If you wear shoes in the house, I automatically consider you unclean.

If you wear shoes in the house, I automatically consider you unclean.


The only shoes I wear are the ones I never wear outside, like fluffy slippers, and I only wear those so my feet dont get cold, but I NEVER wear them outside




Crocs are underrated


Are you my aunt


Barefoot in the summer, socks in the winter. Flipflops for taking out the trash.


This is the way.


This is the way.


What about shoes that you only wear in the house? Like slippers?


Isn’t that common in some places? Where people have shoes for outside, and change their shoes once in the entryway?


I think in Asian cultures indoor slippers are the norm. I know some Filipinos who have inside slippers and a separate pair of slippers just to go into their bathroom


Isn’t that because the shower water sprays directly into the bathroom floor? It prevents your house slippers from getting wet. It’s that way in Taiwan at least.


Unpopular Opinion(That Should be Popular) - Taiwan has been its own country for a while Edit: Yes, it is recently a popular debate. No, I dont care. Nor do I care about your CCP Propaganda. Im not here to fight about it. Keep in mind that its only recently a popular debate because it serves as a good political stance amongst Western Nations, as long as they dont care how the CCP retaliates. Edit2: The Point isnt that Redditors dont care/think Taiwan is its own country


I mean, it sure seems to me that at least here on Reddit, that this actually one of the MOST popular opinions of anything period. This is would even be one of the very few things that both r/politics and r/conservative would agree on.


My god dude, nobody is talking about that. One, it’s not an unpopular opinion. Two, we’re talking about slippers in the house. Nobody is affirming or denying Taiwan’s statehood right now


*Taiwan? Sure, it’s off the coast of its larger neighbor West Taiwan.*


Definitely not exclusive to Asian cultures. You'll find people doing exactly that all over Europe. Source: I'm European and change my shoes to slippers immediately after getting home.


It's very common in Eastern European countries


I'm british so I just walk around in socks like a barbarian.


Germans too lol. Except for bathroom slippers. But there are Straßenschuhe and Hausschuhe


I think the separate bathroom slippers might be over doing it a bit but I’m not gonna judge - live and let live. But I’m not gonna change slippers to hit up the bathroom.


Bathroom slippers are practical because Asians like to wash the toilet floor. You won’t want to wear the same slippers to step on the wet toilet floor and your living room floor, right?


Yeah. I am asian and it's normal to have a wet floor as use water a lot. Traditional Indian bathrooms are usualy always wet if used often


Norway. I’m Spanish and moved to Norway 12 years ago. In Spain we use the same shoes in and out and was weird at the beginning having to take off our shoes when visiting somebody. Now it’s just inimaginable for us to use shoes inside the house. Either for the shit they bring or for the noise they make it feels weird. Tip: Some Norwegians bring an extra pair of shoes sometimes if they know that the house is cold or if there’s is a party where you may dance for example (so they’re not dancing in socks) but those shoes are just used always in interiors


In Spain we use "zapatillas de andar por casa" and everyone that I know use them. If you are visiting someone maybe you will let your shoes on but if I visit my close friends they give me ones to put at their home.


Same in Portugal, every house I go specially with wood floors they have flippers for the family to use inside, and if it's common for them to get visits they tend to have extra pairs.


Can confirm. Every time I go to a Hotel - SPA I bring home their "disposable" slippers for my home guests. I currently have enough slippers to host a party of 15 people.


German here. Its basically the standard. And I dont know a single person where it is not the case. Only exceptions are professionals coming in your House. Like lawyers and plumbers. Or like a short visit and youre going to hang out in a room withtiled floor (like Kitchen).


The other exception would be if the home owner explicitly asks you to keep your shoes on (for example, you're having a surprise visit and everything is dog hair) or if there is a big messy house party, then I'd probably consider leaving my shoes on but take my cue from the other people that arrived before me.


Most European countries have indoor shoes and going into someone's home without taking your outdoor shoes off is considered extremely rude.


If someone walked with their shoes on my clean wooden floor and white rugs 🔪🔪🔪🔪 they might not live to regret it.


In Switzerland we do. Even in the schools, you have to buy your kids indoor shoes.


