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Hey you guys go first so I can get some cool action shots for your war memories videos


and then upload said footage to his youtube channel so he can make a clickbait title and get ad revenue by today's sponsor: Raid Shadow legends! ​ edit: thanks for the gold! but please send funds to Ukraine. They need it way more.... especially since their economy has taken a -45% percent hit to their GDP.


Golden comment


As you wish!


I-I-I waaant the liiiike. Pleeeease


... on my brand new stolen GoPro.


The coolguy way of saying, "You got point"


Someone care to inform him there are many routes leading right back to Russia, where there are no mines, Ukrainian artillery or Ukrainians shooting at him?


Only Tiktokkers shooting at him.


These gutless fucks. They would rather kill civilians, then just kill those Kadarovites, and go home.


Gutless. *Looks at photos of meat sacks* teehee! I see what you did there.


You dont understand how the military works if you think they can just go home


A normal military, they're literally the Nazis of their time though. Literally the entire world wants them to leave or fall. They know what they're doing is wrong, but they just keep doubling down. They'll be international pariah forever.


In Russia when you become a soldier you aren't treated as a human you're treated like a bullet or hand grenade only meant to be thrown into combat


Yeah that's why nobody cares what happens to them. They buy into it and then just expect the rest of the world to just let them commit ethnic cleansings. The free passes are over, they knew exactly what was going to happen to them.


I do believe soldiers were told this was a training exercise


Yeah that was 4 months ago, and seeing as they invaded a country they knew immediately it wasn't the case. Plus every captured cowardly Russian soldier bleets out the same story word for word. They're just trying not to get tried for crimes against humanity.


Not knowing you are in a war is no defence against war crimes.


What idiot would still think that this deep into the war?


I haven't heard any Russian soldier claim this after the first few days. Lets drop the memes and deal with the facts.


That literally means nothing when it comes to the soldiers ability to leave a war. He could be the most anti war person it doesn't change his physical ability to leave.


As an ex soldier I get your drift but you may not be aware that in the RF army all soldiers are contractors. This was something Putin did (the only rival to the FSB is the army) and he failed to regularise the situation before invading Ukraine. In purely contract terms, these guys can say “fuck this, I resign” then walk off. Indeed many have done so to-date. Until their officers started shooting them. But even that has a limited effect because if it happens too often then whole units rebel & cases of this (& fragging) are on the rise. So it’s not like western professional armies one bit.


RuF is a ‘shakedown gang’ with heavy weapons. Run by a mafia, it acts like a gang where no build up of any advanced level coordination skill is possible.


They could leave, they choose not to. Cutting them slack literally led us to the situation the world is in now. They don't even surrender that much aside from at the outset of the conflict and the cowardly separatists who betrayed their own countrymen. These guys want to invade, pillage, and then have the nerve like they should be able to mourn their equally cowardly brothers in arms. They're all monsters.


I have been watching this very interesting Ukrainian youtube channel where they investigate Russian soldiers social media accounts and other information it is very informative and shows how brainwashed and war happy they really are. Some of the captured guys we witnessed telling hard luck stories were posting 'Im off to kill Ukes' a few days before. I am sorry to say it but a lot of Russians are just violent jealous spiteful bastards.


>They could leave, they choose not to. Ok man your clearly a troll or dont understand the basic principles behind any military


The Russian military isn't even a military at this point. It's just a bunch of modern day barbarians who don't even get actual training now since most of the actual trained guys got themselves killed during the initial invasion and they have to rush replacements to continue the invasion. Looting washing machines, mass rape, and blowing up cities into dust to attack purely civilians for terror purposes makes them no better than ISIS. The longer we act like these guys are an army just because they wear similar uniforms instead of the criminal organization they are just gives them some loose form of credibility. They made their bed, they can get blown up in it.


