There should be “Adults Only” apartment buildings

There should be “Adults Only” apartment buildings


How big are these apartments 8 people in an apartment sounds like hell


It’s cramped as hell. They have a 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit- so 8 people divided into 2 rooms. My wife and I have a 1br 1bthr, and we’re still on top of eachother.


What country are you in ? In many places it’s illegal to have so many people in one apartment


I was looking for this to be brought up. There's usually a person limit to apartments. Also usually apartment complexes have the same floor plan layouts on every floor. So how can a 1BR/1BA be under a 2BR/2BA, unless it's partially under? In any case, OP will most likely need to move. It's always a good idea to be on the top floor for this reason.


I've seen apartments where it's 3 bedrooms on the first floor and then 2 bedrooms on the second floor. It's not common but some do it.


In the UK I believe it’s now part of building regulations where apartment blocks have to stagger layouts by floor so that a bedroom is never underneath a high footfall area (living room or kitchen). In my last apartment, it was staggered in a way that 1st floor was 1 bed, 2nd floor was 2 bed, 3rd floor was 3 bed and 4th floor went back to 1 bed. It was really clever how they planned it out so there was minimal noise from above and below. I’ll see if I can find the plans by floor because you’ll see what I mean. When I said to the building owners “it’s really clever how you planned each floor so there’s minimal disturbance from neighbours above and below”, they said “it’s a paint in the arse but it’s part of regulations now”.


If all of the floors are the same wouldn't the bedrooms just stack on one another and be fine? The solution you're referencing is way over complicated.


Yea the last apartment complex i lived in, all the 3 bedrooms were in one building, 2 bedrooms in another and 1 bedrooms in yet another. Living room, kitchen, bedroom(s), bathroom(s) and utility room all in the same spots stacked.


Kitchen, bathroom and utility rooms are stacked because it would be very impractical and expensive to have to zigzag water and waste lines to different places on each floor.


Bruh you just straight up murder someone with facts like that?


I bet you've seen some nice pair of eyes in your life..


Yes. Every unit I've ever lived in has been the top floor. I'll sacrifice trudging upstairs for peaceful, top drawer living.


Added benefit, your shitty neighbors above you don’t throw cigarette butts into your “garden level “ courtyard that you pay extra for. Never again...never again


Ugh, that's the worst. I'm a smoker but always used an ashtray and had a tin can that I filled the butts up with. Emptied it on trash day. Those are just horrible, inconsiderate pricks.


As I got older I realized garden level means basement ! One benefit ...couple lighters a year fall into your life... and a beer can or 2


I've never heard the term "garden level" before but a basement doesn't fit my imagination of what I think it would be. With those people I'm surprised you never got a knock on the door from someone asking for their lighter back in a very aggressive attitude.


That’s brutal... my building has it stated in the lease that if you’re caught throwing even one cigarette over your balcony it’s grounds for eviction.


The last place I lived in was on the second floor, which was the top floor in that part of the building. The unit below us was the show unit. It was amazing.


This was my mistake in getting my first apartment. I’ve been stuck living under two obese elephants, who just have to blast their shitty music for hours at a time when they feel like it, for the duration of the pandemic. I will never get a lower floor apartment ever again.


Holy crap. Are you me?! Am I you?! This is literally the same situation I’ve been in. I think they’ve also been working out or they’ve been pogo sticking... either way I expect them to be busting through my ceiling one of these days.


My only guess as to how the fuck my upstairs neighbors make so much noise is working out and slamming the weights.


Ours just moved out. We were not shocked to see a weight bench on the sidewalk during the packing of the U-haul.


Like mine used to be the stereotype of upstairs neighbours, walking super loudly, dropping shit at 1 am, etc


In my lifetime thus far, I've never had an upstairs neighbor who slept through the night. I am not exaggerating. Whether due to odd work shifts or odd personalities, they were all up at night. And the first time I was finally an *upstairs* neighbor in a 2-story building, my downstairs neighbor was a chain smoker with emphysema. That fucker's secondhand smoke probably took 5 years off my life. He didn't sleep through the night either. (Although he probably did not live much longer after I moved out.)


> It's always a good idea to be on the top floor for this reason. If you live on the bottom floor you'll always have the family of 8 above you. If you live on the top floor you'll always have that nosy not surprisingly life-long single older lady living below you, who holds a stethoscope to the ceiling and files complaints about EVERYTHING.


One floor apartment or bust


Maybe there's two 1br/1ba apartments under the 2br?


