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Me and my mates used to do it all the time back when we were about 18-20 years old, was always late at night so not much traffic to worry about, however I’m now 25 and would personally never do it again, I have way more to lose now, and I also now have the luxury of smoking at home, back then we had to hide smoking from parents so meant driving somewhere secluded to blaze instead.


Yep exactly this.


I can relate to this 100%.


This 100%


Haha yes this seems to be the one. We used to love driving about not talking to each other listening to tunes. Wouldnt dream of it now id be absolutely paranoid that my life could end in an instant by losing my license. Like to think we never drove like dick heads though, most of the time it was under the speed limit haha.


You’ve just described my youth hahaha


Exactly - you have something to lose now. I don’t understand people on this thread who say that they’re careful drivers. I’ve been in accidents that have happened while everyone was completely sober.


Yeah it concerns me how melted I used to be when I drove high when I was younger. Sometimes we would be so blitzed I could barely feel the peddles and my reaction times would’ve been shockingly bad, thankfully never needed to react to anything but looking back now I realise how dangerous it was.


I have to hide it, so im in your younger selfs position. Im also curious/worried about being done for possession even if im not high, ive heard that you lose your licence, anyone know if thats true?


Don’t know if that’s true but it can depend on the officer you get, try to make sure your car doesn’t smell like weed so take air freshener out with you, drive somewhere you can get out and smoke outside of the car, also keep a smell proof jar in your car to put the weed in.


Let's imagine that weed makes you the same or even better at driving. You could still get in an accident that is totally not your fault, say a cyclist comes out in front of you. It would be a shit experience either way, but if you're high then it's gonna be seen as your fault regardless.


That’s a really good point actually. Never thought about it that way


Tbh if they decide to swab test and you haven’t even smoked that day you’re still fucked


This because of how long weed stays in your blood stream as a heavy user?


Not true, I was involved in an accident and the THC levels in my bloodstream was determined NOT to be a contributing factor that led to the accident. Could also just be who defends you…


Yeah but how long after your last smoke and for much did you smoke in the weeks leading you to that..? If you smoked everyday for a god few weeks plus then you’d have probably been over despite not being high


Oh nice that’s hopeful at least


But how about avoiding the whole process? Having to get a lawyer, the police report, prepare a case and go to court… I’ll just take an Uber and save money and time that way


DUI, manslaughter, intoxicated driving, if something happens you are basically fucked.


I treat it the same as alcohol. Once I've had a smoke or a drink, no more driving till tomorrow. I will say I feel far more capable to drive after smoking than drinking. Still wouldn't do it!


This is exactly how I treat it as well , I think it's a sensible way to do it.


I used to think this would be fine but I got stopped and roadside drug tested which was positive - which led to getting blood tested at the police station and me losing my license.


Can I ask how long the process for that took? My best mate got pulled on his bike for speeding and they took a road side swab and he came back as positive. This was 2pm in the afternoon but he hadn’t smoked since 1am that morning. He’s still waiting for his blood test results 6 weeks later.


Your mate will most likely have his results in the next couple of weeks


Got tested in February and banned in July, covid is making everything take a bit longer than it used to be to get results


Once I was going to see my guy who is only 5mins away in car and I was high but it had been about 2 hrs since I smoked so thought it’d be fine but then he rang me to say he was in a different spot which was more like 30mins by car and I had to go on a dual carriageway. One of the most prang drives I’ve done and will never do it again. Got home SWEATING and feeling like I was so lucky to have got back without incident because it was definitely an effort to concentrate on driving for me. Wouldn’t recommend.


Imagine the state you would be in getting out of your car baked as fuck knowing you just killed a family because you made a stupid error. Dont be that guy 🤷🏼‍♂️


I'd feel exactly the same way as if i had done it whilst sober tbh.


Well yes but knowing if you wasn't baked you might have prevented such a accident, it would eat you alive for the rest of you life probably I prison.


Absolutely not.


Do not drive under the influence of anything, simple as that mate.




Millions of Britains take stimulants and drive everyday, find out more here - The Sun, probably


Yeah that’s my point


Nope. I can see why it could be tempting, but if you smoke then you represent everyone who smokes weed. If you cause and accident and kill someone, its an excuse for the media strawman every single stoner in the country. Dont do it. For your safety, the safety of other people on the road and for the name of responsible stoners everywhere.