Im from Spain and we do this. We use comfortable house slippers or "zapatillas de andar por casa"(shoes for walking at home)


Yes. Anywhere you live near a beach or lots of sand and this is a thing. I grew up between Florida and Arizona and you never wear your outside shoes past the front door, but it can be dangerous to to around barefoot between scorpions, bugs, and the occasional pieces of stickers or cactus winding up in the house from the dogs or whatever. My mom called them "house shoes" but they were what most people would probably call slippers.


I got my indoor crocs and my outdoor crocs.


I think that was implied, OP is mainly talking about wearing outside shoes inside the house. I've been taught since little to only wear slippers when inside my house, so you don't damage the wooden floor with dirt


Yeah I call it "wearing socks"


That’s different because those slippers don’t touch the outside at all. OP is talking about people who wear their shoes outside and wear it in the house.


Wool slippers are super comfy in the winter ❄️


Definitely okay with me!


OP approved, then it’s fine!


Mr.Rogers taught us we'll! Also if you vacuum and mop often it's probably cleaner than folks who don't regardless of shoes!


From what I understand, it’s a regional thing. I was always taught to take off my shoes when entering someone’s home. My college friends, who grew up elsewhere, were taught the opposite–the reasoning being that it’s rude to take your shoes off in someone else’s home because it implies that you plan to stay for a long time, which can be presumptuous


When my husband and I were growing up it was considered rude to take off your shoes in someone’s house because it was assumed that if you took off your shoes there would be an extremely bad smell. Decades later when we were visiting our daughter’s apartment she asked us to take off our shoes. But it was difficult to bend down to tie and untie them because we are old. Eventually she has to bring a chair over to the door.


I agree. As a Latino, specifically Mexican, it's considered rude, if not straight up made fun of, if you take your shoes off in someone else's house. It just doesn't happen here, nobody does it. If you do, you'll most likely be called a "mariquita" or a little wussy because your giving the impression that your trying to be "stuck-up" or better than the person who's house you just entered. Pardon my phrasing English is not my first language.


Yeah I was about to say, in Ecuador it’s considered rude and gross to be without shoes inside. Which sucks because my abuelita waxes the hell out of her floor and it’s slippery af. I personally don’t wear shoes inside and think it’s weird to. But that’s just me. My other grandma has to, because one has a lift in it for her hip.


Interesting. In Ukraine/Canada it's polite to take off shoes when entering other people's houses, because we assume the floor is clean and we don't want to bring in outside dirt / mud into the kitchen and stuff.


I'm pretty sure the regional stuff is due to the local weather. In places that have lots of snow/rain it's common for people to take off their shoes before entering anybody's house, as they might track in a lot of mud. In drier places, there's very little risk of tracking in mud/snow, so taking shoes off is not as emphasized.


I agree with this. I live in Colorado where half the year it’s wet and the other half relatively dry. During the winter I keep my boots by the door and change into slippers but during the summer I go in and out of the house multiple times a day. It just seems tedious to change shoes every time I go through the door.


Ah, I’m a Latina in Texas and it was always assumed to never take your shoes off in someone’s house unless you’re a guest and have been invited to sleep over. Otherwise, keep your shit on because this is not your house.


In Canada we almost never wear shoes in the house


I double double this. Edit: What the phoque? Thanks for the award, stranger.


Nice try. Seals don’t even have feet.


Haha you got me.


I find it's like this anywhere there's regular snow. In the winter there's no way you'd wear outdoor shoes inside because of all the slush and muck. I think the habits and social norms just carry on into the summer.


This is probably true. Our weather is snow almost half the year so I think it’s normal to just always take off your shoes.


Yeah, I grew up in Michigan and everyone I've ever known would take off their shoes when inside. Not only in the winter though. I think it's because houses in colder climates have a lot more fluffy white carpeting throughout the house which would show a lot of dirt. I live in the south now and most houses have hardwood or tile so it seems much more normal to not worry as much about trekking in dirt. I still take my shoes off though just because it's gross not too.


In Vancouver we don’t really have snow, and I have never heard about anyone wearing shoes indoors… it’s just not sanitary.


Yes i second this unless you are working around the house and just need to grab something it is fairly rare.