My apartment is 3 bedrooms and we have two apartments above us that are 1 bedrooms so maybe they are just partially under like you said. 😊


In first apartment right now. Got the bottom floor. Holy shit, never again. Always get the top floor boys. Always. I guess a lot of people were never taught how to walk without stomping the fucking floor.


Right? In my state (AZ, US) the standard is 2 person's per bedroom, plus sometimes they allow 1 person extra (like living on a couch in the living room)


I know it varies from place to place. But in my apartment that's not legal. You can't have that many people in a two bedroom. I'd look into that.




You think people who have to live in such a place and have eight kids give a shit about “fitting”? They couldn’t be bothered to use a rubber. They don’t give a fuck about disclosures or other people or even their damn kids. They’re animals. And the shitty thing is once they’re moved in “they have rights!” Never mind every one else’s. It’s an onerous pain in the ass to deal with these people. Having been a renter and a landlord I’ve seen the worst of humanity on both sides. If there’s a system people will game it to death for a fucking nickel. Nothing like listening to reggae music until 4 am everyday when you have to be up at six, and especially nothing like scraping shit off the wood floors of your dead grandmas house because the jerk was too busy cooking meth in the basement to buy his kids diapers.


its 6 kids and 8 people total. and since its 6 kids under 8, 1 or 2 of them are probably very young and sleep in a crib which could go in the parents room. That would leave 4 kids to 1 room, so 2 bunk beds. It still sounds terrible, but not 8 kids in 1 room terrible.


Are the family raising an army? /s


I bet that lack of privacy will keep number seven away.


I think if they had cared about privacy, they wouldn't have had #5 and #6, but maybe not even #4.


Came back to say the same exact thing. If five kids didn't stop #6, then there's no stopping them at all....


> we’re still on top of each other That’s a good thing though, right?


It is for us- I had a vasectomy at my wife’s request ;)


That would violate any lease I've ever heard of; most stipulate 2 ppl per bedroom max.


In the US, the Fair Housing Act prohibits limiting the number of children. You can limit adult occupants per room, but not children.


Damn, having minors meets the classification for protection based on familial status. Prohibiting children is only allowed if all residents are older than 55 as set forth by the Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995. Absolutely fucking worthless!!!!


Well I was clearly misinformed, thanks for the good information 👍


That sounds super illegal if your in the US. Usually they only allow 2 people per room per appartment. A 8 person home would have to have at least 4 rooms to be legally done.


I work in low income housing and you see a lot of families of 6+ splitting 2/3 bedroom apartments.


A friend of mine moved her family of four into an apartment while they were saving & repairing their credit to buy a house. I remember how excited she was about how big & nice it was 'for an apartment'. And it is. A huge corner balcony, wide-open floor plan. Nice sized bedrooms. A year later..."OMG I hate this fucking apartment. We are constantly on top of each other and we don't have room for all our shit. My kids fight all the time because they don't have their own space and it's not like they can go play outside. My dog never stops barking because there are always people around. I know my neighbors hate us so much. If we don't get out of here soon, we're gonna end up divorced." Apartments are not for families with younger kids. I know some people don't have much choice, but if you can afford a fancy luxury apartment, you should be able to rent a safe, clean house. You may have to mow the lawn and forfeit a pool and gym, but your quality of life will be dramatically improved.


I’ve been in an apartment for 3 months. It’s my first apartment (at 37) and we are here because my house burned down. People are disgusting. They don’t use the compactor and just dump their trash. There’s no storage. People bowling every night above us at 10pm. When they use power tools at 11, oh that’s the best. You are so right w the dogs. Any noise they hear they bark. Not their fault. Then any other dogs around they freak out. It’s better than being homeless, but we had to rush to find something. House is being torn down next week and then we rebuild. Finally. I would love an adults only complex or at least a dedicated building.


The housing market right now is DOGSHIT. It’s hard to find the right thing that won’t ruin you financially my pregnant wife, my two year old, and I live in an apartment and we can’t find a good house that won’t break us financially. It’s not easy.


My family has been stuck in an upper apartment for nearly 4 years now. Our kid is 4. I do have rules with her about running and jumpin (especially early in the morning), but there's only so much I can do. I always write a friendly note to whoever moves in below us to warn them of our kid, her rough sleep schedule (so they know when to expect peace and quiet), and my number so they can text me instead of bang on their ceiling if she's pissing them off. I hate that shit. In exchange for their understanding about kid noise, I don't say anything about their noise as long as it doesn't keep us up. A previous downstairs neighbor used to play music so loud it literally made our floors vibrate. I didn't complain because it was in the middle of the day and it was probably to cover up our nonsense. I fucking hate apartment living, but rental houses around here are EXPENSIVE, even more expensive than owning a house, which is also fucking expensive. This is the best place for the best deal we could hope for, even if it sucks.