Your point is largely true, except there are legal avenues these soldiers can pursue because this is just a 'special military operation.' They legally can't be deserters because Russia hasn't mobilized yet. The worst that can happen to them is that they get 'fired' from the military. That might have social consequences, but few legal ones. There are certainly practical reasons they can't leave, and the Russian leadership makes ample use of threats to intimidate soldiers, but all they really need is the will and a Russian lawyer.


Russian leadership fucked itself. *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/ukraine) if you have any questions or concerns.*


>dont understand the basic principles behind any military How a proper military functions as we in the west understand it does not apply to the Russian army. Have you not read the dozens of accounts of Russian soldiers refusing to fight? And I'm not talking about some mercs or DPR/LPR. Because of the legal spaghetti in Russia and the fact there is no war (according to their official line) soldiers can CHOOSE not to fight. Dude, learn about this fucked up conflict before you comment. TL;DR Russian army does not function like a western one. Like everything else in that country its fucked up.


You don't understand how the corrupt Russian military works if you think they can't just go home.


What's left of them.


I wouldnt be surprised if their leader put mines behind them to stop them coming back


Why supply truck keep blowing up?


Guys, it's mostly the same deal as the US, just worse: Many people join the military because of a lack of a better option. In Russia, when you do that, or if you're required to (as in a draft), you're not allowed to leave or go back to Russia. You're basically being sent as cannon fodder. Only those brave enough would surrender. The rest stay to die... What easier choice do we have in life... than death...


Well yea, you gotta frag the officer first


>In Russia, when you do that, or if you're required to (as in a draft), you're not allowed to leave Incorrect. Read up on the many reports of Russian troops refusing to fight BECAUSE THERE ISN'T A WAR (this is the critical issue here). There is no draft yet either (aka conscription post 24th Feb because in Russia that can only be done in wartime and yep, THERE IS NO WAR. Russian leadership using this fiction that its only a Special Military Operation and not a war is a double -edged sword.


Russian leadership fucked itself. *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/ukraine) if you have any questions or concerns.*


Amazing bot.


Sure did


I have listened to multiple telephone intercepts of orcs trying to figure out how to self-harm and get out of it. They can’t just leave or don’t know how to. Some of them are doing gruesome self injuries. And many of them are also orc trash.


Thanks... Yeah, I'm not sure how it is exactly, ie. if there isn't a draft currently, but I'm aware the rules are similar... just that in Russia, defecting is sometimes treated with a death sentence? It's nice to know they can refuse the "special operation". Why do most not? Just propaganda and stupidity?


Extra pay for participating, also not even knowing they have the right to refuse. These aren't usually the best educated young men. Or knowing that if they do refuse, they won't get that extra money that their family may desperately need. Or they just want the money for whatever purpose, I'm sure not all of them are completely desperate, some may have fallen for propaganda, and some are just not that bright.


Peer pressure, glorification of war, afraid of losing face etc


If they put as much effort into fighting the people forcing them to make those choices as they do committing atrocities they wouldn't have to worry about that. These guys love what they're doing and they have no conscience whatsoever.


Yeah for sure I realize the inherent "possessiveness" of a decision... people tend to try to own it. If they think they have no control, or are to afraid to assert any, they just carry the "join them" mentality and thrust the ego forward... We can blame them, sure... The idea of having no conscience in this regard would be correct... as most people in the world, this thrusting forward is mostly not in line with our own personal desires, but just serves an idea of serving something greater than yourself (country), that one might find an opportunity to gain some favor/respect for (from their own), or otherwise can lean on the idea that it's not entirely their choice (no conscience).


Yeah your average Russian soldier couldn't even understand those concepts even if they weren't born with fetal alcohol syndrome. They live and die at Putin's pleasure, they loot, rape, and not a single one of them worries about how their country and they themselves will be hunted down even after this conflict is over. They're toddlers with machine guns.


Ayee! Good riddance!


Play with fire you get burnt i guess


Fucked around, found out!


Lets give a special thanks and a postume medal for de-mining that tiny stretch of dirt road.