So every sober person that crash’s is making it out being sober causes it? See where you’re coming from but you’re wrong in my opinion, been driving high for 15 years and had two crashes and both times I crashed I was stone cold sober (this is my personal opinion not saying every one would be the same)


I'm not saying its right, I'm just saying that any time a stoner makes a stupid mistake, it makes all stoners look bad. The media doesn't need an excuse the vilify us any further.


U clearly didn’t read the comment, the guy didn’t say that you’ll crash if you’re stoned, he literally said that if you’re stoned and you happen to crash and you get tested positive for thc in ur system, the media will generalise all us stoners, even tho we still all different


It’s medically legal where I live and people get stopped all the time whilst smoking a joint driving and show their medical card and get let go not one person been done for driving high and cannabis is never even brought in to question when a crash happens.. only alcohol


And again just cuz u got a medical card u think everybody does smh


Again iv stated I’m only talking about myself multiple times but you keep missing that part…




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Its not that being sober causes a crash. Look at it like this: When you are sober, there are a multitude of factors that can cause a crash. E.g Weather; if its foggy and slippery When you are high, this is just an additional variable that can cause a crash, so it may increase the likelihood of crashing. Also, being high has considerably more of an effect on the likelihood of crashing than other variables. E.g Being high, and having slowed reaction times has more of an impact on crashing than the road being slightly slippy or smtn


I thought the stationary object you hit would have more of an impact /s


Crashes are most often caused by a mental distraction (stress, lack of sleep, etc) or bad judgement (went to fast or made a bad manoeuvre) not an outside force that you could see and want changing quickly. You can drive hungover on a few hours sleep but you can barely smoke a joint every evening and trust that when you get in the car at anytime that you won’t get persecuted


Nah when I’m high I think every other car is police so drive carefully, when I’m sober I don’t give a shit so the way I look at it I’m safer driving high


This is good old drink driver copium adapted for weed. How many people used to say dumb shit like this at the pub?


Well my zero crashes high and two crashes sober with thousands of road hours from freight and heavy machinery driving, learning to drift and driven across continents traveling all high tells me otherwise… sorry you can’t handle your weed maybe try some copium yourself ;) got more road hours high than most people in this sub moaning at me will amount in their entire lives 😂


Bragging about driving high, sad life


Come on, you don't really believe that do you? Its sounds more like what to tell yourself to justify driving while high. Flip it round a second, if a drunk driver said the same thing, would you think it was sound logic?


That fact you think you can compare driving in weed to alcohol means it’s not even worth having the conversation.. as iv said it might not work for others but I 100% believe ME personally am a safer better driver whilst high, sorry y’all can’t handle your weed….


If you need weed to make you a better driver it sounds like you’re actually a really shit driver sober. Maybe work on that


Better by the standards of the law ;) not a dangerous driver at all but when I’m sober I speed more and get a bit more tail happy


You need to go look at some videos on YouTube testing people driving high. High drivers are less dangerous than drunk drivers, because they’re aware they’re impaired and compensate (by driving more carefully) whereas drunk drivers are more self-confident (due to being drunk) and overestimate their ability and skill, and underestimate their impairment. But… that *doesn’t* mean high drivers aren’t also impaired. It just means they’re more aware of that impairment than drunk drivers are. Go watch a video. Stoned drivers are objectively worse drivers, especially in accidents, than sober drivers are. Not as bad as drunk drivers, but worse than sober drivers.


You think you drive more carefully, in reality you probably just drive slower which still gives them a reason to pull you over. Your logic is flawed and youre not as great as you think you are bragging about driving while high regularly


You’re missing the point. If enough people have accidents while high then the narrative in the media and amongst the public becomes extremely anti-weed and we take 1000 steps backwards on the road to legislation


That’s a huge exaggeration but get what you mean, but as iv said I’m clearly more dangerous sober as in 15 years driving iv never crashed high and have sober…. Twice, so from that info would you rather me on the road high or sober? I’m more likely to crash sober….


