I had an ex girlfriend who introduced me to the "poophole loophole".. basically she was almost exclusively anal because she didn't like what the pill did to her and there was minimal chance of her getting pregnant


Why the hell is she an ex?


*stares into distance, wipes tear from eye*


Oh, so sorry for you, mate.


It wasn't his choice


If your rear eye is tearing you've got a problem.


Tearing or tearing?


Either way sounds like a problem


That's conjunctivitis aka pink eye. Make sure you wash your junk after poking the trunk.




Was that Churchill or Orwell that said that?


Lmao this comment is better than mine


no its not. dont put yourself down like that.




No he said "nuke em all". Still brings a tear to my eye.


I believe it was Poet Laureate Jeremy Clarkson.


Why do people have "live life love" in their house when gems like this exist


This is in such bad taste, under an article talking about women harmed by it. Like, sure, consensual anal sex is legal and often fine and enjoyed by plenty of people but this article is specifically about the dangers and women not knowing about the harm it can cause them. Doesn't really sit right with me, couching it as some goal that all men should seek rather than something which couples should discuss (knowing the risks!)


The article also highlighted how many women with experience of anal were coerced into it.


And this is what I think is the reason behind the rise in numbers. Porn has led men into thinking it's normal, but most women I know don't like it.


..Because there's more to a relationship than taking someone to brown town


This is very true, sex of any kind becomes less of a factor the older you get.


Not for me




Same rules as snooker innit? Only take the brown if the pink's unavailable


And they say romance is dead, you could give Byron a run for his money with statements like that.




Way less faeces.


reddit moment


Was she not aware that other forms of contraception exist?


Oh we spoke about it, believe it or not, the novelty wore off pretty quick.. but im not about to preach to someone what they should do with their body


>the novelty wore off pretty quick Yeah I bet. I don't understand people's obsession with it.


Yeah it's a pretty bum deal at the end of the day


Sure, they exist, but nothing is without risk. Any more long term contraception (the shot, arm impact, IUD) you have to live with any negative side effects for months until it wear off/a doctor will remove it. Not everyone wants that risk.


or, just a thought... condoms? which tbh u want anyways if u going through the back gate, otherwise u get a lot of backteria up ur canals


They all have there problems


As we were taught at school "Up the shitter if you don't a nipper."


In the bum and you can't be a mum.


Might be a skiddy but you won't get a kiddy.


Cum in the bog if you don’t want a sprog


I had a gf like this too and people say I’m mad, she had an allergy to condoms and hated being on the pill, this was nearly twenty years ago now. We’d do a couple of mins in the front and then the rest in the back. She had another reason in that she could only make herself orgasm from vaginal if she really went hammer and tongs on herself with a dildo for several minutes but from anal she’d orgasm over and over very easily. She was a complete psycho though. Great fun for my twenties but definitely not a life long partner material.


There’s absolute and total validity to not sticking your dick in crazy.


Minimal chance?


...yeah, so you're telling me there is a chance?


Lily Allen very openly told of her surprise at getting pregnant from anal sex. Not sure why, this is basic stuff.


She thinks she got pregnant from anal? Edit: Anyone have an actual source on this? I can only find very unreliable-looking blogs. If this actually happened it would be useful for me to point to to make the point that there is a small, but real chance of sperm dripping out and finding its way.


Leakage can happen


Because she did. Semen needs to enter the vagina, just one. Do you also think the withdrawal method is effective as well and that you can't get pregnant first time? You are aware of pre cum and that a woman can get pregnant from that as well?


It's still a fluid that can get in and out of things lmao


Pregnancy from anal is like blaming bathroom floor damage on having a bath, if the water stays in the tub it's not a problem, but if you are careless and get water on the floor, you get floor damage.


That’d be some fancy shooting.


Stronger swimmers than Michael Phelps


There's always the chance that an angel will come down from Heavan and tell you that you will have a son, who will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High God.


It's happened before because of anal-vagina fistuas. There isn't actually that much skin between the two in places and it can get torn.


Oh my god that’s awful, where is she?


People need better education on how to do it safely and also to avoid being pressured or pressuring anyone into it


Porn has rotted people's brains. No, that "first time" scene where the dude spits on the tip and ten seconds later is balls deep hammering away like he's drilling for oil is not an accurate representation.