I feel for you and when I hear about people bitching about upstairs neighbors walking around too late it drives me crazy You have no idea their sleep schedule or situation, if you want to live without hearing other people's existence than get a house. No, can't afford it? Well neither can anyone else Context from me being a quiet forgiving guy living with a quiet mostly forgiving girlfriend, no children


>Apartments are not for families with younger kids I disagree. Most families raise their children in apartments in European and Asian urban centres, and that's perfectly fine. The difference to the US is that most European cities have decent amenities for children. Most people can't afford to live in detached surbuban houses. And most probably shouldn't, suburban houses have a far greater carbon footprint (larger area to heat and cool, car dependency).


Yeah most families in NYC live in apartments also- not considered weird


When I was younger I found an apartment complex that was all one bedroom and studio apartments so there would be no kids. One night bored on the internet I discovered that I was the only person living in the complex that was not a registered sex offender.


r/ShittyLifeProTips - Want to live in an apartment building with no noisy kids? Rent in a building where registered sex offenders live.


They generally live in Section 8 housing or hotels. It may be quieter, but the odds of being robbed shoot up dramatically.


Shoot up being the operative word


Drugs or guns?




Section 8 or hotels being QUIETER ...??? Not sure you know what you're talking about. These places fill up with homeless and drug offenders etc. They are anything BUT quiet.


I'm saying??? And they're normally in citys. I live in the hood and even if my neighbors in my building aren't loud, the motorcycle gangs are, the shooting range is. There's a crack motel down the street! Quieter....hahahahahahahah........I'm counting down the days to move anywhere a bit more suburban!


You are putting fourth section 8 and hotels as being more quite? Okay. You're wrong. Why would you even suggest that?


> Why would you even suggest that? Probably malicious intent. Or they genuinely believed that. Probably malicious intent though. Maybe directed at you. Why would you even ask that?


Or register yourself as a sex offender


Now you're cooking with gas!


Not so much a shitty tip as it is an incredibly effective tip.


I bought a condo is a building with only studios and one bedrooms. Now i am suspicious. But no kids.


Uh, fuck, how do you find this out? I just moved into a new place. Also last place I lived was only studios and there were at least two people with children. Really tiny studios. You'd think it'd be college students but nope. People are desperate.


Internet. You can look up so much on it. Most states have a registered sex offender database you can look up.


I wouldn't look that up. You'll find there's way more offenders then you would think


Did you ever feel peer pressured to fit in?


plot twist: he is the kid


“Oh no step neighbor what are you doing”




I lived in a similar place (studios and 1 bedrooms only). Discovered the same thing after someone tried to break in overnight while I was home and sleeping. I slept through the whole thing. Thank goodness they didn’t get in. I went online afterwards to see if there were any registered sex offenders. Found out there were a LOT.


George Michael?


You may not see this, but most senior apartments do allow one or two units to be rented to younger people. I live in one and I’m 25. It’s so so so nice.


can i ask, how did you go about finding the place? i feel like if i call the 55+ communities they’ll think i’m crazy for asking, but it sounds like a dream come true (am single, quiet, childless, and a daysleeper.)


We did get a bit lucky. We had applied to move in to a different complex, and the manager told us she didn’t have anything have available at that location. But she did have another property (our 55+ community) that was two months out. So we moved in with my mom and then moved in with the old folks. So just call and ask! They need the young people to avoid being an official retirement home that offers nurses n shit.


i never would’ve thought of doing that, but it would be totally worth the leg work of calling around. thanks!


I’ll look into that!


Unfortunately families aren’t the only people that make noise. Personally, I’m struggling a ton with neighbors in their early 20s who throw loud parties and blast music all the time.


