspective of someone who doesn’t really know what’s going on in each play/ game. It all just depends on how much time you have spent with the game and if you understand it enough to pick up the intricacies of the game. If you want to water down the game to only what the casualist of fans will understand then fine, but at that point I still think it’s way more exciting than watching other sports such as baseball or golf


Seriously this seems right. Comparing football and soccer is like comparing f1 and drag racing. "You only race for a few seconds and then restart! So boring! What about all the time inbetween" "You race for 2 hours around a track and big shock lewis Hamilton started first and ended first. Nothing happened inbetween" Both sides casuals say nothing really happened while fans celebrate the intricacies. If you don't love football, don't watch.


> "You race for 2 hours around a track and big shock lewis Hamilton started first and ended first. Nothing happened inbetween" I mean - F1 fans are constantly complaining how boring the current era is, so I'm not sure if your point stands.


I am an F1 fan since 2002 and that casual description really is how half the races turn out.


It's a three hour telecast with eleven minutes of play from snap to whistle.


Yeah but those eleven minutes are a full-on sprint, as opposed to other sports like soccer where they don’t always go full speed because they need to conserve energy.


I feel the exact same way for both versions of football


Really? [Listen to this song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaZUVZ2F_Dc) I don't think they're boring at all.


The short burts of gameplay are what make it so exciting. You have the biggest, strongest, fastest people in the world going all out for 5-8 seconds at a time. You cant match that intensity with any other sport where cardio and energy conservation come in to play


Breaking News: Reddit Nerd doesn’t get Football.


I played and enjoyed non-American futball growing up but it bores the daylights out of me to try and watch.


And the other football isn't boring? Kick it back and forth for hours and the score might be 0-0?.... its all on what you grow up with.


A 0-0 can be the most entertaining game you can see.. its not all about scoring.


I see this football slander so often. Statistically, approximately eight percent of games end up 0-0, so that is hardly a valid criticism to begin with. More importantly the game is allowed to flow continuously for 45 minutes at a stretch in both halves, with no ad-breaks in the middle. Its such a far cry from American football that delays due to VAR adjudicating a decision have raised huge complaints in recent times. And there is plenty of fun even in 0-0 games, with the individual duals, different styles of plays, formations and tactics and of course, great defending (but this applies to American football too so not really a distinction between the two). Quality of scoreline over quantity


I think the point was that either game could be reduced to its worst aspect and it’d be equally valid criticism. The main complaint about football above is that there are too many breaks and commercials, which has specifically gotten worse because of major TV contracts. I could also discuss all the exciting aspects about football: the high scoring possibility, the play by play strategy, the overt physicality and athleticism. Overall, the point is that they’re both fine games with potentially strong arguments for how boring they are. But I think that argument could be made for literally any game or sport ever. It all just depends on what you’re into, and where you’re from.


0-0 games can be exciting, especially in league games where 1 point for a draw has an impact to the overall sesson and especially if there was some good attacking play by at least one team. I think where football/soccer gets fair criticism is diving and acting. Dudes fall over and roll around at the slightest contact. It really slows the game down.


More than fair criticism. And honestly its only become a problem since the turn of this century, in the mid 80s you could get away with murder on the pitch


bro in the past 40 years La Liga has had 4 teams win it, with like 36 of them years being either Madrid or Barcelona... the parity is horrible


That has nothing to do with the game of football itself though? Thats more to do with the financial disparity between Real Madrid and Barcelona, which is not helped by the TV money split going largely to them. The EPL has plenty of distinct winners, culminating in 2016 when Leicester won it almost miraculously


So I love both kinds of football but premier league statistically has worse parity than any American sport. I only know this because I was trying to argue to a friend that basketball had horrible parity and they threw it back in my face.


I believe you but thats not a problem with the sport, rather it is due to the recent influx of big money in the sport. And from my knowledge of American sports, the draft system, lack of relegation and salary cap helps the diversity of winners


I mean I believe it is a problem with watching the sport because a salary cap could be implemented but isn't a part of the rules.


> Statistically, approximately eight percent of games end up 0-0 How many end in 1 - 0?


The last champions league final was 1-0 but it was a very entertaining one to watch!


I wanted to say, that one Havertz goal has me floating on heaven to this very minute lol


In the Premier League, 9.53% have so far. Idk if thats a point about 1-0 also being boring


I agree that low-scoring games can be exciting because of the great defending and goalkeeping, and because it makes the goals matter all the more. Last year my favourite hockey team was in an elimination game that stayed 0-0 until the last few minutes and it was super intense. My problem is when games END that way, sometimes with both sides seeming to accept the result minutes in advance. The tension can only continue mounting if you know someone will have to break the deadlock at some point.


Thank you


Just about anything can be boring if you aren’t into it; as a teacher, I throw super interesting stuff at them and there is always at least one kid that thinks it is boring.


You must have quite the arm.


Big scores = excitement LMFAO


'I'm a fan! I want to see six overtimes and a thousand points on the board!' - George Carlin


I hated watching it until I started playing it I played in college as well I'm a transplant from Europe. I learned to appreciate it now. It's kinda nice watching a game laid back, I can be on my phone scrolling on Reddit and watching football at the same time, eating something, go take a piss, come back-- haven't missed a thing. It's a sit back and relax kind of sport to watch. When you play it-- it's like you can't get enough time off because every play is so intense and draining, you are doing 100% effort every play.


It’s war. You attack, regroup, you make a plan and attack their weakest areas with specialists like snipers or wide receivers. You distract them with psychological tactics like screaming out random words to confuse them, ie playing welcome to the jungle to force out of their fortresses Manuel Noriega or Daniel Ortega I forget... Then if all else fails you throw a long bomb...