I truly do worry about the generation that are being raised on extreme and often violent porn- a lot of young people's first exposure to any kind of sex ed is porn and it's truly melting their brains (and adults' brains if we're being honest.)


Absolutely this. What’s worse is the fact that educational systems are in denial that they’re ineffective and not relevant in a modern world at teaching young people about sex. Porn star Sasha Grey even tried doing a tour of high schools to mythbust and better prepare young people, encouraging consent etc, and was instantly demonised and refused any entry by the supposedly virtuous schools, who then went to local papers with their victory. Pathetic and irresponsible.


All we had was teachers and parents saying “it is a fantasy” and leaving it at that without explaining what that even means. We were left thinking they meant the scenarios and it isn’t really that easy for two people to start banging in public/an office. Professional, larger budget shoots take 10 hours on and off per scene. There’s lots of viagra involved, and sometimes they’ll have to wait around if the guy’s a no-show, while the woman has spent most of the previous day keeping her body in check. They rehearse positions to get an exotic image but they’re usually really uncomfortable to the point more popular actresses are training in the gym as acrobats. And obviously the moaning is part of the actress’ signature to the point they’ll fake it the same way each time. Teens really should understand porn in greater detail if they’re being exposed. Otherwise they’re going to be depressed and self-hating that they’re not able to have very loud 45 minute sex over 6 increasingly exotic positions with surprise anal over a table. Wasn’t aware Sasha tried doing that, but she’s not the only one who’s tried. I’ve seen a few interviews where actresses mention bumping into fans in public who bring up their expectations v. reality.


It’s not so much the self hate I’m worried about, it’s male expectations on female willingness. Stuff like deepthroating, a2m, slapping, degradation all that sort of stuff is normalised now as though it’s standard practice. If a girl doesn’t want to do any of that does the guy now respond with annoyance/anger that she’s not like what he expected and perhaps isn’t really into being anally fisted on the first date? Or girls thinking they *have to* do this stuff because that’s what normal sex apparently looks like. That’s the part that worries me.


That sounds approaching to old style marriage territory of consent by being in a relationship. That should definitely be taught in school.


Yeah it’s concerning how backward and unspecific it all is isn’t it


This is that worries me too, the thought that young women are going to be pressured into slapping, anal, hair pulling, throat squeezing… they’ll also think it’s completely normal, as will the guys. It’s really very concerning.


I watched too much porn as a teenager and when I started having real life encounters I never expected anyone to do anything crazy like that, but it did make things a bit underwhelming as I didn't really get much excitement from the basic stuff like skin-skin contact. I like to think young lads won't expect girls to let them slap them but I think it will lead to a lot of dissatisfaction and them just watching even more porn instead. I try not to watch at all now


In my experience, young lads just do it and ask forgiveness later (or just get angry that you didn't enjoy it). My ex spat on me once, out of nowhere. We were teenagers at the time. It was never discussed before and if it had been, I'd have given him a *hard* NO. I was almost sick. It was obviously something he'd seen in porn and thought was really sexy but didn't think to ask me whether I'd like it. I've heard similar stories from friends where men have choked them or pulled their hair without asking first. We definitely need to be more open with kids about these things.


That sucks. I often see discourse about vanilla sex being “boring” on social media and I think stuff like that doesn’t help also.


Based on things girls have told me, they’ve all had younger lads become aggressive when told no about doing something they’ve seen in porn. The problem is wider spread than I think any of us fear


Me and my wife have had this conversation with our teenage son about the expectation and reality of porn and sex. He is educating his friends about it and consent. Way too many folk with a fucked up view of sex due to porn.


I started watching when I was about 12 and I really wish I hadn't. Feel like I've only undone the effect in the last 2-3 years. IMO the worst thing about it is it makes you think sex is something you get from someone instead of something you do with someone else and enjoy together. Plus there's way more to it than just putting your dick in something. I didn't even realise I viewed it that way. Must be even worse now with mobile phones I wasn't able to watch it that frequently at that age.


