Gendered bathrooms with one toilet are pointless.

Gendered bathrooms with one toilet are pointless.


I’ve used a women’s room on accident. When I walked in I didn’t see anyone, sat down and started taking a big poop. A few mins later a group of women walked in, realized my mistake. Finished up, washed my hands and said sorry to the few women in there. Everyone laughed... at me 😂


When my child was younger, I’d often use the women’s restroom to change her diaper, since there was no changing table in the men’s restroom. I see them more now, though (now that I don’t need them).


It's a great thing that more places have them in men's bathrooms


I’m seeing them a lot more when bidding commercial office buildings. They will be labeled private “nursing” or “family” room. Many times I’ll see them on every floor.


As a new dad frustrated by this at the time, I’d always bid them into both restrooms whether they were spec’d on plans or not (as long as ADA and utilities weren’t factors). I’d quote out the cheaper KB100’s instead of the $1500 stainless steel model to make it as cost neutral as possible... 80% of the time it was accepted. The space is almost always there, and it’s not that expensive. Most architects just didn’t bother to put them in the men’s rooms.


Good work.


My mom was a big fan of the family ones because she could bring the baby, the 2 year old, the 4 year old, the 6 year old and the stroller in with her at once and not just leave them outside the stall and hope they don't wander off. A couple of my siblings required leashes. They would not have waited patiently.


>A couple of my siblings required leashes. Many kids should really be kept on leashes (unpopularopinion but it's true).


Facts. I would totally leash my daughter in public if it was socially acceptable.


It is relatively socially acceptable. Some people will judge, but they'll also judge public breastfeeding, how you dress your kid, what you feed your kid, etc. As long as you're not yanking the kid around or tying them to the bike rack outside of bars you're good.


My daughter is now 10, but when she was little we had one of those plush backpack animal leashes. It was great when we would go to the zoo or mall, especially when she was at the age where she didn’t want to be held and it didn’t make sense to put her in a stroller because she wanted to get out and walk and o didn’t want to push an empty stroller while trying to hold her hand. There are so many kids that parents turn away from for a second and they dart into the road and stuff. I really did not care if people looked and I never noticed any side eye from anyone


Oh man,.my kids weren't runners but I sympathize as I know several women with little ones who love to run off. Never judged anyone who's used a leash, it's so much better than a toddler running into traffic or getting lost.


In Singapore you will find family rooms in almost every single mall which is think is a great idea. The family rooms come with a little sofa, changing station and a water fountain


Even a lot of women's bathrooms won't have them and instead there will be one private 'family room' with exactly one change table that you have to wait in line to use. And the vast majority of them don't have so much as a lawn chair set up to breastfeed.


It's like no one has considered that if you wouldn't want to eat your dinner sitting on a public toilet, maybe women don't want to have to feed their children dinner sitting on a public toilet.


Breastfeeding should be done at the table where everyone else is having their lunch. Anybody who isn’t okay with that should eat at home.


But what if the woman is not comfortable with breastfeeding at the table?


Then she should eat at home! Haven't you been paying attention?




I breastfed at the table all the time never had an issue you don’t need your boobs on show it can be done very discreetly


Dont forget the baby! What if the baby is uncomfortable breastfeeding at the table? I know I would certainly be uncomfortable breastfeeding in front of my family (especially grandma and grandpa).


Yep, I’ve had to change my babies diaper in the managers office of Safeway before because there was no changing table and she was nice enough to offer! I’ve also breastfed just standing up in the bathroom because I’m not sitting on a dirty ass public toilet to feed by baby. No way. Luckily now I drive so I can just go to my car if I need to feed her, but before it was really hard having no other options than to just stand in the bathroom breastfeeding


>I see them more now, though (now that I don’t need them). Something always becomes available when you don't need it anymore. It's like driving and wanting a red light so you can stop to change the song on your iPod. For some reason, when you are wanting a red light, you never get it, but when you want green lights ? Every fucking light turns red. Life's a mystery....


