The lack of split-screen/couch co-op games that exist anymore is absolutely absurd.

The lack of split-screen/couch co-op games that exist anymore is absolutely absurd.


This is a very popular opinion for anyone old enough to remember couch co-op games tbh


Oh yeah dude remember them halo days?


This is what I miss the most! A long two player campaign that's challenging, rewarding, and fun! Unravel 2 and Rocket League are fun like others suggested, but nothing beats a good first person shooter with two people.


Aw dude I used to play the whole Modern Warfare campaign (MW1-3) with my friend on my Xbox 360. Good times


Man I miss those days of staying up all night tryna play that shit, good times lol.


If you're an FPS fan. Personally I'm mad at the lack of Need For Speed (especially Hot Pursuit)-like games with split-screen racing


I was going to say they didn't need to develop games past Super Mario Kart, but then I remembered Halo.


Oh I membeh


Ohhh membeh tawn taaaawns???


The only reason I'm not buying another Xbox is no halo couch co op. My buddy is a PS fan and so I'll switch to PlayStation this next year. I'd rather play online PlayStation games with my friend than halo by myself.


Yeah I feel that. I don't game much anymore but damn I miss those couch co op days where the only worry in the world was whether you had any mountain dew left in the case or whether you were gonna get any fucking further in the campaign without your buddy shooting at you because he can and making you lose health points.


Oh God the ol back stab for fun moments. Where you can die, laugh about them and than grab another Mt. Dew. For you and your buddy, and then start over. Sigh I really miss those days. I'd make cheap cheese dip for my friends and we would play for hours after school every day. So much fun.


Quit screen peeking!


Go back further- Goldeneye on the n64!


Y’all remember Lego Harry Potter?


Those were the days!






License to kill. Pistols. No oddjob.


If you unlocked all the characters, no second moonracker (she was also short like Oddjob)


A man of culture, I see.


This is a very popular opinion when you're two gamers in a relationship and just wanna play something together and have fun without it having it to be online and competitive :c


They still exist with nintendo at least.


Especially considering how much larger TV screens are these days. Even a 40" TV is the perfect size for 2 person split screen. As opposed to every single CRT TV I grew up with.


I remember when I was a kid my parents won't buy me any console so I went to my best friend house to play with Nintendo (yes I'm that old) and playstation 1. Damn gaming with your friends on the couch, split screen, the laughs and the fights ahah. I absolutely in for progress (online multiplayer and such) but the industry has slowly stripped this feature from most of the games.


Forces everyone to buy more consoles and games... all comes down to greed.


I have the same struggle but my and my friend found two amazing games on the PS4: A Way Out and Unravel Two.


Plus the recent It Takes Two, from the same creator of A Way Out. He's a genius.


Checked it out and it looks amazing. Thank you. Definitely on my list now.


I played it and dr.hakim is both extremely sexy and absolutely spinechilling.


He's made some great movies here in Sweden too. Check out 'Kopps' https://youtu.be/QybSuNl2KdQ


Was going to recommend Unravel 2! Overcooked 2, Castle Crashers, and Portal 2 are also excellent.


CASTLE CRASHERS huge recommendation.


My husband and I played unravel two and had so much fun. It was my first PS4 game. Also would suggest Sackboy for those that like unravel 2.


It Takes Two is also fantastic. Sure it was mentioned but it deserves to be plastered on this thread.


Honestly A way out was pretty mediocre, and the story wasn't very good either. I don't understand why people like it so much It takes too is way better though


A Way Out is stupidly bad. Where was the challenge? My friend and I wanted to feel like we were actually putting our heads together and working out a plan on how to break out of prison, but all we got was linear shite where everything is laid out on front you of so you literally can't go wrong. And it only got worse after prison... that shootout at the end? Hahahaha


Agreed. I thought it sucked balls, same with Unravel Portal 2 is the one worth sinking time into. Battle Block Theatre was pretty fun as well


I don't know how many of these you tried, but here is some of my favorites Divinity: Original Sin (1 + 2) - top down D&D like games, pretty fun, kept me playing solo for a few years Rocket League - Car Soccer A Way Out - Prison escape I'm away from home coming back from a track meet, I'll update this when the headache goes away. Edits starting: u/Dr-Sushi recommended overcooked 1 and 2, I can't believe I didn't add those first, really fun games


DOS2 is one of my all time favorite games. However it has a pretty steep learning curve lol


Yeah, I love how it implemented main characters with their own goals besides the main quest too.