It's 02:30 at night and I literally *just now* returned from asking my downstairs neighbor when their party is gonna end. Thankfully he apologized and agreed to keep the noise down (unlike some other neighbors in the past...) Mind you, they were playing music so loudly that they didn't even hear me ring the doorbell until the eighth time, when I leaned on it for half a minute. Edit: to everyone who suggested calling the police: I always attempt to talk it out first. Most people, surprisingly, aren't assholes and will be fine with turning the music off when asked nicely, which is what happened here. That said, there is one neighbor who would argue with me. Turn the volume down? "But I just got home from work and I wanna relax!" Buy headphones so you won't disturb anyone while you're playing videogames? "I can't wear headphones, I have sensitive ears!" (B-tch I have sensitive ears too, which is why I want you to lower the volume.) At some point he got fed up with me asking him to keep it quiet, so every time I rang his doorbell he would ignore me and not even open the door. So I started calling the police when this happened. At some point he even *ignored the police banging on his door*, and afterwards he started telling everyone that he had been sleeping, not making noise, and that I was using the police to harass him. The amount of parties at night is (sadly? luckily?) too low to actually file a formal complaint with the corporation who owns the building. I wouldn't have much of a case. Luckily, apart from *that one neighbor*, my other neighbors are nice and decent people who will oblige my requests for less noise. (One neighbor even warned everyone ahead of time they'd be having a party by sticking a note to the entrance door, so I packed an overnight bag and visited my mom that day! If only all neighbors would do that...)


It wasn't the 2:30 AM Friday night parties that annoyed me. It was when it was on random weeknights, and even the cops had trouble getting their attention to answer the door and turn it down. Tuesday night was a favorite for some reason. Luckily I live somewhere quieter now and just have to break up the random pool party now when people break into the pool after closing.


I have a set of neighbors that party Friday, Saturday, and Sunday every single weekend. I'm honestly surprised management hasn't kicked them out yet, since they're subleasing but it isn't a weekend night if I don't hear the sound of something crashing, and someone screaming over shitty pop music about how they regret their Winnie the Pooh ass tattoo. Not to say that it would be worse than a random Thursday, but it's something about hearing them on Sunday nights and knowing it's going to make my Monday morning worse that just gets me.


We'd never hear anything other than the excessive bass, luckily I suppose.


Yeah. It probably doesn't help that my bedroom shares a wall with their living room, admittedly. I could still hear them from the living room, but at least not to the level of hearing their conversations.


>Tuesday night was a favorite for some reason. A lot of retail jobs have different schedules. The traditional M-F 8-5 is typically a "perk" reserved for senior staff. Tuesday was probably their "Friday."


I had the pleasure of finding a nice apartment building, mostly old folks, it was kinda far from schools, thought I was fine, you know? Well, most people were nearly deaf, loud TV blasting from all sides! The worse part was the upstairs neighbor, alcoholic, also near deaf, would go to bed at 7AM and wake up at 5PM. TV and Bass to the max from 9PM till 3 AM. I tried talking with him, I got the landlord involved, but that was during the covid, it was gonna take months to get the guy out. I was wearing high grade ear plugs for -40db, but that wouldn't stop the bass. I still get anxious just thinking about that hell hole.


I fucking hate being poor


100% this. We have dealt with way too many neighbors that have no families but bring their buddies over for drinks, loud as ever, until 4am on a Monday/Tuesday. This was while I had to work two jobs and take care of a special needs son. Landlord basically did nothing. Ended up just buying noise canceling headphones and suffered through it.


I once lived beneath people who kept me up until 4am 7 days a week. Constantly playing boom boom pow by the black eyed peas. That song and that band now give me insane rage when I hear it. Even after asking, telling, yelling, I eventually got them evicted after multiple complaints. But I also moved incase it would happen again.


Struggling with a howling dog that likes to bark for hours on end.


How do people have so little regard for others...


In my 20s and still surprised by friends who don't automatically feel this same courtesy when it gets late. It annoys me that they get irritated when I suggest turning down the music for the neighbours.


Sometimes people surprise me for this very reason too. You suggest something out of courtesy for other people and they simply can’t understand why you’re thinking about others. Like it’s the stupidest thing to do.


Try living under a 12yr old gamer boy who wears noise canceling headphones..


Well he’s 12 and might not even notice. Kids are just insane and need to be parented, but when it’s adults it’s like wtf is wrong with you?


The adults who do it are just the kids who were never parented all grown up.


One of the reasons I left someone. 13 yr old adhd gamer son, up all night every night beating on walls and floor. Situation unchanged today except he’s 19 and she wants me back but no way. Young adults often like loud music and parties. Or you end up with a single person with a dog that barks all day while they are at work. Or a couple that fights a lot. Or an older retired person who need a hearing aid, tv is full blast all day and night. Just saying it’s not just kids, when it comes to apartment living, sometimes you just can’t win. Main reason I got a house, and I feel for anyone with a modest income trying to get one today.


At one of my old apartments I dealt with that. The way the building was laid out my bedroom window was right next to their living room....multiple times i had to go and bang on their door at 2-3am for them blasting music. Right before they got kicked out they did a four or five day bender. Lots of drugs and alcohol, music blasting from 8am-6am for that whole time.