Ashes to ashes, diapers to diapers. Don't be so sure you and diapers have forever parted. Knock on wood.


i once used one on purpose, i hired out a hall for a party one time and the hall had separate mens and womens rest rooms. While i was setting up (and nobody was there) i needed to poop and figured "well this is my only chance to poop in the ladies room, may as well take it" ​ Of course now at work i have a factory where there are 0 women, ive turned the ladies room into my own private toilet. I hired a woman for a while a few years back and was sad to give it up, but she quit like 5 months later and i got my toilet back :)


I work for a company where there are almost no women and the bathroom is the best part. I almost always have it to myself. It smells like watermelon bubblegum. There’s music playing in there. The stall walls and doors go all the way to the floor! Amazing


To this day i dont understand why stall walls and doors in america are soo small


To prevent Drug users. That’s my guess


My understanding was always if there was an emergency, not always drugs but sometimes injury or whatnot, emergency personnel can get you out of the bathroom. Knew a girl in college that had a seizure and that’s how they had to get her out of the stall.


Oh damn. In Europe ive never seen such stall doors as in America. Theyre normally completely closed from top to bottom but the lock is easily openable with a screwdriver or a coin from the outside






Planes are basically flying buses with toilets most dogs wouldn't want to use...but I am lmao, like you, I get outa there fast as hell because I can only hold my breath for so long and retch silently at the same time


Not only am I able to, I actually prefer public restrooms. It’s basically free TP


The problem is that it's almost always Texas TP.


That’s the other great thing tho, doesn’t matter what kind of TP because you aren’t paying for it and can use as much as you want!!


My ass deserves better than 1 or 2ply thankyou very much.


The elites don't want you to know this, but you can fold the 1 ply over as many times as you want.


That doesn’t change the fact that you now have multiple layers of rough port-a-potty grade tp. Elites know that isn’t about the number of ply(s?) it’s about the softness. If you have soft, lush, extra thick 2ply you only need 3 squares per wipe.


Thanks for keeping this conversation serious because it's a serious conversation.


If you grew up with a septic system, you'd find that stuff weird and off-putting.


Is there an option above 2-ply‽


You guys are getting 3-ply?


Try wearing headphones. Not being able to hear yourself takes a lot of the self consciousness away from other people hearing you. After doing that for a while I realized I just didn't care any more.


I've used the men's room purposely. It was one of those outdoor theme parks and the women's line went out the door and down the sidewalk, half of the women had multiple kids with them too. My son needed to pee, he wasn't going to make it waiting in that, I just took him in the *completely empty* men's room.


I've applauded that practice at every live show ... women's lines snake out the door, men's is wide open. Makes perfect sense. What the hell could be wrong with that?


I was drunk at a bar/restaurant and I rushed upstairs to the dining area cuz I really had to go. Went into a stall not thinking anything of it. Then some girls walked in chatting. I was too nervous they’d get the wrong idea, so I sat it out until they left and I was fairly sure the coast was clear. I put my head down and walked right out of the building in embarrassment.


This happened to me too once, I walked into what I thought was the men's room but all I saw were stalls, no urinals. I was on the phone with a friend when all of a sudden I hear a woman's voice I forgot what she said but I said oh fuck I'm sorry, and backed out fast, she was laughing her ass off, so was my friend on the phone.


It's funny to me how social behaviour can overcome natural stuff. We all know everybody make pees and poops but there's something unnatural that make us laugh in this situations. Am I tripping hard?


I did that as a little kid in the airport once but saw it was a men's restroom before I made it to the toilet stalls. Thank god 😂


Back in my college days, they had the dorms organized girls on top floors, boys on the bottom, or vice versa. Sometimes me and the boys would take phat dumps together on the girls’ floor.


At least use the toilets on their floor


By your username it sounds like you and your buddies were very close.


Don't care just don't be an animal and not flush or throw paper on the side with no bin.


I worked at a grocery store and both washrooms were consistently as bad as one another. One time, a lady had shat on the side of the toilet seat and down the wall.


That's nasty


Read that in Cleveland's voice.


I didn't read that in Cleveland's voice. Then saw your comment. Proceeded to say it out loud in Cleveland's voice. Well done.