Mine too. All the more reason for OP to take it on! It's not like he has a backlog of couch co-op games to get into.


True but it depends on the type of game. If OP is looking for something to just casually pick up and player with their partner, it’s good to know that DOS just isn’t really that type of game. It’s a game that will require a lot of investment to be successful


Shout out to Larian games (Divinity Devs). I emailed them right at the start of UK lockdown about used their music for dnd that I was streaming to kill some time due to being locked inside, nothing crazy, just a few friends and 10-20 or so viewers. And they got back and said I could use their music on my campaign, with attribution. So I got to upgrade my music x1000 for my shitty dnd game. Respect was earned for a games company writing back and being genuinely nice on the email. They seem like cool dudes.


Oh, they definitely are, they listened to the fans and added the arenas to definitive editions, that added new plot to it, and all of this they definitely didn't have to do because it originally was supposed to be a port to the next gen of consoles


Overcooked 1+2 one of the best couch game out there!


1st is better than 2nd. Purely because of soundtracks.


I liked both the same, 1st is harder indeed, but 2nd has wider range of levels and feel so good to have more stuff to play :3


I love Rocket League. When my mate told me about it I thought it was absurd, and now it's the game I play most often. And it's FREE!


Does DOS1 make DOS2 less confusing? I played 2 with my sister, and I really enjoyed it but I felt like I was missing some of the plot.


Oh, definitely yes, in DOS1 you're playing as a source hunter and it explains more what source is, and since that's a huge plot of 2 I think it does


Battle toad is incredible too!


I'm an aspiring game dev, and if I ever finish a game it'll 100% have splitscreen. I had a bunch of fun memories as a kid and if I ever get the chance to give that to someone else it'd be a no-brainer.


Yay, thank you in advance!


They’re making a new Left4Dead game, but idk if it’ll have split screen. It def should, that game is a blast to couch co-op. Also Nidhog is a really simple game that’s a lot of fun.


It looks to me like it’s not going to


Funnily enough, dyk the pc version of L4D actually removed the split screen function? Most pc ports do in fact, which is really fucking dumb.


On steam there’s a mod to use to play split screen. We use it all the time.


How the fuck do you split-screen a pc, two keyboards? Like how do you both play.


We use our PlayStation controllers hooked to the computer through a usb cord. You can configure the controller settings to correspond with l4d’s move buttons. You would just need to subscribe to the split screen mod and type in the code on the developer console section of the game.


Just connect controllers?


The answer you are looking for is Borderlands


Oh hell yeah 2 still the absolute best after the disappointment of 3, 2 still shines the brightest. We still bing it from time to time


If you can get a Nintendo Switch, I would highly recommend it. My boyfriend and I love playing two player games together and have found plenty with the Switch that we really like.


Can you recommend some?? My husband and i are at home a lot this days and we were talking about playing together just this morning!


Snipperclips is a good couples game


Omg you need to get Overcooked 2.


So you want them to have a divorce?


Yes, I'm single so I don't want anyone else to be happy so I recommend this game to couples so they become miserable like myself 😈


We already played it and we rage quit about 5 levels in


Lol why? Too hard or didn't like it?


It was kinda hard but when the music starts to get frantic and things move around we start yelling like "get that! Nooo go the other way! THE OTHER WAY DAMMIT!" It just stop being fun lol


Lol just don't take the game too seriously, and honestly the game is fun when you change your strategy and keep trying until you find one that works.


You assume we are chill people... We are not lol


Family feud, rogue heros (Zelda), Mario party, cuphead, no reload heroes, cupcake bash, boomerang Fu, monster high prom date, 1-2 switch, Rayman legends, Jamestown, Mario 3D, dk country tropical freeze


Thank you!!


I highly recommend Assault Android Cactus+ It’s a top down twin stick shooter that, while short, is an absolute blast. Has 4 player local co-op and 9 characters total all with unique weapons.


Mario party sucks(latest installment).


I really liked super mario party on switch, the only issue I really had with it was the small amount of boards, other than that it's a really fun party game.


Boomerang Fu is one of our favorites and we also like Human Fall Flat, The Game of Life 2, and pretty much all Mario games.