Sometimes I forget something inside and if they're shoes I had to lace up I never wanna take them off so I do the tiptoe dance back inside to grab whatever it is. I can always hear my mum yelling inside my head though haha. Shoes indoors are a no-no


When this is the few times the case for me, I'll knee walk to what I need. Hurts like hell, but is acceptable for clean floors.


I've for sure done that up the stairs 😂


Well this is incredibly accurate. Hello from MB lol


This is very much me; I don't think the tiptoeing helps much but hey, it's the thought that counts.


The house I grew up in had snakes, scorpions, tarantulas, and kangaroo mice getting inside almost daily and had no central heat or air. I literally can not be comfortable without shoes on unless I am sleeping.


Bruh I would never sleep again


How are you comfortable sleeping


Footed pajamas




Not quite as severe but I was confused about my roommate being used to wearing shoes indoors (we’re in Canada but she’s from the Southern US) because I thought it was dirty, until she explained that she was used to it because cockroaches sometimes got into the house. Environmental conditions make a big difference. In Canada it’s generally not acceptable to wear shoes indoors because we don’t want to track in snow, but I understand if there’s stuff like scorpions around keeping the shoes on.


I got stung by a scorpion in my kitchen barefoot. Should have had shoes on that day.


Are you in Australia? This sounds like everything I've ever heard about Australia


Grew up in CA, USA


Knew a guy from North California (we were in San Diego, not sure where he was actually from) when I was in the Navy who was always going on about the importance of shaking your clothes and shoes out. When someone finally asked him why he kept going on about it he said because where he grew up you learned the hard way with a scorpion sting if you don't.


If you leave shoes, gloves, etc outside in FL, better do the shake too bc of spiders. Brown recluses are everywhere.


I’m going to take this a bit further and explain the Korean mentality. In my culture we never bring in clothing that we wear outside into bed. Think of all the particulates we collect on clothing; dirt, dust, pollen, bacteria, etc. The bedroom, especially the bed itself should be a sanctuary. This is why we shower at night so that we are clean before going to bed. Not saying that this is the way it should be but just giving my two cents into the Korean culture.


I'll third this and say that in Romanian culture you have indoor and outdoor clothes. Wearing outdoor clothes indoor seems so unclean now. I remember my mom teaching me this as a kid all the time.


We do that in Syria too. It kind of makes sense to be honest. When at the very least when you sit on a chair your butt touches what many sweaty butts may have sat on. I know it's not the prettiest mental image sorry for that. XD




Flashback to: "Vezi ca o ei pe cocoasa"


I'm not Korean, I'm West Indian (Guyanese and Trinidadian) and we have the same practices as well! Shower before bed, no outside clothes on the bed and no outside bags on the bed or couch either (backpacks, luggage, shopping bags).


Eastern European and same. We have outside clothes and inside clothes. Makes perfect sense to me. I don't want to sit on a dirty bench outside and then go sit on my bed.


I do the very same, but it's not common at all in my country. I rarely have guests at home, and my closest friends know the rules. But if someone comes and is unable to take off shoes/change clothes for any reason (for example, I wouldn't even ask an electrician or a plumber working at home to take off shoes), I just clean after. Good thing is nowadays everybody washes their hands as soon as they cross the threshold, so one thing less to worry about.


Thanks for sharing that. I find it fascinating how cultures that seem to be vastly different on the surface can have similarities!


I second this. I don’t ever hop into bed unless I’ve taken a shower and changed into house clothes. And this person didn’t mention anything about being sterile… just mentioned delineating what’s acceptable inside and outside of their house. And most Korean people have decent hygiene in public. Its okay to enter a restaurant and take off shoes if asked to do so. Most restaurants these days aren’t furnished like this anymore anyway. Most have much more unique seating arrangements that allow patrons to keep their shoes on.


I 100% agree that you shouldn't wear outside shoes around the house. I like the showering before bed rule. No chance in hell am I taking my shoes off in a public building. The foot fungus in warm places like Florida would be dripping off the walls. In the navy I learned the hard way it doesn't matter how clean your feet are, if you touch a surface with fungus on it you have it now.


I'm not Korean but also follow these rules to a tee and my family thinks I'm a clean freak...nasty mfs


Didn't know this was a Korean thing. I always practiced it because it just seems like common sense for someone with allergies.


I have no idea why people only shower before bed. I shower right after coming from work. Not only I'm rid of any smell I bring, it means the day is done for good.