*you* are, you’re not everyone, you say You’ve been driving for 15 years but by ur comments I’d say you’re 15yo max 😂


Iv said multiple times in this thread I’m talking only about myself personally not others and aware other are affected differently… try again


I get what you’re saying but the average person is going to be wildly more dangerous if they’re high behind the wheel, and bear in mind we’re in a thread where OP is asking whether they should do it or not- the answer should always be no, don’t risk it, for everyone’s sake. Even if he’s in an accident that wasn’t his fault if you test positive for thc you’ll get completely fisted by the feds and the courts


So because one pilot could fly a plane without crashing while off their tits on ketamine you'd say it's fine for every pilot to do it? That's how you sound


No it’s not how I sound, guess you didn’t read my whole comment go back and read the bit in brackets…


Please stop


Don’t do it bro, you never know what’s going to happen on the road, and regardless whether it was your fault or not if you’re high, you’re banged to rights.


Problem is you are still “high” days after smoking weed


Do you mean in regard to the roadside tests?


Yes it’s bullshit


Carry hydrogen peroxide mouthwash apparently it fools the tests


The legal limit is ridiculous you can be stone cold sober before driving but if you have a tiny amount of thc left in your system you’ll get charged with drug driving


Germany can sing a song of that. Our tests look for the product of used up THC. So if you've smoked a dooby like two weeks ago you will still get busted and get your license taken away with a few thousand euros fine.


Yeah man in the eyes of the law you can still be driving “under the influence” several days since you last smoked. If I had an accident and I knew that I definitely was not high despite failing a drug test then my conscience is clear, whereas if I was high then I’ve only got myself to blame and considering you’re putting others at risk getting behind a wheel it’s a really dumb thing to do. Some people may claim they are perfectly capable to drive a car high, but weed 100% effects your reaction time and decision making even if you don’t believe that to be the case. There’s plenty of ways to travel without having to be behind a wheel so if you’re high it’s the safest and most responsible way to go about it.


Back when I was young and stupid I used to all the time. I lived in the countryside so had to if I wanted to smoke and we used to cruise in the cars and find places to smoke, at the time I never cared now that I’m older I think I was a complete idiot and can’t believe I never got caught.


As a medical user, it's the same as any other medicine really. Don't drive if you feel sleepy or other woosy effects. Personall I think it's a matter of tolerance and common sense though, as I can hit two full dynavaps and get on my scooter feeling nothing but normal,. but if a friend did that, he probably couldn't even get the thing started he'd be so chalk white.


Right, this isn’t an endorsement for driving stoned but the largest studies of their kind (performed by the American Automobile Association and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) concluded that drivers with detectable THC in their blood were no more likely to cause an accident than those with nothing in their system. Several studies have shown that cannabis can affect certain abilities though no study has been able to show that this translates into an increase risk of crashes. The main theory for this is that while cannabis does impair, people are aware that they are impaired (unlike drink driving) and adjust their driving to take this into account. Edit - people also seem to forget that in the early noughties the UK government commissioned a study into stoned driving, however it was quietly canned when the results were not as they were expecting….


Would you be able to provide a link to said study please?




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I’ll have to dig out the studies themselves, but here is a Washing ton Post article reporting on the NHTSA study. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2015/02/09/stoned-drivers-are-a-lot-safer-than-drunk-ones-new-federal-data-show/?variant=c44b726edf25a662 Interesting thing with it is the lower risk of accidents when using stimulants….


Many thanks friend!


this feels bad after reading some of these comments but have had a license for about 10 years and have driven way more high than i have sober, im a stays slightly high all day kinda guy though


Hahaha this is so me, if I’m in the kitchen I’ll hit a bong. I’m forever a little high.


I've been involved in 3 bumps in 10 years of driving, none serious but all whilst stone cold sober and the complete fault of other drivers. If it can happen so easily whilst I'm fully focused alert and straight it can 1000000% happen while I'm a little bit red eyed with munchies on my mind... If something did happen at the fault of another person and I'd been high at the time it automatically wouldn't be the fault of the other person and I'd then spend forever thinking what would have been different if I'd not had a smoke.


>If something did happen at the fault of another person and I'd been high at the time it automatically wouldn't be the fault of the other person Why do people believe this? Sure if you get caught you will get charged for drug driving but it doesn't make the accident automatically your fault. Not that you'd really care at that point.


Been driving a long time. Been getting high a long time. Driving is a very serious matter and should be done sober. That said, except for very high doses of cannabis, alcohol is way way worse of an inebriant.


Always drive sober. No excuses.