Mario kart


Even while some of them aren’t coop my wife and I have found playing certain single players games together is a lot of fun. For example we take turns playing Pokémon snap levels and help choose the photos together going back and forth each new level. And even though it was an easy game the coop on let’s go evee was fun because we were looking more for a game to play together rather than a game we were both playing if that makes sense. This works for any 1p game if you can find a way to both participate (in Skyrim my wife makes all choices on where to go, who to kill, and what to do while I just follow orders)


The new tomb raider games are good for this as well, just take turns


Bruh Switch games are stupid expensive and the switch is more of a novelty more than any other console. Considering that his friend can't afford an Xbox one, no point in making him buy a switch and not use it for any game as all of them are 40-60$.


I always buy Switch games on sale on the Nintendo Shop, so I never spend more than $5 on a game a lot of the time.


Probably because you only buy indies. Any remotely famous title will easily cost you around the 40$ ballpark or even higher.


Can buy a physical copy and when you’re finished, get most of your money back. They hold their value really well for some reason.


Well they hold there value because Nintendo doesn't lower there price at all over time. So its a good and bad thing I guess lol.


You mean selling it on the used market? Well, that works but I don't think it works for a lot of replayable games like Mario Kart 8 or SSBU or BOTW. You're right about other games tho.


In that case if he can find an Xbox 360 there are a plethora of single player split screen games they can dabble into. You could probably get a 360 and 5 games for less then 100 USD


I have a son who's just getting in to video games and out of my huge collection of games there are only a few that we can play together (mostly sports games). I also hate the huge focus on online multiplayer but mostly because of the lack of dedicated single player games. There are so many games I see announced that look really cool but then I find out that it's just the next live service "destiny" type game. Online multiplayer used to be an extra on top of the single player, now it seems like most games are designed for online and the singleplayer mode seems like the afterthought.


Yeah i want games with an actual story rather then some online only thing.


I remember watching a documentary on this. So basically because things are so graphics intensive, getting split screen now would mean that graphics and frame rate would take a major dip. I too miss the days of couch co op, but I think that it be reason it’s not a priority isn’t because of the push online but because it’s actually easier to program instead of trying to program a system to run it twice. Again, I know nothing about programming and it’s been a while since I watched the documentary but there is a reason for it besides them just not wanting to do couch co-op.


I do agree with this. However, the new generation of consoles have come out so this argument isn't that valid anymore since consoles can now do 4k 60fps easy with some light raytracing so, couch co-op shouldn't be a problem since even halving the resolution still means 1440p which is pretty high enough.


Also it’s better for the companies to sell two consoles/devices and the same game twice than only once.


It's probably *a* reason, but it's silly to overlook the fact that there just isn't much demand for it. Online play is preferred by most people in most situations.


There's a lot more demand then you think in houses with kids. It's just that kids aren't the ones commenting here. They fight over who gets a turn, when I was younger we all played on the same Xbox.


Do you remember name of the documentary by chance?


It’s just an investment that most video game creators have not found worth their while


Well that's pretty obvious but it's still dumb


I'm working on a retro style shoot em up and I want to put two player co op in it. The problem is that it takes some extra work like if you have a store or an inventory that needs to keep track of data. I'll get it working eventually though.


Yeah, but more people have to start asking for it


How do we ask for it? Like...email the developers, make an online petition, make a post like this and hope it gains enough traction to stir up attention? Cause I love split screen and am glad a newer game like borderlands 3 still had it.


One way would be to find games to support through crowdfunding, and vote to get splitscreen/one console multiplayer as a stretch goal.


The only way to ''ask for it'' in this world, I mean the \*\*only\*\* way that works, is with money. Sadly that's the only way they would listen and start making more co-op games. If people stopped spending so much $$ on online multiplayer games. And more $$ on local co-op games. Then \*\*I guarantee\*\* you things would change. But since this won't happen and people love online multiplayer so much, there's absolutely nothing you can do, short of supporting co-op games on crowdfunding sites. Developers just give the majority of players what they want. That's the bottom line.


True true


not dumb bro, multiplayer games are way better because of the replayability, everytime you start a match its a new experience, while co-op games are mostly focused on story, which means that once you finish the game there is nothing to do besides playing it again, and imo this is not fun at all. plus its not worth to spent years making a game that 95% of the players will forget about in 1 year or less (a way out for exemple) if you can make a multiplayer game that will last for years.