Very interesting book called Rough by Rachel Thompson in this. Not slating what people decide to do in their own bedroom, but I’m 23 and having discussed sex with my friends/classmates it seems there’s a lot more push to not be “vanilla” and to have anal. It’s an expectation by a lot of men/women too that you’ll just automatically be into slapping/choking


I remember reading an article by a middle aged therapist (maybe 50s/60s) and she was saying how amongst her generation anal was practically unheard of and very taboo. These days you’re too vanilla if you don’t like anal. It’s popularity correlates with the rise of porn. I don’t believe a huge chunk of people would be doing it if it wasn’t so popular online. You have teenage girls on tiktok worried they’re not kinky enough. It’s insane


It also correlates with the rise of people talking more openly about sex. It correlates with the rise of internet use. It correlates with the rise of social media, where people talk with random strangers all over the world. It correlates with the increased access to sex shops thanks to online shopping. Whilst porn may be responsible, correlation doesn't mean causation. There's a lot of ways the world has changed in the last two decades, and sexual behaviour is absolutely being changed from a combination of these changes.


I find most guys want anal, but unless they are from the LGBT community they have 0 idea of what they are doing.


My wife prefers anal rather than vaginal sex so ill do it to make her happy, but if im honest i dont see the appeal of it. I would much rather have vaginal sex.


Oh the irony


The grass is always browner.


poor fella. some comments on this sub really make me realise how hard life can be for some people. you have my sympathies bro.


Thanks man. It's hard always being behind my wife.


The best way to teach a guy how to be good at anal is to peg him... But most women and straight men aren't into that.


Honestly, a lot of women would be up for pegging. It's just a difficult topic to bring up with a lot of straight guys who see being penetrated as "weak", "feminine" or "gay". There's gotta be a lot of trust and testing the waters in other ways first to build up to it.


I don't see the appeal tbh. It seems disgusting to me and requires more effort than vaginal


Even trying to put my objective hat on, I just can't understand the obsession. Everything about anal sex is less fun or more work than vaginal sex. I mean go nuts if you want, but I just don't see why it's so appealing.


Probably not that many men in the L community.


Yeah that's why they said LGBT community, where there are plenty of men ...


education is key, and it's still very lacking as a teenager I had to look it up on line and thankfully thing like the black rose and SHS existed in the early days of the internet.


Yeah you can’t rush it and preparation is absolutely necessary, unless you want to feel like someone shoved a knife into your anus.


Here is a cartoon style guide to anal sex for everyone from [Oh Joy sex toy ](https://www.ohjoysextoy.com/buttsex/). Basicly be like a snail, go slow and use lots of lube.


>In the journal, they said “anal intercourse is considered a risky sexual behaviour because of its association with alcohol, drug use and multiple sex partners”. Says it all really.


Says most of the thinking comes from the 1980's


This is actually a fairly well documented phenomenon.


This is why I will never do it. I don't want to be addicted to crack.


Causation/correlation - implying that people who try/do anal will be raging alcoholics, is incorrect. Identifying that people who don't have hang ups about, dear I say, "non-traditional" sexual behaviour probably also won't have hang ups about other "non-traditional" behaviours.


No you’re completely wrong. It’s the other way around, if you’re a raging alcoholic you’re more likely to try anal. Ditto if you’re the kind of person going to Chemaex parties odds are that you’re more willing to try anal than a monogamous housewife.


It's not any way around, it's a correlation. The non-causal nature of the relationship means the monogamous house wife could either be a one too many bottles of red wine a night type gal or likes getting her shits rocked by her husband type gal, and completely hate the other thing.


Tbf anal sex when it goes wrong can be really bad for you from utis/by to trauma to the anus and rectum


You take one up the ass, and next thing you know you're shooting up heroin?


>National Survey of Sexual Attitudes research undertaken in Britain has found that the proportion of 16- to 24-year-olds engaging in heterosexual anal intercourse has risen from 12.5% to 28.5% over recent decades. Similarly, in the US 30% to 45% of both sexes have experienced it. >of both sexes have experienced it. That must just be poorly worded. Surely 1 in 3 straight young men in the US have not had their anal passage used?


>Surely 1 in 3 straight young men in the US have not had their anal passage used? ^^amateurs




Maybe they mean this highlights it is straight couples? If a man is having anal sex with a woman they are both experiencing anal sex.




Maybe pegging is on the increase too.


Pegging is at an all time high


True, but it doesn’t specifically say give or receive. Probably to make the stat work.


That doesn't seem particularly unclear to me? It's about the proportion engaging in anal sex, regardless of whether they're fucking/being fucked


Lmao why are you assuming they're the receiver?


The top shortage strikes again.


If it’s good enough for Prince William….