Did that, then read this comment. 👌


me too, then I read your comment and laughed


Ha ha ha


As someone who cleaned pubs once upon a time I would actually say that women tend to be worse. Especially when drunk. I would rather clean piss from the floor than fish a used tampon from the back of a radiator


I've heard horror stories of womens bathrooms at bars. Apparently they can't aim worth beans when squatting over a bar toilet drunk. My bartender was just astounded at all the places they get piss on.


I used to clean bathrooms in a department store. The women's was always far far more gross than the men's. We had to clean shit off the seats and the wall pretty much on a daily basis in the women's. Also, found a turd in the dressing room once.


Legend has it that she was in there for fifteen minutes looking for the TP before she realized that was just a bench in a changing room


I hear from the women at work that their toilets are always in a far worse state than the gents with piss, shit and blood everywhere. Now I think the gents are bad because there's piss and shit in places there shouldn't be piss and shit but I let the ladies look around and while disgusted they unanimously agreed theirs was worse. Now I don't work with animals so I'm at a loss as to why the toilets are treated like this by either gender.


There’s no consequences for being an animal while using a public toilet. If someone makes a mess on accident or on purpose, they know they can just walk out like it never happened. Then next person comes in seeing filth and they just want to get the fuck away from that toilet as fast as possible, not caring if they leave a mess. This then snowballs to the next person and the next.


Literally every janitor or bathroom cleaner I’ve ever asked has said the ladies rooms are always worse. Boys do dumb stuff like stick paper to the ceiling, girls shit on the side of the seat and smear bloody pads on the door knobs.


I know you didnt just say smear bloody pads on the doorknobs


The irony being, maybe they didn't sit down on the seat because it might have been shat on in the past, and then they proceed to squat above and shit on the seat themselves.


I can tell this was an actual grocery store and not a Family Dollar, because you said "one time" I can tell you stories about bathroom atrocities that would make you grateful for the experience you mentioned


Ready, aim, fire!


I'm questioning whether you actually did that job or not because anyone who has worked anywhere with public bathrooms knows this one fact. The women's restroom is always 1000% more disgusting. Seriously. I don't know if women's brains just turn off in a public restroom.


The worst that usually happens in the mens is a broken toilet which is for a plumber to sort out. I always dreaded cleaning the womens


The last job I had was in a factory and I am good friends with the cleaning lady. Honestly, the men’s rooms were always worse and she’d even drag me in to show me. Yes, the women’s could get dirty, seems like some people forever where toilet paper goes or use the seat to wipe. But the men’s? Amazing things happened in there. I just want someone to explain how they can make it look like they sharted on the wall opposite the toilet? She would find urine and fecal matter on walls...not even a reasonable height like waaay up there. Used toilet paper thrown on the floor. Boogers. Even semen....several times....on the walls and ceiling ( I mean...kudos I guess) but why? Just really why?? Makes me wonder what people’s at home bathrooms look like if they leave that sort of mess for someone they barely even know to clean. What do they leave for their poor spouse?


People treat public toilets much worse than their own toilets. Some of those people who shart on the wall in public have immaculate home bathrooms. Makes no sense from an angle of respect for yourself and those who clean after you but oh well.


I had to teach my son that not all places have bathrooms, even if they do, the bathroom may be the worst thing ever and you'd hate stopping to try. I had to show him that better grocery stores and better gas stations have the bathrooms that you need and they'll be acceptable.


Oh you haven't seen anything. At a pervious job The female bathroom was connected to the women's locker room. I walked into the bathroom on my break, to go to the locker room when I saw IT. THE STALL. There was crap on the toilet, the wall behind the toilet, the floor, even on both sides of the stall. It was everywhere BUT IN THE ACTUAL TOILET. That was shiny clean. I stared in horror and ran to the locker room to see if anyone else saw it. I saw 3 Mexican girls huddled together on the bench. One looked at me with wide eyes and say "You see?! You see?!" They had to have someone strap into a hazmat suit and power wash the whole thing down. Nobody ever found out who did it.


