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>I do find it hilarious that what appears to offend muslims the most aren't atheists, christians or buddhists, but slightly different muslims to whatever sect they were born into through the accident of their birth. That sort of thing seems to be the case for a lot of things.


See Northern Ireland...


Glad to see this being called out for what it is. 5 Years ago you'd have been called a racist and downvoted.


People are sick of it now. It's no longer a small tiny percentage of Muslims things like this show it's a significant proportion of them that hold these views and it's becoming more common. Fuck these cunts imposing their backwards views on our free society and fuck those overly woke people for bending over backwards for them. It's funny how views have changed so quick, both r/UK and r/Europe are very left leaning but are very against things like this now


the responses to this post are hilarious: "what about what about..." well that's not the point of this comment, it's almost like you just can't face there's a very real problem.




There’s definitely a Steisand effect with this one! Had no interest in it before and now I will definitely give it a go on streaming!


If any cinema decides to show it anyway they will probably clean up




Good choice Top Gun Maverick is a really good film Dare I say even better than the original


To be fair nostalgia for the original certainly does a lot of the legwork in the new film


Idk about that, I didn't see the first one but I still enjoyed it But then again it's big plane go woosh so it's hard to not like it


Agreed, fully enjoyed it




Well, nothing makes me want to watch a film more than being told I can’t! Even if it is dross.


I hereby ban you from giving me a hundred quid.


How dare you! I’ll show you! Give me your bank details!


Under absolutely no circumstances are you allowed to go to your local and buy everyone a round.


>Down with this sort of thing!


Same. Didn't even know it existed before this. Now I have to see what the outrage is about.


I mean. The film is written my Shia Muslim extremist. His [hobby](https://www.vice.com/en/article/qba75q/meet-the-controversial-shia-cleric-bringing-sectarian-tension-to-the-uk) is to get Sunni and Shia to hate each other. It’s not the sort of film you are thinking …


Yeah, I was a bit confused at first over why the Muslim community was so opposed, then I read the film's Wikipedia page. I don't condone censorship, obviously, but the guy's clearly a bit of a bigot and I can understand being upset that he's making such a big fuss about an important religious figure when he's also portraying your denomination as either idiots or liars. (To anyone wondering, the divide between Shia and Sunni Muslims started based on a dispute over who should inherit the caliphate after the Prophet's death, and this guy is saying the Sunni successor stole it away from the one the Shia support.)


I don't like censorship, but I won't be going out of my way to watch it


Do you think it would be cancelled if it offended Christians and they complained? I don't.


Christians don't tend to murder people in the street over trivial shit like this.


Removing a film because people threaten others is the definition of a terrorist win.


If I'm managing a cinema, I'd rather let the terrorists win than live in constant fear of being blown up, dunno about you


yup, imagine having people live with the threat of death so you can watch a crappy film


The thing is, it's a slippery slope. First religious fanatics are stopping you from watching some shitty film because they don't like how it shows Islam. Then they're stopping you watching a well made art film because they don't like aspects of it. Then they're saying people shouldn't be able to dress a certain way because it offends them etc etc. We have to draw a line in the sand and say where we, as a society, think it's okay to picket art and trying to stop other people watching art.


*recently, here Seriously, what is the point of this lazy observation, if not to stir up bigotry?


>Christians don't tend to murder people in the street over trivial shit like this. No, they tend to [murder](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/nathaniel-veltman-muslim-family-canada-b1862845.html) them for no apparent reason. It's naive at best and disingenuous at worst to think Christianity has no fundamentalists willing to terrorise. Just google Christian terrorism. There's loads of it.


You’re really using an American news story to back this point up? British Christians are almost all “Marks and Spencers Crew”… aka. The elderly. And the younger ones are apologists and much less insane than gun toting American fundamentalists. We still have a few. But comparably fewer. The Ten Commandments literally says “thou shalt not kill.” It’s right there. In the UK, (at least these days) we tend to adhere to this.


There’s fewer examples recently but Christians have a long history of cancelling things they find offensive.


Wasn't legal abortion cancelled in Poland, and on its way in the USA too? Pretty sure that's the Christians.


Yeah, it’s coming back.


There was another development on this only today... the Polish government wants GPs to keep a register of pregnancies, in case women get access to abortion any other route.


Can't believe polish Christians have introduced Sharia law. Political correctness gone mad? Methinks, absolutely.




Bringing up an example from 40+ years ago doesn't really have the gotcha effect you was after, times change.


it's arguable that Life of Brian/Monty Python was the agent of change...the success of the movie put the church on their heels & it couldn't attempt another boycott since. Lady of Heaven doesn't appear to have the same potential, but inroads in freedom of expression can still be made


> o murder people in the street over How about Jerry Springer the opera, that had the christian looneys out in force. Even had a motions in parliament to stop the BBC from broadcasting it. Sainsbury and Woolworths felt the need to withdraw the DVD.


