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Russian Governor - "We can improve everyone's living situation and the quality of life in the city, or build one glorious gigantic space-age phallic building. Your thoughts, sir?" Putin - "We build giant space age dildo building now!" . . . Architect - "Ok, can I have the model of the building back?" Putin - "Nyet! I like it. I will take it to my office now. NO VISITORS!"


I bet the first design was with more round top, but Putin requested for it to be more pointy.


You can tell that he likes them pointy. Take a look at all the Russian missiles. Tochka, Iskander, Kinzhal .... all extra pointy. On the opposite end of the scale, you have Jeff Bezos, but that's a completely different story altogether. 🤣😂




On my first cup of coffee and at first i thought you were talking about Bezos because of the reply before yours. I felt kinda stupid. But then after having my second I realized that the dictator vibe applies to billionaires as well.




Wow, they really are orcs. Let’s hope Putin meets the same fate as Garrosh.


At night you can see the Eye of Sauron at the top of the tower.


Crushed to death by a giant stone hand, and left on a hilltop as a landmark? Yeah that would be pretty impressive.


nice reference


Funny enough, Putin did start of his political and corruption career right there in St. Petersburg when working for the Mayor


Take a closer look at Washington DC if you're gonna joke bout fallos buildings.


Good point. Though at the time it was a pretty austere monument compared to the royal palaces of Europe.


You see the dicks, I see the boob-like domes. DC has something for everyone


Half life 2 vibes.


HL2 is about Russia occupying eastern EU. Combine = Orcs


Except the Combine can actually win a war in 7 hours.


Well, they were close to capturing or killing Zelenskyy, back on the first day. Combined with the planned coup (for which the Russia's plugs in Ukraine took the money, did literally nothing and disappeared), the plan actually might have had succeeded. Besides that, they counted on the west's lack of interest that it had showed about the fate of Chechnya, Georgia, then Ukraine's Crimea and Donbas.


It's strange they believed the West was uninterested in Ukraine: many western nations sent forces there to patrol and train the Ukrainian army.


Thought this was an image from an unreleased hunger games scene filmed near the capital.


Giant vibe


My thoughts exactly. You beat me to it.


So… wake up, Mr. Freeman. Wake up and.. smell the ashes.




Oh but it is. The vast majority of Russians live on less than $400 a month. This is what this image attempts to illustrate.


The wealth disparity in Russia is really not much worse than most other European countries though. https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/wealth-inequality-by-country


The Gini index isn't really useful when calculating Russian wealth disparity, since so much of it is dirty. Economics Explained has done a very good video on it, but in short, such a LUDICROUS amount of the money is secretly reappropriated, doesn't exist, is held in shell companies, etc., the wealth disparity is far, far, _far_ worse than it looks on the outside. https://youtu.be/ZAMz5kgb7V4


More like Elysium, but before the space station. Or Octavia Butler's The Parable of the Sower. Luxurious gated communities walled off and surrounded by impoverished ghettos.


All that's missing the Eye of Sauron.


Sorry mate, state corruption. It got stolen long ago.


Can't have shit in Russia.


Not without stealing a magic drinking fountain first. I mean a toilet ...




Shouldn't have had nightvision, that's how you know you'll lose it.


And maybe a cruise missile.


An effective intelligence agency that sees things as they are and not as poutine wishes they would be. Sorry it fell off the tower a long time ago.


Welcome to city 17


It's safer here.


["The Citadel's on full alert! I've never seen it lit up like that!"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqhKGBWvyqM)


just blasting [two tribes](https://youtu.be/pO1HC8pHZw0?t=32) instead


Putin has a needle dick.




To be fair I can take a picture that would look very similar in downtown london of say the shard from Lewisham. Maybe less rural, but maybe even more impoverished. :P Not that I deny wealth inequality is insane in russia, one of the worst in the world for sure.


Could you give example of something like that in google street view? I am sure many people not from UK would be curious to see it.


thats what i was thinking too. rare for people to see outside of their bubbles in their own cities.


Here's a [Google Streetview](https://goo.gl/maps/sbxw2cbmcd8VHrfK7). The name of the tower complex was Lakhta Center before Gazprom was confirmed as the tenant. The word is actually Finnish, *lahti* = bay, or inlet. That's the name of that district of St. Petersburg. On StreetView you can see that the streets are paved - one sign that it's in St. Petersburg. In most of Russia, in a neighborhood that looks like that the streets would be gravel.


State of that place. Looks like a scene from The Last of Us. There was me thinking the major cities would be a little more tidy than the provincial towns and far away Oblasts.