They’re probably including a finger and literally anything that involves the area. I’m a gay man and many of my straight male friends are more into butt stuff than I am.


I'm more interested as to why they've chosen to group all 16 to 24 year old (girls/women) together for this.


16 is the legal age of consent in Britain.


Probably because 16 is the age of legal consent here, so that's the category of "young, sexually active women" , I dunno?


as a woman I didn't start wising up to bullshit like 'none of my exes ever made me come from a blowjob before!' until around 25/26. Most women I know are the same. I also knew quite a few married women who married at 20 to much older husbands and they all seemed to start wising up around 26, too (almost all of them got divorced by 30). 16-24 seems a reasonable grouping from that perspective.




FUCK I just realised my mum was pulling my leg all that time


I have legit never cum from a blowjob. No woman ever explains what she wants from me during it even if I ask so I just feel like a lemon. Am I doing what I am supposed to for your enjoyment of the act? Do I last as long as I can? What do I do with my hands? What do I say l? Feeling terrible and self conscious is automatic performance anxiety kills my boner faster most porn blowjobs do and that says something. And no I am smart enough to know it's a per woman and maybe per blowjob thing. Maybe when I get one who tells me what she wants I will enjoy a blowjob? Maybe I really haven't had a great one and it would be obvious if I did? But yeah most people figure out who they are and what they want in their early 20s. There is no hard line but most people are mostly there at 25


I think for many men it's a power kick, I have a similar attitude to yourself, though it has changed over the years. When I was younger, thanks to porn I expected it of a woman, now the thought just makes me cringe a bit. From a pure pleasure point of view it's unlikely another person giving hand job or blow job would ever really be able to compete with masturbation as they lack the instant feedback loop.


Because Govt. tends to group children by ages 0-15 and young people 16-24. Its usually used to commission and provide specific services etc. to young people. If you see the term 'children and young people' it will typically mean anyone aged 0-24.


30% of all people does not necessarily imply 30% of all men, the 30% could all be women in theory


So "one up the bum, no harm done" was a fucking lie?


Can't be, it rhymes. More likely that the report author hasn't heard it for whatever reason, and all is balanced in the world


God made dirt, so dirt can’t hurt.^(unless anthrax)


This must be why so many people tailgate me when I am driving. Their love for anal is messing with their subconscious mind.


Yeah, that’s probably why some people brake suddenly too.


How sharply anyone brakes shouldn't matter if you're the correct distance


I think they were hinting that the original commenter should brake check them


I thought they were just saying OC liked anal


That or you drive slow


It's almost as if the stuff you see in porn is a fantasy completely removed from reality...


I feel like a lot of problems could be solved if people watched a bit less porn


I think lot of guys don't realise the extent it influences their attitudes to sex and relationships. Not saying people need to turn into prudish monks and nuns but I think stopping for a while, or at least cutting way back and seeing how the change makes you feel is a good experiment to conduct.


Nah better to cut it out completely. Porn messes up your brain, there's studies on it showing it's more addictive than hard drugs and it completely messes up your dopamine reward system making you fall into it further the more you use it. You wouldn't tell a crack addict to just cut down, you'd tell them to cut it off.


Yeah I don’t understand who the target audience is anymore. The fake moaning, expressions of genuine discomfort on the actresses, the very violent way the women get tossed into positions that must be awful on the knees… You look at amateur stuff and it’s way better.


I think a big part is cleanliness and prep. Generally speaking the female genitalia naturally ‘cleans itself’ and doesn’t require physical preparation before intercourse (yes lol, get her wet etc.) but safe anal sex does require cleaning, douching and stretching (or relaxing) to minimise the risks of infection, anal tears and STIs.


Oh definitely, if you go in too eager without prep you're going to have a bad time both in pain and mess.


>Generally speaking the female genitalia Man what have I been doing wrong


Douching in itself carries risks though.


So it’s true what they say… vaginal sex makes your day, but anal sex makes your hole weak.


I was expecting the end of that to rhyme and go somewhere else……


The idea of anal is always better than the actual act. My wife and I dabbled with it, but if I'm honest the sensation always feels a bit lacking. You have a tight ring of pressure, but once you're past that it doesn't feel like much. Same experience with previous girlfriends. The vagina and mouth provide 100x more sensation, in my view. My wife equally has had mixed success. One time she thought it was pretty great, but most other times has just been a bit meh, or slightly uncomfortable. I'll be honest, after having my prostate checked a few years back by a slightly rushed doctor, I haven't asked her for it since, and she hasn't asked me. I think the main stimulation from anal for straight men is the psychological aspect. Certainly wouldn't turn it down, but equally wouldn't propose it.