[Sometimes there's shit on the *outside* of the torlet.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjVNOGEWzv4)


I worked at a bakery before and, I shit you not (pun), somebody diarrhea'd on the tile wall right behind the toilet. This was in Cupertino (home of Apple), huge Asian population. The only thing I could imagine as to how an entire dump got on the wall was somebody must've squatted ON the toilet like they do in those countries where they shit in the ground. Nothing else explains it unless somebody just wanted to be a bitch. 🤷🏽‍♂️


Can confirm. Used to be a flight attendant and on routes to and from countries where squat toilets are the norm, poop on the wall was a lot more common. I can’t even imagine what kind of balancing acts they’re doing in there.


Animal shithouse


Just don’t pee on the seat and we’re all good. I’ve used countless single-toilet men’s rooms when I have to pee and the line for the ladies’ is taking forever.


Guy here and your advice works both ways, once used a single unisex bathroom after a woman got done using it. I don't know what she did but looks like she sprayed pee all over the toilet seat and it was real wtf situation for me!, even worst I did needed to poop so yea... Still can't understand how she was going in the first place.


You encountered a Hoverer. Because some people pee on seats, there are women who refuse to sit on them. So they hover a few inches above the seat (or maybe more, depending on thigh strength)... but women don’t have the aiming capacity that men do, so they pee everywhere. And then leave it, because “Ew I don’t want to touch a gross toilet seat!” And thus the cycle is perpetuated. I find it endlessly frustrating, because if everyone just sat the fuck down we wouldn’t have this problem! I wish America would just adopt squat toilets in public places and call it a day 🤷🏼‍♀️


If we put squat toilets in public restrooms I would full on riot. They would be unbelievably disgusting with the way Americans treat bathrooms already.


Countless dropped phones too I bet


Squat toilets was my worst nightmare as a 4 yo


Whats a squat toilet


Got introduced to those in Thailand. With no paper.


Nah, that's not a regular hoverer, that's a *special* breed of hoverer. Who tf sprays piss all over the toilet? Plenty of women who hover have the ability to aim, and even if they don't, they clean up afterwards. That's just nasty


You say it’s abnormal, but I’ve encountered far too many piss-covered toilet seats in my time to agree with you—especially working in the service industry.


There are two kinds of people. Those who clean up messes they produce in the bathroom, and those who couldn’t give a fuck.


i often layer the toilet seat with toilet paper so i don’t touch the toilet seat.


Worked retail for 12 years. Would occasionally have to cover a janitorial shift. Mens rooms were always messy, piss on seat and generally paper everywhere. But the womens was always worse. Often times looking like a murder scene. One time I found shit on the bottom of the toilet. Not in the bowl, but on the outside of the toilet itself.


I used to believe this (women's room being messier) was due to having more children use them. Then I worked in a facility with no children allowed in the building. Now I still feel the need to apologize to children for blaming them for those awful messes.


I used to be a hygiene technician. Emptying sanitary bins and spending most of my days in public toilets. Women are by far, the nastiest, most disgusting things I've ever encountered. And im a woman lmfao, ive seen some things in bathrooms. Smh. On another note, I found a finger once in a sanitary bin in a unisex toilet. A whole finger, with a pair of men's shorts covered in blood. Wild.


Damn ! What did you do with the finger ? Did you call the police or something?


It’s beyond pee on the seat though. Every men’s room I’ve been in smells like urine, so you know it’s soaked in the walls/floor.


My University got "woke" and removed all single men's rooms. It became Single Woman's and Single Unisex. As a man with IBS, it didn't seem fair.


Woah my college did the opposite. Replaced all the women's restrooms with unisex but kept the men's rooms.


Oh mine did that too. I'm pretty certain it's because you just have to change the sign to turn a women's bathroom into a unisex bathroom, whereas in a men's bathroom you'd have to remove the urinals. So it's obviously way cheaper to just convert the women's bathrooms into unisex. I guess it's that funny intersection point where wokeness meets financial pragmatism, resulting in a solution that everybody hates


>you just have to change the sign to turn a women's bathroom into a unisex bathroom, whereas in a men's bathroom you'd have to remove the urinals. Surely the ideal unisex toilet looks more like a current men's toilet with stalls and urinals. It seems like a massive waste of time and space to me to have men going into a stall to urinate.


When the IBS comes a knocking I go a running! I’ve shit myself too many fuckin times to care what the sign on the door says, if it’s a single toilet I’m goin in!