I used to get caught smoking a spliff in my car , back when road side swabs wasn’t a thing . Police used to give a warning and let you drive off . All diff this past 8 or more years


My tolerance is so god damn high I’m at the point where a full J will do nothing more than reduce my anxiety. I smoke pretty much every time before I drive. But again, my tolerance allows this. I think we forget that smoking differs so incredibly between each individual that anyone that is sensitive to marijuana will straight away ostracise anyone that reacts differently. Almost like they can’t accept that someone can function on a high level whilst being high. It’s possible, but it doesn’t happen over night. I smoke every single day. There’s hardly ever talk about how others will use pharmaceuticals on a daily basis and have an array of chemicals flooding their brains …




Just no. People always think they won’t be the ones to crash whilst under the influence.. until they do.


With medical cannabis you are 100% legally allowed to drive having smoked cannabis. If you get caught not really worth it but if you’ve smoked for a while and feel ok then you feel ok. I don’t think it’s the same as alcohol so it’s not a if you’ve done it done drive situation.


That’s the case for me and telling people just gets you downvotes in here haha


Yep. Can’t be honest round here mate!! I totally agree though, it’s fully on tolerance.


My mates ex lost his license doing this. Not worth don't do it.




Impaired through cannabis after 24 hours? That’s fucking gutting.


You give all weed a bad name when you drive stoned


Oh wow…I look at all of these comments and then look at myself and realize I may be the only one that is okay with driving stoned. I’ve smoked during a 4 hour drive by myself and been fine. It really all depends on your tolerance ofc and we’ll don’t be like me a drive stoned. I have never gotten into an accident or even close from it but yea that’s my take…


I've been driving for 20 years and covered roughly 400k miles. I drive stoned at least once a week but usually more, though rarely during daylight hours. Probably done about 20k stoned miles in total (rough guess obviously). I've operated heavy machinery. I got an engineering degree. I've designed things where people die if I fuck up. All while stoned as fuck. No one has died. Yet! I have a lot to lose so in that sense alone I know its a dumb thing to do. 3 kids, other half is a lawyer, I earn a good wage in a professional job where a driving license is kinda important so losing my license is not ideal to put it mildly. That said, I've never been in an accident, ever, and I genuinely believe a couple of J's doesn't impact my ability to drive. The proof is in the pudding. Stoned or not I think if you crash you should lose your license and have to re-test. Downvote away guys but if you've ever crashed under any circumstances then suck a fart, YOU shouldn't drive stoned, but don't judge me, bus wanker. 🤪


I drive around smoking a spliff. Real g


I'm in the usa and around here it's very common for people to smoke and drive. Some people don't feel comfortable with it but others smoke joints like cigarettes and don't think twice about smoking while they drive. I think we smoke more weed here than you guys in the UK. Some of the comments here indicate very low tolerance. Honestly, I think most of the people who feel comfortable smoking and driving have such high tolerance that they can't actually get high and simply feel slightly relaxed. In that way weed is somewhat self-regulating.


It's all about tolerance and driving ability. When I was 18-25 it was "normal" and it was nothing to me. Never even came close to having a crash. Its only been since the swab tests in the UK that it's made most people stop. I've personally never driven high since then and never would as I've lost my tolerance and ability to do it + I need my driving license. Its dangerous to drive high for a lot of people but fine for others is my opinion. A lot of bad drivers out there, far worse than good ones who drive high. I can feel the down votes already!


Nah bro I understand your point 100%


Eeeeeexactly. Spot on.


I used to do it all the time, smoking and driving! Now I’d never even think of it, especially with the whole drug driving thing. It’s honestly not worth it!


I will if it's a case of I had a J or a vape or whatever at like 12pm then 7/8pm rolls around and I have to go pick a friend up from work or something and I've had nothing else in those 7/8 hours only under those conditions. The other day my guy asked me to round and chill with him, 40-45min walk 10min drive, I walked there and back cos I knew we'd be having a J


I used to when I was young and stupid. Then over the years I started losing mates to car crashes and it made me realise how selfish and stupid it is. Don’t do it. Don’t drive intoxicated because despite what you think, the worst can happen to you. And no, you do not drive better high - that is the the most common justification I hear for it.


Doesn't affect my ability to do it and i'm far less likely to get pissed off at the other people on the roads.


