Shower thought: In the future history books the 24th of February 2022 will become as infamous as 1st of September 1939.


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Well, Putin stole his talking points directly from Goebbel’s ones. Literally. So yeah.


The First Ukrainian Campaign of the East-European Theater of the Third World War


While you are still showering, please also realize that RuZZia started this already in 2014 with Crimea and later in the Donbas region. Also, before German troops invaded, Hitler already annexed Austria and Sudetenland... lots of similarities there with current events. Please also note, the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact that led to Soviet forces invading Poland on September 17th 1939. Yeah, I know, kinda d-bag move... Things have not changed a lot with the RuZZian Federation (Russia Federation 2.0). Back to your shower thought, also on the other side of the world, Imperial Japan was waging an ongoing war in China, since 1933. So, the notion of September 1st, 1939, infamous date to the eurocentric as it is, should be, IMHO, considered in a bigger perpspective.


Yeah, history rhymes.


\*declining regional power


Yea russia was never a true global super power, I think people consider them an “economic superpower” but even that is vastly over exaggerated!


It blows my mind how many people compare this tragedy to WW2 or call it WW3


I think you really can compare it to the German attack on Poland, especially if you think about he motivation of the invaders, the pre-war behaviour and the rhetoric. Obviously the diplomatic situation back then was different though, no guarantees today.


Indeed. As bad as the Ukraine situation is, we should bear in mind that it's not even 1/20th the scale that World War II was, a war in which 70 million died.


Many of those 70million deaths would have been prevented if Poland had been able to resist Germany the way Ukraine is resisting Russia.


It took you this long to realize this ?


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We are fortunate that this time around the invading army doesn't have a Rommel or a Guderian.


What superpower?!


I hope not because that means the western world has failed and millions are dead. I


It's also been called "Europe's 9/11."


>as infamous as 1st of September 1939 well, [17th Septemebr 1939](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_invasion_of_Poland) is less known date...