How the fuck is it woke to have single women and single unisex and no single men? That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Just make all single restrooms unisex and be done with it


> How the fuck is it woke Hating men is about as 'woke' as it comes.


Women are a protected class, men are not. I mean figuratively, not legally. And specifically in universities.


Sounds like potential grounds for a lawsuit


Just use whichever one is open. If anyone bitches just tell them they aren’t woke and that you feel threatened by them.


My university turned all restrooms into unisex. Basically just looks like girls restroom with stalls and no more of those urinals for men. It was pretty weird when I went in a restroom with a girl coming in right after me and both of us shitting/farting. I couldn’t stand the embarrassment so I covered my ears everytime I let one out. I also notice when you get out the stall the other person won’t get out their stall until you leave the restroom.


I once waited in line for the men’s room (single use) while three women came and went at the women’s room. The last lady noticed and said I should use the women’s, and volunteered to stay there so that when I came out if there was a women waiting for the bathroom, she could explain that I used it because someone apparently crapped themselves to death in the men’s room and never came out, and she told me to use the women’s. It was a great way to get it done. But a few months later, it was just two bathrooms, no longer a men’s and women’s room, and I thought that was a smart move.


My dad gets embarrassed when I use the single toilet men's room because he says it's dirty. I guess guys pee on the floor. I do get what you're saying.


Guys do pee on the floor. It’s disgusting.


There would be no gender debate about bathrooms if all bathrooms were singles with a sink, a toilet, and a urinal. Just make every bathroom it’s own separate room. Problem solved for everyone.


That becomes very costly. How many individual toilets for a stadium need


Fuck it, one trough for everyone


One big mega trough


I have scars on my psyche from The Trough at Dodger’s Stadium as a little boy...don’t do it.


thats how bathrooms are in most restaurants, hotels and signinificant public places in my city.


Yes!! Individual use. One person only. Best idea ever


Utterly and incredibly inefficient for large stadiums, theatres, public meeting places. Grocery stores and restaurants would probably be fine though.


I don’t see why the stalls can’t at least be closed off. It wouldn’t even take more space.


Well yeah, that is how they mostly do it literally everywhere other than the USA. Why we have these terrible stalls with huge gaps I don’t know. Probably “big stalls” lobbying politicians or something.


i think it’s cus people need to be able to crawl out of the stall


Far too many of us Americans are too large to crawl out of a stall, even with the massive gaps they have.


Some companies use bigger gaps to discourage people from using their bathrooms


I’ve been to rich people places in the US. They get fully enclosed stalls. The big gaps are for us poor folks.


Five feet of wood is cheaper than eight feet. Any time you have a question like this, the answer is almost always connected to money.


Would be plent efficient if you had separate tiny toilet rooms instead of stalls and then one big wall of sinks across from it, and a separate room for the trough I suppose


Perhaps a separate urinal room that only has urinals will improve efficiency.


Alamo Drafthouse has a theater with a urinal only room.


And then you have woke places that have a woman's restroom and a unisex restroom.


No men’s room? Wtf mate?


Yeah, I don't get it. I've only seen it in vegan or hipster restaurants. The "gastrologist" explained it. I still don't get it.


If a restaurants need to hire their own gastrologist I don't think I want to risk eating there.


It was a "gastropub.". So they weren't cooks, and waiters, or bartenders. They all had different self agrandizing titles.


I figured, but in the real world the title gastrologist is for someone who specialises in studying stomach illnesses. I was being facetious.


Nah, it’s called gastroenterologist.


"Equality" sure ain't what it used to be huh.


> And then you have woke places that have a woman's restroom and a unisex restroom. Something similar happened at a place I worked. They converted all multi-person restrooms to "woman" and all singles to unisex across all floors. Would be bullshit, but everyone was pretty much on board with it. On any given day there were ~100 employees in the building, and maybe 5 of those were male.


We have these all over in Japan, at least from my experience.. I end up feeling really bad if I use the unisex one instead of the women's one (eg. if the women's one is occupied).


If anything it should be the other way around. Urinal room and toilet room


Yep. Urinals are more usage efficient, but not sufficiently private for women to be in there.