In Aberystwyth The Life of Brian only got a certificate in 2009, after [one of the actors in the film](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sue_Jones-Davies) became mayor. Similarly Truro got it's [first screening](https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-29423932) in 2014


To be fair though, Truro only got electricity in 2013! The locals still think the people on screen are real, and are worried the 'giants' might steal their soles!


That was over 40 years ago, times have changed since then, do you have a more recent example?


Closest would be Passion of Christ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Passion_of_the_Christ#Controversies


Also [Dogma](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dogma_(film\) ) faced protests both in the UK and elsewhere


Yeah... Including by the director...


I remember there being some issues surrounding that movie but did cinemas refuse to show it?


What about the Jerry Springer Musical? Seem to remember that got some religious backlash.


it was still broadcast on BBC2 though


And the book of Mormon


St Tibulus?


Down with this sort of thing!


I'm not sure, that's just a very prominent one. The Exorcist was, I think, another — although that's of the same time period again. Point is, there is precedent, it's not beyond imagination that a film could be cancelled by chains or individual cinemas in the UK because it offends Christians.


Oh yeah and the Omen


Life of Brian was banned in a lot of places.


Back then, film classification was a matter for local councils, so a film could be banned in one town but allowed in a neighbouring town. It was mental.


I mean "The Passion of the Christ" already answered that question years ago


I’m not sure which part of The Passion of the Christ you think would offend Christians. It’s literally a retelling of their central belief.


I believe some Christians did protest about The Passion of the Christ. I believe one of the issues was the violence towards Jesus being so graphic. I seem to remember it was also called anti-Semitic and you can see how people could get to that one. Also of course Mel Gibson has history in that area so not impossible there might be some merit in this. Never seen the film so can't really comment on the merits of either point.


Which wasn’t shown in Muslim countries


Christians complained about Jerry Springer: The Opera and they not only managed to cause multiple cancellations and postponements, and the abandonment of a Broadway version, but they also successfully pressured a charity to refuse donations.


How many “real” Christians are there in England that actually give a shit about the religion? Not enough to cause change. Most people here are atheists or wedding/funeral Christians.


There are still more practicing Christians than Muslims.


Fundamental Islamic censorship out in full force I see. This is how it starts, the slow dismantling of Western society, the secular life we enjoy. Can't offend certain people without fear of recourse. Remember Charlie Hebdo. This is why people bow down to them. Cineworld don't want a massacre om their hands.


Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!


Western Society will never be dismantled. Islamists are fucked, because their kids and grandkids etc. aren't going to give as much of a shit as they do about Islam.


I wouldn’t be so sure. Most homegrown Islamic terrorists are young and influenced by online grooming. When people say they want to get rid of Christianity, they don’t realise that it’s extreme religion that’ll replace it. Not some utopian secular movement. Largely, because the liberal secularists will scream “racism” and “Islamaphobic” at anyone who dares challenge the Islamic fundamentalists.


Fucking terrorists - free speech in this country being trampled on by a minority group who have a history of killing people that they do not agree with.


Every time we bend the knee to these zealots they only shout louder and demand more the next time. These are the same "protestors" who have sent teachers into hiding and who are orchestrating harassment mobs outside schools over teaching about LGBT issues. Giving into fear is a death sentence and I don't care if we need CTSFO's posted at every cinema showing this film but if that's the price of not letting these people win then so be it.


Islamists are an embarrassment to humanity.


I can completely understand this. > The cinema chain said it made the decision "to ensure the safety of our staff and customers" That's the salient point here. We have countless examples to show that that certain adherents of Islam are extremely fragile and insecure about their religion, and are more than willing to harm or kill people to express that insecurity. It's a sorry state of affairs, but Cineworld doesn't want to see one of their Cinemas bombed or shot up due to screening a certain film.


Britain in 2022.


Yeah they're not the problem here just having to face the consequences of it. All part of a much bigger issue.


Before I was born we had protests for films like the Life of Brian, but we still watched them. They weren’t cancelling the showings. I’m not one of these peoples who bemoans the world going woke, in fact far from it. However… Fuck the God Squad who are trying to decide what I personally am I allowed to watch or not.


A number of councils banned showings of Life of Brian, due to a campaign got up by that wretch Mary Whitehouse.


First, they took away my badly reviewed, apparently shit films, and I said nothing...




Terrorism works.


It’s ‘The Passion of St Tibulus’ all over again.


Careful now.


Heard someone on the radio trying justify this being taken off screens. Strangely enough his reasoning only went one way. Couldn't see it from other perspectives or apply his logic for other religions or beliefs.


Oh good, so now when the next thing comes along that someone doesn't like, they'll know that shit like this works! Good job Cineworld, you've eroded our society just a little bit more!


A cowardly move. Extremist Muslims shouldn’t be pandered to in a secular culture. Absolute wuss move. I look forward to seeing it on Channel 4!