The touristy parts of St. Petersburg are mostly in good shape - Nevsky Prospect, the palaces, churches and parks that are shown to tourists, the Hermitage, Peterhof, the imperial palaces at Tsarskoye Selo. If you wander off from those places, you don't need to go very far to see apartment buildings whose facades haven't been revamped since the Soviet times, or small houses like those near the Gazprom tower. That neighborhood is actually not nearly the worst of Russia - it's in a very good location on the outskirts of the city and by the sea. Some of those houses have been revamped with a good bit of money.


Some might even have flushing toilets then I assume ?


That's St. Petersburg. They have plumbing. These days they even have wastewater treatment. (Greetings from Finland - Finland had something to do with building the wastewater treatment plant. Shit from the city was killing the Gulf of Finland.) The parts of Russia where the soldiers that had never seen a water closet before came from the far corners of the country from St. Petersburg (the Mongolian border, Dagestan etc.).


Not even that far. A lot of rural Russia is Streetview-mapped in Google and I sometimes go "driving" through the Russian countryside just out of curiosity. In many rural oblasts, some not far from the 2 main Russian cities of Moscow and St. Petersberg, I see numerous outhouses in people's backyards.


Sure, but presumably those people will have seen a water closet somewhere, if they live next to a big city.


Equipped with new tv’s and washing machines that have stains from the blood of freshly raped children


let's not get crazy now.




The apartment buildings can be a bit deceiving in a place like St. Petersburg. The way the law works, or at least it did some years ago, is that the owner literally owns the concrete frame of the apartment, and can do just about anything within it. The shared part of the structure is kind of nobody's responsibility, so things like redoing the facade or the stairwells don't happen easily, while some of the apartments can be done quite nicely inside. Individual owners can do things like change windows, which is why some of the Soviet-era buildings have a patchwork of different windows at this point. Don't quote me on the legal situation, though. I'm in Finland, and things may have changed since I was last on a tourist trip on the other side of the border, years ago.


To be fair if you take a wander around that area on Streetview, it's not so terrible. Kinda picturesque. Right next to the sea, with a bunch of half decent dachas everywhere.


On one side of the street is shacks in various states of disrepair and then BAM a 3 storey villa with pavers for the drive on the other side. Strange sight for my suburban american ass


Half Life vibes


Even St Petersburg, the 2nd capital of Russia, is already a shithole.


I fully expect to be downvoted for this comment, but this pic is pure propaganda and doesn’t really say much. In America, it is very common to have poor slums within walking distance of very rich, modernized areas. I see it every day.


Good point. And, rather than dismissing, we should take note. This is a sign of a diseased society -- and we are all too familiar with it. Not a good sign.


I don't know, there's still differences. There's an absolutely massive difference in building quality, materials, and engineering. I mean we were building domicile's like this in the 1800s. While there is a huge issue with poverty in the US, just like most other countries, our quality of living even for the poor is far above Russia. I doubt rents around the building or the city are 2,000$usd/month like in my small city. All across America people are averaging 1300$/month for a 2 bedroom. That's 3 entire months income for the average Russian. I don't even want to try to comprehend what the poor ones live off of. So while VISUALLY yes you could take a similar shot like this in the United States. You could goto a ghetto, and take a photo with large buildings in the background. However that's where the similarities would end, visually.


It's for sure common to have poor neighborhoods within walking distance to very rich areas. However, in the US a poor neighborhood within reach of something this urban and substantial would be a run down area of a city. Not an overgrown rural region that looks like a post apocalyptic suburb.


I agree. From my own experience, one could probably take a similar photo in Washington DC, Dallas, New Orleans, Los Angeles, or just about any city. I do think it illustrates an accurate narrative in Russia, though. A narrative of how the oligarchs have created an incredibly wide economic gap and left very little for most of the population. They have raped the country of its resources for their own use and their greed has turned their eyes to other countries.


As someone very well traveled, it’s not the same by a long shot


Yeah that's why we're said to be a third world country with a Gucci belt


>It's usually the people who don't go anywhere else that thinks stupid things like this.


The only people I've heard who say that are people who have never lived in another country. It's fucking stupid.


You're not wrong. Wealth inequality unfortunately is all too common in a lot of places.


Is the bullet shape of the building just a coincidence or an indicator of how Russia uses Gazprom and it’s profits?


Paper building. Empty within. Time for change.




In Britain, it’s mainly London that looks like this. Possibly Glasgow. Edinburgh is completely charming.




City 17 is that you?


The grain will probably be immediately sold by the mafia and shipped overseas.


And the ships will return with truffles, caviar, and cognac for Putins dinner table.


Mm, Putin soup. Needs more fois gras, kobe beef, and some blood of the innocent.


Looks like buying Dubai from Wish.