Can women with those camping funnels use a urinal?


I mean, yeah, but then you have to carry a pissy camping funnel around for the rest of the day.


I know that seems crazy but in these cases it's places that want just unisex bathrooms but every place has to have a women's only room by law. So you end up with that.


I didn't know it was a law. I knew that if bathrooms were provided, they had to be accessible to all protected classes. But I didn't know specifically women only. I'm guessing if a business only has one bathroom, it's exempt?


I don't really give a shit as long as their clean


If they are clean why wouldnt you shit?


That's one shitty pun


No shit


I've never come across that situation. I'm a guy, so if it's gendered there's at least a toilet cubicle as well as urinal. Otherwise whats the point


It's mostly in fast food places I've found. They have a bathroom that you lock behind you.


Public bathrooms with more than one occupant are a mistake. Anyone with badly timed diarrhea can attest.


Technically they’re called restrooms if the lack a bathtub.


Your comment made me remember than In 2nd grade our teacher made us call it the “lavatory”. I peed my pants because I couldn’t remember the word and she wouldn’t accept bathroom


what a nightmare of a human being.


I get what you're saying, but I think people are still uncomfortable with this. But yeah, it doesn't really make sense.


They are uncomfortable at what?; Using a toilet the other gender once used? Would they be uncomfortable if the place had one toilet and everyone had to use the one?


If you think about it, we already have those unisex, portable toilets at festivals etc. It's just more efficient.


I don’t think it’s the concept of using the same toilet with another gender that bothers people. Most women have lived with men at some point in their lives and use the same facilities as they do. My worry would be about cameras. This is more of a concern in some countries than others, but a possibility in all. I guess a woman could do it too, but it’s much more likely to be a man. This is such a problem in South Korea that women have to check for holes in public bathroom stalls to make sure they’re not being recorded or watched.


Why are the women’s lines always longer? (In my experience) 😂


Variables of women peeing: find a place for your purse, lay out the tp seat guard, secure your skirt so it doesn't touch anything, shimmy out of your pantyhose, the many variables of period management, shimmy back into pantyhose, etc. If it's a busy night and one of the stalls is out of tp, that gums stuff up further. Men, on the other hand, remove their tool, do their business, put it away and move on.


Basic anatomy. Tough to explain BUT it takes less time for men to pee due to this wicked sophisticated plumbing designed by the almighty.


Plus at any given time 1/4 of the women are on their period


You can fit more urinals in less space. Let's say a woman's bathroom will have 3 stalls while the men's room of equivalent dimensions will have 2 stalls and 3 urinals.


Urinals are more efficient from a usage perspective.


I always kind of took it as a way to split up waiting so that you don't get uneven lines, but I agree it is dumb. I actually accidentally used a woman's restroom one time at a bar and was wondering why they didn't have a urinal. Found out afterwards lol.


That doesn't really make any sense when you can just form even lines behind each one.


I’d actually suspect it would form less even lines as women tend to take longer


> I always kind of took it as a way to split up waiting so that you don't get uneven lines That's just part of it. Part 1) Each sex potentially uses bathrooms differently. Not all the time, and not everywhere, but there's enough real world samples to make it a thing. Women's rooms often get trashed quicker. Maybe it's being inconsiderate and flinging or dropping pads/tampons, maybe it's messy seats from hovering, or whatever the circumstance, but this compounds quickly, once there's a small mess, it quickly snowballs. One litterer or one germaphobe hoverer can create a situation where people who wouldn't normally begin to do the same thing. Mens rooms, despite often having a urinal, have a tendency to be less littered, but more frequent splash damage, as it were. This creates a situation where one may be more comfortable with their own sex's brand of being messy. Part 2) Psychology. The thought of this alone, even in a single-person bathroom, can help with a sense of security. That's not just during the act of using. Most people will be less embarrassed after taking a massive and smelly shit when they meet the same sex on their way out. Part 3) Legal considerations. Places didn't always have one bathroom for each sex. It became a thing because of public demand, and eventually, legislation(depending on local laws and/or building codes). Part 4) Redundancy. If one goes down, there's another to fall back on. AND/OR In some places there is a Mens, Ladies, and a non-gendered single use for overflow(no pun intended, just meaning long lines) or location(so you don't have to cross the entire venue to take a leak, I've seen this frequently in drinking establishments, but also in large buildings).