Get her to wear a strap-on and let her do you. I'm sure it's pleasant for the partner but for the guy. Its amazing.


After the prostate check experience, I'm not so sure.


As a gay man, comparing anal sex to a prostate check is like comparing vaginal sex to a pap smear (I imagine lol) A medical check is not the same as sex


Anal is definitely person dependant, I’m a bi male, and I’m pretty chill about receiving, but if a girls not keen on anal, well it’s not compatible with them either physically or mentally. My partner tried a few times and was mentally all good but physical no go for her so we don’t, whereas my ex gf was completely on board, as was a more reliable source of orgasm for her. If a prostate exam was confronting, I have no idea why they suggested trying to be pegged lol


Anal sex has been happening since the time of ancient the Greece and probably before. It will continue to happen but there are right and wrong ways to be doing it. :) [EDIT] Just as an fyi a woman’s clitoris isn’t just at the front and can often be touching the rear wall of the lower rectum. Hence some women can orgasm anally.


I imagine cavemen probably did do it, I don't think it really was an invention.


Sorry, can you explain exactly what you mean about a woman's clitoris touching the wall of her rectum, and maybe draw me a diagram mate?


It's an organ that's mostly internal. The sticky out bit you can see (providing you know where to look) is basically 'just the tip' - it has much more going on internally, around the vagina and anus area. Furthermore the nerve endings are not equally distributed, meaning different women have different sensitive areas that can be stimulated during sex. This is why some women can only orgasm through external clitoral stimulation, whereas other women can orgasm through vaginal or anal sex. It all depends on their individual physiology. As an example, my partner likes stimulation that pushes downwards along the lower part of the vaginal entrance, and can come from anal sex too, but gets nothing from stimulation that pushes upwards towards the bladder. However previous partners have been the complete opposite. This is why communication is so key, there are a lot of men who will find something that works with one partner and assume it will work for the next without accounting for the fact that women's genitals have A LOT more variety physiologically than men's.


I think they mean that the clitoris isn't just the little nub you can feel on the outside. It extends around the sides quite a lot https://helloclue.com/articles/cycle-a-z/what-is-the-clitoris And the wall between the vagina and rectum is very thin. So if a woman is having anal sex, it is plausible that the internal parts of the clitoris could be stimulated as well. Although I can't find any images or such showing how close the clitoris of to the rectum.


It's apparently due to the 'arms' of the clitoris (blue organ here) extending round so far, its a much bigger organ internally that it appears on the outside, so apparently pressure inside the anal passage can press on them. https://www.sciencephoto.fr/image/12645187-Female-clitoral-anatomy-1866-illustration


The clotoris is actually huge. It's only the very top of it that is exposed. Did you never wonder why they like having it stimulated so much??


Speaking aa a woman, I've had past partners nag me to try anal, and my other women friends have had the same experience. So this doesn't entirely surprise me- lack of enthusiasm means you're not going to prepare adequately.




If our good, Christian God hadn't intended for men to get their guts dug out by devastating levels of cock surely the **Lord** would not have placed the prostate within fist's reach of the sphincter.


Devastating levels of cock :')


A cock based mass extinction level event right up the bum hole.


A cavity calamity, if you will.


I’ve laughed at this for honestly about 5 minutes and I still think it’s great. Some of you Reddit folk are just too damn witty




tbf the article is about women experiencing health issues and women don't have an orgasm button in there. I'm curious if men experience issues too.


Some women do in fact have an orgasm button in there, in the form of internal nerves that are part of the clitoral organ. Those nerves aren't distributed the same for every woman which is why different women find different activities lead them to orgasm, whereas for men repeated stimulation of the glans is basically a guarantee barring a medical issue. Men obviously do experience issues, while as the article points out they have stronger sphincters as a general rule, men have a greater tendency to get into more extreme versions of the act such as fisting. What I find a bit odd about the article and the other one on the BBC site is that neither link to resources about how to make anal sex safer. There's an undertone of abstinence promotion in there as evidenced by much of the discussion here. Abstinence is fine if you don't want to take part in it, and there needs to be far more discussion of consent and pressuring behaviours, but the millions of gay and straight couples who enjoy anal sex aren't going to stop now. However, they may well adapt their practices with education.