There was a famous soviet time joke about the statements of communist leaders, in context of their 5-year plans (soviet time shit - everything was measured in 5-year plans) where Brenznev ( use any name here ) says: "In the next 5-years people will live better! The list of people attached..!"


Just like all dystopian SF movies promised us future would look like.


Trickle down Economics dont work 🤪


I would get a tetanus shot living there. Warped wood=rusty nails


Every child gets one there.


It used to baffle me who so many Russians wanted a return to the USSR but the more I find out about how the entirety of Russians live, not just the ones in the big cities, it's becoming more and more understandable. Ukraine is pretty much the poorest nation in Europe, and yet so many of the Russians soldiers were remarking on the high standard of living that the Ukrainian *villagers* have, and of course that was clearly demonstrated by all the stuff they were looting from them. Really shows you how bad the wealth inequality in Russia is.


Shaped like a bullet. Interesting


Gini Index 99%.


Half Life 2 much?! Wtf😳


Hate to say it but I would love to find out what damage a missile could do to it.


It's a citadel.


This is what this war is about. Grab more money & goods from other countries, becuz RuSSia is already robbed empty by their leaders.


When I tell people that 99% of Russia looks like the bottom half, people think I am not serious. It literally is less developed than some backwards countries in Africa.


This is some Half-Life's crap.


My ex is Moldovan, and has a brother who lives in Moscow and a dad who had a Russian passport who worked and traveled there sporadically. I once asked her why she chose to come to the US rather than going somewhere in Russia, as she had some rough years getting on her feet here. She looked at me somewhat angrily in response, and asked "have you ever been to Russia? No? Then you would know why."


It will be great when oil and gas are a thing of the past. Imagine where the Russian and Saudi Arabian economies will be at that time.


“Welcome, welcome to city 17”


Make us whole again.


Have to save this picture. This is the best answer to the question of the biggest example of divide between rich/poor. I thought Atlanta was bad when you had two escalades at a gas station In a district that looked like a ghetto. Or the lines of houses missing lot of maintaining and at the end of the very same road one of those colonial buildings from "gone with the wind". You could even see that family having voluminous dinner at a movie like table ... But this picture here takes the cake and swallows it in one bite without blinking.


Is this photo photoshopped?


No, have a look through this thread and you'll find Google Street View of it. Definitely a developing nation vibe to the place.


No, this tower is visible practically from any place in St. Petersburg.


I don't know, I can't find the exact same spot as in the photo, but I'm thinking [probably not.](https://goo.gl/maps/PjM3b7jKciauHHbn9)


Nope. This building is located on the edge of the city, with rural area around. They wanted to build this tower in the city center, but people protested against it, and only after UNESCO intervened (Saint Petersburg historical center is UNESCO World Heritage Site) , they decided to build it there.


Sergei, we build structure that look like appendage of man out in yon pasture. Good place to construct, as no toilets needed. We just dump shit\piss out window. We save lots of money in contract, then we can buy big flashy silver boat that looks like a dick.


Strong City 17 vibes.


Just like HL2 Citadel


I thought EFT exaggerating how run down Russian houses are. Turns out it was entirely accurate in the map design


Russia is modeling themselves after City 17 now?


Without the tower, it would look like some Ukrainian village after a Russian attack. Maybe they are not destroying parts of Ukraine, but making them feel more homey.


We’re all heading this way u less we do something about the wealthiest people in the world hoarding all of our capital/ labor for themselves. (Looking at you Musk/Bezos/ and Fuckfacebook)


I can't be the only one who saw this and mentally heard the voice of Shrek saying "Think maybe he's compensating for something?"


Perfect! A Russian pinhead temple paid for by impoverished people w/o 🚽🚽🚽.... 🪠


Russian folks: stupid West that did this to us.


The houses are hundreds of years apart (at least by design)


We should be reasonable though, this photo could be taken in NYC, or most anywhere.


Yeah, St Louis looks like this as well.


r/evilbuildings seem like this would be another posting location.


The only building that looks more evil is that one I think in Mumbai which looks like from Inception from a certain angle .


billionaires all over the world trying to turn the world into the movie elysium


Ukraine was the same pre-2014 but has been improving. The corruption is at Mexico level in the latest corruption index (122, Mexico 124, Russia 136).


Ask Russians what communism means to and for them.


What? Where is the communism in Russia, where the vast majority of the state's wealth is owned by a gaggle of oligarchs? Are you stuck in 1975 or something?


Communism is gone in rus, beacuse it doesn't work. It's an kleptogarch state nothing more.


They're distilled Capitalists. This is the end game for Capitalism without regulations. Wealth is concentrated totally for the elite and the poor are cannon fodder.