When I was growing up, there was no time to shower between work and dinner. Plus, I'd hate to shower and get cooking smells on me before bed.


Actually good logic for people with allergies too. Keep any clothes that you wore outside out of the bedroom (like keep your sorry hamper in the laundry room) and shower before bed, making sure to wash or at least rinse your hair. It does wonders for keeping pollen and other outside allergens out of the bedroom and helps you sleep.


My family is descended from Korea. My mother taught this very same mentality to myself and my brother.


I live in a barn, so...


Let me take a nap... great icons, anyway.


Who are these people that stand on the bed and couch with shoes on? Where do you see this?


I think maybe in older sitcoms kids jump on the bed with their shoes on. I probably did it. I was dirty as fuck. I was a kid.


They see it on TV and assume all Americans are like that lmao.


Americans really do take the brunt of shitty traits cuz of how much people generalize us




People don't realize how different different parts of america are from each other. It would be like stereotyping the English and Germans as the same.


Yeah I don't think people appreciate how different the culture can be from state to state. Even within a state it can drastically change only a few hours from each other.


It's actually funny though too bc as Americans, we are just a melting pot of everywhere else lol.


I’m 27 lived in America my entire life and have never met anyone that wears shoes in their house.


Yeah the only time I ever see it is when a bunch of people are getting together and the host just isn't making a big deal about making people take their shoes off. That's it. But ive also been to plenty of peoples homes where they asked that we take our shoes off.


I lived in America for most of my life, what I found funny is the only houses I went to that allowed shoes in the house was my extended family’s houses, and my family is from Mexico.


My mom would kick my legs out from under me with murder in her eyes if I pulled that.


I wear my shoes in the house sometimes, but not ON the couch and bed, that's just nasty


Genuine question - why is it sometimes? How do you decide between the occasions of wearing or not wearing shoes


I have plantar fasciitis and sometimes keep my shoes on if I’m having a painful foot day. But I NEVER wear them on the couch or bed. That’s nasty.


God plantar fascitis is the worst


I do this occasionally too. It generally comes down to the activity. If I’m leaving the house but left my wallet inside, I can’t be bothered taking them off. If I’m moving things around or doing a bbq outdoors or have a party/friends over, I’ll just leave them on because I know I’ll clean the floor after anyway. I’m also intermittently lazy.


When I get home I tend to wear my shoes inside. I’ll usually have shit to do that inside and outside. Backyard, front yard, garage, laundry room, kitchen, etc. I will usually take off my hiking boots (I do off leash group hikes with dogs for a living) but then I put my sandals on. For comfort. But then I’m going in and out). I’m the morning I’ll wear slippers but I’m going outside and to the garage to feed the dogs. I also have my own dog and boarders in my house in a fenced off area and they go in and out without taking off their shoes. I realize some people might think this is all dirty even after we did a bit clean yesterday but that’s why I married someone who love animals as much as me. She’s also as hardcore about personal hygiene and showers 2-4 times a day. But the animal stuff and uh wearing shoes in and out doesn’t bother her.


For me, if I know I'm about to go back out and I'm just in for a minute, I don't bother taking them off. Like if in working in the yard all day and come in for lunch in not taking them off because I don't want to have to put them back on


As someone who does this. It's due to me being lazy and not wanting to take them off or put them on. Either or.


This is graceful work!


I've seen similar post like 5 times in the past months...


I joined this sub four months ago... I've seen this same boring post no less than 4 times.


Yeah, it's not an unpopular opinion at all. Or creative. But it sure gets people riled up on both sides.


It's reddit's new thing to feel superior about. These people have never heard of pets. My dog is dirtier than my shoes.


Seriously, cats walk around in a box full of shit and piss and then walk around your house all day.


cats put their butthole directly on your countertop


They think pollen and dust are terrifying and their dog just licked its balls.


These people are scared of their own shadow. Who’s scared of dirt from their own yard? 🤣


I wear my shoes or boots in my house all the time. Especially if I'm running in to get something or will only be in short times, hell, sometimes I just keep them on. I vacuum my floor, I mop it, I don't eat off it. My feet sweat in my boots at work then I take them off and walk on the floor anyways so I don't see a big difference between shoes on, or shoes off. I don't put my feet on the furniture, or tables when I have shoes or boots on. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 rabbits, and 2 kids that are constantly in and out with their friends so my boots on aren't going to make much of a difference


I hate that its always some smug anti American sentiment.. like do they honestly believe there's absolutely no one in their country that keeps their shoes on when they get home?