I feel sorry for that quad bike. An innocent victim in an unjust war.


Translation of the text on the images, in order: > Here's a little rundown of what's happening. I think a lot of people guessed what happened. Exactly one minute before I turned on the GO PRO camera. > I don't even know if I should post the video of it. > The detonation was of two TM-62 anti-tank mines with instant detonation of two PTUVs in the body. One cumulative and one high-explosive. *(Note: I am unsure of the accuracy of the translation here)* > Only one piece of the car was left... > The guys died quickly and without suffering. > They are forever in my heart. __________ > That fucked-up day... > The gear, the personal belongings and my dead brothers... _______________ > My heroes > My brothers > Lived so little, but did so much... > 20.06.2022 > 10:10 a.m. MSC *(Moscow time, I assume)* They are gone. > Demon > Hector > Kettlebell ___________ Also ping for /u/Garbage_Particular and /u/Di221196 because I saw they asked for translation


Thanks for your effort in translation


>One cumulative and one high-explosive. (Note: I am unsure of the accuracy of the translation here) I believe in a previous thread there was a discussion about "cumulative explosive" and it actually meaning shaped charge. Edit: Actually, if you go to the shaped charge wikipedia page and then click the [russian-language version, it confirms it](https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9A%D1%83%D0%BC%D1%83%D0%BB%D1%8F%D1%82%D0%B8%D0%B2%D0%BD%D1%8B%D0%B9_%D1%8D%D1%84%D1%84%D0%B5%D0%BA%D1%82) :)


They were vaporized.


Street art 2022 Russian style


Well ,gotta grind that karma.


Ukraine soil: you're all mine now. Muhahahaha. Good riddance.


>you're all mine now I see what you did there.


What am i to do with these pics? I want the video! What a Ruzzian thing to do. Being dicks no matter what they do.


Yep! I must admit that I was gleefully hoping for a video. There must be something wrong with me. 😐


There can't be anything wrong with you or there would be something wrong with me...(yes I know there is, but shut up).


I won't tell a soul. Honest! 😆


and I won't tell anyone but my therapist (and they better not tell anyone else either!)


I bet they tell their mistresses/receptionists. You should be careful.


I'm reasonably certain that falls on a breach of client/patient confidentiality and could result in me successfully suing them into oblivion. Considering how much law school cost me I kinda want them to try now.


Just kidding (but someone's got to type up the notes). 😜


I guess, every therapist I worked with actually typed their own notes though. So no clue.


You are probably right. My therapist mostly kept hand-written notes. He once repeated some obscure bit of information that I must have divulged to him years before (my favourite tea). "I'm impressed," I said, "That's not in your notes." "No, it's not," was his reply. He once told me that he had over 400 patients on his books at any one time. He must have a phenomenal memory.


I allow myself to be like this while the war lasts. If i stop getting off my bike to pet random cats and start catching pigeons and bite off their heads, i know it has gone to far. But for now, it's a way to get the rage out and stay sane. :-)


In his post he said "I turned my GoPRO on just moments before, I'm not sure if I should post the video", so he has it. Maybe it'll come up eventually :^)


Try not to laugh: 2022 edition


Hehe. Russians go boom boom.


Russian war criminals get what they fuckin’ deserve.


I get that they are on the opposing side, but they are still people.


That's what I'm saying, everything is not black and white here. Of course there's evil Russians, but there's evil Ukrainians too. You can't justify xenophobia just because Russia is the country that started the war, or do these people who hate Russians also hate 100% of the USA population because they started wars in the Middle East? I will never respect people who agree with the war, but hating all of one country's population because there's war criminals there is just pathetic. War criminals have always existed in every country, but I don't see you guys hating on those. Downvote me if you want, I just can't understand this subreddit anymore.


got called a bot for saying that bombing russian civilians will make russian soldiers even more aggressive against ukraininans


Too bad he was able to post about it.


Always leave one alive to tell the tale.