We used to go on drives smoking joints while all the time when we were young and stupid but fuck it is what it is if you do it be prepared to face the consequences if you fuck up. Definitely shouldnt be done


I feel like driving stoned is very possible and at lower highs would not really effect it much. But it's still a no go. Same as alcohol, after any, there is no driving.


Find a smoke spot within walking distance. A high driver killed my best friend’s cousin and he’s never forgiven himself. For your own sake and everyone in your local area, don’t smoke and then drive.




Hope it's a joke, otherwise fuck yourself fam. Gona bang into some poor fucker and give them a load of stress for no other reason that you were too shit to get a license and insurance.


i canny get a license mush


Then don't drive bro


Take my upvote 🤣🤣


Done it a few times late at night but only if the mrs has been out somewhere and needs picked up. I usually find I drive better than normal because I’m so para of doing anything wrong I stick to the speed limit and drive way more cautiously than I do sober lol


I saw a study about how long term pot users reaction times weren’t slowed but short term users was bad but if u smoke everyday you grow a custom to doing everything thing high like video games tht require good reaction time


Can’t drive, but to me its as bad as driving drunk. Don’t risk other people’s lives with stupidity, its easy for shit to go wrong


It's not even vaguely in the same ball park as drunk driving imo


Most people drunk driving are not “drunk” they have just had a little, and a little is sufficient to impair reactions, same as with cannabis and the same as with not getting enough sleep. You shouldn’t drive high, you shouldn’t drive after drinking and you shouldn’t be too tired either.


Feels like most here have never actually smoked weed


Mate im thinking the same, what the fuck am i reading on this thread 😂😂


Yeah. I'm all for reducing road deaths from all causes, but alcohol and weed is an apples/oranges comparison




> It's as bad as driving drunk The studies on this quite clearly show you're wrong. Alcohol is worse. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2722956/


Been driving high for 15 years never felt like I was unsafe to be driving and never had an accident whilst high any crash iv had has been sober (only had 2 crashes)


I’m happy to drive high. For me it doesn’t affect my driving at all and my tolerance is high. One time i was pulled over and the policeman said my eyes look red and asked if i’d been smoking cannabis, i said no and he moved on. Got the impression that he didn’t care too much. It’s personally never affected my driving and doesn’t feel dangerous to me


Personally I do it, have done for like 10 years. I dont if I’m super High or had anything to drink. But a few joints no problem. I used to even smoke whilst driving when I had shit hole cars. But each to there own. Everybody just have a reasonable judgement over there actions.


Saw a car crash when I was young, definitely shaped the views I have now, but ffs society needs to stop treating cars and the road like it's a fun hobby. Every single week a new person Is killed on the road in my area. Drivers are so dangerous and just refuse to think about safety. Stoners that drive high... Can't imagine a worse vibe for a high. Paranoia + the very real risk of killing someone = nahhhh


Reading these comments give me hope for the future. A lot of my friends like to and I just can’t understand why. Please think of your safety and the people around you!


I actually love to drive when I smoke a joint , with good lofi music playing, but I'm very cautious at the time to drive safe , usually not that high when I decide to drive




Fuck me mate I’ve done shits that read better than that


If you think it's okay you don't deserve a license or the ability to get behind the wheel. All it takes is one mistake and someone's life could be ruined. Also we're getting closer to a stage where countries are legalising weed, don't fuck it up because you want to blaze and drive


I have a prescription and can drive high if I want to, I don't because I'm not a moron.


can you send me a link to something saying you can drive while high with prescribed weed? never heard of this so i’m curious.


According to my occupational health assessment, it's all about personal judgement. They clarified I can use heavy machinery and drive. I does also state on my medication "warning this medicine may make you feel sleepy. If this happens do not drive or use tools or machinery. Do not drink alcohol". So the police or my work can't exactly measure "sleepy", so again it's personal judgement.


Legal medically where I am too and you can drive high here as well. I know loads of people been stopped whilst smoking and driving and been let go after proving it’s medical


Not in the US. A woman in my city was high on Her prescription for Xanax and drove and killed a mother of 4. She’s going bye bye to jail for 6 years.


Depends if I have one beer I won’t drive cos I have low tolerance, my friends can drink 5 and drive fine


I'm sorry, no they can't. You're friends are dicks. Blood alcohol level will be far too high after 5 drinks. Tell them to stop before they kill someone.


