I damaged my shades this year, what do I do, do I just tell housing? I'm scared of getting another violation. I fucked up and won't do this again.

Banned from housing + jail time, nice to know ya


Banned from housing + jail time, nice to know ya


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Happened to my buddy eric he got expelled sorry


I once repainted one of the walls with white out, I think you will be fine


Put in a service request before the end of the semester. That looks like normal wear and tear but putting in the request before the end of the semester makes you less likely to be fined, speaking as a former RA who one time pulled a huge chunk of paint off the wall with a command strip


>former RA who one time pulled a huge chunk of paint off the wall with a command strip I actually did that too last semester, I was a little worried I'd get notified about it during breaks but didn't. Is that normal?! Maybe it is given your comment and that other post. Why does UMass allow command hooks if removing them peels paint off, at least in Southwest dorms? I filed a request soon after posting this btw.


Yeah they only really check for maintenance needs when you move out of the dorm. Between semesters they don’t really check and for paint chunks missing, they only fine you if it’s bigger than like 2 square feet or if you don’t report it. If you report the need for maintenance, you’re good and you generally won’t get fined. As for command strips, they’re less damaging than screws or nails that don’t really go into concrete easily or duck tape


I used to work as a painter in the dorms over the summer (2015 I think) in OHill and Central. As long as they didn’t change any policy since then, I can tell you personally that our job was to just give everything the “landlord special” and put a fresh coat of paint over every surface no matter what condition it was in and call it a day. The cleaning crews went in before us but half the time they didn’t clean at all and we got to pick through all the stuff people left in their rooms and just tossed the rest. So many people left all kinds of command hooks on the wall that I actually decided to collect them in a huge ziploc bag… I’ve moved upwards of 10 times since that summer and I’ve barely made a dent in that ziploc bag. I just keep buying more sticky parts and that’s it! So honestly thank you to all the kids who left them, you’ve saved me so much money.


No way in hell I'm leaving the hooks! I'm glad I went to Target in September and saw they sell Command Adhesive by itself!


Oh I 1000% wouldn’t leave them either, those stupid hooks are expensive for what they are. But if you don’t take them down off the wall and leave a huge mark then the painters will, and either way it’ll just end up getting covered over with more paint anyway :) I think the only 2 people that I saw that were ever charged was someone who had smashed one of their closet drawers into multiple pieces (no idea what happened there) and someone who seemingly never moved out (literally still had all their drawers full of clothes, bedding still on the bed, posters still up, etc). They’re pretty forgiving.


Well, you could tell them, that would be the moral thing to do. But if you're telling me what I would actually do...I would just not tell them. Either they bill you (unlikely), or they don't notice it and they don't.


Not at your college but back in the day I pulled out a chunk of plaster from my wall removing a command strip. I filled it in with crayola air dry clay and painted over it with white Halloween makeup. No consequences.


I did similar. I super glued the part of the wall I pulled out back, never heard of it since💀


Also not your college but I’ve done that and just left it and had no consequences.


I want to know what your other violations were that has you so worried about this minor thing putting you over the top...


those blinds are so old they need to replace them


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Just tape it and ignore it.


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you can get them through a housing service on campus, I’ve broken mine like 4 times and never faced consequences


Lol babe they don’t care, don’t mention it to them


Look, I already read all jokes in the other post about the walls. I'm want serious answers about what to do because I don't want another violation and possibly get banned from housing.


File an iservice and just get them to fix it before you move out, if they do catch it then yeah you may have to pay for it What do you mean ANOTHER violation? they will begin to rack up and they follow you (not to like your job, but within ur time at umass)


hypothetically, this is what someone might say to you: >I fucked up and won't do this again sociopathic behavior 🚩🚩🚩 and for some funny reason I kinda believe it lol


How is this sociopathic? Do you mean it would sound like so in other contexts?


you didn't get the joke, and it's not a good one. usually manipulative sociopaths would frequently say "I won't do it again" when they've had prior violations.


You might as well explain it then. I'll take another guess though: that would be 🚩🚩🚩 in a relationship.


the first thought that came to mind was "that's exactly what a sociopath would say". but if I typed that out it would look like I have personal problems with you, which I don't. it's just a lame joke on reddit. and the more I explain the less funny it is haha


I've had so many problems with these damn blinds. Promise you they will not do anything about it.


Replace it . Find a similar one from home depot. Those are one of the cheapest blinds.


I literally spent 45 mins googling things like "pull down blinds" and "with hook" to find the exact one but couldn't. Perhaps you wouldn't think inspectors or RAs wouldn't notice if it was replaced, but I bet they would since they're supposed to be the same in all dorms, at least ones in the same building.


It’s okay I spilled 96% acetone on my floor and melted the linoleum like 3 separate times




The iService request I sent last night got approved this morning, I think or at least hope this will work out and at worst I just get a fine.


Honestly I think you’ll be fine, but as others have said put in an iService request just in case. I used to be an RA and for room checks as long as the blinds were still working, that was more important than any wear and tear