In many countries, people don't wear shoes outside. Are they not allowed to wear their feet when inside? This is a joke, but also, as an anthropologist at heart, I don't believe not wearing shoes is primitive nor do I think it's my right to say those who don't are dirty. We got a lot of issues here in America, but since I haven't known anyone who got sick for wearing their shoes inside, and despite the fact I know outside shoes can bring germs inside, washing your hands is more important. I don't know of anyone being hospitalized for germs or getting a parasite or other illness like that. Articles say plantar warts can be shared, but I don't wear shoes in the shower. We probably buy more vacuum cleaners and new carpet more than other countries, but I don't see wearing shoes inside as being inherently dirty anymore than someone wiping their ass with their hand. Some cultures wear masks so they don't kill bugs by inhaling them. That's fine with me if they make that decision. Half the world wouldn't let a dog in their house, let alone their bed. We all do things differently, and I don't see there's much of a glaring difference that says one alone makes you dirty. I don't get offended when I enter a no shoe house. Half my friends have a no shoe policy.


Very good point lol. Judging by OP's multiple edits they seem to have a giant stick up their butt.


I totally used to do this. I’d put my shoes on my couch and on my coffee table where I ate a lot. Then I met my wife, whose mom is from Japan. She explained to me the way it should be and she was right. Shoes off, slippers on.


It's a big difference between wearing shoes in the house and putting them on furniture.


Thank you for your insight. Change is possible lol Curious, where did you live when you were practicing this awful thing? Was it a warm place like Texas or something? Because warm places did make a little more sense


I was just raised by a single father. We had a very messy home. No longer the case


Fucking Texas. I left my shoes out one night in hill country and put them on the next morning to go get coffee. Hadn't ever heard the term shake out yer boots. Needless to say the barista looked extremely confused when I started jumping around, then proceeded to kick my shoe off so the huge fucking spider could escape.




Have you seen some people's feet...they should be covered 24/7


Exactly. I have always hated the way feet look (I have have some gnarly dude feet) and especially my own. I tend to keep my shoes on till I shower or go to bed. Also the floors in my current home are always cold as shit.




Socks. Or slippers.


I have tools which clean tile floors, I can call someone to come clean the one room in my house that has carpet. It seems like Euros/non Americans spend like 40% of their day thinking about Americans cocks and circumcision, like 20% thinking about shoes on carpet/tile (Americans don't really eat off their tile floors btw) then another 40% thinking about our politics which I understand to some degree. We will survive walking in public then walking on our floors, we just will.


I have plantar fasciitis. Fuck you I wear my shoes cause if I don't it hurts. Judgy ass people Still, when I'm in other people's houses I respect their ways but it means I have to sit a bunch which is kinda lame.


I’ve never understood wearing shoes in the house. My FIL says he has to wear his shoes on all day (until he sleeps) in case of an emergency. What emergency has happened in your almost 60 years of living that you’ve needed to wear your shoes in the house? You can’t just leave them by the door and grab them or have a pair of easy to slip on shoes by the front door?


Jesus Christ, every week! I mean strive for just a little originality.


Redditors of /r/askreddit would you clap your hands 3 times for $1,000,000?


Unpopular opinion: drinking water is better than getting stabbed in the face


Have you even tried getting stabbed in face? Might want to take this opinion back until you try it.


LOL But any opportunity to get in a pointless dig at Americans can’t be passed up (despite the fact nearly everyone I know takes their shoes off at the door)


As if not wearing shoes inside is the norm for everywhere else except America..


I think someone working all day gets invited to my house and they take their shoes off and now I smell their rank feet is worse than them wearing shoes. As long as they didn't step in dog shit or gum and walk on my carpet my outdoor and indoor mats do a good job. And if my floors aren't clean and they're walking on their socks now their socks are even dirtier. I guess slippers are an option.


I find the smell of Rando feet and the co-occurring fungus as unclean And unfortunately that can happen to anyone who uses a shared Gym facility.and some of them are quite hard to get rid Of.