Literally nobody here has read the article and are just sounding off about 'Muslim fundamentalists'. Nobody is asking for the movie to be banned. It's not an issue about 'blasphemy' (a word which has been seized upon in media coverage) or depictions of the Prophet. All that has happened is that a group of local people have asked for sectarian propaganda to be withdrawn. The reason why the Sunni Muslim community of Bolton had a small, peaceful protest at the Cineworld is because 'The Lady of Heaven' is a sectarian propaganda film. It was made by a Shia Muslim film maker in order to demonize Sunni Muslims - it does this by stating directly that the terrorism enacted by ISIS is the result of terrorist ideology seeded by Sunni Muslim historical figures (it also depicts these figures as stereotypical 'evil' characters using dark-skinned actors, a concerning racist trope and an example of Blaxploitation). The production company has deliberately targeted majority-Sunni areas for the film to be shown in its limited release. This would be like, for example, a Catholic filmmaker making a film that depicts the Archbishop of Canterbury as a goose-stepping Nazi, in order to imply that all Protestants are fascists - and then showing it in Unionist communities in Northern Ireland. Anyone with half a brain would quite rightly support peaceful protests asking for such a film to be withdrawn. The protest in Bolton asked in a perfectly peaceful way for the cinema to withdraw this movie because it depicts them as terrorists. They made no threats of violence against the cinema. Don't be fooled by wilfully ignorant people who don't know anything about the situation, especially those who are fitting this perfectly proportionate and normal exercise of basic civic rights into narratives of Muslims all being violent terrorists - that's literally what they're protesting against.


The peaceful protesters asking for the film to not be shown aren't the reason the film was pulled. The fact that there is a legitimate concern for the safety of their staff if they show it is the reason why it was pulled.


> This would be like, for example, a Catholic filmmaker making a film that depicts the Archbishop of Canterbury as a goose-stepping Nazi I'd watch the shit out of that film. If film is distasteful, if it's propaganda, if it unfairly paints people in a bad light, I don't think it should be banned or picketed. I don't think people working in Cineworld should need to stop showing a film because they're worried about violence.


>I'd watch the shit out of that film. Fine, you can watch whatever garbage you like. Your right to watch it doesn't trump the right of people not to have hate propaganda deliberately shown in their community. You can find 'The Lady of Heaven' online right now, if you're desperate to watch a widely critically panned Blaxploitation movie. Nobody is asking for it to be banned - just for it not to be shown in cinemas, where it's historical inaccuracies and deliberate sectarian propaganda can reach a wide audience. >they're worried about violence. Nobody is worried about violence. If you find the videos of the protest, it was a couple of dozen awkward looking people with banners and a megaphone. Nobody was threatened, nobody was arrested.


> Your right to watch it doesn't trump the right of people not to have hate propaganda deliberately shown in their community It literally does though. You don't get to decide what I can and can't watch, when it's been approved and meets all the legal requirements to be shown in the UK. People in Bolton don't have a right to censor what other people in Bolton can watch. Censorship is telling a man he can't eat steak because a baby can't chew it. Just because these children can't handle their steak doesn't mean they should stop the adults eating. > if you're desperate to watch a widely critically panned Blaxploitation movie Damn, you'd be disappointed if you saw my film collection, I love exploitation films and think some of the best movies of the last 50 years have been spawned from exploitation films. I actually have Alligator and Coffy lined up for my films to watch tonight. > Nobody is worried about violence. Well that's not true, is it. I can either take you word for it or Cineworld. > The cinema chain said it made the decision "to ensure the safety of our staff and customers". So they explicitly say they stopped the film out of fear of safety for their staff.


>People in Bolton don't have a right to censor what other people in Bolton can watch. Of course they do lol. If they put on child porn in a movie theatre, you'd support that and condemn protesters as 'censoring what other people get to watch'? >Damn, you'd be disappointed if you saw my film collection, I love exploitation films and think some of the best movies of the last 50 years have been spawned from exploitation films. I actually have Alligator and Coffy lined up for my films to watch tonight. Oh I see, so you're just an edgy sixteen year old.


You missed out the part where they say 'when the film meets the legal standard to be shown in the UK'. Child porn doesn't meet those standards. Kinda disingenuous response tbh


If they wanted childporn they'd just read up the history of Mohammed and his child bride Aisha


To expand on the Blaxpoitation point - the protagonists and antagonists are from the same tribe, so would be of the same ethnicity. The film decided to cast Black actors to play the antagonists, and lighter skinned Middle Eastern actors to play the protagonists - well, except for the main character's mum, they cast a white woman for her.


Could someone please tell these people that havent been promised a life without being offended. Not sure if they know this. But living in a democracy, being offended is part of it. I would even say, if you arent offended by something at least once every day, something is wrong. I am fore example offended by savages that threatens other people with violence over a movie in a theater. This is not the dark ages after all .


Down with this sort of thing!


Down with this sort of thing!


Down with this sort of thing.




I'm picturing the far right, Islam extremists and the far left pointing at each other in a circle like that Spiderman meme.


Interesting, not heard of this but am curious now.


Oh I watch this!