Low key my favorite Mulan moment. Even as a kid, when he asks how many people are needed to send a message. Shits metal AF.


More Sunflower fertilizer. Perfect end for rapists, thieves, and murderers. Slava Ukraini!


The phrase "pushing up daisies" is going to change to "pushing up sunflowers".


![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|upvote)<3 <3 <3 <3


Translation? For the social media stuff the soldier(?) posted


That’s really sad. It looked like a nice 4 wheeler.


best comment on this thread


I'm sure its body will be recovered as it has value. The rest of that fleshy mess should be kicked to the side of the road.


Ironic one of those guy's name is demon.


Turn around back to Russia while you still can Orc


This is Putin's work.


In that clip there's 4 grown up adult Russians, who gladly participated in murdering Ukrainians, they carry blame as well.


Probably stole that quad as well


\*cursed quad


Stop the "Putins war" bs. We are too far into this war for Russians to get off scott free. This is Russias war and they need to own every last bit of it.




Ehh… should every Russian be punished? Every civilian? Everyone forced at gunpoint to serve? I agree it’s not just ‘putlers war’ like ww2 wasn’t just big bad moustache mans war, but not every Russian is responsible otherwise you get another treaty of Versailles situation with Russia coming back pissed and unified against you. We as humans had to learn that the hard way from what was happening in the 30s and 40s


Versailles? WW1? Germany & Japan were humiliated after WW2! With intensive supervision, control and management they were re-educated and re-habilitated into responsible democratic societies. That is the lesson from history! Not sure if anybody would be interested in taking on RuZZia as a project! (Except China)


Never said punish. The whole of Russia is accountable for its actions this far in. The nation will need to face that as we move into non war time.


So how would we hold them accountable without punishment?


Stop letting them blame everything on Putin to start with. There is going to be alot of financial and restructuring of territory before they can be allowed to participate with the rest of the world again. You cannt just stuff everyone back inside their 2014 borders and be like okay we are square.


Man, the things people will do for likes these days.


What a generation, right? :D


What a shame. Surrender and go home and you’ll not have to worry about it any longer


Play stupid games win stupid prizes


Congratulations! You're the 29th person to so cleverly use the 'stupid prizes' phrase today. Here's your stupid participation medal: 🏅 ^^Your ^^award ^^will ^^be ^^recorded ^^in ^^the ^^hall ^^of ^^fame ^^at ^^r/StupidTrophyCase


I shall treasure this award until i die thank you 😂


Wait a minute. Play stupid games win stupid prizes


Nice try. The only infinite loop happening today is between you and bathroom tissues.


Well, someone covered that Edge Case.


Made me smile! Seeing this edge case covered. Hahaha.


What about the edge case where you keep responding to it after this reply, maybe THAT will go on forever?


Good bot


play stupid games, win stupid prizes




no I want to play stupid games and win stupid prizes.


Good bot!


Good bot!


Telegram link? Edit: Oh I see it on the watermark! Please excuse my first day on the internet.


I think they are not allowed on this sub.


It says on the watermark.




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Translation? Wonder what he wrote to his fellow orcs


What are the odds it was a mine placed by one of his comrades?


Sad that people had to die for Putin’s fantasies. But it’s better that more Russian invaders die than not.


Weird flex but ok... 🌻🌻🌻


Good, they were worthless traitors. Now they will repay Ukraine by acting as fertilizer for beautiful sunflowers to grow.


Is there a video to that?


Yes, he recorded it on a GoPro but hasn’t decided wether to release the video or not lmao.


Should release it before he also dies.


“Yes, he recorded it on a GoPro” GoPro - Be a _HERO_


Nice, i like dead orcs.




Looks like farcry


From the looks of pic 3 it seems like it hit 2 at the same time, sandbag coffins for those 3!


Gotta get sympathy somehow.


Hmm, I'm not feeling that sympathy. Rather I'm feeling a certain level of satisfaction. Orcs did that to me. Fuck every orc.