Same, thankfully they moved out but a neighbors Yorkie and other small shrill barker barked all fucking day very often. And a huskey that’s left on the balcony and has woken me up on multiple occasions. Lots of shitty pet parents in our community


Oh my neighbors are easily in their 40s and still behave this way. Adults only should also include people willing to behave like adults.


I don’t know if this a regional thing. As far as I know, they do exist. I can’t say they bar you entirely but I’ve been told at least twice it was a childfree community - and not a retirement one. Note - I am in the US and my experience was in 2003. Y’all made me question myself so much I had to Google it to make sure I wasn’t remembering the experience incorrectly. I didn’t, it was a real thing and a real big problem in my home state. In 2004 it looks like 12 complex were sued for the bias. https://www.justice.gov/archive/opa/pr/2004/February/04_crt_068.htm Then there’s this read about the 55+ communities. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age-restricted_community


Yeah they definitely have them in my area. Usually billed as "professionals apartments". The only downside is they tend to be more upscale/expensive.


Try saying that in New Zealand. Youll be slammed by both sides in our current housing economy.


I believe they're a protected class, actually; I know as a landlord I could never reject an applicant because he/she had children without getting in BIG trouble for it, so I doubt outside of 55+ you could advertise "no kids allowed."


They are a protected class, also evicting a woman for getting pregnant is super illegal.


What if you had an occupancy limit?


This talks about it https://www.gblafairhousing.org/family-status/


I'm sure there is at least one landlord that has tried to do it on the premise that they're evicting the kid and not the mom.


“Eviction” is an arguably more positive spin than “abortion.”


Depends upon the political party.


Yeah and at least in California, “familial status” is protected


They do. My husband and I used to live in one, until I got pregnant and we had to move out. The majority of the residents in the two buildings were either students or seniors. Very quiet. Best building manager ever. Had we not had kids I would’ve been perfectly happy to keep living there.


Yeah i cant wait til im 55 and i can move into a childless apt itd be so nice i bet


You'd think but I went to visit my grandmother recently and discovered that she and all of her neighbors turn the TV volume wayyyy up after taking their hearing aids out for the night. It's better than shrieking toddlers but not by much.


My experience is that many of these communities are filled with busybodies who have nothing better to do than to keep track of everyone’s comings and goings and gossip about them. So it may be quiet but it is also like a 1950s small town


This whole thread makes me appreciate how little noise my neighbors make.


Makes me appreciate the truck that plowed into my neighbor’s house and made the house unlivable since the structure is no longer secure. Sweet quiet nothing.


Were you able to recover your truck?




Looks like you lost your truck license again. Also nice username


I lived in the city my whole life and relocated to a pretty rural area for a job and I have at least 500 feet from my house to any neighbors and it is fucking great. I have no idea if they make noise and I don't have to. Granted it is 45 minutes to the closest city which is pretty small (Santa Fe) so there are some drawbacks. It is a nice change though.


The problem with this thought is that it's not an unpopular opinion among landlords. Kids make for *terrible* tenants. They generate noise complaints constantly. They flush things they're not supposed to. They break fixtures and appliances, and generally increase wear on units. If landlords were allowed to discriminate around family status, many absolutely would. That's great for child free renters, not so great for people with kids who have nowhere to go. In my mind, a more pragmatic solution would be requiring certain standards of sound dampening for multi-unit rentals, or at least regulating the language around how landlords can advertise. I've lived in units where I can *just barely* hear my neighbors screaming at eachother, and I've lived in units where my upstairs neighbors tiptoing to the bathroom might as well be bowling. You don't know which you're getting until after you've signed a year long lease, and both units can be advertised as "quiet." That's the real bullshit of the thing.


That's true. My last apartment was a building made of what I imagine was an absolutely ungodly amount of concrete. I know the units around me were occupied but I never heard *anything*. Like, nothing nothing. No television, no music, no voices, no pipes. It was an older building - big units and built in the 1970s I think. They just don't make apartments like that anymore. I really loved that place. Would have gladly stayed but my ex and I had a nasty divorce and he refused to leave. I took the highroad and moved out. Most days I wish I hadn't.


I understand completely. Had a downstairs neighbor who worked nights as a stripper. Her job wasn't a problem for me. But her dog would bark until she got home then she always brought a "friend" home. So I would hear them having "sexy time" then the TV would go on full blast. She seemed to be Bi so when she got a girl friend that started living there, they fought day and night! Middle of the day while I was working from home, they got in a fight because the stripper girl used all the tampons and the girlfriend was going to kill her for not leaving any. I don't care that I was TA but I called the cops because of the threat and I was tired of talking to them about how I could hear their fights. Plus they were so loud, when I was on a work call they could be heard fighting.