As an owner of 5 Siberian Huskies, I can truthfully say that the bottom of my shoes are cleaner than the bottom of the 20 dog paws that traverse my floors every day. This is the 21st century. We have evolved and have invented these things called brooms and mops and vacuum cleaners.


FIVE huskies?! Do you live in a mansion? Im imagining just one of them in my home...it'd be like a bull in an antique shop.


There’s even these funky mat things you can buy to wipe off that apparent 4 inch layer of dirt underneath everyone’s shoes?


Yeah my dogs paws are not more cleanly than the bottom of my shoes. And I don’t sit bare ass on the floor after taking a dump.


>And I don’t sit bare ass on the floor after taking a dump. Try it. You know you want to.


Well TBH one of my dogs likes to put her “balloon knot” on the toe my shoe as I pet her.


Perfect reason to wear shoes indoors


90% of the people who come into my home wear lace up work boots boots, myself included. 9/10 unless its the end of the day, we’re only coming in for a few moments to grab lunch or something quick like that. The time we’d spend unlacing the boots just to have to put them on again 20 minutes later is ridiculous. I just sweep every day and mop every few days. It doesn’t take that long. That being said, only the linoleum floors can have shoes worn on them. If your going onto carpet, take them off. This is easier since the ground floor is all linoleum and only the upstairs has carpet.


Most socializing at my brothers house happens on the back deck. That means people wear shoes or sandals in when they grab a beer in the kitchen or go to the restroom.


We own mops and don’t eat off of the floor though


Yeah I was about to say, I usually take mine off when I get into my bedroom unless I have to leave again soon then I’ll just keep them on. If I’ve stepped in mud or something I’ll take them off and rinse them, but it’s not like I’m not sweeping my floor often enough to worry about shoe dirt ruining the floor.


If you live on the beach and wear flipflops, fine. If you live in Alaska and wear lace up boots, it takes too long to take them off and put them on. Any correct answer is location/circumstance specific.


Also disability related. I have a back/balance/neuropathy issue and cannot be without shoes. I imagine there are other people like me out in the world. I just try to keep the bottoms of my shoes clean as much as possible.


Yup I have a friend with one leg about 3 inches shorter, so gotta have lifts on one.


Yes that condition would necessitate keeping shoes on for sure!


OP also posted about masturbating while taking a bath in her grandma’s house, but wearing shoes inside is gross? Everyone seems to draw their own lines in life and that’s okay. There’s a spectrum- like I think it’s gross to put your shoes on your furniture or tables, but I wear them inside. I’m also okay with rubbing one out in lots of places, but many people consider baths to be gross (Kramer: “... sitting there in a tepid pool of my own filth”) and would frown on masturbation in a shared tub. I think people should understand how others just evaluate things differently, so just do you- literally and figuratively in this case. Edit- OP deleted the post but fortunately someone found it interesting enough to turn it into a r/copypasta post- https://www.reddit.com/r/copypasta/comments/k97pc3/tifu_by_making_my_grandma_think_i_died_while/


LOL, if you rub one out in your granny's tub I consider you unclean.


Oh gross. Nope, not taking that recommendation.


[Yea same OP](https://www.removeddit.com/r/tifu/comments/k8zcub/tifu_by_making_my_grandma_think_i_died_while/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


So by OP and everyone else who shares this sentiment, when you go out in public you're unclean, therefore never go out in public? Like what's the difference if you have some dirt particles on your floor when you're out and about half the day anyway? Just admit that you're being half a germaphobe and I'll except it. Or realize that people that wear shoes inside generally don't do so when it's wet and muddy out, therefore there isn't much tracked in. And people still sweep and vacuum.


I just don't understand why you think having my sweaty and stinky feet/socks on your floor is better than wiped shoes.


Most America's dont do this. I don't know who came up with the idea that we did but the vast majority of us do not. Edit: I realize now that when you go to someone's home first the first time or someone you aren't familiar with you often leave your shoes on.


I think it comes from watching American tv where they always keep their shoes on and even lay on their bed with shoes on. But you'd think people would realize tv does not equal reality lol


Of course theyre wearing them all the time. Theyre at work.