Even drinking 5 over a good 5 or 6 hours ? Btw don’t wanna come across like a dick just genuinely uninformed about it sorry


A pint of 3.6% larger is around 2 units and your body gets rid of around 1 unit per hour (all this depends on many factors) So 5 pints over 5 hours would be 10 units consumed and around 5 burnt off leaving you with 5 left in your system while driving. If you have a decent strength beer (5.2%) it’s 3 units per pint and you’d have ten units left in you by the end of the 5 hours. We’re all uniformed at some time mate, at least your willing to learn 👍


Hmm interesting feel like you should have to learn this stuff when getting your license… I’ll spread the word! Thanks🙏🏼


You feel like you should be explicitly told not to drive drunk at your test? You should auto fail if you need to be told that ffs


Yeah it should be a question on the test, ‘how many beers can you drink and be safe to drive’ any person that answers more than 1 should be black listed from getting their license


i think it’s the same as alcohol really. i don’t think it’s good. when i’m high i don’t really know what’s going and can sometimes barely do basic things let alone driving. it’s a substance and it effects you and your body. just stay at home and don’t drive it’s easy, better than someone/ yourself getting killed


My mate died in a car crash legit a month before his 18. Nice kid. Never did no one wrong. Was under the influence, I wouldn’t risk driving with any substance weed or alcohol. Imagine having to witness a family go through that. Not worth it in my eyes. Leave the weed off the roads like that. All love thou people.


Stupid move, I truly hope that you get pulled over!


Bottom line is, I drive the same high, if not better in some circumstances. Is it risky, yes it's risky. If you get in an accident or the police decide to pull you over, are you fucked? Yes your fucked Has that ever happened to me? No, I've never come close to any of those. Personally it's a risk im willing to take sometimes. You've just got to keep your wits about you and stay switched on, which I have no problem doing when I'm high at all.


I passed my test in 2002 and drove stoned all the time for many years. Used to just drive round smoking. Then they brought out the swap tests.


Don't. Its the same as driving drunk and don't even try to deny it.


Although I am pretty sure I would be safe, I have too much to lose by risking it and would hate to risk or endanger anyone else so it's a no from me.


Im a big no. You could be banned depending on the mood of the officer that pulled you over.


Honestly it’s just not worth it, however much it may save a bit of money on Ubers etc you really shouldn’t be in control of any vehicle when you aren’t sober


Damn, I worry about the machinery at work the next day after getting wasted, let alone driving a vehicle. Don't do it, if you kill a person whilst high and driving your life is over.


No matter what it’s not worth it. What’s the point of just becoming another statistic to be used against weed and it’s community always get the bus or train home after a sesh


That answer shows a lot of urban privilege. Imo, it's a different game in the country where public transport isn't an option.


It’s really interesting to see the responses here vs in r/trees which seems to have an American majority. I read a similar thread there a few weeks ago and most people said they drive stoned.


How do the swab tests work? How do they know if you smoked last night or 5 min ago?


That’s the thing. They don’t work. Taking your blood doesn’t work either because there’s no way to know if you’ve smoked an hour ago or a day ago


I feel like the people that do never post when this question is asked out of fear of being downvoted to oblivion




Done it when i was younger and genuinley more perceptive of my sorundings and cautious but havent done since i was 22 and never will on the off chance a bad accident did happen my fault or not i know it would haunt me for the rest of my life thinking i could have been prevented had i been sober and then the legal trouble on top of that, just not worth it.


You’re taking a risk that you don’t need to imo. Chances are you’ll be safe most of the time but if you get it in an accident and the police show up… you’re fucked. I would not trust myself to be under the legal limit of THC.


I dont think I drive worse stoned as I just get paranoid and end up actually more focused on the road and all the actions I'm taking(see vid for reference). However, I still avoid it as if you do cause an accident and you're stoned, you're getting in a lot more trouble. I don't think I'm any less of a safe driver high. The consequences are just much higher. https://youtu.be/LZyDoMqReLQ.