Ironically I had really noisy downstairs neighbors too. Got so bad that we called the cops on each other. We instigated each other but never really talked or tried to talk it out face to face. A few years later I found it they joined the same gym I worked out at. I swallowed my pride and apologized to the wife who in turned profusely apologized to me as well! We ended laughing about how immature we were and how we could’ve handled it better. We’re now on great terms. Weird how that turned out!


Opposite for me. Tried talking to my noisy neighbors face-to-face from the start, it did nothing, and then the fuckers knew who was reporting them for noise complaints after that, and they started banging on my door, looking in my windows, and cussing me out for essentially wanting to live peacefully in my own home. It's a crap shoot.


Yeah it is. Sometimes you get those neighbors that don’t care about anyone but themselves. That one apartment I live in with them had a lot of weird loud neighbors. I was glad I left because weirder shit started to go down; drug dealing, domestic abuse and child neglect ( for which I instantly called the cops about! I don’t ignore that stuff!) and I just had to get out. I like in a much quieter place now and in a house. My house neighbors are normal which is nice.


I tried talking to mine. Neither they nor the building did anything about them stomping across the floor and slamming shit around at 3 AM. Looks like it could have been worse than telling me to my face that they aren't making noise


would have preferred you seduced the wife and had sex with her so loud the neighbor called the cops on you, but i guess thats why they say i have a “personality disorder”


Big brain.


Horton hears domestic violence and doesn't call the police. ​ "I'm sure their are 2 sides to this story..."


OP. Go over your lease with a fine tooth comb. Document every noise disturbance, particularly those after a "reasonable hour" for sleep. 9-10pm. Most lease agreements have some sort of language to the effect of 'peaceful enjoyment of your home, be respectful". After you have documented these disturbances with the landlord to a sufficient number then inform the landlord they are in breech of contract for failure to enforce community policies and you intend to terminate your lease if they are not remedied. Any landlord with common sense would be sending notices of eviction after more than a couple noise complaints, especially during sleeping hours. Noisy tenants are shit tenants who drive off trouble free tenants who are effectively passive income.


Usually the right to "quiet enjoyment" is also codified in some form in state or local laws. So, there is a good chance OP can document this for a few weeks, document that the landlord isn't doing anything, and break the lease. Of course, real life is never so simple -- the landlord could still try to collect rent, sue, etc even though if technically it shouldn't work. Basically, they should speak to a tenants rights attorney in their area to find out their options.


>document that the landlord isn't doing anything, What defines this? If the landlord sends an email or a leaves a letter for every noise complaint (but nothing more) , can you still make the breach of contract argument?


Yeah the landlord needs to actually resolve the issue, not just send an email. Especially the issue is stemming from his own property so he has the authority to do so. Keep in mind this is all very locality/instance specific. Also I am not a lawyer, just someone who had shitty landlords in Brooklyn and had small businesses so had to become somewhat familiar with law and liability stuff.


Sounds useful… if you live in an area where rents are going down. If rents are going up just ask - many landlords prefer to release an unhappy tenant and rerent at a higher rate.


Yeah, if I threatened my landlord with terminating my lease, they would probably just shrug and find the next tenant in 2 days.


Be sure you have a new place picked out first! They just might call you on it! Just think what headline do you think the landlord will prefer? "Landlord kicks out family of 8 during pandemic!" Or "Landlord let's 30's somethings break lease over noise complaints!" If you can get everyone else around them to want to do the same though you might have a shot.


This thread makes me appreciate the hell outta my cabin in the woods. My nearest neighbor is a half mile away. Can't even see the house from the road. At night all I can hear is the crickets and frogs and my own screaming kids. Shit.


Check your locale. Most locations have “noise ordinances” meaning it’s illegal to make over a certain amount of noise after a certain time (usually 10pm.) Constantly record instances of the noise and create a file. Time stamp the recordings so they can see what times the noise are. In addition, I would begin to chat with your management agency about either getting them to respect quiet hours, or breaking the lease. Or giving you the courtesy to move into another unit. Yes kids make noise, but there is a limit to that if sleep is affected constantly for a period of time. Do not be afraid to call the cops non-emergency line for noise complaints, if they are truly making it for a long time and the officers show up they will be told to quiet down. Continue building up your case and any documents from the police. This will continue to add pressure to the management agency and after a few weeks of constant issues might cross the threshold of legal territory.