Oh wow interesting. My family and a lot of the people we visited typically had a “shoes (can be) on for guests,” and if someone was hosting a party or event people generally keep their shoes on so that could be an influence.


I guess it is regional. I don't know a single person that takes their shoes off in the house where I live. Texas.


I don't know a single american who does this


Nobody I know, nobody I'm related to, nobody I have ever visited, nobody who as ever visited me. In over 50 years and in more than 5 states.


I’m really not that worried about dirt and bacteria, that’s all it is dirt and bacteria. At the end of the day it’s fucking everywhere. Unless I’m licking my shoe I don’t care how dirty it is. I live with 4 dogs and a cat and there is nothing I can do to stop them from getting dirt on my floor, so why should I take my shoes off if dirt is getting in anyhow?


Let's not even start on the bacterial sea we constantly swim through in our bathrooms, just from everyday use. Best not be flushing with the lid up, *ever.* How about the amount of dirt and bacteria covering the rest of our bodies (I'm looking at you hands) - even if you wear gloves outside all the time or thoroughly wash your hands the second you enter the house, you still touch another body part with your hand and all that grime is now on your hands. Best be showering the second you walk in the door, *every time.* Phones, keys, door handles - tell me you clean these every time you use them. Please. The world is dirty and disgusting and our bodies deal with it pretty miraculously. Our brains apparently can't handle it.


People are weird and draw boundaries around what is unclean and what isn't that are entirely arbitrary and nonsensical. 9/10 people that make you take off your shoes at the door don't close the toilet seat lid when they flush and leave their toothbrush out in the open to get rained on by poop particles.


Grew up in America my parents would’ve smacked me if I wore my shoes in the house I don’t know why Europeans from Reddit think I am constantly storming around my house in boots, but at least my teeth are straight


I actually just asked my family this over the weekend. Both my parents and sister do. My dad and sister have bad knee problems so it’s more comfortable for them to do so. Same with my mom but she has back problems. The extra support they say helps


I’m in a similar situation. Up until two weeks ago, I never wore shoes in the house. However doctor has me wearing orthopedics to correct an issue. I’m not happy about it, but would like to continue being able to walk.




op do you ever wear your outside clothes inside? maybe sit on the couch or bed?


Just because you find it gross doesn't mean the next person does. If you clean your house regularly and correctly than it shouldn't even matter. There really isn't a need to look at another person as less of you just because they wear shoes in their house.


Do you have pets who go in and out?


Fella there's shit particles in your bathroom I doubt a small piece of gravel will hurt


I don’t wear shoes in my house, but I don’t see the problem with doing so. Where is the dirt gonna get to? Your shoes? Idk about you, but I don’t go around laying on my floor. (I do have a bit of a problem with shoes on the couch or bed, though.) Just sweep and mop regularly and you should be fine. If you’re worried about dirt being picked up by air in the house, wait till you find out what happens when you open the front door and the outside air mixes with inside air.


Oddly enough, I never wore shoes in the house when I lived in the US, but I wear shoes in my house now that I live in India. Our floors are always just so dirty, that my mom yells at me if I walk around barefoot lol. But I always take my shoes off when I step on carpet, sit on a couch, or sit on my bed.


OP likes to judge people on meaningless things...


Dude focusing on nationality and making this about “Americans” is so annoying and ignorant when plenty of nationalities do this. People wear shoes indoors in Mexico as well— do you think Mexicans are dirty people as well because they have different customs than you?


The fact that OP thinks policing shoes in their house like this keeps it “cleaner” is cute.


You’ll stop walking around barefoot or in thin slippers if you live in the US southwest after the first time a scorpion stings the sole of your foot after you step on it...


Jokes on you, even if I take my shoes off I'm unclean


Imagine minding one’s own business and not giving a shit what others do...just imagine it!


I mean, isn't this what house carpets/mats/whatever you call it are made for? Most people with this opinion act like people who wear shoes in the house roll in mud then come directly into the house. Just wipe your feet on the outside mat like a normal person, don't put your shoes on furniture like a normal person and clean your house like a normal person.


Most people in the us take their shoes off once inside Stop using movies and tv shit as a reference to what americans do.


My friends mum always used to tell me "never trust a person who makes you take your shoes off to enter their home, they are a selfish person"


I am unclean, so it's all good.