In my experience with these situations (been a lot of places thanks to past trucking work), nobody either notices or cares that much, especially if they’re also in line for the bathroom.


Yeah, people only really follow the sign on the door if it’s a gendered multi toilet bathroom. If it’s a single door and toilet it’s fair game.


I think its to reduce the amount of creepy peeper guys. In rougher areas, there is a ton of them. Its quite sick. When I worked in sales, I heard a girl who last did the job I was now working. She quit because there was one bathroom, and had to go reallllyyy bad. So she went in the stores bathroom. A guy the went in that same bathroom and started peeping and jerking himself off to her. She finished. And quit on the spot. It may not be perfect, but I think its good to give each their own space to be comfortable in.


I don’t get it. Usually one-toilet bathrooms have a locking door since only one person can use it at a time. Why was creeper guy able to come into the bathroom with her?


Probably wasn’t a individual bathroom but a multi-stall unisex bathroom.


Then that’s not what OP is talking about


From the post: >Gendered bathrooms with one toilet are pointless Everyone seems to be ignoring this. I already had a few nonsensical replies.


I don’t want him in the mens room either.


This. This is why we can't have nice things. Like toilets that say: _We don't care just keep it clean._


My 1st thought was it would work if it was single room toilets not a room with many stalls. I would be hesitant to use a restroom shared with both sexes. There are creeps that film in all sorts of circumstances . Granted most people just care about peeing/shitting when using a bathroom. Also seems like a good place for assault , it would look weird for a woman or man to go into a room not for them but if its shared ,it would not be a red flag.


local pub, 12:30 AM Saturday. I come out and there is a woman waiting to use the loo, in obvious distress. I tell her men's is empty, go ahead, I'll keep an eye out until she comes back out. She goes into men's, thankful. 10 seconds later dude storms up stairs, heads for men's, I tell him hang, is a woman in there. Woman's door opens, lady leaves so room is now vacant. Dude and I look at each other, I nod, yeah, I'll keep an eye out. He heads to women's.... another 10 seconds or so passes, both rooms are occupied and a few more people wander up the stairs for the restrooms. My drunk self has to explain why no one can go in to either bathroom to some seriously confused people. At the moment people are becoming irate, both doors open, both occupants walk out to the scene and everyone looks at one another, then starts laughing their asses off.


Sounds like an episode of some ridiculous tv sitcom.


This is more of a shower thought kind of post, I dunno.


I speak for all men here, please don’t ruin this for us.


they do it to lower risks of perverts installing hidden cameras to record people i guess.


Jeezums, I almost forgot that could happen. Gosh people can be sick ):


Same with dressing rooms.


I would logically think it is due to women not wanting pee all over the seats. That is what happens in all the male public bathrooms like this at the golf course. Wouldn’t know if the women’s is the same.. Edit: well clearly i was misinformed. Between the hovering and period blood, that sounds absolutely awful.


Bruh, my brother used to work at a cleaning company and he said that women's toilets are just as if not more disgusting as men's because not only is there urine to clean but also period blood!


Ah yes, whereas men are notoriously pleased to find piss on their toilet seats.


I love the nice warm feeling of sitting on others piss.


Men are probably less likely to care if they're also pissing.


Some women "hover" over the seat in public bathrooms and end up getting pee all over the place.


> Wouldn’t know if the women’s is the same.. I used to have to clean toilets as part of a job I done in college, women's are worse. In addition to what others have mentioned about women "hovering" and getting piss everywhere, I've never had to clean shit and blood off the walls of the mens toilets.


That image is terrifying


Yeah, objectively I don’t care, but then you get that issue and it’s gross. The best are the single stall ones that still have a urinal. Keeps the lines moving but the seats don’t get gross.


As a man this works in our favor in crowded situations to be honest. If there's only two bathrooms and they're open to either gender, you could have several women in line in front of you taking their sweet ass time in there which means you're stuck waiting longer than if there was a dedicated men's room.