This is what I came to say. Whoever is telling you, “yeah, but they’re kids”. A crying baby is one thing, but any other noise after a certain time is inappropriate.


That’s very true. They’re not infants or babies anymore, crying and yelling shouldn’t be that much of an issue and if it is, take the buggers to a freaking park to get it out.


Don't call the cops for a noise complaint, file a non-emergency police report, possibly over the phone. Maybe that's what you meant but "call the cops" kind of implies emergency call to most people, and you don't need cops showing up like that.


Well there are non-emergency lines for that reason. They should definitely not call 9-11. That’s a good way to get a pissed off officer


This is why the top floor can be amazing.


I agree. When I lived in NYC, I always lived on the top floor, my apartment wasn’t fancy but it was my quiet “penthouse”. One time I went downstairs to my neighbor to visit and my god, idk how people can cope with that noise.


Or builders/developers/landlords could actually put in the effort and money to soundproof apartments. I've had lots of idiot adult neighbours keep me from sleeping.


There are, you (we) just aren't in the rich boomer generation that get them


My upstairs neighbors are all over 18 and it sounds like a war zone up there every night. I think a better solution would be just to build better quality apartments. I pay $1800/month and the walls are like paper here


If there were adult-only apartment buildings, I guarantee you'd be living next to pedophiles. If no kids allowed, I'm thinking there won't be parks or schools nearby. Therefore, it being the perfect place for registered sex offenders to live to abide by the law.


And the problem would be...? But seriously if you don't have kids why would you care about living next to a pedophile? You wouldn't have kids they'd be interested in and wouldn't need to have schools or parks nearby.


It would be a problem for me, definitely. I’m so goddamn sexy that I could easily make a pedophile want to fuck a grown man. Worst part? They don’t even offer me candy. They just blather at me about all the Q shit and loli art they saw on 8chan until I pass out from boredom.


18+ wouldn't be enough to be fair. College students are the loudest motherfuckers you'll ever meet. Parents at least attempt to give kids a bedtime. College students tho, 4am playing drunk bowling on the hardwood floors upstairs.


Yep, I lived above two college aged guys and they would blast music so loud that the potted plants on my floor would reverberate. I got cool with them and they eventually chilled out, the occasional weekend party would get out of hand but I didn’t bother them


I got lucky to not really have any shitty college kids, but my girlfriend had a group of kids above her who partied every night. One night we had to call the cops cause it was 3am on a weeknight, they couldn't do anything cause they quieted down as they got here, and then the guys yelled slurs and profanity for like the next hour off their balcony because they only quieted down because of the cop car pulling up. Guys got kicked out halfway through their lease because of repeated complaints from 5 separate tennants.


A unit is usually surrounded by 4 units, up down left right.... If you're pissing off FIVE tennants..... that means you're pissing at least one person off who lives TWO units away. If you're that loud... You're human garbage.


Thats what sucks about noise complaints, when and if cops show up, you chill out so they leave. They get back to partying , call in a complaint and they might not come the second time.


This. I'd honestly rather live around 100 little kids than ppl aged 18-24.


As a quiet person in that age range, I feel an urge to defend myself.. but I was also woken by a Eurovision rave at 4am by my similarly-aged neighbors in the last week so I suppose you have a point.




Hey, gotta keep the property taxes low somehow.🤷‍♂️


Gift them condoms next


That’s a bit like locking the barn after the horse is gone


At least he's preventing the other horses from getting out


There's a couple kids around my place that just scream all day and night. I've told the landlord over and over and he always comes back with some shit like, "They're your kids in your house, sir." And I think this is just the landlord trying to avoid the situation.


I live in an apt building w zero kids (most studios and 1 BR, some 2BR so its not something most families want). It’s glorious. Also no pets allowed so it’s pretty quiet most of the time.


That’s what we thought we were moving into!! Instead, we have a family that is so dysfunctional and annoying that we can’t sleep for 4 straight hours without being woken up by them.


What size apt do they live in? Cant imagine 8 people in an apartment. In your next building ask what the ratio of studios vs multi bedrooms is. And if u can, get the floor layouts. I used to live under a 2 br apt w 1 small child that would either ride its tricycle or scooter at all hours. Now i live on the top floor w a studio below me. Almost no noise.


I don't understand places that say yes, have as many kids as you want, but no, you can't have a quiet sleepy kitty


Because they legally can't say no to kids or they definitely would. Kids cause way more property damage than pets


Well they can't stop you from having kids. It's against the housing fairness act to discriminate based on familial status (having kids). In fact children can interfere with occupancy limits as well. For example if your state/local ordinance says that occupancy limits are 2 people to a bedroom, generally speaking you can bring an infant into a 1br apartment.