Stardew valley, terraria and Minecraft are really great co-op games, though they are more sandbox games if anything. Halo and shooters used to have split screen. Also even if it's just story split screen would still be an amazing way to play through a story. I still don't see how implementing split screen is that hard


Because no one wants it, thats the truth. I face the same problem with bots, i only play online when im playing with my friends, if i just want to have fun i prefer to play with bots, but no one wants it so why would they bother to make it?


You're commenting on a post where someone is literally asking for this feature so obviously *someone* does want it. It's not as popular as it once was with how easy online features have made playing together but there is still a demand for it.


I think "no one" was rhetorically hyperbolic.


There used to be a time when online games had splitscreen. The only one I can think of is Minecraft.


Borderlands 2.


army of two Resident evil 4,5 & 6 Almost every call of duty GTA SA


well, they don't get to sell as many games, so there's that.


Towerfall is a really fun game with great couch co op! I know it's on PS4 and Nintendo Switch at the very least. And I think PC too. It's a ton of fun!


I don’t like how it takes four hours just to download the game before you can even play it I miss when youd go to blockbuster or Best Buy and pop that CD and see those happy colors and start playing an amazing game and developing core memories


Honestly same but I bet it has to do with physical limitations on disks, so it's not that big of a deal but definitely annoying


There could be 4 discs... still faster. I had games way back that came on 4 CD’s....


Those games weren't gigabytes in size.


worst part is I have a 200gb monthly data cap. I can't play any games on my new gaming PC that I couldn't on my old laptop


Why not copy them over the network from your laptop to your PC?


It caught fire. I need get SATA cables to connect the drives lol. And even then I only had low end games like csgo and league on it


this gives me memories of cod modern warfare 2 splitscreen. Totally agree


We were halo 3 kids but I understand the nastalgia, it was a golden time


My lil brother used to beat my ass everytime...ah good times.


You can play the current one split screen. It's not fun but you can!


I love how everyone is mentioning the same 5 games over and over. The fact is OP is absolutely correct, games that used to have split screen campaigns no longer do and the very few games that have split screen options are more arcade like (nothing wrong with that, they're great fun). There needs to be more games that have gears of war style action and triple A game quality in a split screen package.


Halo infinite will have couch co-op


Rocket league can be fun, although it's challenging.


I hate the punks that think defending involves purely staying in the net leaving it 2 v 3 for the whole game.


Minecraft, Call of Duty, Halo and Mario Kart are the best split screen/couch co-op games I can think of


All the LEGO games are great fun especially if you're a completionist. I played LotR with my friend a couple times and it was proper fun


I've found the quality of Lego games is inconsistent. LoTR is fantastic, Harry Potter is pretty good, but Indiana Jones is terrible.


Yeah, the difference in time they were released in. Pretty sure Indiana Jones was one of the earlier ones while Lotr came out years later. Star Wars is also a good example, the first one is very low detailed




Obviously a second chair is required for the desktop to sit.


I miss couch co-op :/ all my friends over playing blur :(


I believe Steam had a tag specifically for Local Co-op. 20XX is one example of this.


I 100% agree. Dying Light would be the best game ever if it had split screen.


Nahm sayin


It's all a big fuckin marketing scheme, less couch co op and more online co op means you gotta buy a system of your own. So they make more money and sell more product.


Meh I'll buy a second tv and a new Xbox whenever I can afford it some day 😂😂


I don't know if you've tried it yet, but my friends play lovers in a dangerous spacetime all the time.


Try Overcooked. I started playing that with my brother and we've never been better with each other


A switch is pretty nice. Nintendo sticks to their guns about appealing to children and couch co op family fun.


How is this an unpopular opinion?


Battletoads my friend, Battletoads


My husband and I enjoy playing couch co-op together. We are lucky and have a ps2,ps3, ps4, a ps4 pro, 2 switches and computers available to play on. We were frustrated at the lack of quality for a long time. We chose to look for older hidden “gems” but those are finite. I don’t think it’s wrong to ask for couch co-op games to be more of a thing... I mean I love the borderlands series but how many times can we really play it together... and don’t get me started on the flashlight holder joke that was player two in one of the resident evil games... I mean seriously?


Gaming is so devoid of soul nowadays ive started going back into real life


It was always a niche that the LEGO games filled really well, they were always great fun playing co-op, Hell they even designed the game to fit co-op properly. It's perhaps not the best alternative, but you could look at some of the Tales games available. Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Vesperia (both on Steam) have a sort-of co-op, obviously only one of you controls the character on the overworld map, but in the battles (which are like 70% of the game anyway) you can have up to four people controlling each of the party members, and you can both still enjoy the story and characters together.