Definitely not with that attitude.


What an admission that you don't clean your butt


Reading the article it seems like most of the risk is associated with other behaviours surrounding anal. Main ones being multiple sex partners and drugs. It's not exactly news that shagging around leads to STI's & STD's so that ones obvious. You're also more likely to suffer physical trauma in the area sleeping with tonnes of partners who don't know your body. Lots of people use poppers for anal which can cause tonnes of health problems, drugs causing health issues isn't exactly news either. Me and my missus have been together nearly 6 years now and we do anal 4-5 times per week, half the time we have sex it finishes with anal and we've not had any health concerns really. She's had a couple of water infections over the years which she thinks may be due to not being careful and she'll have stomach cramps afterwards sometimes but that's about it.


>She's had a couple of water infections over the years which she thinks may be due to not being careful and she'll have stomach cramps afterwards sometimes but that's about it. Both of those aren't great, speaking from experience.


This is why I only let bi guys do it, they tend to know what they are doing. So many straight guys think you can just pop it in without lube and hammer away.


Can confirm bi guys definitely do it better, also more likely to enjoy anal play in return


Bi guys are just better in general imo


Yeah I agree, better emotional awareness too, my best relationships have all been with bi guys


So true.


Bi guys know what they're doing because they'd had it done to them. You could just peg the guy and teach them, too.


Maybe im old fasioned but I just cant see how you can go wrong with a good ol' vagina.


Same, I honestly don't get why people prefer anal to vaginal sex.


I once heard somebody describe it as “gravelly” and my willingness to try it nosedived completely.


Maybe the solution is proper advice and information about how to have anal sex properly and safely rather than criticising it.


With the cost of living we are all being bent over.......


As a man the idea of anal to me is just gross. I don't really understand the obsession.


I never thought I'd see an article about anal sex in the Guardian


The guardian consistently publishes stories about the tories fucking the public in the arse.


How about "Rise in popularity of anal porn amongst men has made more men demand anal sex from their partners which in turn has led to health problems for women in the UK"?




I'm sure plenty of women do like it. But many men harass women for it. I'm 23 and every boyfriend I've had has tried to convince me to try it despite making it very clear that I'm not interested. Same as all my friends. The wrong hole trick is surprisingly common too. A lot of women agree to it because there's a manipulative culture around sex nowadays. You're not cool if you're not willing to be adventurous. You're vanilla, and boring. I only know one woman who actually likes anal and many who tolerate it, through pain and discomfort to please their partners.


If you frequent women’s subs you’ll see how prevalent it is for men to pressure women into having anal sex. It’s a real problem


The article mentions it too. It's definitely a real problem. Of course some women enjoy it but many don't. I was interested to read the anatomical differences in the article thar explain why it is generally more harmful for women than men


Perhaps both can be true. True that some women like it, but also true that men do watch porn and want to try the extreme stuff that ends up hurting women.


The "choking" stuff that's popular in porn now is another one that many young women feel pressured to agree to. There were some good articles about that posted before I think


Choking is so dangerous as well. Can cause all sorts of problems that you wouldn't think of, let alone when you're horny mid sex.


I mean there has been a clear increase in men demanding anal but I didn't think they mean it in that way.


Of the four girls I’ve seriously dated, 3 have requested and been the main initiator for anal sex. Women have agency. This isn’t the 19th century bud.


Ah yes, the old "striping women of responsibility also strips them from their agency" Reddit moment.


As a straight man I have zero interest in anal and think the obsessing over it is abit strange like it’s been popularised in porn and now it’s a thing? Not for me.


I think this is absolutely tragic and I fear for young girls entering the world of sex and dating in this day and age. When I was young nobody asked, it wasn't expected, at school a guy got nicknamed and ridiculed because he asked a girl to do it. Dating years later after porn and smartphones, guys sometimes try it without even asking, or try and gaslight girls into thinking it's normal and expected. Awful.


On the plus side adult diaper sales are on the up.


Hey I didn’t even like it that much but they always insist


I had a bout of constipation that was so traumatic I had to lie down afterwords. Since then, I've been turned off from butt stuff.