I don't think your opinion is unpopular, people just knows it's like that, sadly. What's unpopular in my opinion the rules you want to apply.


What does “decide not to have the child” mean?


My college apartment complex has only adults and let me assure you that it is loud as fuck at all hours


I would have paid extra for a retirement home being a 20 something. Not only do older people generally have pretty good advice, or even home remedies, but the pot lucks at these places are fucking insane.


My apartment is super quiet and my upstairs neighbor is an elderly widow who plants flowers around our unit and regularly gives me baked goods. It’s wonderful


I can't imagine living under all that. I resorted to moving out of my bachelor apartment that I had been living in for 14 years over a similar situation and also got no sympathy from people because "they're just kids, let them play". The mother couldn't care less the stress and disruption she caused me during when I lived there, and that I'm still experiencing now due to having moved and paying much more in rent than before. I agree, there should be adults only apartments or at the very least, parents should be controlling their kids. I remember growing up, if I had ever behaved like that inside the apartment, my mother and grandmother were very quick to tell me to behave. No child should be ringing a doorbell to a point where you have to remove the batteries or be jumping or screaming inside the house.


Even if they could keep all the families on the ground floor or to one side of the building it would help a lot.


I’ve been saying this for years 😭 I’ve considered paying a senior to get me senior living to avoid living with ppl with kids and with unruly animals.


My landlord tried evicting me when I got pregnant and ended up having to pay for me to move out. And I lived there rent free over a year while the case went on! Asshole. But as a mom of one who likes her quiet - I am all for this. The mom across the hall from me has a kid who just periodically screams. My child will be asleep by 7. My gf will be over and its like 11 pm and the kid still screams every 30 mins MAX. 15 during the day. Just "ahhhhhhhhhhh" why?! I would look at my child so crazy she would just know!


Why have kids if you're not gonna raise them? I hate that kind of parents. Of course there's gonna be SOME noise with kids but 24/7 isn't normal.


They have 6 kids under 8, some are definitely extremely young. It sucks, but if you have babies crying there’s not always much you can do about it. And that’ll probably wake up the other kids. It’s irresponsible to have that many kids if you can afford a large enough place to live, but just because they’re noisy I wouldn’t say they aren’t being raised. So many young kids in such a small area.


In New York they would be forced to change apartments in the complex or totally move out. I would keep complaining and ask that they come up with a solution you can live with. These people need to be moved to a ground floor apartment. Some noise is expected, but I can't imagine living under a family of 8 living in a 2 bedroom apartment.


In NY? Where in NY would they be “forced to change”. I’ve lived all over Queens and never has anyone been forced to leave because of a noise complaint. Shit, cops don’t even show up at times if you call with a noise complaint because they don’t give a shit. I’ve recorded neighbors blasting music past 3am as proof and neither cops or the landlord gave a shit because they got their money. This was a nice apt building too, not a scum lord. You must have a good relationship with your landlord, especially in NY, it’s extremely difficult to evict a tenant.


I’ve had upstairs neighbors with no kids that made more noise than upstairs neighbors with kids. Being disturbed when your just trying to relax sucks whether it’s from kids running around or from adults having nightly parties.


TIL the some assholes think normal 50-year-olds are "retired". I wish...


Homie, come live in my building it's all people 25+ with zero child drama. Plus the city (Halifax) is dope as all hell


6 kids under 8 ?? I actually like kids but that’s fucking disgusting, sorry. Who needs that many kids these days. Completely unnecessary .


Seriously. Plus, the parents don’t do anything to keep the noise down!! The dad literally said “We don’t use the No word in our house”.


She needs to start saying no to dad.


That is just horrible! They are not doing any favors for those kids. Kids need boundaries and to be told no. I hate parents like this.


That's infuriating.


6 future felons coming from that attitude...


> "We don't use the No word in our house" Way to raise a rapist...


Because the kids are required, so parents can "earn" their benefits


God this is posted every freaking week.


Too lazy to scroll through all of these comments, but check occupancy limits for your state. I’m in CA and we only allow up to 5 people in a 2 bedroom apartment. If there are 8 people, the management office should technically serve them a notice saying they have to move. Each state is different, but I still feel that 8 would be too many for any state. This comes down to safety, really. If the occupancy guidelines are not being followed after you check and the management refuses to do anything, submit a complaint to the housing authority, as well as the BBB, as they will act as a middle man. I work in property management and occupancy standards are strictly enforced at all times.