I used to do it. But at a point I started getting some hardcore anxiety. And I find it’s quite dangerous. Here in Canada if you get caught it’s DUI. So we just don’t do it anymore since it became legal. I highly advise to not drive high. You are on auto pilot most of the time and your reaction time is much slower. Please don’t…


well from someone living in New York I never smoke in my car if I’m gonna be going to drive high that’s one rule with me I’ve gotten away with it millions of times but it comes down to how well you can drive high I’ve gotten pulled over high car didn’t smell like weed they just gave me a ticket lol


I got done for driving on something more than weed, so maybe I wouldn’t have been caught if it was just weed but knowing the consiquences now I honestly wouldn’t advise it. It’s hard when mates want to meet up, but try your best to make it so you arent driving, obviously try to discourage mates. My last note: I was driving back from seeing my dad, I had a couple of beers at his house and was taking it easy on the way home. When a guy almost pulled out on me, I was really annoyed becuase he obviously didnt look. But had we crashed, and I’d be tested I bet I would’ve been over the very minimal limit there is. But the anecdote is, even if you’re calm to drive there are retards out there who will crash into you. You get tested, and fucked even though you’ve not done anything ‘wrong’.


I have a very weak daytime strain that helps my issues but does not impair me to the point that I cannot drive. And I don’t drive unless it’s been a few hours after I have medicated. And I don’t drive far either. I don’t even get on the highway. Just around the neighborhood.


About 3 years ago i done two weeks of 1g of coke, 3.5 g of bud and maybe a about 2 litres of cider a day, back then i was going through a rough patch and pretty much drove no matter what condition i was in. Looking back, that was the dumbest and most stupidest thing and i am genuinely surprised i hadnt hurt/killed someone/myself. I wouldnt even think about driving with anything in my system, if i have a smoke/drink, ill just walk home or grab an uber or taxi. Its not worth it, all it takes is a slip of concentration to kill someone.


before I done my very first driving lessons I had a smoke an hour so it would wear off so the first time I drove stoned I wouldn't freak out, also because if it did go wrong there was a qualified person there. I would have a smoke and give it reasonable settling in time before going for lessons.


Yes I do sometimes I feel capable enough and have a tolerance for it, if anything I take my time and I'm more cautious and patient, I would always let the high wear off somewhat first though, I wouldn't vape a bowl and then jump in the car to drive right away for example and if I've had several bowls I just don't bother.


Depends on your tolerance, just don’t bun a whole zed and think you’re Top Gears Stig


Not worth the risk in this day and age tbh, IF they pull you and think your high or stink of weed, they might swab you then your fuked. Chances of being caught unless your an idiot are slim, but if they do pull you, you could be in for a bumpy ride, so not worth the risk imo.


Most important thing is to know your limits & if you're not feeling it then don't bother. Personally, I've never had a problem with it & still don't. I put 70,000 miles on my car between 2006 & 2017, most of those miles were while I was high. I've been pulled over by the police near Perth in Scotland while under the influence & they were more concerned about me being in possession than anything. Gave me £100 Sherriff Court fine for having maybe 1g on me but said nothing about DUI even though I was 2-3hrs drive away from home. This has also happened to a friend a few years after leaving school, sometime after 2005. He got pulled over & the police were more concerned about him driving over the speed limit rather than DUI. At the end of the day, you're taking risks that have heavy consequences. If you're not comfortable with that then don't do it.


Gf used to do it all the time. It was years ago before people knew better. I can’t say I ever noticed any difference in her driving when she was high tbf


Treat it like drink driving. Super irresponsible and dangerous if you drive after smoking


I smoke pretty much all day every day but not in large amounts, I also drive everyday but I don't drive 'stoned' it's much nicer driving without the heavy medication I'm legally allowed to drive on but makes me feel sick as a dog. If I was to get even a little 'stoned' at any point I wouldn't drive at all.


It’s good people that used to do it no longer do it because they have too much to lose… /s


Anything that can change your perception or lucidness should never be combined with something that can easily kill someone/ruin someones life. It's so selfish.


I've grown up knowing folk who smoked before, and during driving. It didn't impair them, if anything they were worse drivers when sober because they were pretty short fused and easily distracted and cannabis helped shift that. Personally wouldn't risk it though. It's just asking for trouble as cannabis is renowned for its strong smell, and all it takes is some upset driver, bored police, and you smoking at the wheel. Plus they have those swabs that don't give two shits about whether you just smoked, or smoked yesterday.


It really depends on your tolerance, some people can smoke and you’d never know. Don’t do it tho


Depends if its legal or not. All good for me!