Russia is not "capitalist" by any stretch of imagination. You can look [here](https://www.heritage.org/index/visualize?cnts=russia|sweden&src=country) for a comparison between Russia and Sweden on the free economy index and Russia is a very restrictive economy. The only area it scores well on is taxation (which is relatively low), whereas Sweden (a very capitalist country in comparison) scores high on almost everything else. Russia has been long known to have extremely poor property rights (Sweden is almost perfect) and poor rule of law. Practically all the Russian oligarchs are where they are because the government has granted them rights to its assets and to run monopolies. They're not there because of their own skill in a market economy.


Capitalism, unregulated, means to make much money as possible. You basically end up subverting the whole system to your ends. Sweden has social services which would not exist in a 100% Capitalistic society. It is regulated Capitalism, big difference.


I don't think we have a "100% capitalistic society" anywhere in the world, unless you can name one - I can't. I tend to view "a pure capitalistic society" as a society run only by a free market. The way I'm reading your definition would make a pure free market insufficient to be 100% capitalistic, because getting there would also require that no-one would be willing to make any contributions to charity. Under a free market economy people tend become very charitable, with the US being consistently one of the most charitable countries in the world.


Capitalism: an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. That means the owners control the government. Sound familiar? The US at least has a few regulations whereas Russia and China have none when compared to what the heads of state are allowed to do. So Russia and China are purer forms of Capitalism than the US . There is no "free market" when industry sets the rules. When you do things solely for profit it is more dangerous than Communism, Fascism, all the isms. Those are just vehicles for Capitalists to obtain power.


There is no free capitalism in Russia. It is fascism - state controlled markets.


Capitalism doesn't require a free market please google the definition of Capitalism.


Honestly, you could take a picture just like this in many American cities.


Those houses would go for 400k each easy in the USA


You make fun of the russian houses because theyre shit by european standards. but american houses have worse roofs and only look better because theyre regularly painted


There are some areas of America with neighborhoods that shitty. But they’re not in Chicago, our second city. That’s an architectural treasure trove where everyone has plumbing.


Look at Detroit.


You’re saying Detroit is the St. Petersburg of America?




This picture alone does not say much about overall wealth in today's Russia, not even about the Gini index. The story about this picture can be twisted like "Russia is a good country where even the people not taking much care about their property are not forced to sell it to someone who actually cares". My wild guess is this one is just a result of a generational change, the house on the picture being a property of some old lady, who does not want to move elsewhere and does not much mind the state of the building. Russian demography is bad, the population is getting older, there are for sure many such stories. Maybe it's even no longer her first property (maybe it never was, it was just inherited 30 years ago by her husband) and she lives in some small and tidy flat elsewhere, originally keeping this house for weekends but now with children grown up and old friends dead, having no real need to visit it or maintain it. I understand that we all want to find some more explanations to understand Russian's public nonsensical stand towards invasion to Ukraine, but I doubt this picture brings it.


They could always get Gadaffied with that thing. If in doubt ask Romania (ref Vlad Tepes) for instructions.


It has to be pointy.


Maybe, someday, it burns and then I want a photo of it from this location.


its contagious more and more of america looks just like that...


You see that in the states as well to be honest


I volunteer as tribute


dude.. wtf.. this is such a failed state


Looks like a missile. It’s being used as a weapon (Gas cut coercion). So… Take it down.


Look like the livestock gunfight map fom modern warfare.


Not the only massive prick in Russia


That pic really says it all


Lol is this half life 2?!


This will look like a giant candle when it is set on fire


Hunger games much


there is a proverb in Russia: "brilliance and poverty"


You could make the same sort of photo and statements about the US.


Shortly to be sold off for scrap to pay directors bonuses now that no one is buying Russian oil or gas…👌


Would be a weird coincidence if the building happened to set fire to itself...


I don’t know if I’d use the word “justifies”. There’s many places in America where I could take a similar picture of the wealth gap


That could make a hunger games poster right there


That would look so cool if it was on fire...


Two choices, Improve your country and people and their lives .. Invade your neighbor and drive them down to the level of your country .. putin and russia choose the latter !!


This looks like some Hunger Games kind of shit. Like, true dystopian future.


I’d rather live in that village than the dystopian tower.


Like a real halflife two map


Saboteurs: Tempting....


Is this a screenshot from a Half Life 2 remake!? Dang...


Beautiful target


Looks like a Neil Blomkamp movie


This looks like a scene from the town Katniss was from in Hunger Games.


Let’s burn that next!


And idiot russians support the same criminals and mafia that are literally robbing them blind, killing their own and crush any chance they have to improve their way of life. Honestly some people really deserve their fate.


Looks like a black marker from dead space


I mean this could be America. Expect there you would probably have some homeless people die under that tower and people not care. Although I understand this picture I fail to see any significance.