I never said it would work.


And fuck you Russian orcs to hell




I guess they shouldn't have been there. :\^|


To think all they had to do to not die is simply not be there. Get fucked Russia


thank you, I needed a pick-me-up.


Good riddance to bad rubbish.




What a shame. Those are some nice ATVs


I see some leftover Orc parts. They died for Putin, I am sure he’ll appreciate and remember their sacrifice. 🤣


Wished it could have been many more than just 3. SLAVA UKRAINE!


If only there was some way to avoid getting blown up by a mine in a foreign country….




Oh no! Anyway...


They stain the pretty flowers with their blood, disgusting.


What if Ukrainian flowers grow to like Russian blood?


I hope they had sunflower seeds in their pockets.


He should keep driving to see if there are any more mines on the road.


Яка сумна новина


he may have done this to make sure the families get compensation instead of being listed as MIA, and also the show the grim reality of Putin's invasion of Ukraine. As orcish as he may be, lets consider the possibility that he's sick of this shit and wants to show the numbskulls back home the reality of the shit show putin has created.


To shreds, you say? Well, hows his comrade holding up? To shreds, you say...


Lol at the chimney with the 3 dead retards. "We invaded Ukraine, threw it back to the middle ages and now we are home ornaments, remember us" 🤣🤣🤣🤣


*To the tune of Vengaboys' Boom,Boom,Boom,Boom!!* Boom, boom, boom, boom! I want you in my doom!


BOOM boom boom boom Their gonna need a broom To clean up all the pieces Their underwear has feces BOOM boom boom boom Won't even get a tomb Their mom will get a letter And a 1/2 pound of cheddar BOOM boom boom boom Russia, read the room You've gotta use your brain And evacuate Ukraine


Fuck that was so good


We need to get a collection of these songs together as the official album of the war. I recommend my rendition of the Moskva song (sung to the tune of the Spongebob squarepants theme song) that I came up with after the sinking.


He can use this to transport them home 🧽


womp womp


Reminds me of Warhammer 40k orcs that laugh when one of their brethren dies.


Probably a russain mine anyways


Oh those russians, having a ***blast*** in Ukraine. Keep it up lads


LOL, I mean really, LOL. Can't stop laughing. Did he post this crap looking for sympathy? Yeah, he probably got some from his Orc friends. Still, LOL'ing.


is that a leg on top of the wheel?


Definitely belongs to the guy missing the leg on the ground.


I spy a gloved hand


Burn in hell russian nazi scum!)))


God said .... 'Let there be meat' ..... ​ And there was.


Rest in piss


🎶Gory gory what a hell of a way to go They ain't orc'ing no more...🎶


Boooom! Get rekttttt


3 men? What three men?


i would like to watch the video


Rot in hell, you Russian fascist monsters.


Damn going to Ukraine really was a life shattering experience for them…


Superior race my ass.... Scum


Lol Russians are so tasteless with their photos, ever notice when our people die we send the telegram nice things about them, not here check out the grizzly shit my mates died in… Probs shows the guys mum it too


Maybe this is faked to get death benefits and/or out of fighting for a stupid reason.


I mean fuck the Russians but that's gotta hurt them mentally. Seeing 3 of your buddies blown to shreds like that almost in an instant... I almost feel bad for em


That's what they come for in my country. They wanted blood - they got it.


FSB? That’s multi cam so it’s FSB, SOBR, or mislabeled and really Ukrainians


Russian VDV infantry. Not mislabeld or ukranians. These photos were uploaded to a russian soldier's telegram, you can translate the messages if you want. He has posted on that telegram before showing him and his men riding the 4-wheelers.


R.i.P These men didnt deserve this. Nobody did.


They've come to my land to murder, rape and steal. They definetely deserve this.


Are these mines remote detonated? Seems like the lines are pretty fluid - How do they protect from friendlies getting killed?