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>When war might end If top intelligence and generals can’t answer, why should average redditors (even if they have some relatives in ukrainian military) know lol >continue study Distance education exist, contact university for details >ukrainians towards indians I don’t remember india invading ukraine so it will be fine, if you wouldn’t pulling some crazy brainwashed stuff like “russia did a nice thing to invade”


India is making trade agreements with Russia despite the international condemnation of supporting Russia via trade, the world calls them out on it and the responses I've heard from India are basically "not our problem". There could be grounds for Ukrainians to be upset, but hard to say if that's common knowledge or concern to the citizenry of Ukraine. I'm likely 100% wrong on this though as I'm just an ignorant fool on Reddit, just some dots I see that might connect.


India is buying oil, which isn’t sanctioned. I think they are getting unfairly targeted here. Better to put pressure on China


I don't want to assume the worst, but I'd wager OP was about making people angry and getting reactions.


He is most likely from India, left and wants to know if Ukrainians will accept him being from a country that supports Russia.


Yeah, that's the point... Mere students like me who have no role in the geopolitical decisions made by our country are skeptical of what they might have to face on returning back to Ukraine.


it always boils down to your position. you might bump into couple of jerks who will comment on this, but as long as you personally condemn this aggression, you are good to go.


As for war schedule, I don’t have it marked on my calendar so I can’t tell when it’s going to end. If you are already enrolled in uni, then you should contact uni about your educational needs. Borders are open between Poland and Ukraine with stricter controls with war going on and what not. If you have been in Ukraine before war, then you should already be aware of attitudes. Only change what might be is that Ukrainians might not have particularly nice things to say about Indian government And lastly, it is weird place to ask these questions since your university and Ukrainian embassy in India would be best places to approach with such questions


Why don’t you help the wounded in ukraine, give something back, unlike your government which still buys Russian gas because it’s cheap, and probably stolen Ukrainian grain because they have no morals. Be better, help save Ukrainian lives


If they are a first year med student, they wouldn't have too many more skills than a candy striper. So you shouldn't make it sound like they are shirking duty to Ukraine. Actually, at 20, I doubt they are even in grad school, so maybe a regular student in a pre-med program?


if you really want to be a doctor, i would get your butt to ukraine and start helping the wounded -- even if you are far far away from the war on the polish border you would rarely get better experience


… OP is in Ukraine?


Keyword “return to Ukraine” I think it’s implied they’re either a foreign student or someone who has moved recently to Ukraine then fled due to the war, but wishes to return post war.


Apologies, I’m running on very little sleep.


Aren’t doctors supposed to be smart? Do you think the war is on a schedule?


Is is according to the Kremlin, running waaaay behind schedule.


“Is absolutely on schedule” - Putin as he points to advertisement for a shoe store.


“We running’ on Kremlin time, baby!” - Putin, most definitely.




From the country that brings you Nazi Giftshops, I wouldn't expect much general knowledge about Europe. That being said, this is a new low indeed.


I heard 27 June they plan to end it. Around 8pm if I'm not mistaken.


I have a lot of close family in Lviv. My cousin rents a two bedroom condo and he always had Indian students renting from him as his place was close to the Danilo Halytsky medical university (i believe that is the name). He now is giving it to refugees from South Ukraine as all the Indian students had to go back home. I know he always had great students he rented to and was very sad when they left. I pray the war ends soon, and you can go back to your studies. I know him, and others will be happy to have you back.






Sounds tone-deaf but don't return. If Ukrainians weren't hostile to you before this war, they will be now. In fact, the reputation of Indians (especially those born in India) has taken a nosedive in several western countries due to both the actions of their government and their behaviour on social media regarding the conflict.


The amount of fucking Pro-Russian propaganda from Indian accounts on social media when I search for, "Ukraine," is fucking unbelievable. Not just social media, the amount of Pro-Russian Indian news when you type, "Ukraine," on video sharing sites is also fucking unbelievable.