Castle crashers has always been a fun one


Crawl and castle crashers Check em out Fire


Yeah I recently built a pc and I've moved my ps4 out to the lounge room as like a family gaming thing and there are so little splitscreen games and the ones that are splitcreen aren't like an enjoyable game just a vs mode or a mini game.


Preach it brother


True, no point in having a second remote anymore.


Play dungeon defenders Many hours of fun for a great price!


And let's not forget the fact that if you want to play online with your friends on consoles, you have to pay.


I can’t imagine this is unpopular. Everyone wants couch coop back. Especially because we have the TVs big enough to make it fun now.


Yeah, I tried playing BOCW zombies with a friend on split-screen and it was terrible. The resolution sucked, the framerate was terrible and it just seemed as if it was rushed. We played BO2 zombies later on a shitty PS3 and it ran better and it was a way better experience.


My dad and I used to play the shit out of Resistance Fall of Man co-op back in the day


It’s because big game companies now know that most little kids just wanna play Fortnite battle Royale, be anti social, and buy the floss dance for their thicc character. So they can get away with cheap games that are full of micro transactions and don’t have any good split screen options


Dude... I just wanna sit on the couch with my wife and play video games. I don't wanna buy another console and game and pay to play online and buy another tv... That's like $1000 just for the first game.


Why would they let us split screen anymore when they can make us buy a second console instead. Honestly, sometimes I really hate the scheming they do for money.


I grew up with split screen! Left4Dead was and still is my absolute favorite.


A way out is one of the best splitscreen games ive ever played.


I really don't understand this. I really found it mediocre. And don't get me started on that predictable plot


It was probably that worst that I've played


Resident evil 5 6 and revelations 2, all Lego games, old lord of the rings games(forgot what's its called), it takes two, a way out, obscure 1 and 2


Microsoft/Sony: "Don't be poor then you little shit"


I mean it is good advice 😂😂 But also these comments are bringing me to see how split screen could be a problem, but considering it's still a relatively small thing I don't see why it shouldn't be on most games that have any type of multiplayer.


Honestly Ufc is a hell fun co op game imo get 3 the new one just doesn't seem to have enough new features to that are fun or worth the extra money Borderlands in general is a fantastic choice aswell


Can't get him into fighters he gives up after like 2 tries 😂😂


I know it's not what you're looking for, but I'd recommend trying board games. Good board games (not classic titles like monopoly and scrabble etc) are great ways to spend time with groups of people while still playing games. And there are quite a few co-op options.


I would rather play online multiplayer over couch co-op any day of the week.




Why is someone who likes to play online a loner?


I don’t miss it. I find the split screen distracting and annoying.


The actual unpopular opinion instead of OP. Anyway I agree with you. I don't miss it either. I love how people just downvote instead of giving arguments. This sub is such a joke


No both your answers are jokes. The argument that its distracting does not make any sense as you dont HAVE to use it, its nice of games to offer it though


Yeah I agree, the most recent games I think from the top of my head are A Way Out and Ark. I think that because of the increasing relevance/importance of online, people don't care as much for coop, as they can get to play wiht their friends in online matches or servers. The coop/split screen mechanic is mostly reserved for puzzle games now IMO.


I've been loving the game It Takes Two, it's mandatory split screen.


I agree. Played It Takes Two recently with a friend halfway across the country and its so much fun




Ever tried a switch?


Yes indeed I have one, he ended up getting one for Christmas pretty sure it came from stimulus checks. Been tryna find some switch couch co-op games but been pretty difficult searching em and then watching a bunch of reviews. Any you suggest?


Divinity Original Sin 2, my man. A **highly** polished, super fucking excellent game. Couch co-op for days.


You should definitely get cuphead and castle crashers. Very good co op games, that encourage a lot of cooperation.


Definitely not an unpopular opinion


Have you heard of Nintendo? If you're playing on xbox its to play cod or to play halo. (And you can play halo spltiscreen if you didn't know)


Try Kingdom Two Crowns. My hubby and I's favorite.


Drive ahead Bouncy Basketball Those are two fun ones


Baldurs gate and Gauntlet were the best! The only problem with them was that you didn’t have to pay to play, so greedy companies lost out on a subscription.


I lost almost all intrest in console games when split screen got dropped