I've noticed that as well and it makes wonder why. From what I understand, most media organizations in India aren't government owned/controlled like in russia, so I don't get why so many of them are pushing a pro russian agenda. Unless that's what indians want to see so they do it for viewership.


> I don't get why so many of them are pushing a pro russian agenda Because your average Indian is anti-west and this war has presented them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be brazen about it.


Best thing you can do? Go back, and help patch injured people up, India isn't in the best of places right now, considering they are contributing to Russia's war chest by buying cheap oil.


When will the war end: 11th of July, a Monday, at approx 7:32pm. How the fuck would anyone know when the war will end? It concerns me a future doctor would ask something so obtuse. Ukrainians attitude towards Indians: probably the same as everyone else’s in the west? Your country is aligned against Ukraine, so, there’s that.


You will be able to go back and study when russia has been defeated and leaves ukraine. It could be 6 months it could be 6 years who knows, you will have to keep an eye on how things go. Why would you ask for the opinions of ukranians regarding your nation when your govornment are buying way more than the usual quantities of russian oil because its cheaper... something which directly funds russias war in ukraine and helps them to kill more innocent ukranians... That is just one example of your govornment being shady and scummy, another would be not allowing planes to land which are transporting aid to ukraine. Numerous instances of india doing other similar things would lead me to believe ukranians probably dont hold india high in there regards... If your govornment stop being garbage in those ways that might eventually change though 🤷‍♂️


As a medical student, can you volunteer as a nursing assistant or medic? Contact your university and ask. This would be valuable to Ukraine and to you.


There is an invasion going on and your first thoughts are "Hey when will the war end as it's getting in the way of my studies and are Ukrainians going to be racist to me?" ​ Not one for bagging out but a bit of thought before posting might save some of the flak you might catch.


From a non-Ukrainian perspective ....... given that your government is cosying up to Ruzzia, buying their oil at steep discounts and refusing to denounce the invasion. I wouldn't be expecting a return with fanfare and warmth.


Then you better get your government on the right side.


I don't think there will be a problem with you continuing your studies but when the imperial conquest of Russian fascists will end is not known. I also don't think that Ukrainians will have a bad attitude against Indians. BUT I am from Austria, not Ukraine. Just my 5 cents wanting to visit the free and democratic Ukraine.


You'd better contact your university regarding your studies. Maybe you could take some lectures remotely. Universities are probably going to start the new academic year in August. The borders are open for foreigners. Airspace obviously won't open until the end of the war, but Lviv is very close to Polish border, so you can fly there, but, again, ask your university about their recommendations for foreign students. Lviv is relatively safe right now. People who were wounded or killed in missile attacks have ignored air raid alarms, so that's what you need to pay attention to if you want to be as safe as possible. Also, rent prices are now much higher than before. Ukrainian media don't talk much about India, so I don't think average Ukrainians who don't spend time on English pages on Facebook know about all those Indian trolls. Generally, foreigners who come here during the war are viewed as friends, except Russians or those who in some way repeat Russian propaganda.


You chose to study in a country that was at war to save money on your university, and now you’re acting like our struggle is in the way of your education?


I didn't knew that Russia Ukraine war was going to happen before coming there to study. Don't be naive. Do you have foresight that you already predicted the war would happen?


The war has been happening since 2014. Have you been studying in Ukraine for more then 8 years? Shouldn’t you have your degree by now?


I didn't realize I was blind that I couldn't see ruzzia bombing the cities of Ukraine since 2014. So have you been living in bunkers and waking to the sound of air alarms since 2014? /s


So you were not even aware Ukraine has been at war for the past 8 years?


Straw man fallacy. I'm wasting my time replying. Peace gentleman.


Pointing out that my country was at war for the past 8 years is a strawman now? Lmao ok Buddy. Where will You study next? Yeman?




Wow I’m surprised you finally chose a question without an active war to study in, good job Buddy.


Chose a question?